Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 36
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 36

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 36
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Page 4 Pharos-Tribune TV Guide, March 27 - April 2, 1988 DAYTIME LISTINGS MORNING 5:00 am [CNN] (MO) Sports Review [CNN] (TU,WE,TH,FR) Crossfire [CSPAN] Public Affairs [MTV] Music Videos [PTL] (TU) In Touch [PTL] (WE) This Is the Life [PTL] (TH) God's News [PTL] (FR) Harvester Hour [USA] (MO) Can You Be Thinner? [USA] (TU) TBA 8 (WE.FR) Green Acres B (TH) World Sport Special 8 (MO) Sign Off O (TU,WE,TH,FR) Young Rebels 03 (FR) Movie: Pillow of Death 5:05 am O (TH) CNN 5:15 am © (MO) Sign Off 5:20 am O (TU) CNN 5:30 am [CNN] (MO) Inside Business [CNN] (TU,WE,TH,FR) ShowBiz Today [PTL] (WE) The Lundstroms [PTL] (TH) Dave Lombardi [USA] (MO,WE,FR) Love Your Skin [USA] (TUJH) Look at Me Now O (TU,WE,TH,FR) Gomer Pyle 8 Getting Fit with Denise Austin CD Oprah Winfrey ff> Morning Stretch 5:45 am 8 (MO) Cartoons 6:00 am [CNN] Daybreak [NICK] Curious George/Kids in Motion [PTL] Beverly Exercise [USA] (MO.TH) Perfect Diet [USA] (TU) Keys to Success [USA] (WE) TBA [USA] (FR) Mind Power 8 CNN QRFD4 B Bodies in Motion O @ ABC World News This Morning O James Robison QD @ CBS Morning News O Alice 03 Jimmy Swaggart 03 (FR) Sign Off IB NBC News at Sunrise © B Before Hours iW:O Muppets 6:15 am TOO News @ Good Morning Michiana 6:20 am 03 (TU) Sign Off 6:30 am [CNN] Business Morning [CSPAN] (MO) Process and Policy Viewer Call In [NICK] Little Prince [PTL] Marilyn Mickey [USA] (MO,TH) Keys to Success [USA] (TU) Forever Young [USA] (WE) Perfect Diet [USA] (FR) Outdoorsman 8 Tom and Jerry O Spiral Zone 8 Nation's Business Today 33 Morning Stretch CD 20 Minute Workout 8 Jimmy Swaggart d) OD © News Q Faith 20 CD Bionic Six CB (WE.TH) Sign Off ©B NBC News at Sunrise m O Ag Day @ ABC World News This Morning 6:45 am © 8 News 7:00 am [CNN] Daybreak [CSPAN] (TU.WE.TH) Public Affairs [NICK] Lassie [PTL] PTL Club [USA] Cartoon Express O G.I. Joe © Before Hours O @ Good Morning America CD ABC World News This Morning O (MO,TU,WE,TH) Superbook Club 8 (FR) Superbook CB 3D 8 © (TU,WE,TH,FR) CBS This Morning B Muppets QD Ghostbusters 03 (MO.FR) Defenders of the Earth (B(TU) Silverhawks 03 (WE) Sylvanian Family IB (TH) Starcom (B © B Today (S (MO) CBS Morning New: 7:15 am © News ID A.M. Weather 7:30 am [CNN] Business Day [NICK] Mr. Wizard's World O Scooby Doo 8 Nation's Business Today © NBC News at Sunrise 8 (FR) Our Friends on Wooster Square O Spiral Zone 03 Popeye CD (MO, WE) American Adventure OD (TU.TH) For All Practical Purposes 0) (FR) Computer Works (B(MO,WE,FR) He-Man IB (TU,TH) She-Ra 8:00 am [CNN] Daybreak [CSPAN] (MO,TU,WE,TH) Viewer Call In [CSPAN] (FR) Journalists' Roundtable and