Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 42
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 42
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AMY 1 v* been practicing boiling tggtl'* lar, 3 MONTHS .FOR SERVING l'4FOR FRIEND ··, VIENNA. Austria /D -- · Manfred Lchncr. 24. was sentcnced~tr three months Jn jail W e d n e s d a y for s p e n d i n g almost four months there. A friend. Karl Kaspar, 'had been sentenced to four months last fall. He was Biven 'a few days to arrange his affairs. . - Lehner testified Kaspar was down-hearted about having to go to jail and, because "he was such a good friend, I took pity on him." So, Lchncr reported to jail instead of Kaspar. He served almost the entire term before the switch was discovered. A Vienna court convicted .Lchncr of fraud. Kaspar. held responsible for the fraud, got four additional months in jail. Doomed Slayer Asks Governor for Clemency · S A C R A M E N T O Ml-- jurcncc Garner, a San Qucn in convict scheduled to be executed for killing two partners in crime, appealed to Gov. Drown for clemency Wednesday. The 23-year-old convicted slayer is scheduled to die in the gas chamber April 13 for Ihe murder of'Richard Nowlen and Patricia Hurley in San Bernardino County in 1959. Garner's attorney said Garner was improperly taken from Mexico, where h.6 was apprehended, and that his trial was obtained illegally. Garner's wife, Sandra, was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in DC Gaulle Talks 8 Hours Wilh Italy's Premier TURIN, Italy OD -- French President Charles do Gaulle and Italian Premier Amintorc Fanfanl conferred for almost eight hours Wednesday and agreed that Western Kuro- pean ·· c o u n t r i e s must ·strengthen their political tics. There was no public Indication on how close they had brought their opposing views ' France is reported seeking a * political confederation of the six original Common Market '.nations, with their foreign ·and defense policies coordinated, but no loss of nationa '·· sovereignty. Italy feels that politica . unity of the six -- France , Italy, West Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium ant Luxembourg -- must include I some loss cu national sover % 3Fexieo Settles Phone Strike MEXICO CITY (UP1) -- A . telephone workers s t r i k e halted; service Wednesday but it was restored nine hours later when the government . took over control of the ; privately owned company. President Adolfo L o p e z Matcos ordered the move which amounted to "govern mcnt technical administra lion" of the company until a new contract is signed by '. Tclcfonos dc Mexico nationa union of telephone workers . The presidential announce mcnt came shortly after the ' strike began over a wage dis t pute. Six hours after the ; .strike started the union mem bcrship agreed at a mas; meeting to return to work '. under government adminis (ration. ne*. Selway. ». Ill ll» »l^ Seal i Clalie L. linclalr, an. II) I4» Amo4d D. Bailer, If. Detltlcweri Jevct . StftmidT. If, 5SM Cberig St« Leaewood. OmEr.derle, al. 324 E. Eag!e Lillian . Roberts, 51, MM Itland Avt^ Wllminf Gknn G. Gewln. 20, Terrancel Carotvn Hatcher, If. 1151 Fngaig Ave^ wm m /u?an M. Ceens. 24. 50 Granada Ave.l Uarv J. Rlcfiter. 2X 50 Granada Ave. Ernett C. Senne, a, 10U McFarland. Wilmwgtgni JgKnme V. Eawn. 2a, lOJa MF«rland 31. Wilmington. Porxrt C Walker, II, 132 OW1BO; Ma J. Hughes, 20. 21f Moline. Merrill K. Willuf. 32. J4U San nseline: Oia'e A. Reark, 24, )23t E. rvendeirB. Cherry, 21. HIS 7m Sl.l Sandra L. Morrison. It, IS4 Cedar. Cetmodore c Williams, 51. lit L goon, Wiiminron. Miriam Wullamt. 47, 'waller iT'Cartir, 20, IM E. 220tn St., orrance; Anita A. fernandcz* If, 2411 25IU SI.. Lomlta. eaie J., , . e Cnglebrlght, 33, 54A Rov Arend Van 7anten. J«. t77 J«tn St. an Pedro; Mary H. rvoroen, 45. «; Wi St. San Pedrg. Daniel C Morton. 2f. Weifmlnslrr. Orange; Penelope A., ·» ewport Ave. Wliuam L. Plait, 21, 1101 2nd SI. Par. amount; Kathrvn M. Hamcn, 20, IIOS "id St. Paramount. Vance E. Balding. 20, 3717 r. 2n Imone Jacobs, 27. S43S Cameo Walk. William Salvberry, 25, 1451 Summit St.; Amy F. Ramirez. 22, 1451 Summit St. Joseph H. Gallem. 23. 43« w. 4« St., an Pedrgj Dolores R. Cordova, If. Sl ummerland. San Pedrg. Emlel W. lemons Jr. 20, Huiton, uasj Winifred M. Lewis. It, 2011 Grange Ave. Paul J. Votava Jr., 21. 11601 Vleta vnwoodj Lora 1C. Carpenter, 29, 2024 ocvst. Herscfiel O. LeUasters. 33. 2Mt Cn- nela A v e . , S a n t a Monlra: Jane E. utt, IT. m Skylark Blvd. Garden ' RI*Vd G. Othmer, If. 1730 Flower Sailors 1 Dales Escape Probe in Scolcli Town DUNOON. Scotland (/D -The town council has rejectee demand to investigate the dating by local teen-age girls of sailors from the U.S.S Proteus. The Proteus, atomic submarine tender, came to Dunoon on the Holy Lnch in March last year. Miss Anne Melville, council member, claimed the morals of the Dunoon lassies had deteriorated since the Polaris submarine base began operating. Councilor Hugh Christie called for an inquiry by the town's magistrates into the dating of schoolgirls b; American sailors. But forme: Mayor Edward Wyatt said: "If schoolgirls arc f rater nizing with sailors, it appears to me the responsibility o the parents." Pol in; Kccovc iWarushrs Cents: Cook Arn.'sUv HOLLYWOOD Wr--Most o $69,800 worth of jewelry taken from the home of dres designer Princess Marusia las weekend was r e c o v e r e d Wednesday. West Los Angeles detec lives and FBI agents said the stopped Robert Conti, 32, and found about $54,000 worth o the jewelry in a bap. on the front scat of his car. They said they were tipnet he was involved in the theft Conti, a cook, was arrcstct on suspicion of burglary. The jewelry was taken late Friday or early S a t u r d a ; while Princess Marusia wa giving a twist party nt he night club, the Pcppermin West. Officers said" the re covered articles included an $8.000 gold and diamom necklace, a $6,000 btacelc and a $7,000 pair of earrings NEIGHBORHOOD CONVENIENCE: you are near ihe NATION'S LARGEST FEDERAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION CALIFORNIA FEDERAL SAVINGS aft! ikuej Aisgciamn ·····*»· uivtn omas Vital Statistics Marriage Licenses Marriage Licenses Rene 1 * A. run. v. wti ve.l Cerg4m« M. IlacH. 