Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 68
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 68

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 68
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Pag* E-»--INDEPENDENT c«4if.,Tiws., ·«*.«,1«* ^Television Log ·WIT «H-ii»l 2 MCA'Ch-ll»l 4 KA1C Cl-niwl KHJ Cb«iiMl t KTTV Chonn.1 II KCOP £h«.n.1 » Til* IHW.M-"!"" «««»»·· »· r..«-iiilfcHltY f«r el*ll*.l «HM«» »X ···"·«· IHCBSDAY, FEBBTJABY 13,1958 COLOR ON TV 1Z NOON 4-^.Matinee Theater 6 % r. M. 4--News: Jack Latham, Jack Blake, Chick Hearn 6:30 .4--Curt Massey Show 6:45 P. M. 4--Jack Latham, News 7:SO P. M. .4--Tic'Tac Dough 10 P. M. 4--Rosemary Clonnoy Show 4--(Color) Curt Massey Show 5--6:30 News 7--Sports Club, Elroy Hirsch 13--Stories of the Century . 6:45 4--(Color) Jack-Latham news 3---Tom' Harmon, · Sports 11--George Putnam, News 7:00 P.M. 2--The Honeymooners, Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows 4--Death Valley Days: -"Yankee Pirate," Ken 6:00 A. M. 4--Today, Dave .Garroway - - 7:00 A. M. 2--Captain Kangaroo Cooper, Pat Breslin 5--Movie: "Gold -Diggers with Jimmy Lollobrigida 2--Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A. M. 2--Ladies Fair, Torn Moore 9:00 A.M. 2--Hotel Cosmopolitan 4--Tic-Tac Dough, Jack Barry -5--Radio Vision, Larry Finley 7--It's. Fun .to Reduce 9:15, 2--Love of Life · 7--Chef Milan! Cooks 0:30 2--Search for Tomorrow 4--It Could be You, B. Leyden T.i .- 9:45 2--The Guiding Light · · 10:00 A.M. 2--Our Miss Brooks . 4-i_:Arlene Francis Show 7--Chucko's Cartoons - :, 10:15 5--CCPR Bulletin 2--Walter Cronkite (10:25) 10:30 2--As the World Turns 4--Treasure Hunt, Jan Murray 5--Guidepost 11--Star Shoppers, Bill Welsh 11:00 A. M. 2--Beat the Clock, Bud Collyer 4^-Price Is Right, Bill CuUen 5--Romper Room, Miss Mary 7_My Hero, Robt. Cumrnings 11--Sound Off Club, B. Welsh 11:30 "2--Art Linkletter House P'ty 4--Kitty Foyle, Kathleen Murray 7--Dee Parker: T h e s e Are Your People, Terrea Lea 11--Sheriff John 12:00 NOON 2--Big Payoff, Bob Paige 4--'(Color) Matinee Theater: "Without Fear of Favor, Howard Smith, Richard Carlyle, Whit Bissell 5_Meet the People, B. Bradley 13:15 7--Bill Gwinn's Mysteries 1S:SO 2--The Verdict Is Yours 12:45 7--Movie: "Golden Eye," Roland Winters 1:00 P.M. 2--The Brighter Day 4--Queen for a Day 5--Dorothy Gardiner Movie 11--Jackson Wheeler Show 1:15 2--The Secret Storm 1:30 · 2--The Edge of Night 1:43 4--Modern Romances 2:00 P. M. 2 Garry Moore Show 4--r-Married Joan, Joan Davis 7--A1 Jarvis Show 3:30 2--Arthur Godfrey Time 4--Truth or Consequences . 