The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 23, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1920
Page 3
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BAPTIST OFFER MNEXFQR FORA LIB The Baptist- church 'lias invited the -Carb-ondale liSrary committee, in charge of establishing a library in Carbondale, to use the r.ooms .of the Baptist church annex building for the time -being. The annex has not -been' completed -yet, but as soon as it is the rooms will- te opened to the library committee for ''use. The committee -expects to launch a campaign for t'he purpose of gathering _used books as a first step. A number of 'books have already been secured and -promised. Tlie move- m-ent .is taking satisfactory form, according "to" members of the committee. ' . T-be books -gathered toy the committee are to 'be books of the desirable type. These will .be arranged and placed at the disposal and -use of the .public. The committee has not stated -what -action i-t will take with, regard to accepting the annex, but have expressed thanks . for •the generous oft'ev of the church. : Presbyterian Pastors Meet Here On New ; -. Era Church Movement •'OF MONACO' tfv 'Rev. \V. F. Eagleson, pastor oi tlie local Presbyterian church entertained u number of ministers from this section here Tuesday, in connection with the New Era movement. ,• ' Those here were: Kev. Harry Thistle oi ' Cairo, v Kev. H. B. Williams of Cobden, Rev. George Henry of Anna, and Rev. li. Frank Mitchell of Murphysboro. Plans! were made for the advancement oi j the New Era Movement. The I lion of a budget lor the Cairo | Presbytery, was taken up, cstiniat-l ing to' what exteiiclt the churches would be able to expend money in j this section ,for the movement. Thnj budget was taken for the next year. A report of these conditions will be made- at a meeting of tile Presbytery tlis third Tucscla3' in April. ^[rs. P. A. Shaw was the guest of- Murphysboro friends and relatives Monelay. x - A rc-<;ent photosji'nph o£ the of .Monaco in tho: study of his residence. It is reported the., will shortly relinquish his right Yiijiin to his-graiHi-elnughter, the- esse d<.' Valantinnfs. Prince Paris" prince of do•Duch- Why man—• we made this cigarette for you! fit your cigarette desires so completely you'll agree they were made to meet your taste! Unique flavor, fragrance and mellow-mild-body due to Camels quality and expert blend of choice Turkish arid choice Domestic tobaccos are a revelation! You will prefer the Camel blend to either kind of tobacco smoked straight! With Camels you can go the limit without tiring your taste. They leave no unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste; no unpleasant cigaretty odor! To get a line on why Camels win you so completely compare them C ..*.h.».«w.w w / M .., n puff-for-puff with any cigarette in. .the world at any'price, You'll prefer quality to coupons or premiums'!-'• .R; J.-REYNpLbS-.TOBACCOr-CO., Winston-Salem;.N,-<b.. : • ' "--:.,.. '.- _. . v : 'k • • : \ , fituilly sealed. packages arettes-'for 20 oerifs; ' .. . a in a filassine-paper-covere'd carton: -We : s'tr'onf!fy-fec6irihiend this carton for'the home or of- ROUSSEAU .And In that moment the ; roemory oi Ida i tided • froiri 'his-mih.^ \ke stared . at her like a mati bewitcjfe'd.' . . .": Her face,' which htra always been the ' .most conspicuous part, - .'.was strangely' clouded. It was, indeed.^as if a veil of vapor iad been drawn'over i.i. It seemed to, cover her, like a Jong bridal veil, giving jier tiiB^ispect>of a shrouded' figure. • ' :.. , ''••'. i Davies did not stay to watch that in'eetlng'. Neither aid.