Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1976 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 24, 1976
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INSIDE-- '. .Editorial For Woraen Sports Entertainment Comics Classified 8-9 19. 12, 13. 14 The Public Interest It The First Concern Of This Newspaper tOCAl FORECAST--, Partly cloudy-and cool to night, fail' ami mild Sunday. Low last night G3. Lows tonight in (he mid -IDs to the low 5l)s. Highs Sunday in the upper 603 and low 70s. Sunset today C:S8; sunrise Sunday 6:31 (DST), Weather rnap on page 3. VOL. 108 --NUMBER 312 FAYITTiVIUS, ARKANSAS/SATURDAY, APRIL'**/ 1976 PAGES--TEN CENTS Franjieh Quits Under Pressure Near Record Grain Crop Anticipated WASHINGTON AP) '-- The 'Agriculture Department is tentatively projecting a huge 197G grain harvest that, could, help slow ^anticipated increases the price of foot! in the coming year and .a half. The. .Department's. Outlook and Situation Board said Fri d a y ' the 1976 wheat crop could turn .out to be some 2 billion bushels, second ! oiity to last y e a r s record crop of 2 1 billion bushels arid · that a record corn crop, of nearly'6.4 billion-bushels is a possibility Bumjier grain production last jear contributed significant)} 16" a slowdown in ^'retail food prices, department experts sa Last year's record corn crop of 5.8 : billion bushels has meant reduced feed costs for livestock producers, triggering a larger production and - lower .consumer prices for grain-fed beef; pork, poultry and dairy products But there- is new 'evidence that retail food prices after sagging in recent months, are going to start rising again The main reason is {hat supermarket beef prices, which fig iire heavily in family grocery bills, are beginning to climb" or will climb in the near future Retail food ' prices -dropped during the-first three months of Ihis year, . mainly because pi substantial declines in meal prices Farmers have borne tbe brunt of this,-receiving lower prices for meat animals, par ticularly cattle. PRICES REBOUND But prices of live cattle have rebounded sharply - t h e . p a s t month. Wholesale prices · have shot up and experts say those increases are hound to be fell at'-- retail meat counters this sprang. ·According to the Agriculture Department, -the price . of choice grade steers, which pro ctace the tenderest cuts, jumped te$ . ··; . v . ii III ^ Campaign Drapery This stone ' figure,-·· usually nude from the waist up, Ms draped with cloth shonmR a. hra and insignia oi the So cial Democratic ; :C e n t e r party In Llshon's downtown section Jririay night at mid night w a s t h e deadline f o r campaigning ,for Sunday's parliamentary elections. {AP Wirepholo) Campaign Fund Spigot Closed By High Court more than.' 26 . per' Sent from mid March to mid April and Ayholeaale- beef : carcasses 22,6 per cent" during the same period Whether the full increase a! that level will be passed on the consumers- is hard to determine department espcrts said Middlemen have had; wide price margins between what they .pay producers tor live cattle wifl what they charge tonsumers for beef at retail stores, and part of the gains may b« absorbed by them. , But if past history is 'an Indicator, shoppers this month or next will feel at least some ef .feet of the beef price climb. 'fiovernment experts soy re tail food prices will resume their rise after three months ol dropping hack slightlj But they say the increases will be WASHINGTON (AP) Ig-| noring the pleas of .seven presi- 1 dential candidates for over $1.4 million in matching funds, the Supreme Court is Keeping the government's campaign fund spigol closed tight The .court /refused'on Friday lo allow the Federal Election Commi ssion to pay out the funds to presidential candidates ana their parlies until Congress and President Ford agreei on a bill to revive the,FEC. The, court's decision increases much sear smaller than in receal LESS THAN '75 Although nol yet willing to predict what mighl happen Eo Ihe financial pressure lublican ' challenger on Re Ronald eagan a n d six Democratic Pi- candidates, .who asked the high court to allowHhe funds to flow again. Ford has a }910,(X0 request pending with the' FEC t but did not join in the court ac lion. UNCONSCIONABLE Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho said in Lincoln. Neb., it was "unconscionable" for Ihe FEC funds to be held up. "It 'may rot hurl the Pi'esi dent, but 1 the other candidate^ in both parties arc hurting be- mitlec. The high court · issued rders in January for the FEC b C j reconstitilurd But while Congress worked o\er a bill to lo'that.