11--My Little Margie ' 3:00 P.M. 4--Movie: "Dixie Dugan," Lois Andrews 7--American Bandstand 9--Movie: "Big Street," Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball 11--Steve Martin's Martinee 3:30 2--Dotto, Jack Narz 5--Tricks Treat, Corris Guy 7--Do. You Trust Your Wife, Johnny Carson 3:45 13_Variety Musical Parade ' 4:00 P.M. 2--Fairbanks Theater: "Pattern for Glory" 5--Cartoon Carousel 7--American Bandstand IS--Who Knows This? 4:30 · 2--Movie: "Sabre Jet," Robert Stack, Coleen Gray 4--Movie: "Doctor Takes .a Wife," Loretta Young, Ray Milland 9--Magic of the. Atom 11--Dick- Whittinghill Serials 13--Destiny ' · 4:45 9--Gene Autry Movie: "Comin 1 Round the Mountain" .- 5:00 P.M. 7_Woody Woodpecker 13--Movie,: "Desert Bandit," -Don Barry ,^, 5:30 5--Double-Time, LeGarde 1 Twins 7--Mickey Mouse Club ' ~~ 5:45 9--Ted Charach, 1st Edition 11--Topper, Leo G. Carroll 13--Mark Scott Sports (5:50) ,: ..-.". 5:55 2--Weather Vane, Harry Geise 9--Sports, Bill Brundige ' n Classified. 13--Jimmie Fidler 6:00 P.M. 2--6 o'Clock Report (News) 4-^(Cdlor) News and Sports . 5--Popeye, Tom Hatten 7--Hawkeye and the Last of " the Mohicans 9--^Cartoon Express 13--Baxter WawJ. News 6:15 2--Douglas Edwards, News 4--News, Huntley-Brinkley ll-^Susie/Ann So them 13--Cat Tinne'y Sees · 6:SO Preston of the Yukon! ' Clark, Pamela Duncan 5--White Hunter, R. Reason 7--Hank Weaver Reports 9--The Little Rascals 11--The Silent Service · 13--1 Search for Adventure: "Madagascar" 7:15 7-John Daly and the News 7:30 2--Men of Annapolis 4--(Color) Tic Tac Dough Jay Jackson 5--Assignment America: "Beating Death" (Heart). 7--Circus Boy, Mickey Braddock 9--Best of Bishop Sheen 11--Casey Jones, Alan Hale Jr 13--Golden Voyage: "Sweden 1 8:00 P.M. 2--Richard Diamond, Private Detective, David Janssen 4--You Bet Your Life, ' Groucho Marx '. . 5--Master Control, Stan Chambers: -"Boat Show" 7--Zorro, Guy Williams^ 9--The Ski Show 11--Movie: "Best Foot 'For ward," Lucille Ball, Jun AUyson . 13--Ghost Towns 8:30 2--Shower of Stars: . Jac Benny's 40th Birthday Party. Rochester,, M. Blanc, . Don Bestor, Andy Devine, Phil Harris, Van Johnson, Frank Parker, Jo Stafford,' Ted Weems, Larry. Stevens, Dennis Day . . . , 4--Dragnet, Jack Webb Jack Benny will turn 40 rears old tonight on "Shower f Stars" (2) at 8:30 p.m. and u r i n g his hour-long, show many old friends from his early days in radio, movies and TV will show up to see if. the old iddle player is really admitting ,40. - - ' - -- ? en voyafi Born B e n n y Kubelsky in Norway. Waukegan, 111., Jack has weathered, many years of vaudeville, stage acting,. movie "acting," radio and TV, and among those who will show up for'the mammoth celebration will be Rochester, Mary Costa, Bob Crosby, Paul Douglas .(Benny's first r a d i o ' a n n o u n c e r in 1932), Johnny Green; Ted Weems, Mahlon Merrick, Phil .Harris Andy Devine, Don Wilson,-Van Johnson, Frank Nelson," Jo Itafford, Larry Stevens, Frank Parker, The Sportsmen, Don Bestor ("Play, Don" .