Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 33
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 33
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Studios Give Love Beating By VIRGINIA MACPHERSOX HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 2, (U.PJ--Lov, ii taking a beating in Hollywood these days. The masterminds are by-passing the glamour dolls to turn out movies with nothing bu men In 'em. They seem to know what they're doing. These all-male movies ar- «rnash hits at the box office. The movie queens aren't chewing their painted nails over this yet but a few Hollywood brains are beginning to wonder if maybe movie love isn't on the way out. Gottfried Reinhardt, producer son of the late Max Reinh.ar.dt, has ·wrestled plenty with this problem uid he's hopeful. "I don't think It is," he says. "The day Americans givs up love is the day I emigrate to another planet. "But · the gooey boy-meets-girl plot Is losing its popularity. People think it's corny.. 'I lore You' Is Out "Do you know we don't dare ·ay, 'I love you' on the screen any more? Or 'I .can't live without you?" Passionate clinches are losing out to blood 'n' thunder action Look at "Command Decision," "Twelve O'clock High," "Home of the Brave," "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" and "Battleground." No dames. No sizzling boudoir ·cents. Nothin' for the censors to fret about, 'But every one of '«n made a fortune. Now Reinhardt's working on "Red Badge of Courage," another ·kirtless epic. And "Go for Broke" ·tar* Van Johnson and a little pig. He fights battles--not blonfles. "Housewives love these movies," 'Reinhardt says. "It gives them a lot of men to look at for an hour and a half. And no competition And Nothing Can Be Done About It': BY H. T. from actresses," The gents who figure these things out seem to think lady fans lilfe to sit in a dark theater arid pretend those guys up there on the *creen Belong to-them. Curves Distracting ,And they can do this a heck oi · lot better if Lana Turner anc Betty Grable keep their curves out of it. "It's not ray .doing," Reinhardt ·hrugs. "Personally, I like women. But I won't drag » love story in by /£, TSt-O M5 ToCWY /\BOOT His trrUcT so-f, vmo SICK AND rWO 5£M BtTSWS FCR A KITTEN. "1K£ OoCTOf SA\P AM OPERATION WAS ACCESSARY, so TReV TOOK HW TSTHcT HOSPITAL Tfe BOYS ·Tfi/VT:-IP He? WOULD Be ' 6FW/e HcT SHOULD HAV£ pMSsr KITTEN TO ee; WHAT KWD OFA CAT HIS A FtTRSWN I suppose HIM MUTTSKIN'r BUM w/w TO SET A CAT." tJitrsrtit Bally ffltlfzrtt Thundiy Cvenlna, Nov. 2, 1950 Wild Turkeys Busy Staging Comeback Over Wide Areas WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (if)--The wild turkey is staging a come jack. A dozen years ago the stock of this big game bird was very -low But now, a wildlife service official told a reporter today, wild turkeys are becoming more plentiful over a wide aera of the United States, The mprovement is mainly the result of conservation steps, such as setting thfc t*rg when it doesn't fit the ·tory." Thi» h»s been sneaking up on u* f»r * long time, he says. Some «f the'biggest hits in Hollywood Wrtory have passed up the dazzle dolli. "Look «t 'Ths Champ,'" Rein- htrdt pointed out. "And 'What planted turkeys: Price Glory?' and 'Mutiny on the Bounty.'" All this la very fine for the Qabler and the Johnsons a.nd the P«cki. aside and improving special areas or the birds, trapping and trans ilanting and raising wild turkeys t state game farms. Habitat improvement flias been undertaken in some 13 states. Lead- rs in this work are Virginia, Texas, Uabama, West.Virginia