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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 10
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U.S. AMBASSADOR to the United Nations William W. Scranton cast first vote in the Security Council Monday, a negative one against a measure to invite the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in the council debate on Israeli practices in occupied Arab territories. -Apwirwi»ie PLO, Israel exchange charges in 17.JV. debate A-10--INDEPENDENT [AM)» PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) ung mien. c«iit.. Tim.. Mircim. mt ITALY (Continued from Page A-l) Rome's R c g i n a Coeli prison. V i t l o r i o Antonelli, a lawyer, was charged earlier with false testimony in connection with the Lockheed affair. Three other p e r s o n s , i n c l u d i n g Lef e b v r e ' s b r o t h e r , a r e believed to have fled the country. Fanali headed the Italian air force from 1968 until 1970 and has denied receiving any Lockheed payoff in' the sale of the military cargo planes. He had claimed in previous interrogation t h a t Lockheed planes were far superior to others considered and that the U.S. aircraft manufacturer didn't have to resort 'to illicit p a y - ment's to s h o w the superiority of C130s and promote their sale. F a n a l i , now retired, owns a seaside villa and a reslaurant. Monday's arrests came a few days after Martella went to Paris to interview · L o c k h e e d ' s E u r o p e a n representative. He is believed planning a trip to Wnshington to interview investigators a n d m e m - bers of a Senate unit that probed Lockheed's alleged intercontinental b r i b e r y scheme. The specific c h a r g e against Fanali was acquiring illegal income while in government office--an offense that carries a possible jail term of 4 to 12 years. He is the only former member of the military brass a r r e s t e d in the widening investigation. The 1/efebvre brothers, Camillo Crociani, head of a slate metals concern, and Rome businesswoman Maria F a v a are, according to investigators, believed to have acted as corruption agents. ALL THOSE arrested and those being songhl -are wealthy notables of Italian society* Crociani, w i t h connections with .Italy's ruling C h r i s t i a n ' D e m o c r a t i c Party, owns a castle and a sumptuous seashore villa south of Home equipped w i l h a heliport. The Lefebvrc brothers t r a c e t h e i r heritage to French nobility. The state attorney's office did not specify the charge against Lefebvre beyond i n y o l v - ment ami complicity in the Lockheed affair. In Ottawa, meanwhile, the C a n a d i a n d e f e n s e minister said his government is considering ways to h e l p Lockheed raise millions of dollars in loans from Canadian banks to help finance its Orion patrol aircraft project. D E F E N S E M i n i s t e r James Richardson told reporters Monday that the government has been talk- i n g w i l h t w o Canadian banks about the proposal to have lxckheed borrow the money. Richardson said a decision on Ihc financing question, which has held up the signing of a more than Jl- biltion contract with Lockheed for 18 of the long- r a n g e p a l r o l aircraft, should be reached in two or three weeks. He s a i d the problem was that lxckhecd did have the credit rating in the United States to borrow more money. The money is needed to finance t h e e a r l y opera- lions of Lockheed to (ill the Canadian order until C a n a d a s t a r t s making payments on delivery irr 1978. Richardson has said $140 million is needed just for the fiscal year starting April 1. PATTY URGED TO INFORM (Continued from Page A-l) T h e p r o b a t i o n i n t e r views are critical, because t h e y w i l l be her first opportunity to indicate to the prosecutors her willingness to cooperate. II the various levels of government that want to prosecute Miss Hearst or use her as a witness to prosecute others are to p r o m i s e her immunity, her attorneys must be prepared to tell w h a t she would be able to testify to. SHE MUST show in some way that she will say those things at the · proper times and.places. "The prosecutors c a n not buy a pig in a poke," a source familiar with the process said Monday. There are three federal judicial districts w h e r e U.S. attorneys might be willing to urge leniency for Miss Hearst in return for her testimony. In Scranton, Pa., the g o v e r n m e n t h a s been investigating several people tor possible prosecution on charges of harboring a fugitive -- M i s s Hearst -- who at one time when she was a fugitive SACRAMENTO (AP) Steven Sollah, a companion of Patricia H e a r s t when she was a fugitive, said Monday he was saddened bul not very shocked by the guilty verdict In her trial. lived in