2*. lenmr L. tucere. II. 1474 Walnufj twrn AVFeiheven. 27, ttllltMer. Vksar C. TrVni. 14. Ill Xrmene }t.J lara Ovretiav. 27, UL William O, Leoere. 29, USMCi Gkula . StancU. li. Ull PacKc Ceatl H». Milan UFrater, 24. If) Hvllem tr*t J. a~.i«r, It. ·ellflewer. James J, EnlwUle, 17, 721 Cerrltet! Ktrlk C, ITOVti, 20. 214 Ctrtltw. Garland AA. Ceovge. tl. BeiiHewerj Hauv Ti7. 417 AHl*erBi St, JSSPJIbiff* JfeAJ^wrt ·*, *t). Robert B. Slmnon. ».. II eighth St.. Itl Beaclil Gloria A. Lavnea. 21. 700 ·nd Piper Dr. Seal Beach. Raymond E. Putnam. 14. 3110 Gardenia Ave.) Barbara ). Cravey, 27, -mJa Ave. Roger R. Bennett, 24. Corrvtgni Sharon A. Smith. 22. tail Eaitondal* Ave. Paul W. Clement, 52. 2519 tlm Ave.l Jean F. Scott. 44. Pasadena. R04 L. Walcrworth. It, 204 C. Artnla; .eaRe* Petersen, 17, 204 E. Artesla. William C, Patrldge. 24. 1117 242nd St. -errata; Barbara J. de la cno. If, San wniian L. jniDlev.- 33. 117 c. Mary J, Batr. 34. 117 t. 3rd St. .Curtis J. Turkm, 71, 2347 M-ra Mar Ave.i Juenlte F, fkjocn. 17. 2JJI Mira Mar Ave. David G Newton, 33. Ill Park Ave.; Betty t_ chiloen. iCta Kevcrert. Adalbert C Fritcher. 41, Santa Ana; Grace Palmer. 54, 54SI Dairy Ave. Jgnn.p. Miller, 21, Fwiertoni Mary L. Files, 21, Lakewood. Jackson C. crader, 52. Monrovia: Jlajdr* O. Urua, 54, 447S GoJafiekj **··** ... Bell, 4f, Atusal Monn. X. IIU Loma Ave Thomas A. sharoi " ~ Elsie A. Rice, 25. L-Donald G. Bverty, 2t, 341] H. Lees Ave.l Larrl derrick. I], 3120 Mira Mar inorvai J. Johnson Jr.. 74. Buena Pa-k; Shenll R. Hail. It, 1701 Park ml E. Wilson. 50. Maywoodi EnUte M. Lewis, 41. 4551 Bellthmer Blvd. James A. Mccail. jr. 35, cardena; Jenny L. Grace. Jf, 2C27 trioth St. Marlon L. Davis, If, 5954 Biacktnome, Lalewood; Volet M. Anderson, It. 5411 Lore'el, Lakewoed. Edward J. Collins. 14. 334 Ocean Blvd.; Sad.e A. Holtzclaw. 75, J34 East Ocean 5lvd Samuel F. Lawhom. 33. 4115 E. 2nd St.; Wiima J. Tlscn, 2f, 141 Syracuse walk. Dennis E. Morrlton. 27. 170 W. Feoian St.; Beverly K. Lemke, 22. 2474 San Fran- ·" Astakson. It. 217t James W. Driver, Jl. U.S. Na/y: Lit an R. Bentzlnier, n. ta W. Ocean Inrd. A«r.ur E. Thomas, n, llj N. rjwis-i ·.' ·S )m ? t '5i._P.*'J7 10 !r l p - Clavton. 1, 112 M Dw^o*!! St. Cor-ofon. Jgseeh h. Pailanl, 54. Itu v/. »!·· ,';t" ! *H ; *»""" t- Lewis, 41. l«2 W. 152nd St.. Garden* Gary t_ Huffman. 20. S»7 Amle, Tor ate; Diane R. Martin. II. 20«t Avis Ave., Terrance. terenzo Tarlcce, 74. Ki Amapola Ave, orrante; Stella Battagila, «3. J723 W OT*h St., Ingiewood William L. Slt^oie, 22. 11233 Leulie ve, Lvnwood: Nancy D. Pico. 20, t407 Sln*ens A v e . Pics Rive's. Larry L Cook, 21, 14443 Crensfiaw Martin w. Simmom. It, 2711 S Ver !! IK- L 'i- 1 «"w X Tre«e, It 721 Arklntan Ave^ Torrane Louie J Zahant, 4i 1241 Roetram A.f , Gardnta; Ellm M McXcu. ·II w. irord St.. Garaoia Darrrll G. Johnwn, 25. 4X1 W. 212nd '^.Terrance; Sman K. Hemhsw. 20. 4rr) Miner Ave.. Cardfna. Gary C. RoDerts, If, 221 S Irere SI -«"* B»«H: (.Ynn M. Graves" I 2OT 22Sf PI.. Terrance Bruce F. Fojter, It. 2S:i Feilca Ave omita: Karen s. McTre. If. 119 Madrid. T orrance. trrol R. C!eve"3tr, 22. J1S» Or Jee liutf February 14. 1142 Davis. 17, Rancho Los . , ,»,, low-fai, oe«fev: Verta Youno. 34. Jit: Aleiander A. Sle*, It. 14117 Clartda'e ve, Norwslk; Conifance D. Bagner. la. IIU Roiccrans Ave, Norwa'k Jennlni w. Narron. ;«. 1715* |_ Norwalk; Farrel P. Pchlcn, 24 Lgwmont, Norwalk. let T. llhlbauil, 2f. 1202 '« Ave, San Pedrei EIke Hi ... - 21, 1404 S. St. Andrews PI. L A James H. McCartnev. 27. 15435 EU "·"I?, St. Garoena; Barbara D. CoY "gW tSKK-^O, H,r,,, '5 f Coffin ·sfrDowne,.^ " .I"" 1 ?!-"-."y?. 1 "! '.'· '«".Beak Baker 7104 · akl, rut San p . Price jr.. Be Geirje B C7,rt,ll»., r a. 14)4 ISth CMrtej Theodore II. CvertiartVltTllII Chetl- . . . Carol L. lltiil. 17, 3501 Wite SI. Neil d. RoDemon. II. 44«l No. St Ave. Lekewood; Suian U Brown, U, E. Glorv.NI. St., Lakewood. -- · r j O - 1»4 Lorn. Mrs. R. It, «f Rose Ave. girl, FeO. 29 :NAVIlEi:-Mr. I Mrt. Juaa, Done'd St.. Wilmington. bey. Fre. 20 iMARILLO-Mr. ft Mn. Petre. Kll E. sandisea, Wilmington, wrt. Fes. 20 OLUNS-- Mr. A Mn. J. P. 3*71 Thor, Los Alamltos. girl. Feb. 29 "LORES-- Mr. 1 Mn. I. 0. 41 Mermeld Court. girl. Feb. 20 OHNSON-- Mr. ft Mn. N. C. 142f West -F" St.. Wilmington, bey, Feb. 2S CKINNEY-- Mr. 1 Mn. L. R. 1241 Dewson Ave. Apt. X boy. Feb- 20 MLEY-Mr. A. MrtTW. E.. 217* W. wnisrd si. tor, Feb. 20 URNAUGH-Mr-' Mrt C. W. 1U4 Temple Ave. bcv. Feb. 21 OLLIMS-Mr tiers' T. W., 1127 Minn* Ave.. Wilmington. bov, Feb. 21 ERGUSOI4-- Mr. t Mrs. I. J. 130 Chestnut St.. bov, Feb. 21 KUNO-Mr. t Mn. Gee. 2301 W. 23»m St.. Torrence, gin. Kb. 21 ENOENHALL-- Mr. ft Mn. E. W Orange Ave., cirl, Ffb. 21 UNCER-Mf. t Mn. R. C.. 3»33 .lectett Ave. olrl, Feb 21 JkLVERT-Mr. ft Mn. Tracy, 2430 LJiv On Ave. girt, Feb. 22 ATMON-- Mr. L Mrs. N. T.. in Ameri. can Gold Star Horn*, girt. Ffb. 22 1EBERT-- Mr. t Mrs. ft. C. 1304 Walk erfon St.. bov, Feb. 22 ONES-- Mr. Mrs. R. II., 1UH Blx'ct Ayr. Paramount, oirl, Feb. 27 UMMINGS- Mr. t Mn. M. A., 11114 Mo'ette St.. xorwalk. cn, March It Pott, . . Ronald E. Linden. 5.; AAana E. Amador, 21, 200 Eait Neece ar. If, 14729 Horsl Ave.; Mary F. Bigiev. 20. 725 so. Merier, San Pedro. Births ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL SWANSON-- Mr. ft Mrs. Ernest W.. «U1 Coldcnester Dr.. Anaheim, bov. Marcn SA'LAS--Mr. ft Mrs. Rudoicn T.. -- Loemes Ave. Lakewood, gn, March 24 BLAKELY-Mr. ft Mrs. Gary L. 1541 Cedar Ave. girl, Marcn 2t SCHWERTLY--Mr. ft Hit. Harvey, 1553 B Ltader Ave. girl, March 2t HIKES--Mr. I, Mrs. Wade T. 1312 Rnea St.. boy, Marcn 21 POTTCR-Mr. ft Mrs. Douglas E. 2517 E. 10-n St. boy. March 27 PICKRELL--Mr. I. Mrs. Robert l_ 534 Carita St. bov. March 2t LO7.0NNE--L/CPT. ft Mrs. Gary, 1015 . . . . t, Marcfi 21 AKCIA-Mr. I. Mrs. V. A.. 131 Hactler St.. Torranre, bov. March 21 AND-- Mr. t Mrs. C C, H2J E. JJItl St. bov. Marcti 21 ARKS-- Mr. I Mn. C f- 4121 Oitttnut Ayr, bov. March 21 HIRLEY-- Mr. 1 Mn. J. U. Jill San Anseune. oirl. March 71 OVA-- Mr. i Mrt. L R t«5 Uma Villa Dr.. rrl. Alarch 21 OLINSKI-- Mr. . Mn. L. E., 1JM Alamitos Avf., girt. March 22 tLISO'l JR.