Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 41
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 41

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 41
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F« g « D-8--INDEPENDENT «*» ·«* «·"· "-·· «"· «· ml OUT Television Log JuxM I K»C» (U»et 4 K1LA CU_M ) «AIC CMOMl i KHJ OUMMl » KTTV C»l«ail It KCOP CM"* II . Tko l»«iai«le«t atwmt M iewem»iU lee cUwet mM »l HalieM. THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1962 ~. 5:45 2 Farm Report; News ' · 6:00 A. M. 2 College of Ain "Biology" ·4 (Color) Contin. Classroom: "Contemp. Math" (repeat) 6JO 2 USC: "Everj'day Law" 4 (Color) Contin. Classroom: "American Government" Dr. Erwin Griswold, dean of Harvard Law School. ·; 7:00 A.M. 2 Capt. Kangaroo: flowers 4 Today, John Chancellor 7:45 9 Cartoonsvillt--A.M. 8:00 A. M. 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowc Guests: Gary Merrill, Slim Pickens 5 A.M.--L.A., Stan Chambers 7 Chucko the Clown 8:30 5 Morning Cartoons 11 Susie, Ann Sothcrn 13 Guidepost: Science (0-12) 9:00 A.1H. 2 Calendar, Harry Reasoner M.D. cancer experts discuss smoking and lung cancer. 4 Say When, Art James 5 Face-Lifting by Exercise 7 I Married Joan, J. Davis 9 Movie: "My Life With Caroline," Ronald Colman : 11 The Princess, Pat Blake 13 Public Service Film 9:15 13 Guidepost: Soc. Studies 2 I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 5 Romper Room 7-The Pioneers 11 'The Jack LaLanne Show 9:45 13 Guidepost: English Lit. 10:00 A.M. 2 Video Village, Monty Hall 4 (Color) The Price Is Right 7 Abbott and Costcllo 11 The Pamela Mason Show 10:15 13 G'depost: Living in West 10 JO 2 The Clear Horizon. Lee Meriwcthcr joins the cast today as Air Force doctor assigned to the Cape- 4 Concentration, H. Downs 5 World Advntr. "England" 7 Our Miss Brooks, E. Ardcn 0 Of Men and Motives 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons 10:55 2 Harry Reasoner, News 11:00 A.M. , 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) Your First Impression, Bill Lcydcn 5 Yoga for Health 7 NEWI "THE TENNESSEE ·*· ERNIE FORD SHOW" ... MUSIC t COMEDY DAILY! Ol' Ern features a fhaggy dog monologue. 7 Tennessee Ernio Ford 9 Crime Docs Not Pay 11 Broken Arrow, J. Lupton 11:30 . 2 Search for Tomorrow ' 4 Truth of Consequences 5 PM. Mike Wallace, with Susan Strasberc. Goodson and Todman, Gloria De Haven, Barbara Britton 7 Yours for Song, B. Parks 9 Medallion Th'tr (tclcplay) II Songo. Del Moore 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Schcrcr News (11:55) 12:00 NOON 2 Burns and Allen Show 4 Jan Murray Show, from Fla. Citrus Exposition 7 Camouflage, Don Morrov 9 Movie: 'They Won't Believe Me." Robert Young 11 Sheriff John, John Rovick 13 Midday Report 12:15 13 Industry on Parade 4 Floyd Kalhcr News (12:25) 12 JO 2 As the World Turns 4 Lorctta Young Theater 7 Window Shopping. 