Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 7
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 7
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?JJflfff^ * IMPORTANT EVENTS EWORLD CENTERS fey ARCH ftonomns, Stuff Correspondent. LONDON, Nov. 12.—The eighth marquess of Queensberry was' renown- od in England as a gentleman, scholar and sportsman. His Interest in pugil- fnm brought prize fighting out of the dark ages of bare fisted mayhem Into the present era of gloved' slaughter. The spirit of the marquess of Queensberry, embodied in the Queensberry rules, still pervades both ring and audience at an English prize fight, which ifi quite a gentlemanly affair compared with boxing contests in some civilized countries. Talca a program at the Royal Albert hall as an example of how quiet and clean an evening of fisticuffs may be. The official announcer, a tall gentleman wearing a freshly pressed dinner jacket, steps neatly through the ropes and advances to the center of the ring to announce tho first bout. In ft voice loaded/with deep rich accent he Begins : ' "Ladles and gentlemen. It gives me great pleasah to present to you the "contestants in'the first of the matches to he seen heah this evening. Heah we have Joe Smith of Cuttlestone-on- Leatherhead, xveight 8 stone, 2 pounds, and 3 ounces. (Joe Smith rises and greets his public in the approved manner.) Over heah we have John G e d r 1 c of East-Bramblebush-on- Thames, weight 7 stone, 12 pounds, 4 ounces. -The referee is Mr. Albert Hall. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you." He retires from the-ring amid shouts of "thankqu" from the audience. ' The gladiators then move forward into battle. For the benefit of those who think of a stone only in terms of pieces of rock, it might be explained that a ston'e is an English weight totalling 14 pounds. The fight starts slowly, for the average English boxer thinks rn"ore of his defense than of rushing Ijis opponent. The first bout produces four rounds of nice boxing without bloodshed, .and the accent of the announcer V ms out with, "Ladies and. gentlemen, the referee's decision is a draw. I thank you." The referee "is the sole judge of.fights over here. The second bout is six rounds and a little livelier. The 8,000 spectators in the Royal Albert hall respond accordingly and there is evidence that if left alone they would display considerable enthusiasm. But at this moment the announcer plays a part that may be Jn accord with the spirit of the marquess of Queensberry but is certainly strange to American ears. He has moved back to the euge of the ringside seats. When one boxer presents his opponent with a good old fashioned sock on the beak and the customers groan or cheer according to their feelings, the announcer cries out in the deep resonant voice, "Quiet, gentlemen* please." Thus the rally subsides, and perhaps the announcer adds an Inward thank you. - There is little cheering or groaning at the .ringside proper. Most of the noise comes from the cheap seats, as usual. But the calm of the ringside is probably unequalled In the world.' Lord Soandso enters with two .