a farmhouse that had been rented by Scott and his wife, Miki. At her trial, Miss Hearst named Mr. and Mrs. Scott; Jay Wcincr, a former sports writer; Phil Shennick, an athlete; and a "Professor Hauk," who was not fur- ther identified, as having helped h e r a n d M i s s Yoshimura to hide out. Scott's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Scott of Las V e g a s , could also be named by Miss Hearst, for she testified at her trial that they went along when their son drove her East in the summer of 1974, soon after the SLA had almost been wiped out in a gun battle w i t h t h e Los Angeles police. Miss Hearst is known to have lived in the Sacramento area with the Harrises and perhaps others in late 1974 and early 1975. Soon after she and the Harrises w e r e arrested, prosecutors from various state and federal jurisdictions began to meet in the U.S. attorney's office here to discuss the evidence of various crimes that was found in the apartments in w h i c h the arrested persons had lived. KISSINGER WARNING U N I T E D N A T I O N S , N.Y. (AP) --The Palestine L i b e r a t i o n Organization accused Israel on Monday of "Hitlerite measures of suppression" a g a i n s t a " m a s s uprising" in occupied Arab territories. Israel replied that the U.N. Security Council debate on Israeli practices in occupied Arab territories was based on a "lie, a damnable lie." Tire bitter exchange in the Security Council marked Hie f i r s t d i r e c t c o n f r o n t a t i o n t h e r e between Israeli Ambassador Chaim Hcrzog and PLO r e p r e s e n t a t i v e Z e h d i Terzi. Referring to weeks of rioting in the Israeli-occupied West Bonk of J o r - dan, 'I'crzi said "the forces of occupation rushed paratroopers and border police to intervene in an attempt to contain and suppress t h e uprising of my peo- ple." He demanded a termination of the nine-year occupation "and the sooner the better." Herzog, speaking after Terzi and delegates from Libya, Egypt, Jordan and Syria, attacked the U.N. for a "one-sided orgy of hale against Israel." He called the council debate "a calculated attempt by means of falsehoods to incite M o s l e m f e e l i n g throughout the world and to invoke racial, religious and human haired of the basest kind." The debate ended its first day wilh no resolution formally proposed. It opened with a vote, o v e r U.S. objections, to allow the PLO to participate with the rights of a U.N. member stale. Egyptian Ambassador Ahmed Esmal Andel Mc- guid called for a resolution backing self-determinalion for Ihc Palestinians and QUEEN 'MESS' (Continued from Page A-l) didn't expect to recapture the alleged $2 million in back billings...for the money.jusl isn't there." Among Murchison's other major targets were Ihe Wolff-Sesnon consulting firm, a North Hollywood group retained on a $-18,000 fee last fall by the city to seek solutions to the Queen Mary dilemma; the city's Queen Mary Department, and billing procedures used lo determine utility charges for the shipboard entities. "Although the foundation lias cooperated in every possible way with Lewis Wolff of Wolff-Sesnon," he said, "I and others have become increasingly skeptical of his performance. Our concern stems from the lengthy 'pic- in-lhe-sky' negotiations begun in early 197-1 between the city and 20th Century Fox, which included Mr. Wolff, Ihen director of 20th's real estate division. County requests project deferrals From Our L.A. Bureau County officials h a v e recommended deferral of about $180 million worth of capita! projects in light of t h e c o u n t y ' s financial c r u n c h . T w o p r o j e c t s slated for the shelf until new f i n a n c i n g can be worked out include the proposed $102 m i l l i o n I n t e n s i v e Rehabilitation Ccnler at R a n c h o Los Amigos Hospital in Downey and the proposed $11.6 million Bcllflower Court Building. "DISCUSSIONS included nol only the Queen Mary, but also a vast fanciful 'pleasure island' landfill in the middle of your harbor. These negotiations were followed by several more months of fruitless private discussions belwci our city manager, Mr. Wolff and Irwin Allen. (Allen, producer of "The Poseidon Adventure" filmed in part on the Queen Mary, reportedly was interested (hen in developing further projects here). "We have seen no apparent sign of progress during Wolff's most recent involvement," Murchison said. "He (Wolff) has met only briefly with each of the three private entities aboard. There have been no public reports indicating any forward movement toward acquisition of a single unified operator" for the ship. One of Wolff's charges by the cily is lo find such an operalor. Murchison said "Ihe only legitimate offer made to dale seems lo have been tabled or filed by your cily government. If