-from radio days), Mel Blanc,--Sam Hearn (Schlep'perman), Joe Kearnf (vault guard), George Hicks Bill Lundigan (who is · also billed to star on "Playhouse 90" tonight), and Mary'Living-' stone. . . . , . · · ' Benny enlisted in the Navy as Benny Kubelsky in .1917, the only man ev^er to be in uniform before he was "born." (That's 41 years ago). The mayor of .Waukegan Is flying out to join the celebration too. DAYTIME DATA The various steps in manufacturing wool, cotton and orlon sweaters plus how children can make a drum.. are shown on "Captain Kangaroo" - (2) at 7 a.m. . . , How to shop for diamonds is told by Gladys Hanniford on "House Party" (2) at 11:30 . . . How the New York Times broke the.corrupt politi- TERRY TERMON n -'/Assignment America" (5) as' heart research-is .checked mt · ' ., '· · ' . . . . . ' . . , · COLOR--"Tic I .Tac- Dough" v4) still has: Captain O'JRourke rying to defeat Patricia Nance after -14 'tie games'. Third anniversary"" for "Golden Voyage"; (13) with a trip to 8 p. A visit to .the National Boat Show . is on tap for "Master Control" over (5). The s u r v - i v i n g son of a wealthy landowner is faced with immediate, tax payment or loss of his huge-land and 'cattle in- 7:00 A. M. 1 KFI--Pat Blsaop Reports JUJC--Jobn-,Trott«r to 9 UU--Frank: HemiBKway . KNX--'News: Surh McCoy CFOX--Kofte« Klub. to 9 KQKR--Christ Faith ILJin KFI--Hit tn. Road' KHJ--Bill Brnndln KNX--Bob Crane Show KOER--A-dorey I*. 1:30 KHJ--Ntw j: Music Tee Vee Laffs 'If you're too In out In the country for TV, how come you got inch a fancy-, antenna?" cal hold of Boss Tweed on New York City is the s t o r y for "Matinee Theatre" in COLOR at 12 noon on .(4). H o w a r d Smith, Richard Carlyle · and Whit Bissell have been assigned lead roles.. '£-- JL/i*lgHC(t, V C*ViV 1 1 *- ·*·+ 7--The Real McCoys, Walter Brennan 9--Play Signal u .cMflV TiEI(i3J. -13-Racket Squad, Reed Hadley ley Days" (4) 9:00 P. M. 4--The People's Choice, Jackie of 1937," Dick Powell, Joan - Bldndell, Ruby Keeler 7--Pat Boone Showroom, Raiding One coastal · 7 p.m. California's the cut-throat h'eritance and a deck of cards helps him- lose the rancho "Zorro" takes a hand on (7' however. · 8:30 p.m. . · · ."Shower of Stars" (2). Se above.. While investigating a. serie of -burglaries, "Dragnet" (4 learns that one of the two mal suspects.wore a very large; an elaborate pair of .cowboy, boots Incidentally, a new ruling of th L.A.P.D. says that no man car be a detective unless he has the rank., of sergeant. So Officer Frank.Smith has to study the Civil" Service examination. 9 p.m. · Gina Lollobrigida and Jimmy Dean are the . guests · on the "Pat-Boone Show" over 7 with ·ams KWK- 1 --- 1410 KWKW '_. 1*40 K*»O l«00 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13,1958; -- KMX-- i' N.WI 1:45 KTI--Pat-Bishop: Sport. KHJ--Breakfast Ntw. CNX--Harry Babbitt . KGZR--W, B. Record 8:00 A. M. KFI--News; Hit the Road KHJ--Cllfr Enirfe. New. KNX--Bob Cram Sbow ' KOttR--Wilbur Nllion. · KHJ--News; Sportllte. KNX--Dtv. Valle. N.M ju-I--Fit Bl'shop Report. CHJ--Haven of Re«l . KNX--Elm Crosby Bob Cruni (s:35) KQER--Voice o f . China 8:4 KFI--Andy * Virginia CNX--Howard Miller. XQER--Percy, Crawford 9:00 A- M. KABC--Breakfast Club CHJ--News: Gardens KNX--N«ws; Peter-Mary. CFOX--Wilt Abbott to 12 KOEK--Lutnerao Hour . t:15 . KHJ--"Way. to Learnlnr KNX--Backstay Wilt »:30 KFI--Ladle.'