and North Carolina. Colorado last year had ,lts first open season on turkeys In about 50 years. Texas A Leader Texas Is a leader in the work of trapping and transplanting wild turkeys. Virginia raised more turkeys for release in the woods during the last 10 years than any.other state. Fourteen states have placed more than 9,000 turkeys in selected areas during the last 10 years under the federal aid program supportefcby Pittman-Robertson act funds; Most of these..were trapped wild birds. The wildlife service -gave this' breakdown for the 9,000'. trans- birds; Texas, 4,224 plus 137 farm birds; Wyoming, 6; West Virginia 21; Virginia, 2,458 farm birus only; Louisiana, 30G farm birds only; and Oklahoma, 30 farm birds only. Done More And More Trapping and transplanting wild turkeys is being done more and more, the official said. These turkeys are. wilder than their brothers raised or. state game farms. They are less likely to come near farms'-for easy pickings and 'n turn to become easy pickings for lunters. Many of the game farm birds -also have some domestic- strain blood through cross breed- Ing. ·Raising .wild turkeys on game : arms · was the " only solution in nany areas' where "the supply 'of wild-turkeys was very low, the official said. .Lack of proper habitat--woods with-.open spaces and a water supply--continues, to be a big problem in /re-establishing the wild Pravda Chargers. New Aggression MOSCOW, Nov. 2. OT -- Pravda said today that through current talks in the west on ^rearming western Germany the "anglo-Amer- ican bloc is trying to repeat that path-which led humanity to the second World War." "The remilitarization of western Germany a n d - t h e resurrection of the German army," said the official" Communist party newspaper, "is dictated by. one factor alone-a policy of "aggression, a policy of preparation for a third world war." The Communist party newspaper compared the present discussions (on bringing western Germany Into the west's European defense setup) with the Locarno pact of 1925 which Prime Minister Stalin had predicted at the time would lead to a new world war. (In the Locarno pact, the western powers brought Germany into the Jeague of Nations,-, provided for arbitration of disputes and guaran- :eed the frontiers of Germany, France and'Belgium. It was Jointly signed by Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium. It was viewed then by .the young Soviet Real Estate Transactions DEEDS Alfred E. Gulslnffer imd wife to Cuzma- and wife, part of S 27, T 13 S, I -13 E, revenue stamps $1.10. ·Bernadlna Weeks to G. O. Pulilnm and wife, Li i, 2, B A, AJo Heishts. revenui stamps $2.10.- Trustees' deed, Eff« May Isaacs ct al to Zffe May Isaacs, part of SW',« of S 25, T 13 S.-. R 12 E. G. O, Pulllam arid wife to Ruth I.-Flster, Ls 1, !, B A, AJo Heights, revenue stamps Gerald L, Barrett" to tlavid Otis Quinn and wife, L 1, and part of L 2, B 13, Linden Park Addn., revenue stamps $4.95. J. H. Rcvells and wlfo to Cledytii O. Howard and Richard T. Coale, part of L B. B 20, Coronado Heights Adcin., revenue stamps 11.65, · Alva E. Lowman and wife to. Tucson part of revenue Union as the Soviet bloc.) basis -for an antl- Republic Steel Earnings Double CLEVELAND, Nov. 2. (ff)--Republic Steel Corp.'s third quarter earnings were nearly double its net profit in the third quarter of kciier'and wife, L 2, 8 4, Manlovc last year, an Income statement dis- """ ' closed. Consolidated net income of the Insurance and Bondlrd Agency. NW',', of S I 1 stamps $4.40. Lee to Trtmklc McDemmons, Ls S, 7, B 12, Mlrasol Addn. 8, 7, B 11, Colonla Allegro Addn. Bernard A, Rcscnba'jm and wife to Joseph Hartley Turlcy and wife, part ol Ls Harrow M. Thompson and wife 1o Pru- dcntinl Insurance Co., $7,600, part of L* 13. 