Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 27, 1988 · Page 35
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 35

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 27, 1988
Page 35
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Pharos-Tribune TV Guide, March 27 - April 2, 1988 Page 3 SUNDAY selling out French security? (2:07) 5:00 pm [CNN] Newswatch [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Very Good Friends (Drama) Two sisters are best friends, but when one dies in an accidental fall, the other must learn to deal with her feelings of loss and guilt. (1:00) [PTL] Dr. D. James Kennedy [USA] Airwolf Fallen Angel [NASH] Performance Plus B LPGA Golf Turquoise Classic: Final Round (L) O Out of This World Baby Talk O Empire Green, Green Hills (D Matt Houston OD Wonderworks Q (B Star Trek Balance of Terror 5:30 pm [CNN] Newsmaker Sunday [NASH] Automotive Specialty Magazine O Marblehead Manor An Aunt Hill for Hilary EVENING 6:00 pm [CNN] Newswatch [NICK] Mr. Wizard's World All That Glitters [PTL] Jerry Falwell [USA] Tales of the Gold Monkey High Stakes Lady [NASH] Motoworld 47th Annual Daytona 200 Superbike 3D O CD (B News O Big Valley Emperor of Rice O Movie: +*'/i The Amazing Dobermans (1976, Drama) James Franciscus. Barbara Eden, A reformed con artist, who owns five trained dogs, assists an undercover agent in foiling a small time criminal's gambling extortion racket. (1:34) BD Charles in Charge ID Chicago Sunday Evening Club (B Three's Company Now You See It, Now You Don't (® B 227 Brenda and Calvin learn about parenting by taking care of a pig. (R) (58 O New Wilderness © WKRP In Cincinnati 31 Hee Haw 6:30 pm [CNN] Inside Business [NICK] Star Trek [NASH] Hidden Heroes f) Leave it To Beaver' Between Friends (B OS O NBC News O CD ABC World News Sunday P (D Small Wonder (0 America's Most Wanted CD Decision '88 Campaign Almanac (BO ©CBS News 7:00 pm [CNN] 1 on 1 [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [NICK] Inspector Gadget [PTL] There's Hope [USA] Riptide Conflict of Interest [NASH] American Sports Cavalcade Q Movie: *** Hell in the Pacific (1968, Drama) Lee Marvin, Joshim Mi/ime. An American and a Japanese stranded on a Pacilic island stalk each other, but finally join forces to build a raft and escape to another island. (1:43) O Movie: Rendezvous Hotel (1979, Comedy) Edward Winter, Bill Daily. A comedic tale of life at a breezy California resort hotel where the owner's pea brained nephew helps run the place, (1:26) 8 SportsCenter (L) © (B © O Our House A major earthquake imperils the Witherspoon family. (R) O (Z) ® Movie: Disney Sunday Movie 'Little Spies, Part 2' (1986, Adventure) Mickey Rooney. A World War II hero helps a gung ho band save a lively stray from the dognapper by raiding a puppy kennel. CJ O Crossbow The Sanctuary (S3 ® O © 60 Minutes (B CD 21 Jump Street Military academy cadets are prime suspects for assaults on gay men.(R) ID Lawrence Welk 7:30 pm [CNN] Sports Sunday . [NICK] Count Duckula [PTL] Oral Roberts B NHL Hockey (L) Q Animals 'of Africa The Impala 8:00 pm [CNN] PrimeNews [CSPAN] Process and Policy Viewer Call In (L) [MTV] Music Videos [NICK] Laugh In [PTL] Heritage Village Church [USA] The New Mike Hammer More Than Murder, Part 2 (3D OD © B Family Ties Jennifer takes advantage of an infatuated boy to get into a dance.