- Day KHJ--Norma. .Youni - KNX--Helen Trent KCBR--Jobn Brown . KNX--Our 0»5 Sunday 10:00 A. M. KFI--News: -Bindstind KAJBC--Herb AndnriOD KHJ--Newsp. of the Air KNX--Nora-. Drak« .· · KGEH--Rscu« Mission U:U KHJ--Tello-T«st · . KNX--Ma Perkln. li.30 KHJ--Gabriel. Heatter: GeOrga 'Crowtll (10:35^ KNX--louni Or MRlone KQEK--Overcominc Lift L--Road of LHt !R--Rev. LeHoy Kop 11:00 A. M. KFI--Nowa KABC--Bob CoU (to 1) KHJ--News- - . ' - KNX--Wendy .Warren KGER--Dr. Loul. Talbot KFI--My True Story KHJ--Kite Smllh stoi CDaSLdJ icUK-nua, w*c *-u.-ui.iJ.^i*v -·- "i» ---- ---crew of a famous French pirate Pat and Gina teaming for some ship is surprised and routed .by the counter attack of.outraged landowners during "Death Val- Dean, Gina 9 -- Movie: " U n d e r w o r l d Story," Dan Duryea, Gale Storm 13--Dangerous Assignnient, Brian Donlevy v 9:30 7:30 p.rn. "Casey Jones" comes to (11) in the person of Alan Hale and with young Bobby Clark as his son. Adventures · of the early- days of railroading in t h i s country, with plenty of excitement. Films taken inside of a beating human heart will be seen 2--Playhouse 90: "No Time at ] All," William Lundigan, Jane Greer, Betsy Palmer, Keenan, Wynn, Chico Marx, Sylvia Sidney, James Glea- I Cntn Stimpi I · s :i».~»_ , m son, Buster Keaton, Harry j Einstein Italian' and .American songs. In order to help, out the family budget, Mandy seeks a job as a county tax collector during "The People's Choice" (4). : 9:30 p.m. 'Playhouse 90" l*s Wiffiam Lundigan starring in 'his' first acting role' in four years'. He's concentrated .as the Chrysler announcer-host but hasn't done any dramatic work. The show also has 15 other stars including, some old-time ·Kite Smllh stow ·11:15 KNX--2nd Mrs. Burton . 11:30 · KFI--Art Baker Noteboo: KHJ--Qi een :c_ a Dity KNX--Couple. N«« Door KORR--Sunsnln* Mission 11:45 KFI--Pat bishop, News . KNX--Pit .Buttrim Show KGER--Dun Gilbert 12:00 NOON KFI--Farm Riporttr KHJ--Frank Henilnirway KNX--Bill Kenwally KFOX--Don Laraond to KCER--Through tUl Bib TELEVISION We Will Ttll You th« Cp$t Before W* Do th* Work KFI--CUlf. AfTlcuItun . I KHJ~Oedrlc-- Foster N«ws KNX--N«l«on Ucbilnch 1»;30 KFI--Local K«w« HJ--E4 Hart Show KNX--Art Llnklitter KQEH-- Dr. Orr. Btbl. KFI--RMord'Album ft«T; 1:00 P.M. [--Niws; 'o-8tar .Mat. [tJvBC--JUn R«*ves Ebow ;HJ--New.;- Music - KNX--Arthur Godfrey LGER--Charlie- Tumtr ' 1:1* KOER-- Chrlstlin-J«w Hr. KHJ--MLMcNellis-a^O); Gayilord. Hausrry (l:25) KFI--Woman In Mr Hou. KHJ--Geon« Crowell- . KGER--Good News. Mualc KFI--Ptpptr Younj 2:00 P.M. KFI--News; Mary Hlikox LABC--Jim.'Backus Show :aER-~Lonc Beaca Band . . . . -J;30 KFI--On. Man 1 . Family KNX--Don't You.Bellevt It: RutlrAshton (2:35) KGER--G.orj;e .McLaln · ·, 1:41 KFI--Dr. Gentry KGER--Garden School 3:00 P.M. KFI--New.; Dick Slnclal CABC--Art Nelson- (to 5) KHJ--Gabriel Heatter; ·· George Crowell- (3:08) KNX--Philip. Norman KFOX--Music-survey -:o 6 KGEIV-Dan- Plk» Show . - 3:30 - KNX--Matinee 3:45 ' KHJ--Lyn' ft Hollywood 4:00 P. M. , KKI--News. Dave Shaw KHJ--Fulton L«wls Jr. 4:15 · ·· CFI--Myron J. Bennett KHJ--Frank Hemingway -i 4:30 KHJ--Georie Fisher . KNX--Point of .Law: · Arthur Godfrey. U :351 KGER--Health Talk KHJ-- Clltf Engle,' N.Wf KGER--News . 5:00 P. M. KFI--News:' Wtather tABC--John Daly; New. ·3LT--Bill Brundla* KNX--Larry LeSueur K^ER--Aubrey Le« KFI--RolII* "Thomas new: KABC--Hank Weaver, KHJ--S14 Fuller New. 1--Carroll Xjcott 5:30 KFI--Fnatur. Wlr« .. KABC--William Winter: Alrwatch · (5':40l - . "~ News; Tral. Tunei ,,.,,,--ToTM Harmon KCER--BuIIdfri of Faith 6:4S - . KFI--News Daye Bha-w KAHC--Orval Anderson KHJ--Clev Hermann KNX--Frank Goss. New .ran--Mm on tb«' Oo CABC--Bob Ferrli. News OIJ--Bill Stern; .Tr»Klc --Tunes- (6:35) . ' T X--Hennmn 'Blcknuin; Amos 'n' Anuy (8:35)- KQEH--H«v. Al Eulu .6:41 KH--Art Baker Notebook [ABC--FlnuciaT Review K--Country Cburcb ' 7:00 P.M. KFI--News. . CABC--John Vsjidereook JHJ--Fulton Lewli Jr. . KNX--News ' :OEH--rjunlly BlDle Hr. 7:05 KFI--Franchise Tuc. Bd. S--Masters of--Melody KFI--Here's' to Vet.' LABC--M«rv- Griff In to.8 CHJ--^Answtr Man : KFI--Moriran-. Beatty nwi KHJ-- Gabriel- Heatter; Scotland Yard -(7:3!) KNX--Robert-Q. L«wU . KGEE^--Kev, Victor Glenn KFI--Lit. * th. World 8:00 P. M. KFI--Fro.t Warnings; News; NlKhtllni-to 10) KHJ--Theater Royal KNX--Rusty .Draper . KGER--Voice of China 8:15 . . KCER--A. U.-Mlcblson KHJ -- By"- th KNX-- The KHJ--N KNX-- 6:00 P.M. T--News: StrODEfl-Tru KMPC--Bob Kelley Spor KABC--Ed Morgan new KHJ--News KNX--Spdrt» Storey KFOX--Johnny Otis to KGER--Back to the Blbl . B:JO KFI--Sporta Report KABC--Paul Con.te« KHJ--Vlrcll PlnHley KNX--Lowell Thomas . , . People . World. lonlti rVLNJV^Aile TVV11U- .J.UIJILC KGEK--Airmail Irojn Con tut · · ,..,^..r^ Gilbert KNX--Eric Sevuretd 8:50 Weather t You (8:55) 9:00 P.M. - KABC--Dor. HacKlnnnn KHJ--News . . , KNX--News ' ' " CFpX--Meloly Time -· KCER--C»lv. Fellowship KHJ-- »t'» 'GO- to -Town KNX--Tin Storyteller 8:30 . KHJ--Jack Warntr Show KNX--Frost' wanlfi(; · · Answer Please! KCER--Dr. Orr, Blbl. 9:BO KNX--Bruin-Trojan Hl- lltes · 10:00 P.M. KFI--Ne»-?