Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 30
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· v i · . . '·*··'"..-,;, ' . . · ' · ' . · · - i- · . . : . ;,. . i · . - . . . . INKVINNNT -- Tim* rVUrtfc 11. lHt Poq»'% HE 2-5959 BELLFLOWER TOrrav 6J72I SUNDAY Al MONDAY A TUESDAY Al WEDNESDA furniture for Sate 73 25-Pc. Walnut Group GORGEOUS 1 Rtcenl fielorv clow oul purchase IncKire* rooniy drme.-, pUl« mlrrof, 2 rite »1inds, Vf/dra*ers. Head boafd. A PLUS bed spreadl 0"ILI«d foam rubber iofa chair (beautiful i colon), 2 sito tables/ l coffii · (lolld). 2 decorator lampi. Smarl- ly sry!«d dlnlns Kl, libli w/lea( - 1 6 Foam caatfed chairs. Pail- "· lively slunnlno proupt Total price . iJW.M (tormerfv sold for ?MS. - A Gneat Buy and * Grot Savings for Youl ORIGINAL 01L PAINTING ; O. ^PETERSON FURNITURE CO.: SINCE K!) : 5390 L.B. Bl. GA 2-7896 Dally 109, sal. 9:X4, Sun. 12-S i S F TRANS PER i , . NEW FURNITURE '' 7 booVcase headooardi $11 11 ryos, 9x\t . _,. ill 72 Simmons Orlbo quill ed box jprffiB 1. mitt., bolh 37? ] . i rnaplt llvlnp rrn sets _ S?7 1 13 -mod em bdrm «ta 551 -- . (rovnrf, oval rectangular) -10 jitllonals _ ,,_ _^1?3 1 manJe btfrm sell ... JV4 .SLIGHTLY DAMAGED · ' . FREE DELIVERY GA 2-f«4» TERMS ; : 592 1 ATLANTIC, L.B, r WAREHOUSE MAN ON DUTY ; Mon.-Frt. »·» _._ s«l. i, Sim. »-J '. . No Where-But No Where ~ ONLY AT HUB! STARDUST oyouo-- ask for sroup . f by name. Llv. rm,, we after . bfaullful quilled sola ma.chlnp i chtlf. 2 matching neva-mar wal- - n-jt itep lablei colfei fable, or. . or lovely malcWng table .'- lavrun, ifono wflh 7 lalln iofs ; cuihkwu. For the bufrm. · Mr. ! f Mrs. tfnl* dr«»*r with mirror 2 com/nodtj, wllh matcnlng pane ; headboard (this Incr. box sorlwii r · * mtttmses wttfc 2 drcii:r ·.- famps). For the dLnlna area, _ ; - MautJM mink color dJrulle ^ ' UWe 4 chafn, tncl, J[sJi« ., Now for your kitchen-- a beaullfu Admiral r«frfg. S, full iFit rangi \ with Mra-slr* oven, all of fhH 1: far I707.W-I8X paid. Wllh vow flood credlr. abwlule" minimum down-* onty W.75 a wieK. Oul . _ · o/ stilt credit welcome.- SEE ONLY AT HUB FURNITURE ' M* SO. L,B. BLVD., COMPTON ·HARDROCK M MAPLE 1 Brand new, -nivtr used 4- room group. Includti 7-jrtece pineapple ' , pojler bedroom set wllh matilvc ' Tl'drftwer dreiwr and pJale mJr- · . for, 2 nit* sUrxJi, 2nd btdroom ' Includes twin bed). Also Early American INJrw room «niemb!t with beaul.fuf Tables and lirnm. t Marie tfnlno room group Include* , table, 4 ditlrt, buffet and hulch. , Originally priced to sell for JI2P9. ,. i, Our prFc* cnly S577. $10 delivtrs. . ; Ciih term*. W i l l *epariti for , . flukJc salr. · .;, O. S. PETERSON · .· FURNITURE CO.? SINCE 1923 , : !/· Dtllv Tt», Sat. 9:20-6, Sun. 12-J /A F R E Insurance .Claim Settled - : . EVERYTHING GOES - '.' SLIGHTLY SMOKED . Example: 6 comp'ele rms. of " - new furniture [ncl. all rnalor jp- * pJFances. t \S9.00. E-Z, paynwnls of ' U.25 weeVly. Indud^i Frceter- . - " reFrlgiralor, O'Kecfcr Merrill Jas rcnci, C.E. auto wathtr. omplele dlnene, beautiful de- · cor living rm. julle with lablts · - lamas. Also fashionable beil PhJi you can porchast a(1 or any , · carl at Iremertdoui s a v 1 n g i *'now". Many, many olher llemi · , il fllfanllc savin 01. EASTERN DISC. FURN. - 60B6 Atlantic GA 3-9078 * * * 5-ROOM GROUP WILL DELIVER TO · RESPONSIBLE PARTY All new furniture plu» stove, re- frlg.i wathcr. orver TV. Also IrKkJded-- 2 Bedroom Mts t 1 with 1 twn bedi; living room furniture compleli wllh 2 end tablet/ coffte table, lamps, plctur*!/ iug anc dinette set. $7.50 PER MO. Full Price $2 14.84 OUT OF STATE CREDIT OK M.J.B. Discount Furniture 5318 L.B. Blvd., NLB Dnlly 10 a.m. lo 9 p.m. Sun. t? to 5 t.m. GA 3409! i iKj'cxruJenr. rrcii-reieflram " ' Home Furnishing . · and Merchandising ' Classififid Advertising Code Any Advrrtricrtient which conlaNit misleading CODY Is not acceprabiB. Adverfliemenls dated by commercial adverthers mu»t Include th* "Firm name ' or word "Dealer." Persona dlslrest clalim, and Mfsflnaf pronounj are · ·- not accepiable from com- mercJftl advertiser). Ptirasw or tta'rm Infer* signed art not acceptable. ·-..-.. WANTED . Rriponilble par!/ to mAKe pay mtrtts en 5 roomi of furnlluri jpollancti. l/o down pavmt. Pay ml. Ilia *r mo. B.I. Im. Cm ihli or ranoi, rifrk?., A/A/F^ iterio, TV, dlnitl* let, living rr sel comc'i i, b«droom id. ALL FURNITURE LIKE NEW WAREHOUSE FURN. 2074 Santa F». HE 2-5469 MUST SELL A D'aulitul mttiog. dlnlno ft 5; chairs, host ^air . \5 l?xll Carpel . . U Q'KeeFt I. Mcrrkll re. Dt\x. . r. Frlo.C. T, refrlp. . . . S5 CHEST ol drawers; elect r. crtor eroan; bar stooli; China cabinet v/ifl size nut Ire is l sprlrtflS. D'r cite sell. TRADER P£T£S. 521 E. JFh $ - Otwn Mon.-Frl. 'til 9; Sun. U4. *prktg mari., rnaJioainy Our c*n Phyl* tffnlng rm. i«l. V(rii rftatft* «et. NoroO^iihtr. Mfi WE BUY-- SELL-- TRADE uied 1u Shir*. CHIEF'S CORNER. ftARGAINSi tofa; charrs, t«tKi borm. ttt; rw»/ lampt; bonkj Chtiti; MtlC. C«ll GA 7-4707. s FOR ^ CLASSIFII 4 P.M. FRIDAY DS A P.M. FRIDAY BS · y ADS ...: ; Furniture for Sate 73 $30 DOWN Will furnish your ·nfire home with all new furni- iure, including rangi, re- frig., TV, dining room, living room bedroom sefs. Free Parking Free Delivery Out of Statt Credl! OK LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. 