13 Public Service Film 1:00 P.M. 2 Password, Allen Luddcn 4 Young Dr. Malonc 5 Dr. Brothers; News; Movie (1:10): "I Am a Criminal,' John Carroll 7 Day in Court: Divorce 11 The Gale Storm Show 13 Careers: David Packard 1:25 ' 7 Alex Drcicr Report 130 2 Art Linkletter H'se Party Sheilah Graham predicts Oscar winners 4 Our Five Daughters 7 My Little Margie 9 Tic Tac Bowl, D. McGrcw 11 Divorce Court, Bill Welsh 13 Guidepost to Spanish (6) 2:00 P.M. 2 The Millionaire 4 Make Room for Daddy 7 Jane Wyman Presents 9 Movie: "Bride for Sale," '· Claudette Colbert ('49) 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 2JO ' 2 The Verdict Is Yours 4 Here's Hollywood, Jack -Unklcttcn Frank Me- Grath, Betty Lynn 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narx 11 Movie: "Hullabaloo." '·Frank Morgan ('40). 2:55 2 Charles Collingwocd 4 Sander Vanocur, Niivs . 5 Telecopier News 3:00 P.M. 2 The Brighter Day 4 Act I (teleplay) 6 Makeup Tips; Milady 7 LIVE from Pillliilthli t "QUEEN FOR A DAY" 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons 3:15 2 The Secret Storm 5 Tricks 'n' Treats, C. Guy 330 2 The Edge of Night 4 Hi way Holiday: "Alaska" 5 Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 P.M. 2 Amos 'n' Andy 4 Movie: "Under Western Skies," Noah Beery Jr. 7 American Bandstand 9 Birthday Express 4:30 2 Life of Riley. Wra. Bcndix 9 Movie: "Khyber Patrol," Richard Egan ('54) 113 Stooges, Don Lamond 4:50 7 American Newsstand 5:00 P.M. 2 Movie:"Star Maker," Bing Crosby. Louise Campbell, Ned Sparks C39-l!=t run) 5 Popeye. Tom Hatten 7 Love That Bob! 11 Superman. George Reeves 13 Joe Palooka, J. Kirkwood 5JO 7 The Soupy Sales Show 11 Rescue 8, Jim Davis 13 Malone Goes Skiing 5:55 4 News Almanac C:00 P.M. 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Bozo the Clown 7 Baxter Ward, News 9 Newsreel, John Willis 11 Highway Patrol 13 Peter Hanson. News 6:15 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 7 ABC News, Ron Cochran 13 Harold Fishman CJO 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show 5 Clete Roberts Reports 7 MacKcnzie's Raiders, Richard Carlson 9 Cartoon Express 1 Space Angel; Dick Tracy 3 Waterfront, P. Foster . G:45 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 5 The Big Three (News) II George Putnam Dateline 7:00 P.M. 4 "SCIENCE IN ACTION" ·*: Line. Translation Math. 5 Beat the Odds, M. Stokcy 7 Ripcord, Larry Pcnncll 9 Science Fiction Theatre- 11 The Yogi Bear Show 13 True Advntr, B. Burrud: "Africa's Unfcnced Zoo' 7:15 2 Douglas Edwards, News 7:30 2 Oh, Those Bells! Wicre Brothers. Boss eyes boys' Inheritance, not knowing it's a seal (this was to have been series premiere episode when U was slated for Nov. 19GO debut). 4 Outlaws, Bruce Yarnell, Slim Pickens. Maneuvers to recover swindled property in first of 24 summer (an early summer this year!) repeats. n Peter Gunn. Craie Stevens 7 Ozzie and Harriet. Rick eyes pretty student nurse (Nina Shipman) in campus infirmary. 