Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 20
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26--For Sale--Miscellaneous FOR S*!«i £*v.1n|[ rrur Chrirtnw* :ii«, chlMretw NFL tfirlric football. · vacwJm Weddfljt.gcAin ind .veil, ' WEED EATERS,-JARI MOWERS .LAWN GENIES · Full year Warranty ' POT . information or free demoiulrav 3! £S ""^ -."··»:»" - L A W N ; EQUIPMENT, SALES .*. O, Box 611, ' Fa'yeltevsilp,- 'Arl not RomjilMe Sine ot Wccd-Kalci pa In MV Arx, roOL" .3'iKM -- n»* ind u»d - Alk lalei I only Bniniwlck dialer - aervc! Ml.WiO. L1UH B«i, Ait 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 , removal. On vvwk I and 8; Mmday t 7W3 aj«i ask lor BJ lISED^r fiU rtlrtV lU'rowd W?V Also river bottn y^eh crave!,- hillside Brave] .chnl. Phme"«2.909S. · " -For S CEOAU Potls. » JL Il.« wr port. wr-rtcllnfer-BfeM-n. *40, inn, Phoo» · * " j!lhXironadectrtc i)-pewrir«- : t d*ti^ Alw i* 21-3M5. A*CED EATER. *«n mowtrt, · LJ rrli. SatH. part*, Mnict. Lawn cqi rMfU-HlM. P.O. bm flit Run* TM1 B hopechest. erw year old, tike r i* rtwlr. |25. PJB« er«l H-A. · · · · "AIUtOAD TIES -' tralltr I RUMS, lJud«iB, m'ctalllo'Uu*, 'Kolly- ·ood model, dnimtet bwludine cymba'" or Mle. Excellent 'condition. J250. Call MM4.1, · after AsOO. OBMW FURNITURB AND 'AfPUAN ALSO ANTIQUES. BKO? UB TOR BJSST BUYS l« TOWW. ' ^RAKLIFFS FURNITURE Vf. M W. * - ' 4*2-219) Now TWO fltom To Bena Tc TROPHIES Bowling--learn, ipo^s. All your award ..needs, PURVIS SPORTING GOOD! 2335 North College 6--Far Jol»--MltttNanMtN TAL DlTTr-CTTOnS. GARRET, lh« PI* Mtrchandlw 34---Apartm«nh For R*nt QUIET APARTMENTS! NIc«- lociilonl GARLAND (MRE)ENS wilt hav* or.e *rvl two bedroom vacancfca tor Jian J, 1976. fiunimor rafcs Available for ,*ud« Cwmittrlc Uundry lacillUe*. «U 531[or iwve inlomwllon. TOWKH AI'AHTMKXTS. 1 fc 3 bedroon) . Kumnwr ra , Phono 53H2M furnrirhed Clr*« to 412-4022. UTTARS, 1nnJ«, mandollw, Violin*, Tfc , rello*. · uk*U|M, flutM, COTOMU, ip*U, clarinets, ixupbonw. drum*, ccordJiu tod m»ny other munul to- Irimenti. Real biririlns, R»chl«r Jnrtl- Earf Im«rjg.r^rt, '^ -^^ -Antiques--For Sato ALDU1N Antiiuoi located 5 miles Hast Fayelcvill* ! m 16 Easl ha«' been DekinS ar.d rsILTibhlnr, llv? kit*tior. o! OP all winter. " W e have good'clean noml Jhie flnllqueo and cotlertabk§ r · j-our - inspection. Open 10-5 Monday- iiunlay. 1-4 Sundays. PI«ASC cor» and «: us. Ov.n«rs Jan I^arty Foaie. 37--Moblte Hoinw 4 SfMCM |47--R*ol Ettat--For Sal« Far Rent ' I" LOS5IKG. REALTY 267-3200 if busy 267-3337 ONE and USD bfflrtxwn furnished apart' nienW, ~ gi-s and wrl«r paid, Avafibte now for rommw *r,d fall. Kerr Uiv. Co., 4U83S3. LARGE on« htasoom, dlihwaster, air. p.m. 3ll-l , , i ccmplex. c«ll Vic afltr Now RenlTng for Summer CUMMINGS ARTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms jJH-lo health proMerm and'ns 1 don'L Hsh to co)lc« antiques an-morc, I vould x-iy tow ilcnis) al cost plus 3'" f sa'rs ix; Com* Anillmc" except SumJaj 1 . You ·jl] find iflinolhlug you like 1n PrlmitlvM, u m i t u r t . ' a n d (laas. George Gray W20 Sly Lake Road. Phone 411-3633. ' " · ATTENTION SERIOUS BOTTLE COLLECTORS have reluctarilly decided to «H he L-rcani of 30 years ol MilrtWirs. SVil rot break up collecticm. Pric« ^l.COO or best otter by May 1st. For complete details phone 7T-6.33M atlor 3 p.i and 3 bcdrwm conditioned, no prti or sinr:««. WAU itid PAS paid.