6TH L.B. Blvd. Dtiln. ' OPEM EVENINGS TIL » Tues. t, Sat. -Ill « -P ECE Walnul Bedrni, Set In- ilands 8. headooird, w.' Lora n Btadi Furniture Co., tin L.B. ' Bl/d., Downtown L.B. Antiques 74 MARKET ST. ANTIQUES OPEN 11 AM TO 8 PM 1340 E. MARKET GA 2-67J? ATTIC SHOP OPEII SUNDAYS 9122 Artti'B, B«lllkmer S67-6376 DUE to eitatt Durchsei -- many tm- McKn'i Cloiet, 2050 Ptcllk 1 *HT1QUES, prlv. ply. }744 Salurn ; Ave., Hunllnglon Park. LU 7-im ' Hit Ctilrrv. GE 1 MU E Furniture Wwrcd 75 PAID! ; One pJcc« or a h*mful. Estates, buslnm Inventory REPP MOTT INC. 2501 e. Anslulm GE !-°2r7 We Buy A bell ood Uied Furniture Appl. PARK FURNITURE " 1100 LONG BEACH BLVD. PHONE 04-0711 1 PAY MORE for Furniture Appli. and Antiques D. L. FURNITURE U hr. strvlce. Pn. U3OU3 $ TOP DOLLAR $ FURNITURE APPLIANCE: CASH IN 30 MINUTES 925-1548 CASH MONEY miic. Call Al'v 421-fol BEST PRICES paid for good furn Call "B Furrnturt l»for» voy. Spct Cash HE 2-3038 ANYTHING OF VALUE NEW OWNERS NEED USED FURN. 8, APPLIANCES. C «, F Fim. T4M Ctitrry GE t-0433 Planoi · FurnLlurt ' Antiques CASH 6J3-1K9 YOU HEED CASH? WE NEED frlgl. Call Pat UO-1M3. IMMED. cain for od. used turn., anttajfl, rangtl, refrloi. U5-6377 ancllancei. US-H34 USE ° F |S4 R 4 l rsi 8 'o'r°?itr3 fl«"" e( '- ·lofluhotd Appliances 78 -A- BEST VALUES ^r clean, 1 vr. ouar. " _W8 MA YT AG-- 2-sod . aulom. washer, 1st* model. 1 vr. cuar t VIM FRIGLDA1RE-- aulom. w«fti«r Ilka nrvui r 1 yr. pitar Cl KENMORE-- aulom. washer, rebuilt, ilhi new, 1 vr. flu»r_ ill FRIGIDAIRE -- Refrlg. 1-6f. w/ frteier, rwal'n clean, guir. il« FRIG1DA1RE-- rtfrifl. w/crcn too COLDSPOT-- rerirlo. ouar. . 131 Many mor* lo choos* from. A_ LJII 1 i Q ^f MILL o . 5650 ATLANTIC AVE, Own Mon. Frl. til 9 Tucj., Wed., Thur*. 1. SaN til S:M REFRIGERATORS - Waihers-Ranxs GOOD uied refrtu., guar. JW.M GOOD Cross/Top reirla. ._M9.9S RANGE. 30" tfetlrlc .. -M9.M AMANA 16'. boi. freeie ..._..iM.9S DRYER, elect^ .$f?.95 KELVIMATOR.nev.- rf frlo.. ii19.M $10 Mo. Buvt Any Mem NO CASH HEEDED Oo*n eves. HE 2-3924 Step Up To Top Qual ty G.E. refrlo., 10 cu. ft. model w/ gleaming new cxr.., frozen area, ttc. Firil prlct only $79, Irv cliKkt deSlvory fc 6 moi. ouar, Bond's srove Worki, 945 E. 4th St. HE $-5669. Op in Man. «. Fr . Step Up to Top Quality Gafl«rs Saltier gas ranoc nlceW r«cor\d. Thermo ronlrot · oven Too Ille. $5? Include delivery Mon. t Frl. 1t 9 Sim, ir5. ELECTRO sink center, con*o'e[ w/cflshm aster ouih button ho cold water, AUxmailer bow I mixer, ninny olher acccitcrlei Sacrlllct 1150. Belw. 5 o.m REFRIG. s1ov*. apt. ilia ecci condlllcm, $70 for bolh, or rnait offer. Call X3V 1«5 anytime. B t F. HE 7 WSJ, m? n Gavkl UPRIGHT (r*ntr; stove; dryer USED n. refrloerators. Frieda r ADI. Hie, W9.M. Altx-KKfcr Elec fric, DIOs E. Anah«1in, KENMORE aulom. wather. 2 speed J?5. 5730 E. TVd. 2 bits. E. o B«llflow«r Blvd.. L.B. G.E. Retrf0.'$ w/fretitr comoar ntenl, ad, ik*. excel, cond 1 ., or v party, V5 each, 15U E. Arl«) KENMORE automatic wsiher, MC COM Cttvf. HA 9-OS5. , CROSS 109 refrigerator, oood cond - FREEZER 4'XW", i moi. Old, to- rl Condi. 1)75 takei. 135-lfiJ) moj. old. Ph, (7NJ I1A-JMJ, WEDT.EWOOD gai r«Age, goo cond. J». Call V25-HU STOVE MO; rcfrTgeralor i:s. Goo working to nd ft! on, ft)I-(»6A. ' MUST tell Ccooer Tone 30" elect/ rflnpe. '« Kemnore. Call 63J-975 PC; FRIG, V/ANTED-- Hlflhtlt cas» , , Workfng or not. "Brn l7 HE «-?K *· Dealer 435-031 ? : C O L O S P O T relrlg.. pas range. G rj | APPLIANCES REFlNISttEO : GUARANTEED. 4H-1W , . wajfver i35; TO 4-9WJ " KENMORE wa»her» push button «x ^ fro). Good CQfld, W5. 433-77 - Musical Instrument* 7 Elec. Guitar-Trade Ins. Maonatofla w/cast, $19.50; 3 old us ovltari. *?9.50; thr« olcku ; "Kav", l».50l amps, SH.M: ne ; sviiir, $?.»; BuvArad*. «!·?» Atoert Muik, X-9 E. Ocean Btv chalr»; 111 04 oak trundle bedv i nr-*; Fender Multano + caj - 50-« Of nan, orlo il.soo. Sic. ^ prk i allir 3 p.m. GE 1» ITMtireil, cornofele. Ml I «, i GRETCH dlx. oyum lei, 1 mo. 0 HS. OA M1I4 tiler 5 o.m. : B« FI»n-«. .'3I-/445. SOFA iMd. l»ln Deft, desk, lamp SOLID M'h. Dlnlno |I,.»15. Ci Irefl sloirt tw. -^£ MH3 s, TRUMPET. Gll:n, Ooc Sotrlnn nxxlti. Will Iride. HA ! JM]. 1 REPOSSESSED Ollv«- piano, v rolli. sava tSCO. 41M491 Dlr. i £ PIECE Irvlri? roorn ict lor *«te. · FENDER oultir Any., uv» UO ' 1 fill «70»l. «»"« J"/ Rm. lJ5T4]MWr Nam Organs 79-A 3 Floon of Mullclal Mercha.*v!llp PLAYER PIANOS 1M* Musellc, Wurlllier, KlmDall mor« SPINET PIANOS FR. JW9 PRACTICE PIAKOS FB. J125 UP TO 50% OFF Wufflliir, Gulb, Lcwre/ niorc SPINET ORGANS FR. $3f? CHORD ORGANS FR. !1W 334 Pint. f«on. i Frl. to » HE 4-?!J7 Fin* Quality Spinet Pianos Wa . mahg. . Special ___ .S4M or rent oottan -- S/.TJ mo. HUMPHREYS MUSIC CO Horn* of Stalnwav 135 E. 3rd SI. Downtown L.B. SIKP Frl 'lit ». HE S-42H PIANp^^ALE Ajtwrt JXrfe splint o' 11 ! 05 ^ i-* 3 " ' Elttm'3 S34/ V 6.*Pac. Cit. H«¥. " LL 'W.lpW AND WE BUY PIANOS Long Bttch PJino C%. ?9M LOTO Beach Blvd. GAX-7031 LOV/REY i THOfAAS ORGANS TAILFORD'S T07-OMJ iAMf.'.GND SpiMf Organ, bench, wa . Like new. S4!5. 433.2401 Olr. RIV. PTY. wants to buv Olino (or cash. 147-1787. 'IANO V/ANTED -private »arK. ' LGIN Babv Grand walnul tlano. Xlnl condition. MOO. 6J3.«)a IEMODELED Klmball piano. Good coiW. JIM. 431-H7J (In* L.A.) 677-O33 ACRIFICE BABY GRAND PIANO J6SO. HE S4M4. 1L n?a!l 1 [lnt H l L °u l |l 5 rtP.