Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 21
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20 ··Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 23, 1976 F U L r t b Y U L E A H k \ N S \ S 47--Reol Istofe--for Sole 47--R»ol Ertoie--For Sole When you feeUhe urge to settle down and raise, a family, you need'a nest of your own Instead of flying blind, talk to a REALTOR 0 . As reaLestate professionals, REALTORS* are ex- ·pebied to-be familiar with youricommunity and all that it offers They know what areas are suitable", what homes are available, what financing is obtainable. It's natural to. want your own home. Let a REALTOR" help you find the right one. REALTOR" FAYETTEVILLE BOARD of REALTORS COUNTRY CORNER BA- 80S 3 txrdrxwra, 1 baOi, cacpe hcma nrith csrport on 15 bp-stnirul acres In Window, area.' HOURS is seven '-yean old and hi exceter.f condition. Priced t *ell aod ivHl ficar.ce. BA S22 2ft acres w*h or^ acre in PMC loci Hish ScfaooL Can be jnircha-s«i v very small dwa psymmt. BA E01 13J acres in excellent loca for home w boacess on high-ATty two milts from West Fort, OATLCT vn eeU all or part. For more inTonnaiion on Uve«J or othe property call "321-1300 or rates JAMES W. BAKER. BROKER BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618. N. College 521-130 WE WORK HARDER' . f Vi l WE GET RESULTS *1^_" SWEETBRIAR ADDITION New 3 bedroom H brick home, 2 ft] baths, i fully - carpeWd, wool burning fir place-, ThcTmopace windows, all e'ecl kitcteo, douHe garage with electric do Builder R.H. MORGAN Phone 846-2624 3 BDRM BRICK $23,900 '(360) North of U of A. H4 baihs, 0*1 fcfrat, AC mit, Tcrwcd back yanl, os e size I car gar. rrlce shade trees. O*r leavtn? city. Appro*. fii.Wfl l^en M 514 4 FURNISH? DAPARTMENT O51) WaUiniJr (E stance to downl/wi nn UofA. Income (A IA31 per mo.. tenaiK pay u-Lilstiti, ,.IV cable pfxx^ in ea urnt. 1-2 Wrm, 3-1 bdrm gr/its, e; wiiA bith, Uy^d by Austin · fitzger; 3I-33W. HOW QUIET IT IS! Wi Away Ircm the huak and bus? o.' ihie tritf*c. *xi ixrtJf very yj.-n 2 wrx/ltd ACTPS. Chftrmang 1 bdrm affd dd h'mc, sowJ w«U, fir*p!at« f'/r o n'?!ita, range, carpets r/l drapes ea^y Jrvm'! Man adve. ti-Js is wl JI/J'*E be«n VxAin" lor! l/y*ed. by Wilnt DON'T HAUL 7HAT BOAT (43) Walk; dwn tx Uv tak* (IV-av p-ral drop in -«ir !irc. Then, vrath ba (o this verj- rtc« 3 Edrrn, 1^ bath hr w/ctn f--eat i air, 2 car gar., carpc and draper ar^J rt!ax. .Vo Vjat tx fish already riearx'd ., - you can rea I*"* convtnLerjce. LlMf-d by W£ ortieft,'sai-ayjo or 521-7CCT. WANTA SMALL FARM? fa"jft 14 bfaud/u! acrts awl 2 hdrrn, 2 Iwth home? We've g'A it- A-MJ, Ifctyir trade for yoor home m W^n, fif ihcs KB K oulri^ht. H'» E Real Estdte^For $«!· OPEN HOUSE Saturday Sunday 2 PM fo 5 PM 2224 MOCKINGBIRD LANE h i now 3 bodroom splat 1*w ith 22'xU' family room i r mly ?J1.»a , Vest nineuns furallet to Old Wire Road and H block North of th'cr -re«. Oonw-by and talk lo C. R. BJ{O* tKs Saturdaj- »,- Sunday, COUNTRY CORNER A WO 3J acres with owr 1X0 (eel ns Beaver I,nkp"at1 ~1n * timber" «i property-. OviTier v.ij] K \\ al and I-nanc* (o nialLC«d -buypr A M2 EO SCKS panl- deared on coun- road " swith of Prairie Grove. Ormcr inance vith small , doiTM OO 2 sera: exceed buildin? site ndor 11,-WG just 3 mll« rnxn'Ww* mare InTormalioQ call 521 -1300 A1OS R*. BAKEH. BROKER BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS, 618 N. College 521-1300 PARADE OF HOMES APRIL. 