- Phone 2T.7-S119 Farm(npft 3R--Mobll» Hernt* For SaU BXTRA dean 1371 SXylLne 12xW, Ironl cn, Uo twxlroOTT.'s, central htnl, and dciublc fiuulaled. Phono 52HW7 af- r«u 521-51M fverlnir 12x50 MODlhK horn?, u n T u m h , lake over 80.52 nwnthli' payment Plwr.e 4I2-5M3. · VALUE rated 12\70, 1 bedroom. 2 twin uujtile homc^ C1I/OA* ftilly carpeted *nd furnished, wderptnfied, porch, PoilaKe dishsi-ashcr $7,600. OWTicr wtxijd coii*11cr iK-in^ buyer. Pho*ic 751-0233, 5!l-W«. 12xG 2- BEDROOM full wipeted and EuroistKd, fo'ntral hsal and. a!r, skirted ard "tI«J town. (JaU 7o6'li7 afler 5:00. 2\S3 MOBILE home. Good rlral h*A( and »lr. 2 bedr ·p*l«d. He a.vwibly prt«d- C3. PAC1OU3 1971 CUSTOM EXECUTIVE [0 sWrfcd, earprted. drapes, r washer, Arytr, tatTM n!«i W oe ML-333Z. . . . ' , . . " MAPLE MANOR ntere Quiet Coanlry LlTtnf B*cotn«i A ' SnbDrban i tife 9tyti'' We«l l«Ml. Te* T*» fimllj ?iSO COVRNTRY mobile Komc, , partly" 'tumtshrf and c _ r arxJ drj-«r. Uha over (43.01, 'Call *12-S»S or 443- 30--Wanted ft Buy WANT to buy ror- S31-7M1 rai!- small riding lawn- WANTED: -- ST.V.rT COLI.KCTIONS. Gathering. iJiist or 'Inlicrilcd, Will " or Kjl for -o-j. Call Jack .MoncriH, 6111, dai-s, 33--Room i For Rent TRUCK ON IN AND SAVE CUP THIS COUPON ^·v · | AND TRUCK ON INTO UNITED FREIGHT SALES WHERE YOU'LL SAVElE^ON FURNITURE. STEREOS AND _ BEDDING. I SI.EEl'INCi room, private entranc*, 1 si reel paring, uttllUcs pa=J," clow | UofA. male fiudeut. 412-9232. ·· · . · 34--7Apartments For Rent I BEDROOM apartment, famished. J100 per month. aH bilU mid. Available SJnyie. -Ntnv rtHntin?. I'hone 41Z-774J MOBILE Home, two bedroom, two att, comrlriely carpcWd, - furnished, CIl/CA w-A.*er-drj'*T-. sMrt«d, lied dcrAH, hain Hn! pen. 57,500. 413-30M SUrta Dcpotfl *L (130 Hotds Vo WESTERN Ullli Apartamcnt!, 2 or edroom furnished apartmert. No pet*. la qulra K4 Gabbard. or phone 5Z147M. FOR RENT -- Arartm MANOR- Available dyri Phoria «24029, NI BLOCK RENTALS 3 Location* wilh J an dl Bedrwm to nl-fhed units lo serve your ncedj. 1. NETTI£SH1P AND FAIRGROUNDS APT., 15J5-15W Nrttleihlp; Quality ' all electric w i t h dishwartier an_ posa]. 2, MOBILE HOMES, NlKocXa i 2 ISEDROOM [UTirfshed aiiartrnefjt. · JMfl per monli, all bills paM, 4 b!ockj from campus. Available May 17. Now retiling, 4»-7743. 2 BEDROOM opart men! per monUi. all uliLitits May 1st, Now rcnOng. i furnis*h«l, S!' h*.« 412-77W. AnxXBTJl May lia nnrt June 1st. One diiKin -fuiTilihed' apartment near Units:(y." Slay r or summer or indsfiuil*. SIM. Phone 521^6?6 ador 5:00. FURNISHED 2 hcdrtwrn, cfniral ilr, summer rales JlltJ, one uLfl :ly paid, roar University, campus,- carpeted. liv? ing area. Garbage dipcaaU -PhMH 442- Home Pk. All .uiU ilr. N 35--Duplex For Rent UNI"UHNtSHt3 two bwJroom duple urct residential locaUwi.. Wa»her/drj onnectfom. Fuilj' carpcled. All elecli 1» t»r month plus tfectrlc ulility. I1B3 rnornlnsa or leave message. AVAILABLE M a y ' l -- " Eacfra "nicV bedroom unfumlshwi duptcx. C -ai/alr, carpeted. drap«, Rtovt, refri - ·alor And d-jposal. WAlkiiuj dljtartce lo 1 lUli/moflth. . water paid, JLCXJ " deposit. 