The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 22, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS Local News Mrs. ' E. E.' Harmon wr,s a St. -~ 'Parker -Chastme spent the -week- I -end. with his .wife. ' .! Louis visitor Saturday. ^•.-Geo.. Hale of East St. Xnuis visited friends here yesterday. William Foley visited relatives in Oil Quoin over Sunday. . .Miss Tina' Hitler visited relatives i and. friends in Christopher; y'cster-l i!lss l - orn 'itrs. \V. C. Marten and. daughter, were St. Louis visitors' day., i 1'today. , 'Attorney T. B. F. Smith has returned..from a ibusmess .trip to'-Ed- wardsyille. Mrs. J... L. Pyatt.- of Pinckneyville visited relatives in this city y^s- ter'day. ". , ) 'Mrs. ,-Alva Seifert . of Du Quoin was. the guest-of Miss Laura Eth- eVton Saturday. •Mxs, E. E. Bridges and daughter, Miss Julia, were visitors in Murphysboro Rnday. Oren the I. wife. Bell, traveling auditor for C. spent Sunday with his Miss Winifred Pabts of Centraiia spent Sunday with her mother Dasj Pabts. Mrs. 'Misses Mary -and Frank John Murphysborb were the guests rheir sister; Mrs.. Oren Graeff.- of Circuit Judge D'. T. Hartvrei! of 3Ha.r,i6Ti";was a .-visitor .in Carbondale Saturday night. - .Mrs.' J..'L.. "Cprzine , and 'children ; went 'to.- Carterville Saturday for a few -days''visit, with relatives. "Mrs. Harvey Marmaduke of Chi- cago'was the guest -of Mr. anrt- •Mfs.'C.'-D. M. Renfro Sunday. Miss-Hilda John of .'Murphysboro wa sthe guest of her" sister, Mrs Oren Graff and family Sunday. J. J. Rahn, route supervisor for the Jewel Tea Company was a passenger to St. Louis Saturday. Miss Nora Spruce, who has.been ill at the home of her sister, Mrs. -Don Davis, is reported as .improv ing. Mr. and Mrs. R .H. Gurley and daughter Eileen were guests of relatives in Cen'.ralia ' Saturday ' and 'hire from -Gen- ( . Sunday. _ tralia, -the guest of the George Rob- ° West Oa-k Street.' Mrs. V. F. Lyons and dau K htev •-Rudolph Fit.'.; ralia, -the inson family; on / : ' i r\re in -'Mrs. Frank,Linglc was in Cambria', there on yesterday on account of illnes of . relative: her. '.-sister-in-law, Mrs. Amos Brookhouse. , Kinmundy; bein^ . jrcalled account of the illness of a Mrs. J. M. Mulligan has- returned from Sparta, where she was called on account of Uie illness of her brother Joseph Steele. F.. Patten and son Ed Patten, the latter of Missoula. Mont., and visit •inrj relatives here, were business visitor? • in Anna Saturday. "" ^Mr.'and'-iMrs. Milo Eaton, have purchased .the -Miss Anna Perce- prop- arty 'Oti West"' Main .street. Mr: and Mrs.'Harry Rude have been occupying'-the iVree property. ''• -Mrs. Gertie -Caprora of the Joh'w- aori-Vancil-Ta'ylor store was the guest ov6r Sunday -of relatives' and friends I Prof. G. D. Wham of the S. I. 3S. hi '.Ca-rterville. ' ' - i u - f-iculty was in Carrollton _ three ; .. ,- ; . _Q -' ' I (lays la&t week'as instructor in the ;Mrs! F. L. Devall returned .Satur- 1 Green County Teachers' Institute. day ' : aft«i-noon to Centraiia, after a I o : her' sister,' Mrs. Eal-ph j- Miss Lillian Wheller and Miss COUNTY SPELLING CONTEST .County .Superintendent 'Aken will conduct a .County Spelling contest at the iMurp'h-ysbnro Township High school, March -27thi The contest is open to all .pupils in Jackson county who -have met the requirements for entrance from the' second to the eighth, inclusive, says the' Republican^Kra. This contest : is held to create a greater interest. jn spelling, and will lie an ann,ual affair* during Supt. Aken's. tei-m of office. A contest speller containing a list of .words for each grade, and a list of supplementary words \was printed .one sent, to each teacher in he county with 'full instructions regard- SEEKS Stable Rates arid Big,Production Aim of Chamber. ••• Convention of. the United States Commerce Body to Tackle Big ; . Job. '•' .. ' Washington, .Jlnrch 20.