25th thru APRIL 30th WATCH FOR II! ARCADE .REAL ESTATE CORP. 47--Rea] Estate--For Sale 'STOP'SEARCHING This Is ihc house you've boon Jookc InMtcd al tfSO Hollitifl Hills Dr has '(hroe f bedKWV?, · two - fU!i formal I Iritis room .with fireplace fating area ofl its large k Call '(ilatlyff Sonncnvw 531-ffill, HIS HERS FIREPLACES hfa boaullhil home has I«D native sic replaces, one tti the sunken" living room and In the family room, With over.2100 n.i 1 it has Ihre* b^lroonv, tw baltv And tw decks. Can icAay lo see thts rty in Ilyland Park. VCCTKTI Tarvw Lindsey For Sale By Owner: 34 acres all zoned R-2 - Fronlaqe on Zion Road, easement to Old Missouri Rd., approx. !/2 mile east of NW Arkansas Mall. Call 5214789 or 521-4960 '47--Real Estate--For Sal» 47--Real Estat«--For Sal*' \S 11 \T i K itionl \ quirt i IiuitLj lit* KhlxK-tionl «i a Itc-ot Schcvl .district, .boasting 6I. ft. 3 .tmlroonv 2V4 bath horn i Something Special It s 3 brtirconis antl don 1 wStl DLshtvushor, Ratbag diFpi**'' [Iphts. (Ho iMlhs ami tiltt! l-rted Ihiuughoul, chaltxl i L itl " 'ti irvi btackop drive; Sy- T lives, IreiiH'ndous view, c itl dr. IN baths, i UN IMPROVED : ·100 Acres, about M » ' m ) l e Mr: blacktop, me :good ivnllcy taud.and viodtts of ifivhaittaUe limber. *l«,WQ vith tern by oM-ncr. 53 nw« on 1i~ mid Will liver, city utllillcc and tomo c splits iiKl. .!48,000 and lornts by owner, V eras utir Mi ( ijlor xoino old fields nil bouwj t«v springs aiwl \\v\\s, $W POO nixl terms by owner. WtdJ located . r.d ear- ih Dag- lrat heat . , lot MO'xZM'. IfesMes n Isrge, IOAV In\ I " ' lhal be (IvMOO is'lh'e pricfr, Your Inspectlo NEWLIN REALTY CO. 1KAUT1FU1. 3 bedroom home.i icn larce garden spol.j ! 'ork. 6315531. 8 ROOM tamp. Pralre nrave, ComiiK ial zoned. IM.fooi Tcyntaffc, 237 dw: ml iiite IUTnilun*i somi. cherry * 01 ' ralnui. EcJl, with or without the lun (lire Phone WGTS29 " Associates 5535 N. COllesc . "Developers of Hyland Park" . GabcJ , *J-'-9«3 KMi Tane ^ L*\\TS,, Jo Anne Sianberry Hal Mod3i:\ IOTW Cruse . . . , Hiram 'BrooVi Gladj-s Soor.eman ! GET RESUL1S! $86,500 cocteniop arj mastering "S SOLD ssr, ALMOST FINISHED e have 7 new- 3 BR, 2 bath, brick iccr homes eidi ^%~Iih 2 car Eara' iilible, Yoa can cJKO»e your interi -ors. Best o( all. ihs prire !s In O mfd SJ's. Call /or $39,500 r. 3 BR, 2 baih, 2 car car assumable loan. Owiicr nil] monsage. Oulstandjrig % ew OHULTZ t Realtors AYLOR Property AUnigemenl 521-2717 Hw? 71 and Green Acre* Boad Fayelieville. Ark. Older Home Tv'o story attractive- honw. 4 IK -- 2 bnths, K M n g room ' S.; dlnii rfwn" £.-' breakfast aiva. UUIily b"rt«z(m-ay. Lo( l]2\2!0-ratt at back Kiwd. Call Juliet Eavs ot 321-6300 o FREEMAN 5 2 ] Country Setting 40 TO CIng Ecrca -- Spaaous 2 i story 3 Iwdroom honw 2 fire p] nces rerf'A-ood dcci plus man jra~v ex tras For an appcnnt ment caS Pdli Bell 751 -ft) 1 * or 3Iurf SLetfd 521 -J, 36 '200 E. Poplar Fayetteville 3363 N Collcse COMMERCIAL ACREAGE GREAT, GREAT V SITE · w ; retail or eonunortial busincas, 2 . I'llICB HAS JUST 11EEN ' m Wiiekto}! . ... l-iJCk nvJinLifn it view sttft tcm\s bi ov on btnclctop, (.'1K ibout 2 miles ol ..ivain some seen (or buifdmg. $16,31X1 nn) wr In Hlue S| rinKs area bNuLLful 4 aero trad Legal Notices . ,._ . jyrilcvilto or Sprint: d,i!c J7000 with Uimt bj. mvner -H ·«n«.i( nc; . s, 40 Acres on blacktop f 11.000. Terms by own NEWLIN REALTY CO. West Fork, Arkansas -- ne\t to EL-mibo's, now rilh highway awess Call May 521-3OT --\i,mon Taner Lindsey FOR SALE BY BUILDER Iicautiiul home on 5 acres, onyl miles from Bentonville square on II 72 Eart it* Bcnlw RIdsc Estales, O garden entry, sunken family room 1 v lar£o firviJaw, opening wio largo i wood deck with fabulous vtew, Fon Uvinsicom, 3 . bedroom. 