Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 29
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^w*tw(U4^ri4F 241 OPERATOR; : . " / : .··.· - · , ; v ;v;;SHELI: ; GHEMICAll CO/ '*:'':J9^ · OPENINGS ,{or:.eir«tr |Hiiit''epejritef«' o : ..,,. b»9iri in-.tiber p«»l and work'into optrating pesi- J;',^n5 l rB_quingrot«rrien«|iriiftwflrlc'.-; ! ., : ' * 'REQUIREMENTS: [Applicants must-hiy« ; micJnni- f : ;esl ·ptituti.,, high school tiiplomB, '· pr*. .;;;.· ·mployirwrit: physietl. " '. _ · - . - - . . . , - , , - · - · ».P»w..hour-:*i,ti.epper- ·····-·LJ?'^' ' °f · iy * ne * nn »nt. .Ejctlltiit comptiny /·INTERVIEWS-will .b, conduertd bitwttn I\M. . ;. ; ;«nd,2 pjrnV'.Mondty, Tuwdty. Wfd.ntid.y, March " ' .CALIFORNIA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE ?.; .... IpU.SA.RTORJ/TpRRANCE ' . - - . ' · - . Appl* *t RMtptien.Diilt; . An Equil Opperrunity Emptoytr PATSfEjfS » · · - - · " "~ ApDIIcatlons I oealc men. Ri. m yniV SALE5MAN/. I Ml tfWlT*"' Lixewd. · Cunter SALESWEH- -~. -.. ,, A. Otckenon. fm. t Southwestern Pttroii Corp., iW H. Mifn St., Worth."Te«l. 7J10I. "BE SALESMEN WANTED part time tor L.A. County. ;M to »:» ajti. CULLIGAN c«\d. Pro*/cl. »t-l«l lv!l er Call · ' Water k . - Quillflci- t ta Aex PART tlrrit delivery man. ITS* e^n PHARMACIST , f ,TEftii ! "Y^" r - CMAUm1 ' MIGDALL PHARMACIES SHI ATLANTIC BLVD.. L.I. . Phato L«b Opining: ' , '-toei color personnel. Ex'p.. i«3e Long Beach Blvd. - -L r* Or. By ApetoJntment -LM. · PLASTIC MIXER' : · · · KlBMj. .previous .exp*rr.*e4 in mlxlnp '»od · pouring pintle' mitirlils- · . eperatlno:. a transfer ·mo!dlni nss raxiytrad. '. ' · . ' Pacific Sciiritific Co. ]34AS.St«f.Coll.g.RcJ. Anthtim [7I4)PR4-52I7 An efttfil opportunity'; employer . ' PLUMBER . ' ' wllh truck «, tools. ' 454.«0 . · Harris Operator L.T.V. «tfsat wrator, enjerilhced *n y , need, ppplv. Must have, a to«4 «tao!a wort rwx d t so dt- peraaMe. . excellent · worKIng can- gallons ··*. benefits. salary ooen. ABO-IV employment otfica daily. 1e 11 lc-1 lo 4 DJTI. : KNOTT'S ·.PrMuctlon Control 'SchKJule RxcvJ. ·pear, tor aMraashra vovna man, KMJIT.figure wlth.Xtnloi . a. aKMultlnv a." · Ganffnn · aw. F=A map. - ^PROFESSIONAL, ' ·.·."SALESMEN!!!. · :' NEW rjivrrpnwi'--.. nitrji si!»i forcV. S built ' ·rn' Ctlif. t · r r i f o r i · s open. If you «r» tipiri ·rictd, yoj -ctn writ* your awn cKict. intuvitwi 10 «m TO 2 pm 5970 D.I. Av«; i.P«rk. PRODUCT (OH Control SchadvXer-- Excel. opoor. ftr igarasslv* voon mart, food et Howes wlln K.rde i'tttadltftwr txper. mn-defwse. artena area. ClU R. 'Arlirr. PUBLIC COHTACT ,-' . E»e«H*rit Opportunity" ,'X earn aivanciniWTl L' mana* tlcn) · Invotvlno - public centec ' Liberal empteva Mneflls. ;;,: -pACiHt FINANCE . 1?a Loni teach Blvd. HE ...v' RADIO:SALESMEN " Expartenced. 1^1 or part TTmi ..Untlmltad emrlvnlttaa. Vacatlan -for r . ajdvancemenr.' L.ra«. .Wes c Coast discount stare-, uns;ij«ac AH replies drlcll . Box i-HM Ind., . E. SALESMEN. N6 *xp*r. 'nt SALES ORDER DESK Must have, order desk. «»erlence In Industrial a, raliTscpoly »roi. ucrs. Ko:olhtrs rried apply. Call for apet. CA.nS5r.Coek Bros. MTg, fc Supply Cf. ALES · · '.EXCEPTIONAL -SALES OPPORTUNITY Are you tired ef your eresent leh with no -future? Busy enecutlv. would' Ike l Interview a nun with hlih l.ilMrllY and top caliber, wno wanls- t« consider · career 'in management We aro JKroared to.Invest consToeYably In the career of -the man selected. Our Intertsl Is'.lor selecllng tti. rltht man--not haw loon we find titnr. i " PERSONAL INTERVIEW. TO IE Ma.n. rhnj'Wetf. f afn j» 12 pm '· ' FO* APPOINTMENT. PHONE 424-3015 SALESMEN ' OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS INSURANCE, BOOK. BLDG CONSULTANT I, DIRECT SALESMEN I want ? intelUeeflt, aeoxesslve. weJI4r«sled men, · ho ne*^ at ' per mo. No expen. -e · · ' - - e«eii4,.t Caii for ip^oinTrnenl, » A.M. fot PM: Tom Marshall HE^ t-lM3 SALESMEN ExtHfltnc* horn a Improvl 1100 w**k 4- cofrjnlsswn. New car " J '"M OolM M) 241 WE'LL HELP YOU WRITE ADS FOR \ OUICK RESULTS HE 2-5959 TERMITE INSPECTOR 5 day wlc. IOP »·»«:,. v~~. TOOL DIE MAKER 'A' 4 firm, Good beneilts. Salary open. Phetve «3a4721. UNIVERSAL MOLDING CO. IttOT Slanlorj Ave., Lvnwood VfajnC ^TMtTOtj IN) 32 T lt. H~vrZ _ r c ,-..-j»s manage- menl exp. m hardware, bvitflna m.lenali L men's clothing, tyll ar part Unit work. Phon* ni-rai, vn or 4in;» ainv r o.m. 6r Sun, RELl TrJlleT'^d.UT llcenst^wlfl "' n gr« CONSTRUCTION two't or ·enenl .wtm-in, ever 1$ ve«r* tup*,-. In _ T »I| tVP*3 Of CWMfVCflort. m-TWM. CAR FE NT E R. P*!Ater f rwftr. S*. ber, f» r . HE 7-5U1. TOOL DESIGNER. Deslon pUillc nvo!d trtd Ito and ! l«t'_7jj ior mill].elKiro-miKhiVi- cal coroporents. Mi/vimvm 3 YJ**. experience rwylrtd. S*td Reivrn* to Pacific Scitntmc Co. Aithi.m (7t4)PFM-52t7 An «Kual cpoortw.ttv tmolover thit nted a tot of It. Wi offer you · product that ^ a, necesilty w any store or of- iict--noi · EwHurv. Wt you * known company that oon il| out for It's sfttesmeflj, 'fro.n inlt.a tralnWig tr flroWth In sales nun- t . W « want men that need eek intf vrho work (or It. · ·4fn.Mt.W« want ttCO to $TM per w ar« not ifrald to . ARE -YOU THAT iViAN? II YOU »ri* call, Mr. David Van Mlncena, 277-0240, 27.MI7... , , · . Unuiuil Opportunity -l-irn Co. utkV2- Qualified row (cr Life 1. Mutual Fund Sain wflrV. Saliry t. Incentive, 3 yean tralnlno proeram. 