-- Mr. t Mrs. M, F.. TM W. 25Slh St., Torrance. bov, March 22 OLEAS-- Mr. 4 Mrs. P. t_ 227 Um« Avr, bov. March 22 UCE-Mr. Mrv R. D.. 1592 Fontana Av*., Downey, bov, March 22 IrMICHAEL-- Mr, X. Mn. R. E.. 12110 Phitl.D St.. Comc*on, bov. March 22 OLAN-- Mr. 1 Mrl. J. W. 233 Hulletl St . bov. March 22 EATHERBEE-Mr. 4 Mn. H. L. till Drnmead St., LakrwoOd. bOV* March 7] MPKIN$-Mr. 4 Mn. D.J '.. 5m Elk- Hctlman Ave. boy. March 27 ~~ 1. 1 Mrs. John. 4114 V '.ft* 27 27. 47 'Martha S.' Saundrrs. ' 1, lo*n. Knlenl. Jt. 141 Granada: Joan Ffiertdoe, 72. lit ConntMan Wa'k Vllien B Gigroe, 21, 22704 Earl SI [i uifj. J ^T? rfl *. c - Orejkcvich. 17 .11 New'on St., T«» -- LePoy z. Snow. 1032 FlrmcnVAve^'VeWMi!""TM*"' M ' Joieon T. Austin, tl. S3!2 Rene St Torrance; ka-haflre M. Cootie, it. sol Peieo de las Esrwias, Rennndu Bee* iffi*?..?-,^"?'..'"...«.'* *·»«*· 11V .. .. Charles C Monti Oal*^V 1ni» S£ m °'" · · - - -- · » fc. r~~l'r- fcrxSney H Peveler, t|. Ilill'HMlTuV. i"*?" Janet C. Wilkins. 17. 3llt W. lum, Terranre. Eugene Prlomore Jr., tf, 11433 f»ker Rd. Norwalk: tWie c. 17. 11231 ".via St.. Nerwa'k. Walter s. Blalchford Jr.. 22. 124:5 11. Downey; Carlent R. Walker, , . Lawrence E. Duarfe. If. 1J220 S Frn- '"·- J.a.MirMai Sharlen, s . S«h, It. l«1 W. IJVd SI., Carar-a ·Yllilam R. Matlenon. 2t. Ill M Che; Ave.. Con-oton; Anal'e P. Kns. 11 i. T r«»S A v e . lynwood. . tgomery. 20. SCO W ' 1 . . 1. 4»l N-roro Dr.. Plr« Rivera Chuler R Jcmev 72. 1111 FTi ini Dcjamev; Artene Glllman, 22. 14437 Ori- ia*a, Par*rnn*mt. George A Macrls. 55. 7t4t G«lnford S t . Bown,,; Claire tynn StamboliS. 27. 2C7 S. Lm Ang»'et William r. Wilson, if. W84 Trlt«n Dr. Dl CARLO-Pvt. ft Mrs. America A. 1171 W. 24m St. San Pedro, boy, March 27 COLLINS--Mr. ft Mrs. Edward, 1351 Lemon Ave. 0;rt, 7Aardi 27 ROGEL--Mr. Mis. Bernard W. 144 13m St.. Seal Beach, g.rl, March 27 HOLLIMAH-Mr. ft Mrs. James W. 3721 Stevrly Ave. boy, March 77 (CROUt-J.'.r. ft Mrs. Sidney 0. 1120 SI Louis, g rl, March 21 BOOtiC--Mr. ft Mrs. Richard T. 437 Elm Ave . O'Tl. March 71. ONStOTT--Mr. ft Mrs. Orval O. Wl New York St. bov. March 21 WALKf-D--Mr. ft Mrs. David N. 1171 Aberceen Lane, Garden Grove, girt March 2f PCLOUS--Mr. ft Mrs. R'charrt P. tf22 Jun-pero Ave. bc-y, Marcn 2t ANDERSON-Mr. ft Mrs. Lyle, 2SII C 7th St.. girl. March 7t PARKS-M.-. ft Mrs. Ra'Dh D. 2102 Cool- Idoe St. boy, March 2t CRFCNO--Mr. ft Mrs. Fra-k S. 1154 Ximeno Ave., boy. March 2t KING-Mr. ft Mrs. Michael E. 3535 Palo Verde Ave. bov, March 2t WISNESK.I--Mr. ft Mrs. Fred Jr. lint Brocksh're Ave. Downey, boy, March WATSOM-Mr. ft Mrs. David C. 4120 Elm Ave. bov. March 2t BORS--Mr. ft Mrs. Jeiie w. 4504 Tolbert Ave. boy, Marcn 2t CHAMBERS--Mr. ft Mrs. Donald C. 144 Dawson Ave. boy. March 2f. REYNOLDS-Mr. ft Mrs. William D. S35 Wnl Broadway, boy, March 2f 1AHBY--Mr. ft Mrs. James E. tf25 E Goldcrest -Jt. bov, Marcn 2t ALLEN--Mr. ft Mrs. Richard. SITt Ollv Ave. bey, Marrh 2f WINN-Mr. ft Mrs. Richard E. 711 Lanai St., B rl. Marcn 2t THORNION-Mr. ft Mrs. Bnre E. 311 Lemon Ave.. bov. March 2f DAVIS-- Mr. ft Mrs. James R. 537 Wes llth St.. g:rl, March 2* KLEIN--Mr. ft Mrs. Irving J, 511] Eck lnon SI.. Lakewood, g rl. Marih 2t ANDER--Mr. ft Mrs John F. 345f lee Ave. g'n, Marcn 30 R IMA--Mr. ft Mrs. David. 4353 Deeboya Avr.. Lakewood. g rt. March 30 OLIVAS--Mr. ft Mrs. Fermin, 13112 Ver ana SI. Garden Grove, girt. March ) YOUNG--Mr. ft Mrs. GMberl L-, 117 Myrtle Ave. girl. March 30 MORRIS--Mr. ft Mrs. Kenneth L.. 11177 E. TOeth St. Artesla. g'rl, March 30 CLARE--Mr. t Mrs. Dennis E. llOTf Padd.son Ave. Norwaik. OT|. March 30 KITAGAWA--Mr. ft Mrs. Theodore Y 17 s. Daisy Ave. bov, Marcn 22 MILAN--Mr. ft Mrs. Fnlow, 1434 Linden A v e , girt, Marcn 27 SILVA--Mr. ft Mrs. Wilson, lOOf Oeitnu Ave. girt. Anarch 22 BERGE--Mr. ft Mrs. Karl C. 5l3f Ol holm Ave . girt, March 22 POiNDEKTER-Mr. ft Mrs. No'w 74/4 t-. Broadway, or). Marcn 22 ~IKDLE-CerD. ft Mrs. Joseph J. 311 Pwtrnan Dr.. Wriittrr, girl, March 22 ROJS--Mr. ft Mrs. Rcberl E. 2JI2 W . . _ . l*Mrs*William E. tTO Myrtle Ave. bov. March 22 ItlGRAM--Mr. ft Mrs. Leo J . 4453 Bain- wood St.. Lakewood. g rl, March 32 DFVAPMOND--Mr. ft Mrs. Richard E M13 E. Greenieaf. Vmitt,er. boy. Man BAPCOTT--Mr. ft Mrs. Frank A . 517 W 14tn S t , San Pecro, girt. March 22 SfLLARS--Mr. ft Mrs Richard A, 11 E. ragie St. boy, Marcn 21 QIIIMBY--Mr. ft Mrs Dale G, 3'3t Llm Ave , girl. Marcn 72 ZriADKO--Mr. ft Mrl. John. 1tl7 W. Itrh St.. g.rt. March 27 LUNDBERG--Mr. ft Mrs Paul, 3t5t Cu- rlid Ave. Lvnwood. g'H. March 71 ROBBINS-- Mr. ft Mrs. Orval D. 125 W Broadway, g'rl. March 31 CBLC-W. ft Mrs. Calvin B. 3]i t. 2Cth S t , boy. March 73 CHIPPAS--Mr. ft Mrs. Gera'd M. 3TO U M -- r. 4 Mn. I. . Wilmington. 0r1, March 11 VILSOtl-Mr. I. l.:n. J. O. 31)4 Corv ou'lla. g rl. March 11 INCH-Mr. 4 Mn. J. F . 41S E. Broad way. 2]. bov. March II MABRY-Mr. 4 Mn. T. J.. J7J4 Eaiy , . Henry E. WlncPiam. 21. 1110 M V»n ' . . -. Audrey J. Blojch. II, mcrctt Ave., Norwau. Billy R. Barbanclt. 20, 11J13 porf Ave Lvnwood; Arlen C. Ervlne, l" 714 S. Temo'e St , rnmnon. Sea'e, 71. 1771 Ba~Vra rorrrv n: B*atrtre Alevanaer, 23. l|-s » W.imlng»on Ave. Comotoi ArtaMers L. APT'ewhite. 20 lit Stork. JJII. Comoton; Ulhan G Bumert. 14. e:« W. Popiar St.. Cnmn»M . .. Ganr M Scnorer, 75. 7342 tm'ty |^» x??«?yss£ "**""· "· (tm Gera'd F. L»nd s. 2» |!M Cover W»v '^Vtlir.VT'" C ' Ct:te - '»' "' Jat-ei H McKrmen, 21. 3224 Flew. Bobhv G McBre'. 30. 777 w. TIchefM St^ Corrrtnn: Loraine Hardaway, 34. .Bert'c. fai*«;'kl. 4*1?4112 W. l*lth S f . Torranre: timer Skinner, 41. IIM Amie A v e . Torrante Harry K. Yeir, ; kewa. If, I3t W 14t^ ' · Gard-na; Flua Ashiiawa. 21. 73f Bml»min E. Durbn. 71. 11111 r.wvnr-e l*rwatkr Marllnvil M. Nfwcomb. 23, I2I2J Danirt tm. 11.'Hill e tlmhurjl D'. Mirwaik: Irene Ihnaruk. )7. 431 N. Sl«th St Monteb-:to Jhomas A. Day. If 12310 Pr. K r C*r| F*. RMeri'. 