Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 8
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A-8-WDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TElEGRArA (PM) u.* MKH. CUM.. TU»»., mrct, u, n* Probe of alleged FBI supply payoffs grows By JOHN CREWDSON Now York Timns Servlrt W A S H I N C - T O N - T b c J u s t i c e D e p a r t m e n t ' s investigation of possible kickbacks to senior officials of the FBI has been e x p a n d e d to i n c l u d e scrutiny of all FBI procurements over the past five years,,, a well-placed J u s t i c e official acknowledged Monday. Because of allegations b r o u g h t to the department's attention nf improprieties iu t h e bureau's p u r c h a s e s of electronic eavesdropping equipment, the official said, IDC inquiry "necessarily" has been extended to FBI purchasing practices for other items, such as firearms and automobiles. BUT lawyers in the department's criminal d i v i - sion, working under John Dowd, a Justice organized crime strike force leader handpickcd to oversee the s e n s i t i v e investigation have not yet developed any firm evidence ol kickbacks from any bureau s u p p l i e r s to p a s t or present senior FBI execu- not people," he conceded that the investigation bad focused principally on John P. Mohr, the former FBI administrative chief who until his retirement in 1971 had charge of bureau · purchasing. Mohr Is one of a number of present and former FBI executives who have in past years attended weekend poker parties in a Virg i n i a hunting lodge ar j ranged by Joseph X. Tail, the president of the U.S. Recording Co., a private firm that buys electronics equipment from manufacturers and sells it to the FBI. The ostensible purpose of that arrangement was Iu p r e v e n t e l e c t r o n i c manufacturers from being aware that their products were being used by the FBI. But one such manufacturer, Martin L. Kaiser, who heads a Maryland firm, told the House Intelligence Committee l a s t year that U.S. Recording had marked up by 30 per cent Ihe prices of some items it purchased from him before passing them on to the bureau. Under orders from Ally. Gen. Edward H. Levi, the FBI b e g a n an investigation of the relationship between itself and the U.S. Recording Co. But Levi last month rejected a report of that investigation as unacceptably a m b i g u - ous and ordered the FBI to begin another. ONE justice official who has read the FBI's initial report described it Monday as "wanting." The F B I ' s rcinvestiga- tion is being conducted not hy the bureau's inspection division, w h i c h handled the first internal inquiry, h u l hy its identification division, headed by Richard Ash, an assistant FBI director who, unlike Harold Basscll, the inspection chief, Is not particularly close to Mohr. BROWN PICKS MANAGER SACRAMENTO (AP) Los Angeles lawyer Mickey Kanlor was appointed by Gov. Brown Monday as manager of his campaign for the Democratic nomh nation for president Brown also named as his campaign treasurer Mariana Pfaelzer, a partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Wyman, Bautzer, Rothmanand Kiicbel. B r o w n ' s chief aide. Gray Davis, said Kantor managed U.S. Sen. Alan C r a n s t o n ' s successful campaign for re-election in 1974. Before thai, Kantor served seven years as a legal services attorney, representing -- a m o n g others -- farm workers in Florida. Gray said Kanlor has been working the last couple of days to organize volunteers wbo haw written or telephoned'Brown's office. R. SARGENT SHRIVER talks to wife, Eunice, in Washington Monday after withdrawing from Democratic presidential race. NORTH CAROLINA Burns asks new limit on prices and wages mr.s, UK.' uuicim huiu. m. Although the official in- WASHINGTON (Ai) - sistcd that, at this point, The government should the Justice Department consider adopting a was "investigating facts, limited wage 'and price ADVERTISEMENT HEALTH NEWS . . . Pre-Migraine Phenomena Called Devastating By Dr. W. P. Helrer, D.C. f luvc Ut-n a-Jail in U- JixJ ^(t-n II-JTS iku hr u. votr ilits sjxvr fliK wtvk in i;ii"i; Mini!. npbiti ulur H meant by ilw Wlui w i l d Evmy jwjrv inijiraiur Si^f^?"^-'! " f x j t w l in c*v jiurk jfni |4mKniMiu." iJR^.^.'^^kl aimdwi. hr ii ni».krHJixLiMy IT* IK-I- il^ttrai|lL? (H J: lwiwtl l y b* | f* rttl £ 1 « s - li.ips ihr TCCTJfiig^i A UU * l]r "' nl '6"' m ' Jnj rntwt Irijjhi- '·M|fl8y** "* *°"B ""#·' rffo«s show* ntmifl JS)«f« \fJj^j$jJMM'*~'l ilvu llv-rr is B""""' JiwiWr- ^ra 1r H-Ti JKv^^t Ml JTM K T^n -"ll* m7pr^ jrh!- 1 ** Thr Hfc^^W^^B jtfAfia nuv"'!''"!) Jn inipi*- ftr-Mifirjii'u- ^^nJSnH" 1 «·"" nrr.wmn. nww .