Viewer Call In [MTV] (MO,TU,WE,TH) Music Videos [MTV] (FR) Club MTV [NICK] Dennis the Menace [PTL] Jimmy Swaggart O My Little Pony CB Today (7) Good Morning America 8 Gospel Bill 8 Bozo 09 Bugs Bunny QD (MO) Computer Chronicles CD (TU,WE,TH,FR) Nightly Business Report 03 Thundercats 8:05 am 8 Beverly Hillbillies 8:30 am [MTV] (FR) Music Videos [NICK] Today's Special [PTL] (MO) Dave Lombardi [PTL] (TU) Shiloh Christian Retreat [PTL] (WE) Household Salvation [PTL](TH) Jewish Voice [PTL] (FR) Prophecy Marches On O Teddy Ruxpin 8 SportsCenter 8 Gentle Ben 03 Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle 0) Sesame Street 03 Dennis the Menace 8:35 am 8 Bewitched 9:00 am [CNN] Daywatch [NICK] Pinwheel [PTL] Lester Sumrall [NASH] Crook and Chase Q (MO,TU,WE,TH) Geraldo! O(FFi) Geraldo B(MO,TU) LPGA Golf B (WE) SpeedWorld B (TH) Windsurfing 8(FR) MotorWeek Illustrated 8 & Donahue 8 Father Knows Best 3) Hour Magazine B Smurfs 03 Munsters 03 Woody Woodpecker OD Sale of the Century USB Santa Barbara OO Trapper John, M.D. @ Wil Shriner 9:05 am 8 Little House on the Prairie 9:30 am [CSPAN] (MO.FR) Congressional Hearing or Public Policy Conference [CSPAN] (TU) Congressional Hearing [PTL] Daily Restoration [NASH] Videocountry 8(FR) Baseball 8 Hazel B Teddy Ruxpin OD Gilligan's Island OD Mister Rogers' Neighborhood IB My Little Pony 09 Classic Concentration 10:00 am [CSPAN] (WE) Congressional Hearing [CSPAN] (TH) House Floor Debate [PTL] Richard Roberts [USA] (MO) Movie: Monkey Kung Fu [USA] (TU) Movie: Northern Fists and Southern Fists [USA] (WE) Movie: Hero Tattoo with Nine Dragons [USA] (TH) Movie: Wang Yu, King of Boxing [USA](FR) Movie: Seven Star Grand Mantis [NASH] You Can Be a Star O Little House on the Prairie 8 (TH) Lighter Side of Sports ©OB Sale of the Century O (MO,TU,TH,FR) Sally Jessy Raphael (DO (WE) Oprah Winfrey 8 700 Club <£) @) B & Blackout B Leave It To Beaver 03 Beverly Hillbillies QD Sesame Street 03 Emergency OD (MO,TU,TH,FR) A.M. Indiana OD (WE) A.M Indiana & Judge 10:05 am 8 (MO) Movie: A Case of Rape 8 (TU) Movie: Promise Her Anything 8 (WE) Movie: The Amazing Dobermans 8 (TH) Movie: My Old Man 8 (FR) Movie: Hero at Large 10:30 am [NASH] (MO,WE,TH,FR) Fandango [NASHJ(TU) Holiday Gourmet 8(TH) Fishin'Hole (D 33 B Classic Concentration O (MO,TU,TH,FR) Benson (DOB© New Card Sharks B Andy Griffith 03 Green Acres @ Love Connection 11:00 am [CSPAN] (FR) House Floor Debate [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Elephant Show [PTL] PTL Club [NASH] Nashville Now O I Dream of Jeannie 8 Getting Fit with Denise Austin © 09 ©B Wheel of Fortune O Ryan's Hope CD ® Who's the Boss? (T)!