14. 3 IB, .Linden Part Addn. Lawrence B. MacPhall and wife to Tucson Federal, $3,000, Nl'j of L 10, El Pasadena Tract, Nick Kuzma and wife to Everett Grondin and wife, $1,000, part of SEJi of S 27 T 13 S, R 13 E. Lee A. Spencer and wife, to La Madera Land and Trust Co., 19.SD1, Ls 15, U, B 24 Olscn's Addn. John H. Clarkson and wife to Edjar A Rogers, $3,500, L 16, B 18. Bruckner's Addn Einar 'Enerson and wife to State Mutual Buildins and Loan Assn., $2,500, L 30 Mavis Homes Addn, Michael H. Mothcrway and wife to Valley National Bank, $776.59, L 9, B IS,- National City Sub. Walter M. Kenncy and wile" to Bert S. Butler. $2,107.20, part of Ls 23, 30, 31, 32, B 24,- Drake's Addn. Carcw Smith and Powers, S5,500, L 3, No. 2. K, L. Wleland and wile to Violet D. Auster, 5770.73, part of L 15, and- all of L 16, B 18, Country CJub Manor, Nathan Soltzman and wife ond Elle WJn- tellcr ond wire to Edllh O. Kitt, $1,750, L 2, B4. Manlovc Addn. Ray Reynolds and wife to Anna Llstug, $3,000, part of L 10, r wile to Harry XV. B 36, National City , Charles O, Weaver and wi£e to Louis Wllputte, L 3, 4. B 4, El Montevideo Estates, revenue ntampi $11.55. Morris Banovlti and wife to .Nathan Saltz- rh«n »nc wife. L 2, 3 4, Manlove Adclr.., revenue stamps S3, 30. Mattle E. Jensen to James Russell Peters and wife, part of L 7, B 12, Speedway HelUhts, revenue sUmps 55 cents. A. M. Clarlc and wife to State of Arizona, p»rt of S 26, T 11 S, R 11 E, revenue stomps $3.05. Joint tenancy deed. Richards Development Co. to Hcrocrt T. Brown and wife, L 40, $2.20. B 10, Wlnterhsven, revenue stamps Willie C. Click and wile to William J. Carter and wtfc. part of L 7, B 1, Palo Verde Addn., revenue stamps $3.85. G. P. Schnabel to LJndburg Cadillac Co., part of S 17, T H S, H H E, revenue stamps Sisters oi Immaculate Heart of Mary to Ernest F. Schlote and vfUe, L 20, Unit No. L, Emery Park, revenue stamps $11. Floyd H. Haupt and wife to Mrs. Carl Henry Haupt, part oi L 17, Amphitheater Acres Addn.. Warranty deed. Nathan Saltzrmn and wife-.to Elle Wln- third largest steelmaker third- quarter was $18,- nation's for the 682,542, or $3.10 "a common share, compared with $9,S70,703, Or SI,60 a share, in 1949. The company said this represented net earnings of 8.2 cents on each.sales dollar. For the hlne months ended Sent. 30, net income was $56,384,618, "or "9.35 a share against ,535,347,875 or SS.78 a share, in the first nine months of last year. Suburban Improvements Co. to American Trust Co,, L 13, B 58, Bronx Park Addn., revenue stamps. $5.5D. Addn. $11,000, L n, B Bronx P.* Charles O, Weaver nad wife to Louis Wilputte, $14,500, L 50, Catalina Foothills Estates. -· Bay Reynolds and wi/e to Florence E. Reynolds, $1,000, part of L 10, Rlecker's Addn. James E. Newiln and wife to Raymond C, JOlburn, $1,100, N'j of L 8, B 3, Coro- uado Heights Sub. ; James H. Lmsey and wife to Equitable Life Assurance Society, $4,000, L 13, B 5, Speedway Heights. James Pfcrsdorl and wife to Equitable Life Assurance Society, $4,500, L 3, and port of L 10, B 24, Jefferson Park Addn.j William D. Concannon and wi/e to Equitable Life Assurance Society, $4,500, L 15 B 14, Jefferson Park Addn, THE ICEMAN COMETH--Norman Turner of New Haven, Conn., starts cleaning a few hours accumulation of "frost feathers" off his car parked near the summit of Mt. Washington, N. H., 6,288-foot. peak, highest in New England. Turner, appropriately