'No LIVING ROOMS t PC. .sofa t chair sel* HeavT Kirt-Tablos WaLniueger Rccllnprr Large Eirly American Sets Odd SofaV BEDROOMS L^rse 4 pc. sets A H f Vl'OMl 4 PC. Ml Odd Qi«ta Odd Hiedboaids Air Sir* Bid Fra'tn 52M.OS S23.95 STEREOS B Trad; Decks : ., AM/FM 8 TracV;i 2 Spwii^ KoadphonM H*fi. 119.95- N( CaeseUe Reconier* BSR ProFMBwinal ;TnnHaK« BEDDING. Full*d!e Mis Queen Size Onhoprfic cls King Siz« Orlhopcdic SE-.I .Tft-in 15 Yr, Guarantee »ets Evtra Firm rull mte cls shampoo 5c per , 1996 ^995 »99a IJ95 l399j SIM-6 (J39j IU505 United Freight *^ m^-* ·- Sales Open 99 Men (11 6:00 StaL CLEANING company specializing _ L s . and rental units. April and May Special General (Jean up JZ. (Carpel or delai i cleaning . , (out). Call 7564*29 ind Uwfji CAFO, CONTEMPORARY larEc~~oiie "bedroom LCI oss from campuj. Arc hi- ccturilly dcsisncd InLfrtor, Uuli-ln rum- 'luie co\e li^titlng, alr-axidiLloried, Lxn ra! heat. E1SO ^ummfr rale, water paid. Offstrct't parkins 521-1317. condi FURNISHED one bedroom, air Honed,'' carpc-t. panelinsf, piivAft. 1 rip, no p«s. fl!Q. Phone 442-4338. 2 ROOM student 2 bills paid. H-4JZ. John T). Losing Hall Dnice }Fall i'dvin Ko'mes .HOME WITH AN INCOME H-2ttf Only a ml. trnm Fayelle\"il!e ! a bean If tul country idling. Th : s (red patio, irttfity beauUCuj NorthwftH Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 73, 1976 · PA YETTr.Vll.l.r. ARKASSAS. ., . ' · · _ _ · _ · ; 47--Real Eitot*--For_Sal« 47--Reel Eitata--For Sate 5 H.EETWOOD 1970 Mobile home safe 1X00 Call of vial 4tt-77*5, « B-H. Western Hills, Fayetieville, M actwd AT. i ipBiiim-nl uvci ft a ma. All this level land arxJ r OV1.YLI Him niter 8. -MOBILE HOME SITE nerts. Trw ecn-erM. Paved it kaJ wat« system. B«l «l t W«dingion Wood*. ' : 443-2465 4\iO MOBILE home, S bedroom, 2 haih n excellent conditlw, must M« to ap- redate, tall 521-3SM Alter S:M. EXCEPTIONAL BUY! (K-270) Very allractiva 3 Bdr, Brick " HUE in nuiet nelfitiboiivxxJ. Nka den, rse cloicts. carpciinB- i nil CM* air pond.. cha! yanl. M«tal a bory. Won't last al t25,OK. C*H Am Hall. 1.1 ACRE LOVEIY HOME (H-263) You'll L o v e ' t h l J ' 3 Mr. Brick homo In A shell School Di */ict,' c!o»e in on paved dead end slrec*. L//S ol com|ort and a great place for kids. CENTRAL H A, carpcling, drapes, W ratio. Morage. o!f carport tfus Ui metal Etorasc btdg,, very ceil w VcpU 127.600. . 4 B D R . - 2 A C R E S - E L K I N 5 fR-271) Lirpfl lilvinz Rawn It Krtri with sc pa rat e dinfti i! area, IV» bit central heal. 2'wells with new pumps bmall bara, all lonccd. and WO It raved road. (ronlage. SW.500. Call Mel' Holmes, 17,5 ACRES - $17,000 (OTA-30) I/xaled »i ml. North ol K- 62 on Linoolti-Wrfhipioa Rd- with I city water available. UNDER $40,000 Native son« lirep!»ce, 3 tttdroomi pJ"i dinlne t ' l i v i n j t wini, Wwiufi !er bath with bflHUn- shower plus lul All (his on over 2 acres \vith beautifi view. 'ROOM' FOR THE FAMILY" 5 bedrooms .large SAHK room pitu sewv n or offlre.'huge uUltty, 2 car Ra witfi Horace and priced ; al Ju BUTTBRFftLD' ADDlTIOK 0 L*Tff« corner k*. w i l l i ' S 'ilory''CVwti 2 car carport. NairvB Stone lireplart lots of paneling. A house with *'tr HlUe up fcf*p. '$35,000 Lakeside Home" Boat ramp near b 3 rwdroon. IVi hath, 2 de'c-Vi overt oafc'nE Heive* Law ·omi-lmLylumisritd.