- Clouts. They started at'fall speed toward MacBeard, who, already having launched his mo- •torboat -upon the waves; was .holding out "his hand to. Mh. She hesitated anil drew back. They were only fifty, paces away.', And, torn •between fier pledge and the desire to :see Donald ;for one last' moment on earth, the girl stood waiting. . Donald,' alone -with the queen, looked into her face and was aware of nothing else. She raised her arms, slowly she threw off.the draperies of. clinging mist that covered her head. ''She stretched her arms out toward him/ She fell upon' her knees. • . Her face was visible now, and Donnld was aware of a .startling change in it. The beauty that had dnzzled him was-gone. A njilky pallor, spreading along the veins and arteries, suffused t^e flesh. The same change was passing'over her that had "passed over the : dying monster in the house in Baltimore. With hprroc Donald realized that she was dying. '.-,;•. •; Shq. crouched at his feet; she raised her eyes to his once more'in that mute yearning. "And her face was that* of an aged woman. '..!.' j'.Pd'r a few seconds longer" the eyes Saoked into Donald's.' .' Then, without Closing,'they seemed to glaze'; A film passed over them, and. with a shudder,- JhOj queen _fell at his—dead ! t She had" given her life. in. payment 'for her'disobedience to-the-Tnclal law. It is by such disobedience th'n't'the race evolves into' something- higher than itself. .' . . ;• .:• ; :-, By. such man rose from Iiis.- apelike 'ancestry- By such, some fday, wars _and all wrongs will cease. D.onnld tore; the' coat from his shoulders and covered the body of the aged woman-thing before' him. ' the motorboat.' But soon this was shown to be .delusive. The' distance was increasing every instant; Davies clung to a ledge of rock and panted for breath. He. shook his free fist afe MacBeard, who laughed scornfully.. ' He had.seeu-the F05 settle '.beneath th'e waves, and JdneXy that by no possible chance could Donald catch him. He turned .to.. Ida, ..who \yns-just opening lien. eyes. He took her hand. It lay limp and cold in his own. He saw her shudder, and a diabolical fury bvercanle him. He struck" her across the face'with Hi's open hand. . •', "I'm your muster! Do you/know ft now?" he demanded.. CHAPTER XVIII. MacBeard Finds .His Destiny.- He gazed at it stilt «hyp.nottzed; he wns trying to Sght' his way" back into consciousness. For a few moments he did riot-know where'he'was,' or what was happening. - ' .' Then, gradually, .he ..began aware of his surroundings. He saw the body at his feet, and the high cliffs about him. And in the distance 1) '.,iw Clouts nnd Davies'running toward the m'ofofboat. ' ' .'.' - .-" .- . Ida 1 'stood ' watching' DohaW.. - She was still hesitating. IlncBesrd had found that he could start his, engine. His. hand was on hers.- Davies and Clouts were fifty, paces, away. . ."Come!" said.MacBeard. • The girl shuddered,, and suddenly she -Ianpert into the boat. SlacBeard throw himself against the gunwale.and pushed it into deep" water.' He sprang ..nbor.rd. • He -was twenty paces from. the | shore when his pursuers arrived .it the -water line. Davies whipped out his revolver. JIncBeard crouched behind Ida and raised her body before him for a shield. The girl knew nothing of this maiienver.dfor she had fainted, "Surrender, yon blackguard," shout-. ed Davies, hoarse-with passion. ,. MacBeard, ' trembling, cowered ber hind the girl. With his hand, stretched out behind her," he guided the little ;raft. The distance was increasing swiftly. . '; , Davies let his revolver hand fall. He knew that at that distance it Was Impossible to hit MacIJesad with any cer-' tainty. And he could not rnn^the risk of shooting Ida. . "--• • Impetuously he plunged into the water. At first his desperate strokes seemed almost to carry him" as fast as 'I'm Your Master;! .D.o You Know It .. / Now?" ''.'