2 full b. Loads of 'cabinets i'and extra '.large car gaiMguv ! Many, moro extras landscaped and n-.idj 1 lo fo only JI9. 273-2993 or 451-6525 NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION SEVERAL UKDER COSSTRUCnON 3. Bedrooms, 2 mil baths, carpet, ' dlsh- ^·Bsher. rt sposal, electric range, central heat and aJr. all LrlcS. llreplace iirflcn.iL Double wocd paneled double trarap*, $28,500 to $31,200 VA Loan--No 1 down payment FI1A Loan--Low don n panned BUTTERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT nm west fil Soclh side of Drlre-ln The- ter, HUT- 71 North.- VI nUe..wttl into rfdiUon. WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-15569 Associate* _. L: Lwis " - '· Jo: Anne Slanbero 1 Hal Modltn - 1ad-s Sonneman ar-di Voe ehJi Sdiii Sam Uarr.s 441-1101 521-18K 521."SS7 521-3900 OUR BUY OF THE WEEK acres n a blacktop road wit compMety rebuilt. 2 storj', 8 room farm e., 30 awes level and til] able, · Ap- imately. 15 miles southwest ot Fay- t ^42-M63 52L-36OT 511-5700 '· 412B613 1MI08 511-7781 443-2G2S 411-B23 TWO bedroom, ·!'bain, large liviiy;room ritchcn,. soitw lumiture, good rendition 513,750. Four bedrooms, 2 ' baths.'. newly rcdec oralcd, walking distance of downtown Acres development property. ^ lead : ard Old -Missouri Road, 1 mite Northwest 'Arfc, Plau SHMVE REAL ESTATE S Secluded . ·» acres, with., a vie -- just Mf pai*emefit Cood terms call aiu Steed B1349"? 200 E Poplar Fayetleville BEAU.1OR AEtci Hours call: COUNTRY PLACE WLsarviing near new - (01 Brick Thiw iedrooOT bime with two-oar Caragc, :cMral Vacuum System, two baths, built- klldifn, central air cwidiiionin?. One d acre «iih good garden. West, Just off Mt. Oomfoa Rd. Call as lor appo-jil- - ROGERS "hrivlny art a near Beaver r^Ve, th : ,"? r.e home is" located jost rigfct. Three :g bedrooms, Dining Bo-jm. Twn» baths, Central atr conditioning,-all 1 rtcoric kit- Bhen;'.'twoar garage. Call. G*ri Alien 321-OTM. Evenings 731-8620. OLD WIRE RD. VA acres of ftrje land joS right for toiKng- Qiy water available. Call Dowg Hanley SUfiTOO--Evenings 44£««. A REAL BEAUTY Outsandinit -- sparkling i?esv three bed room t^m« near Buileriield Schorf. Be. Jaxc Wall to Wall carrtt. Massive WRvd-Aurnin? firep)are. Two baUis «~;ih MsrW«-top Vanity. Tastefully.d«»raied Firs*. 035 squality matcriats and wwh /nartshlp thrwi^i^ut. Priced 1«s than jus krdinary Ho-Hum hcttse. Call L'rd; REAL ESTATE COMPANY 10]5 N. College 521-67QO mber HomeJGndcn Relerral Bill Lazenby .. Les Davis Doug Hartley .. Linda lazenby Geri Allen .... 521-5333 521-8220 442-6446 521-5833 751-8620 f-1290 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE CO. F-1290 NORTHRIDGE ADDITION Only 3 years o!d and in Immaculate oxi diilon. 