Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 19
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1« · Northwest ArVaiwrn TIMES, Mdoy,' Aprft 23, "7* LEWIS FORD HAS A FREE GIFT FOR YOU Now you can have your family in a full color porirail capiured for all time! When you purchase a new or used automobile or truck from Lewis Ford, you will receive, absolutely FREE, a beautiful. 16" by 20" full color portrait of you or your family. This full color portrait will be the focal point of your home and a source of pride and joy most highly treasured. This offer is for a limited time only. APRIL SHOWER OF VALUES- USED CAR SALES SPECTACULAR SEDANS 197J FORD MAVERICK 4 dr. 302 V3 EiBfcw. Automatic Trans, Retria, .tir^oed.. Llrrt Gr»«i TM» Dsit Vimi Koof and ONLY SOM M£e« 1975 FORD UD t dr. 331 VS Bisi;*. Automatic Trar Seeiiivr. Air^cr.d,. BBck mlh B!aci $3775.00 $4250.00 1975 FORD LTD BROUGHAM I AT Vy VB Engirt, A«amadc Trans,, Fw« Sleerin. AJr-Ottd- ttWte Kith Car* »«wa Vinyl Roei A RcAl Family 1974 CHEVY IMPALA 1 dr. 350 VB Ens^w. Automalic Trans., Power 51*erinS. Air-Cond., Gold v-ith Wlilte Top and ONLY 15.COO , CerUifctd Mites. $4400.00 $3375,00 1973 BUICK HECTRA 225 1 or Firtl P«rei it Air, Tilt Steerin* Wh«ri. Cniise Crolrot. tight Gre*n MeialHc and «.«0 Sides Loc^ Car **h Lncal Beferecce $3400.00' WAGONS 1974 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN · Pwswiger, 4W V3 ar». Anlwnatjc. TrarJ. pmsr Steeriia. Air/»n.. Bool JUr- n.eOI Mi!t« $3700.00 1972 FORD 12 PASS. CtUB WAGON 802 VB Uighe, Automatic Trans,, Brown t WWl* 1973 CHEVY. CAPRICE CLASSIC 1 dr. 350 VB Engine. Aulomatic Traiv*., Ponver Steering, Pw.-er S*a(a. Power Wfcd(7«, Crase Cvmtrol AM/FM Radio ar.d ONLY 23.0W Milt*. New $3575.00 · 1973 UD WAGON 9 passenger, -WO V8~ Engine, Aatomtic PWA er Steeling Air-Ctond., DarV Bin* ^ With ONLY 38,000 Miles. $3250.00 $3100.00 SPORT 1976 PONTIAC LEMANS SPORT CPE. jy) VB Engfoe, Automatic Trarvs,, Fovw Stjeerir Alr-Oond.. Rucfet Sests. OJiiSoTe AM/FM ftadio t-Yry QE1 Wheels, ftTale with ^Tiile Vinyl R« ONLY 6000 $5600.00 1975 MONTE CARIO . £» V8 Engirt, Automatic TraruS.. Power St««ring f Air-oond." AM/Tapc, Swhd Bucket Soils, Tnrbt^ , W'Mds. Tilt Steering Wbed, Maroon M*taC»c with Maroon Vii»1 R»[ $5200.00 197fi FORD ELITE Kl V8 "tgStx, Autanalte Trar^ , TefKt* S^^ AJr-Oiyl. Biigot Red v^-ih Red Vmj1 IU« $4650.00 W74 FORD MUSTANG II J Kia 2. VG 'Elislr.e, Aulomalic Trans., AM/FM Tape. Blue MeUftc, tAFF-A-DAY AT STUD Joe Don Reed wed WMrtertwr.** ,r'rin K confirmation t «iv«d. vit'^ -bred A l«w bwklnd efV *Mci Bcb uj* . - 521-7788 ",, TWO quarter horae wtcUnw, one Made pinto. Also iron gray 5 ye*r eW ; Black Edited geldinK."AH sowod and broVe Stotte. 