^'»3%!9 1 ' 5 Musical Irntnietien 798 .EARN TO PLAY accordion or pu far-- vour hom» or cur sludto. ·IANO LESSOR. ^ m Radio* t T*livtsien 80 RENT NEW TV M MO. No Dsposit -- Free Servic* RENT CA^APP-J^URCHASE 1420 Long Btach Blvd., Lvnivottl NE 9-2241 . ORANGE COUNTY 12*45 Euclid, lirtfen Grovt 638-4610 T.V. LAUD Til 7 p.m. rfAKER'S^FOR TV'S PKILCO new pcrtabtft -- $129.»5 (2 yri. euar. parlt labor Ycu* Ml and *10 mo ) [8 sckrs., mahofl. cab. AM/FM) (14 down and \\4 mo.) 2EHITH 23" r«mo!l COOt. u $13f.94 fH LCO TV ouar. .... ·._. 5W.W TV RENTALS 525 for 3 mos, Free service and rfillvfry. BAKERS, 9\W PiClflc _Ave, Ooen Ev». HE 2-3924 TV PEKlTAI ^ Nriv uied. With fre« service. MOREY'S MUSIC STORE JO Pln« Avt. HE fr2»» RENT TV-- NO DEPOSIT 321-1941 77S-U*4 - 645-4301 good as new? Save many $, Guarantee. Estimates. 2535 E. Broadway GE 3-0073 TV RENTALS-- $6 mo. up Rent fa Buy -- Fre* Service Beach TV. 225 E. H6 6-5itt TV RENTALS -- FREE DELIVERY No deoojIT. No creo*tt. ft C H TV SERVICE * Colored black white repak. Service-- Jay or eves, W55319 Used TVs Moving Sale «13 Ii UD. dlr. 1151 PACIFIC AVE. WANTED-- Late mod. port. TV w/ itandr od. cond. Pay ISO. 4JM311 TV'S, *25 up, buv or tratJe, re- pMr,230SE.m HE9-I3M iVAGNAVOX TV-Stereo comb. iUQ. S6*-4W5. Call after S PM. TV'J 513 i». We buy, trade, i reoiir. Jack's. 21.-W. Anahtlm. 43«31«, Hi-Fi St*r*o SO-A 14 fl. Lo Boy slereo, SS; «' an* laue while iltreo, $125; dual 4- rack stereo lapt recorder w/lflt. eternal soeaktr, $125. Ado sat of Ige. speakers enclosures. 475-W2, STEREO Tape Recorder. 4 mos. o d, Akal Model MB w/2 external speakers , lound-on-sound, 4 Irack re cording, cross ttdd head, 2 VL GE STEREO SACRIFICE, SM Wcuittd -- Rodlo. TV, Hi-Fi U-l WANTED for ceMn. Died blacV i white Xr color TV sets. Also W-l slereo sets. Dlr. 43? S3? W9, ftnHIn l*nnir Bl PROMPT SERVICE calls. Wt hav ro gfmmickt to offer. Just 000 dr-D-n(Wi!e service, D Y TV Ooe'i ?:30 a.m.-9:3Q P-m., 7 day wk. U:cJTVs. »17 Atlanllc437^5S fixed In homi). Free est. 7 day 1 AloM' TV D '!^3 V?.' Ocean' HE 7^4/f t Pr. 434-S954 ' TV SERVICE 12, Lkwd. N.L.E Ofef. HA 9-1790 eves,, ?43 Plrx 714 Gladys Avt. 434-541 : Sewing Machines 1966 WHITE Zlo-zty, aulomaHc, walnut cabUn only i few scratches. Machfr does everything, wim rra t tac i menfs. 10-vr. parti pusr., pay U - · caih or pay off at S5 mo. For u« home (rial call W3 67M anytlnn Dealer. j PFAFF, While, Hew Home an D Parki Scwfng Ci-iter. 5341 Lon Beach Blvd. GA 2O007. 1965 Aulom. Zlo-Zio Sewlno Mi H thin«. paint scratched In t|il 0 euro. s«c. $30 ea. WrM. ME 3-tl d 10TH (. PINE SlWCt 19J9 .A P.M. MONDAY ...4 P.M. TUESDAY P«»S »1 [ rlbn ft .TANK SALE | 5 gal ianK 150 too, factory 2nd^ no warrdnly 11,49; S wl tanX 1fcrriio comb. J1.79; To* clown * Icuch S1.95; lo« zebras lc; tuh* ton brine shrimp 25cj lot tun 2 sword) fc; blk -Ticc anieU 9?c; Wk. m^ifes 9c; marble tiachtu nods 9c. Many other real tar- · galTii at th* 1 TROPICAL FISH HOUSE 1409 CHERRY AVE 1 ' 4 *' THE PUPPY HOUSE w«TM^Bi^M br W^7 r- - Boarding, Grooming EXPERTS ALL BREEDS KENNEL KARE l GE I-7M; if G HAH Hound. Apricot b*ro* with 7 black maik. 2 yrs., oarers, cham- * plon stock, ocod wllh children. TERRIERS,'(1E) WIRtsS. Etc! M SPANIELS «. By «ppf! 433-7911.* CHNAUZERS-- Mln male oupolea. r Oniy 2 left. 7 \vks tUd. AKC l GA 4-MS6 or 71-- 527-2630. POODLES-- Teacup Toy «xpect ~\ lro. Fern., blnOt, 5?S. Small mfn. ^ male, jflver, 175. Both AKC. 4 5 236. African Ba*enii Pups a Barkless cfogSj AKC.' CA 2-387A pera. R-adv for new owner. $50, ; 434- 01 0 r SLACK AFCAN Sacrlfce. YountJ mal*. AKC. -OKK81 AONKEYr Cace 1' X ID 1 -- i Phone 634-5991 rov Pood:«. Rea. A.K.C., PJlWle 591-4*35 Shoti. Black 8. tan. TO 4-*737 -/.Use. 474.7607 W7 E. Nevada. · LAp toy min. Frag., jgodie. MREDALE^IO^MONTHS. A.K.C. DAY KENNELS. 840-MJ2 VANTED: PUPPIES FOR CASH. WK. DACHSHUND slud service. AKC Reo. Sable. HA 5-0471 BASSET Hound puDDlrs, AKC. male female 75; Dh. 594-9201. 4 MINIATURE noodles. AKC reg- WIRE HAIR Fox T«rrl«r PUDS, cnunplon slock. AKC. 4?5-45S9 SILVER TOY Poodle, see lo, aDprec. AKC. Ph: 59WJ51 t« UC. GA »-2205 C A°C S Btaulles l | 1 "' Pl "" NkVnui WEIMERANER, male 1 vear old. Gentle. Xlnt. walch doo. TE 5-2737 RISH SETTER DUPDles. Too show A.K.C. COCKER puos. Oiamolon slock. Pli. 4M-S42I PUPPIES wanted lor casnl 10211 BEAGLE MALE PUP. AKC REG. PHONE HA 9-0527 POODLE -- Pup), blacV. pet or show. Hotels MoteH 97 DELUXE APTS. Kitchen, dlshts, llr.ens, pool, mold, i V, from $30 wk. or 74 per day uo. 2840 L.B. Blvd. DLX. rms. s, ails., ulll., diihei, linens, by pk. oolf crse. Day or HOTEL GRANT. M.» V.K. W). Maid service. 117 V/. 3rd. HE 7-9790. DOHNA Hotel S10 Mk. LTD. Maid. HOTEL ABERDEEN! » wk. up Bus stop. 134 E. 1st. Call HE 2-9181 KITCHEN, TV. POOL 530 wk. up. CLEAN ROOMS, SHERRY'S Mote 51? wk. H75 CHERRY, HE 7-99M Room* for Rent 98 Delux Paneled Rms. Kit. PRIVILEGES. Quiet. S12-J15 wk. See me at 4» Paclllc. HE 7-7417 ATTENTION MEN Rooms $10 UP. 5344 Long Beach Blvd. BELMONT Share Attr. Clean gufet Sep. enlr.j Prlv. balh, tmpl. rtiftn R«fs. GE 4-0744 aft. 6 p.m. . BIXRY KNOLLS-- over oar. oriv w bain/ linens, ulil. Emol. man. 15^ 4350 OLIVE 474-1590 $15 WK. Lfw. new rm,/ orl. enlr- J7.50 WK.. emzt. tnan or ^nsloner Kltch. orlvF. 1418 E. IDih, . ROOM, Kltch priv. J7.SO wk. Ladlfs Dwntn. 416 Llndan. -i3?-72«S2. AVAN empl. Clean, well furn. rm Also 2 rm apl. HZ4 LJr.rfe DOWNTN. Hikpg., refriff., itww* parking. 1?. Man. 3fc V/. ID' ALAMITOS Bay name to share w!1 olh«r mtn. References. GE S-AJM DNTN. M.50. Hskpo. Prlv. Wafe tliowir. DBfkirvff, 1200 Alamito 1777 cKerrv. r HE 5-1O ; N I C E clean rms. KltUun prMI. DNTN. hlkpo., shower, oarklrvo. t? ut. 4\9 W. Sth 4M Chesln-j LADY PENSIONERS, NfCE HOffi TV. «« CEDA SM MO. CLEAN. SKOV/ER. ME ONLY 47 LIME AV BACH. APT. $13 WK. Men, Phan lervke, Parlcln?. H1-J197. SI-10 WK. Refrlo. Park. AUo ^kra ap). 