® B © Price Is Right B Waltons 09 Mr. Ed QO Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 03 Donahue 11:30 am [NICK] Maple Town/Little Koala O Today in Indiana 8 Basic Training Workout (B OD © B Win, Lose or Draw B CD @ Home 8 (MO.FR) American Baby 0(TU,TH) Cable Kitchen 8 (WE) Lee Dubelle 03 Dick Van Dyke OD Captain Kangaroo Ah 'ERNOON 12:00 pm [CNN] Sonya Live in L.A. [CSPAN] (MO,TU,TH) House Floor Debate [CSPAN] (WE) Congressional Hearing [MTV] Remote Control [NICK] Pinwheel [PTL] Camp Meeting USA [USA] That Girl O Perry Mason 8 (MO.TU.WE) Bodies in Motion 8 (TH.FH) PGA Golf CD © 8 Super Password 8 (B OD & O © News CD ® Ryan's Hope 8 Second Honeymoon B Geraldo 03 I Love Lucy 09 (MO,TU,WE,TH) ITV 09 (FR) Newton's Apple ®(MO,TU,WE) Too Close for Comfort 03 (TH.FH) Too Close For Comfort 12:05 pm 8 Perry Mason 12:30 pm [MTV] Music Videos [USA] (MO,TU,WE) Anything For Money [USA](TH,FR) Anything 4 Money [NASH] New Country B (MO.TU.WE) Body Shaping ® QD © 8 Scrabble O CD © Loving 8 Doris Day QB ffl) O © Young and the Restless 03 Andy Griffith 09 (MO,TU,WE,TH) Sesame Street 03 Mark and Mindy 1:00 pm [CSPAN] (FR) House Floor Debate [NICK] Belle and Sebastian [PTL] Marilyn Hickey [USA] Let's Make a Deal [NASH] (MO) Movie: Home in Wyomin' [NASH] (TU) Movie: Sunset in Wyoming [NASH] (WE) Movie: Mule Train [NASH] (TH) Movie: Saddle Pals [NASH](FR) Movie: Mexicali Rose O 700 Club 8(MO,WE) NHL Hockey B (TU) Col. B'ball SJ JOB (MO,TU,WE,TH) ©O Days of Our Live* O CD ® All My Children 8 Dobie Gillis Q News 03 Rockford Files QD (FR) Sesame Street 03 (MO,TU,WE,FR) Get Smart 03 (TH) Major League Baseball OD (FR) Trapper John, M.D. ©(TU) Bold and the Beautiful 1:05 pm 8 (MO) Movie: The Spoilers 8 (TU) Movie: Lost Flight 8 (WE) Movie: Branded 8 (TH) Movie: Battle Beyond the Stars 8 (FR) Movie: The Ice Pirates 1:30 pm [NICK] World of David the Gnome [PTL] (MO) Household Salvation [PTL] (TU) Jewish Voice [PTL] (WE) Prophecy Marches On E.PTL) (TH) Shiloh Christian Retreat [PTLJ (FR) Dave Lombardi [USA] Play the Percentages 8 Bachelor Father (!) US a © (MO,WE,TH,FR) Bold and the Beautiful CD (MO,TU,WE,TH) French Chef OD (FR) Shroud of Turpin 03 (MO) Major League Baseball 03(TU,WE,FR) Brady Bunch 2:00 pm [CNN] Newsday [CSPAN] (MO,TU,WE,TH) House Floor Debate [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Today's Special [PTL] Success-N-Life [USA] Hot Potato O (MO) Can You Be Thinner? Q(TU) Weight Loss Q (WE.TH.FR) Brady Bunch CB 09 © 8 Another World O (D © One Life to Live 8 Green Acres CD HI O © As the World Turns B Dick Van Dyke Oj)(MO,TU,WE) Too Close for Comfort 03 (TH.FR) Too Close For Comfort QD (MO) American Masters CD (TU) Disco'veries Underwater CD (WE) Nova QD (TH) Sherman's March ID (FR) Modern Maturity (B(TU.WE.FR) Munsters 2:30 pm [NICK] Mysterious Cities of Gold [USA] Press Your Luck [NASH] Crook and Chase O Beverly Hills Teens 8 Flying Nun 8 Andy Griffith 03 Dinosaucers QD (FR) Bodywatch 03 (TU,WE,FR) I Love Lucy 3:00 pm [CNN] International