443-32T7 dayaj Pr»Iri« Grwe B64-W51 esSnirinei, Sunday* ' and " "I didn't care too much for parents didn't like him." if-23 £VKtfMA*£ Harold until I found out my 21--Automotive--For Sale 1971 VOIJ4SWACEN KABMANN C.HU -radials, ASi/FM. S'trach. Excellent. Sins. Ph«ie 443-7+1S. 22--Machinery Farm Equipment WE are relllni; our lann trodon cost lor th rest erf Apnl. Soiling Cub CjdotLes al cost plus IM. 5 ft. bnuJi at J3S, 9 n. haj 1 binds, J35jOt ij Supply Co. SMO3I5. T1AI.1H Stock and Horse Trailers. Hams Auto Salea. Rogers, A ITwrne - 536-0530 or 636-K59. 23--Livestock -- For Sale SANTA CERTRU1MS Bull ago ^, r horns, art ays in paslur*. Call 'M2-5C56. QEUIN drill, Johii Dc«re, 12 hoio, ivJjpcls, penert shape. £:B. CaU 6:30 p.m. 443-2802. 3--livestock -- For Safe ALVES lor sate -- Baby calves ai arttd cilvcs. See BUI .LjTicti · or ra 51-1133, If no answer, call area cw! 17-KS4331. - "- · top grade Jlolstem « old. A!»'3 lett s ivady to train e IS--Uvwlock _ For 24--CtoQi f alter, in good 5--Honw FREE tn food hoKM - J nufjlWPl«. Ctf« b!»ek and v.*;!«. ^awrtJutrrt, T DOQ OROOMNM - All brt yea« «p*r1to« - Bontli' Hlwxy U K . - P*wi« Sa* · ' 25-- Horn* N* for 5al» 4 RACE HORSES FOR SALE year old Stalli f Old by CO MAN GO hy AZURE TE Year rid stallion by LADY BUGS MOON 2 Year old tlalllon hy GO STOCKING 7HAf ... . ·- . . · · · · . · ; , . . Good coodiUoo-- Ready to go (o jxirmu- Lil race track. All 4 horw* for 110,000. For further InlormaHon. call ;C1-?S1$. W«M rf KAMO ratio rialhn on Kwy. 71 wwl on RIKP«. AnoUwr b*f( »le w« have more fumilure than ever. Ktchtn cab hxHa rtd cJ[*K««l- bedroom stis, (rlg«Mtor, drop Jwf tabtw, apart SM raw«. Why bed, dlaetti set.. MV *r*l ntecea cH antique /ticnluroj dressers, cfcKrt, old boo): shell. »ep tobies, rrf tabie, nifc-naks. Pirfws, some anltqu Ore oM Mt of OaX Lcalhcr bollom chair* liave Irts d odd chairs, and' tafelw, aoJa, antique Treadle irve - macHrw.' lrts of cardcn tools. 1 you want furniture, we Jisvt U. S rfay «id Sunday wily, rata or AT STUD -- Registered iron gny quart- crtiorse. Bert, Oklahoma Star, and Poco Uutno breeding. For information, call +426383. FOR Sale: Hrtpofat washer atrf reMg frator. O»H 44Z-Z48T between 4-7 p.i nlays, and all day' til 7;M P.: weekends. HORNED HEREFORD BULLS Service Age RAGSDELL FARM Prafria Grove , 846-3583 24--Dogs, Cats Pet* FOR RALE Pointer Bird fcws. Till blood AKC 'CHAXFION btood line Ba«*l hounds, r«d and \Aale, b! ack, and Tricolors for *ale. Some full Crown dogs K-3JS, LEASING DENNIS HOME FURNISHING · OUTLET STORE 327 So. School PNorm 443-2163 Dome by and a«i our lin« selection i furniture. 2 piece sofa and chair, good cover Save ISO f , . ' , . . . / t i l Bean Bap*. JUpiUr R9.M Now .. 