I'm wrong on this point, ask Jay Feinberg, owner of the Quccnsway Hilton Hotel, whal response he has had from City Hall on his proposal. "City officials, I suspect, are praying for some sort of miracle." ALTHOUGH NEITHER Fcinberg nor Wolff was available for immediate comment, il has been rumored in local business circles that Feinberg has made a formal offer to Ihe city lo lease and operate Ihe entire Queen Mary. What happened to thai offer remains problematical, however. Murchison said that in his opinion the city's onboard agency, the Queen Mary Department, is "overpaid and overstaffed, currently performing maintenance and security tasks and running the general parking lot. "Even though il has no experience in either the museum or public attractions field, Ihe QMD is slated lo take over operation of foundation activities if the city's eviction attempt is successful," Murchison said. On the question of fees, he said "Specialty and PSA (hole!) have fully paid under protest their cily bills for maintenance, security and utilities (known as common- area charges). The foundation has paid more than a half-millon dollars, although by Ihc city's estimate, at least $2 million more is owed." lie described the formula used lo determine these charges as "so vaguely applied as lo defy cxplanalion. There is no provision in Ihf foundation's 40-year con- Iract with the city for payment of any charges beyond actual usage. A n d , most important, these charges (as made by the cily) are three to four limes Ihe normal for comparable services in conventional business s i t u a - tions." c o n d e m n i n g I s r a e l ' s " b r u t a l a n d i l l e g a l actions" in occupied territories. As the Security Council m e t , new dislurbances w e r e reported in Wcsl H a n k towns. Israeli o f f i - cials reported 10 Arabs injured in a clash with occupation troops and a 40- year-old A r a b arrested d u r i n g ?. demonstration died of a heart attack. In Ihe village of Abu Dis, near Jersualem, relatives buried an 11-year-old boy f a t a l l y wounded by Israeli gunfire last week. ARAB speakers at the council accused Israel of "changing the physical and demographic character" of Jerusalem, of razing Arab quarters to build Iwusing for Jews and of constructing more than SO settlements in occupied territories. Jordanian Ambassador Sheriff Abdul Sharaf told ' the council, "The explosion has occurred. The people of the occupied West Bank ... have revolted." Herzog denied Ihc d i s - lurbances w e r e "armed uprisings." He said Ihey were "demonslralions by children and youngsters who have been inciled on the basis of false propaganda." Referring lo Jerusalem, S h a r a f s a i d I s r a e l i changes "aim at the systematic strangulation of its Arab inhabitants and Ihe gradual obliteration of the city's Arab identity." H E R Z O G , in his response, told the council: "In the past 2,000 years, the cily of Jerusalem has not known a more enlightened administration than today, dedicated lo the principles of human tolerance and peaceful coexist- ance. "I offer no excuse for our presence in J e r u s a - lem, ! owe no apology. We are there as of right." By voting to give member rights lo Ihe PLO, the Security Council set the (Continued from Page A-l) capable of forthright and decisive action." Kissinger said the U.S. strongly supports majority rule and minority rights in southern Africa and will make "major efforts lo promote these objectives and lo help all parties return to the negotiating table." However, he added, this country will nol remain "aloof if basic principles of responsible international conduct arc flouted and the geopolitical balance is- thrcatcned by a pattern of o u t s i d e inlerventions in local conflicts." Because the U.S. is on record supporting b l a c k majority rule in southern Africa, it could not aid the white regimes in Rhodesia and South Africa against C u b a n intervention w i t h o u t alienating f r i e n d l y black governments in Africa. Therefore, according to (lie Star report, the administration slrategy calls for d i r e c t i n g the U.S. response against Cuba ilself. The most likely possibility, the newspaper quoted administration sources as saying, would be another naval blockade of Cuba as was done during the 1062 missile crisis. The Star listed other options, including the possibility of limited air strikes and an invasion of the Communist controlled island 90 miles from the Florida Keys. . "Washington is aware that any military move againit Cuba will put the Uniteo Stales in confrontation with the Soviet Union once again," wrote Star diplomatic r e p o r t e r Jeremiah O'Leary. "But in the h o m e hemisphere, U.S. strategists believe the Soviets in the end would not take action just as the U.S. did