« cnrkjl I'liriitimiiu ' IXC Mms "" lhr I"* 1 Jlv1 * livnt l* rt-lrn tn tltr Hgnjlt or nvlwa- ITK- lutuWny of l*xix- liK fin IVHI.V j p«-i«xi h-M lUir H-jiin f.uj* ihc wiffiTiT to nirsiniw iij JIT im|Ktuliii£ ini^rJifK.' Ji- him w If .ind Inw. 1 «nn(i,kiw.r in uck. h^ jhiluy. li In* a doMMJiinj; ri*- 'llx-i* 1 Jfc Ixji i Ir* of llic ink. TU- (xtwxi V«w« fh urpttii n-asoni thjl bftfcLictir tirjijvhi' K ixi iti wjy .inti Mjffcicfi dxxiUi so-k imnnTii- livrs in (Ku H will strikr tic (CWRVIHUI rf iltc of jr j m( niiu" w impnrunr rlwir [itnblrm. CJinmir, ixiasuxi. nu ciing 1n-i*U(lKs rJ ilie 1'\\c prr-miflf Jim- plir- miprjirn- iynJn'Wk' poctiraMjr nwivai iiMLilly s/aiti wkli J j|w^j» Ivpn 'J |«ky linlr ·Ji^hr MutTtry Ivcliiifi in (In- '«v', Jful }"'" |i!l*.w"li itict; urxiurh. rjp«Jty follrww*! try mn|V*jry n-lk^, only bkit- ih»- w-nxxnno ttur liylus .mil ilx- uryt-nry fJ comfH-H-nt colivt v-t-m Imphrtf rlun rxv- in-jinx-iw Jixl me. Afui J li-»- rtifrunKi^ Annul mir SPINAL with iliM prr.migr.iiiv yin r . HEALTH LEC7TURE -Jch KHII ilx vifimi Irjnii TD in 2nd Jixl -Iih Wctlnc^ljj' Jt |tvKc. Hi- wi^v s|-ii5 Men OFFICE, *lfil Fkiwrr, Hell- ilw C)-\~\ llK-n viaiixi ilm« flower. Tintc Li 7:.M) p. nL arhj IK- lr«7i si^lu in i\**a W *«*! 'l«re U nrt charge. Call l^r *-«« nf his viMul fiH|. W«6-3721. controls program t h a t could delay major increases for up to '15 days» Chairman Arthur Burns of the federal R e s e r v e Board told Congress Monday. Burns said such a program may help "in reducing abuses of p r i v a t e economic power" by both big unions and big busi- ucss. He also said existing government economic policies are insufficient to completely control inflation. "If we try to rely solely on monetary ana fiscal policies to achieve general price stability, I think we arc likely lo fail," Ihe 71- year-old Burns told ,the Senate Budget Committee. Burns said he would favor giving the administration's relatively powerless Council on Wage and Price Stability authority to delay wage and price increases for up lo '15 days lo allow time for something to be done if action is needed. Among actions that could be taken, he said, would be "quiet governmental Intervention," public bearings and "the mobilization of public opinion." "I have the belief (bat public opinion still counts (or a great deal in this country," he said. However, Burns said he would not favor a return to the kind of mandatory and comprehensive wage and price controls that were in force during much of 1971-197-1. KENNEDY ASSASSINATED! ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY? THE POSSIBILITY IS FRIGHTENING. BURT LANCASTER ROBERT RYAN W1LLGEER (DDKWllRl) A^IASSINATION One hundred thousand trillion to one: T H E S £ » R E T H E C O O S A G A I H S T IB M A T E R I A L W I T N E S S E S T O T H E M U R D E R O F J O H K K E K X t O T C O I H C I D t N T A L L T O V I H G W I T H I N T H R E E Y E A R S OF H I S A S S A S S I N A T I O N . Y E T A X A C T U A R I A L STUDY C O N D U C T E D BY T H E L O N D O K T I K E S C A L C U L A T E D T H E S E ODDS. SOME D I E D B Y G U N S H O T , M O T O R A C C I O E « T S . S U I C I D E , C U T T H R O A T S E V E N K A R A T E C H O P S , C O N S P I R A C Y ? "I'm |ust a patsy, I didn't shoot anybody" T W E L V E Y E A R S A G O , L E C H A R V E Y O S V A L D S P O K E T H E S E W O R D S . T O DAY, V O I C E P R I N T E X P E R T S S A Y HE W H S T E L L I N G T H E T R U T H . I F H E D I D N ' T K I L L T H E P R E S I D E N T WHO DID! "Th« rtfta that nevw hm-t anybody on purpaM.* THE ITALIAN ARMY'S NICKNAME FOR THE KUNNLICHER CARCHNO. IT SUPPOSEDLY KILLED JOHN F. KENNEDY. THE BOLT STICKS, IT HAS A TWO STAGE TRIGGER, THE SCOPE IS OFF IT'S A J20 PIECE OF JUNK. COULD ONE KAK WITH THIS R I F L E KILL TH PRESIDENT; C.irson Lflkowd Long Bo.ich 4256431 (Continued from Page A-1) There are six names on (he Democratic ballot, (his time, loo, but only Carter and Wallace have made significant c a m p a i g n efforts, and the rest of the field is expected lo trail far behind them. Wallace set out from Charlotte to campaign in five small towns on his way to a windup rally in Fayetteville. "We feel good about this primary' and after t h i s primary w e ' l l be i n v o l v e d in others," he said. Wallace has taken an inc r e a s i n g l y h a r d line against Carter in an effort lo cut down the frontrunner in a normally conservative slate. "He has been found out all over the country because he talks one way today and another way tomorrow and he is a warmed-over McGov- crn," Wallace said. Bui, at the same lime, Wallace m a d e some at- lompts to amend his own image, sayuig at one point Uiat he is "a part of the