119,1 Heavy duly vjnclles - : Rockers, good cavers. Otiy .... J3S. Used cheat of drawer* Martin* as Jew J13.95. ' * ' . Used IMng room wito starting a* low FOR A BUSINESS, PROFESSION, OR JUST AN INDIVIDUAL. Oun Pontiacs ancT Cadillacs are equipped and tailored to your needs, .whatever they might be. Why lease from a large leasing company? They must purchase the cars from a dealer. Leasing from us will give -you the bast possible in leasing prices and service. HATFIELD Rental Leasing, Inc. SEE HERBERT HATFIEID, 22 East Meadow Fayaltsville, Ark. Phone 442.2303 ONE only 1973 WwUngtiws* ebeM Irttx «r 1BK pounds storage capacity S!0 dw tlO.M month. Ore i*«d 22" RCA M While TV,' Ilk* new pktiir*, 410 dw 0 month. Orw NOCKC KM dn' - "'' lent confkn. 10 down. (H Goodyear Stn^« Store, 4426222, N«d»---for Soh rtane AIIA 250 wotorcyrt*. *« d S2i. Vlila 3-speed. 26 *K*I (25. I"honfl 7514077, LE-TIKIIKD Spanish crystal chari- "p1d lipped with" 3 matching wau s Also various Items of Oriental and "American jirvtiqjes, Phone 7jH7J7. )N'E 220 voU'^ndow air con*]illorier J35, Walnul liiifeh rolfW.lnble JT50. On« iia vooA Spanish Crcoenza K5. Two e whrcls »1th En«v. tires »10 each. rfc room refrigerator (.25. Doubla ("an'ua'riiim v.Clh stand and acceswrr f25 One shwH Ulack and \Mtitc 1 TV One 5*uderjla ' desk or' hall. Labi* One antique trunk S20. Tvro rhiirt'- Aiands, f5 e.ich. Underwood tiixrisrilcf , K5. drink carbonntor J35. Small !3. nanjo, make offer. Books · assorted tlcms. Saturdaj 1 . 1* '' al - phono' 5214643. ' . AM/I'M RADIO; Rood condition, fc«!Bn*d for MO car. musV sell. I-hohe 443-1525. Oirt . oi.rt ll record cab- nd FOR Safe -- -8 c *'*«i * L6M - i m TM ° r m Box P-96, c/o Northw-est ' JASPER . RtftttHLve ove c c n d i , won after 5iPO. . t f t t t v e sze r bangTand glaw lop. .Excct- ition, call A21 6780, . M a y »· ' ' ' ' __ i TABLE, excellent condition, 36T- ' " ' HONDA QA 50 model II SIM. EJectrlB gvfot 5». Baby bed with matttws T" '- pscelleot condlttoh, . call 442.8610 after 72 MODET, John Deere 3o« ck^der. (oe sale, ' iS.OOO. 1 Phone : frt6-2M7. , ANTIQUE nxind pwtesta] rtaw fo« Oak lable," 42" diameter^. Phon*; 731*J39. WE FINAtSCE OUR OWN CARS YOU CAN BUY A CAR TODAY Small Down Payment or Trdde-|n and $15 to $25 Per Week WE GUARANTEE DEPENDABILITY COME BY SCHOOL STREET CITGO Corner of School Mountain, 103 S. School, Fayetteville or Call 521-9600--7:00 AM to 7-.00 PM--6 Days a V/eeklll We believe in you. We want you to believe in us. $3150.00 1973 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREME JM V3 Efigr*5 Automatic Trans., Piy*'«r Ste«rintf. Air-OorxI-. B^ta* Scats. Or«rjw!e, AM/TM Radio, FacMKV ^e( WlweJs, Marwn irrf Man»Q Viriji RwM $3650.00 COMPACT 1975 FORD MAVERICK I dr ft Cyl Enzin« r Aniomaile Tr^ns,, Pwer Sttar- {n^ Da'k Kue Met»H:c «1ih ONLY WO