-For a "look al an, ir aH ol these call MARY EDNA SCUKA ,1 521-lWO^br nllti HI-1333. AMES W BAKEH, BROKER BAKER .ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. Collegs S21-1300 WORK · HAS: WE GET RESUI/TSI riiE CAlleny of Hones 39--Office Spoce Bulldingi For Ron) FOn IJCASC: B'reh SI. Neiv 15W an, ft. Jdine. Heal and air. Weal for or Vareliousj or light Industrial us*. Will ilete to J'OTr ·pecdUeaitoiu. For 60x40 BUSINESS BUILDING Foi LeaK. irrellent locacioTL Wrtt£at« ShopplTJi* outer. Wril* lo Bmt P-*9 c/« Northwert Arkinjas TIMES, P.O. Draw** 1 D, Fay«lc\-illi. Aik. 72TOL _ 2 TO 10 ACRES NW FAYETTEVijLljE .AREA 11 Ann. 5 TO 8 ACRE TRACTS OA-321 I/scaled West o( raj-ettevl beauti till tracts are gains l trad has rural vaier mid EI are ai-ftilablc. 5 ACRES 2 BDR. HOUSE ·271) I-ncatcd across the street frorri Ington Elemcrrtary-Sdhool. Parted r sub-dividins but prierd so you can fonJ to Keep it for- you ire If: ONLY) 3,250. . : 1,500 SQUARE le«l for lt« foi professional otflce, ho\»TOom, or wareh Highway 62 ' West. Inquiries^ ma] sent lo P.O. Bex B13. Fayellevllle, . . - 531-5006, . - , lonlii, dcposil required 521-3J7! cr 521' 42- -Wanted to Rent or Lease COUPLE wishes lo i [sfced or parUBlly duplex «1th wa'sh*r/drj-*r i 4*1-7531. 227 SUMMIT, 2 bedroom ra[urrJs*«l " ' - FURNISHFJ 1 bedroom dup(ex wilh iluiii-. Air corwlitifned, fenced yard. Quiet loration oJ/ 16 West, *I2 month, Phoat 357-3123, WOULD lifce information «i * 2 hcrfroom house in vicinity of University that be available lor rent tn nud-3uiw jails' July. I'lease write Teriy R. Coopc 501\ Braios, Jonesboro, Ark. 72W1, all collect 3J3-WW. TVVO bedroom duplex, cenlrsl he-si and air. washer and drj'er connwXions. Shag FURLNSHED apartincnl lor : in iuk residc-nUal area and electricity. 21-7278, able tor -^piinB semester Skull Cr* Apartments'. 300 N. Levaretl. 531-2761. JASOM Apanment For rent, unflimlahcil FUR NISI [BD two-bedroom duptexe*. £ 6utc« For Rent COUPLE wanU lo rent unfurnished Iwdrooni house or dtiplcoc. Pfafcr [enc yard bui not neeeuary.. Call Ken at 5 43~Reol Estaia Wanted WOUIJ) like lo buy 5-10 acres *H to FayeHeville (a miles), Northea rv'orlhw-cst, ow paved rosd, xs.Oi " pas. Reasonfibte price. 531-2G FARM HOUSE,' TaietteviUe iirM, 2 bedioom running water, bAm. TaniaMic vno ·. «AWnable rent. bonUct' Ken *t MARiA H "APARTMENTS Kow under same ownership as Murray Hill and Helendale / and Waverly Wood Townhouses, 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom opartmenls and 2 bedroom townhouses Full time mam tenance personnel, maid service available, 60 ft swim ming pool, laundry facilities, shag carpeting, dishwasher, end garbage disposals. OFFICE 1900 MELMAR, APT. 100 443-2141 45--Lots For Sat* University. «S-«01. IV acre wooded . lot n Country Living al all . ... contemporary ooov frnlonce beautiftil 3 bedroom, M wui. cedsr-arrdilwia homo tocairu "r. acres About a mile tM oT K\V3'. IS Call 'today and ask . alnu 4 . itie w; extras that are Included b\ (be price Joj.OOO, ROOT SCHOOL; , n TWs