21? V/. m. HE 5-1H5 } ADULT-- Prlv. entrance. Refrlo 47$ W. III. t 829 Dally- Hikpg., S SS.50; sol. apl. 55S. Qufcl. - Room and Board 10Q l 3 BOR/.v. P' bath, firesiace, fr.ctf vr. leaie. 5192 ikvlark Lir.e Hunttngton Beach. i POOhV-- boBfd. Good msatj. Mtt MANY Manilons for ififilor cllliens men a. women. Call TO 64\46. . MEM-- Employed, cenjralty loc., nr f N.L.B.-- Board, room Horn laun ~ dry. 4\4 E. 5Slh. ·.77^31. 6 ROOM BOARD Ifl private -hem Rentals -- To Share 10! e wlUi sa^ie. 5503 Cherry Avt. Ao I 1, N.L.B. or call 4J7-0309. bachelor w/same. 427-4553. SHARE home -- Malure lady appro) d Pool, reis. Sun 34-K973 or all. , WOMAN to share lae. sunny ap 9 Close In. U5 mo. ]*!« . BACHELOR lo share home w/sam No smoke or drink. 430-M1J. £ LADY shart my Lkwd, J-Sd/m ^ 1 bath horn* wllh s«me. WA 5-17J - GIRL to »Mr» 1-BR. ipl. w/sam Downtown. 432-1252. C WI Pii-ka« J^a MF A.J9T( WUrllBXCl OflU rJUIJ 1 V ' wmTE P Vz"i, ^n."^.. I .»«'""',"' .-;-.-. - · t dravrtr csblnd, all alUchmenls. i * T d T q - f ^ r J- .iull R a " ren rouR CONVINIEN ED DE W. FR SA uplexcs and Ftafs 103 F IFUXNISHEOI » -- IMMACULATE. Mod. 1-Br., oule rear, 3/1 dudvx, b:tlo. Fine OCltlcn. Adull!. No Mti. 432^744 5 LOWER large 1 Br., din. rm., extra bid, w/w cir«t. Atfulll. No BOSM5 BEAUTIFUL, ROOMY I'.T, baby or leen oV. Cleafi. V!J3 Stanley. 414-1304: 4I7-44H (UNFURNISHED) BELMONT HGTS. ' STEP DOWN L.R. «, BDRM. Flctplact, nil electric, 1100 iq. It. Kenon. GE j-7«;; GE I-M16 (5 -- ^TO ipprectale, see how really a ore room A laundry rm. Tn apt., nee adults. 1M7 Pacific. Walk to town. GE 4-J»S9.- 95 -- CHOICE mod. upper 2-bdrm., area, nr. Arteila-L.B. Blvds., freeways 4 markets. «l-517«; 422-31:2 5952 LINDEN-- USE 2-BR Crpt., drape*, bit-Ins, la?, ctasets. RGE 2 Br, draws, dlso., garage. ub enclosure, water oalrf. Cloie In. SIM mo. 1352 No. Gulf. Wll- vVe Give Blue Chip Stamps l-BR., REDEC., rear. «0. · 1337-B WESLEY Dr., L.B. 261-57W; ?«-8769 »-- SHARP extra dean. 2-br. dDlK.r-oar., drpsj water pd., yd. 2 child, ck. See at 1M2 E. 54th St. ICE l-Bdrm duptex. Spotless, Crpl.. drapei. [Hr. Recreation Park. 11*14 Umatllla, 1 hlk W. at Termlno, _ CIKO size studio, patio, b-jllt-lns, newer. $105--1 vr. lease. ChJldrin. 7i8 Lorn a Vista Dr. «Mi Mae- nolll area. GE S-31QK drapes, air cond II toned, ca rases. 22M Elm. ' GA X-1771 LARGE clean tcwer front 2 br., Ifke new, E. stele, drapes, w-w tuneli, dlsp. f.25. Adits. HE 6-3314 pd. Close to ifom i but lines; also t-br. 5350 Oranoe GA 4-W\ ^kLIF. HTS. »115. Lovely 2-bcfrm. upper, den, format din. rm. Gar. as MO. 1-br., gar. Loc. on Monta r Ave. 1 Wk. from Los Altos shos- YNWOOD-- $70. 1-BR. NtW W. to W. paint. Ranne, refrlg./ dlio. Gar. PrTelderly. 12.2. Louise NE 2-«29 GE. z-Br. newly dec. oar., vd. Walking dlstanc* to town. $100. Adultl, no'pet?. 10M E. 2nd ONVERTIBLP 1-BH.t $40. WILL HELP DECORATE. US4 rVAG- BT. duplex, Sional HiH, fenced back vd., car./ stovt refrln. Vi blk. elementirv schl. (7U) «92*M.9 OS ALAMITOS. W7.50. -- 2-BR., fenced vf. ChlWren + pets OK, 1tt91 Rtaoan St. -131-3282 drapes, itove, car., 1 child OK. 3610 Esther, L.B. .L.B.-- 2 Bdr., 2 battvslodio/ children O.K. · $110. 7121 E. 43rd. GE. 2 Br. dixilex., dlio., gar.. 190. Ch [Ed 0 K. Paramount. Ptw ne W5-609?. ?5 BEL SHORE. Ulll. Pd.-- Sm . X-tr» dian, 1 Br. hs*.-- Nr jTwps beach - patto. HE 5-5W1. water 1 pd. 531 E. Esther. 437-CU cgt. extra btd. Mult,. 395. 155 SINGuE. Clean, quiet, utll txt. Adulls only. Call owner 596-2525 R. NEW 1-BR $70, child ofc. 1»50 V/K.. l-Br., . Ulll pd.. smal child 5073 Atlantic Apt. B. 90-- 1-bdrnv, drapei w-w, cu «t. 60 -- 1-BR. + pulldown, clew, atfulls. S« E. 17lh. HE 2-5»? LOS CERRITOS-- nr. new 2-bf., 1 LARGE, lower flat-- 1 BR-. clow to own. t5. Adults. GA 2-110* relrlo 10« Lomi Vlsla. OUta. NLB Vbr.. stove, rtfrFo., util. cd. MfJO. 2344 Poopy. 4M^41. 570, 2-BR. Stove refrlg. Fenced varJ. GE I-84M; 591-4415. LARGE l-btfrm. S, oarage. K. 1-BR. newly dec. DlsD.. gar. Acflts. 540-- J-BORM. Child 12 OK, part n\jrn. 2255 California AV. 427-M12 J70-- 1-BDRM. dllTiosa]. Nr. P5ra- maimti Arlesla Bl. HA 9-2JM M7JO-LAROE l-Br., frcnt, redec. Adults. 90» Redondo. GE 86424 U5 -- VERY 'arg« 1-BR. Dtn. 157 HKilltoX? L. B. Wl^W 1-BR. DUPLEX. 3739 CHERRY AVE. ADULTS, NO PETS. N.L.B., »l5-Nr. new, 1 Ice. Jr., gar., pool, baby, fncd Yd. 119 E. 4Jth 1-BDRM. lower, $75. Adulls. 415 N. Santa Fe. Complon. NE 8-341?. N.L.B.-- 170. 1-br., oar, gardener, children. 1M7 E. Tfflh Way. MO-UPPER l-Br., furnace, dliD^ gar. No Fefs. Adulls. 591-1890 ·57.50-l.BR. w/nar. 15MM _S. Cal - U5-- 2-BR. Children ok. Fncd. vd. No doos. 15J41W Hunsaker. TO 4-M33 2 BOR. waler pd. No vd. work Adulls. No pets. 5953 Virginia Rd 417U Platt. «0. HA 1-7972 145 -- 1-BR., w-w eariet, stove, refr. TwulS. Mi E. «h St. «3-l«2 CliHtlren ok. S95. 437-42SS i345o. 2-BR. netf kitchen, crpli. Nr Wilson Hi: 3831 E. lOrn! BE I-7K1 S115-- BEL. SHOaE, ItUGE ME'.V DELUXE CUSTOM 3-BR. 433-84W Furnished Aportm'nts 104 LONG BEACH $65-- I-BDRM. BABY OK GE 9-5013 $13.50 WEEK. OrlnkerJ, smokers OK n» "Hoffman Avt. GE f-410 Mod.lg. l-Br. HOUJB $95 5643 LIME AVE. 474-I34 NEWLY Furn. l-bovm. apl. Wate stoDOlng. 1950 Hinderion. 