9 Mr. D.A., David Brian 11 The Best of Groucho 13 Golden Voyage, Jack Douglas: "France" 8:00 P.M. 2 F r o n t i e r Circus, Chill Wills, Red Buttons, Gloria Talbott, Christopher Dark. Casey's former C.O. sends his bookworm son ((Buttons) for a toughening up 5 Troubleshootcrs, Kccnan Wynn, Bob Mathias 7 The Donna Reed Show More to baseball than meets the eye. S SPECIAL! DYNAMIC A- 1-HR. REPORTl Part I THE ROOSEVELT STORY Pros, by CALIFORNIA FEDERAL SAVINGS . . (repeat from Sunday) 11 The Phil Silvers Show Dobcrman becomes stingy millionaire. 13 The Play of the Week: "Wingless Victory." Hugh O'Brian, Eartha Kilt (repeat). Maxwell Anderson tragedy of mixed marriage in puritanical town (Scries shifts to Sundays starting next week.) 8:30 4 Dr. Kildare, Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey, Glynis Johns, Pat Crowlcy. Doctor and nun pit medicine against faith to save woman's life. 5 Crime and Punishment, Clete Roberts. Chino inmate was murderer at 16. 7 The Real McCoys, Walter Rrennan. Pretty lass from Italy (7iva Rodann) moves in with the McCoys. 11 Johnny Midnight, EumCmu O'Brien. Crooked promoter of movie beauty contest is slain. 9:00 P.M. 2 Ttll It to Groucho. Rod Serling brines Italian tenor, and choreographer conducts in experiment. 5 Mr. Lucky, John Vivyan. Mitch Miller of the Thursday night "Sing Along" program claims you shouldn't worry if your children like rock-and-roll. "This subtccn music is their own because nobody else likes it," he said, it," he said. "It's a way for them to show their hostility toward Barents or teachers or any figure of authority. 'But it's a passing phase, thank heaven, and in time they grow out of it" How soon they grow out of It depends on the musical climate created by their parents in earlier years. . Miller maintains the "dyed- in-the-wool" rockand-roll fan is a child who comes from a home where good music hasn't been played often enough. "You can't shove it down their throats," he said. "It has Top Flowing Today 10 P.M.--GREAT CHALLENGE on channel 2. A documentary on the basic nature of the conflict between th" U. S. and Russia. ' ' - b ·e.»'JS IE TV: by TERRY VERNON Radio Programs f 6 z=a MJ C -- 3 ·«« --!« Btf =|i tf =13 Kr TMi» tWc w .=13 ssft :--11 TM IHmMul MtMMi M niMMWMr kr ttamai au4e » THURSDAY, APRIL S, 1962 7:00 A.M. KFI-PM K*»C- «an» KHJ-Ne»ll iMftl ' ....... WtvM Newt RltduO Mrllt W'r»»mt to be kind osmosis. of a process ol "Play good music in your Yvettc Mimieux guests. 7 My Three Sons, Fred Mac Murray. Chip leams about his father's job at aircraft plant. (Series has been renewed for fall.) S DEATH KEPT HER If SECRET--"THE UNO OF THE PHARAOHS"--COLOR Jack Hawkins, Joan Collins, Dewcy Martin star. II The Islanders, James Phil brook, Leslie Nielsen. Man seeks airline as front for dope-smuggling ring. 930 2 The Gertrude Berg Show. · Frank Aletter guests as a frustrated government representative w h o m Sarah defies by protecting rare bird nesting in cyclotron. (Scries suffers from the CBS Thurs. night jinx and fades from the air with this episode. "Zane Grey" repeats will take over.) 4 