20. Bril'lower; Donna L. Rooers. 17, 4773 Downey Ave. Dav'd F. Vanrnrot. 31. Torrance; 'a C. Lawson. 31. 740 Jyn'oen) Ave Clarence E. Birdvma. IS. Terranr rj Cheryl D Michaels. It. 1533 McDonald . Rj'brrt E! Dawvon. U. V.VIl:er; Flln Ann Baker. II, 5473 telltlgotr Blvd Latewood Jarr^s A. r.a:tn. It 417 F 11-ve'n ^'rjilroton; Mary J. Emit, II, 2C2 E A Oiax 41. Dnwey; Dora ne A R'*»«. J7. «2J f«^u1 ive inland F. Jensen. 20 175 E St; ....·1^4 r. jr^lm. fi. 1,1 t frn Llnrl« L S'r-icn. 27. I7t E If" S' Jshn D, Drake. 21. 1041 t 4!"i W»y; Patricia A Moore. It. 54!t wa'ke"n. R:berf r. S'r^DtOn. 30. San Pv-lrq "·JI^i fm " tlt ' w « n . I'. HI U'and Ave Paul J Themovw, 14. 4U w 3Ht St: Carroll P,en«M. 41, 477 ^,^^»t St J*^n D. Butter, II. 3* Ma'n A v e : Ne'l e M Ortnwlkl. It, 37s Man Ay* ISav W. Cuneg^n. J». 411 New Ycrk St -· Wil«4 M. TMmeson. 2t. L A. George P. LeMona. II. 1IC7 le-ia Sh'r'ey J Un-Vrwnod. ?l. IIM Lr^a lews F. Perry. 47. Tlirt Pariii *ve. Vir»nls ». WMrfeid. 34. 'tl- Merln H Ol»~e'. )4 U S Navy Iriw,. it Scr«ti«, 27. U7 v». 2U"i n Riwevelt r.nev. 45. San U S«"«T«. i4. . I. Y(Vg S t . Wl- M !lt4 C»«i in rf~ 51 -- . . r. 3rd SI. g:rt, March 23 CRONIH-Mr. £ Mrs. Jak l_, . Ave.,. J., IMC v/. Burnett St., g-rl, Marcn 21 STRFlLA-Mr, ft Mrs. Ill Ctar mrnt Ave. boy, March 23 WASHBURN--Mr. ft Mrs ja-nes C. 2C3 Dawion Ave. bov. March 23 BATTS--Mr. ft Mrs. Jonn W.. 12322 222nd St.. Arteila. girt. March 24 ATKiti«ON-Mr. ft Mrs Everett E. 1425 r. Fitter St. bcv. March 34 -OW'IEPAX--Mr ft Mrs Oar'rs W 2253 Ot ve Ave.. g'rt. March 34 DV'MO'lSr--Mr. ft Mrs. Lewrente E X"4 Snadvuark Drtve. bov. Ma'rh 2* MOf-Mr. ft Mrs. Franklin E. 2M5 W wniams si. g'rt. March 34 WAR! AND--Mr. ft Mrs Keith H. 4231 Clark A v e , boy, March 74 COVERT--Mr ft Mrs. Harry L. 117 Henderson Ave.. bov, Marcn 25 SIMONDS--Mr. ft Mrs. William A. II 4774 Lakewood Blvd. boy, March 25 BARBARA--Mr. A Mrs. Richard A. I N. Sloan Ave, Comoton, prl. March : PtATTNER--Mr. ft Mrs. Martin J. 3S Vermonl St. boy, March 25 GOLDfN--Mr. ft Mrs. Irv'ng. M47 Pr m-ere A v e , Lakewood. g'M, March 3 CAST RO--Mr. ft Mrs. Oelf.n. l»4 W 7JM St.. girl. March If CULALA--Mr, ft Mrs. Benlamln, 31t Wehittr St.. girl. Marcn It IANKS--Mr. ft Mrs. Linn G . Ill) Hai I ane. Anahti-n. girl. March It OULNGA-- Mr. ft Mrs. Antnnlo C. 2223 W K-n St, Oirl, March It SM1ILOS-- Mr. ft Mrt JarnM L. i Oranoe Ave , g'rl. M*r[h It DAYIE--Mr. ft Mrs. Toward M. 2077 S Lonaworfh Ave. Arteila, eirl, Marcti PFARSOM-Mr. ft Mrs. Pivmonl. 1131 Cleta 51. Downey, g.rl. March 70 COLSTON--Mr. ft Mrs John L. IfOt E 33rd Sf. O'rl, Marrh 20 ALLISOII-Mr. ft lli\ Donald, 1SN Batbos A v e . Newport Beach, Marrh 20 JOHNSON--Mr. ft Mrs Curtis, A v e . bny. March 70 PATE--Mr. ft Mrs. Theron O. New vorlr Sf., boy, March 20 SCHANTZ-4/r. ft Mrs. John R. 13402 ANTZ- a St Irrwa St.. Weitminjtfr. boy, March TOVLCSO'l--Mr. ft Mrs. Aleraider R lion Saratoga Dr.. Los Atamitas. bo Warrh 71 BIRNIE--Mr. ft Mn. Mctierl J, 271 Mi^-rra-n S t , bcv, March 70 ANGroflD-- Mr. ft Mn B'cfca'd H 775 Arrerlcan Go ! d Star Homes, Ma'ch 20 HASELTINF-Lt II g I i. Mn Hugh Be""owe -- i c . los S*n«os Dr., art, March 71 PviE-Mr. ft Mn. Jwt* M . «14 tai rie'l Way. Buena Park, g'rl. March 8l»tlL-Mr. ft Mn naert t.. 2CO W(.|» A v e , toy. March 31 RENDON-- Mr. ft Mrs Armando G. 104 lew's Ave . g»rl, Ma'ch 21 §»«TLFTT-Mr ft Mrl wttlam T i«o t t'.-a'e v, rn. Main 21 , SHEHRIH-Mr. ft Mn , rn. fi-ma' 'd . ISW . . 'mer A v e . Parenv*f. bo/, Man sa',r »-».». ft Mri rvy-a'ij 1J"4 I l"l ''. t'rt. M«-h 71 Births Pc«m.erg Are. Leteweod. frtTMarUi ILI^A-JUr. JArs. Salvador I., U2I Av«. Garden Grave. W'L NON.RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE ftotlt* It hertbjr (lien bv the ndersljnfd. Kent nict oCi^Mf. 1 M/.. Raymond N* »C7 Raymond Ave.. bof* AAarrJk II OOIIYABE-- Mr. 4 Mrs. rtebert J, III E. tti St., e»rl, Marcn II .HAPtCMr Mrs. Dav* A. 57W E, !nd Jl. girl. March II E MM-- Mr, 4 Mrs. winiam l Ovieta Ave., IM. Ml'lk II MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ERMAN-Mr. i. Mrs. j. D. ITJM ker Ave., Gardens. Uy, Jan. AZZINA-Mr. 1 Nut. F. 1~ *K2 San ·iMtrxti artle. iuena Park. (irk . Mrs. H. A,, 371 So. Cord SI. Cometon, girl. Feb. 1* HILLlPS-Mr. £ Mn. R, . C.IIMJ New Ing Drive, Anaheim. flirt Feb- It UtH-Mr. A, Mn. X E. 4IU Andy II. A, Mn. E ' .. . , NNO-Mr. t Mrs^ A. K_ ADt. B. DIM, Marril 79 - . . . .. nrt St.. Latrweoo. girt. March 2] UMSE-- Mr. 4 Mn. VI. C. IS57 Lajigoon. ^rs. r. L. _ , boy, March UTS JR.-Mr. ft Mrs. L. L. Orlraba, C2, g:rt. Marrh 12 ELVEY--Mr. ft Mrs. K. B. 4t32 Gale A v e , bov, March It ARNETT--Mr. ft Mrs. C. H. 442t DC RUCE-iX'r. »/Mrs"ic.. R.. S2C2 Smeltiei \CDBS-Mr. I Mrs. R. C. 172] Arabella St . bov. March II ZRSHNCR--Mr. ft Mrs. R. C.« 3541 '""" "'"ft^Mrs. E'*S. Ill 5m Sf. plvmoglh St. D'fl, March 13 lAKE-Mr i Mrr J. U 4M W. lltl St.. e'n. March 14 ASE-- Mr. 4 Mrt. L C. 11CI Bailey VV4V. bov, March 14 REY^-Mr. 4 Mrt. J. W. O. 2331 Wrb- . . OriraM, o^rl, March 14 .OPEZ-Mr, 4 Mn. F. J . 5*03 Hanbgry 74Z91 NOTICC OF INTENDED SALE Notice ft bereby Eiren thtt Jtrk ricf. ct 1:1 ixnnett EL. Lone far.h. Califumlft. Intends to if 11 a Frank K Uowera, of 221 ran 19tb .Slrtft. Los Ancrlrl. califor- ia. ail ttock tn trair. fiiturrf, quipment and rood will of that retail ra»oltnft fillinc station riu»l esa. knomn ai Westwar Ull Frnr t. and Incatril at I'M Alarnltoi, nc r^-arli. Callfurnla. and that a lie. transfer and a.«.«lj:nment of le tame vlll be made, and the onsijtratlon thefefnr will lie r»U n or after A;ir'l 3). 13«:. at the ·crow deparlnir-nt nt K. C. Hamp» in O. at U:-' Nnrth Ilc.Ily»i.Hl 'ay, TurLank, rallfornla. The con- deration therefor will be- raid as nllows: Al time and plart a* Uted. Dattd April 1. !»