3 bedroom, 2 baths, formal living mom and I; replace in den- Cheerful kil- chen wiih brraklart area and exceptional cabinet - wurX. Al! this with gamgc, basketboli court. «xlra storage building and attractive 1 awiseapin?. call George Hobb aL 531-63GO days or «3-3f/S nlghl 1 ! o see this attractive 1400 m. It. home fo nly,Jil,CjQ, and "I^t George Ia It. FREEMAN "PRACTICALLY NEW om, 3 bodroom homo on · Oils 1(X farm wuth'of 'Fajrtlevillc. H has pnnellort den and basement, 'ricrily f good features here. AU fnr f33.500.00. GRAB THIS QUICKI 12 acres oC woodland locaifd on a slate road near Mayfitfd, Only S9.000.00 vvitb tAvncr term DO YOUR OWN THING Start your ov\n auto repair shop in thts e« garage, o r-- with a liltle iemod- Wng, turn these 2 rtiEckon hous«? (32,000 capa«ilj-) into a profitable chicken rabbit business ,and live in this nicely refurbished home on 5 acres ol snd reenlar.d. Just $11,000.00. JUST A LITTLE TLC. makc this 7 room, 2 ilory house ted on ·» acres of land, a lovely m home (or you. Only $33.500,00. i- Si 521-3900 NEW home Root School. 3 bcdroon brick homo, efoLfrfc Wtdicn yAtii' lot abincls anl snack tx\r. Diivng r Dwi ivtth fircplaco and boohshclvca, room, 2 full ceramic'baths.-2 ca garage, many, extras. Priced $38,91 Small'down.-by.builder, S39 2SJ9. LUXURIOUS NEW HOME ·-;ih 4 bedrooms, VA bathr, Wtchci wth Island work area, breakfast room formal din!ng n»m. Skyligh(t( plant roOTn, large stone fireplace, rccroatlwi room and wet bar. Located on BizabeOi Su In Butlerfieid Addition, Triced lr* TO's. Holland House Inc. 442-2740 REALTY Hwy. 71 South Across From -The Airport DARREL. SMITH, Manager Telephone 521-7230 NIGHTS AND"Wt;EKENI3iS ·t!3 2W2 -- 413-2019 FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY Profitable 6tt acre broiler ranch. 2 ne steel truss chicfeen hoiiMi (32'K37S'» Pla or traitor space with water eil, 1 sei-tlc lanK. and all hcok. - Call Ron Burns 846-2183 SUNDAYS ON YOUR OWN DECK While 1 your husband 'walks to the jjolf eoursu Iwm this beautirul ne\v thre bedroom two balh coiilcmporary ho extra quality si ; ore o( Faj-fltt %-i e's most popular r.*w additions, I-ir open living area with calhedra! ceaLIn aal L\ e stone £i replace, fully ca rpete eusUtm drapes, ihcrmnpane · wind buU-ln appliances, gobs of storage, e [andsraping and red cedar pri\ ence in SM-petbrinr Addition for onl . Call 521-12S. IN SWEETBRIAR new 4 bedroom brick · hom«. 3 · baths. ntercom sj-stem. \\-et bar, and all extras. Also 2 new 3 bedrooms under construe, buy now and chooe own colors. IN 'LINCOLN wth 2 bedroom tra cc. Pond. Outaulldin Phone Builder GARLAND SMITH 267-3393 1 6 A Adjoining Blacktop r?« unallarhed gatagc. Home ts part k and Boston sidhic. ocnlml hrat. 2 bedroom, t replace. Pond. A secluded scl- llrS and ye* convenient location. You can buy it lor I17.MO, Wooded 5 Acres vvfth 3363. Rarcralt i?K12 linnWlc hnmp n" good o^.iiUon \vilh Iluo for wood h^at arA rock wood hoy added. Pump house. You ran Ett In for minimum of down wymeni and balance li^e rent The pricx- is just #KOQ. NEWLIN REALTY CO. TO. BE MOVED almost: new : one bed om* hoii5e, hardwood flocir arid p^rtf rreted. ,rricrd to 'sell. Ilioiie 442^663 j\HGE 3 Bednwm, a bath .brick hom arpeted," formaJ living,, den -with fir lacp, large /enced bacto'ard. W2. Call lor appointment. Larry Holmes, 6311, Arcade «sil Estate Corp., 331-9S .OOO DOWN and assume loan of $32,5 on this large 3 BH, 2 bath brie); ha ith oversized Ihlap room and (i ;all. 75I420S, or Larry Kotnws, T51-3 Arcade Heal 12rta[* Corp., S2t-D60S. 7--RM! tttal»--^r ScU R Silo Hy O«tcr 3H aero cMtl* d broiler ranth 80000 broiler en cJti aulonhilk HiulpuxMn nbundant itftr and xrai^ S btxlitun brick dwvJl «! « ^«n ImaiAgge a««23 - . . , , ·dr\Kiii renlcol o l r ami liwl. WalHo- invl Iiidudcs lefnEentor JrtoMV r 4 dow ·31-ltM ___ ^ i l h o m duli wtilled iMtd wllhln *TM tnomt p| 1h« lirit iiubllrnllott , ' ra