older 4 bedroom, t Kith ij Rinafcd en a buut-ful Cm iadcd ]rt."Th! a 6ory homa ha« A Icony and als» a front lorCh. Jl y«i the iarjer sr.d oMwr hom*s th'i be sxjuri. Prfca ta' only. fHJV). ct I,M Ward (w more Infonnatlcn ai-7372 or : 4U-4400 aAer-h«ir». r LEVON OGbEK BUILT HOME 1621 1B30 a«i. ft., fctauly in oa« ef a.yeu«vlile'B rJCMt «ib-dlvi5 : mjL RM ii Iireplace. La.rso corner iit. "ritw wily $-52,500. Call GiUery at EOMM 1I-72W, DUPLEX o 1WJ Always srtay rented, rinninr- n ^ bderodma «ach. Priwd at l iw of only f23,a?o.4To »e« thii rwrf bv- fslm^nt property call Ken TUilty, at 531-7272 or 51W291 »Jter twurs. ifl lfj2S lor mobile horn*. ,L*rd lay* lal and 'open just' oulaide" ef Coshwi- hvner will curry. Priced at ecilj, K.WO. "or riwra' inlormalinn call'Le* Ward at 31-7272 or 442-WOO allec hour*. 20 ACRES 1633 located close to Bw^r iJVe land is fenced and In ft*cue. Hai a * rond and la EocaUd Just U Ttul« off the pavement- BfAUUfur«fce Isr home ~jl! Ix^j Ward (or· more ioI»rn»Uoo »l S1-7272 or 4(i-WOO A t t a r hour? · ; . TVfl' Local! on i - · 2333 N. College ' ' . - 1 N W Arfc 'Kll-7272 v . : Aller, 6 'p.m.' Call PIiu^ Gallery »l 521-72^,., BOSS * COMPANY, INC. CX LOVELY FAMILY HOME room, forma! rJlnlns i Call 443-2510 2303. M6-ZWO or K-3S20, j' home. M4 mile* *o hardtop. _ Ptvxi* BEFORE YOU PAY;_ Another mo'nih's rpni. Oieck" thli sma'l home at Whislow. Modem, 1 Isrge .ar J " mall bedronmj- Law »rf o-J-buildin. Jrtlr« s»ra^p. 5 lota with about i NEWL1K REALTY CO. BRENTWOOD _ Acres, 4 bedroom. 2W bath*. Urge pump house with lot* ol atorasa. Gcfi garden spol and all In beautiful Ozartt setting, F«r more'inlrcwnaUon call,MARY EDNA SCUKA. al 52I-13QO or 531-1333. ; : "WED!NGTON WOODS"; Get ready (or Spring in ihii custom b«Mt ·p-rlclc nd Cedar. 3 Bedroom, native at/i« fireplace in perfect axvd;t!co and on 3,63 acr«s. Tall NURV EDNA SCUKA il MI- WOO or 321-1333. ; ''ROOT' SCHOOL" st the place for « temiiy, v\iih p'enty room to frawf. S bedroom, playroom, U : MAUY ' EHNA SCUKA at 531-1300 ""31 1333 ' ' " EXTRA SPECIAL Buyer needs to sell. This beautiful home is ideally located n The Washington School District, City Park and Washington Regional Hospital Dutrict. Approximately 2,000 sq. ft of living area and more than average built ins. Carpet, paneling, fireplace, game roam, dpn, stereo closet, 3 bedrooms, 2 balhs, patio, fenced in back yard. Attached garage with auiltins. This is truly an exceptional home and needs to be seen to be appreciated. Please call ui now, and let-us show It lo you. SCUKA at 52i-l300 or 331-1333. WEST OF.UofA i r ery unu^ial 4 bedroom .with larfe to- Due la sc^efil sa'cs in tha past morrih. S HOOSIS plus larjje al(k studio, s . , sUve, , provided. FOR SALE -- L*rM i«ve! Lett in M*a- laric Addition. All city nUlillt* »vafi- e. Call Harriecn Di%ti (Sdoam ng) 534-4848. _ \ E R \ Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 POOl LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS . BALCONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID ,')'(Heatand Air is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APART- WENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 Murry Ml Helendole W overly Foods Apts. Furnished or Unfurntshed _ ________ 4 B*drnom, 2 bath, c-cntral . . = , and a!r, Root Sdwol, 15 months 1 ease befrinnin g June irt, Rrfer«ice required. |3S. «3-il7^ _ NEW, three bedrooms, two baths, Ro« School. J300 month. »1£0 d«tw:C Year lease Helei-ence required. Alxwit May 531-6511 days; 4128613 t^ztits. 