(R) O (D SB Supercarrier Gamblers threaten Cruz' sister in attempt to get him to throw a fight, q O Paper Chase Labor of Love OB © B© Murder, She Wrote Jessica investigates murder of the maitre d' of a trendy restaurant, f) Q Billy Graham Will Our World End 03 (B Werewolf Forever hunting for Skorzeny, Eric uncovers a secluded monastery. (R) GD Cousteau Odyssey 8:30 pm [NICK] Make Room for Daddy [NASH] Inside Winston Cup Racing ® (B l® B Day by Day 03 (B Married...With Children Marcy fails for an exotic dancer at a male strip club. (R) CJ 9:00 pm [CNN] Week in Review [NICK] My Three Sons Robbie and the Nurse [USA] Cover Story Spotlighting Tom Jones (R) [NASH] Wish You Were Here O National Geographic Explorer O Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous d) (B (B 8 NBC Sunday Night at the Movies 'Gore Vidal's Lincoln, Part 1" (1988, Drama) Sam Walerston, Mary Tyler Moore Lincoln's public and private life from inauguration to assassination. CJJ O CB © Movie: **** ABC Sunday Night Movie 'Tootsie' (1983, Comedy) Dustin Hoffman. Jessica Lange. Dressed as a woman to audition for a television soap opera, a desperate New York actor finds himself leading a frantic double life. (1:56) Q Q In Touch (D (31) O © Movie: CBS Sunday Movie Too Young the Hero' (1988. Drama) Richy Schroder, JohnDeVries. Based on the true slory of Calvin Graham, a 12 year old boy .enlists in the Navy and becomes a WWII hero, only to be branded a deserter back home, p O Star Search QD (B It's Garry Shandling's Show Garry's seduced by his mother's friend and he takes her daughter out. CD American Masters (1986) The late O'Keefe talks candidly about her controversial paintings. Q 9:30 pm [CSPAN] Road to the White House [MTV] This Week in Hock This program features recent mu- sic, movie and fashion news. (0:30) [NICK] Donna Reed The Free Soul [PTL] Phil Arms [USA] Hollywood Insider [NASH] In Fisherman Angling Adventures (B (B Duet Richard hits a mid-life crisis set off by a visit from his father. (R) p 10:00 pm [CNN] Evening News [MTV] Monty Python's Flying Circus [NICK] Mr. Ed Ed and the Allergy [PTL] Kenneth Copeland [USA] Robert Klein Time Guest: Jim Morris, Dave Edison [NASH] BassMasters O Runaway with the Rich and Famous Robin Leach. O Changed Lives Q News (Q Star Trek: The Next Generation (1:00) (D Masterpiece Theatre David Copperfield is sent away to school by his new step-father. g (B Tracey Ullman Show Fuzzy Bear, hired to host a party, turns out to be abusive drunk. (R) 10:30 pm [MTV] The Young Ones (Comedy) Christopher Ryan, RikMayall. Things get very interesting when the boys throw a blow out party. (0:30) [NICK] Car 54 Where Are You? Toody and the Art World [NASH] America's Horse Salute the Best of 1987 Q Gene Keady B All-American Pulling Series (T) Q Rock Alive IB Taxi Substitute Father p 11:00 pm [CNN] Inside Business [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [MTV] t.R.S.' The British Comic Strip (Comedy) New comedy series featuring the actors made famous in The Young Ones. [NICK] Smothers Brothers Immaterial Witness [PTL] Pti Club [USA] Keys to Success [NASH] Motoworld 47th Annual Daytona 200 Superbike 8 Sports Page (L) Q For Your Families Sake B SportsCenter (L) OD (D d) (B ©B ®O © News O Tales from the Darkside Snip, Snip 00 Tracey Ullman Show Fuzzy Bear, hired to host a party, turns out to be abusive drunk. (R) (D Fresh Fields CB Taxi Mama Gravas 11:15 pm ® O CBS News 11:30pm [CNN] Sports Tonight [NICK] Monkees The Case of the Missing Monster [USA] Forever Young [NASH] Hidden Heroes 8 Jerry Falwell © Sports Sunday CD Sports Final O Ed Young CB Movie: Pride and the Passion O Lou Grant Kidnap (D Twilight Zone (D Channel Zero (B Saturday Night Live Late night comedy and satire. (B Star Search (1:00) (TUB Golden Girls Sophia befriends an elderly man who has Alzheimer's disease. (R) Q '31: 0 Entertain This Week © CBS News @ Runaway with the Rich and Famous Robin Leach, 11:45pm® George Michael's Sports Machine © Howard Coseil Speaking of Everything 12:00 am [CNN] World Report [MTV] 120 Minutes Take a look at up and coming musical trends. Hosted by Kevin Seal, (2:00) [NICK] Stock Market Video [PTL] Something to Believe In [USA] Look at Me Now [NASH] American Sports Cavalcade O Movie: *** The Gazebo (1959, Comedic Mystery) Glenn Ford, Debbie Reynolds. Farcical version of the Broadway hit comedy in which a TV writer bungles the murder of his