«:. Mler: JACK TJ11CK JJ-jrer: KltA.VK K IJOWKP.S . C. HAMPTON CO., 122 North Hollywood Way urbank, Calif, ·ub. April i. H«: (ID--I..M. . r , . St.. g n. March 14 ALOVRAZI ZICH-Mr. 4 Mn. P. I., 21SI March 14 Kallin, gin, March 14 PHlLLIPS-*Hr. ftTjkrs. J. H. 52TI Ocean. Aot. i. gin. Marcn 14 SMITH--Mr. t Mrs. D. R. IU4 Nroti . Wilmington, boy. Marcn 14 VUSCHEH--Mr. ft Mrs. L. G. I1X Driltwood Ave. sell Beacn. girl. Marcn WOELFERSHEIM-MT. t Mrs. A. II 2312 Seabrlght. bov. March 14 BtLTY--Mr. ft Mrs. R. J. 2t4l Llm Av* , bnv. Ma'rn |J BRIGGS--Mr. ft Mrs. J. S. 321 Roycrtli eirl, Marcn 15 rCKFR--Mr. ft Mrs. W. R. 15741 So Blame rll. Pifllftewer. girl, March 1 FISHER--Mr. ft Mrs J. R. 2325 Gran A v e . bov, March 15 1ALDEMAN--Mr. ft Mrs. J. S. 113 Cheitnut. AM. I. grl. Mar - " UYLER--Mr. ft Mrs. l_ I. LAkewood. bey, March 15 MARTINEZ-Mr. ft Mrs. D. C.. 143 Chestnut. Act. S. bey, Marrh IS RUIZ--Mr. ft Mrs. F. O. 1514 Bannln Blvd. Wilmington, g'rl. March 15 RUNGE--Mr. ft Mrs. N. H. 4443 Lewi A v e . girl. March IS IERROM--Mr. ft Mrs. D, 21520 Ancho A v e . Wilrrvng'on. boy. March It LOvELL--Mr. ft Mrs. R. A. Ill Marker Lane, boy. March It REECE-Mr. ft Mrs. W. P.. 1417 Stevel A v e . Lakewood, g rt. March U NELSON-Mr. ft Mrs. K. M. 1525 Vanada Rd. La Mirada. g'rl, March I BOATRICHT--Mr. ft Mrs. C. A.. 1113 Orange A v e , Paramount, g rt. March t BUCK--Mr, ft Mrs. R. L. 27» Pen* A v e . LA. 45. boy, March 17 CAHONICO--Mr. ft Mrs R. J. Ill E t/m Way. bov. March 17 COLLINS--Mr ft Mrs J. B, till Tempi Ave . g'rl. March 17 FIELDS JR.--Mr. ft Mrs A, 2341 W wiuard St.. boy, Marcn 17 IEMSLEY--Mr. ft Mrs R. L. 711 W 111 St. bov, Marrh 17 JAMISOfl--Mr. ft Mrs V. l_. 173 Cheil nut Ave. girl, March 17 JOHNSON--Mr, ft Mrs. A. A. 1053~le Euba«k Ave., Witm'n3*on, girl. March I MACLEOD--Mr. ft Mrs. H. K.. 17f* Edward St.. Weitrn'mter. boy, March l MALT BY--Or. ft Mrs. J. D. 715 VI Semonte. Pa'os Verdes. boy. March I MARINCOVICH-Mr. ft Mrs. K Sit No Paios Verdet. San Pedro, girl. March I MARTEL-Mr ft Mrs. J. C. 1021 E. 7CT Way, bov. March 17 VAN HORN-Mr, ft Mrs. R. l_ 207S Wardham SI. Arteila. g-rt, March 17 COUNTS--Mr. ft Mrs. W. W.. 47t ' 774tn St. Wilmington, boy. Marrh II SMUH-Mr. ft Mrs. E. A., 71 a Lon Beach Blvd, girl, March It DIRKS--Mr. ft Mrs. K. R., 5f52 Lortle Lakrwnod. bov. March If LARMER--Mr. ft Mrs. U M, t549 San M'guel, Paramount, boy, March It SC GUI HP-Mr, ft Mrs- A. F . 1117 Valle View. Buena Park, boy. March It BAKER-Mr. ft Mrs. tl. A T 151111 Stanford Lane, ttuntmgton Blach, gr March 70 KFNDRICK-Mr. ft Mrs. D. R.. «70 C Walnut St.. Bellflowsr, girl. Mirth 20 0-BRlEN-Mr. ft Mri. D. W. 53U Cora- Me St., long Beach, boy, Marcn 20 RAINEY--Mr. ft Mrs. G. E. 511 Amer| can Gold Star Homes, boy, March 20 RODRIGUEI-Mr ft Mrs. S R.. 2100 S Normand e St.. Tarrance, girt, Marcn' R0«v-Mr. ft Mrs. C. 2201 W. Ruiie Ave. Santa Ana. girl. March 20 LAKEWOOD GENERAL HOSPITAL OF HAAN--Mr. ft Mrs. P. 11341 Chlcaa Betificwer, girl. Mar. 1 MANDA--Mr. ft Mrl. R. K., |tl5l Dow rev. Paramount, boy. Mar. 2 WHITEHORN-Mr. ft Mrs. D T. II Sllva. boy..Mar. 1 ROWERO-Mr. ft Mrs. R. 124 g.rt. Mar. I BRANHON-Mr. ft Mrs. J. M. Jr.. inn Ardmnre. Beltrtower, girl. Mar. 2 OxrtlRIDER-Mr. ft Mrs. R. R. tcVJ Ba'boa. Seal Brach. girl. Mar. 5 LEVY--Mr. ft Mrs. W. G. liwo Sent Ana sunflower, boy. Mar. ] IOLSIROM-- Mr. ft Mri. R A , 5141 C Carvjiewood. Lakewoed, boy. Mar. 1 WILSON-Mr. ft Mrs. N. W. 4131 Lerllt twv. Mar 1 FRfEMAtl-Mr. ft Mrs. J W, I54J Pearl. Comnton. bov. Mar. 4 DITTRICH-- Mr. .ft Mrs J. F, 111: Patiao*. Pars'^ount. g.rl. Mar 7 TINSETH^-Mr. ft Mrs J P. ml E Hardwict, lakewood. My. Mar i KtAUS--Mr. ft Mrs J. c. 141M Corhuti Re'tftower, girl. Mar. S CORREA --Mr. ft Mrs. J II. 171 Caitana. Lakewgod. toy, Mar. S KAY--Mr. ft Un. J E.. 1517 Denmea Lsirwaod. bey, 7/ar. ] GREENE--Mr. ft Mrs. D. G. t7i Arkaniai. BelMiowtr. bny. Mar. S BILL--Mr. ft Mrs. R. t . 53U Jos Lakewxxt g.rl. Mar. 4 PULLEN --Mr ft Mrs. M F. 47, tlaoett. Lakewood. art. Mar t MEIER-Mr. ft Mrs. R. L. 5317 Century, Lvnwod, grl. Mar. 7 HOF«AANN-Mr. ft Mrs. J, D. I3!2 San An*onie. boy. Mar. 7 MrCARtHY-Mr. ft Mn. P. J, 1111 E f mf St.. g rl. Mar. I DE Bit--Mr ft Mrt. U, 5141 Ore* Cygreil. g rl. Mar I · Legal Notice N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE XMlr*. U herety clirn tr tr underalcned Jrtierih Hol^nrin resli Inc at .".»J N. liar Vina Ate. U'llrnlnllon. Calif. ,rnla. that aflf the dale nl Apr I .1, 1X2 he will r,r b* reironall.le fnr any i1»M», llatl Illec, or nlillrillnna Incurred t any perton* other than Mmself. l»ted Arnl 2. 1X2. h. Apr i. . ». ixifsti-- un.i. NON.nESPONSIOILITV NOTICE N'r.tire |» b»reliy rly'Ti br I iM'T^im'-l. n"i-*tt Ikckwr-rih. r Ujal Nltlu Jac at IIM riiler. Laie.ooJ. tlUonla, UiU after tha data cl pill 1. JKJ. be «UI not be rs- poulbTg (or ab/ debts, liabilities cblliatlona locuned b/ aav per. a (.ther U-tt) bimaelt. "* lateit March 30.1H3, Bljned/ltOJlClir BECKWORTH Pub. April 3. 4. ». tMl (Itl-URI. C at 1D71 lloawell. Lour Ceach, Jlfornla that after tb« datg ol prll i IM:. h. will not tx re- ·onslbl* lor any debt*, llabllltlei r oDllKatioua Incurred by aay per- on« other thaa nim»e^ ^ Dated April t. IHJ. SIcmd/KKNT ItlCHAnDS "ub. April 3. 4. t. 1H2 (3D--L.B.I. NO.-..n£SPONSIDILITY NOTICE Notice. Lt heitliy flten by the ndenlrned Jamei A. liarrttt. re- dine at 734 Zx»ma Are., Lotif teach 4, California, that after the at o( Apr. 4, Uii ha will not be. uponslblg for ftnjr debLs. llabllltlei. r obllratlona tneurred br any per- ont other than hlnuelf. Dated Apr. 3. !?«:. (Slrned) JAMES A. 'ub. Apr. 4. 8. t. 1X2 (III--L. a I. 4ON-RESPONSIB1LITY NOTICE Notice, ti lietebr tlTen by the Jidersliroed Janet X*. Beam, resid* nr at COiT Ladora. Lorn Beach, allfornla. that alter tha datg of prll C, JM:. ihg will cot ho re. pvnslblo for any dtbli. llabllltlei. e obligations Incurred bi* any per* ons other than hertelf. Dated April 4. 1K2. (Elcr.e.1) JANET U HCAM *ilh. Apr. 8. 6. 7. 1963 CD--UlU. NOTICC TO BIDDERS The Lone Beach Unified School iatrlct will rrcelto aealed tidi In he offirg ct tlie IMrchailne DlTl- on. Room 20C Administration ·ulidlnc. 701 Locuft Avenue. Lone each. California, up to 11 a.m.. prll i:. 19«J. for the followlne: ZUS-I^-Cafeterla k Cam; Ill-ail) 31 fit t Poultry Speelflcatlons and bid forms may obtained In the, offlca ct the ·urcha»ine DiTiilon. LONG liEACII UNIFIED SCHOOL. D1STIUCT j;y MAHIB WELLS, Assistant gerretanr larch ~J. Ainl S. 19*2, Ct) I, r. I. NOTICE OF TRUSTCE*. SAL I KB. PT.US-HM On TUE8DAT. A p r U l T . 