Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 62
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 62

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 62
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-- IJ^lJl .* · . ' ' , ' ' Invest in lock rather than gun ' ' Shooting a burgla? risky: Can put YOU in jail! By MARK JOHNSON ·/·"' mdder News Service ,'SAN JOSE.-- A burglar breaks into your home to steal 'your valuables, and you, in protection of your 'property, shoot him in the leg., .· ". r You may think you'did the right thing, but accord: : ing .to-the San Jose Police Department, you could be the.bhe who ends up behind, bars. . ·;·; And more surprising, the would-be burglar could , end up legally owning the v^ry valuables he was out to steal^ after winning a personal damage suit. : :";:,This is the gist of a law training ; bulletin prepared .by-San Jose Police legal adviser Royce Fincher re-, garding the use of deadly force by citizens in their own defense. Finchtr points out that most citizens think they are justified in using deadly force against anyone engaged in committing a felony.' But that, Fincher says, is simply not true, and the citizen who opens fire on anyone who breaks into his or her home'could face cfuninal prosecution for assault with a deadly weapon or manslaughter. _, ···· ( ACCORDING TO FINCHERthe California Supreme Court has determined in key decisions handed down this year that deadly force is only justified if the attempted crime "threatened, or was reasonably believed to threaten, death or serious bodily harm." For an example of how this works, go back to the burglar who was shot in the leg. According to the Supreme Court, most burglaries are not crimes of violence, but are instead crimes of stealth. The burglar may have threatened your property, but he did not threaten your life or personal safety. Since no bodily threat was present, you overstepped the law by shooting the burglar, and you may be prosecuted. · , , , , But say, for example, the burglar is armed with a butcher, knife, and he brandishes" it at you when you surprise him in your home. Then, according to Fincher's definition, you would be within your rights to use deadly force to prevent him from harming you. ,'. Police Training Officer Ed Carragher says, one area where the new Supreme Court decision is important is rape. .Fincher says rape, by risfinition, is a "violent and atrocious" crime which would in many circumstances justify the use of deadly force in its prevention. BUT CARRAGHER WARNS that this does not give women carte blanche to open fire on someone they suspect to be a rapist. "Many women think they can blast away any time someone breaks in through their window, but that isn't true," Carragher said. "There has to be real reasons to think the intruder intends bodily harm." "If it turns out the guy is just a drunk or just wants to steal the silverware, and you've shot him, the district attorney would probably file a criminal rom- plaint against you." "If .he's breaking into the house, and he sees you, and he keeps trying to break in, then it's evident that your person is in danger," Fincher said. "He's planning to do something with you when he gets into the house. It's no longer a crime of stealth." Carragher said citizens who fear crimes would be better off investing in better locks, alarms and other prevention devices rather than in a gun. ' ! Oldest student careful ,, MURRAY, Ky. (AP) "these old eyes have served me well, so I have no complaint," says Quint T. Guier, 9L His failing · sight forces him to choose carefully among next ', semester's offerings at '· Murray State University. ; Guier, the oldest student in Murray State's , history, cannot read a textbook, so, he must take ' a c,ourse with study · records available. I: He earned A's in both ; the courses he has taken : at Murray since 1972, . when he resumed his role i as a student after 54 years out of school. ;' The Trigg County native: ' dropped out of premedical . studies at Valparaiso · (Ind.). University in 1918 to [ get a job. His late wife's · parents died within a mat- 1 . ·Pter of days after he left school, and he found him- l ; self with a farm to run. ·· THE COUPLE spent · most of their life on the · f a r m near Brewers, f though Guier also served i as teacher or principal in ' four Kentucky counties -Marshall, Graves, Calloway and Henderson. "I had no intention of farming all my life; -but I stayed,with it," he said. Guier now lives with his - daughter, Martha, in Mur. r^y.' He enrolled in the 'Jesse Stuart .Creative