Hazel, Shirley Booth. Hazel RED BUTTONS Channel 2 at 8 PM. home when the children are doing other things. They get used to hearing It and their taste is formed without their even knowing what you're doing. "Kids accept a lot of things easily if you don't label it 'culture' or if you don't say, This is good for you'." e e *' * KATHY NOLAN of "The Real McCoys" Thursday night scries is in favor of naming a woman astronaut. "A gal in the program now," said Kathy, "might forestall an 'Equal Rights in Space' movement later." * * * e HARVEY Waggoner, general manager of the Long Beach Civic Light Opera Associa- ion, will be interviewed on channel 9 about 2:45 p.m. Friday. Waggoner will trace the listory of the association and discuss its current production. Call Me Madam." The interview, to be conducted by Wayne Thomas, vill come during breaks of 'Million Dollar Matinee." The pp Penney Parker. Girls feud spreads to their parents. 10:00 P.m. 2 The Great Challenge: "U.S. and U.S.S.R.--Coexistence or Collision?" Eric Sevacvid moderates series' fourth and final hour as authors Erich Fromm and Eugene Lyons join Col. Wm. H. Kintncrand former Ambassador James J. Wadsworth In an exploration of the basic na turc of the conflict Lc- twcen the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. 4 (Color) Sing Along with Mitch. Leslie Uggams and Louise O'Brien are soloists in show about career choices of the 20's. R Clete Roberts Reports 7 The Untouchables, Robert Stack, Martin Balsam. Slot machine operator gives Ness tip to gain revenge. 11 George Putnam, News 13 Peter Hanson, News 10:15 5 Big Three Final (News) 13 Harold Fishman 10:30 5 The Californians 11 The Paul Coatcs Show 13 NEW! TONIGHT! NEWI * THE MIKE STOKET SHOW 11:00 P.M. ·' 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 5 Mahalia Jackson Sings 7 ABC News Final 9 John Willis, News: Dow | Finstcnvald Golf Tips 11 The Tom Duggan Show 11:05 5 "BULLFIGHTER AND THE * lAOY"--ROBERT STACK 7 Baxter Ward News (11:10) 11:15 2 Movie: "The Bride Wore Boots," Barbara Stanwyck, 4 (Color) Tonight, Art Linkletter, with Walter Pidgcon, ·cri-itt ist fs«!. KABC-- Hew) Unril KMJ-Hotert Q. lewlt KNX-Bt* Crint few KGEft-Autrev Lit KABC-- Newt arovi-d W«f id KNX-Fr«i Gou. Newt KFI-Newt; 'ievlti'end ' KABC-- W. NeWe; Ntwl KNX-Boo Crane Show tGEH-- eteewen Mom* 8:00 AJtf. KFI-Newt; H.I If* Road KABC-- Newt; Paid Hervev KHJ-- Newt; Soortt KNX-- Newt) Seo-ncedt tGCR-- Wlltwe Nt?lon KABC-- Newt) Jcortt KHJ-Rot»rt Q. lewll KNX-Btt Cran« Shew KFI-- Reporter) Newt CABC-- William W-flfer KGER-- Velce el Our» KFI-AM/ and Vlrilnla KABC-Mirlet Newt KGER-- YVorM MmMi 9:00 AJtt. KABC-- Ralri» Jamet; Nwi KHJ-Fnter Brotu newt KNX_«ewt CGCR-- Ujmeran Hogr KABC-- Myron J. Pnwttt KHJ-RoDert Q. lewlt KNX-- Boo Crane iho« KFI-Ladief° Oe» KGcR-- jchn Brown Hour KFI-Cmcrinil KNX--itorr In Hollywood 10:00 A.M. KFI-Nwt: Swlwn" Yean KABC-Newt: Briftl Club KHJ-Bob Freed. Newt KNX-NOI Armor GMtrev KFOX--tee Rsti (to I:X1 KGER-Rexve Million