--E. Peterson ·:NX--Richfield Reporter. KGER--Dr. Plerc. BrooJes 10:15 . KFI--A Joy For«v«r KNX--Tom Hanton. spts. KGER--Frieda Ntunaus 10:31 KFI--Thin* Called Life KHJ--Muilc Beyond SUra KNX--Philip Norman. · KGER--Rev. T.L.. Osborn 10:45 · · KFI--Al Poska, Shoir KGER--News 11:00 P.M. KFI--New.: Davf'Shaw KBJ--Tne News-Wheel · KMX--News. Max Roby; Ktrry-Go-Round (11:10. KFOX--Record nick: to 2 KGEH--Clarenc. Welch KJTI--Rolile Thoma.. »pts 11:30 - KIT--11:30 SMClaJ -v · KNX--Music-Till Dawn 12:00 MIDNIGHT KFOX--Record Racfc: Texas Tiny (2 a-ml KGER-- Clarinet Welch who play it straight. These are Cliff' "Ukulele Ike" -Edwards, Harry "Parkyakarkus" Einstein," Jay C. Flippen, James Gleason, Jack Haley, Buster Keaton and Chico Marx. Others are Florence Halop, Mary'Beth' Hughes, -Sylvia-Sidney, Sheppard Strudwick, Regis Toomey and co-stars Jane. Greer, Betsy Palmer and Keenan Wynn. I Sllvir Soriin 'IS Piotir* Tukti 4--Tennessee Ernie Ford, with Robert Horton 7--Navy Log: "Blood Alley," Frank Gerstle 13--Heart ol the City 10:00 P.M. 4--(Color) Rosemary Clooney Show, with Rex Allen, Don Knotts, Shelley Bel-man 7--Inner Sanctum: "Queen of Spades" 11--George Putnam; News 13--Tom Duggan Show 10:15 11--Paul Coates 10:30 4--Jane Wyman Show: "He Came - for the . Money," Ruth Roman 7--Celebrity Playhouse: "For the Defense," Edward G. Robinson 11--Movie: "The Lady Dances," Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald 10:45 9--Night Edition 11:00 P.M. 2--Big News; Roberts, Stout, Stratton, Geise 4--Jack Latham, News 5--11 o'clock News 7--Hank Weaver Show 9--Austin Green, Weather 13--Baxter Ward, News 11:15 4--Chick Hearn, Sports 5--Joe Pyne Show. 13--Tom Duggan Show ll:SO 2---Movie: "Green Grass of Wyoming," Charles Coburn, Lloyd Nolan 4--The Jack Paar Show 13:00 MIDNIGHT 5--News; Parade of Values 7--Sherlock Holmes 12:30 4--Newswrap 11--Late News; Movie (12:35.): "The Kid from Texas," Dennis O'Keefe 1:00 A.M. 2--Movie: "Men of the Sea," Margaret Lpckwood (Br.) »l«TMp« . .. - . i Y Liberal CREDIT Ttrms OH All Repair Jobs SYLVANIA HE 6-9897 ' 34 YEARS AT, RELIABLE RADIO TV CO. 202 EAST 4th ST - ROGER A. HOWELL *" CUT OUT' AND PASTE ON BACK OF IOCB TV SET Hit. S5.II Sirvlet Ball . SPECIAL:with Hilt »D J (Void aftir Mir, J, 1951) . I'JaiitHlihQiialHySirYlet 34 YEARS AT .SAME LOCATION 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Dally and Sunday. HE 7-1871 HANK'S TV - 2515 Stlbrkht fMy f»» Unfit with C««fldtiie». at 1U I V SERVICE SA WITHIN L 3 0 M I N U T E S Phen* GE 3-2271 PAUL'S TV 382B E. 7TH rn GE 8-3423 j LOHHER TV ALL MAKES 3731 E. 7m Jr. \mm.. TK TV If4» SAME . PERSONNEL SINCE HA S-50II ~ H-Hr. Sirv. *!l MikM CARWOOD TV SERVICE Carson Woodruff N.w C.mpl.1.*--31,«0 C.lll - RADIO DISPATCHED CARS QM-HIIT Sink* SCOTT RADIO SUPPLY, INC. lit ALAMITOS AVE. Op«i.ri. IvMiInis Until 9:00 Mora T^oii Zl r»«ri et . l«f»i|r/fy Ii Long ttack HE t-1452 HE 7-I62T O MUNTZ TV IIBVIII II50E.WARDLOWRD. GA 7-4420 -- OA 7-5615 J NO GIMMICKS · HO EXTRAS SERVICE and w* da mean good i.rvic* ... $3.50 LICKERT TV 1J34 W. WIUOW Phone HE 7-6888 LIKE A JOB? Now's the time to get it!" See the.columns (Advertisement) ARTHRITIS PAIN RELIEF GUARANTEED Buy an 89c jar of Z-I-T at your druggist: If you arc not satisfied we will refund your money. WHY SUrFER ANY LONIER? WHY WAIT? GET YOUR JAR OF Z-I-T TODAY. l IV GA 2-8690 YMO. GUARANTEE · FARTS * lAIOR lAXDim TV - Bsr, Kit. K l«. Illl I. AUTEtlA -- 1011 HUH WHAT IS "dUALITT" TV SERVICE W* !