New South" too. Carter has picked up (he support of some black leaders in the state. The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People, a black political g r o u p , endorsed him ana State Rep. H . M . Michaux, a member of the organization, registered as a Carter delegate on Monday. "It looks like we may sec the last of Wallace, and 14 years of his stuff is enough," said Michaux. Reagan hopped f r o m A s h c v i l l c to Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh, in a series of airport news conferences designed to g a i n election-eve newspaper and t e l e v i s i o n coverage in the stale's major cities. REAGAN refused to say what share of (he North Carolina vote he expects to get- "I will say, however, that however it turns out, I intend lo continue in this campaign," he said. "There is almost a half a year lo go until the con- v e n t i o n in A u g u s t iu Kansas City, ant! I believe nat we arc approaching thcr areas...where we lave greater opportunities ban we haw bad in the talcs where we have been ampaigning so far." Reagan said he expects o do better in the Soutt vest, the Deep South, and on the West Coast. He has ost to Ford in direct campaign tests in New Hampshire, Florida and Illinois. ?ord also won unconteslcd irimarics in Vermont and Massachusetts. THE FORMER California governor said both be and Ford will go (o the P convention with sizable blocs of delegates and claimed that uncommitted Republicans will then hold (he key lo nomination. But Reagan will have lo f a s h i o n a comeback to gain the political headway -- and the campaign contributions -- lo keep going thai long. R e a g a n suggested in Ashcvillc that if be did drop from the race. Ford would no longer face pressure to lake positions acceptable to conservative Republicans. He said Ford has done so only because of his primary opposition. "If ! withdraw, will he keep moving thai way, or will he revert to form?" Reagan asked. Ford m a d e his final c a m p a i g n appearances Saturday, a f t e r s a y i n g thai he really doesn't care whether Reagan quits Ihe race. Democrat Carter wound up his N o r t h Carolina campaigning Friday. He was in Miami for a fundraising appearance Mon- day. HE AND Ford were the favorites in the reckoning of N o r t h Carolina politicians and analysts. The primary awards M Republican National Con- v e n t i o n v o t e s a n d 61 Democratic delegates, to be shared by the candidates in proportion to their share of the popular vote. The turnout Is expected to be light. Alex Brock, the slate elections director, said he expected (hat 36 or 158 per cent oi the registered voters w o u l d cast ballots. There are about 1.65 million registered Democrats and 538,000 Republicans. Despite those registration figures, conservatism usually is what counts in N o r t h C a r o l i n a . Four years ago, Richard Nixon carried the state In the presidential election with 71 per cent of the vote. And in 1868 Wallace, running as a t h i r d - p a r t y candidate, f i n i s h e d second, behind N i x o n but ahead of Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, the Democratic nominee. MEANWHILE In Washington', Shriver said: "Although 1 have not been successful in c a m - paigning for myself, I look forward once a g a i n lo campaigning for others and for causes larger than any person." He added, "I shall work f o r the nomination and election of a Democratic Party candidate who can challenge the people and revitalize their morale and morality." Shriver, the Democrats' substitute vice presidential nominee of 1972, said be would vacation for a week or 10 d a y s and "probably m a k e a decision then" on whom to support for the nomination. Shriver would not comment oo his feelings about ary of the current announced or anticipated candidates except lo say he could not support Wallace, a position he had expressed earlier. THE ONLY other comment Shriver would make on the other candidates was the prediction that Carter would be "hard to slop." He also said Ford as a Republican nominee "is going to be very difficult to defeat." R e p . M o r r i s U d a l l , meanwhile, said that be cxpecled lo benefit from S h r i v e r ' s w i t h d r a w a l . Campaigning in New York City for that state's April 6 primary, Udall said: "I'll get a lot of Shriver's support I'll get a lot of his delegate votes.' Serious Weight? Undora's unique 10-week treatment and training program will leach palients how to reach and maintain Iheir "lean weight" lor lite. I A sale and practical plan, wilh proper nutritional 3 ( diet, and conlinual emotional support. 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