KCER-Overcomlri tile I I I ) KGER--Rev. tCKOV KOOO KFI--£m:»iatlt IO:Si| 11:00 A.M. KFI-Nwt; Swlno'n- Veer KMPC--Newt: Bill R'onei KABC--Newt: Den Alien KHJ--Bob Freed, Newt KNK-Nwt; An Unklettrr KCER-Or^ tJovl KABC--Tel tt'Tett Angel! vt. Coltt (San AnVnlol KNX--Carry Moore Snow; CrmvCtoonev llt'ttl ?r '--*En«wr*in-«)" 1 II. «J KFI--Pat Bitrwo: Soortt KGER-Oan Gilbert 12:00 NOON KFI--Mewt: Batter Uo KABC--Paul Harvey nwt KHJ--Fetter Brocfct rewt KNX--Hugrt McCrv Newt KGER--H:fl*t Noon B'Dle KABC--Ja-nei Ledoe Newt KH J-Wa*»er O'K"**e JAIC-Ooeil UM (NX--fat Bvttrarn View KCER-Or.OrrH.Ne. too PJtt. KABC-Newt; Q. Mcwt KHJ--warn* thwwet nwt KNX--*Jewt; rat Buttram Inn God KABC--Pamela Maton KHJ--Walter O'Kee'e KGLR--inn Get*, teaovt KNX--Weenan'fl Vnrtd: Pal Bum am Vww (1:15) KFOX--Bill Cell* It* II KGER-Clirltnan trvtaot KGER--HeainTa'k 2.OO PJil. KABC--Newt; J. C Swayie KHJ--Newt: fvlton iewit KNX--Newt) Pat Pvttrara KGCR--COP« BeaOt Band KABC-F1air : " KHJ--Walter o-Keefe KABC--Wendell fob" KNX--Woman't Wild: Phit'D Norman (7:«l KGER-ceoroe Mctam CGER-tlletie 3:00 PJU. KABC--Nwt: J. C. Swtvie KHJ-Fotter BrooM rewt KNX--Newt KGER--Yeutti Jer Chrltl KFI--Scoreboard: Newt KABC--Ceo^Betfy Skinner KHJ--Perry Allen Show KNX--T*e }torv-t*e KGER-Oan Fjkeihov/ KFI--Mtnlc Time. C. Cecil 1:11 KFI--Emphatit KNX--Woman't Wrld 4:00 P.M. KFI--Newt: Dave S*iaw KABC--Newt; Soom KHJ--Newt: SporH KNX--Newt KFI--Mutlc Time, C Cec'l KABC--Jim McCu"* newt KHJ--Perry Allen S*ow KNX--The Start-Line 4:M KABC--Alei Dre'er; Jam Bailer Sport! NX--Oiarlet L The Story-tine KGER--Rv. Abe Scrnelder 4 II KGER--Oirltt'n Crwnelifl? K F I--Sportt Summery KABC--Bill Shee*ar pewt KNX--Doctort Hovte Call 5:00 P.M. KFI-- Reoorter; N*wt KABC-Newt; Ma'tet Final KHJ-Newt: Soortt KNX--Lowell T hornet; PMI Riinito tt*t 11:111 KFOX--soueakm' rcacon KGER--Aubrey tee 1:11 KABC--Ipeilal Riml KHJ--Perry Allen Snow KNX--Carroll Alcott KFI-PolnlcllawlJ JJ) KFI--{klFvtier. Newt KABC--Headline Newt KNX--Tom Harmon. So*!. KGER-Buiidenil Faitn · I'll KFI--Dave Shaw. Newt KABC--H. Weaver; Newt KNX--Frank Gett: Newt KFI-Newt; Feetvrt VW. KMPC--Bik Kelley. toertt KAlC-Cdwar P, Marian KH]-Mewtt Iwtll Keen-Back M «· B.ote KFI-Wondc'licorfl tC--Newt: rrm. winter . ..J--Fwlton tew 1 * jr. KNX--Th« WorM TtnltM I'M KFi-oty Newt De»» KABC--Oene Sherman e.llrwerrloet «!** KNX-Fei KFOX-AI RTtU (M II KGER-Rev. Al lltflan KABC-Fln«ie; Weaftee KNX-tocal Newt H:iJI 7.-00 PM. KFI-Newt: Bandttanl KABC--J. Roltton: Sportt KNX-Nwt; Richard Havet KGER-F«mlty Bitfe Hour KABC-C«ta' lal Pounduo KFI-Newt of the World KABC--Canton Erederkk.1 KNX-CaMtol Cloakroom KGER--Kev. Victor Clem KFI-MelooV Tlrre 8:00 P.M. KFl-Newtl Emfatlt) Mileitonei In Minlc KABC--Newt: Hem'nowatf KNX-clty Editor KFOX--Frank Slnv* KGER--Voxe ot CMni KABC-Nlgnt'nnt, Joe Pvnt KNX-Qutttlon, Pteaie KGCR--A. U. Mlctielion KGCR-Rev.'