enough, is "icing technician" at the privately-organized Mount Washington Observatory. . - ' · - . - ' RELEASE OF REALTY MORTGAGES Parltal release, Cortaro Farms Co, ti A. M. Clark rmd wife, part of S 35, T ; , a 11 E, Partial release, Marvin A. Lowman ant wife to Elva Ezra Lowman and wife, par of SWi'i of S 17, T 14 S, R 14 E. Occidental Life Insurance Co., and Wil lam A. Gieson and wife. Marginal release, Alex Dickmafl and wife to Pedro C. Elias nnd wife. Marginal release, William P, Chandler and wifs to Joe Qulnlan and wife. Marginal releases, Do as S. Holscla . . ...,,..,,.,, ,.,,=,,,,, ^ uu ,,« *,. « uu ^,. w Joseph Segal »nd wife and Milton H. alld wltc u John wmarcV Jones and OUo Scsal and wife to Foster W. Chapman and s _ McNaujht ond wtfe. wife, part of SE',1 of S 5, T 14 S, R 14 E, revenue stamps $3.50. Wilier D. Rlbelin and wlfo to Lambert J. Ksutenburger and wife, L 13, 'B 5, Speedway Helghti Addn., revenue stamps $8,05. Quit claim deed. Ann McClellan to G. B. MeClellan, L 7, B 14, Hsdrlck'i" Resub. of jiam L. Daniels and wife. B 1* at Drake's Addn. Marginal release, William Alexander to Abraham Llebcrt and wjfe. Marginal release, Sutherland Motor S»les to M. W. Crucc and wife, Marginal release, Raymond C. Kilburo to James E Newiln and wife. 1 Marginal release,- Edward Wall to Wll- Margmal releases. Southern Arizona Bank Jose Villa and wife to Tellx Chavez and j to John A. Taylor and -wife; Valentine Alabama, 76; Arizona, 361; Arkansas 55 plus 400 game-farrri birds; Colorado, 472; Florida, 90; Georgia, J . y - , t f f t t I ft ·O ' -- ,, ,, . . . . , _ , m*-,^^ w»?v K- 1 ^ U J l - i J J f W J C 1JJ.- 44; Kentucky, 56 plus 48 game farm flcial' said, Is something else--the birds; Mississippi, 27 plus 387 farm out-of-season hunter.' . lhain Drugstore Sales Show. Increase NEW YORK, Nov. 2, W--Chain drug store' sales In September topped the same month a year ago by 4.4 per cent, Chain Store Age magazine reported today. The nationwide average is figured on the basis of a survey of 67 drug chains ,,..V 'v. i ' l l *J "tij*^ wt a J M i rcj- vt ut tii ug LJIICUlla turkey in a still wider range. . | operating --2,108 ' stores. Best ro- But the biggest problem, the of- gional increase over the 3949 month' was 6.5 per cent in the southwest. wife, L fl, B C, El Rto Park Addn. Joint tenancy deed, Violet D. Auster to K. L. Wleland and wife, part of L IS, and nil of L 18, B 18, Country Club Manor, revenue stamps $2.20, -. Sydney G, Auster to Violet D. Auster, part of L 15, *nd all of L 18, B 18, Country, Club Manor Sub. Quit claim deed. Either M. Chapman to Larue C. Ch»pm»n, L 3, B B, Frontier Vll- Bse. Louis VVUputte to Charles O. Weaver »nd wife, L JO, Catallna Foothills Estates, revenue stamps $27,50. F. S, Construction Co. to LaMar G. Felix and wife: Alvin F. Kohan and wife; Perry Klnchelie and wife: Santiago J. Lcmas ana wife; David Esqulvol and,wife; Charles J. Cromre and wife: J. H. Nevltt, and John Katslrour.ibas and wife. CONTRACTS FOR SALE "· REAL ESTATE Stanley M. Secret and wife to Joe D«- vi!« Valdez and wife, L 15, B 5, El Rio (Park Addn. Paul Mallamo to Robert F. Morrison and wife, part of Ls 5, 6, B B, nmoj Sub. Elsie A. Decker to Clement T. Bohen, part of B 25. Buel's Addn. 1311 I. Prince; Mercedu Bravo,- 213 W A. Taylor, 301 S, Campbell; R. M Hilgenberg, 134 N. Santa Rita; W, T. Boss 105S Alta Vista;,Robert Meyers, 811 E Mohave Rd., No. D; C, R. Almado, 385 E| 1st; Mrs, W. G. Chambers, 2441 E Helen; Dr. B. E. Chapman, 28111. Linden W. C. Byron, Kudaslll Rd.; Davis Wither spoon Jr.. 2606 N. Tucson, No. 4; r. K O'Hagin, 1011 W. Huron. Santa Rita Nut Shop. 8S E, Broadway L. E.. Golishtly, 201 W. President; V. N Longden, 71 E. 13th, No. 15; Mercedes'Go- mez, 315 S. 5th; Margaret Osborrtc, 71 E 13th, No. 10; S. B, Oat, 337 S, 6th,- No. 3 Frank Jackson, 1533 Camino Dcd Sierra; Mrs John Park, 739 N. 7th; Mrs. Walter Baker 3402 "E. Glenn, No. B: Kenneth Pollard 2316 E. Helen: William Cunnea, 2104 E 18th; Louis Vest, 3546 S. 12th, No. 4; John Hj-lton, 709 S. 3rd; S. B. Jose, 3634 E "Jlcnii. Bjllie Christiansen. 