•-• " '•'•>,. She did not answer him. He at the red marks left by his fingers on her cheek,.and the sight aroused in him. a. fresh, demoniac passion. He. raved. He .shouted all the 'secrets of his "life to her? He, the" thief, tlie outlaw, ha'd conquered the world! :Why should he fulfill his compact to keep the monsters within the bounds of Sfcjold fjord? •He had at first intended to. He hacl abandoned,-under the.^ sway of his passion for the girl; his dreams .of world conquest. With Ida's love, he had even indulged in- the. idea of .becoming an ordinary man. He had meant -to take her to America-and lose his Identity there in some -peaceful existence. He had recognized, that it is this same impulse which fills the world with oxen for -men, patient beasts who might, with single-hearted purpose, be -come lords of their fate. But he had weighed his new hopes, with .tire past and -found them heavier. Then/the-girl's ^coldness, her indifference, had convinced him that winning love was quite different from inventing scientific, apparatus and discovering new'law's. During the long, silent' voyage to Norway he had real' Iz'ed that he could never win her. He could embrace only a cold form whose heart wns.another's, . And, .with the avrakeniug from his dream, the worst in the man—If one quality was worse thud another—had come to the top." He meant to keep Ida and still achieve his purpose. Donald's maneuver in bringing the 'herd to Norway by the- submarine method had completely deceived Mac- Beard. He had thought all along that the monsters had followed his motorboat in .obedience-to his tuning' fork. He had not heard the call of the queen, because Its. swift vibrations were audible as sound only for a very limited distance, in spite of their effect upon thejuen of the F55. •Now he resolved to lead. the. herd back to the European shores and complete his work of destruction. He had 'scattered the .obsolete navy that was ser.t out against him. He would go onward with no idea of mercy. He would annihilate humanity. He would make himself sole master of mankind. And Ida should be his mate, but not his equal, as he had planned. He would vent'his rage on her. He would teach' her his powers. When he wns the^ohly other human treing existent, then perhaps she would begin to understand. He shouted all this to her. He overwhelmed her with sarcasm and rhetoric. - Ida, however, missed the keenness of the points he made. "She saw only a madman, foaming at the mouth, find she took" pride in her sacrifice. She looked .back toward Donald. She saw him between the two other' figures upon the shore,-very little, and very far away. •* MacBeard saw the look and under-, stood. -He raised his 'hand again to strike her, but he refrained. Instead, he reached into the cabin of the motorboat and.-took "his tuning forks from under tlie seat. And by that^act of treachery v be" wrote tlie last page of his history. He slung them- about his neck,' imd, taking the rod, he sounded the' G note to call the swarm together. The note rang true, across'the waters. Exhausted by 'their efforts, the monsters were incapable any longer .of condensing the hydrogen, but the Impulse to reply remained. From 'every part of the inland sea. they swarmed toward him. — The. sea rose into, a choppy surge. The niotorboat, riding the.wave's like a x cork, heaved and plfche'd. Ida saw MaeBeard, Ms, eyes alight with triumph, his face blazing with hatred, now above her, nnd now below, as he sat in the pitching stern. But the death of the queen had been the death-call of the swarm; instinctively they were aware /ft it, and the single-purpose that had animated the herd was 1 gone. Anarchy hud'replaced order. _0he swarm lind become mere blind mechanism, and devoid of pw- pose. . - Ansirchy possessed thenv and it was furious, as everywhere. So it Is-In the state, when It" obtains-'.power.yuSo in the human body, when theVcells rebel nnd- organized', .flares, -..out. -f The swarm came,;.,o;a,i:'a ; ;mere^discordant multitude.^-;;-. .'jr. y : <'..