-'— Seeing"-. In Incrensert prodiictibu.. n nierfns of-restoring ndrtiial .buslm'ss and price, conditions, the' emnmerce of the United States, It is nm'itfuiiceci; will make its eighth annual, meet.lus, •to'be held In Atlantic City April '"7 to 29, an iiicreased-prodnction coiiventlon. Every topic will be• consitlerfitl from that'.viewpoint. The relation of government to prnilucrlon will be . taken up,-'and that heading ">vill be considored nutl-trust' legislntloii • and taxation'. Business of every kind Is declared to be keenly' luterestefl In taxation, esp'eclally excess-profits taxes. ing- the rules of .the contest and ask- Another phn'se of the problem to be ing- that, each teacher, in .the county ! discussed, will., be the p'art.ot the gov- ha-ve- at least one representative from el ' ul " eilt ' llie farmer nncl the business PRICES | WARM AND HEIHfY REP, PRIMP ELECTION SAT, For School. Trustee^— Thos. >L. Cherry ; '.;.. ..287; For Poundmiaister— ' ; .W.. Total 57 ; 344 .•M. W. Totar 43 that school in .the .rural districts (;thoug>h grade). The city 'and village schools send ione representative from each grade or room. The pupils and 1 .teachers 'have re- mnn in increasing; far'ili proil\it;tion.; . , Secretary of -Agriculture Jferedilh will one in ..each apeak-.-foi; fljo government. -Tho.rela- " ' ' tion 'of production will be.ap- proachod from 'hoth. . Rides, the employee's viewpoint to bo presented by a representative of the Anipric'nn Fed- sponcled to tliis request with ;.-reat i '-ration of I.f'ibnr and the employer's b.y enthusiasm and at 'this -time there are ! a l ' ust «esis man. Tliere will be group 365 names of .pupils sent in as cor.- I meetill » s of "id' of several great dlvl- testants iri .the countiy contest. They ! Si ° nS ° f '"' U ' St ' T are listed as follows: 2nd .grarle, 45; 3rd gi-ade, 45:; 4th .grade, 53; 5th grade, 39 ; 6th grade, 74; 7ith grade, 20, and 8th grade, 75. There are -three prizes to he given to the -three best spellers .in each MORE CENSUS FIGURES GIVEN Towns in Iowa and Ohio Show Gains —Population of Syracuse, N. Y., Increases 34,398. 'For Highway Commis- ~sToner — B^pwn Nominated For Town d.erkT"' MISSIONARY "MEETING rrhe M-issioriarysociety of the Presbyterian '.church. w.ill' meet at th« •home--of.--Mrs. 0. T. NewmaM, 312 West- Walr,ut street, Tuesday at 2:30. Wm-,'McGowan- .-'.-.!.":.• 42 V.i ,43 Program;:... . Herman/Everhart,;;..... 80; 5.7 117.'' 'Devotional exercises led 'by Mrs. NOTE:' Saturday's. .(Republican' Eaglestori.: : ••.;•' primary election was. one of the heav- 'Immigrants—hy Mrs. J. W. 5ier,ce.' j.iest in the history of' the township. /~i j ii i The total'votes east ran. .up to 664, CrandeUi of wllich -^ wwe - :men wA 167 . wo . offices ghway j .Clerk- 1 __.,.,.,, Halhday. 'For Assistant Supervisor j wen. ' .Sharp contests for', the' — Fore Wins Over SlieS °_ f • Assistant Supervisor,- /.Bi 1 'Following wei-e -mominatetl in the iRepublican .primary election * Saturday, afternoon: •Assista-p.t'.-supervisor, Wm. 'M.,Halldday; 'WaJhway commission, .George Pore; assessor, Sam 'Anderson, no opposition;' town clerk,,'W. J. Brown; school trustee, T.. I/. Cherry; .poimdmaster, 'Hennaii.Everhart. How .votek ^.were'-o^st are shown in the 'following 1 -, tabulation;. For Assistant .Supervisor-^ : - "'• ' ^ ' • ' ''M:W. Total J. W. 'Crandell ..143' 41 183 W. J. Helton 48 21 Wm. M. Halliday .... .B4« 84 383 50 grade. . The prizes are .gold inedals [ Washington, March 20.—The census forTihe first and second best spellers bureau announced the following pre- in each grade, and a silver medal will be tgiven for the third best srel-ler in each grade. The medals are on • ' I " 1 - c=t7 : 3i W s increase; 25.1 per cent display .at Kathgebers' hook store and | ln = rr ™*!' ! """" "~ "" """"" ' are adm'ired by all who see them. A liminary population figures for. 1920: Syracuse, ' N. Y.