-lady guests. His lordship looks terribly fed-up with the idea of prize .fights in general. His seats are occupied by three Frenchmen who came over from Paris to-see Edouard Mascart in action /'and entered the privileged ringside class by crawling under the press tables. His lordship''s love for boxing contests Is in no way whetted by this delightful little Interlude. The usher whd finds that the Frenchmen can not understand tKe word for tickets does not summon the chucker-out, but merely waves the Parisian gentlemen aside and they plant themselves in '' three other seats. His lordship renounces boxing after about ten minutes, the ladies move closer to the ring, and the seat paid for by the earl of Soandso is eventually occupied by an elderly gentlema.n who entered the „ arena art: a press messenger's ticket. The majority of the ringside seats are occupied by stiff shirts, with full evening dress predominating. There are a few women present. Most of the gentlemen load their pipes with shag, light up, and sink back in their seats ' to enjoy the program in silence. Their remarks are confined to such observations as,'"I say, I believe-this chap in the green trunks gets better as he goes along. Who is he, by the way?" The answer Is something like "The one 'in black is not ' 'ightfully accurate, is he. Jolly good "program, nevertheless." The idea of insinuating that either fighter, the referee, or the promoter is a low character, and hurling a cushion or bottle to emphasize tho suggestion, Is as unlikely as re• bellion among the guards at Buckingham palace. Things to learn about London: When a freight train jumps the track, the incident appears In. the local press under the heading, "Goods train leaps the metals," 'MIRACLE" CURED A cripple for 18 years, Franc!* Mng-glo; son of an attorney, claims to have been cured by the "miracle" waters from the stone chalice on the tomb of tho Kcv. Patrick rowers In Maiden, Mass. Hero you see him using his crutches for only partial support after his fourth visit to tho grave. Others have reported "cures" , from visits to the shrine. URGES PAVILION TO CUT CHINESE WEDDING COSTS PEIPING, -Nov. 12.—Construction of a marriage pavilion in Feiping, where Chinese of all classes may celebrate wedding ceremonies, is suggested by CheniKuo-chen, a member of the Kuo- mintang, as a solution of the high cost of weddings. Chen urges the municipality to build this pavilion, and suggests that prominent people hold their weddings..there to make the place popular. Then he believes middle-class and poor people Will take up the idea, and thereby save themselves the disproportionate amounts now spent on weddings. Poor people sometimes spend the equivalent of an entire year's cost of living upon a single wedding. « STATE GRANGE TO MEET. The Blair county granges are selecting their delegates to the state grange convention which will be held In Indiana Dec. 10 to 12. The Blair County, Pomona grange will hold its annual session in Duncanavijle on Dec. 6 Try this delightful powder .From the first appeal of iti flower-fragrance to the radiant beauty it gives your ikin, Plough's Face Powder is a real satisfaction and delight. The natural tints of thi»pow- der seem made for your complexion. The texture is soft and caressing, and tends to refine coarse pores as well as to give the effect of smoothness and beauty! And this effect lasts for hours without renewing, and keeps the complexion dainty and appealing. Two sizes, popularly-priced, at all dealers. BLACKEEWHITE FACE POWDER. NEW VOR-Ki MCMPHI/'-VAN Fall Footwear Odd Lots. Broken Sizes .OO Every pair taken from our regular stock. To $5.95 values. 1 A Foot discount Entire Stock Women's and Children's Shoes AH late fall numbers One Special' Lot i Misses' & Children's Pumps All good late styles. Up to $3.45 values. 