25^5 years of ; ·«. Mlrrled, '4 years- residence/ years colEeae. Som* 1 ' successful -builntss exparlence. -Hlah moral nd mmlil. caliber. 'Cill Rotxrt A. Fefloerff, C,L.U/SU-9M1 diyi; HA-MSST «es:, 7 to f D.m. .(or pwsonil Interview. An eQual oooonunlty emplovar SALESMAN-. . FURNITURE HlaWv nullified, medium' to bel- ter furnJlure. Cirpetlno i dr»T erlrs. tnlwlsr dei'~ *-Too men ay to_ tai . Kelt men a way Incom SALESMEN TOOL DESIGNER Desloo small MBS «nd fxtwn for n«n*ral macWn* shoo. KjiowflMDe of t»D* prokvinvn1 no deified. Minimum Svwrs txperlence rexnilred. Send RKum* lo Pacific Scientific Co. 1346 S.St«t« College Rd. Anaheim (714) PR 4-5217 Anjeqy il opocfivnllr em plover TRACER LATHE OPER. Must b* able to read blut pr(nts r micro-meters, stain, t have $omt Knowledge of metii culling ma- · chines. Must have some basic tools/ such as. Micro -Miters, Coll Mr3, «V 5Clr«. STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS INC PHONE 7?6211 C«r»»fCI,Mr«ii 33-1 THE Inaiotrtdent, Press-Tetegram recommends that «J1 references Da carefully checked' rtotrdlnt baby sitting and cart of minor children. WILL BABYSIT ' during Easier -ir.ENSE CHILO CARE. XIM fc lovta care, br«TM lunch, fenced yard. 4n-im 72 LARGE air. cwdiHuw. bed lei- ISO. TYotwrlitr, Royal ,, d.iHtle let 51 J. bunk bids-Hi e ecfrlc Krtw tun, efedf.c aVlll -Itctric adding machine. nuV ' ' Itvd. IINK'3 ,alr cvtvnssor, dual Ws- t motor, i CPJA. typtwti!«r; Hett.r travs; framed U.S. map! sllvi COL tToer lime, elc. KM irMVlnV « MAT . FIRESTONE f C^U?ERA C T5|.FI »44 E. FlrnUnt) Blvd.. Downey "Vlctvri" 4. "S* I* to NEW TRASH CANS LIMITED TIME'ONLY anm draperies, mstfe $1 per Idtn, labor, call Dealer 1 * Dtco- itor Service-, a? TRASH CANS $2,95 Wtidina. Ltwn nwwirs ihire. U, SMI cKWrv. CA M413 (7 c?iv,l. RESTAURANT -- Bojvlp. Cash reg- Tiier, irenar.tei.c. fryar C «rTa, pltia avgn, sta;rJMi »(·*) sinks, drlnlt dtspemer, cart. Very r.41. . Call 43f.i5»B f art, S p.m. CANVAS, iwntw.Tim. .SMI WOO f arameypt j bTo eax lecretaryj trunk m*ch.i fcT. (rimel! IB iacK-1 Plcl. tramel! Irdlsn rvoi. IIAOfeirVETi'S. hi E. 4lh.ll. «A Moiu-frl. Ill »; S»n. l?4 we SUY K, RAP METALS. Un, tt., *tc. . PtrkmrbunS 1 sranMunt BlviT li ME Am. Crf m fctimt 35 Cfrtl ·· faimt Tiu Savi Tim 35 CB * IiBHtrt 35 Miniy Whii Yiu : TO PLACE AN AD.IN THIS SECTION CAU . . . · · . Mils Irawn, in L.n, l.gch, HE 2-$95» Mlii Ull in L.lew.oa 1 , ME 3-07i* Miss McCullougk in talUlowar, TO 4.1711 Mils fan In Ounag Caunry. JE 7-1120 EXPER. craw cere. Companion, hot meals. - Lakewood. Jn-3773 Sw^s- - 42 WANTEO-Pirt:-, ; P true*: 'i-'41. Will trade «i vour rfrv-'pymt-! on nice home: In DtwrtriBUti *rta. 3-bdrm. · Aopearinp, KKd( thlnVlng wnnTtd wno are loohi.-.9 for ,Y to jvofHemwt their tvestnt mt.' Wt art fockino for nwn who wtjii lo Ecarn Ihe autcnTiOW^ bysln«s. W* -will -trafn you to earn up to .51000. mo. ejo.r,o out- s!dt sain work. Our lad 11 lies will b« pUctd al ' " ' miniotmtfit will ill ttm« to is-- ,_-. -Ilk* can L mcntv. contact J« Lo Bosco, Silts. MJMirer, In DC/son any/day except Wedtvcsdiy. Louis Frah*m Ponliac . . LM available at Emes to assist you. If YOU Sales Dreairi lr VtHj Ilkc-iwde Xi will v^crx, lefa ttUk. Call _Dcn__GA_*-»« Silfssmin-MoTorcyd* E^PE^E^O^Y SALEt-EOUCATlONAL ·Unuwil :«0tMrtunlty for rewons- IWe ftmllv -min, wltn ulca «x- ·cntnc« er. public cot-net back- 'fifd'vnd }» ccndvct Inttrvltws for spccTilfeed tr«1nWig- fnitltutions. This -11 · prtsflM portion efftf' Int in ibov« iver 1h* ewltflnd i PERS6HAL Income f ij, FOR Virw CON- FAULKNER B N -if"NOON""AND '^P: SALESMAN Ta r». SUNSET DESIGNERS t · UILDERS.^I Mock will ftflct, PPLY . En . o patld t.fwimmrf-fl i«t3. AP 9-5, 3AU Leni' Beach ILvrf · · ' · : - SALESMAN Exp*r. Sevrlnv MicWni ' Slftsmtr, i'Mded. Qu»l|(red- Leads, no con- vattlnt, 4 lo 5 leidi per day. CommTsjto.1 ?5«. Owwrfuofty fa ·Wveiixi to muitficment- pojltloo lor rtflht mm. Co. benefits Intl. Mtdicil proarim, r«t.remenr v in v«utlan nln.'Cill f o r - A o o t . of sta.lV .ol. *.n^. SALESMEN--Y«,n0 mwi energetic. ·ntnusiaflc lo it!1 Quality rug upholsterv deafilnB servtce*. W«H · «itat. comoanv. LSI as furnished. ' licked, of tncvclo.r maoaiir,* skiln ek. Abov.i averap* earnings. Call for iPO't. - HE 7-M60. ' SERVICE MANAGER .or liroer CM .DtaleriMD In-Southern Call- fomli. Exicullv* type wild record ef eood cuitomer and -emeioYet retiHonj. SewlTMcme and pholo. AU a pirt [cations must bt in wnilnu« »tt«itbn R. D. Browning. DVck Brown·ng Oldi. \n? Long Be*en Blvrj. Long Beach.' . So. Calif.'s laraeit camt Sir- vie* Business Ka i t op*flln,TJ for Iralnen as BIDDERS, or, icrvke estimates. Aot 20-30, salts exrxr., helpful but not KScMEar. 