d " UN II bl ST VTKS DISTRICT rOUllT i- UN uiSTKUrr OF \HK \\ t U ITff' \ IIJF IHMSIOS No F-76-I5C UNITED STATIS OP .AMFKICA. C J rr\ J £-\si ^llDEin FOR SEIIMCB ON ABSENT aso come* on tor ^"-rlIu: tn l^e nlnllli s Motion /or service on nbsenl tGnlant; and the Court [Inils 1 That the- rfelenilanls I»IL A Enslrj nl Anlin J ba loi ciniwl bo scntd reo^33 l rltiln Ihe $1a1p o* Arkansas rt do not wljnlarili cppcar 2 Thai this U an rvetfun lo cnForco [pin upon rval projKrtji locnlcd In his district IT IS TIIEUFFORF ORDERED r s u l l (o 2fl U S C 155 Ihnl hc efendnnls sliilt apiwnr or plend In ILLs on or below Ma% 14 1916 op ot (his Order shall he -;cncd e atisont delcnilams i«rsonally 11 racUeatila wherever found C-0 Eslhcr M. ' (KtCWIllix) 30W . Sruih Tumor Srrins«lal«, At^^nsai the jwrs pers x)^sc,«lon or In clianw ol such properly, personal sen.'lce Is not pracltcable. his Onter shalt bo pubLUticd in a news- por having ' a Rcnorat circulation m astiinstoii CViuaf.y, Arkansas, once a cek for six conseculivo weeks prior U.S. iflSTIUCT JUDGE (.al) icrcby certify, Ibal _lhe foreBOing _ _ Irue cciy of the orig'nal on n Ihts Courl i i PallL. Graham J r t'. ncpuly Ctert By Clydilla Focvcy U S DISTRICT' COURT \YESTEFN UST ARKANElAS FILED MAR 19 19TT I H( L Graham Jr dcrt fflVM, Aitril-2,'9. 16. 23. 30 ' rUBl.tU XOTICE The WashLnKton Ojunlj Board U epllng fl bid on Ine periorinance n apreeraent lo pick uj abando ara In the untncorporaled sJiInglon Counli Copies ol ihc cnt may be picked up at Ihe Countj Persons expecting lo bid on Ihe auree rncnl ire rcnucstcrt (o spix:ar bclcre Planning Board. SJondnj. Mnj 3. al 3-00 p r a . in Ihe County Jutix«'s Olfice A bid moj be mailed (o Ihe County Judge* Orfice \\n hhiBlan Count Courthouse tnjdtevnlle Arkin is 72TH iv Hh the eu\ cloie clcarli mrked Sealed Bid llul opening w i l l be Maj 3 197S ol 3:00 p.m. in Ihc County Judpe's CJfice Bits received after tlie scheduled time and opening dale will nal be considered. Please - n d e 1 the append ex It!, It "must be tilled out eoin.-ileletj For'further InTor/nation, please oonla'cl Bud Alien, 521-8KX), cxi.'IW Bud A«m AdmlnlMralivc Ollicer Coutiiy Planning Board 3lc 23. 21, 25 WARNING ORDER E 76-566 In ihe- Chancery Court ol W ounty. Arkansas Mary Eliiabflh Wright Vs Harold Dean Wright, Defendant « defendant Hnrold Dr New York's Newest In The Cabaret NEW YOHK (AP) -- One has husky voice and Is known as the "Deco .Dolly." The' other speaks seven languages and is a former princess. They are th'a ncncrt altiaclions in N e w York's cabaret world, a scene hst culling into the current dis :o madness of Ihe city's danca emporiums. Deco Dolly As Suzanne, Dawson a 25 jcir old throwback lo the days of Mack and :\vhita Ginger Ropers moues The linguist- is Natha Graj jan ac [ress known for her regal atltl arislocralic roles but best re mcmberert for the striptease slip performed in Ihe 1961 mov 10 I a Dolce Vila 'j Bolh ha\e put |togelhcr cabaret acts as duersc as Iheir lues Their debuts here ara first, slabs al cabaret entertain; ing for both'women. At least four cabarets hav» opened in the cilj o\er the past j e a r including Triangle a Western cowboy sUle bir Many .niglit life observers say discotheques are going out and cabarets are coming in. 