1 A Foot "flag ALTOONA MIRROR-TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1029 The Season's B-I*G Savings Wednesday In This €N TON At the Bon-Ton Women's $1.98 Kid Gloves (Menders) At the Bon-Ton Women's To $5 Silk Dresses Small Lot .OO The Ban-Ton Places On Sale 600 SILK DRESSES Price / For Women, Misses and Stout Women $5.95 and $6.95 DRESSES $2.99 Women's to $14.75 DRESSES $6.90 New Styles Fine Qualities Big Varieties Planned Just for Wednesday Bon-Ton Sale! COATS For Women At Great Money Savings! Lot No. 1 at $7.95 Odd lot of women's better dress coats that had sold up to $25.00. Also misses' new navy chinchilla coats. Take your choice at $7.95. Come ,early. The quantity Is limited. Lot No. 2 at Fur trimmed dressy coats for women and misses. All wool sports coats for misses and women. Unusual values in new styles offered special for Dollar Day. Lot No. 3 Women's up to $42.50 Coats The greatest coat values you have seen in years. All the new richly furred dressy styles with fur collars and cuffs. All the new smartly flared and rippled styles. New quality broadcloths — as well us tremendous selections of wool tweed mixed sports coats with fur collars. At tho Don-Ton Women's $1.95 Silk Chiffon Full Fashioned Hose At tho Bon-Ton Men's to 95c "Perm" And Other Bhta, Black, Khaki and Polka Dot Work Shirts for Women's And Extra Size Women's Women's $4.95 Leatherette Raincoats Some Slightly Imperfect .OO $1.00 Wash Dresses Ainu's Part Wool and Cotton'Union Suits in grey, white and ecru. Sled In in ami heavy GJ~| weight, all sl7.ns «p.t.» Men's Flccco Lined Union Suits in grey, oerii, black and white mixed. All GJTl A A sizes J&J..UU Mohawk Sheets $1 Men's Ktiyon Silk Novelty Hose. fl»-f B pair for ... ......................... «P-L A A UV Men's $1.8I> Part Wool Coat Sweater ........ $1.00 Men's Up to $1.00 Silk Tins. 2 for .......... $1.00 Mon's $1.50 mid $2.00 Pajamas. Broad- clotli and flunnclotto, plain and fancy. Moil's OOe Athletic Shirts and Shorts, 8 for. .$1.00 Men's $1.SO Blue Uonlm Overalls and Jackets .............. .... ........ Men's Up to $2.SO Dress, or Work Pants ---- $1.00 Men's Heavy Wool Work Hose, 5 pair for. .$1.00 Men's loom Night Shirts, made of fruit of muslin or flannelette .......... Men's $1.51) Wool Flannel Work Shirts $1.00 Men's $1.95 Lined l>rlvlng Gauntlets ....... .$1.0(1 Boys' Flannel Top Wash Suits, 2 for ........ $.1.00 Hoys' lined. Wool Knickers. Values to $1.85. * Sixes to 17, Boys' Tweed Knickers, sl/.os to JO. 2 for. .$1.00 Boys' Mllp-on Sweaters. Sl/.es up <S~1 AA to 34. manufacturer's samples ...... tpj-.xrvr Hoys' All Wool .Lumber Jackets. Slses to <2 ............................ Boys' Corduroy Suits With. Wash fl»-j AA Tops. HI'ACS Z to 8 .................. «PJ..W Unbleached Muslin, 15 Yds $1 Boys' Dark Twill Flannel Shirts. Medium nnil dark patterns.. Sizes 12 to <g-| A A Girls' Blanket Bathrobes, 7 to 14 year's... ,$1.00 Ulrls' Jean and Broadcloth MlddieH, (I to^ 14 years. Blue, pongco nnd I white ' Girls' Pleated Skirts, assorted plaids attached to body waist. B to 14 SI 00 years. • • «p J-»_w (ilrls' Flannelette Gowns, Pajamas nnd Sleepers With Feet. 3 to 14 years. fl»-| AA Doctor JUcnton's Sleeping Garments. fi»-i A A » mn. to « years., llrop soat «pJ..vFVF Girls' Knitted Slips. Sizes 2 to U years. White, grey and tan. 3 tot Tot's Broadcloth, Vollo or Print Panty and Walking Dresses. 1 to R ffil A A Tot's Knitted and Brushed Wool Sets. White and colors. Coat, leggings, hat and mittens..., Women's Rayon Hose, 4 Pr. $1 Baby's Short Dresses, bishop and yoke styles. 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Women's Si Misses' Velvet and Felt Hats Up to $4.95 Values A Bon-Ton Dollar Day Sale Women's to 85c Rayon Silk 2 r ' $ T for I CHEMISE PANTIES . STEP-INS AVomcn'o Silk Stripe VOILE STEP-INS 4 f "$1.00 liifant's Creepers and Dresses. Solid colors and prints of broadcloth. Also white "" -" 2 for 311 Inch Marquisette. 