2-STOHY. 4 txrfroom, 2, bath. 2 lamlly moms, cenlral heat fc Hr. fenced yard. Near schools, hwpIUl, port olfi«., "f dwnlown Sprirwdal*. J2tf. Phone 751- 2 BEDROOM unlumUhcd, private lious- Ing Ctoiiple or woman wauled W chfld- cnrc and hwis eh coping. S'u p n\ e on premises Send inquiry to P.O. Box 603. FayrUevilte. - - - · . : ular or Courlyflrt ' e bf-drooror (didr* ol nf- Bfiia fcixls) tsi LcJy Urvrt«rap«J \ri1h ing pooJ, patJo · Wai [-to-wall carpetlnif and drapes · Double 'clawt in bcdr^onvs with amp!t Moragc Bpacc , · Centra! Heat Birf Air-co-wlilloninS · Modem kitchen "ilh all eonvmlenc-M jnc-ludin's dishwasher (all electric) , · Ixtundromat "ith washers and dryers ' · TSvo guest parking I'M.! . , · Ata'd Sen-ice · Conveniently located to U*uver*«y, public tchocHs and shopping areas. Murry Hill, Kelendale, Waverly Woorf Apis. Manager Apt. C-l or Phone 443-8722 . Conier of liiU fc Putman STUDENTS -- 2 BR cotWge [n quiet itrvside. 10 minutes lo cairiput. ^l available Maj- I«. Ml-g»3. 10 ROOM "6 bedroom, hous* 5200 per ' ' month. Inquire ' , t ' S o e N e r ' 2 ACRES no pavement iritli cvitral witg cavtr«l tDd bett of [emu. 443-2465 46-^Farma Aeredgfti YANCEY REALTY P.O. Box 281 Hwy. 62 Downtown Prairie Grove, Ark. OmCE PHONE " MM1KS, Bob Yaicty R2J -3253 B II ^ance E4G-2n9 S'le^Webb . ' -: 1 ' ·'-" : ' ' E34-549S A t l a s C*ei - · · · . - BM3291 -In real ne-d of byini Y1 We can «ell your propenji. CAIA, 1 TODAY1 TAMES W. BAKER. BROKER LAKE SPECIALS : FOR SALE MOBILE HOME, riphl al laV*. em WacH- lop, his aty jvatcj,. eleotririu-, lele- phone Jinf (here, and tt is ordy about IB miles from Faj'eUPViHe and 9 from ' It la on large 37__Mobile Home* SpocM.. . For Ren* -' ' ' "·'"' UNUSUALLY nice lumislifd 1«9 bedi _ food lo . lo B»«a» -; BEDROOM mohae home belwwn Fay. nd' Sprinfiflale on Sutherland, rmve. 5?s 'i; viater furnished- SM clean LOOKING FOH A PL.\CE TO IJVTC THIS SU-MMKR7 , GLEN DALE APIS. F25 WILL HOLD UNTIL MAY 33 » SPECIAL SUM.MKR RATES * FURNISHED ; -» ONE DEDOOOM * UTlLJTIliS PAID * KlUNDRY * WALKING DISTANCE TO 'U * SWIiMINCJ POOL ' * NtfiJCT SECUHITY GUARD POOL PARTIES ON OCCASION. A NICT PL-^CP- TO UVE. YOUR CHOIC*E"LEAS OR MONTHLY, CALL ANYTIME +4 6633. 632 PUTMAN. . couifle or madira adult -- SIM llh fa. ItK'ne MHSM. ' E bedroom mobile hom«, lurmshed. siuder.t , (87.30,--bills' pad. 442£530. L :· VALLEY:VIEW iMobile Home Pork 12 by 50, bed . jarpftcd, stove, refrigeralor, ccze.' ?jid washer and drj*r. Has nx* crlt Jor sTdrting, Prtr« (14,500.00. ARE CABIN. This cabin (* About ha! ..vie (rflin Lake, aixl has Itcautifut view Inrge tot with trees, 'arvi Is on NacJnop ' on City Water, ritsculcfiy, aw line is close. The 1 ivi ruf n»Tn ·cdroom ai« carr*(«l, Atid th« Ml and dining «rca partly carpcled It h a * - a iir^e redwood porch or deck about H by 20. Alsa has small sanded n poreli. OXB BAT11 WTT1I SHO\VER »s electric stove ar,d refrigeralor and : rnsulaled. Fric« JW.KB.OQ. 