not interfere with Soviet police actions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia." Kissinger also warned other c o u n t r i e s t h a t American support cannot be "extorted by the threat of Cuban troops or Soviet arms. "Our cooperation is not available to those who rely on Cuban troops. The U.S. c a n n o l acquiesce i n d e f i - nitely in Ihe presence of C u b a n e x p e d i t i o n a r y . forces in distant lands for the purpose of pressure and to determine the political evolution by force of arms." Despite charges of some critics, the U.S. still U the most powerful nation in the world, Kissinger said. But he added: "The new and long foreseen problem is that under conditions of n u c l e a r b a l a n c e o u r adversaries m a y - b e increasingly t e m p t e d to probe at t h e r e g i o n a l l e v e l . This temptation must be discouraged. "Thus our strong capability for local and regional defense is essential for us and, together with our allies, we must build up these forces. In a crisis the President must have olher choices than capitu- l a t i o n or r e s o r t to s t r a t e g i c n u c l e a r does no good lo preach strategic superiority while practicing regional retreat." T h i s , Kissinger s a i d , had been the issue; in Angola. "The danger was, and is, that our inaction -- our legislatively imposed f a i l - ure even to send financial h e l p t o A f r i c a n s w h o sought to resist -- w i l l lead lo further Soviet and Cuban pressures on the mistaken assumption that America has lost the will to counter adventurism or even to help others to do so," he added. A glimpse at that evidence was afforded in Miss Hearst's prosecution on the b a n k - r o b b e r y charge. But some items were not admitted in her trial. ^ For example, a single piece of currency taken in a b a n k robbery at C a r - m i c h a e l , a Sacramento suburb, in April 1975 was found in the refrigerator of the apartment where M i s s Hearst lived w i t h Miss Y o s h i m u r a , w h o awails Irial on bombing charges in Oakland, and Soliah, who is on trial in federal court in Sacramento for robbing the Carmichael bank. FEDERAL sources said last fall that the currency was from the "bait package" t h a t t h e b a n k maintained lo give robbers. Numbers on the bills were noted as the package was made up. In February, a Sacramento savings and loan office was held up, and the Sacramento police arc known lo have invesligat- cd it in connection with the SLA. The s o u r c e familiar with the various jurisdictions where Miss Hearst might be a productive witness said Ihe Carmichael b a n k robbery was the "heaviest thing they might want to talk to her about over there." IN O A K L A N D , the Alameda c o u n t y prosecutor, Lowell Jensen, has d i s c u s s e d w h e t h e r he would attempt to indict Ihe Harrises for M i s s Hearst's kidnaping. Her testimony would be indispensable to such a case. Browning, the federal prosecutor here, has indicated that he has considered since the trial Ihe possibility of bringing federal a r m e d b a n k - r o b b e r y charges against the Harrises. Miss Hearst testified in her trial that they were part of the Hibernia bank robbery for which she was convicted, playing the role of oulside lookouts. Finally, San Francisco' authorises have looked at the possibility of f i l i n g gun law-violation charges against Miss Hearst and the Harrises because of the illegal weapons found when they were arrested. stage for Ihe first direct debate between Israel and Ihe PLO. Casting the lone vole against giving the Palestinians the same rights as a member at Ihe council (able, U . S . Ambassador William Scranlon said the move was a "concerted at- l e m p l to disregard t h e rules of procedure." HOWEVKU, Scranton, in his first speech to the council since he replaced hard-hitting Daniel Moynihan as U.S. delegate, also sounded a note of modera- t i o n on the Palestinian question. He stressed that he was objecting only to the fad that the PLO was being treated as a member stale and added: "That this subject is of concern to Palestinians is beyond question, just as is the fact thai a comprehensive statement m u s t answer the question of the future of the Palestinian people." The vole was 11-1, with Britain, France and Italy abstaining. Marvelous Chair ...unbeatable price This excellent traditional occasional chair is one of Carl's most outstanding offerings'. Designed to be correct in the formal room -- yet serviceable for everyday living too! The hardwood framing is finished in distressed antique fruitwood, which blends well with most finishes. A rich velvet covering is available in a choice of cedar, alabaster or leaf . Sale priced Wed. 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