591-I7W }15. WK. S40 mo. sgls. clean i t guleT, new VrtV cot., ulll. Iri. adultl. ms Calif. ! $73-- UTIL PD. 157 W. I4TM -- 434-7344 · N.L.B. LSE. 1 BR., GAR Dlx. feature! S99JO mo. GA 2-5«! lj , chlWren ok. wler ynjjl . SMALL furn. aot.. nr. Del Am l L.B. Blvd. Lldv Dfefitrtd, 1 mo., utll. Dd. TO 7-S31 5 POOL FROM «5.» U Tp«. ^Br. of l-Br. modern aots 34J E 17rfl. 34-4?05, HE *-«70 ev * NLB-- 572.50. Ige. mod. 1 ty., culel WO. Mke 1 Bdrm.. nr. Blxov Pk 2«3 BERMUDA GE 149J 1 BR. Hewtv hjn. «3 StanJev Ave i Vi. 434.35(7 cr H 03» «E! ' ADLSNES URSDAY ADS HE 2-5959 i \KEWOOD MEtcaH 3-0764 ; ARHFlsi GROVE JE 7-9120 ; 4 P.M. WEI IDAY ADS ' .4 P.M. Tl TURDAY ADS 4 P.M urnhhcd Aportrii'itts 106 Execufiv* Type l-Br. ApK FOR LUXURY LIVING HEATED POOL mEPLACE -- Beautifully ap- · - :·*(..! In wood panel settlr.g. i -ft It HI-FI. Close lo beach a ^ Blxby Park. 7215 Florida si . (Juft Off 4Ul Junlpero) LUXURY POOL APT. New-2-BR., 2-bath, air cond., all e!ec., beaut. go:d crol.. 1MO 10. ft. living soc., soundproof, bll-lni. Close to beach 8, dnln. Nice view. Ao-ulls. X U.^.^vmond. 1 BEDROOM BtXSY KNOLLS. 43J-54S3 *' AVAILABLE NOW*'DELUXE 1 2 Bdrm. turn. Astj. Hea ed Poof. Lcli of parking. 597.50 up. CDt.. draoei, Wt-lnl. 4942 Paramount Bl. NLB ME 3-3496 · ALL ELECTRIC ^ Very attrac. -l-Bdrm, S. 2" Br. Apts., cpts, drpj, bulll-lns, soundproof. Heated ocol, cixl. patio. 4221 Cherry Avt., N.L.B. 422.9ufO 4444 LKWD. BLVD. Ex ra large 1 btfrm., ww crpls., drape*, built In oven 8, range. Manager Act. 2. HEATED POOL By week or tno. Clean, modern 1-bd/rn., dlipoial, built-in rarce. Rec. room. 1334 Walnut, 434-858] WRIGLEY -DISTRICT 1-Bdfm. Lower lloor. w/v/. Marble lev Pullman, "large mirror. ArfuHs. 1M9 Cedar Less by iliu monlhu New 1 br. U milts, linenj, dHhes, av«llablD. A ildrejj bank sam» block. I5TH i ATLANTIC Dole. 517.M wk. or S45 ITU.: sglis. SI5 wk. or S55 nre.. utl. Dd. Adults. 414-5120. SPACIOUS 2 BR/s. Carpeting, drapes. FM music, laroe kitchen with colored butlt-lns. Near Oouc NEW SSLE. 3035 MARIQUITA Between 3rd Bdwv., off Oblsco DOUGLAS WORKERS 1 .Bdrm.. utll..P°:., foci. S105 mo. 2201 Lakewood Blvd. at Stearns. 597-33V1 or 431-1561 Hr Ocean. 215 BeSnont. New. WW crpt furn. Klra bed + bedding. Adults. GE 9-3507 $50 SINGLE . Quiet, around (four, carpeltc elf in. 539 Ccrritos. HE 7-5W l-BDRfW, clean and comfortable. Idral for couple, babv ck. HamJ laundry, '/ bloc; bus line, 175. in? MAHANNA. a U. 2:30 432-DCU Near St. Mary's $87.50 2 Bdrm, Sutmy cor. Redec. Ldrv. AduTts. IIUO Elm. HE 7-SHM. W-w carpet, disposal, washer , NLB NR. FREEWAY I-BR. $65^s'lNGLE $55 Large clean. All ulll. paid. 424 E. 15th. Mgr. Apl. 4B. BEAUTIFUL 1 2-udrm., furn. unfurft., hid. poot, w-w carpel $45-OLDER 8ACH-GAR Nice prlv. uooer. Nr. tvervlhln Utlls. pd. 1731 Lime. TO 4 8759 · Sharp 2 bdrm., ww cpts. Built In range. Manager Aot. 5. $45-- VBR. + dm. rm., Indry. r Hr. Irans., stores. «5-- Sirw utll. pd., adulls, no pels. 22 Locust. J65-- 1 BDRM. 322 W. 12th. Baby ok. Ne transo. GA 4-1574. $25" Wk. $89.50 Mo. U 3-Bdrm». UtH. K). Child/en, po 3374 SANTA FE. 427-3?20. BY OWNER Signal Hill: side by side, 1 bdrr BEAUT, ne*; dlx.. 1- e- 2-BR.. furn. bar Close to slores trans. 45 °p. I«S 1. 48lh. L.B. 42M2S3 1030 GRAND Nicely furn. VBdrm. apt., ww CTDl., 4JM954 or GE 9 Uti $ 1 2.50 Wk.Cln Apis. Utl. Teleoliont service free. Nr. buses 1700 E. HILL GA 7-9100 2 BR. TOWNHOUSES Families, your *^f^ Eth ? ) ^|V(j NAVY BASE NEAR 1211 MAGNOLIA, liroeit, CHEAP 1 I. 2 br In cilv. Adutls. GA 7-7J74 $60 I-BR. GARAGE Washer furn. 4J4-2W?; 4JJ-5JB 527 W. 3RD, UTIL PD. Lge. attract. Sglr., S47.50. 1-br. »a! BY BELMONT PIER ' S75-- QUIET clean vbdrm., layndn facMlly. Walk lo Belmonl Cent( stxjpolng. 1075 Orizaba. HA 94OT J45-- LOWER single. Nicely $47.50 MO. KIDS OK By beach. Ulll. txf. SZ S. Golden - $29 WEEK 2 BDRM. Mill oild. Child OK. 43W1X JiS-Loe ; OR- Chndr*n OK. jary W?.S-Bel. Shor*. njcely fi^n. sir o\t, pat walec pd. GE 9-B36 M7 SO, 1 txirm. adults/ no celt, Nav ok UP3 Und*n after X:». S45-- 1-D R + puKdn. Chlfd^en OK H^ Deis. l«0 Chestwt Ave Ulil. pan. Also single. 225 V/. Slh "$ v °8"3faif'-ATM"' M °? ER « N , ' E .s?,t? r N.{;!B'. s^f 1 BDR, UTILS. PD. $75. 441 ORAUGE BIG 1 br., 3 loe. closets, .nr. new w-vi crot. «. furn. OE9-34. i ON peninsu a, Iwr duplex. Lgi · 1* ' Twin bed» 3115. Ullls. 597-204 LOWER l-Br. Ulll. paid. Mr. boi : parking. ASulls. 1725 E. 101 I-8EDRM. Lo»er-- Adults 14)2 GAVIOTA. Clean I'ngll U i Ulll. oalJ. Call 4K-7010: 415.5i9 . Tso-- 1-BORM. lower. Chlia OK, r.ea Anshekr, 8, Sanla Ft. Ji4-507 ·»mis*«lApoTtm'»t» 104 1 LONG BEACH CELY furnished single aparlrr.enl nclu^nB slove «nd refrigerator all ulllllln paid. US month. Near all buses. La Belle apartments. /IB Long Beach Boulevard downtown. Long Beach, ph. HE 4-4349 WEEK-MONTH-YEAR NR. B 4 ELMONT 5 SHOR£ _ , 3UT CHEAPER Trooicaruj Aill. l-BR., "new furn. W-^r crcls.. pool, oarage. Teens ok ON ALAMITOS BAY NEAR MARINA l-Br. Newlv cfec., w-w carpels, drapes. Walking cllilanct lo mktv, shoos, churches' and transp. $74. 5431 Sorrento Dr. r/gr. 439-4191 "Electrically" Clean FURN. or I'NFURH.' Deluxe 2-hr. BuJI-lns, carpet), drapes. C!i valor. 4 blocks lo f/eeway. 1720 CHESTNUT 4)2-M73 GOLD MEDALLION f J^w ' crpl^ drapesr ^1? ilec?r"lc IIS LOMA AVE. GE ».2U7 2-BR., N.L.B., $90 UP Clean, rnxtern, oattos, parking; washer, dlsp. Nr. bus. slorts, 2 children OK. Som« ulll. pd. pen OK. w/deposlt. 428-aS92; «2-*175; ?79. BIS DBL. GAS PD. Larn« 1 BR. 4 Dull dn bed, llv., ttfn. rm., tile kltch. ba., w/w 3-BDRM 2 BATH GoW Med. New crpl. Soundproof. Arr cond. Pool. . 