-the commissionlost its owcrs. to disburse 'the L matching. funds. Both /houses have passed dif- ering versions of a: bill to .'reconstitute the commission, and a House-Senate conference is to ron .out the differences next week Ford has indicated he may velo the bill. Both Rep. Morris K, Udall and Reagan have given up chartered planes because, o f , Ihe financial pinch. U d a l l t o l d the court he also had to trim his Pennsylvania btoadc ast budge 1 lo $5,000 from §350,000. Reagan anil Udall said Fri day they plan to buy five-min Parliament To Choose New Leader B E I R U T , Lebanon (A!) -Christian President Suleima Franjieh has stepped down ui der pressure from Moslems a'r bis own supporters and prepa rations are underway to c venc parliament to choose a new president, officials said today. A radio station supporting Franjieh said he had signed a constitutional amendment making · possible the-immediate selection of his successor. Beirut ·Radio, which- is controlled by his:opponents," said later;he had signed the document and sent a copy to parliament. T h e - incumbent Christian president has become a symbol of Christian resistance to Moslem demands For a greater share of political and economic power in Lebanon, which Chris lians have dominated since the nation was formed after World W a r . II. A spokesman :for Parliament Speaker Kamol Assaad said Franjieh s secretarj had telephoned a .confirmation -of the signing, saying" the amendment was effective: immediately and arrangements were jb'ejng-made to convene parliament! i Franjieh cancelled a meeting of his supporters Frida\ at which he had been expected' la announce . a decision -on· his long-awaited resignation. The president reportedly has been stalling -while seeking assurances from Syria, which,has an estimated 6 000 troops in Lebanon, oh his own future and the role of Palestinians in" any fasting peace. Franjich's refusal to resign had stymied political efforts to end t h e ' Lebanese ! civil war, \\hicli has cost nearly 17,000 li\es FIGHTING CONTINUES l i g h t i n g continued today be tueen Moslems and Christians U.S. Secretary of Stale";Henry A. Kissinger discussed the'situ- ation in, IjOndon. Poll c e reported 46 persons (TIMESphoto by Ken Good) PILOT AND PASSENGER\K1LLED en single engine plane crashed shortly after takeoff Friday morning from a private airstrip east o/ Brentioood Anti-Zionism Reassessment Said Needed UNITED' -NATIONS, !i K:Y. (AP) _ Wesl Germany has in dicated that . black African slates - w i l l have to,' back off from , lasl year's anti-Zionism 1 resolution if they want Western supporl tor the U N d r u e on racial discrimination: West Germany's Dietrich \on Kvaw Friday urged a rcas sessment' ot the resolution, which defined Zionism as a form of racism, 'in order to undo the h a r m done' lo the U.N. Decade for Action to Com bal Racism and Racial Dis crimination (1973 1983) he Decade : was originally kgned to condemn white mi loritj regimes in southern Af ·ica.-:; -But General · Assembly passage of- the anti-Zionism res- ilution wove a condemnation of Israel into - a n y 'Decade activities. ' T h e ' 'United · States and Western " E u r o p e a n countries said 'they, -would have nothing lurther-to do with the Decade. During last week's -meeting of the Economic "and Social Council, Third World- moderates seemed to be groping'for a w a y " ' An Egyptian speech Thurs : day never mentioned Zionism and referred lo Israel onlj in m e n t i o n i n g South African Prime-Minister John Vorster's recent visit-there and the "de : ": salvage the' Decade. nial o f - t h e Palestinian !or self-determination,' On fr nri i), speakers people from Togo. Jamaica, Zaire". and . the Organization of AErit-an Union concentrated 1 their 'speeches on attacking ; the .two remaining white minority regimes of Rho de si a and South Africa