1125+ p«r wk. rVj. W*fd. MUM?. TRAINEES FURNITURE FACTORY TRUCK TOE MAN ReCKDOlnp experience n.cessary. ME3-2M between « i. 5 w/la«. rec. rm.- HiscelleMreus WOTltd 43 Accoustic Ctillnga "GENUINE ACOUSTIC CEILINGS Cover cracXs etrm. No rntss. 100% Miar. Lie. Ins. LOM rales. esl. H. ALLOR. GA 7.S3I. ACOUSTIC CEILINGS. FREE EST GA 2-4541 " " FR V. MTOUSTICAL celllnsi jeray ·tfl'fj. Low rates. Fre« Esl. .41-OIU ROOD USED FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, I, MISC. DLR. U5-HI ANTED-- Junk bitltrlej. 11.44 ei. f457 Flora Vlsll SI.. Bellllower. U74M7. : Ooen 19 a.m. -5 p.m. WE SUY OLD NEWSPAPERS Inorpendent Paper Stock Co. 14»l iSaliv Aye. 4M-5tn CASK Reolilcr wanted, 2 totals, 000.4 cor.d. Box'OHk* Bar, 10 a.m. lo ^ p.m., un Allanllc, L.». I BUY furniture, ruai, fools, misc. Clean . eras. HE' l-rm: HE 4-3SO M«cM««fy«m«lT««fa *5 i4 ALLEN Scon. fgr« up- unit, model 7729. on roll-.-ttiy. lust overKiuted, new teads. MS. Don Temple Chevron Dlr. Utt E. Sorlrvg Ph 4JS-W51 TV TECHNICIAN McCULLOCH Chain Saws 4 Chains, 1 elect looh. Prof, -shop service. STATIONARY t portable - weldlno eowpmenl, overhead cranes com-, ether mil, c.ll »lll 43-tMl Sarvic* Station Attend. Hav* :txMrlfnce fc mechantcal ·bllltyi References. G rtoht m»n. 4001 7th. STA' 12-10 TION-- Eirper. · hdp. SALESMAN ' -drtsies neatly, to local route'.: . GUARANTEE 1 5 HOURS-- $47 . . Mirrled ma servle* «ta STA GE 1-IN; HA . , L.B. Ollk. . SALESMAN ftrilS'eJP^TfiBrSlS IKsU® 1 "-"-TM 434-4471 320-UW aJl-HlS SALES OPPORTUNITY Salemen 'hsrt far- construction sain, we will, train you. Commis sion Irixceu of ttt* per mo. Fill Mr. Warren HE 7-Wtf REAL ESTATE SALESMAN .CAREER HAN. Flow Tim. Avjlj. '«b}«. i Modlf n lllea ildj. puny ,caM .»dveftl5jrw.' TO*/*' commission if,you ouillfy: CHI for «point- '"Mould Reilty SA 3-8453 RECeiVING -CLERK . w»-var ·--·-. J .V«ar exteri«Ac« recelvinr, n- ,s4ctln9 fttwrtl stores *nd vqufo- Libcnr- v*c»tioa,-. side other btntflts provided. ; iccepiirf: Fir' eximl- ,;". Long Beaeh Unified School Oist. Ml LOCUST AVE. : L.B. RESTAURANT Younf rntn. tofnlt fry *rp., v/illlnn :° .^.rnmr"-' 42» ATLANTIC, ' L.B. .M^ ... * -d : /.. : SALES . : -1 Cnn Gu»rant«« You , '. . ' f 900 . .' ' CEP- MO.,- TO START . SALES-f !nf«r«sting Fi.ld For.salesnlen, wh« want to act ahead. We arj ter;aailn9 ovr staH In ftia construe? ion -Industry. We will train, you ta (irn In excess SERVICE STATION . MECHANIC i ATTEND. Xtnt P3V for wllLlng worker. Texico, SliS E.Cirson, LaXtwood SERVICE STATION Mechanic t Saleimtn 'ay shin. Sundays off. school I referenca req. 439t E. Anaheim St. SERVICE Station Attendant -- Mecriinlc. Loc. refs. Part a\ lull time. H5I Arteila. Ballllo*«r. SERVICE MAN (1). Reeort 9 ajn. sharp. 21lf Pacific. ·* SERV. STATION ATTENDANT. Self. Serve Salary + bon-js. Soeak Spanish. Pacific, 9706 E. T. e- eraoh Road. Downey. SHIPPING-- RECEIVING Yoyna; neat, rterscnabie man, Handle retail 3hlpo1n,t and sorr.e Irura* sales. Salary wen. Aooly Men. 90S E. Broadway* Mr. Horowilt. T60 'S. SmiJa Ft. Compten PHONE GA 3-5417 Art Equal Opportunity H.P. poll;- Jaol OLDER mod*. i4 W.~»~sr.wrtP tnhs, some callers. ¥.2 E. Ban- jiIn_g,_C6iT-BtJn, 5'to * p.m. t, Saf. TV Tech-Outsid* Ihsid* Sa arv open ta qualified Man. TE i-MM A.M. USED CAR SALESMAN, eager lo make mor.ev: txoerienced a\ attt t do own paper work. No drinkers or floaters. Permanent ixul- Preier tfon. Bwr. Blvd.. . locll res^rfent, desJr- Vetortn? Ex-S«rvicenn«n? Skilled or? Young er? Strom or diiiWKi? NMd * Eot? Set Mr..W. ftrtcktr .ill Locmt 4 lo 6 p.m. wktfyaenlT WELDER-- Com mercla.! work. shut. We!d slieat tnttil c t n t i Acoly 1W40 So. G.rfletd Ave. WELDERS Cawblr of do!ng own livoul and «ttU,, for cos^pn f.M«ll OFFICE 11000 S. KORMANDIE TORRANCE WELDER Fitter-Tanks. 7M6 Petttr- - . son Lane, Paramount. 634-5710 WELDER-- GAS Property Management 30 Shipping Supervisor and Dtipitcher Expwvdln? urdhin* mfg., com- cany his Immediate openme for sJilpjiIng juMWh«r wfvo hai Los Angcfn S, SO'Jincm Calif, routing expct* 1 ence. Rail car, snipping tteilrablt but not necsmary. Pfcitt phcn* A. B. ChMif/ Dlrtctor of Pcnarvne] for Interview 3ffJS E. Vlclofla, .SALESMAN ' ' - Local arta. Rap^dlv exnand nv progrtsifv* com way Kss 'Iot eptMrtunity iQr. aler1 f Indvtrtoui corr^ttenr sa(esmefi;- - Direct contact -witrt busfrvtss lAd exiKuiives. Mi^st b* IN* to tfltet tn« public. Mamaaerikl position opening thnj tMjr sales areanlzit[oa.'A9* own, vmw^*- . . . . . . SALESMAN A»pll«rK»3 TV, busy, " SALESMAN- FURNITURE Yeunf. »ff0rn«lv« **[*n. KK- Mritne* helpful, but- not' ntc*- .iprvV 'Em»f»VM -b«^iti, paid vacatroni, sick J**we, ind hotpl- tiiiiitlon- In^unncf. -Sariry open ^' o f / hesrind . FURNITURE: 317 Long B«ach .Blvd., L.B- In oei-ton.'_N.e Phone c*1.t_pjejiK- SALES'AAH--Mature, «xp*r.