'ara'Uon and fishing Ume is here H yv^J _re interesUd in either of these plaras I aJ 4M-53SS, LARGE LOTS, PATIOS, · POOl 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1840 N LEVERETT ST. iiLK borne space on M »^«. nvles TtoiTi squai*. rough rwa, bcaul^ view, B16, garden spot, quirt, riw.e rt 7919. · . COMB SEE OUR VILLAGE. HS QUILT - SHADY AND FRIENDLY. PRIVATE PARKWC, AND WITIB PAVEn ffTREBTS. VERY ATTRACTIVE TO RETTIRED FOLKS, · COUNTRY LANE - MOBILE HOME VILLAGB PHONE 521-4666 . II' BAKER Arch W. Smith IwTrwpIace, 1 mils *art of Texarkarra on U.S. Hwy. 8Z. Itlghly .nip roved; l-i.CW) sq. ft- bam; 20- lalte and cant? house; shoip awl hay birn; 50M sn ft. modem brick s. Ideal (or horses, rogisiorcd calUe evelopmcm. Estate says sell. SANDERSON REALTY CO. 313 Sfale I.Via Avcnae TExarkam. Texas 7*01 AC 2H-79J3124 OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY SUNDAY - APRIL 25fh 26I1T 2:00 lo 5:00 Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 car goroge, central heal and air, a[| brick. Fireplace optional. Butferfield 'School'.District $28,500-$31,500 FHA-VA Financing Turn west on Appleby Road al south side of Drive-In Theater, Hwy. 71 North. !i' mile to ! Addition. WADE BISHOP, Builder Phone 521-6569 ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. Con«g» 221-1300 WB WORK HARDFR! 4 JTnL, ^ »-E GPr JtBSULTSI f ! - - - f " " * Developer's Delight K..Acr«s of beautiful op«\.laad .ad J« T[Ml Slnrr Read suitable (cc dtveloputf Inlo small tiactft. ebblc Cwvan TAKING APPLICATIONS New Two ond -.; Three Bedroom Homes Villa MOlill.K HOMES Cwner. 30 Acios in Madison Oo jlcs t/oul Uiwtsville. 2^ mires from Fayotterille. Gwrf county ro-id. McisUy pasurp Olct ba;idiiisr ar.d spring. (14.- COO. J3000 dwn. ^«1 honxslle. Call XJI3 aner 5 p.m. Zoned C-2 on South 7). 5 BR. home, could be busines and home combined. Across from EPC. Up to 7 acre could be purchased. Separate entrance to upstairs coulc easily be rented. Good investment properly. House an one acre -- $43,500.00. Between Fayetleville and Springdale, 3 BR, lU'BA,. rang and refrigerator included In price. Springdale School, bus comes lo door. Fenced front and back yard. Reduced lo $22,000.00. Large assumable loan. r. 45 E. »FAYETTE. AR. 521-2*00 , "Sherwood Broker 412-88H - 52J-705* BUYAHOME e, few NeAr OATI 46.000 CAPACITY cfildvCiis, ne*ly remo home with 40 acres, more il wante On While River, 6 mites out ol Klttn n* 643-aa-l. P.O. Box M. Elkins^ sites OR acres, pond, fenced and in fescjo. Good building acres wilh new 14x80 Mobile home. Owner ACRES ndj-in-Jtif l^kc Wilson ar Ci1 y I'ark. loiat prica i'fi.DOO. Pho 5Q1-5172 (IT CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 . UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Cqrpet 1 Bedroom Disposal 2 Bedroom HN- . , 3 Bedroom r Dishwosbers Central Gos ' , ... Furnished .or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools ;. . 1 BEDROOM . . . $115 2 BEDROOM .. $134 All utilities, paid, unfurnished, quiet, family olmosphere, WASHINGTON .. PLAZA APTS. ^.N less N. i*«ii T ^ 1 sii-oora · ^«^^« STUDENTS 2 BR collage In quiet eoun inside. 