-~ -'''- ... -;i.:---/: ^cBearar/se.ated'.'.itt. the^stb'u^felf j .live -sliniT .prlc&,.TipQnv,tlieAhan'd that' rtn iiRlod townrili tIie^:wKter.' ; ' He : drew 'it back hurriedly;?' . He: imagined that NEW GRANITOID ORDERED. ON ALL MilN STREEtS TEPEOPIi'S Comimssioners and Mayor Made! Final Inspection For ^Specifications On Walks Yesterday., Toured City and Report Few Ac ceptable Brick Walks. '-' Final completion of- the specifications calling for more .than. $70,000 worth of sidewalks ,' in-' '. Carbondale this year is reported, today. The city commissioners and mayor toured the city yesterday inspecting .the Streets aloY.g- which walks are to be built. With the specifications with them, as they came .to each street and section of bad walks, indications for new walks -were made on the plans. iCJnJy, few sections were taken out where ' walks ' were -first planned, bBt many new sections' were added, thus, linking all -the acceptable granitoid walEs on all the. streets. On the principal streets,. -practically every 'fbof of :brick walks- was .ordered to be taken up _ and replaced by naw ''granitoid. / ' • . . . On normal ay-enue new walks will be -built from Mam .street so'uth on both sides, clear to ithe Normal- cam-pus. The walks will be 5 feet wide and' of concrete. Where, new 'ones are necessary, -'granitoid- walks"wil) •be built on both sides of Illinois avenue to the Normal'from Main- street; also on -both sides of South Washington as far south as the turning iplace in the street .the'other side of the James A. Patterson residence. The only six foo't walK ordered if •the city is -on JVlain. street from Ill'i-' •nois avenue,'on' Both sides 'of the street, up 't o the west side of the Brush school campus,' from there on to the end of the'street, a five fo-ot -walk. On Walnut street from Illinois avenue west a. .five-foot grani- toid walk lias been ordered. . With the largest .sections of .walks : to be_ built on %: mais .str&ets of the city, also is ordered new .walks to fill up the gaps on every street in the city. On all streets where section of Sad walks exist, new walks' will be ordered put in. The commissioners -report -only few sections of brick acceptable in any -part 'of the city. Former Yale Building Being Arranged For : Auto Salts Company - Tl,c; former Yale .theatre building is undergoing reconstruction on the inside- ior,the occupancy of, tlic- Auto Sales Company, which firrf has Icasrf it for a garage ai]( , automobile.; sales. room. Rober. Davis is sales manager of the 'firiD Mastin Cniwshaw will: have charge of the garage and repair department, which will' be equipped with modern machinery. * The !>o.:t of the building will be built in with large glass show win- dpws ,in vVhich autos will' be 01. display. The building will be'maoe attractive and arranged on the inside lor efficient operation oi tin- place. Tlu-j front, will be leveled, tc an incline jconvienciu for the en- •tifance- of machines. Cash in Advance. One month, per -word .if One week, per word ,jjp One insertion, per word .;...."...01 Three insertions, per word .' .02 WANTBDS WANTED—Married man aged 23 to 40, by large Eastern Life Iiis. Co., collecting and soliciting. Salary and 'commission. Chance for promotion: Work in Carbondale. Address E. •M. Warren, Assistant Supt., Ro&m : 1, Borger Hardy Bldg., Murphysboro 111. ' M23-6t W&NTED-r-To rent -small house in Carbondale. Eobej't Melton, DeSoto, Ill.-^-adv. . . iu20-3t WANTED—Good used furniture, G. H. Edmonds, 708 Normal Ave. ' M19—Iwk WANTED—Lady jsi gentelman in Carbondale for Welkins Famous Products. Watkins goods known everywhere Big profits. Write today. Watkins Company 51, Wlnona, Minn. - WANTED—Men or women, salary $24 full time, 50c an hour spare time, selling guaranteed hosiery to wearer. Experience unnecessary. Guaranteed Mills, Norristbwn; Pa. ...,-,,- J .flipper : lashed'.'him^across , : the/-'face;. " ''* CA'MP FIRE GIRLS AT ST. PATRICK PARTY i * . Miss Juljct Han ford entcrtain'od the Okiciyapi Camp' Fire Girls and their boy irier.ds at a St. Patrick's partyi at ilie home of her parents. Mr. and M/s.