—1020 population, win either one of these medals, and should 'be .encouraged by parents and 'their" teachers as- well, to -take part in this contest. population, 137,249; Sluson City.. Iowa—1920 population", .... , —< i _0,06o; S.S35 Increase; 78.7 per cent >oy or girl should ,be very proud to \ increase; 1910 population, 11,230. • Oelwein, lown-—1920 population, 7,435; 1,427 increase;-23.7 per cent in; crease; 1910 .population, 6,028.- .. Charles Cify, Iowa—1920 population, 7.300;.1,4.TS increase; 24.7 per cent in- trease; 1910 population, 5,502. Atlantic, Iowa —1920 population, n.320; 709 increase; 16.9 per cent In- [.•rense; 1910 population, 4,550. Defiance.. Ohio —1920 population. «.S70; l,54ll increase; 21.1 per cunt in- f.'reaso; 1016 population, 7,327. Gallipolis,, .Ohio—1920 population. S, Frank- •Wiseman ...41 9 For .Highway ,Commi3Bion»r— M. W, Total •Jacob Etherton .-.' ...... 88 .17. . 105 George Fore '......-.'.. 278 3,08 S96 W. F. Syk'es ...:.... .120 41 161 ; " ' . CVf. W.. Total P,or Assessor — IM. W. Total Sam Anderson . . ...... 320 . 86 j 406 For Town- Clerk— . . : : , , . .. (M 1 . .W. Total J. J. Brown:'.... .....235 47 ' 282 'Wm. " ftGallAg-ly '. . . .157 -31 188 '.Commissioner and 1 ' . Town many.. out the- polls 'who. ordinarily .take little interest in., the primaries; Anxious candidates fo'r : the. various offices' rem/ained' iat_t/he polls awaiting the announcement of their fate, while the results were 'being counted. Saturday • mn'iglh-t. ' EepuWicans say it has'"ib'een~.some time 'since such a marked interest .lias ,been taken .in the . jyimary . here. . During , voting hours in the -afternoon an active hus- fcle for voters marked, the.efforts of several of the candidates, particularly Syldes and Balliday) • both having vehicI_es A ,taki.r.g- voters to. -the .pc-lls; Sykes on the Ballot for Hi.g-hway Commissioner and Halliday for Assistant Supervisor. . In fact all the candidates with opposition- showed more than a .passive interest in the ieilection. Politicians say unusual interest in primaries presidential year Js a g-ood omen for the party .which iis a-w-ake .and up and'.'doing—the Republican: in-this case. '•Quiz'on Japan by Mrs. Colyer. ..Woman's Progress in Japan, Mrs. Walter Kt-jiny. .'INeefica Fhinepa,•'. by Goddard. . ' . * •Response to roll call—Easter quo- by Mrs. Earl tations. PIONEER COLORED* CITIZEN SUCCUMP.R TO LONG ILLNESS Travis Gaithcrs, colored, afi- v -:l 76 ".Jofmsea. . '''•'! A S" CS Howenstein oi Anna were • - •.••• 0 ' . i the guests' of the.'hitter's sistct, •H.'L. Cl'yburn, who has been in : Miss Helen Howenstein yesterday. Dilhart Texas for the past few .. o mon&s,, returned Saturday and/is | Hiss Julia Mayhew of Centraiia v,isfljm£ relatives and friends here', was the guest over Sunday of her and: if Murphysboro. Mr. -ClyJmrn parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank May^is^'.'formerly connected with the hew. accountants' d, e P ar - trnent at ^ le *• ° ' GMdivjsion office. •" ' , . i Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Clyburn, the and one of the early -residents oi • „ - r~ , , , • i , : '.!.070: iilO -increase; 9.2 per cent in- Carbomate ,comm R here, a, the- ;, - 1910 populll o olli 5 % 0 _ ' . dose of the Civ.l \\ar after Iv was] y.'ellinston, ' Kan.-1920 discharged, was buried ycfU'rdaj;.! 