'There is a return lo cabaret because people want and desire elegance now ' says director Jay Binder. The 5-foot-S. Miss Dawson; in slinky while Jean Harlow gowri and precise art, dcco jewelry, arrives for her act al ihe Prive' restaurant in a - c h a u f f c u r - d r i v limousine. She walks liirough the front door, "just ed lo oprear in Ihls courl wilhin thirty days and answer the complaint ptnlnHft in Ihc above cnLUEed s my hand and sea! of this hls lih day ot April, 1ST6 Alma Koltmeycr Chaticery Clerk lly Joyce Cooftscy D.C. (Sean 4Tc 23, » . , M a y . 1. .14 NOTICE I'robAfe Courl of Washlnglon County, Artansas In the Mailer of Ihe Ea(ute ol O.A. Solomon, decra»ed. J-aji known address of deoedwil: VV«i Foik. AiTiansas Oale of denlh: February 16, 1976 An tnstrument ; dRled January 35. 1OT3. W as on the ISLh day ol April , 1976, adniilted to probate .as the : Insl wil of the above named decedent, and Ih u n d e r s i g n e d h a s been 'Appointee iseculrLi Ihereuncler. 1 A sonleil ol th bate ol th only by tiling provided by la AIL persons Ii mil be efleeted pcHlton nllhln the lime vinjj claims against ihe ral YANGEY PFAITV IM.MLI 1 REALTOR P.O. Box 231 · ' Do-ATJlOHTi Next "To IKlTonB ; . Ffairie Grcr.c, Art 7^733 OFFICE PHONE 3( ,o ' In The Midst 80-A. r HEW Five Room home -- Ervdotvid h. Wowl-bumlnj? (ireplice -- Beau- tifcil Welxm. Fert:fe gArtJen ar«i. Sixteen bearing fruit Utes. Bam, laatmz Shc-d, 50-A. r Wc-aft-y with t-^o year oii brick home, Ram, New fer^c. 1^1 A PiLMnre zrA Watw. Free onJy ! K0.00. GwJ urms. 70-A. UnJmpiwt*). Some hcndi lAnd, 1 iyj Uec* - on ' B^ arrf LiU R*^. on i 10-A. 52J-C500 1935 N. lege with a raw 5 room house plus an rfd- w 3 room cabin. M acres in pasture. 2 p-jfrds atvrf a dn!!M w e f l , Prtc*jJ at HO.OW, »root Rf-Miy, 523 -72» r.iiTrv.A . arvd or FOR f5ALr- oy o^Ttr; \! ecre vallcv !ar/J »fl In permaricu pailure. Wj(h thr pofxta,, Ktsr recrcAil/jfi ] j fce, «i* m I frwm paved road- Phwi* W1/K-27: tft«c * p.m. WMZENBY 'ACHflrtTCCO. BEAUTY OF ; COUNTRY ytt tfrfe tn city In beauUful area ] west of fayrtlt-vi;!*. Two r/-* 3 rcom, 2 bath homes, wiih Jargc ronpi, formal hvlw ar^J dining larjtc 'xt A 2 n-r(-s ( r,kt Urvi w«b tarh home. Fatiteville wdxwla, Vrt.OTA t-irfu Moyes Construction Co, Phone 443-2669 nil! Yaticey ' : W26M Sun Vi'chh SW^IM AUas Qjhea 6« 3151 S Kits acres, with war new 3 hrtlrwm. 1% bath fv,t7ic, cnrreitd, with wxyxl- humr'n^ d replace. Also, ha-i small barn. wdl house, B(xxl wcJl, ly/rafcd in Prairie Grir.e. SctivA district. Priced 425,500, 6 Acres nice wwrfiad land v.ii)i Eprifig brsnrh, locatcrt iW nrJt» Irom filatc Wgh-A-ay. Priced S4oW, 'Acres govl flat valley \xrA, Ircatcd North ryf Prairfe Grove. aiJ open a«t in rflim. parfnre. A bargain /or only 532.2CO, 20 Acres jood level l^rxl localtd Bpprwx WA m-.(cs N'orth of Farrntnjfwxi SrlifxJ. Gyxl for development ixXcrtliaT, 30,«V) Brrticrs, 3 VAISW, Insulated airf BDi/jmafic, y acres lar.d in pasture. alw has zvA 2 herfrf^vm. I hath home. icom Mrtxie home vilh perm, adrivlfc«i hwiie, a!s» v/fA rrtx^k and Exceptional sprint 2 pw!i. AH lJs tor J69.3M witft FOR SALE BY OWNER Crtmprrjvcd land. Good road, 2 - miles west r/f Highway ?1 Somh, WcU. Fork, Peaceful vA nvSvl. f/A wn,' SK.CO ptr, morAh, JndtvV« (rtcre** ;ir,A-$75rt down, |73 pw nvjT.ih, iMufdcs Ir/wcsi; WA-tlWO d^/wi, 1 160 per rrwr/h, fr^uck^s (Merest. Also 2 dxk« T'J« a( n*av-o- Rama Park r/Mtl (o lake «i Mackto*) road, RoraT water awl tlertricHy avail- af/e- No pGiTTUridit (raiTenr, Eaoh J150 */*D, tZi per month, Iwhidcj Cnir ^-rv5M Weaver (home) S44-JM6; (btutr.m) P/W-3318. : ' . · ' ' , NKAT Htlle 2 tediwm , hooM in Fay- It or B-« fw rcnial- (JO.'