Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 13, 1962 · Page 18
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 18

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1962
Page 18
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HUM BOLD'f STANDARD Friday, April/13, 1962, Page 18 THE FLINTSTONES . By HANNA-BARBERA' By Harold Gray LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE WEUU.HCW YOU u«e IT uv\j rwi I M H I -»· i MI WHAT'S THIS I I LATEST THINS.,. H6AK ABOUT / IT'S STUFFEC? eeiTiNe \ WITH FEATHSKO? A YOUNi? THEY WERE LOOKING FOR DEBRIS FPOM THE 60MBED SHIP WHEN IT-E-E-E-E- CARMICHAEL OH. FOR TH 1 LOVE 0' DEAD CALM, OH 1 WE AREN'T A MILE OFF SHORE! MIGHT HAVE SPECTED THIS OH FRIDAX THIRTEENTH! THIE£LT!§ \ "AGAIN f ,4vw. WHffT?THE LAUNCH WITH TWENTY ·YOU'RE CRAZY! ·- '^-~ ~ - ' * ~ft*-J-. '---ffiT-* By V. I. Hamlin ALLEY OOP OH, FOR PETE SAKE I DIDNT KNOW By Wilson Scruggs COME ON, OOP, LETS GIVE THIS RIG A SHAKE DOWN/. MARTHA WAYNE ITS JUST NOT A PROPER DATE TO LAUNCH A PROJECT, THAT'S WHAT/ HEV, DOC-.LOOK AT THIS CALENDAR! WE CANT START WORK TODAY/ THING T V YOU WERE SIR?) SUPERSTITIOUS, AMD SO WHEW JIM ~\ CLICHES 6ETE OUT OF PKISOg,Ul?E THE I'LL BE WAITIUG FOt OLDEST HIM. THAT'S A KEAL I TRUTHS, CLICHE, ISM'T Kl^J SAWDY. LIFE ABOUND? IMTHEM.' I TOLD JIM THAT YOU DID AS tfXH, \ IN YOUR QUIET WAY, TO MAKE M£ [ CHAUSE MY MIUD K AIL OF HIS FIERY LETTERS/ l'Ui WCTTIUSTHEf 60 AHEAD/1 WOMAH S'ANDYr J .OOij'T SUCROSE FOR. / TUBS'? ANY HARM IW WRITING ONE LETTER OM VOIK. OWM BUGS BUNNY NOW IF I COULP ONLY FI6URE OUT HOW TO WEMINP SUSS BJNNY TO STAY OUT OF IT! HMM... YOUR B I R T H D A Y and Tomorrow SCARECROW KEEP THE BIRPSOUT MY 5AR0 LADIES DAY FRIDAY, APRIL 13 -- Born to- day routine: Take no chances a clay the stars have given you out standing artistic and literary tal- GEMIN1 (May 22-June 211--I ent which should he developed at you expect the unexpected an early age. Your major problem then you won't be sur prised and disorganized. in life may be one of production (June 22-July 23) -.hose under this day's sign arc Take no risks in travel. Be on :hild prodigies and will have a By Chick Young whole career in youth and then should go fairly well wilh you. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23) - Don't come to a second success much WELL, MAYBE THERE'S A ] LITTLE BITTY TE6NSYX \weENSYSUGSESTIOH N OH, BOO-HOO-^ ONLY VOU WOULP CRUEL ENOUGH IT '"01 CWGWOOD--TELL You arc extravagant with your morning. Take things DO I HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN ? come. Evening is really fine. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Scpt. 23) -- A splendid day for shopping and for energies as well as with your money. You make a lot -- and spend it as fast as you make it. Unless you learn to save a little visit to someone you as you go along, you may end may not have seen recently. 'On -- am I Jate LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) -- The ip by having to ask for financial tide has turned, for you, and this iclp in an emergency. Since this real blow to your can prove to be a splendid, happy ride, you will be smart if you day of accomplishment. earn to put aside that little bit of SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - L.ITTL.E L.IZ Morning hours should be spent in money for a rainy day. You men have a talent for pol- eisurely pleasure to let down past tensions. Evening is fine! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) public and know how to at- By Frank O'Neal ract the voters, you would prnb- large-scalc activity pro- ably be successful in an elective gram and you can bring pleasure By Dick T u r n e r Mst. Whether you turn from local and joy to yourself and others. )olitics to statesmanship is to be CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) TOLDVOVl MOT-ro PLAY WITH THAT [ire from yesterday; make deci- It takes some kids a long time to learn that truth is more import- anttthan consequences.^ _ c NEA « rather than a quick splurge. With you, slow and steady is likely to ,vin the race. Among those born on this date sions; go on from there. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Fcb. 19) Sleep late and relax this morning. When afternoon comes, entertain SO Soutu Kmm friends and have a fine lime. are: Thomas Jefferson, Make plans (or an exciting after noted bacteriologist; Frank Wm- 'ield Woolworth, merchant; James harper, publisher. To find what the stars have in store for you tomorroow, select events take over the stage. SAN BERNARDINO, Calif, i -- Two men suspected of your birthday star and read the taking $78 from a radio shop ma; corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star he your daily guid IF A FLV'5 CHILDREN ALL THAT WOULD BE A LOT OF LIVED, SHE WOULD HAVE SIX HUNDRED AND TUBfTY- WE THOUSAND 6RANDCHILDI5EN! BUfrHDfWS TO KEEP TRACK OF! wonder why they were arrested 30 minutes later but it is no mystery to police. Sgt. ,Iim Muddock said with a broadcast description it zas easy Saturday, April 14 RIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 20)--This should be a normal, routine Satto spot Ray Daniels, 24, a day. Make a special effort dur- [ooter wearing a bright red sweal- ng morning and evening hours. TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21)-Ad- Grace, 22, who Is 5-foot-2 lere closely to your normal Satur- DON'T BE SHY/yO' A MOTHER'S KISSJT YO SAVED MAH BABY-SO,AH GOTTA GlVE^iO' TH'FINEST · REWARD/THIS SIDE O' HEW1N/J Once lilt, Iwlce shy! "I see Janie is a chip off the old block, Doctor! I've been waiting two hours!" By Nadine Seltzer By Leff and McWilliams DAVY JONES Lover come back la me 'This looks liko a good spoil BUT SUZY BENArS APPMH6NSIOH i GROWS AS SHE FSELS TH( MENACING PRESENCE OF HER DIVING BUDDY,.. By Fagaly and Shorten THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW Miss KIRKLAND'S GIRLS CAVORT IN HAPPY PAIRS, EXPLORING THE WONDERS OF THE WATERY DEPTHS.. . MOV/ HAS A SETIRE- E AMP BLABB/'S REACHED ITJ HOW POSS H£ SOUNP NOW 5- zt\ZS AGO, BW3BSRTOM SOUMPEP OF ON THE MERITS Of COHPULSOR/ THOSE OLP GL/XS ARE ONLY IN THE- ]/, WAYS THEVOUSHTA FORCS'SM TO RETIRE ANP MAKE ROCW FOR E VlSOEOUS /ASM .' THE/ SOT A / AW I SOT LOTS OF /WLEA3E LE7T1 ( I GOT MORE 1 EXPERIENCE TiHAN V THESE VOUMS V/HIPPSR5NA p ?ERS! -^ , EESIPES,! COJLPN'T I LIVE ON A'Y PENSION x TOWYI HAVE A HEART lIVE | . . BREAK ! ) By Raeburn Van Buren ABBIE and SLATS THAT'S THE REASON I LOVE CHARLIE. VOU'RE SO WAY OUT.' SUE WHAPS THAT, CHARLIE ? WHAT AVONNE HAD ASAINST ALL YOU fOLKS LIVIN5 WITH OS .' - - "I just said Judy was coming over with her call"

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