7,0-43; 14 The 'deceased died Friday IT -following the, fingering Hint At the time of his death ! making his home with his 'Mrs. '-Mary Thomas SOO^j Marion street. He had been ing .his home there for the year,, after population. increase; 0.2 per cent In- 11S crease; inlO population, 7,034. * . Fas Stire Resales use Calumet. It stands, highest in uniformity and leav- "ening steength. There is no more chance for BAKING POWDER to Jail-than there is for sugar wefto sweeten. That'sonereason why there's more Calumet sold than any other brand on earth. Another ?Ssir lit— because it'S.Bbsolntely pore in rearm—it's tbo inert Y 'J save when yia..l *""* contains only such •have been en- HIGHEST QUAUTT -HIGHEST 'AWARDS {latter formerly Mrs. Edith Mample- i man. were here from Murphysboro .. yesterday visiting Mr\. Clyburn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. 6 R. L.egg.' Miss Rose Way of Jackson, Miss, who has been visiting the Rev. J "VW Smith family, went to Cairo St. tirday tp spend a few days before returning to her home. Mrs. Claude LCKJJ went to St. Louis Saturday for a few days r visit with Mr. Legg, who is cm ployed in the transfer department of the U. S. mail service. ' Normal Senior Girls Beat Junior Tossers Xortrr mat-last witu three years stay relatives at Omaha. Neb. He is survived by four sons: James of Bloomington; Will. of Mmaha; Julis and Harry of Chicago. CANADIAN. TRADE GROWING Jncrease of. $1C'3,026,832' In Both Ir* ports and Exports Made in Eleven Months. Ottawa. March 20.—An increase o! $303,020.832 in Canadian trade, hoth imports anil expora, was made in the eleven months ending Feb. 29' over the same period a year ago, -according to The funeral' services were V.kl atj statistics announced by the custom? the .Free Will Baptist .church yes-j department'. .'.-The:tota!v for the lasl terday - afternoon, land .cemetery. '- Buria Coach Lodss Writes He Is n,t- ' eleven months was '$2,3IO,54S,ri04. a? uak- compnre( j wltn -^006,621,672-'lor t'hr same months n year ago. In imports the greatest Increase was .in the tota value of dutiable-' agricultural' prod urts > while-in exports increases wert , - sh j, wn , n , lomestic ngricultureiprod- LiOItg liraeSS| uc - tSi animals, animal proilucts, .\#p»d wood products and paper. The Normal senior girls art- elated over their victory in a basketball game against the junior girls Friday afternoon. Thf juniors are "friendly enemies' 'to the seniors anyhow and for one to out wit the ' other is a grand and glorious feeling. The seniors won 8 to 5. It was and viciously Ruth Mugee. nicrniicvs of the : C juniors nnch; Oh don't put that in th paper they'll kill me" she exclaimed. Following was the lineup:. Seniors, [Gale Boynton, Daisey Main/ Ruth j- Mugee, Nina Linscy, Lillian War' nikecke. Gladys Shaw; juniors, "Peggy'. 'Mason, Lois Brooks, Kata Sturns, Edna Walters, Virginia Fullenweider, Helen Malil. described as a fast battled game. Miss one of the senior basketball team, . said were a "blue, looking iWor.d received here Saturday from Coach Wm. Lodge stated he was de- ; WILSON TO ASK WINE PEACE cidedly improved and is rapidly re- President Wants. Miners and Operators to Work Out New Contracts on Reports. Washington, .March 20.—Bitiiminous coal miners rind., operators probably will he nsUeil by President Wilson to covering from a serious illness with pneumonia for the. last six months. Co-a,ch 'Lodge pass-ed .through his critical period .of his illness at the hospital -here and as soon as his condition allowed was taken to Battle Creek,. iMncn., where he continued to u l^rl; oiit\!ipW'new'~mntniVs 'for"the improve. The .latter from Mr. bodge 00]1 ] yenr boj-inning April ] nr Hie ba- Saturday was in 'his own -hanclwrit- sis of the nuijoriiy and mlnoritj re- F. L. LEMGLE, M. D. Qon»r«l P.'actlo* 8p*efal Gttentlon. to; Eye, Ear. •ad Throat Phori«t: Residence 330-2, Office -1 HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law ' Phon. 282 K Suit* 112-113 New Hamilton BulMIng DELIA CALDWE^L,, M. D. McANALLY 3lNi-C:«G < 211 West Main 8tr»«t Dfflcn Houm—• to ,iu «.