~eT\ced 1n direct Mies. . Bel Ion*, worlch larfltst ^martwcturer "- r alo**9 fx-w fuj opening on sal? MaH.' 3-Efav oriental [on orocrarn be.y'ns r\^ontUy, iVarcn 21st. Cill »t 1,11 E. TMrtf, f io 5 or phon* for aH*r Hsurs appl. HE 7-7437 Saliry Silts .ppportiinity· iirvlup' fTMler Les na*!w vtf O/.V.M- Cowntv VMI. » *rc efferJni- in wortunlry r « ·V0r.usl6.nal i«l« c*r«r 4' N0*. citlbfr IrJJvlduih. 1. Ciuranteed . uliry from :tfav y«u itirt trilnlni If quiftr/ - - 1. comar*«ful« trttnlni .-- f in* d . in* dMsroom. 3. Company, frfne* 4. ExcHtlontl d . JxcHtlon*) **-afrC«mmt «D- porhmlHei -- wt «r« »7«wfni SATES" WEST COAST MANUFACTURER Rationally.- known bvirtftns prao'- ucl, to-trchllectj, general bulld- ine contractor, tutlders. Nt#s Ice Droftss'nnal salesmen. FanitlFar wllh' bullaini plans i sfecillca tlons. Rapid exoanslM Mill optt. «s[llons. : Secure Siltsmirt--We Train .ro« number -of QUALIFIED PPTS. " 'ri_Lon TOP SALESMAN Mu:t b»ve orfaniiatEoflal ibiL* ity -*c crew Mimoement e)f- peflenct. - Hew tofisufrrtr ElK- tronk; l»ro^«ts. Exceptloftai opoortvnitv »«d bTt montv for Shipping Supervisor 3 vra. Itx. ihipplna exo«f. Super- vlslon e.fp*r. .helpful. Know tar- r it. High schcol grid.- Wo. concern. FA 1-9000, Mr. TInowa 1. SHOE Salesman wanted, cxcell. Dpenlng for e«J*r, wom*n STATION ATTENDANT M«n«ger for /.Singles- ON OCEAN BLVD. 4H-I25] .or *)J-Ur», Mr. Kiplan i.P. ffai powered air comp., .WA.!B?.' l ' r * elh " bK! ' 1R COMPRESSOR wanled, «S or 1BOJM. pay cash. 7U aa.Jtoo.or TR~COMPRESSOR, porta fnitr, 1 n.p. elac. molor. IM-2HS. Asphalt BUckcoatinjt Accounting VANT -- Small builness accountin inotvn* Tiv. GE 4-?t Electricians _ _ e t j , Tirrifwlrlnj.'ilthilny'Vates I. taltations. Vre« est. il^ ~ CCHJRTESY E[eclrtcRel!*enUal fc Commer'l. No lob T»» small. 24. hour service. '429.t44S CORDAY Eladrlc Co. LKarued. We eijo oo small looi.-OS I^3H SBwiTRETTiTEO T Auto-famtun ANY CAR, «nv color. sa~Birnefl PalnTTlJlt Alamlles. HE 7-Mi Brick 9c Stone Work Cabinets CUSTOM cablnela ana kllchen r«- mo5ellng. Reas. rate ME MM! REMODELING NLR i. Lkwd. net Work. any lime Carpentry CA R PENTRY-- CAB-- CO N CRETE Oaraoe cVior soecl.Mst-- IS irtn. 12x12 room additions. 5»5. CARPENTRY--Cabinets, remoAllnj. . _ _ .... _., .,_ fob (o, ns-7ttn Fencing IAVE"ON..NEW lence' lu BLOCK FENCES. BRICK-SLAeT GA - ^6943 er GA ?-U43 Floorj-Reflnishlnj' . CAMPBELL'S FLOOR SERVICE Sanif t. reflnlsn-- 2 Urmi, VJS. Lay floor III., kllchen or balh. US l.bor. 1 day iet\ke. MC 4-}!4 FLOOR. SANOINO _ .FINISHING eld floors like n.w. rsonal tervAce, n years expert- re. Free est^nan. 5tl-4sO» REX floor. sandlnj, beaullful nnlsh, cleaned and wixed. l-dav t.r Call anytlnie. HA 1- Formica Counttr -Tops KITCHEN .COUNTER ton, pars, cullmans, ciolnels. Free esnmates. Lie, a. Ins. 43*.Mi; 4iI43r1. . Formic., tile, p.lnllni. Ne lob too Reasonable. ' iSlr, m .."--Gen. re_ - capinets,. _for : luminous cemnps. model Hvnler front ervd mi- e. Re*M baro«in. 1714) Kl 2-5312 Cametf SuppTin it Argus Showmiittr Auto threading I MM. 500 W. (·- luxf prelector. REGULAR $84.95. SPECIAL $56.i5 MANY OTHER SPECIALS ON PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT : CITY PHOTO 1719 E. AnihtJm HE 5-8928 EX-PHOTOCRAPHER nas cameras". lenses, -soots, strobes, dark room eaulp't. «ti "· A-l C:rp«ritw*ulldlnf, .refnooW t rmalr.^rea.Elllmitl. NE Hall CARP'EHTER. Memod. JH.SI siidin; drs. Wall VnocTad ouf. OA 1-44U ADD Ind iTarv^, Remodel. 1st fl ~" ... .loor. Repair. ADDITIONS, REMODELING I, REPAIR WORK, TO «1« . YOU name 111 111 bdhtlt. . Free eitl. u-3rM avn. a. wkends Furnace Repair C\»*n I Adjust $6.50 lit BRS. SERVICE «HO« Garden Serv. t. Supply Sorinkllnt ., reoalred. Pat. ever. LOY-L i Inslallid a. SMITH., LAVVN service, Quality Werkrhan vVD. Los Allos, E«sl L.I. Rossmoor. Cllpe^nti t olaeifl Muled away. Fra« «t. KAf-UU; . LANDSCAPlNe c^K'^.wa.'giaui DD1TIONS, remodeling. High oval- Ity. WtW Construct' ~ lori. GEMOI ^ffe E ! C A?.f' r ^ n 'R ( . m s^a«.M -ip;io-|ob r Si's1n J |. Will FIf 25'-30' or 40' Lot New custom-built mod. slucca home in LB. Built-in stove *· * oven, hdwood ftoon til* 1hru- Sep, 2 c»r fur* ex. Will move SOLID redwood shtd on sVMs, x6 il, ideal for workitop cr desert cabin. ExctllenTcflrvdMEon. SH. Carpeting HEW «. USED.CarKU, eirpertly n- -- l work ouiranlee!-- free estimate. Call Ted. 435-COU, . NEW IV used · W«rk W«*t«d WOMENI NURSE KIND. GENTLE. REF1NEO 47. to care for 1 or 2 elderly or 1 handlcaooad person, days, weekends or [tvo In part tlrna. Drive. Xlnt. refs, -431-M72 IRONING--a pieces U, or 3c a re. uo with mSn. order -- Ina ogtloAel. Frea ~' livery. Starching, ecn , or c a re. . order of U. Wesft- Frea orckup de^ tna. 6S3-W17 X-RAY Tech. ., duresj meolc. asst.. . part.tlma work. Box N-477, Ind., Press-T. TYPING/ Steno, M!meo, Bkkg., Notary, my home. PfcVup-Dellverv SOLICITORS PHONE 4 men r.eed^tl for IWM manufacturer in customer conftct division $1.50 TO $2 HOUR MIN. Minimum starting rat* plus bonus program can tnablt you to earn upward of $100 per weak Apply Mon. thru Fri. 10-3 MkS. KOVeTR-ROOM 1 2284 Long Beach Blvd. WHITE Christian slrj will baby sli «t »*v will do hswkv 51. 