1MJ. el«ten a'clotk A Ji.. at tha Eaat atrane* «( tha Ilall of Jtutlea la a City of Loa Anrelea, Califcr. a. UNITED CAUrOllNf^A BANK, rustea or Mleeeaaor Truste« under a Deed «( Trust made by W1L- All r. UUltrilY and LOU- A1NB B. MURl'HT. husband and fe. and recorded Way U, I»S3. HMU.. 41iVI. l'at» 7i et 6f!tc!al eeorda of Loa Acelea County, llfornla. f l k i n to »ecur« an In- btedneaa IB faror of JOHN ANCX)CK MUTUAL, UrB I.S. UIIANCK COMl-ANT. a corpora, on, by reason of thg breach of rtaln obllcatUma acxured. thereby, tie* of which breach waa ftfrded December 1L 1*41. tn l(ock 11U. It 47. of aaJd Official Itccords. ILL) SELL AT 1'UilLIC AUCUN TO TUB IIIClltST UIDUKn OH CASH, narabl* In lawful toner of tht United Etatei at the mg ot fair, without warranty aj title, possejslon or cncumbrauee*. 9 Interest conveyed to and now Id by aald Truttee. under aald eed of Trust In thg property 9 ti u . g la Loi Ancelea County, Caul rnla. described as: Lota 4. t and ( In Block 12 if Alamltoi Ilelchu. In th* trity of Loot; Beach. County of Los Antelei. State, of California. aa per map recorded In book S paie. i:i of Mars. In the offlra ot the county recorder of iald county. r the purpose of payle obllra, ons recured by aald Deed. Includ' C feei. chartjea and eiperuea of e Trustee, advance*. If any. under e terms ef aald Deed. Interest »reon. and 11.720.9$ in unpaid rinclral ot the Note aecured by id Ieed. with Interest thereon ·om Julr 1. 19(1 as In said Note orided. Dated: March 18, 15«3. UNITED CAHJ-6RNIA BANK. Trustee JIAHOLD S. BAUER. cn rss). ·ub. liar. U. ro. Apr. 5. 15«2 Ct) L.Ii.1. NOTICE TO DIDDERS The Lone Ceach Unlllrd Fchool istrlct will rereiTM aealed bids In le office of the Purrhasmr DtTl- on. Iloflm 20 Administration lulldlnc. "ol t/Kust Avenue. Lone each. CalKorela. up to U a.m. rrll 19, 1H2. (or the (ollovlnc: Echecl. *;«TS--Ileeovertne Trre- irnter t Durllcaticc JUrhlne Platens. Feed Holls. and Retainer 1'ads IVIiM. st 3io 1* Q-- rape r Euppllm Echcd. ».T56S-- Purchase ol Kath Tn»-rls Speelflcatluns and bid forms may e obtained In tlie olflce ot the ·urchasmc Division. LONG UEAl-II UNIFIED SCHOOL Dl.STItlLT J!y JIAI'.IF: WKLLS. Assistant H^rretarv i. April 5. li 196Z 4SM71 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME Tha underslened doea certify b s conducting a buslnesa at 252 Tankel £L. Lakewood, CAHfrnU ndrr the fictitious firm name c iNnusTnua r.LKcrnicAi. SKHVICK ind that *ald firm la composed ri he follosrlnc perynn, whose name li ull anl place of residence Is a ollons: Karl J, Weed. JiM TranVtl St. Lakewwt. Calif. Datril Marcti II. K'»:. IIAIII. J. WI:KP State rt California, l^ia Aucrl' t'ounty: On Hatch II 15«2. Worn me. citarv 1'ul'llc !n anil for aald Slate rriuinalty afixarid }^irl J. \Vred innwn li 1:1** ti le the t*rp»i nlioi.6 r.ame is ruti5crll^d to Ih rithln inrtrumrnt and acknowledge 1 ie rsrculril the saute. Fran Jf.A-; iiAiat: KANDKIIS. Notary IMhlle ly Ci^nimlsrlrn Kiplles J/22. 1-- ·uh. Mar. IS. I:. M, Apr. 5. (411--L.I1.I 43S14I CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME The understcned does certify 1 s conducting a business at KiJ9 E. Artesla. Lonff Iteach 5. California under the fictitious firm name PEATtCE TANK LINE ,nd that said firm Is composed o he followlne person, whose nam n full and place cf residence 1 s follows: Raymond II. Jnhnsrn. 3111 E Rroadway. Lonf lu-arh 3. California Dated March H. r61 RAYMONft-H-JOHNSO:; itate nl California, xis Ancelea Cuunty: On ilarch :*.. 1H2, Ufote me. Notary Public In and for raid flat ernnally a[learcd Raymond I! 'ohnaon knon-n Id me to t* th ^erson who^e name Is vutscrlt*d t he within Instrument and acknow! 'deed he e*erii!rd tlie same. I1UT1I C. PARKS. (SEAL) Notary Public My rdriimlMlon etpirel 6/1S/1H2. Mar. 2S. AIT. S. 12. 19. 1J02 I I I ) LI! 41S1M CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME The understened doea certify the are comluciine · business at 117U E. 216th Et.. Artesla, California, un der the firlllluut firm name of VERDA CATTLE CO ind that said firm la composed e he followlne fieraonn. who«e r.amr ,n full and places cf residence ar as follows: Clifford O. Vmfleet. 117M E. :m EL. Artrsls. Callfurnla Verda M. Umfleet. 11711 E. :i(t St., Artesia. CalllornU Dated llirrh ». 1H2. CMKKORD C. UMFLECT VEUDA M. UMFLEET STATE OF CALIFORNIA I COUNTT OF LOS ANKELES 5 fa On Mar. », 1SS2. before me. N'ntary IMbllc In and for said Stale personally appeared rnrfnrd O. Urn Iret and Verda M. Umfleet know o me to be the persona who! names are »uMcrired to the with! natrument and acknomledeed the eirculed the same. (SKAL) ASH M. HRF.FKA My commission esiltrs April : C,. llih. Mar. 15. 22. r, Apr. (. 1»( C40-LI1I. 7I1U NOTICE OF HEARING or PET TION FOR PRODATE. OF WIL No. SOP 3-1J4 In the Ruperlur Court of Ite Ktat of California. In and fr,r tl.e Count r,f Ixs Ancrl-s. In IMt ilaurr r. ttie K.«tate (f Kilward C. LJMill aka Inward C. 1.11'fH. aka t- L IJpcltt. I^cea-xil. .V.tlie Is hrrrl.y clsrn that tt ci*tltlrin r.r Oorfie W. Kribeita fo th* TroUt- r.f the Will of tl atioTe-ramM r]*r*asei] and for tl Isrusnca c,f I^tt»ra Testamentar thereon to the petitioner, to whlc reference l« l,erel.r madfi for furth pamrulari, mil tx heard at :: o'cl^k A M.. rn Afrll 23. 1»* at the r'iurt room rl Departme S'.uth "II". tt the Superior Cou if the state of California, In an for the County c.f Loe Anreles. Ix.rt IVarh Cnunty LHc.. 411 U (V»an Illril, fxnc reach. n«i»t jiirch s. IH:. w i M.I A M o. piuni-. countr nr and. net* rf Ihe Superior Court Ire ,«tat» of California. In am f tti* County of fxia Ancrlrt, Hy II. Cltrr, Icptitr JOHNSON JOHNSON M Elm Ave. Lnnj Deacfl }, Calif. HC 7.2171 Altnrneye f«e Tftltlenf Pu» April I. S. II. IV! ^t| I. L4it Nttlta 72S9S NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.O. No. 61-775S Oa TUF.SDAT. April 17. »«:. at :CO A.M.. TITLE INSURANCE ·JD TRUST COMPANT. aa duly pointed Trustee under and pur- ant to Deed of Trust dsted June I960, executed by LAVADA M. OORE. a married woman, aa her parata property and recorded July 18SO. In book T 1357. pace 3«5. Official P.ecordi tn tht cilice of e County Recorder of Loa Aneeles luntv. California. WILL SELL T PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGH- ST WDDEU FOB CASH (payable time of fate In lawful money of e United States) In the lobby of e main entrance of Title Inrur ce Culldlnc. 