/A For appoint- O S t"J J 2 t rr r~J o( DUO ol ihe bcttc X productive area*-- 100 . . RC.rfs -- pond sprms. r* well -- Kme pcrman [jj enl grass. For an ap ^f pninlnxrrf rail Murl ^ o -Jt33, £/) hJ w P 200 E. Poplar Fa/ofteville B?y r^^ f ^ 1 H f^-- -*-"£/iS 521-3900 BRICK HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 bedroom, 1V faih, ilvint? dinfr 3 a rca , hreftkfasi nrtsa, cwxral heal- nr^l Hfr. w,1l/i pnlio and larfic tkwhfc earpoit, excellent loc^fJon in RVK School ,IXsCrf«. Avaifehfc May 1st, Call 443-30M aflcr 4 p.m, . , , S-\r,B PRtoEn near VoM, IWra nice three IxrfnXiini , 2 lnth, den, carptitiT Jor^«, level TrX -- [Hu.( ««lmnilnj! pool wily |2fl/iM). Will FHA fr VA. Twgxar RoAJIy 731-7222, 755-3MI, RV owTior, 3 iKrfroom nvxlorn home- 1757 SIOUX fJT. R. separate dining, carpeted, al s you would waul, fireplace, cathed viUngs, custom cabin els by Darrell CORNER OF E1OUX CHEROKEE I BR, covered portJi, carpeted,- a]] oc ras. Buy naw pick your'own colors. cc our homes hj' Coming by during th* day, or call builder MELTON HOMES 442-2826 -,521-3895 Unimproved Land 60 Acrra' "i1h large pond. iiasnirc. Private itfr phone school bus and man route. cr financing. 10',4 acres only t Already in vallaNc, JiO.OOO 2595 North College 521-3121 Susfc Huf faker ' Carter cy Ifuddtestwi naynxind Losiw Ted Do r /;c Hill Gosoy M288 FREEMAN REAL E STATE CO. F-1288 TInnmy, 3 ' fK^lrooms, 2 talHi, Uv^Ti2, ' 'n, IHilily awl an citlra TarBc SfiWxM' n w-jth its privAto iwilo, sliding Axr (moUicNnj.iw?) 2.000 VI. ( flArAPC (or (HiTy P7.500. S mint's home wiih rtr.ipcs, irt*la! iK^Isjffoads TC631I, Ar- Al^ *t Durham. Call Easy Eo make and easy to wear. This cape-shawl is tops! Shield your shoulders with j soft, warm cape-shawl of f l u f f ; mohair. Crochet quickly in ens; rib slilch. Choose a soft pastel Pattern 624: Misses' sizes 10-2 included. $1.00 For cadi pattern. Acid 3: cents each pattern for first ctos*s airmail and handling Send (a: Laura Wheeler Neecllccraft Dept..450 Northwest Arkansas TIMES Box 151, Old Chelsea S!a.. New Yo-k NY 10011. Print Name Address. Zip, Pattern Numbei , NEW! 200 designs crochet, FREE quilt, inside sew, to knit plus Printed Pattern SAY YES to the dress nil In one color or one vibrant print! Or create a 2-piece effect by combining print and solid. Great short; long. 1 Printed Pattern 4801: Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size , like any other customer ," she says.: and the show begins. It is a magical, madcap romp of the music of [he 1930s, using the restaurant itself and a piano as .the stage. There is one contemporary tune, "Prive' at Midnight," Qlher selections are by .such greats as Cole Porter, Rogers and Hart, the Gershwin brothers and Noel Coward, T h e r e ' s also u Liniehouse Blues/' "Flying Down 'to Rio, ' 'Smoke Your. Troubles" Away," and "Dancing in the Dark. ' 'The concept here is to make these' people -extras on an RKO movie, set/' said Miss Dawson, n native of Montreal. Waiters, audience, the hat check girl, maitrc d' ami bartender are all part of the cast. They arc not professional singers and -danc- rs. Su z.i nnc is spontaneous and wacky. But she started out as -a dancer and trot i singer 'Someone once told me, 'Suzanne, you're : a good dancer, b'ui you don't blend inlo the (chorus) line. .You'll never get anywhere unless you learn how to sing ' ' So of r she- went to the Boston Conservatory of Music. She left afler two years, she said, in order 'to plunge i n t o the business with her first audition. 