50 per tir. + fart MJ.W71. BABYSITTING, .. relKble. HE 5-61M betw. 13:30 i, 3:30. , MATURE -- Exoert iteno. 5/H 100 Typing 75. PBX. Full or nart time Good References. GA 4-7192 CLEANING-- Biby sitting Belr SOLICTORS R Commission. Call after f or U9-7745. Ast for Mr. MeCUIIan SALES^ EDUCATIONAL i AfirODALESMEN Enlarging Salas Fore* Bacaui* oMncrtas* · . InSalat'. A ffna eooortunHY for honest, tn- ·rattle men Inleresfed In becom- Int.lop nofch = car salesman. Vfith opMrtunlTy for aaVancemcnt, No emxrience'-nateKary. Wt will Train, ycv . In ovr · tune-proved method af «o«o? salesmanship. Learn,f E.arn-at th* sam. I'm.. . u p to. $250 a wk. ·-1, Demo Kfa-i 7. Paid Vacaliini 3. Hospilallzatlon-pjin 4. Oppononitv for ' Advancement · Prtttr men from 21 to U veari. TECHNICIAN--TV Bench man capable of servicing color tfereo »nd transisiors. Top _i? u -rv.-_ s dayweak. Call _HEJM29S TECHNICIAN TRAINEE Must b* rcspcnjiW* ptrion. . . R e f e r e n c e « for appt. rechnlclnn CHEM LAB TECH 1 vrs'collK* cJumfstry -f ex«rl- enc* in · Dlitfnj lab, foing chemical ·nalyslx *nd preens ipeclH- ckllon writing. rac+fc Scientific Co. I346S.SUI. ColfgqtRd, Anahefm (714) PR 4-5217 An tqual opportunity em pVaye r IRONING'-- $1 hr. Aelmont Sriore CHILO CARE -- 5 days _ 10771 V/tilmi. Strett. Loa Alimltos. IRCTNING- R*0."or Mrt-tlm*. S1.50 -- LJM Alfe area. - 5f*H1H AC^ .RSE. LOCAL ENCYCLOPEDIA, Also Gre»t Books of the Wesiern World. Com pi tie. (714) 541- CANVAS work, rnarlnt or ccrrtml. "fflaf '"'· -" FENCE-diirr. llnX, g.iv., run ft. !ci Hies reduced prices. Allis, .M011. Hies re n Tdivi. .t TORRO 'lawn mowcri, recondl- DUPLICATING Mi chin*. G o o d COAd. Coit $350. Will sell for SIS). Incluana supollw, " 941*1777. REFRIG./ Slt.50; on range, SIfJO. TRADER PETES, tt. E. 4\h S. Open. Mon. Frl. 'til ·; Sun. .1-6. FIXTURES/ slofe/ r«1»unnt, bir. Lumber, pl/W^-d, pesboifd, rnltc. in illey, rear tsio Crverry (daivl. MUFFLERS -- - G l a s s cr block,- Instilled. 1 Yiar pusr. · 1S.W. 1 W? Arteila Blvd.. fiallllwr.- TO J-IW , TRASH CANS DEL $V GE rilfS Qw.n Sun. ZU3 H. 17lh DUALS inirdtled most V-Ii, (27. Co mplete-- srn a 1 1 muffler rnsl*lled .15.50. KW2 E. Ariesla. TO 7-1X7 SALE 5uro!ir* Electronics, TOP SALES CO.. «n N.AIondra. Como- Ten. COFFEE I, 2 end tablei 25; s a bencn; Hoover port.ble wasnar s, seln dryer US. Ph. 7t-045J. "·'S'^IR'JSfti. 7 *'"'- 1??s Inrtilled or COMPLETE. l H»no»attwi, c sorlnklars. LI HE Lanli caRlna sarv c*. ·ILL'S Ltwn Service--Mow, e« · icuum 4x. mo. SI}. Eastslde' ./rljler'area. HE 7-SI LAWN SERVICE; do mv own work no contracts. cllpMnis; .hauled Frea estimale. · - HA M3? WEEKLY LAWN SERVICE DEPENDATsLE. HA t.«7'aft OLD LAWNS RENOVATED IVY CUT DOWN. HAUL AWAY. Mow-ixftH- ALDING'S GAHOENIHG SERVICE Free ciKmttei. CfttW-uo · »p- ill iU-3772 diltv. . AlV for Bil PARK'S Cleanup fc comp let. itrv.c*. A»t. milntif.wicr. Te what YOU will PHY. 415-74 EXPER. JaDir,es« Gafdtntr. Fo mtrly from P*.ua*tni. Frit cst CARPENT RY-Anyttil n 01 Hourly rates. Reas. Carpet -Uphol.- Cleaners ARPET'L VDho!sttry cleanlnf. $10 i!y front irn «, hall. Qulclt Jrytno -^w/new aoulpment 4JM112 "BK5 ' r * u "' NS ' ANY LIVING ROOM It HAL Crnt. deaned-ONLY $19. Oramie Tite CERAMIC Tile- new V repair. Lga. ef small fobs don*. 'Real, rater Work ouar. Lk. HA f-MT? O U R call . v . . ; lilesrtiio. QUALITY WORK ar. Lie. Free est. · 45I-70** FIHEST-workmanihip. New remod- *i/ repair. Lie. Fre« est. GA 7-1125 NEW Remodel. LM. 1. small obs. Over 20 years e«p. Reaa. 421-7477 8UALITY Concrete Work A-l CEMENT WORK from 30c aq. It. Df[v«5 -p alias, walks, sttpa, elc.- If Yrs. exger. Prte estlrti. I*M«» or GA 2-007f "SPECIAL RATES-Fre* Estlmatt* Pttio - driveway, fMmditions, ex- oojed 4iDO/ear»ff. Lie. FATIOS, ORIVES, V,'ALK ' , Free'esllmalt. KS. ETC. HE MS72 PATIO ROOF 5LA». Wit cr will de*fBn. GE RELAXACIZOR, like new, cost «». Coma lulck, I\li. Rear, nu P«a- dena. , own transportation. BABYSITTING. Hot lunches. Play equip, f^-KK BA"B""SITtrN RELIABLE 434-»46 GEN. OFFICE. EXP. PE'RM. MA. TUBE, i day w. 034.5MI WILL care for children in my II- censed home. 42S-4MI. Technicians Electrical Prefer 2 men WiUi IC-7 or 3 rale, USN. ExoerEencetT with magnetic amciliriers navigational devices. IJ.7S to S3.U oer hr. depending uoon experience. MILLER MAC^NETtCrs CO., INC. TELEPHONE SALES Guaranteed Salary PART-FULL TIME LIFE MAGAZINE Bixby KnolU Bonuses " f Leads Permanent T Y P I N G ' I N MY HOME. ACCURATE. 