4237li N. Oracle J. H. Watson, 4608 E. "8th; W. J. Carter Jr., 2225 N, Sparkman; W. C. Howard 4857,E. 1st; Mrs. Ann Frost, 3811 I. Sib, No. 4; Mrs, J. S. Phillips, 2424 N, Stone, No. 2; J, .R. McCarron, 1014 I. Linden: A. C. Mitchell, 1700 Hillside; H. M. Felger 5432 E, Plma; John Bcrozsky Jr., 725 E, 7th; ",, J, Boucher, 324 E, 31st; A. E, Wester- ·elt Jr., 1042 E. Halcyon; Joel M. Brecheen, 2701 N. Hlchey; Dr. A. H. Thomas, 35 S c tone.. ' G. L. Barrett, 2730 E. Water:'j. S, Craig, 2425 N. Fairoaks; G. W,, Dougherty, 1008 E. Alta VisU; Joe FischelJs. 1345 E. 8th; V. H. Mitchell, 1104 N. Camilla. No. 3; 'red Ancher 1553 via Henda; H. A. Paxton 558 -N. Stone; Mrs. Anthony Klsiel, 129 S. Norrls; Tlodosa Perez. 530 S. Convent. C. Smart, 141 N. Santa Rita: Larry Grosr, sll N. Longfellow; L. M; Klnt, 308 W. Jacinto; J. M. C«lderon,,3674 S. Liberty; Norvella Glaspy, S10 S. Santa Rita; K. L. Evans and wife, part of la 7, J, B IT,! Albert C. Straub and wife to A. A. K«- HoHman Addn., revenue stamps 5S c«nts.|:ish tnd wife, L 21, B 67, National City No. Joint tenancy deed, Leon Kallsh and;5. wile to Herman H, Goldstein and wife, L 17, B 4, Falrmount Addn., revenue stamp! $6.05. UTILITY CONNECTIONS S. D. Statesman, 502 .W, Kclio; A. M. = ,, , TM ..^oT^.^i;. Barbcra, 71 E. 13th, No. 31; Idefonso' De REALTY MORTGAGES Molina. 215 E. 25th; H A Holloway 341S Charles Malach and wife to ArlzonajE. Bellevue; Dr. Nicholas Mavrls, 1743 E Trust Co., J5.050, L U, B J, Broadway|2nd; V. L. Fousel, Whlterock Rd.-; F. J , 'MaricUl, 3743 E. 33rd,: E. S. Banki Sr., Burjoyne, 250B E. I. S. i KrB; R. E. Harrison, 2« W. President: Joseph Kukuck. 25 E. "avapai; Arnold ' Marth, 2512 E. Wetmore: tin. Frank Soto, 103 S. Grande;- L. S. Gideon, 37.W E.' Sheparil: M. A. Martinez, 304 W. Niagara: Clarence HujieU, 5058 S. Orphanage Rd.; X. R, Thomas, 104Ui S. 8th; Mnpro S!Iva,'^07 N. (ith, No. 14. LIQUOR LICENSE APPLICATIONS Person to person transfer of lieenM -to ell spirituous liquori at Zl T»mpico b«r, New Pain Killer For Cancer Is Described MIAMI, BEACH, Pla., Nov. 2. (P) A new method of pain killing for sufferers from certain forms of can-' cer was described today by Dr. Jay Jacoby of Columbus, Ohio, ai- sistant professor of surgery at Ohio State university. ._-; In an address prepared for delivery before the 25th annual congress of anesthetists, Dr. Jacoby said the method involved the introduction- of ammonium sulphate-, into th». spinal canal where It has a numbing effect on the-pain fibers of the spinal cord. He said the work was still In an scperlmental stage. Some patients, . le said, reported the treatment effective for from one month to one year. , - JUST LOOKED THE PART WORCESTER, 'Mass.- ,OJ.R)'_ Andrew J. Waite, who died here at ;he age of.98, was the model, for :he GAR- veteran, in murals In the Worcester - auditorium's memorial chamber. Yet Walte was not a :ivil war veteran.