10 rrrnmM lo campus- ao pets NEW SUMMER RATES! JRNXV LYNN APAHTStESTS nmi' ECWPtinK AppliCii lions tor on«'and («M bedroom furnished or unfumtstwd. Apartments lo be nwdj brffimi!ng,Jttnc, 1, S976. OOM lo Ucl CAmpiu. CAll 521-7340 »flT rwwi- FURNIS1IKD *partmen1i May 15. rtn(a Ona twrtrtwms or .effldne^s; luict clo.« 13 campus (or sinpte siurtont cc marrttv wup!«. NO r^s- 443*a». Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! . 521-8450 Holiday Inn LM Month .. Hem fr»t with fpae* r«t*L SHEMANDOAH VILLA Mobile Kome Village fl^r/. IB BJTTIM T^OOt. laundrj, P«UM, . run** Call Today SM t* erf, smAll dovm. o-A-ner, 5315H2 or BM-3ZM. 5 ACIIEK, lArxe wk and hickary Irws, TWi^tly tevpl, (WO rtown. cr^-uor (inane*. 1'hcne Sil-5172 or 839-3291 ^0 ACRES by ow n«r, beaut 1 f ul val! ey, pwd spring, d(v*« ID FfijrueriMc-, H/XM down, owner finance or barsalTi for CAsh. 521-3172 or R39J2M. O.0«l nROTI.HR Farm. W aer«. old 3 bedroom home, good wrdilion, K«1 tarn, call !c a nd roachmery Induced Terms, 159,000. 761-3616. 47_^ eo l Estote -- For Sal* FOR SALE BY OWNER -J0.3 Acres, » a'c-rw pfMurr, 10 *T« ivoodod. In'Miit'sm (.v^'-(y. C,r,^d witty nMrt, fiprin? 3T«1 old builiinS on P*"*- nrsfs, fwxl hrjmp8il«. JII.OOO. Oil] 4-15013 ancr 5:00 p.m. will sell/or divide, whatever you want, with good terms. One of ihe pretlieit lols you've seen, many gorgeous trees PLUS a 2 BR, 2 BA home, appro*. 1500 sq. ft. Central heal and air. Call our "FRIENDLY SALESPEOPLE" for an appointment!" : " Residential -- Jan Henson, 521-6509, Evenings Commercial -- Howell Trumbo, 442-5167, Evenings nvestmenf, Commercial--Bob Whilfield, 521-6019, Eve. Tt Buy, flL CQ RfHT, CMJL. .IAD1ES CHOICE *e thj-r ca«om built 3 BR, 9 l»th rich home. 1600 sq. fl. of luxury Uvfnt space- Frilly carrtted m Jarjr* level (te«- slurilKl [01 with Icnrert yard. H*r flit goodies; ileluxe kilrficn double Karaite. WBFP; CH/CA,' utflity room and pillo en qu'e-t street. Ko« School Prc"d to .U_- IMMEDIATE POSSESSION BR ranch ' fttfe horn" vith rioub^e a race in Wr« Fork. All city alil-lles. CIT, WBFP. Owiwr will *?II on (-onlracl ith 1iW do«ii pajTrtcnt to qualified buy- CUSTOM BUILT TRAI1ER w Tarpe Irei? studded W overtook:^ P*jvcr uVe. JJke nw ft\x!« and o-K, 3 bedroorn. ,1 balh. FAYETTEVIUE REAL ESTATE ,1'oftlce *42-7081 3247 N. Collcg* r Vtrwere . 44?-»tl3 roi Cnlwell (42-710) L. Gray 443-254A TRUMBO CO., ING. 908-A Rolling Hills Ftyetteville, Arkansas 72701 501/521-6800 ; REDUCED PRICE For thiy month only. This attractive 4 -hcrtroom, t balti home Jias formal dWng «ilh built. In hutch. femi3y room w i t h bufl brfrk Iireplaco. living room, tarjf* lot, wallflng r-S school, and mnny ol^cr c.\t ras, Ow us r "ill «-Tis:der trade lor smaller home. HIGHWAY 45, EAST ust what (« many have bwn looJcin? nr, a nirc dder bhclc home on Hva ct*s whh Irees, port*, anA vfw, Tills KT-Ti(- h a s 3 brfrocnvs, M hatfw, formal n-niT. I.A - in* room wlih firerl«c*. v\0t- i j b*oclc ft Kly WmiU. R«Jixed pric«. W1NWOOD DEVEIOPMEHT CO. 617 N. CO-LFXrR-Mt-ttK, ^3^734 3 YEAR riwrffd n and Insult Iwl bcrtrwxn br^rt Six s*. Hi b«h.- par«l*d e, fully c.*rr«:e4 , w.^(K-r dryer. ' .drapes. N'ontmood. rhw,« iil-14

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