433 South fprlnc reel. lxs Aneeles. California, all cht. title and Interest convereii and now held by It under said eed cf Trust In the proi^erty iltu- ed In said County and state de- rthcd as: Lot 7 cf Tract No. II'ES. In the City of Lone Reach, County of Los Aneeles. Slate of Call- fornla, as per map recorded In linok 0 races il and 2) of Maps. In the office ot the county recorder of raid county. £ald Mle will be maile. but will! t covenant or warranty, express Implied, reeardlne title, pofyes- on. or encumbrances, to pay the malnlne principal rum of the note cured by said Deed cf Trust, tot: JS.I7991. with Interejt from Vtober I. IS6I, as la said note pro. Jed. advances. If any. under the rms ft said Deed of Trurt. fee*. art's anil exj^njie* of tt'e Trustee ,d cf ttie trusts created by s ··e-l cf Trurt. Tlie beneficiary under said Deed Ttutt. by reason of a breach or fault In the obllcatlona securei] ercby. heretofore executed and tltverrd to the underslened a writ- n Declaration ol Default and De- and for Sale, and written notice breach and ot election In cause ie undersigned to sell raid prop ty to satisfy said oblleatior.s, artc lereatter. on DecemUr 15, l^i»l e underslened caused said notice '. breach and of election to lie re orded In took M 15. pace 737. o aaid Official Records. Date: March K. 193. TITLE INSURANCE AND TKfST COMPANY as said Trustee. Ily JOHN H. J4TEKS Assistant Secretary 'ub. Vsr. I!. ». Apr. 8. 1J«2 Ct NOTICC TO CONTRACTORS Nntlre Is hrrehr flvrn that Ihe -sine I'^ach llnlftrd tVhool Dlrtrlr 111 rrrrlte Mils for lal.,r. n.atrrial anipoitalinti anj a^rtU.a Ii,r the llnvut:c «utk: DID PENINQ KINO OF WORK DATE AND SCHOOL !:00 p ni , tl'placelnrnt c,f J-tran rhur^dav. l:»i|rr and ]lat April i:. Work at C · n t r L l?: K 11 r h e n. :?· pine Aietiur, IJBK Il.arli .ShrJule ii'lt-U TIMs ahall be made on forms au? lied by thn IMstrirt and In ac nrdance with drawlncs, epeclflra ona and other construction data rjw on file tn the offire r*f the rslstant Superintendent (Ilustn'ss) ootn 113. 7ul Locust Avenue. Lone »srn 11. Csllfnrnls. wh^r* p^rw pertlre Lldilrra mav secure cnplr [ the drawlnca and specifications jid tld forma. I'unutnt to th* Lator Code o h* Plate of California, the Ikian f K'lucatlon has ax-rrtalned tin rnrrat preTalllne rate of waer l-|iii. *!.!» to the woik to te «l u n o Lie as fnllnws: BASIC TRADLS PPRENTICES! Hay tf emplnrei In conformity with Section 1777.: ('f the California I^klv r Code. ICGCnS *. WCLOERSl S a m wa^e scale as t a f t «» which rlR clucT anil wrlillrc are InrM'nlal 'UK IXIMX1WINI) WAflK ItATK. A l t K i l l M M I T M llnlTKI.Y II. Will .STItAIUIIT TMK. A D O R E R S ' Itecrlvrg r.rit les.e than r. rrnts per hour more than th hourly rate cf Ihe Mche«t cla*»l flratlon oirr which he haj Iradrr- shlp. Curren ralrhman ^ -. SZ.6C atiorer--General or Construction ! Isphall Shoveler; Fine Crader !^ 1.3« aylni: r,f all nnn-mrtanie pip* Ir.rlullr.r f-wer I'll"., Pram I'll-* A rndrreroutid Til*-- 3 5' Health L Welfare--lOc per hr.) SUO-TRAOCS iSOESTOS Curren «letos Wotker 5,1.43 Health aV Welfare -- lie P'r hr.; Vacation Plan -- r^e tier hr.: Pension 1'lan -- ?)c prr hr.l LECTRICIAN virrman General roreman--« Vireman Foreman 5 4: Vireman Journeyman «---- 4..H IVndnn Plan--1%.) M I N T E n (7-Hour Osy) 'oreman: Not l»si than S2.CO per day additional. rurh __. «_^_^__ ,,_ I f llralth 4 Welfare -- 12'ic per hr.: Varatlnn -- 7e prr hr.) IPF. TRADES Itimlier A Elramfllter nenrral Fr.rrman--20% abota Kross Joutneyman rate, lumber t titramllttrr Fore- nisn 10 1 ]* alc,se crors Journeyman rale, 'lunitper -- L e a d r.urner; K f a m f l t t t r l i llralth W e l f a r e -- 4% i.f crors payroll; Prnslr.n Plan 2'i'.^ cif rrn»t payroll; Va. ration * Ilnlldaia -- 7.i% '·' rmss payroll) The ratea rf per diem wacre f each of thg lisl'd woik classiflr .lona shall b« tha prevatllnc rat if hourly watfs multlpllrt ty eUh r.lfht hourg shall ronstllut* · day work. Workmen employed less th elfht houra per day ahall M pa that fraction of tha per dirm war thai the number of hours cf c~ Ilnyment teara In el£M. WORKINO RULES a. Eliht consecutlre hnun be. tween H a m . and S p m. ahall rnnstltute a day's w o r k at malfht tltr« (.-r all alntle ahift workers. b. Forty hours J'tw"n !»n dsy i am. and I'rliliy t p m. shall mnsiltuta a we'k'a woik at slraliht time. t. All work perfnrtned In esce«« rf elthl hours p*r dar e-r fnrty houra per welt er r.n llolirlayt uid Surlar" «n«» b* paH frr at Ih* rat* Iff nTfrtlTl* "f tha ersft Inynleed nls (hill t* a'il'1 ant filed INDEPENDENT-P,,. E.I! , C4U, Tkuva,, Aartft, I HI Laial N»tlce _ office ef th* Purcnaalif Dlree- r. Room 207, Beard ct Educaiica. illdur, tot LMUSI Avtnut. Lose ach 13. CallforaJa. on or Mtor* e time and data abova atawa. d will b* opened and lead aloud publio at or About aald tin* 4 ' ^ ' : WELLS *rch ». Arrll ». H3 lft L.RI. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTINQ 'NOTICE INVITINQ Blot ran Fiin.visni.Na AND DB- MvrnLvo TWO (2) rtunBcn- -.;.:-_ TRAcrona WITH ^· OANO nowrnn TO TIIB CITT :: LOSO UCACU. CALIIDn- NOTICB IS HEltEBT O I V E . V it, aealed. bids will b* received thg otflrej cf the City Vttaicr. Room 301 cf thg Cltr Hall of * City of Lone Beach, California, til 1:00 o'clock P.M.. on thg llth y ef April. 