a n d ' i g nored-Israel: Agri culture Department says Ihe gain will be substantially less than the 8.5 per cent rise in 1975. Food prices climhecl 14,5 per cent in each of Ihe two previous years, arid the depirt - (CONTINUED ON PAGB TWO) cause 'they expect matching funds,"- said Church, who saic he is due more thrm $75,000. The Supreme Court decisio came on a -motion, filed by-th seven candidates . and th Democratic National Com television and that two appearances in the same week wilt assure maximum exposure as well as maximum impact (or fundraising." \ UdoH , said he was buying (CONTINUEn ON' PAGE TWO) ute pommercia' television. EXPOSURE Ud all's campaign on network killed and,68 wounded in over night -rocket :and mortar, duels around Beirut and in northern Lebanon, and said the bodies of 15 olhers believed kidnapped and slam earlier Ihis week were found in Ihe capital Off] cials sa td Beirut Inter lalional Airport was shelled for Ihe second time this week, clos ing it lemporarily Shrapnel hit the conlrol tower but no casu allies were reported. The airport reopened later. ' The.airport was once Ihe bus- ; Rpme and .Bang- inler national air carriers ha\ e suspended operations into Beirut, hut Lebanon's Middle East Airlines and Air France continue; to" run daily /lights. 'None or the warring sides appears'willing to abide by ;ihe cease fire The situation keeps detenorating and the Iruce pe r vi s ion commit! ee iest between kok Many City Hospital Costs High During March Fayetieville City Hospila! hart the highest operating cost of anj month in its history during March The e\penditures were the result of a three pay per lod month which greatly effects monthly financial reports but not annual figures. The stalislics were reported at the Friday noon meeting of the Board of Control and Ken Sanders, administfatorisaid that most of the costs'Mere due to NfWS BRIIFS Funds Allocated DALLAS {^P) -- The federal E ahor Department has alfo cated $10.6/million' in ernprgen- cx- public serMce f u n d s lo Arkansas,' a d e p a r t m e n t , official regional I- said William 5 Harris, administrator of the three, pay during the periods month. were $166.725 and costs 'were' $180,641. pancy rate at '84 occurring Revenues operating Tbe'-occU' per ccnl director, John Gabnsi, saitl he feels* "Mo Udall can: best get his message across to the nation by network In Blistering Attack Meany Scores GOP WASHINGTON (AP) -- AFL- CIO George Mcany charged loday that seven years o{' Rcpuhhrnn leadership have produced only recession, unemployment, inflation and the bie- gest budget deficit in U.S. history. " ' Tn a blistering attack, Meany said all'the services Americans expect from their government arc being "cut to the bone" by President Ford's vetoes. "The President. ... fells.:us that America has lo save its money, thai America can't af ford lo care for the sick, can'i afford to feed Ihe. hungry, can't afford to educate her children decently, can't afford lo keep her cities from falling apart,' said orgonzed labor's chie spokesman, : :"Well, don't you believe it,' Meany declared. - "The onlj thing this country can't affon b (our more years Iik« the las In a speech prepared for a egislative -conference, of the American Federation of Teachers, he'charged thai Ford is clinging lo the same fiscal pol- cies thai created the worst recession in 40 years, the highest unemploymenl rales since the Depression and the sharpest in- .erest rales since the Civil War. On the olher hand, he said, Ihe fiscal policies of Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Johnson brought America ils greatest rosperily. What Ford criticizes "spend thrill social-welfare pa\ icics," Meany said, "built more homes than ever before, en riched and expanded education al opportunities and m! ! llc great strides toward ; achievinj a belter, life for the poor and for the average American. 1 ' The labor leader told .' Ihe teachers that while Ford Insist, his policies are turning Ih economy : around, unempkye and discouraged workers total more than 10 per cent of the workforce; one-third of the na ion's industrial capacity remains idle;., millions are run ning out;of jobless benefits, and eachers, are being laid off by the thousands. - I isn't 'spending that's wrecking Ihe American economy, il is unemployment -- de- iberalely created and perpetuated by Iho administration," Meany charged. 