1444 Paiadc/ia 424-3731 or 416-4IS9 $73-- Bixby Park 2 Blks. Lower 2 BR., tile kltch., shoner. Gardener. Open WOS Bermoda SINGLE $60 MONTH INQUIRE DRUG STORE SU1 ATLANTIC BLVD. I-BDRM. $85 Ne^lr, w-w crpt., drapes, garb. W-DLX. Ige ]-br., 1-story, beam ceilings, w-w crpt, dlsp., Idrv., gar. Nr. Arlesla-L.B. Blvds., FRWY. 631-4174; 422-3122. CHILDREN WELCOME Mod 2-Br.. nr. schh. bus. 4921 L.B. Blvd. ' 432-U2I MODERN I-BR. FURN. UTIL PD, ALL ELECTRIC, POOL 5159 Elk, L.B. -MTT. Apt. 9 $3£-INCL. ulil. 1-bdsm. di-c'ex. Chlki ck. Park-liVe yard 8. wash- rta facilities. 767 Sunriie Blvd. BEAUT. NEW 1 V2 BR. $20 WK. FREE UTIL. 1 boVm. furn.' apt., children ck. 724 Chestnut. Ph. 434-73V7 Ulll. pd. Bullt-lns. W-w col., drapes, dlsp. 5 blks. to new City Hall. Cose to Iranso. GE 4-3104 121 1 MAGNOLIA $15 LARGEST. ULTRA modern 1 br. In city. Quiet, adults. GA 7-7574 CHILDREN WANTED Lnrgr Double, nr. beach schls. Lge. yard. 533 Walnul. HE 4-3313 NEW 2284 LOCUST Delux'2-Br. SIM. W/W carpe li , c'raoei, buMMns. 424-5444. . BELMONT SHORE New 2-Br. Carpels. $150. 43B-I354 1520 E. 2ND Sales. Dbles. Ullls pd. ArJutls $60-- AduHs Nr. Market FREE UTILITIES TRADEWINDS. 1651 Soulh St. IfAMAC. DJx. Sal. MO. GA 3-0971 REDECORATED I-BR. Infant OK. 2509 E. 15lh. 433-4151 floor, mlddleaged lady pref., ISO mo. Close In W. side. HE 2-1050 FREE TV. Llohli pd. Sgle., niw pa'nl. Quiet. Inf. ok. 1404 Maa- 1827 E. OCEAN BLVD. 1 Btkm. SI10. Adulls. HE 2-5653 1430 ELM-- 1 BDRM. Laroe attractive, pallo, oar. «S, BABIES WANTED JnktirSi W. Win. GA 4505!. $70 INCL. all utlls. l-bdrm. Front »l. Child ok. 1015 BURNETT RODMAN REALTY HE 5-2415 its-- DUPLEX, See to ippreclale how reallv lovely. l-Br., w/w cot., dlsp. Adult. 1027 pacific. OE 4-115; $50 SGL. - $60 I-BR. Ullls. pd. Pel-Mid ok. 1930 Cherry BEST APT. BUY IN TOWN »7.50. 1-br., healed pool. 439-Tvll Or lee 4293 Cherry. Mgr. Apl. 2 1 BR $85 $90 Pool, fffi Walnul. 424-1S45 Lge Sgle 4 l-Br $47.50 up 713 E. 17lh 437-724? 434-713! 1078 E Ocean On Beach 2 hrs., 5175, Incl. ulll. 432-12I3 149.50. ATTRAC. 1 or. Prefer Haw ccuoJe. Recrearloo deck. Levy 1017 Pacific Ave. HE 7-I5M NEW 2-BR. upper. Real nicel W/V Pool'.' 2328 Locust V Ave. 427.2011 CLEAII, cIieerM sinole. !49. Also store w/llving Quarters. Reas MS-COTTAGE In fear, utlls. od Prefer 1 pensioner. 317 Lime. S49. SIZABLE 1-BR. Utll. pd Park Inti. 717 E. Pacific Csf Kh»ay CLEAN 1 Br., nr. St. Mathewl S45 MO., S17.50 wk JP. centrally IOC., DOOl. 1777 r.urrv. HE 5-143 ; B A C H . ROOWV, REFRIG.' 17i NESVLY redec. 1-br. water, trasJipd Child, small cet OK. $70. 434-4S4 1 BDRM., utll. paid. S45. 2»S" E. Artesla St., NLB GA 2-7I S100 UP-- Cheerful 2-br., newly dec Garden Ivoe. Dlso. IM Orar.ce CLEAN. 1424 Coronado. GE 4-eyO US -- REDECORATE, larce l-Br 1-BR. S45 mo. Nr. buses t mkls Child OX. 1046 Gaviola. BACF) 150-- l-bdrm. uoner S7J. 14i RedOAdo. 433-I4H; 725-5037. LARGE furn. 1 boVm. Newly redec Ulil. pd US GE 7-I243, Apl. BEL SHORE, 220 Park -- 1 Bdrm 1 BDHM. Apt. W-W Cfpl. CWkl OK 517.50 \fx. Apt. 1, 1K7 Ceda DELUXE 1 Br., rw. new, w/w ca 1 BOaw, off street entrance s? 3421 E. lOlh. GE 1287 SUNSET Beach. New J bdrm. gar. 1170 mo. (7141 JE 4-5S». * K««U.7c !L ^~»».r.»'» -- «' MOOFPH lo-. l.Br. s*Jls. 1 J BR. Modern. (sn: ( d yd. kWs.ok. PRIVACY, »creat on. tuoanl J.Br. . i«s ELM. Sglti..IS5. 1 bf..»7S..ul!.h - Ottice Sup., equip t. 8 OVERSTOCKED c Must clear nu«« tnv. u,*J o n (uffi. SIT E. Cemoron l. Wl 41 '· COKE mich., cutloni file cab., LI erator mrmio/ Paymaster thec v wrlltr, dec. paptf shrtdder. Si -5 rlllce. 43J-070CT | WALNUT dert «. executive twlv : chacr, excel, condition. 437-67$ . NATIOMAL cash rrtfiTir. R« w ELECTRIC ryw/yrftfrj/ Mar" ne* ^ Livestock i ' 7 YR. old 'i Arab oe!ng. sort! A will orcke. 30 moi. l Arao Hi JfJV. or«n Brett. WA S !( * . 3JW-B E Vnd SSi mo GE 4-6411 ' iHO. 6"! L.B. Blyn. Mi-It. ' $70. 1 Bdrm. Nr. shoos, bus, ever »· H.L.B.-- 1 BR., Idrv. rm., Mr. 11 ~ S7S-LGE. 1 br. lower, ft. t, Indr i! ·:;.!; AN HI. sgi«., i a^uii, us m "' Nr. bus line. Ifu Lime. 7 MS-- 1-EKVm. Nr, shoot t, bin. Chi ,'j O.K. 43J-A Cirrllos. 417-34 i 1115 MO. ?br.. all elec, w/w CO *· irapes. 271 E. Arlesla. 4r/.o?37 i NEAR new Navy HOSP. Clean. Lg B Itxt-m,, partly furn. TE 5 W 5 S T , 1 BOR^A., ulll. furn., newly deco v' ' Sharp. %S. ?4«? Lemon. : NR. ANanTIc t. V/l[lcv/, clean urr ' ' Sole., utll. 00. «7JO. ME 3-879 » - SINGLE 1 3R.-ADULTS ONLY fix). Apl. 4 2184 Allanl J UTIL. PD. UO Single, 1 bdfm. « 1 penon, J70 2 persohi. 439-881 d 153 UP, Sal*., ulll. pd. aduit H 10M Elm. ., REDECORATED 3 VBdrm. ap U2.50 + ulil. 1474 Magnolia Ay ^ I-BDRM. + millo'n. Ulil. pd. Nea 5 bus line i mkl. 105) Mollno. ; DEL AMO Troo cal-OulsfaK!:ng Br.. Pool. S14*S147. 421-59 2 S ^VK S47JO 'MO 822' MAGNOLI. 1 J45 TO S43 cer mo., pliona · t, ma » ieiv. Ladles H vn. UP. GE 1-81 , IIS WK. »50 mo. 1 up, soles., utl vi., adulli only. 1233 Daisy. 1. 1315 STANLEY, SOLES, 514 W r. OTIL. PAID., CHILD O.K. t NEW 2 Br. furn. 432 Junlpero, I «5-- REDECORATED l-Br., wai '· tia GE 401MJ oalrf. Nr. RUKS * stores. «8-9S r BACHELOR. Bell GarCenl. 11) vr , «i7-4722 alur S om. k. LARGE slutfe. 1 adult, ulll, a. nr. ocean. 1«"4 E. Ind. U N.L.B. I.BR. ir. slore A bus. G«r. 1 »».". Fronl sole., utll. pd., v,ashr. |.BEORM.-l!i? E. 3RD 5.T Ti Coll. Marc, oood ttiow hone. , 1 8DRM. UIMMiei piTd UO. ' Uf.SQ fo S1IO. UtllS. Dtf. Hr. V/ IK O «... . 4 1 V # 1 1 DACHSHUND -- Ftn-all. MICH Un, pacx/s. 7 nw. 4714971. 