1M2. at which time d place, aald bids will tx publicly *ned and declared for furnlahlne d deltrertnc two C) rubbcr-tlrrd sctor* and 7'kTanr mowera to th« ty of Lone Beach. California. In cordance wtth "Ereclflcatlocs No. I.C - for l^irnlshlnr and Pellter- t llubber-Tlred Tractor* and 7- me Uowera to thg City ef Lone ach. California", en fiig |n th* llco ef the City Enilneer of laid ty ef Lone Beach, to which Specl- atlons No. R-Z31 reference la rebr made for further particulars. ~~cpies of aald specifications may obtained at laid offlc* of th* ty Entlnrer. Room 503 of thg City all of tht City ef Lone Ceach. Thg City of lne Beach will r»- lig bids for furnlshlne tractota 7'rane rnowera aa follows: Item A. Furnlshtne and dellrer- Ine one (1) rubber- tired tractor and hydraulic l i f t 7-fSrs · m o w e r specified In Kectlnn S of tha aboi* spectlicatlons\ Item n. Furnlahlne and drllrer- Inc one 1) rubber- tired tractor and pull- type 7-cane mower L specified In Section t of the abotg jpecttl- *. catlona. Th* City reserreg the rteht ta m-ard a separate contract tor th* ^Ipment listed under Item A and reparate contract for the equlp- ent listed under Item 11. or tn ward a alncle contract embraclne th Item A ajid Item n. Each bidder (hall state In hlis d that delivery of th* tractors id ?-eane mowera will not b* [er than the time epeclfied therein. le City reserves the rleht ta reject ly hid In which the tlm« ef decry la later than forty (10) dsja trr Ihe date of etecution ef ecn- art by the City Manacrr. IMlTery of the new equipment ill t« made to the City ··r»lre ltd located at 301 »^»t Willow reet In the City of Lore Brach. ilitomta. Payment for the r.'w trartors id 7-csne mowers will b* mail* due course of payments ef th* ty of I.ORC Beach, aftrr the com- rte delivery pf said new equip- rnt and accrptancg thereof ty « City Manager. All bids and WJ bonds ahall b* Led uion furma tu Le ariurril - olflce ot tha City Enclnrer. Each MJ ahall t* accompanied by crrtlflrd check or bank draft, nlWn to the City Auditor cf the ty of L"nc p.rarn, and drawn on sulrrnt bank In L"s Ancfl^a Coun- rr a satisfactory lon'l of an lount of nut less than ten (Mi r crnt d rurh bll. as a eusrsntre at th* tidilt-r. If awarded a con- act, will esrcute and driller f» tnty Kncineer, such contract llhln trn ( l o t daya atlrr auch con- art Is trmlfred to him. totelhrr Itli a cod and sufficient c»rp"- ,te sur. (y tiond m faior et tl.e ity cf Lone Ileaeh. for an amount not Irss than twenty-Use (251 *r crnt of such contract price fr-r e faithful terfomianr* ef furti intrart. tvrtttlril checks er bank drafts ·rompanylne all blda will b* re. ilnrd by City until a contract b*- wern tha successful blddrr and th* Itv has been esrcuted. Th* City Msnacrr reterrra th* cht. at any atace of these pro- ·'A\r.f». to reject all bids and tn rturn all detioslta accompanylne aid Dat.t al Ixine Cearh. California. Is ith day of April. PS2 JOHN* 11. HANSKLI, City Manager ~'NOTrce"TNVITIN6~DIDS 1)ll K l I l l M S M I N i ; AND |ir- IIAII.UOAII CAIl I ANI INI: KyriPMKNT AT ii. I:I:IITIIS :u AMI in. I.ONI! P.I:ACH nirrr.n IIAH- niii!. AS iir^'iin;i:i i\' · .·JPJJ'IKU'ATKINS Ml. II. I. f.- A N D I l l l A W I N I ! NOS. I l l k l..r,.j ANll I I I M7(«i NOTICK 13 IIEP.EI1T f i l V E V HAT, pursuant tn an order of Ih* ·isnt nf Harbor "nmml»rlnnera rf ie City if Linc Iach, California, iade on the rnd day i f April. IX:. alrd ll'le will be received at th* 'fir* ,,f th* Oneral Manarer, 925 bor Plata. Ixinc Heach 2. Call. ila. until 10 f) A.M., en tht Isth ay rf April, 1962. at which tlm* nd plare said bids will be publicly [*nM and declared for furnlshlre nd d'llverine railroad car rrtard- ra an.l a » i u h i n e equipnirnt for tti* nc facilities at Plrr (.. ^rths 21* and 213. In accordance llh Fprclflcallons No. H. I). (VI nd the drawing numt*ra listed Lire, ,n file In the ofllr* nf tl,* liltf IlatU/r 9.3 Harbor laia, Ixinr Tl'arh :, California, tn hlrh e^ctflratlons rifrr'nre II er*hy ma-le fr-r f u r t h e r particulars. Cop|ei of raid specifications anrl rawincs may !·* obtained by prn- 1-ctlv- I'ld'len at Ihe offlre of Ihe lilrf Hartior Knclnrer without de-,, I1-... . .. sliall le rrtutl.ed n c"od con.1111,m will.In fifteen (IS) avs aflrr the bids am rt^nrd. The quar.tllks PKclflrd are ap- tnilmale only, brine rlten as a A*IS for the romparlaon nf hM« h n unit price* are Involved, and r th* convenience of Ihe bldilrr hen lump sums are Involved. Tl'* Ity c.r the Hoard ot Ilall-.r Cin- nlsrlrnera dies not warrant that tie artusl amount of the work will -. . _ therewith but may !* nrreased or decreased In an amount not tn exceed twenty (20) per cent. The estimate, ef the approximate irmclpal quantities is as follows: it'mdte Operated P.allroad Car Ilrtanlrrs « Switch Oprratlnc Mrchanttms --- ·--. II Orsphlc Op/rator'a Cuutn.l Panrl -- 1 Inert Hallroad Car P.ctardcrs Tower Actuated Deraller . Car Stops _------ S US-Pound n.E. nail S.O1 Ilall Ft. Tie Plalra 3.K") P:atra Joint Ears S» I;ara Crtisa 1 Manual Deraller-- 1 ProsrreM payments will It marl* n due cciur'* cf rsj-mentii rf tr-* !^lty of Ixine 1'racli. errerally ninnthly, by chrcks d r a w n on tl~t rity Trraitirrr, as proiMM In Plvl. · Ion* S (i| and SO. an 1 Special Prml.ion R P. IS of Specifications No. II I'. »*«. All and bid I.'H,!« slia'.l b* . ilinittlrd up"n forni* rihtalnrd at tlie offict cf th* Chief Harbnr ;arh t.i,| shall b* arcompanlrd by _ - r i n f i r d cl.rrk cr bai.k diatt rai- al.le tn Ihe City Auditor cf Lore larh an.l drawn on a solvent ban*. In If* Anrrlra County, or a salts- fact,iry U,nl In an aniuunt net 1'fs than t^n (10) prr crnt of fuch bid as a euarantre. that tht tlddrr will. If awarded a contract, within trn (1" days after such contract Is tendered tn Mm for elrnature. execute and deliver such contract In the Onrral Manaf.r. totether with a r'tid and sufficient corporal* surety bond equal li twenty-flvt C.i P'r rent rf the conlr«rt price, cnntillcned upon the faithful r*r- fornanre of such contract. Tl.e material hall t» deltverM tn Ilie site brf.'.rA Auruil 1, 1HJ- Th* pHiard of Harbor Cornmis- , actinr throuth th* General anacer, rewrrres th* rtfht at anr lime pvlnr t- Ihe award, tr* reject all bl.ta and Irk return all deposlta rotrpanylrie said bids. PATKIt at Ixne neach. Callfor- nn, this -nd dsr ft April. 1M3, n»r*l ilanarrr rf the, Matber JVpartment, Cltr ·' lyinr reach, California ·. April S. 1MI

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