«!.; 2U4P.K ^^ >r^«t ' T-FEK 1ITA Hl*kMT« tin f.v*T**^^?*^- .cs.wayRclli SOlDBYDRUCGISTSEyFRVWHERf CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Aome. Made Candle* jtnd Ic* Telephone 144 Y Telephone No. 159 JESSE HAYES A!l Kinds of Moving and Transfer Work. LAURA; K. SWARTZ OSTEOPATHIC PHYklCIAH Chronic D'iaeai'ea a »p«cl«^tv Office In Lauder-Nlchol* Bldf. i W. V W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phone 204- ACMB QUALITY • VARNO-LAG More.'shabby, surface worn furniture ,is discarded i each year flia'n 1 is-destroyed':by fire. -You insure your furniture against fire. Is it insured agairisl wear?'. A .good piece of furniture will last a lifetime if its- surface is, properly protected. •'_ . • -^ Once a desk, chajr or table loses its newness—begins' to look shabby-^-it travels .a-fast road to the 'junkyheap. Rene-w its surface-with Acme Quality Varno-Lac and you renew its life. You've 'saved the price'.of a ,desk,''chair or table,- and'enhanced'the appearance of your.n'ome^ By'saving the surface you -stye all..Acme .Quality. Varrio-l-ac stains and varnishes at one operation producing handsome .imitations of expensive Jiardwoods. Good ; for. floors, furniture and Avoodwork. . ^. • • ,,-Being in - the business,-we can probably give you some Helpful, hints, about, painting. j ' • ' • CARBONDALE, ILL, DE,J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILOINO Hour* » to 11. A. M. and Z to t if. It .. PHONE S3 Vlrfllnla Building ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. W«ihed Nut, EQB end Lump Phone 149 K. 3ENRY BAIN TRANSFER QET V OL)B PRJCBt Phone 342 K H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 2S3 A. F. SMITH, W; A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THR EYE Ey«« Teatod OlSMM itttatf Vlr 0 lnls Blda. C«rbond»l», in .DR. H.'H. ROTH PraCTice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, . Murphysboro, 111. ports of tin- 1 (.'OiMnr.K^ioi 1 s.triku sel.tlement ing and was rece'ived by Prof. F. G. Warren. He stated he felt good and . was more than ".gratified." at his. final .improvement. He did not state in,his letter when 'he expected to come hack to Carbon- i dale, 'although, not likely this spiting', as 'he will have'hardly recovered sufficiently to take 'lip .his duties at the !, Pensncola, Fla., March.'20,—Norman school. The management of the Nor- C. Oriinms of Everutt. Mii'ss., a naval AIRPLANE FALLS; ONE DEAD Naval Machinist's IVJate KiTied and Tlireb, Others Injured at Pcn- ,' naeola, Fla. <j -- mal stated it was too early to announce 'the .plans of Mr. Lodge or machinist's, mate, was killed a\in Lieutenant Hallnhi. pilot: Lfentonnnt Brod. . -, 4." it. " - 4.- " - Eobt, prsKoiism 1 . :inil Hohind Swhreclit the school as to the resumption, of mnr ,h; n , Plnll ..- VVBI . 0 in 'i,,,,,,i ,„ "„„ ""', his work at the Normal. mochlln , c , nll ,;jrc.n], ln Hl inhe fall r.^ -,, We are just in 'receipt.', of notice from Government that permanent v B.onds for exchange for Libe'rty bonds which have all'coupons matured will not be ready for delivery before April 15, 1920, instead, of Mar. 15, as here- tbfore announced. Bring your bonds to us after April 15, 1920', and we will ',exchange them for permanent bonds with all coupons attached.. FIRST NATIONAL BANK .-;••'• .•>''.. The Bank of Service. •.''-: Carbondale, 111. . CELEBRATES 75th BIRTHDAY Mrs. Gtis Trobaugh entertained ?< dinner Saturday, ilrs. Ang el ' !:c Hughes and >Irs. Nancy Bctts in honor of the 75th birthday. o1 ' llcr mother, 'Mrs. Eleanor Wiseman. the Family- Ma d'oesn't kn.ow''much'at>out a car, mats a cinch! " t^sner FOR-SALE—AH steel white enamel i kitchen cabinet, $15.00 and fumed j o4k china closet, mirror back $25.00. ' C. S. Scott, 7710 W. College. Street. ' • • M23-31 \

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