? T. Waftera KGtR-OanGl'lberl 9:00 P.M. KFI--Newt; UCMMerten KABC--Newt: Dick wetten KHJ--Paul Corrcton Show KNX--Nwt: Ooinion Pleale KGER--Cnrttrn Ccvnelina KFl-Outet the Well KABC--Nlohtur-e. Joe Pvne t '39 KFOX--Jerry Mart (to II) KGCR--Dr. Orr. Bible 10:00 P.M. KFI-Newt; Cmirtatlt KABC--NWI: Raw Jamet KHJ--Newt: Joe rxan KNX--10o'clock Wre KGCR--WII6W Ne'ton 11:11 KFI--tlfe tine KABC--NloMlire. Je Pvne KNX-- Phil Norman Tonlte ll:Jt KFI-KFI Bandlt«nd KGER--Clarenre Vtekh 11:00 PJ\I. KFI--Newt: Soortl Final KABC--Newt; Al*« Dreief KH J--The Newtwrel KNX--Newt: Phil Norman 11:11 KFI--Wrao-Uo KABC--N'»htlrne. Joe Pvne KNX--Mutic'til Drwn KHJ-Workl Today (11:35) KFI--TN'n« CeJIed tile KABC-- Eart Nl«lt:r«ale 12 MlDNKillT KFI-ROn McCoy Ito 91 KNX--Mutlc 'til Dawn KFOX--Hugh Che-rv (to II KCER-Dr. J. Vemon Me Gee: Dan Pike Co II feels her age when she s movie, which starts at 2 p.m excluded from girls pajama party. 5 The Cheaters. J. Ireland. 7 Margie, Cynthia Pepper, Ruta Lee. Pat Buttram, Wierc Dros., Corinne Griffith, Dr. Joseph Peck, Ernie Shelby 9 Movie: "Confidential Agent." Chas. Boycr (M5) 11:30 7 San I'rancisco Beat 12:00 MIDNIGHT T 'DEADLINE FOR MURDER" * EICITINQ MYSTERY . . . 13 Rockin' Rudy Harvey 12:30 11 Maria Palmer; Movie (12:35): "No Leave. No Love," Van Johnson (MG) 12:45 9 Movie: "Pan Americana," Eve Arden (M5) 1:00 A.M. 2 Movie: "Holiday Week," Lisa Daniely (Ilr.-'ST) 4 One O'clock Curtain 1*0 4 Almanac; News Wrap-Up will be "Secret Fury" with Claudcttc Colbert. e * · · THREE MEMBERS of the Long Beach Mental Associa jon are serving as members of a TV murder jury on "The Verdict Is Yours" 2:30 p.m daily on channel 2. Tho trio, Mrs. Deane Dana Mrs. Norman White and Mrs Frank Ross, will receive a to tal of $135 for their services The money will be used to buy gifts for patients at Met rupolitan State Hospital in Norwalk. 7 PM. T r u e Adventure" (13 visiits Africa for a look a gazelles, wildebeests, corco dlles, vultures, rhinos am' lions. Elscbet Kjolbye madi the films. 8PJH. "Frontier Circus (2) guest stars Red Buttons as a book worm who is sent by his Arm Wa da an trees el WASHER REPAIRS AND REFRIGERATORS Off SiKUlttn Art FRIGIDAIRE MAYTAG w* *rt« mi VttrtftritM? . w« win «!(·« va ia HO er net) on · rvw »tih*r Uwd WASHERS frtm Jit.SO BEGHTOL'S 1172 W. Willow CA (-2M2 . TV* ·SAVE-AT: BURKS All New 1962 eOL®!t TV $· Ask alial III «l« infill HIM till SH Our Color Display ol RCA, ZENITH ADMIRAL Opei £mi»9S old Sndori 356 Long Beach Blvd. 5372 Lone Beach Blvd. QUESTION? What tiiti a t*i Ui In l« IK- MI motor »Mc.'i ANSWER: A!«ki...ind tptikin( cl I»«L ca picis in just Uit twt ou unici it ti(. Rtbuill short t'ocks stirt it JH9XO. Bint ir.i V.'.e pbi in i kn 549 W (Mast Siltl). iff if you Mi I W«:» Tnnsmiuicn S«l jci. 01 hni it la urf $15.50 (Moil TiiM.-n,jwm). A.I ol this mill M aawr cm, Irtt stmci nr ml tonini. n in. *t honor Bi:ki.T.tncirj tr.l Inttrnj. t«nl Chlt|i. Open Wtikdirs t la 7, Sundi; ta 4 CHERRY ANAHEIM ENGINE Cl |.«0 REBIMDERS Cl 4.;t)i 5011 I. A..k.l, |i, U'| l.