10 Yards $1.00 Bettor Drapery Valaiiclng, brocade and stripes. Fringed edging. All colors. SI.00 Yard... ii-Placa Scraiiton Curtains nnd'PuneU Jit "I 00 In ecru and Ivory ;". • 81x105 Krlnklud, Colored Strlpo Bell- G? "| AA spends. Each tp.M..wvr 30x80 Inch Uayon. Damask, brocade <IJ-| A A and stripe. VA yar.l. «pJ-.W Novelty Sash Curtains. 4 Pair for ...$1.00 Z'/4 \Yard Kayon and Voile Fringed Panels. Per Panel Duplex and Other Cretonnes. g Ya Marqulsotto, Dot and 'Barred. 4 Yards $1.00 marquisette, Dots anil Harrml f) Yards. . .$1.00 Crinkled »x« Window Shades. 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Each IU Inch Square Linen Luncheon Sets, CO AA with 0 Napkins «p^<.Wr •UxSII Fancy Pillow Cases Boxed with medallion Insertion and luce edge. fi*"l A A Pair v J&J..UU Full Width Outing l''lunnel In Fancy nnd Whltn. Jo Yards for $1.00 $1.00 HII Inch Kuncy Outing Ji'liuinol, light and dark, fl Yards for $1.00 40 Inch l''lut Crcpo and Satin Duck Crcpo In all colors. Yard $1.50 40 Inch Metal Cloth. I'/i Yards for $1.00 Kmbroldorod Jlridge Sots with 4 Napkins. With colored liorder. Set 42x»U Uluuuhou Cases. (1 for..., Washable Pillow $1.00 $1.00 Part linen, bleached and nnbluachod. 10 Yards for $1.00 X 1'ouiul Cotton Halts for Comforts. Slzu 70x00. 8 for $1.00 5 Piece Ruffled CURTAINS Rayon Silk Trimrnod With Vulancou For 5 PC. Rayon SUk Inserted $ <| ,QO Novelty 5 PC. Fine Voile ^ I Ruffled Curtains P r » Big Girls' 7 to 14 yr. DRESSES For Boys' Blouses For .00 lion-Ton Dollar Day Sale Women's Better Crepe de Chipe Chemise <fc -f f| ft Step-Ins 1 ' UU Bloomers Women's Extra Heavy Grade Flannelette Gowns Regular and Extra Sizes. 1 S Pound Cotton Halts for ComforU. JM ,00 Slid 70x1)0.. Kucih. Tapestry Scurfs. DainuHU Lurge •5T iinil JSroctiilu 45 Inch. Knell...'.. i'ii" Colored Border TowoU. 8 I $1.00 Blankets $2.00 ?^ SLOP Large Slso Colored Towela. 4 for.. UoublB Bed Size Single BuuikcU In grey with eolored border 70x80 und 72x84 All Jlettor Part Wool IJIiuiUels. Largo bclection of color.. $4.00 Puir ^ , , Women's" Collar KertliaH and lid" Cun Sets, Uolf Iluite in New Patterns. Sizes 8 to II. 3 for -_^^_ Uoyi,' and «irl»' % Leniftli and Full Lengtli Seliuol Hone. 6 for $1.00 ^u h Itlb Wool Ituse. Z Special Lot of Hoys' Golf Hoac. 8 air for. .$U)0 for......$1.00 $1.00 Silk and Wool und All Wool Hoi.e. S Pulr for....... Woinen'H Silk Stripe coutll and Brocade Cornets and ComelettfK.... Women's Striped and Brocade Bras- fi*~| A A hicres St-vi-ral ncy gtylcii. t for.. ^ _ Samples of Fur for Trimming i.'oatb. l-er Lfiigth. Clark'h (). N. T. Crochet Cotton. 13 l»allu for $1.00 Chirk'* Machine Thread, 250 Yard Spools. 18 for Lump Shades, a for Valuer to $1.25. $1.00 ICli'drlc, Irons $1.00 Rayon Silk Bed Spreads $2 WmiU'ii'K and Ainu's Umbrellas SI.UP Women's Hxtra SUe Hayiin Blooiucrx $1.00 Women's Kiibroldered While Muuliu (lowiiN. .1 for $1.00 Women's Jiuuu £nhroldered Phlllpine (iOU'lIN $1.00 WODICII'H White Muslin Luce Trlm- nii'd Prlncesb Slips. S for $1LOO VVonien'N I'lulii und Silk Striped Voile envelope Chemise. 3 for.... $1.00 Women's Flannelette Pujuniu* uud Gown*, (boiled). Z for ., $1^)0 Women's Outing Flannel Petticoats, full sizes. Also u Small Lot of Knit Petticoats. 3 for Women's Eagle Crepe Square and fl»"l A A Long Scarfs «PJL.V\7 Printed Wash Fabrics, 7 Yds $1 Women's New $1.08 Leather llaiul Women's Long or Short Sleeved, Broadcloth and linllhle Blouses... Imported Chrlhtmus Jl.nulki-rcliiefs, S In a box. 'i hoxr* New CoHtume Jewelry. Z for .*l.OO .$1.00 Women's Slip-on Sueileno Gloves. .$1.00 Women's Turnover Cuff Clinmulsctte (iloveb. a for Women'ii Plain While und Colored Border Uundkereliiefti. 25 for Mohawk Pillow Cu»cs 4 for $1.00

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