Writing Workshop at Murray: State in 1972. . He wrote a short story and three articles.that were selected for publication in "Fourth Summer," an anthology, of student writing from the workshop. He took a Bible course in 1973, and might take. another one next spring. "That would be about as appropriate for me as anything," he said. , Couple got wish--went on 'Cloud Nine' . ' ALBUQUERQUE (B- '·· Janet McNutt and Dave 1 E. Roberts wanted their : marriage to be unusual. It was. ;. The couple was married [· in'a private aircraft as it 1 flew over the Albuquerque area one recent night. The wedding was performed by Dist. Court Judge Wil: liain F. Riordan. ,. ,."It was a scenic ride," ;·· said Denny Brandt, the best man. "The lights (of Alb'uquerque) were shining" It was very romantic:" · '-'This was most unusual," said Judge Riordan, who was decked out in a blue flight jacket. "I don't specialize in this kind of work." Stop signs , 55th-Locust crossing Installation of stop .signs '· on 55th Street at its inter' section with Locust Avenue has been ordered by the 1 Long Beach City Council to curtail an increase in traffic accidents at the crossing. City Traffic Engineer Sal Spitz said that since 55l'h Street was resurfaced in August, 1973, and a deep dip removed, traffic speed has increased and there have been three reported accidents. None were reported in the four prior years, he said. BELLFLOWER ARTESIA BLVDS, BEUFLOWER HEATER CENTRAL FEATURES ; Welcome; J Food · ; Stamp ; J Shoppers j *·*»*»··*»·* SEVEN DAY GROCERY AND MEAT SPECIALS THURS. JAN. 23rd THRU WED.. JAN. 29th Enriched Hoi" HUH! COUPON GOLD MEDAL KITCHEN TESTED FLOUR ftO* 5lb. SACK WW UMIT i PER COUPON. 1 COUPON p YESTERLAID FARMS STRICTLY FRESH LOCAL G R A D E A A JUMBO EGGS 69 FOLGER'S REG., DRIP OR ELECTRIC PERK COFFEE 3 Ib. CAN SUGAR FREE' DR. PEPPER BEVERAGE 0 4 Bottle's PLUS DEPOSIT PHILADELPHIA GOLDEN CREME LOW FAT-'i Gal. 89c C-H POWDERED OR BROWN SUGAR NUBISCO-CHIPS AHOY Clioralili Chip Gal. Plastic Ib. Box, 2 nf\f SPRINGFIELD ( A rt 29 P APPLE JUICE r. 43 J A A SPRINGFIELD-PInk or Regular K A CREAM CHEESE is 43' GRAPEFRUIT JUICE r 43 $ 1 38 HOMINY 6; $ 1°° |" A A SPRINGFIELD-NO. 300 cans Jj f § 1 QQ 58° GARBANZO 4; ? r° A " f A SPRINQFIELD-No. 300 Con» Dark Red M f C 4 Afl 87° KIDNEY BEANS 4; 5 1°° M A SPRINGFIELD-NO.300cam M f J5 fl QQ 0 BUTTER BEAMS 4 ? ^ u u $-|69 Bag HARVEST--HKJoconut^ooKjes IDozJ'kB. 89- 10oz. ^ Cello SESAME COOKIES MRS. BUTTERWORTH SYRUP SPRINGFIELD DRY POWDERED MILK SPRINGFIELD-- No. 300 Can« 3602. Bottle PORK-BEANS 4° $ 1°° WTATncei3 02 49^ SPRINGFIELD OTATOES KRAFT'S KOOGLE ALL FLAVORS GOLDEN CREME JUMBO WHITE SANDWICH OR WHITE HOUND TOP PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER 79° SURE (15c Off Label) ANTIPERSPIRANT DEODORANT HEG.SCENTED ORUNSCENTED , SCOPE MOUTHWASH UURASCUDDER VARIETY PAK POTATO CHIPS M 120Z.BOmE ' |l2cO«Libil| PROCTOR 4 GAMBLE-PRE SOAKING FORMULA D17 10c Off Deal O I £~ Giant Box CAT FOOD POTATOES RED DELICIOUS TOILET TISSUE LEVER BROS.-20C OFF LUX LIQUID Fresh Local Grown LEVER EMS. STAIN FIGHTING LUIidl UIUWII fakfh Cauliflower 2 3 THESE ITEMS ARE GOOD f OR THURS.. FRI..SAT..SUN' DOUBLE CLEANED / EX-URGE 1 PJNTO ' CALiF 1 BEANS C LB. . AVOCADO TOWELS GIANT ZEE LUAtl NAPKINS SUBJECT TO STOCK ON HAND PORK ROAST MANNINGS OR USDA CHOICE BEEF-BLADE CUT CHUCK STEAK MANNINGS OB USDA CHOICE BEEF-LEAH BONELESS MANNINGS Oil USOA CHOICE BEEF HOUND-LEAN BONELESS runs\ g ^ i g p||ft p« QTFflff 1 ih OHUrd Ol[.nf\ i ld FRESH EASTERN $119 e GAME ELICATESSEl Alix-Xlnl-2 Ib. Polito :79cil5 oz. Gelilln 49c POTATO MACARONI Cole Slaw or Carrot 15m. Pk|.'" KRAFT SLICED AGED KRAFT DELUXE -- 12 OZ. PKG. 0 AMERICAN CHEESE OSCAR MAYER-Miit. Bill. Rtg.-Thlck or Tbli A A A BOLOGNA c 03 GREATER CENTRAL-Random Wt. §'119 Monterey Jack Cheese a * -FROZEN- BIRDSEYE-Sllr Fry. Jipinu«. Chlnn or Hiwillu VEGETABLES BIRDSEYE-Comtlnillon, Pus S Politott. Mlxid Vig. 1002. Pkg. Cream Sauce MRS. PAUL'S-ComblniliM Sli Pliltir 802. Pkg. 9oz. Pkg. I0 MRS. PAUL'8-Famlly FISHSTICKS »· 99 ? j BHIDGFORD-Dinl Loll Will 5'« 02. Pky. A F ft ^ A BREAD DOUGH Z Z7 c MINUTE MAID-f lot or Rigulir 6 oz. Cii O F ^ lt\ / GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 3:79 MINUTE MAID 16 or Can7Sc; KIL. IIIIIBJL. 100 COUNT 29' GREATER CENTRAL MARKET 17300 BELLFLOWER BLVD., BELLFLOWER STORE HOURS: i THRU THURS. SAT, 9 A.M. TO 8 P.M. FRIDAY 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M.: SUNDAY 9 A.M. TO 6:30 P.M. SALES TAX ADDED TO ALL TAXABLE ITEMS NONE SOLD TO DEALERS

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