1 US ATTRACTIVE well furn. IB 1 Infant OK. 121 Holfman. HE 5-M A 1 SGLE.. orEvate Cltio garden. Ji ocean i bay. Aox.ll. GE MHS. (' MINIATURE MALE WHiTt ] N? Uttl t. Llndtn '/ BR. UPPE POODLE. MOS. CA iMI. nr KM, U7.SD. fcE 9-W 0. WANTEO: Good hofnt («· V/(lmir- N.L.B. 1 Bdr. dVirTM rm , air. L ncr Itmilr, AKC. 5N-M* 1 rm. Infant ot 44J. Mf MW4. R. 4U1 E. 41I. CLEAN FRONT 1 B S3 ON BUS LINE. r. MO-- 7 1-BRM. aols. Warer p 2140 OLIVE AVE. U',-5700. R MODERN large 1-bR. (10. Nr. M 5 rnkls. Adulfs. lO.'O Gardenia. Y 4W Nrti^r^«Sfl^ e ii4 W cL^ r 8 i L p't K ri u1 rn B 'ii'i5 i ""' "el'i-a! t. 149--1 BR. din. rm.. tin b'c. N mkls Bus. 454 Cerrilos. HF. fr» t. NICELY lurn. Ior5-br. Play v fof dlHSren. MIS E. 19lr(, Aot. l CLEAN sgll., met, Del. His., n bus. Call alter 3 o.m. GA 240 U, N.L.B. -- IromlcvUt" f'.t., J7 irt Multi, M p«ts. HM Wrv, * 150 MO. l-Br. upper. Ulil. od.. Infanl ok. 124 W. il!l St. 1; LARGE 1-BDRM. APARTMENT 4 435-2035 O 579-- CLEAN, qylit kjwe ^ AdtHtt. 1711 E. Ocean Bl. 43i4st 9 $49.50. NICE 1 BoVm/ good to 1 1IBO San Frinclsco. GE 1-14. · CLEAN, To*. l-Br./ adulls. 3122 7lh i !l.,Tkot. 1. Pfl. M7-7H5. i. 1-BEDROOM. rear, S72JO. Utll t H!S San Francisco. JT, 175--Well furnlfhed upper carat* 9 J2M 6. 4th. GE 4.2«3. - 152.50-SINGLES. Ldry. far.1 ., adl 1043 Ccronado. Apt. 17. ,. 1 5, 2-BR. Pool. DullMni. gar. Lu S' i urv. 454f Johnson Ave. 4JI-31 w I V B A . nearly r.e* aol. Ful y fur '4 lih;3. .V^xljrn. I4IJ E. 9f)i. r, SEAL BEACH. 1-BR dlx. cro ?i Newly decor. IM. 430-27J1. d. J70 SMALL Single. 1 Mull. Be nxv 0. Short. 43U Olylllon SI '. SHANGRI LODGE APT. HOTEl S eiJi Lono Beach «M. MEf-22 5. 1357 ELM/ AOULTS/ OVIL. PC SCLESr FROM $70.75, t i , 1 )NESDAY ; 1URSDAY I . FRIDAY ! Fntm»hti tc Fumiifc*.! It lUlum AnK lOiA UnfclfiJ. atatf . 104 A REAL CQUNTR WITH SPACIOUS GROU FOR CHILDREN At 5 Pot 5 MINUTES TO UNUSUALLY LA.RG UNFURNISHED- FURNISHED-I-BR.-- $110 2-BR.-- $125 v - . ATHERTO 1718 XIMENO (|l/j 8t. No. cf Pacific Cwit H. ·uraislwdApartm'ntt 106 . LONG BEACH $25WK., UTIL. PD. ' Htd. Pool, Prkq., Lndry. 1430 SOUTH ST. i Furnished Apartm nts 106 _ BELL1T.OWEK TOWER $69.50 UP DOWNTOWN BELLFLOWER A.I 4. 2 BR. i BACHELORS ^ 4 POOL i RECREATION RM. S720 FLOWER BELLFLOV/ER STARGLO APTS. 3 Bedroom apis., utll. pd- Colored bullt-lns, carpets, drapes, f walX lo shopping. Adults, no pels. L 9707 E Cedar '- Call 847-5711 NR, DOUGLAS NAA 1 BR. nicely fur. $25 wk. ur. Ut 1. Incl. or S85 uc, Inlanl OK. ! 22 ARTESIA ST. ME 0-3W3 DELUXE 1 2 BR $85 UP FURNISHED UI1FURN. POOL . A M B A S S A D O R APTS. JS32 E. Flower St. Bellltower Near Douglas-- 1 Br. Apt. FURN. Near new. $47.50 mo. up or S30 weekly. 8SM E. Arlesla SI. ME 4-W5. See Mar., Ad. tf 1. 1 2 BDRMS, W-W draces, b-jill- Ins, air cond.. orlv. pallo, chll- dr.'n OK' 15*43 EUCALYPTUS, Aot. .17. BELLFLOWER. 9I5-5437- All U Us. pd.' Parly gym rm. POOL, F.A. HEAT. SAUNA BATH 17C30 l-akevrooct Blvd. 925-2007 2 BR. + POOL $ 1 1 5 BUNGALOW TYPE-- Lge. kllch., new lu2"8fa°H r ader.da? ""call «4-1159 'OK. 14510 Clark \v't.°' SWKOS. $33-- 1-BEDRM. Clean, near downtown. 9421 Oak St. -Call B4-11S9 ' SSP'Ww'MiTESIA' W TO 1-wt COMPTON-LYNWOOD 3 ROOMS. VERY CLEAN, PRIVATE HOME. NE T-lHv LAKEWOOD MOD. 1 BR., ADULTS. S9i Carport, 6105 Woodruff, Mgr. Apt. A. Sho-.yn alt. 3 p.m. or ph. 42I-4MO (lint off Carsonl B45-OM1 DOWNEY £ 2 WEEKS FREE ^ 1 BR fc Bachelor Aols. -t- Pool. Day, wk. or mo. Walnut caplnels, util. pd. Central hlg./ air cond. PARAMOUNT . FREE Brand New Furniture Irani 1 rww lovely Danlih rnodcrn focnitur* is youri Irtt \l YOU stav 1 vr. - ·357:4 Oraiffc Ave., Paramount Phone: U-9416 S NGLt= man, utll. pd., prlv. $50. 5e« wMkemJs or eves. Hannen, 7200 Richfield St. WEEK or mo. 1 or 2 bdrm., all orrcti, ullli od. ME 3-1M1 JW.5-1-BR.. coiiipl. furn. ^Aduhs, 7EOO Madlion, Pdraml. ME 0-3703 SOUTH BAY $21.50 WK. Incl. utll. l-bdrm, 35! W. "E" St.. VJIImlnolon. HE 2-4417 Furnished t Unfum. Aprs. 104 A L (0) (0) K 1 Month Free Renf With This Ad. 2 Bdrrns-Furn. from $115 2 Bdrms Uufurrt. from $85 Children's Play Area Large Enclosed Heated Pool. Wall to Wall Carpets. 15724 ORANGE AVE. Paramount -- 633-9416 SPACIOUS l-BR. GAROEH Aplj. DIshwasTier, Ihtrmoslal, «1r cond., bullt-lns. gaiuC^S. near marktti V (reewa/. HEATED POOL A CHILD O.K. SUB 1018 E. 32nd. 424-1085 HEAR ORANGE' V/AROLOW BAY FRONT LUXURIOUS PENTHOUSE APTS On- Ihe Peninsula, wUh* boal cxirai. Personal servfcei. Radio ccnlrolTed locklnti gar. 1 2 bdrm. apts. Large private patto 6150 Bavshore Walk at 6?nd PFace Mor. 4J*«3. Courleiy lo BXrs ·{Owner, by awt. or4y, 4M-8I18) RENTAL CENTER V/e r.avc niw clean 1 2 * B R s . furnhtuHf tKifurnlshed aos. -Ready lot knm.rdljle occupancy No rental fees. For inform.)! or call J3S-GM7 b«tw:en 9 a.m. an* 1 4:33 osn. THE SAYTONlA Ouiel, Spacioui Apts. l-Bfdrm. ( sto)cs. By nirnfli o amulrv, OivmDlc POOL -- Sonneck 212 OUmCY AVE. 43J-343 NEAR HEW NAVY HOSP. washer. poH. r«c. rm. Children l I ' vrs. uo OK. 5TO-J1J5. ' 4IS-M39 e 1 GA3-57I1. 1144S 2l61h, LkwrJ. No Fee CrabtreeGE 4-990 · : SM TO S150 PER MON1I · 115 TO S5S PER WEEK. i J060 E. Pacific Coast Kw- 3 PARK ESTATES $95 Extra Urae 1-BR. W-W carotl ArJults. War. 5117 Anaheim Re at Greer.brler. F ALL ELEC. .1 .i 2-BR. _ d Careen, drat«.-AeWti. -- 3^05! C, SIGNAL HILL-- S** -,l0 IpftrtCrfil 5 1-BR. up or down. Owlet, ta '· M. SI.'J?arii. N | I) 5, H j'JSFm. fur, unfurn. 