4B.OHO. "FAST, OFFICE DESKS, cnalrs. flln and (Ireoroot f 1 1 1 1 . PAKAMOUNT SALES, MOO Paramount Blvd. WEDDING--dress, slie 19, ta. Coral formal. slr» 10, sm. 4iMr»2 HOSPITAL BED ADJUSTABLE HO Beelers, 77CO E. 7lh CE V-7HS CLOTHES poles/ line;, stalled, reoilr. rellne. USED carpeti TRY ME-Fra. est. Walk., porfniv found.tlons. slabs. ^29-30*0 Contractors-Builders 434-1941 HCMJSECLEAN wJ«vtows will fl"!ors GOOD FAST WORK. SH-4KH. KURSE PRACT., LIVE rafs. GA 7-I4W, L.B. Area. WILL too* afler 1 child. Reliable T work ld. Call Work Wo«tt¥ (MEN) 4M-670 32 XEPAIR t RHNEW Leeks fixed, ceilings small fobs O.K. Fret t.llmitei. HA 14..5* CERA/^TC tir« man s**Xs worV. economic. Exoer. w/focal work X. _ materfaTs. 477.7S4 MALE--M vr$. old. IS yn; dfnina rm. waller dcmntic. Days pret. Xlnt. iocat refer. 4»-T7J7 aft 4 pm V/.GS, 100% human hair. Ctostout/ ^29. Ad/a Vita Plst. a.O-*j?3. DOLLS, clolhe^, «rts, reaa'rr cours4, luool.ei, tooU, 6tS-sa70. 'KIRAY vicirum cleaner; HcilhVIl' flit* checker fc coliu. «f4?j». 1375 MOTOROLA Cnelo. HA » BRICK -- Ujed 7c -I/-21 RetfoMo NeW «c. GE 4-3JI KIR8Y yacuum w/.tt new. US. 42S-9M*. ichmenl*. L1k« I SHOWCASED loWSi'^ 1 tress, 29. L1NDY Oxygen k Actfylene cylinder cvsjomer owned. 63M579 CLOTH WINDOW shades, icrr. off' Ml son av TuH MM Atlintie a.LL metal porlab!a utility cloiat. 7r5, J75.C01IS1M new. 4j Local 25 Yaart ^ ADDITIONS Fret) Hit. 100% Financing LICENSED-BO ND|0.|NSURED HE 2-3997 DAVENPORT CONSTRUCTION CORP. " TREND CONSTRUCTION CO. Room Additions, Remodels Kitchens, n»w Const. STATE LICENSE--INSURED 1W% FINAMCINCV FOR FREE EST1/AATES CALL: 925-3753 MOW iHlk -ABB L tdo« HO mo. Full rfpil C* $15. HE tW«; GF ft41 J10 ma. Yd, "Syr . ts |ird«nln* work. C«l LAW EXPERJ WN MAINTENANCE JENCED. TO Glass ft Mirrors . . NIT Col* Av*. HEI-40 . ps, «1 E 4-Mi Handymen £· Tr«h H«uT-- Tr«»Wor A GARAGE-LOT CLRANIK ALLOWANCE OK SALVAG 7 yrira af ntfiflid, customers AGE ers. ME 0-Wi HE PROPERTY. cltinu hiullnr, tr«M teii C*1I us tor wompr iwrvlct · .StrmiltT^MTSj MS-Uff. GENERAL Kir,Jyrr-«n. S*iHti l«wn fqulpt.; iMrptn. ' CARPENTRY, NlnttnR. .Pj^nWn fences, 42*- 571 7 or iM-*H». TRAOB work for ·nythJp.a · I. hwllni UVOOK · Hauling Express HAULING, oaraM, W tr«th,, cl« up, rtmovt fr**s, tVicw, |r ihrubt, walk], slibi, wrtckim odd |on. L.B. er LaVtwocd ·rj Fr»« t=lt. gait JIM. HE *-l ·Y ORIENTAL-- Htullna, V*rd cleftoup. Exptrt trt« Allewtnc* on iklvi?*. Frc« , V*rd cleftoup. Exptrt tr Allewtnc* on iklvi?*. F Guar. Lk. 41HB4 or GE 3-73 MOVING? BIG TRUCK OR PIC UP. Lljfit Hauling. Re«i. n±r ART'S TRAhS};tR. Lie. ftJn^r* Low rain. HE 7-^l» HE ?-U 'aintlng, PapefhangiRg Prof»nion«l SPECIALIZE IK EXTERIOR -o Inierlor. prolect Vtnst lltbllilY bv hlrlnb Lie.. SUREO I BO.KOED ralrrten. Ri«5on«b!«rat«s 421 -5690 wrtj. .Over loo toni iVUrlVm i cvnpoflttMi. Twin Disc rttjixtlo- flt»r and pjrli, Hnt Rocklo^* Pa*«r Tiht-oHj. Enp^nt oarli fo ·iKt^. Hercuii). Fair Dinks-Mori*/ Cltviiind. Coocvr-Bditnvr. 0It- id iior txniromirii. To«li, al " reo'i, tool b4tri _ _ como'trt 4 out i»rociKfff. with over XO tfetalt.v IAsotclfofl will ht itnt promotH tn\ rMueJt. Hitv .rxttrtaf lor Con* Irittori, Tryck*rj, Wartco*t o«r« Ranchers iW»!*V w*JI pa-M«r ixiifj), Rtfrtlr fwij jrxj mwiy ofherj. All IWj..rn»tfrlj| will-b« rti*cv#, .hV'pVern.M-i oif'Marrnj'iniftsrfrar SuPDl,-. MS W. Anihtfm, lonn Beach, Caliroriia. Aucikm to b« condi/cttcj by Stanley M. Frt«xf* njii Co.. 115 P«t SI,, SM Fran* dKO in-fj s*cj Oiirow AucHonetfSj Cnract'any of ih»'itxyi or pi*vani Ling ·.each-HE S-tUl far bro- CaKwr* ftnd deFalLi. _.herj. All IWj m»l , wJd without limit or r*i#cv«, Promrry «f and (a b« - RELIABLE PAINTING ' SINCE INI YOU CAN OEPe/ID ON US landed -- L teemed -- In.urtd 438-1169 "YOU EUY PAINT! I PAINT-- ftet «lm. He**, riiii. I4SWH INTERtOR.EXTERIOR *r^rr.V«Vv» cSS: C*H Anylim* SA-3-6389 WATER HEATERS l-Yr; Gtur-Specfal Priced .Mecl Tanks Glau Dntd Ttjok-i « gal. 174 95 40 gil. t».9.1 » gal. 1U.« .TO g*J. «*.M 10 CD. ilt.tS v, Q|1 } 2 4j Comolele'v Jttxw.aiilgned Confwm lo *rxf. 5lTetv l.vdird4 Alia nt* M-vr. cuiranre« h-iler? «t come el i live orlttt. h.. i/A-r^v."^^ GARBAGE DISPOSERS NEW-LATEST WODEL5 ' * **--\vhlrlawav _ "*" _ji-- Inslr.keratorTM"" T" ;?7--Inifnkeralor »E»-W«»i« Xing LWlii'Mte-suPPETcs; MIT E. Anarielm L.B. OE l-aM CELEBRITIES APPAREL Hi-Fathion on Low Budg»f Exovlille warovooei. Unusual ac. esiorles. Also men a 3J 44. 1233 E. 4th, long B.acK P«1nilnp «S.!"lr« n ! _|f i _ f . L, H. SPAINHOWER alntlna 1. decor.tlnt-- Bonded 1 nsured CA 7.IOW or TO a-JiVS AINTINC--Reliable R.atonable. pon an xlnt. lok Call ioltV otj»; MAdlsan 4-fiJa$) aves HOS-lrtr trim mill Ucenseel VVnTured. 473l-Ma4 INTIN'G t PATCHING, EXTER-- t INTERIOR. OA 2-SH7 CANOINANVIAN R.lntlng Inslda . V out. . UMOt PECIALIZE In enamelT bath. Licensed. Frot i 'XPERItNCEO Mlnler, Imlde K out. 4«.71M. · ·. . ·AINTINC-- ROO.HS,: havsjs, · -le(s,. -- frtt... fiSti ENSIONBR -- Wants aalnTlM, Interior, exterter, Knlable. «J-«5C7 I«IM.» n 7W5.H . PAIHTINO. .in dan w«rk. Pret «.?. Stir) raw. lum). Ut-1570 ·AINTINO--HH ..._ Jlah «valll _relloniolr. FreVest. PAINTING-- INSIDE t OUTSIDE Oo : ewn yrork. Frea tsT. m.|57! PROFESSIONAL Mlnllm. RHI.W Fa.T. JwaT, reattfnable. 