wife's blackmailer. (1:40) B Col. B'ball 1988 NCAA Division II Men (T) O Entertain This Week O Larry Jones 0) Movie: Dr. Who: Horns of Nimon (Science Fiction Adventure) Tom Baker. After losing both Romana and the Tardis, the Doctor's efforts to regain them include a bizarre world of human sacrifices and evil power complexes. (1:30) <B91o5 (JS B Trapper John, M.D. @ She's the Sheriff A Little Romance 12:15 am (D Howard Coseil Speaking of Everything (I) Movie 12:30 am [NICK] Keys to Success [USA] Love Your Skin 8 (B World Tomorrow 8 John Osteen O Movie: **'/i Salome (1953, Drama) Rita Hayworth, Stewart Granger, Story of Salome, who agrees to dance the Dance of the Seven Veils for the king in hopes of saving John the) Baptist from decapitation. (1:43) (D Tales from the Darkside CB Kojak My Brother, My Enemy 3DO Forgotten Children of the '80s ® Dom Deluise 12:45 am © Movie: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979, Comedy) Julius Erving, Jonathan Winters. A basketball team, the Pittsburgh Pythons, are on the bottom heading down until the teams' waterboy decides their help must come from heaven. (1:44) 1:00 am [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [NICK] Self Improvement [PTL] Jerry Falwell [USA] Financial Freedom 8 Jimmy Swaggart O Keys to Success 8 Love Your Skin CO Outer Limits CD Sign Off 3D B At the Movies 'II Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 1:15 am CB D.C. Follies (1987) 1:30 am [USA] Discover [NASH] Auto Specialty Magazine Q What's Happening Now Teacher's Threat 8 Young and Slim Again Ot Image Union CB Spectacular World of Guinness Records rj$B News ® O Sign Oft 1:45 am (D Comedy Club 2:00 am [CNN] Moneyweek [MTV] The Cutting Edge Happy Hour. (1987, Music Documentary) Peter Zaremba hosts this innovative program from a Holiday Inn. (1:00) [NICK] Movie: *•/« Who Done It? (1942, Comedy) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, The famous comedy team turns detective and riotously solves a crime. (1:08) [PTL] Kenneth Copeland [USA] Secret Formula [NASH] Mesquite Champion- ship Rodeo 8 Christian Children's Fund O USA Tonight B SportsCenter (L) O ® ABC News 8 Best of 700 Club CD © Nightwatch CD © B Sign Off CD Two Ronnies IB America's Top Ten 2:15 am (D Dom DeLuise O © Sign Off 2:30 am [CNN] Sports LateNight [USA] Program Yourself for Success [NASH] Celebrity Outdoors B.J. Thomas 8 Larry Jones O (B Sign Off B United States Interservice Boxing Championships From San Diego, CA (R) GD Movie O At the Movies (R) CD CNN 2:45 am (D Dating Game 3:00 am [CNN] Evans and Novak [CSPAN] Public Affairs House Debate, Congressional Hearing, or Public Policy Conference (T) [MTV] Music Videos [PTL] PTL Club [NASH] CD Sign Off 8 Save the Children 8 Movie: *** Captain Fury (1939, Adventure) Victor McLag- len, Paul Lukas. A brave soldier of fortune fights the villainous heads of an early Australian penal colony. (1:28) O USA Tonight 3:15 am 08 High Rollers 3:30 am [CNN] Crossfire [USA] Liscoitti Billiards 8 Movie: * * * * The Ph iladel- phia Story (1940, Comedy) Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart. Based on Philip Barry's play about the elite of Philadelphia and their concern for a strong willed girl and her marriage. (1:52) O Carson's Comedy 3:45 am CS City Desk 4:00 am [CNN] News Update [NICK] Movie: *** Scarlet Street (1945, Mystery) Edward C. Robinson. Joan Bennett. To impress a girl, a cashier pretends he's a famous artist, embezzling money to carry out his fraud, and then discovers she is only using him, (1:43) [PTL] Sign Off [USA] Forever Young B Scholastic Sports America (R) Q Movie: *'/a The Greatest (1977, Biography Drama) Muhammad Ali. Ernest Borgnine, Muhammad Ali plays himself in a reconstruction of the events that brought him to fame. Film clips include crucial fights throughout Ali's career. 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