«.l SHIRTS! WE SPECIALIZE! FANTASTIC VALUES! Ed's SPORT DRESS Irani ·ibtr SAVI AS MUCH Ai "*"' 1211 EAST ANAHEIM, L.B. NCAR OUANCI AVC. , .nf i V atv« fob from 4* H o motor tune-up, trikct, tuhAnc* Jk istiern... ·)! for notfiinf down... frt* lo*l e*r», J^n Icxif Not Bunco--BRENCO MOTOR OVERHAUL »59" 79" MOST ft -- MOST ft ALSO ENGINE EXCHANGES 24 MONTHS TO PAY . FREE LOAN CARS SIE PAGE S7 TEUOW FACES general father to join the cir:us. Red falls in love with a' lady lion tamer. i 9 P.M. 'Tell It To Groucho" (2) is isited by 'Twilight Zone" author Rod Serling. He Introduces tenor Batista Locatclli, winner of an audition with the Metropolitan Opera Co. The tenor was discovered when, while waiting on tables at an Italian restaurant, he sang while Sf rling was dining. 11:05 PM. Robert Stack, Joy Page and Gilbert Roland star in the 1951 movie "Bullfighter and the Lady" on channel 5. American gets matador to teach him bullfighting. k************* NOWI ON KCOP TV ALL NEW! ALL UVEI NIGHTLY! MONDAY THRU FRIDAY r. ************* BO-MINUTES OP ~ TOP ENTERTAINMENT NEW JluntiTV 19" PORTABLE DE LUXE ' 138 REG. 19150 wltk trad* NO MONET DOWN Front tuning, built-in disqpptariiij ··lt«»o. l«ie» »W« kondlts. o.etme fro«l ipeoitr for consolo qmliilj'""!'·.. . ,..,,,,, 24 MONTHS TO PAY -- ONLY 7.30 A WEEK WE SERVICE WE SELL WC RENT 225 E. 4th St. Open Friday Evei. Phone HE 6-5633 7O |"AI ·-- wntl I . J W n nfcfcn. BEACH TV *TrantirliUjIonLMk]ne | ClBplltl Sill ' Jib, Firlt til Ubir, ·i Met) Cm .A. E. Transmission Exch. f »ll Ctirrf U : HIS EASY CREDIT ·I Hljir leallri lit Ull»r OAII f] In I iiii. IT'- I"'. *.V[0 I BAKER'S in MCine I I K i e i C I I T I I ·I Mill 20-MINUTE SERVICE MOBILE- [Day -- Nite -- Sunday] FCC Hunted Riptlnia SERVICE 400 CALLS * |:i.|»ch.Al»m;/med_5IJ.«| [24-Inch Alumia;iid__ $24] SANDERS TV 1(01 McKcnl* GA 2-8690 ORANGE T.V. 1C7H IT. 1 OUNCE AVI. HOUSE CALLS HE M919 $2°° HOME TV REPAIRS Days--Evenings--Sundays Fr»»pt Jinrlct--*monHi lilts ElicliMlc Jinlci AsiotUlit HA 5-6266 mi mm sr. TV KCA t ZINITH SPECIALISTS i-r,720 3403 E. ICtk ST. Ate Elettreiikl rrc** I Day Nite TV Co.! ; SERVICE CALL ACQ , {ME 4-2445 L % O pen 9 - 9 / 7 Days -* *V im? LAKE WOOD ·LVD V i jy ««£· Sirtlci Call «* OAT ant NIGHT WITH ID GE 4-3002 k IUD1 TV, 121 Cinilis, Olliei l*n C. BROADAAf Tkert't lolklig Ilk* a Ulei- Oeitjied f/eiolim Atimlmn cevtrcd pallo to girt year kemt a Rtw look old o RCW volae. Coll GE l-OtU for lew cos» lid eoiy terms or comt la T. H. UktR t Son show- roam, J700 E. 71k, aid . We wouldn't can if he was, because he wasn't hired to be a disc jockey. Essentially ho't an ' entertainer--and a good one. If you're tired of the same old formula radio... try ROBERT Q. LEWIS,- ru SAT. 0:00 AM KHJ 930 fSS-.' Language Translation Machines Does the translator have to know both languages? How large Is the 800,000 word storage device? What does the machine do when It doesn't know? FOR THE 'ANSWERS SEE Science in Action Tonlghl-7 P.M.-KRCA Chsnntl 4

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