'OA i^M EXPERT Pet Car* fiano TuninK ADDITION 'SPECIALIST PLASTERINS t. UATHINO stical cHllnai, p.tcnlna, r ACOUSTIC .Cetllno SPSCIAUS Ojd celllnn maeJt n*w. Fix an caHllnn. N» mora cracket Seuntf heat cenlrei. Miva no Uc. Ins. BanVed. Aller . SPECIALIST -.. wSk. I di for prompt ter PLASTERINO - palcKw.rk^tucc chlmrtey . reoa n fc rebullaVn _ Frea E)t. C- Keiter e»K .c.m.nt oatchlnt. m.nt ork. L^ SHUT o t. Smal ijj-iir Imrs. or ns-sru J^g^lffSSZJS^k JSffi ctl . . , OR S.MAUL PATCHES .- CAL GE 3-7I7?. PATCH-LARGE 1. DAY SERVICE PATCH or new work, no Plumbing, Heating Sloeoatei t. -L TIME revel n. lni GE 4-1SI Radio, TV V Hi-Fi Scrvlc Lie. EXPElfpTV Reoalr. Col av wtilla.. Refrigeration P truck l* ik'p lo«d«r. C'e Aiptiall removed. i"U-.»71 REFRIG'. Serv, aV repair. Oomei comm'l. Real, rates. 4^1-1', LIGHT haullnt. clean uos; pkk; un useabla -llefn) free. 1714444 MOVING--REASONABLE . We Trade for xwlhlng. OMJ: Haullna--Giraoes CleanEd. deanup -jrork. 473-4540 Carefvl Kndlq., low raits. To-WHEEL cW.p trucK t skjo loio- f.r. Cleanup.. Free esllm. 47t-lMT, D'UMP Iruck I, skip loader. · Cltln uo removal. Free esllm. 434-1577 LOT DISKING" AND CLEAII UP" JInusecleaners ROOM Additions Frea Esl. l«r% nninclng ' THOMPSON Construction «ll rARW^OUIIT BLVD. L.«. ME ROLL-TOP desk HOO; beii/tirul oia or pan tnS. FR4-I77S Work Wanted (WOMEN) (Mt») aO H«tWi)BH«J (Mtu) 24« am«iipm«HiHiinimiriHm*i^HtiHiHiiHrtiirHiM!iiiiiiiiiiitt ', Mta*N RaTtwMt*. NEEDS COUNTER MEN NOW!! /' J -J(«W «··**«?«« ·' ;^«r t).«.Wtf«irf.ya,«if ajttt /tf«r«if«rf fii v frfir*. ;'/:· .' : ISf UttfYiWw.eaH--TACO IILL . . tfcfii. nwi, If A.M;.t« 4 P.M. THLEPHONE SALES «-U hr. fir more. S.^o Jiranle«d. Perm., ·Hilt ar gift lin-.e posllrcn. ^4-C4T7 \ TELE VISION .·AARKETIN RESEARCH I inlernit-otvaiiy known company I ·oetunes* for horn* contact work in Its TtteVbTo/. Research Division. Th* woflc Is Irrttftftlno, rtaiHrn ·pdiunts who CM *- ^j,^ Md $how ta|ip Ti · t,.«m.jnfnt -- Thrt* mflrrtt tr«lnlnf Ko«r*m, Irv ciudlng both fermal «nd oivth*- I»t «XMrTtnc«. Evfntual iissTpn- m»fit-miy be . ·nywtitr* Tn frrt uniTtd SliTes.' LIbef a I r*tome, travtl exMnie* · nc[ rUTiyturatlvt ftdlum. Oppor- ptiny tntf Def»na _ ,, . _. VKtticfli, complite Tnurance pec arini'tV-4 rttlrerntnt bmefils. tails- rnUitiry sUhjj, iiimmarv t. ftfvcat;ofl «rtd wofk exMrltiicc, incomt exMcterf/ iddreii 3T Work Wanted (WOMEN) 31 ff'f/MO/i Career (' f nttegf* Sfudejlt Plactmint Division fl Pf»-»4 t« Prtirtur "The Gibson Girl" Glwfi Coflrot h« «vtH«b{« Ketii; Pcnet-wrtf, PVWlc TyrXih, Sfrwi., Rcc««t.on1sti. Otrkj, rfc Pfrmar.tnt/ Pirt Tlm« tr .Temperjry. Oil cm-yover's st^.vnenl' Tn part; "TIM cajiber ti wtilch I hid. never sttn. t wii to !mor«j*{J bv Itva manner, iltlturfe and correcTr«i --'my only rco^el wai thit I had on)/ one lt, I wTih I coufif rnv« hfred ill four girls." Mr, Bljjr S. Rufteft Dht. Sates Mwx'er, SIPV-TiVK. Int. C«H Min T«rn«JI «r Hisi Lirrfs«iy 427-7971 Sturfen'. PI.cement (er furffitr information. Ruitell Construction Co. ROOM ADDITIONS + REMODEL Cal Vel -- FHA -- IW% financing UCEMScD - BONDED -INSURED " · Y E A R S LOCALLY Call efa-/ or nlohl lor tret tst. Long Beach Ofc. 437-7713 SEE OUR DISPLAY POO IA AT MAIN OFFICE W329 So. Western. Torraice. _ 52M570_ wrN5Sws~~v^m~ Fr.nYvy.Trgo. Gen. Consff. 1 'L'-«~**^as_jni RCrti^eling - Add (ion i · Hcmti Comrr.trcial - \nCusifii\ l, income Unili. FRSc ESTIMATES ICO'ri FINANCING feyMU* Have Your Home CluneJ Caret cUan'ir.a -- Fwcnltwri, vail wtstilnp, fioor cinniog, waxin,). WtVvdow watttlno. Gcr.ti*«1 hoov* clearUnd. Ph. *i\W)\ Don Cfcnli EARL'S V/ALL WASHING, KITch. 4V b»tti Y15. Flat piTnl. xp*f1ly washed (r« strtAi) --. IIV. rm. Jli To til. Floor» waxtd. TUna Piyintr-.b if rf«tltctf. HOUSECLEAHIHT^yalli, wln^aws, ftoori/ aU/rrt. male. rROFESSIONAL U t t h o d V/ALL V/ASHING m»y Save · Paini Job! Redtced rales far Carptt CU*n- Ina * WAXIIJG. f -- quToT~SE(iviCE-w»iMt wu.... wiirVnj, Hcors wixfS. *^wr Ml r ntlj.3._R'!asOi1lL«-_ Jl^Jiff; . SALVAGE fAASTERS '., ooori, yHrvdowi r Kvri*Mj.* blno, formica. *lr carvdilnl IE hVASTERl Sinra F* of lorwalk Biro'. !umbl " :F; iin viri KIR BY VACUUMS achmenl.. fisher, rfcorrf. Ull CHERRY AVS. Lom lleacrt FIBERLAY PLASTICS COMPLETE SUPPLIES Pouring ol orapes every weo^v' eTav. Free deino.)slrallon Saturday; 1? To 3. 3S-UH. Ma Sanla Fe. . YLON CA R Ptfr i N 6' "oil "Sdj'. Values JS.H lo IT.ti so. yd. NoM JM5 so. yd. All lire* plicas. Lonv Beach Furniture Co. t.'n I, Long' Beach Blvd. MATE UlHTKHr. .feSfe. AnaheWsT:' 'cT'.'iioil cart. *OrvrnS?c' fffl Console w* ipeed chanoer, fio« rKorder, radio, set of ilerco ·-- walrmT ertclosgre. pn. iMihtra . Ul-4041. 