1 He called full employment Ihe best and quickest way i to balance the budget. And he repealed an earlier pledge that the AFlrCIO would go all oul to see thai Congress enacts pending legislation that would require culling the jobless rate to 3 per ccnl within four years. "We in the labor movement have had enough," he said, "We want a .boiler life for all was up one per cent over I-t-b ruarj The loss was nol une\ pectcd and it is nol anticipated It Kill effect the scar end bal ance projected by hospital ad mimstrators ' A loss of $3 5S7 was also ex. penenced in the geriatrics sec- lion of the hospital wilh expcn ditures'at 559,745 and revenues at $56,378.- The-occupancy rate remained al the-high of 98 per cent. ON SCHEDULE Sanders' reported planning for Ihe expansion at the hospital is proceeding on schedule with Nov 1 set as Ihe probable dale for lhe : beginning oi construe ment and Training Acimims tration said the funds are part of a total nllocilion of 5360 mil lion lo 410 large areas with cm plojment abo\e 6 5 per cent Appears Ready WASHINGTON CAP) -- In the- wake r of 'reports of -numer ous deaths and injuries caused by faullv medical deuces Ton gress appears rcadj lo pass z bill : that will broaden'Ihe Food and Drug Administration's pow er to regulate the deuces House and Senate conferees last .week 1 hammered out differ ences in t h e ' m e a s u r e to regu late an estimated 12000 medi cal devices produced by 130 manufacturers. Illegal Beer Sale Fayetteville police said toda that the proprietor of.the Oiar Liquor Store at 231 Mill St. wa arrested at 10 20 n m Frida suspicion of selling beer t minors lion He also. reported the Respirator Therapy which '.'observed Department, l + s first jear Switch Time r f a l l y . f l l M tonight u Ihe nation mattes Ms' annual switch to Daylight S.vinj ... and we arc looking'for polili- Time »( Z a.m. S«nd»y. months, tl cal leaders who share our con-l Clocks should be pat one hour publication fidence and oui, goals.' t-ahead. (AP Wircphoto) anniversary Ihis v-eck had genera ted-In come of $23.704 in March compared lo SSCOO the tirst month, of, its' operation in April'1975. .- ' ' .' : San'ders'told the Board; mem bers that "only minor,'and. cas ily corrected .'deficiencies/ were found in' the ' recent',inspection made;by;a:.learn from-.the Arkansas Department of-Health :Ie said the-'report of the Joinl ^ommissio'n of · Accredilipn'for Hospitals is expected 'within the next week or so.' · Gary Bien. assistant administrator, reported Dr.' Roger Host will-be the--guest .of the Health' Committee; of the'Faj ettcvillc Chamber of Commerce July 30 al Ihe Holiday Inn. Dr. Bost ''will ·- discuss ; the Area Health Education Center program and the role of arca.hos- pitalS'in- Ihe teaching program Tt'rt-.Tub*. Fetus LONDON (AP) '-- The. first documented -"test tube" pregnancy has been accomplished by British researchers, bul the fetus died after about two the British medical says in its Mrs. Patsy Ruth Barnhill,-3' o f , 210 E. Hiihtsvillc St. wa taken, into custody by officer on information supplied lo thei by t\\o joulhs arrested carlie in the 'evening-Police jmemlcs, la and IBjcarsoJc were ' arrested near Sprin Street and North Colleg A\enue at about 10 p m fo having a quantity of beer their possession Police said formed them . purchased the beer al the Oza: Liquor Store the .youths that they ha Body Found MEMPHIS'(AP) -- ' T h e body Charles White, killed in an pparent extortion attempt, as found near a' hog pen Frily night,-Shelby County, sher- f's deputies'said. White, 67, a rcfired employe International Harvester, was lund'dead of a shotgun blast here he had g o n e lo feed ogs, Sheriff's Inspector William (L: lalej Jr said While's bod as covered with sacks and dens and he apparently had ecn'dcacl about 24 to 30.hours', ong before four extortion calls ·ere made to his, wife,'Vcrdie, Two Die In Plane Crash At Low Gap Two : West Fork area residents were k i l l e d , Friday, morning, when, their, single ;engine aircraft crashed just after take off from a farm field;airstrip about 18 -miles · south ', o f , Fayellevill* in the Low. Gap .community Washington County Coroner Ga r y Medl ev identified the victims, as Kenneth Bautjus DiHs/39,' Ihe owner o f : the airplane, , aiul Miss'Nadecii Lillian. McKnight, 24, a passenger in the c i a f t Both of the victims had lived on Rotile 2 m Wast Fork A witness said the two sealer 194G Aircoup had taken off -'at 11 J R . m i ,'Friday.Lfrom;the' Dills farm, which'is located four, and one-half, miles : east of r ; Brentwood They said the airplane banked to .the left, to make a pass over the, pasture at;a low 'altitude, a rid-struck" the lop;of a tree in the field. .The airplane continued t o - f l y about 200 j ards and then crashed, a .witness !sta(ed. Miss Mcknight u a s thrown about 15 feet Dilts uas killed on impact , Wa shi ng ton County sheriff s deputies, coroner s A vi a Iron Income Rises LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The s Mm a'tcd ' m e d i a n ' f a m i l y ' ome i n " Arkansas!'has -risen 7 1 p£r cent m the past f i \ c ears the Industrial Research md Extension' Center bl ··' the Jmversit} of Arkansas saic Friday But real purchasing' pmve luring the -five-year span ir creased o n l y - 9 . 4 ' p e r , cent b, cause consumer prices rose 31, per cent, the center said in ·eport prepared for the slat/* manpower .council. To Consider 'ATLANTA (AP) -- After spending almost 26 hours captives in a 'board .meeting room, Spclman College trustees agreed cirh today to consider demands for!the appointment of a black woman to head the predominantly . -black women's school. Fourteen trustees of [he .IB- member board were freed Fri day night after being roped into a 'meeting room without oi)nl facilities and with only rcreal, milk,'juice and water available, members of the office and Federal AKenci m \ e tigators were f on; the-scene shortly after he accident occurred The in estigators remained on the scene until cai ly today, to determine the exact cause of he mishap T h e Wishnifton Counts' sheriffs' office 'identified"' Dills .s the owner of the Fayelte\flle Alarm Corp_. Miss McKnight was the daughter of John F. and Kdlhcrine McKnlghl of Salt Lake City, Utah. Funeral arrangements' for .the \tctims uill be announced by the Nelson Funeral Ho m e - b f Fayetteville. Wreck Kills Eureka Man EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark'. (AP) -- Donald G' Watson *29. of Eureka' Springs was killed ind another person was injured Friday mghl \\hcn a \chlcle dm en b Watson struck ^i horse in the road, then went font of conlrol and hit a culvert. Stale Police said. ·* Injured was Todd Watson,?l2, of Eureka Springs ^v Slate Trooper .Tom Gray said D o n a l d Watson's veh|cl, a swerved lo miss one horseHn (he road. Ihen hit - a second horse and went out of control. The vehicle overturned several throw ing b oth per s.on s from the vehicle. " ·'';*' The accident occurred on Arkansas , 23 about three mi|cs north oE hero. In Nation's Capital Anti-Bus March Set · latest issue. -WASHINGTON (AP) -r-.Anti- busing groups -from arourid Ihe country arc-assembling tn the nation's 1 capital for a march and rally thai organizers say could draw, up to ,.40,000 persons. . · , · - . · The/protest, lo include .a milc-Jong parade today from the Washington Monument lo Ihe/.Capilol where'a rally. wil be staged on Ihe west stops, i^ being sponsored ,by a Loviis vijW, Ky., antibusing group. But a spokesman for lhal| ;roup -- Union Labor Against Jnsing -- ' s a i d Friday night hat members of anti -·· busing groups in as many as 20 other states are also participating. The demonstration is aimed, at persuading Congress to pass laws 1o ban the use,of forced busing lo achieve school desegregation, but, Ihe rally is more likely to be seen by thousands of Ricentcnnial tourists than by members of Congress who ace still on their Easier vacation. The demonstration comes: a day after a crowd estimated at 100,000 marched through Boston streets lo protest a week-long spree of racial beatings and stonings. : ; ' . Both V,Boston and Louisville have been torn by racial" te,n-; sipn since court-ordered school desegregation plans requiring oxlcnsivc cross-busing were put in forcB last fall. .

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