·· that tru« Anility i « r » l «nn*r b* idnt with « teller slfn ilvrwl 1741 EXPERT TECHNICIANS SERVICE CALLS ONLY PHONE HE 5-0626 TV CLINIC 1151 E. fictile Co»l1 Hwy. H.DAT au*»AiTii go PARTI 2 ELECTRONICS E. 7th HE 4-2153 All Work Parts GUARANTEED NO TV TONITE? Ph. GA ; 3-5426 FAST *J DAY-NITI SERVICE *· SUNDAY | NELSON ARTEsfA T-Hour Service Calls BB Can. Op«i Evmingi and Surdoy. GA 2-1080 HE 2-8848 EAGLE TV 5411 Arlaitlc Av». RENT A TV S/ PE8 MONTH Dale Carnegie Course Public Speaking-Memory Training-Human Rtlahons DIYIIIP CMrut-FoIstHiw/WincM-wn' · .*»·* ''J" blle Frit Dinonrtratlon Mntlnr--Morjin Hill Enplr* Jt»« 138 locustVY.nm-ThurrtiY. FH. IUJT. I F.M^Pritnit*!by Eric »utr.» Do You Know All Moving Rates Are NOT the Same? let Us Prove It t o You (Sto-Pak StorotjtjJ NEwmark 8-6166 . No Obligation! TERMS . If Dtsir«d ' NEvaAi 6-9221 H EAR WITH THE NEWALL IN THE EAR ELECTRONIC DEVICE * THAT'S ALL YOU WEAR!--Tiny Miracl. glvei the' clearest, moit invisible hearing vet made for man! . . . N o Buttons! No Cords! No Controls! Ent.iMly CordUi. Entirely Tub«len · No Tubtt » No Wir.i (Drawn-to Seal.) ASSOCIATED HEARING CENTERS STARTING TONIGHT 7:30 P. M. TM.1 ·..On n. JONES Starring ALAN HALE as the world's most ·famous engineer in the pioneering days of the railroads i. Co-sponsored by Bell Brand Foods, Ltd. · KTTY^ll THERE'S A FABULOUS r Prices you can afford to pay! Medel Nt. HO M»t!lN*.tO Meiftol N*.'.1I TAKE YOUR CHOICE from Th.r.'. . n.w 1958 PFAFF *h.t's d.rign.d for,your n..d!l Wh«th.r you w.nt · m.chin. for i.mpU stwmg % «d . ,m.rdin9, or on. for f.ncy. .titcMng .nd .mbroidtry..-^ on. rn.- I 'chin. Th.t do.. .Ill You'll find a pr.c,,,on-m.d.. PFAFF Arf , will fit your n..d« AND your budg.rl Sonq. of th« .utomttic . PFAFF f.atur.i includ. .... . . . . IMIR01DIR AUTOMATICALLY! ;- JIW FORWARD. RIVERSI. ZI«-ZA«1 . SEW OVER'PINS; DARN, MEND! MAKE lUTTONHOLESI :; THREAD NEEDLI AUTOMATICALLY! ' .^ WIND IOIBINS AUTOMATICALLY! ,i .v LIBERAL TRADE-IN on your old macMn.I *.rmi . - . low down! Fr.. Horn. D.moiWTr«iion .y«il*bl. on «ny mo'd.l without obli- g.tionl · T,l»plion* now or fis» now your n«rr«rf · , PFAFF SEWING CENTER COMPTON 1911 N. Long B.tch Blvd. · [Acrou from S.«r.) NE 5-S464 NORTH LONG BEACH 5341 Long Blvd. 6A. 2-3007 SAN PEDRO:·;;... 527 S. f«cifi« "·£'. TE 2-tfn ^ -LAKEWOOD CENTIR 1 5225 H.nibrook.Av..-'j^i ME 0-1403 ' ·"* Actual liny M.. 400 1m- lihn »h. p.ww. ««* n.w turn*. WORN ALL IN THE EAR! i ASSOCIATED HEARIN» CENTERS MJ | 422 Pin. Av... Long B.ach. , HI J-043» j I Y«t 1 would lik. itior. Informafion «bour . · th. ALL IN THE EAR h.arinj. · WRITE or PHONE Mall to I %·· · (nam«l- City- 622 PINE AYE., LONG BEACH I.P-T--J-1»

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