'ELL keot earpeti ihow lh» re* sufTl.M remlar BhffrLustrt po cleanlnf.. Rent eeclrlc fhanrn Tanlt t Caniiitr Vacuurns AT Ull CHERRY AVE. V * Radio tuots-sayi uo t« jjS All' Brand., -two stores. TOP SALES Co., IJI5I 3. Front St.. Norwalkt m W. Alamed., Coeim- "on. NE 1WII HE t-ClM. HAMOND , -- Wedding never used -- 74 carat UO llrm .n cal. rllle, I --AIRAL croisleo, oval Hnm reT^rli. -Penlron portabla tap* ra. corder; IKa AJS twin, motor. cvcFt, txcellent'cond. 1354; Hi I., llcraller radio, model Sll, cov. ·rs police flrp etc., IS] fo in megacycles; IfIS model T roro) tovrlnr, reilered. beit olfer, may Tradt. Call al I;JO pm. HA M'78 WESriHOHOUSE waiher 1 S-ton air cond. Falrl M 4T7.IHI. . FURN. I. MISC. FURHISHINCJ FROM ESTATE. OHM. J«w«lry 72AA 17 lewel white gold av bend. 11 perfecl c»emonos. ·»1», 1 Evei. OA 1-ltll ill. «, Sin. all dav. GUNS-- GUNS -A-. | Ootii «v«i ']U ·-- Untvcrsil Armi, USOI Partmgunl 11 vd., Paramt. POOL TABLES \vholesale prked. loot; llnjncln?. Home «. coin eoeriled. tal-o4» S K Y . DIVING otar, gd. .conj. Malm, 'reserves, helmet), nxr belore t. . POOL TABLES -i- Slate, Ul-tin. Coin oper. -t home type. D.a1er t Ftjmititrf for Sol* 73 .B4FTRANSFER STORAGE OUTLET Mod. Living rm. sets Lamas a lablei Dinette sets, p _»·» Q 1» sS _ _ 'S^'jTB ^ _ WHITCOrvlB ROOFINS . '. "COftP, ' For Ihe BEST |n new er'reroef- j, iff. Mod. Brtroom sell -Springs * M.IU.. ea. _ Stove, guaranteed » Rtfrlaeralor, swar, BtKix set. comp. v//malli. .. Chasls, dra^-r _}l9 Hide a beds - .. . ---J5» 1131 Giivlora. T L.B MS HE 1-UH orl lorn Sr. bet. Orange I ClWry BLT-V/£LL ROOF CO. ft Eat |r34. WE. GIVE BLUE CHTp SWAPS tlo dn. pymt. BanX .terms. ALL types recover. W nr.l Ull 4-7H4 "-UB CHIf STAfA» RE-ROOF WITH SEARS HE Mill, Eil. U4, Ita L.B. Bl. YOUR Rubbish Disposal OUR oerioe cloned t ruBo rtauted aoiy. SIO. GE MJJ1. Sandblasting PICK--WA'HOf? BOB--4J4^m 3AND1LASTINO-RESTUCCO. Vi reason a HI.. Lie. Very nm NEW-USED ! Save fhe Wr«hs« Way j STOVES I. REFRIGERATORS ; Llvtno room. Bedroom, ruot. dinelles. chests, lamp], tit.. JIAKfiAIHS C/LORE I - Z 3 ROOM GROUPA » S SAVE } S Leonards Furn. Whs«. 5588 Atlantic, Termt COOK! ' All ntrr 4-rm. outllt comulale. J2M.H. Lfn down pyl. termj \t C. C. LIQUIDATORS 1105 E. ANAHEIM 5»l-l)13 Qp«n MMi.-Wtd.-frl. C w cs. : CO/A/AUNITY AUCTIOM--15010 Haw. thorn. Blvd.--every Wed. pile, 7 p.m.. Sun. 10 ojn. T^e Auction [hit seHli better uride furnjaopl. WE ALSO BUY and Op fSf MORr for the best. Call SP 7.t77lj Oii HIP. Auction fwlc. Weekly' "HOTEL APT OWNERS FORBES ]ndblerrlng for repaint ei stucco, ftn tslimales. OA 4-MU jarmonai Shett Metal Blowerrj V Fans FAHS. tar venlllallna res- tauranti* hornes'ai bidoi. Kttcheo, swifts .no hoods, stainless sleel wor*. tutl.ri A conductc;s. Hall. · re mltfna. /Aarlne sheet m;til i · n^ repair woik. i micCLOSxey SHEET METAL ! 1315 W. llth SI K£ 4-4MI : AAIH CUTTCK3. snKI nVTil «9rK S«. S i t f,A 24S?;. INS E^AIIU- 0 *"^,!!! Ooen tWBf.vWed.-Ff1. tv« . HIDE A BEOS . 74 lo (heel* frorn for Imrnrdat'i nitlivery. Priced * Fow »j U9.t5, Er.c(vCing rnnmcf Irvt) mtfrresf. Frjr Dtliverv. B i. /= rransftf, 1131 OV/JOIJ. L B. HE 7-M5 rp"l£CE KING-SIZE bedroom *et". golo t vrtiile, compete, tvrntd trom rnwfel, ill Rtflv'tir MH.M. Loo? i !E A VI JIG Sta'ilv^S e l lin a" . Ar- NO Job TOO Small GEHERAL CONTRACTOR frf7-Tfc« .Door Huiflnt Draperies Dressnistking Linoleum J'AOFESSIOHAL LINOLEUM 4 Tfii Liyir EO-MEECE. fffml., GA J«lS er m-7911 Movinj Storite VOU'Lt. IAVE ANV^,^-'^- C L'O'C^ MONEY WITH VAN LINES .^afl ,SE, TOO' Point I ng, Paptrhanging CUSTOM Gownj, suiti, coat;, made ta msai'jre. Eleoant simplLcitv kre Man fashioned, ^31) E. '" St.. L. B. ALTERATIONS. MENDINB Call eves, t weekyid!, HE ?-33?l CAMEO SHOP -- Cuslom sewing av alterations. 7t» Alltnllc. HE7ini ALTERATION 4. OSE'SMAKUIC. KEASOKABLE 41S-074I OARCO Palntlno Corp.. R.I., C m'l. Inoust'l. Inl.rlor L e«tr -. Lie., Bonatd.. Insur. i-ll-ltOT PAlNTIrlO, paoerhanalntT, alasler- ing, itoalr. M Poehltln 43;e» 'PAINTING insidt or out. W vn. eicMr. K» loo Too rm. MBS024C. L'C^fisTb'' PAIHT6R~2S vtars lr ' ~ Neat and reasoAabJt. S»MS3' PAIHTING. oioerlno, Insltfe ( OUT. M yn. m.fltt ml. · GA WIM EXPERT SIGN PAINTIH01 I 'I'' '*. Fait, variatlla, Imaolnalr/e, Mk. : TO 7-21 InV for part lime work er rates. cornofe|» 'iKth f Hi.ff°i «d T.v. elt Termite Control HANS TERMITE COMPANY Loc«l« 421-3345 ROACHES. Tree Service ·.mmm ** JoTm estm. IOOLES Tree Servlct. Fret Lktnstd. Hsurtd, OAHOT REMOVE--TRIM-HAUL AWAY Fre« Esl. low trke. GE 9-30711 Must - St*t» £ Scxrt: . Ph. 4U- TWIN'S txov (vrn.--1 beds comol. w-sprlngs aV marr., cnrOTt foltf. InS NVl chairs. -Wake offer. 431-5777" H fflSL H ,. i»«»l. WE'I Uphpljtering HEU^HOLSTERY sa e «'. etl. Free esllnutes. 3 ccneritioni of ocnoltl.rlno. -Taylor Ma'd^Uo- AAA FURHITUM..J 3W»fl »» S». Labor l materliu I SOFA (41 Jo--mil thing chair tnM Inctvaei libor A m.lenal.' Fre« ·rm Cl«. I RMS. turn., Zenith stereo^ nl-fl. od. cona. tiMMo. SPRII1C5 i AAATTRESicS ea. «!tj I BIF Transf.r 1131 ClvloU BUFFET hutch, vralnut, lilt. Mw. «100. Mhc. irtlcles. _ lM-i?IT ViOUSEFUL OF FURNITURE. Mov- Inp. Real. tUmt, Franchle. TV, hlgX^cel alt. atitf raise". tables t. rjalr:. OE a-OOS. 3 PC. Sectional Hlde-a.bed i chair" set «. · Oiiln. 1M7 pint. (3«4n

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