'I got up on the stage to sing and nothing came out. Nothing," she .said, stretching th word with her tongue for cnv nhasis. The reason? She had polyps' on her vocal cords. . Following .a .laser operation, M iss D aws nn had (o rclcarn how to sing. But jobs were scarce. , ' . - ' . "I liiuig around, and waited tables," .she said. "I became so frustrated ^ t h a t " T started tap dancing on' the subway." Eventually she did ! a series of plays at a New Jersey supper club, including -'-'Applause 1 ' and "Lil Abner."f -She i also played Ihe role 'of "Gillian the witch in a Long/ Island '"production of ';Bel], ; Book a;id Candle/' Nadia Gray, who was horn in .Berlin and raised! in 'Romania, never had a chance to. ping in the. CO movies .she's marie,. "Some people ask me, 'Why are you doing it?' WcM, I havs needs that eo further than necessities, When you're born with somtlring inside, you must do it, she said about her cabaret act. Although . she made opera movies in Italy, there was no singing jiixMlvcd.! She and [he other actors in the films mouthed the songs performed by off si a go opera singers. "Wo had to breathe when they , . , . 12 (bust 34) lakes GO-mrh fabric. yards NBW 187 NEKDLECtlAFT CATALOG. Send 75 cents.- ' Crochet with Squares $1.00 Crochet a Wardrobe . Nifty Fifty Quijts {l.oo Rippln Crochet'.. ... Sew plus Knit Book .. Nccrllepoinl Book .... Flower Crochet Hairpin Crochet Book Instant Crochet Book . fnstat Money Dook $1.00 for each pattern. Add 35 cents for each pattern (or first- class airmail and handling. Send to: ; , Ann cxAdams ,. Pattern Dept. 438 - . - t' 2 = Northwest Arkansas TIMES ,J;JS|243 West 17 St. New York, NY SI,00 $1.00 .$1.00 $1.00 $1.00 51.00 Instant Mncramc Rook ... $1.00 Complete Gift Book $1.00 Complete Afghans No. 14 .$1,00 12 Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cents Book of '6 Q:iills No. 1 .50 cents M.iscum Quilt Dock No. 2 ,. .50 cents , 15 Quills for ToOay No. 3 .. .50 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Get a $1.00 pattern free -choose it from NEW SPRING- SUMMER CATALOG! Packer with hundreds of great sun, Sliorl. city, travel styles. Send 75 cents for Catalog Now! Sew pins!Knit Book ....,'. II.!, 1 ! Instant Money Crafts .... $1.00 Instant Sowing Book ..;...$1.00 Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs .-50 cents Instant Fashion,Book ..$1.00 breathed," she laughed. The cabaret act she ha.i created for the Spindlclop. she says, is a little autobiographical and includes songs in Italian, English, German and Spalsn"' , They're mostly ballads." she said, "because I like sentimental songs. I can't sing a song just for tht r h y t h m of if I love something that tells a s'to- There arc dramatic Jacques Bre and K-jrt Weil songs a' well as the lightness of Noel Coward in her revue. .Miss Gray has appeared with Frank Sinatra and Charles Boy- fn«i n S s . antl Cowar( ' in the MOs Pans production of Present Daughter." She experienced the "culling room Ii?J? r ln " lc Audrey ilfephum- Ulbert Fmnoy movie, "Tsvo for Ihe Iioatl,".m which her flirtation scene wjlh Finney was d r o p p e d . 1 ' ' . ' , ' Her first husband was Prince Consfantin Canlacuzino of Romania. Her present husband, lawyer Herbert Silverman, fell in love with her ,if(cr seeing Miss Gray in "La Dolce Vila."

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