433-145 Of 425-f£16 *· DELUXE 1 3-BR., furn onfun _ .ALL ELEC. Sil'.O't BKO'.t VI I. come. 43J.8057. · · LGE ? BR ADI. w/w crpl, tuslo* ,- cTaoes. Cru'ld 1. pel ' O K . UO ig S4 UTILS. Pd. 1711 E. 4IH S n- LGE. 2 bri. unfurn. S110; t Br liwil. S135. 1574 Elm. HE UC v B'ELWONT HEIGHTS laroi ?w*n Aoulls. Gar. SI 10 4 1125. »« n 2-flDaM. AOts. Pool Mile. XI location. 1UI9 Clarkdsle, Ar es' S XING SZ. New 7 i 3 Br. Btmi] P » rm A:«demy. Mgr. 17141 179-411 ., Wi. UP-Sal«i. t l BR. + utlt. A. cord. Pool. Sf» Sovttl St. Y LIVIMG !! ' NCS 4 SHADY TREES ULTSTOENJOY sis DOUGLAS E APARTMENTS -FROM $110 FROM $140 -BR-- $140 2-BR. $155 Nl WEST GE 8-5036 ,·/. 3 Win. to San Di»9o'Ft»ir.| PARK ESTATES 1 l J-btdrms., lurn. i unfurn. Cerptllno, drapes, njllt-lns, forced MO. Free Rent-- Hew 2 3-Bdrnu utll DC) Carp., drapes, mos c, iSa. jls . u». chim · OK. . 14543 M TO J140. 2-br., 2-ba., all «'ec. Gym, sleam S. recjeallon rms. Carporls, elevator. Adults, Scs Mod. 1 Bdrm. All Extras 107n Stanley. Adults. 43J0325 BEDRM. t pull down bed, nr. ocean Iranspj Low rent. BARGAIN. DOWNTOWN OYO W/opllon to liuv. Spacious bach. OCEAN 1249 EAST 1 BR Laroe sunny. 4»S?57; 434-1571. )ELUXE-AI1 elec. Pool rec. rm. Mor. P13. Children ok. «1» JU» Unfurnished Apts. 107 LONG BEACH 2 BRS FACING PARK Sfove, refrlg.* new carpeli, d rants. ALL ELECTRIC-- I-BDRM Children OK, built-in Jlove, w-w crpt., 'drapes, aulwii. wasner A. S p a c . 2 3 B d r m , 2 Ba. Healed pool, all elec., w-w crp s.. drps. 24«-i5lh Way, N.L.B. 634-4157 wkends. or aft. 4:30 a.m. }B9-^Children OK-- $89 l.dro« 2 Bedrrns. -W/w carpel. CLEAN 1 * 2-BDRMS C p a o r ol 1 . S 'i r 2'"'T S E R )i i V N t O*4i t Sf7 ReasonablB Rant N.L.B. l*s UP 2 Br , crpls.. drapes, nr. slfll Child OX .451 E. SSIhf 422-201 1 · small den. Lga closets, w-w ciro.. drapes. Nr everything. Adults. No cVnliers. 454 !?M. J120. POO1-, ige. 2-Br., 4 closeK, ·dlsp., dlstiwshr, slove, crpls, drps, 1 KlV. business dlst. ». Iranjp. 446-F San Anlonlo Dr. GA 7-OlS) BEL. Hols. Bio sunny, lower front. Bock shelves, djiclle, Ille, dk- poial. ?.Bdfmv Adulli, c r» 3 pels. LUXURIOUS new 3 bedrm., 2 Dam aols. unlurn.. hid. pool, bum-its, crpls., drapes, lockers. Of. loc. 310 E. 2Plh St., L.B. 42WI24 2 BDRM. H«rbor View. Carp., oVos. Bit-Ins. 1*00 sq. ft. Closed oar. 5125 mo. 1031 W. 22nd St., San Pedro. TE 3-3053. 1-BORM. Newly dec. Real, rent lo rgnt o»rly. See efayj. 13M N. Walnut. Call eve. TO 7-0623. WRIGLEY-- 20M Cedar. 2 br., rifw, mod., w-w crpt, drapes, disrj., adjlts. S100. Gsr. avail. »!. Drive by or call GA 4-7/4S. $90-UP 375 GLADYS 1-2 brs., w/w, dlshm, 438-4M2 NLB -- l-Bdrm., dlsp., hardwootf lloors, gar. UO. 361-B Elm. Call for apot. 4214114 alt. 5. J55-- 1-BDRW. upper. Quiet, mnnc. Nr. n-Jsll., bus. jhrjps. Easy wall. 0 ocean. 150 E Slh St. HE S-7M5 2-BR. sludlo, IVi balhs. Beaut, heated pool. J1I5. Islander, 4530 Cherry Nfxl lo P.O. '423-5717 1-BDRM. Redec. Light, cheerful. overlooking beaul. lawn. Aoulls. No pels. .$75, 343 Termlno, rear. BIXBY KflOLLS-- Laroe 1 bedrrn. uiury aal. w-w drapes. Call MOD. LGE. 1 BR. $85 103 LIME 4J4834! PENTHOUSE privacy. 3 bdrms., 2 ba., all conveniences. St'n. or wxdays alter I. 255 Xlmeno, S90-DELUXE 2-BR.-- POOL. Crpls.. drapes, bullt-lns, d!so. 6755 Atlantic Ave. GA e-£22i WRIGLEY-- Lovely 3 fdrm., 2 oath. Crptg.,- disp. £« to appreclale. 1918 Henderson. Syl-2«4 3-BR- J ba. New, spac'ou], crpts , drapes, FM music, 172 Be monl. Ph 433-01341 HE 5-2026, 2-BDRM. Kl. Redec., w-w caroet, rj.-ap'; Children OK. Ho ptls. 2551 Pasadena Ave. bus. 471 Coronado.'. 439-91H. BELNVONT HEIGHTS-- Laroe 2-bdr. Adulls. Garage. 430-9660 «35. 2-BH. I garage. Adolt;. no otts. 4122 Linden. GA 4-9i55 193. 1727 Oblspo. GE 90162. 3077 E. 3rd. Uooer 2 br., take child. S95. 438-4769; 474-074. «0-- NEAR traffic circle. 1 BR uooer. Redecorated. 596-S34S PHONE «OM47 . Slovr, refrlg., sdulls. GA 4-5571 NEW tee. 2-bdrm., Na closets, drps. WW. Pool. HE 7.6735: HE7-51S6. SEAL BEACH. Deluxe 2-Br., 2 ba All elec., adulls. Bkr. 594-3V34 BIXBY KNOLLS 2-br. w/oar. li}. Rede. Adulls. UK Elm. GAM659 jas MO.-2.Br., w-w crol., caip. ra-ioe, child. 445 Almond, 43445S7 SM. 1 BEDRM., modern, caroejs droes, 4 yrs oW. Cln. GE I-40OT BIXBY Knolls V tr., child ok. 4180 Elm., 427-4272 or 424-1735 2 BR. all electric, carpels, drapes, Adulls, no pels. GE 1-1745 3 BR., crpts., drapes. No pelb. 10M Termlno. 434-4382 1-BR. 555. Cnlld c*. Gaijce 545-NEW spac. 2-BS., d!sp., w/'v; crp*. Teen. 2441 Llnflen- 424^3^^ Near Walnol St. ' 151f E. J*n S78 50-- 1-BDRM. Choice areal You'll ! PENSIONERS-- Delightful 1-bedrm . grnd fir. Hr slore, P.O. GE ^334 RETIRED-- Delightful l-tr.. ground fir. Nr. slore P.O. GE »TO5 · aot. Newly dec. TE 3-1 '54 in. 1 Bdrm. w-w, drapes, d:t? J95. Extra loe. 2 br. up, adu'ls. "' pels. 2972 Cneslnul. 591-110! · VERY nice (.Bfrm. 190. liwuiri Apt. 2, 1123 Hellman SI., 'L.B. H.L.B. $S5. Ulil. pd. Redec. I-B3- · AdudsV inoulre S Ellis: (90-- 1 BDRM. 270 NEVADA I -· · · · -J-. ' HE4-7i»2- ·· ! e REDECOR. S^xfnn. lower/ Crpls., " dVPI. :·. HE 7-5144! HE 7-491! children beach. GE 1^227. refrlj., jtwe. Adull J. 435-W89. V elude: ffasher. Ina. 4324 E. I'n. - aooreclale 4525 Cnerry aot 7. j. 7-BR^ J90-Chlh!/»n-0«;. '"'j^^ IOEAL for, a ly small olflte '.v. a CHiarlen. No Children- GA 7-4773. v EXTRA LAR'GE I-BR. APT. a 1!J2 Wesley .Drive' S91-5719 1 NEV/ 2-br., w-w crpls. 2. draxs, I. disc. i!5. For uol. 439-1145. . S L dfso 'ijV'E IS'm *§!: HEi2«»'" ' *$£*!' ssrvff'8t'3

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