-Geo. Hanford Saturday evening. The decorations were in' keeping with the season and' the evening was spent 1:1 Irish games and contests, Irish prizes being awarded the winners of the 'contests. The color scheme of green aiid white was carried out in the refreshments. Favors of tiny green baskets l':lle'd with greeu candy'were •ivcn tlie guests. The guests presents-were: Misses Alice Barrow, Bertie Brooks, Agnes Lentz, Grace ' Eagleson, • Halene Street. Alone Neftzger, Virginia Neftzgcr, Alice Weaver, Juliet Han fo>cl, Roberta Mc'Crackci/ Emilie Kerstinc. Helen Foster and Airgen ette'Hine?: Messrs. Max .Toller, Russell Clements, Waiter BcNeilly, Dence:i Watson,- Dennard 'Lee Marvin. ' Hamilton, Keiihoiv RejjfA) Frank Hincs,'and Everett Benton. MRS; GOE BUYS 'PROP- . ERTY "IN r HERKIN •.o'e; >yho i-ecentty - sold' •her prop«rty"on JEast' Jackson street "tp-.Kobt. Denser, (has. purchased. .piioperty iiuHexran^and wUl move lo FOR KENT, i FOR RENT— 3 connected rooms, good location, furnished or unfurnished. Inquire at Fox Drug Co., 'Phone 276. , M22—<5t FOR RENT—Lai'ge garden. 216 West Mai;i street. rr.2Q-&t FOR KSNT—Tnfo fumishedsooms. Modern. 400_ West Oak St. FOR. RENT—Two iront roomi <rr«i > Style Shop, for office or aleejrlng rooeu. Apply Hiss Rieth, Normal and Monrot St — ' FOR RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east of Carbondale, good orchard and fine place tor cantaloupes. Also grain crops; Reasonable terms to reliable party. Apply Miss Maggie Rieth. FOR RENT—Storage tor househol* goods, in the one story brick bulldlnc, cement floors, on alley back of lew Bafth Theatrs. Apply Mlse Rieth. FOR SALE. FOR SALE-—Five roejm house: Telephone 466-K.- M23—3t FOR SALE—Restaurant. Good location for business. Party leaving town. Bargain if sold at once./ Apply corner 12th and Locust streets, Murphysboro, .111. > m23-6t- FOR SALE—We buy, raise and seli fur-.bearing rabbits, and other iur-bearing animals. List what you have. with us ,stating your lowest prices on large lot shipments. The Fur & Specialty Farming Co., 515517 N. P. Ave., Fargo, N. Dak. M19—Imo. LOS. LOST — Between Oak street and Earth Theatre, on down town street, cameo pin. Call 166. LOST—Between Oak street and Barth Theatre, on down town street, cameo pin. Call Mrs. E. E. Eckhard. WANTED—Nurses and 'attendants; .both m«n and women are needed at ,the Chieajro state-hospital. Address Doctor Charles .F. Read, Managing Officer, Buiuidng, 111., for particulars. m20-3t SMALL WAISTS THE FASHION Paris Dressmakers, However, Denv Tha'f.Tight Lacing Is to - Return. Paris.—"Whispers are heard in circles of fashion thnt sm;i!l waists are to "c'orue in 1 " ilgniu next season. Strictest secrecy is being maintained in professional qnarters'in ac-_ cordnnce with a decision by gfesit tlressmakin'g e'staWislnnehts here uot to nmlce premature revelation's, but It Is said gowns designed after th<? . new mode have been seen ari'd admired. Authorities in the drcssniakin;: trade however, den.v tight Hieing is to return, one of r them 1 s'aying: "The \vasp waist is as obsolete as the stuge i coach or the sedan chair." ? '*• J German Textbooks Bar t t ' Kaiser's/- Whole -Family Berlin. — German textbooks hereafter will be' minus the for- inerly inevitable 'pictures', of the luiiser and Ms • pre'decessbiBj. on the Prussian tjmine, as,:i result 'of an order By the niinister. of education, who also rules out" all anecdotes;; -^f 'the Hohcnzoll^rns "which uiigli^ serve wjly to glbrl- fy the dynasty and'" foster .the monarchist ic idea in fltS minds of'ffil_''pB.5llS," .•-•' -v,

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