M4« $3500.00 1973 OLDS CUTLASS 442 KO va Bi^ne Auti-jmatic Trans., Power S Alz-Ccnd.t Sun Roof, .AM/Tape, While with $3400.00 1974 FORD PINTO a dr 'A CC 4 CyJ EfiEJr.e, Automa'Jc TT»», Copr*f ECONOMY * FORD PIS y] Engine. Autom; $2750,00 SWAGEN SUf Jiifu A«/Taw 8r $1950.00 1973 MAVERICK I At. $ Ctf. Engine, 3 Spefd Trarj, AM/FM Tapt LilSl Btae $2100.00 1974 FORD PINTO 1 AT. 2JM Co 4 Cyt Cntfne, Auwm*l!c Tranf, Air- Ou? "J. D. Wants to Go Sole" was a huge success and We sincerely appreciate Fayetteville and N.W. Arkansas for helping us win this contest. We ran our new car stock down a bit but we have a truck load of new models on the way, so come on by. If you're looking for a used cor check our "Double Checked" trade-ins, like: $2800.00 1973 VOLKSWAGEN SUPER BEETLE fcirtrtTTW'Jc S-Jck Shifu AM/Tapo BrjSil Oi*n« wi* »,W MllES T972 PINTO SQUIRE WAGON $2100.00 FORD LEWIS FORD 3373 North College 442-5301 1975 Buick Century Wagon 1975 Buick Estate Wagon 1975 Buick Century 4-door 1975 AMC Pacer 1975 Chevrolet Monza 1975 V.W. 1974 Opel 1973 Opel 1974 Audi 1972 Chevrolet ' 1974 Pontiac LeMans - 1974 Buick Apollo 1974 Buick LeSabre 1972 Buick Skylark 1971 Buick Skylark 1971 Thunderbird 1970 Chevrolet Malibu 1975 Dodge Pickup 1974 Ford Pickup Pickup FISHER BUICK-MERCEDES-BENZ 2396 N. College 442-4261 72 Datsun 1200 Hatchback Green, j Automaile' AM RadTo .. 74 Datsun B210 Hatchback AW/ FM Radfo, Standard Trans 1973 Monte Carlo, eiule, power, air, silver with b|acfc top .... in $3250 72 Dodge Colt, 4-dr. wagon, oirto- matic, air cond., AM radio ...... \\}\\ : --\\ i i . i . ; I V I 74 Datsun B210 Hatchback, brown, »td. shift,. tape deck, like new/ 6,000 miles ..'$'2895 1972 Chevy Nova, 4-dr. ioctafi; aytg.; . ' [ . AM radio, while color .....'..'.,,'.'.. $1995 USED CAR SALE 1975 CONTINENTAL MK IV 15,000 miles 1973 FORD LTD BROUGHAM 2 door hardtop 1973 MARQUIS BROUGHAM , 4 door . . ' . . ' . ' : . . . - . 973 OLDSMOBILE 98 REGENCY 4 d o o r . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . . . . . .,. 1972 CHEVROLET CAPRICE : 4 door ..,.;... .. 1971 DODGE PICKUP ..,...,.,. 1971 FORD LTD 2 door hardtop . . . . . . 1970 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER .4 door x. 1970 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4 door 1970 MERCURY MONTEREY 4 door, one owner 1970 PLYMOUTH 4 door . ....... 1969 MERCURY 4 door . . . . $9750 $3195 $3395 $3395 .?$2595 ,,.,$1895 ..$1595 ,$1295 ,.,$1095 ,. $1195 .... $495 ,:,, $595 .1974 PINTO $2495 1973 TOYOTA Station Wagon $2695 1973 VOLKSWAGEN $2195 1973 OPEL Manta $2495 1973 Pinto $1995 1973 VEGA $1995 1971 TOYOTA Coroixj ...... $1495 196? TOYOTA $895 Goff-M«Nair Motor Co. 331 N. College 443-5321

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