Hour [CSPAN] (FR) House Floor Debate [NICK] Lassie [PTL] (MO) LESEA Alive [PTL] (TU) Jerry Barnard [PTL] (WE) This Is the Life [PTL] (TH) Cornerstone [PTL] (FR) Jimmy Swaggart [USA] Tic Tac Dough [NASH] (MO,WE,TH,FR) You Can Be a Star [NASH](TU) Holiday Gourmet O Jem 8 (MO) Windsurfing 8 (TU) Fishin' Hole 8 (WE) Tennis 8 (TH,FR) LPGA Golf CD 09 Santa Barbara O OD 88 General Hospital 8 (MO,TU,WE,TH) Father Knows Best 8(FR) Straight Talk 3D 38 O ® Guiding Light B Leave ft To Beaver 03 Dennis the Menace QD (MO) Masterpiece Theatre QD (TU) Moyers: Facing Evil ID (WE) Frontline QD(FR) Mystery! 03(TU,WE,FR) Batman 358 Smurfs 3:05 pm a Tom and Jerry 3:30 pm [NICK] Mr. Wizard's World [PTL] (WE) TBA [USA] Jackpot [NASH] Fandango O Smurfs 8 (WE) World Sport Special 8 (MO,TU,WE,TH) Hazel B Ghostbusters 03 BraveStarr 09 (TU,WE,FR) Tom and Jerry US B Scooby Doo 3:35 pm 8 Flint3tones 4:00 pm [CNN] Newsday [CSPAN] (MO,TU,WE,TH) House Floor Debate [NICK] You Can't Do That on TV [PTL] Pastor's Study [USA] Chain Reaction [NASH] Nashville Now O DuckTales 8(MO,TU,WE) Legends of World Class Wrestling © CD (MO,WE,TH,FR) Divorce Court O (MO,TU,TH,FR) ®B© (MO,WE,TH,FH) Oprah Winfrey O (WE) CD (WE) 9 (WE) ABC Atterschool Special CD (MO.TU.FR) Win, Lose or Draw CD (TH) Local Programming 8 (MO,TU,WE,TH) Straight Talk O(FR) Hazel CD(TU) ©(TU) CBS Schoolbreak Special B BraveStarr 03 Real Ghostbusters QD(MO,WE,FR) Square One TV 03 (TU,WE,TH) Flintstones 03 (FR) Flinstones QD $100,000 Pyramid © B Diff'rent Strokes ® (MO,TU,TH,FH) Hour Magazine 4:05 pm B Flintstones 4:30 pm [NICK] Inspector Gadget [USA] Bumper Stumpers O Double Dare (D Hollywood Squares CD (MO.TU.FR) 09 Jeopardy! 8 (FR) Father Knows Best CB (MO,WE,TH,FR) Judge B Transformers 03 Silver Spoons 09 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 03 Real Ghostbusters (R)B Gimme a Break! 4:35 pm B Brady Bunch 5:00 pm [CNN] Newswatch [CSPAN] (FR) Election '88: Road to the White House [MTV] Rock Blocks [NICK] Monkees [PTL] 100 Huntley Street [USA] Dance Party USA O Diff rent Strokes B (MO.TU.WE) NCAA Final Four Highlights © ODO Newfywed Game B CD 09 News 8 Big Valley (I) Love Connection B G.I. Joe 03 Star Trek OD Sesame Street 03 (MO,TU,WE,FR) DuckTales 03 (TH) Ducklales © 8 Family Ties © Win, Lose or Draw @ (MO,TU,TH,FH) Superior Court 99 (WE) Hour Magazine 5:05 pm 8 Munsters 5:30 pm [MTV] Club MTV [NICK] Nick Rocks: Video to Go [NASH] New Country Q Happy Days B (MO) Lighter Side of Sports 8 (TU) Best of American Muscle Magazine B (WE) Thoroughbred Digest © © B © News CB ® (MO,TU,TH,FR) People's Court B Jem 03 Double Dare OD WKRP in Cincinnati OBM'A*S*H 5:35 pm B Laverne and Shirley PAUL SHAFFER is the ho»t't sidekick and music man on Latenight with David Letterman. weeknights on NBC.

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