^ 1 South Meytr ttrnt, from Mirtia RoMa- lum to Reuben J. .Cohtn. P«r«on to perwn transfer of llcin»« t* nil b«er sr,d · wine at Old "Pueblo emit. 250 North Stone avenue from Alex J. Toil* to Frink Hinmin. · B U I L D I N G PERMIT* ' Pionetr clunen, 3»-,4 south Ceott «tr««t, ·nel a-lin, MS. ^ to Z repair ihop, MT North fourth xiv, neon'clfn, $223,50. · m CLA ID ADVERTISING , ;- DIAL of TtKMn Newspapers, Inc A9 «lllmi of *mt if publlotlo ttull b* mttt within It boun «n InMrtlon. No clmlmj will b ii tor uer* thu one Minimum Chartid W 10 days -- II JO Word It-word Ulnimuno Open Sundays S to 4 Cajictllation Dttdlln* I «:JO TM. WMkdayl * r*L Caturdar AM ·IphmbaUciliy mn-anged direc t«or ei buslnm, lp«dalixlnj IE MTV Imi luth u contj-actorfc la vuuunu, {am, wuhari. iixhtlni ·qutymuit and i Aemft A»«rtm«n1-- UnMntUbxl W - fumlibed *uto»- ror-Slt For Rent Winttd Vuft Dlrtetery ·ui Oppart'y n U 31A Vui rUntaH S3 ile^clta · » O«thln» (or (alt HA - i Cata Pits H A»tniy 1 iunch«i R _____ lit) fmrv If Dutit lUncbu far -Sal* MA CJUMt HOUMl ·tip Wuud~ XUI« I . Malt rmwla tA rtmal* 10 {Tithold Ooodt M ·Tskpf ICoomt 70 HouBta for Bent-- M Sen Cftatt ISA Lost and Found Lot* -for Salt Money Loam 10 MotorcycJci 28 Misc for Salt s. Mlse tor Rent SI A Out of Town Rentals I] A Out ol Town Property MA Personals Ptry exju. tto B Radios Musical Inrtr Real Eitatt-- Exchanit Wanted Rtxt Homtl t7A Reiorti T] Sltuatloni Wanted Malt 11 Male r tualt UA femalt . 19 Suburban Property » Room without Board 71 Rm dc Baard Wanted MA Rm Board 7. Trailer Court* 7: CnlurnlaUed n HeusM for Salt 4M Ostn for Salt IE Income Prop'ty is £··« Swap Livestock i MHMT New Ond · Travel Oppor Truckj . For Sale . P*or Rent HA Want to 4nvest 14 Wanted to Buy 51 Waaitd to Rtn! AUCTIONS GENERAL AUCTION Vt buy (DT cub or set! for YOU on oorranUBon All Hindi of furnlrurt and fcauKbold ll*m ol valua Sales Every Friday, 7 p.m. 1110 S, 6th Ave. Ph. 2-3285 TUCSON-AUCTION EVCRY SATURDAY-! P M TTt huv .furniture for e*ib or itli ·for VDU.QA conjlimnent ' ·76 W.. JACKSON 2-4371 BAB1T NEEDS 2-5855 » ASNtB - itrollera etc 123 BOOKKEEPING SERVICE TAX AND BOOKKEEPING SERVICE for irnall business. C. M Morgan. .Phone »-872l)._3950 t. 2nd Et. BUSINESS OWNtfts Itt mi assist you by keeping your boons, payroll and tax records. Reasonable fee. M. A. Patton. P.O. Box 710 BOOK Sl'OKKS ^ELECTRIC SERVICE tfclVT A HOC-VEii CLfcANfiS ." SALES SERVICE "AGENC? MITCHELL FURN. CO. mi w Congress Phone 3-.74IP VVIHING. residential ana commercial service- K. Oeslrleh. Dial 5 " Eicctric Co. PATIO WALLS HIGH concrete block 32 JJ S' ti.75. « J3.20. Includes all labor and ma- terlal Lie Contr ' PUMP REPAIRING Books 4i late issue rna«zlnes BooX ^° ok - 7 w - flENTAL library, ereettnn carda. au tlontry. Swanberg's boolcx. 1021 N P*rk A.vn. 2-7001 CKMJKNX WORK workmanship -- ioundatior floors, tiaewalks. natlu. etc, Fre Butlniates. 4-0333. tloors. sidewaixs. manu vrb. TMgn wall 12.50 up. Est. S-159: CONCRETE flr«. flidatloni. drvwyi tldtwalfa. Immediate aervlee 5-250" MASON FLOOR CO. Concrete work all kinds, colored floors a specialty Free estimates. 2-2280. CESSPOOLS--SEPTIC 1ANKS £ M PUMPING CO Cesspools an septic tanks vacuum. cleaned Late* *oiilp; prompt, reliable. DiaJ HAYDEN EXCAVATIOIS Dial 5-6451 PIT Reputation Your Guarantee CESSPOOLS, septic tanks cleaned licensed plumber. F. TV. Gam PlbK »nd KeKting. littl .V, 3rd. Ph. 3-3731 MASON prtcast concrete septic tanlc Approved county-city F.H.Ai S5S delivered Ph i-2280 HCHT haulinc with »i-ton oick-up truck. Yard scrapInK. Prompt service Ph. 5-0063. · MCCARTHY'S Septic system Installed and cleaned free ins?, and utimatei Ltcennd con- raetor. 327 E. Adams. Phone 3-14B5 TOJSfY F. WAKD'S Cesspool - Pumping JCfNSED CONTRACTORS -- 4-1833 WARD BROS. PUMPING M-SOUR SERVICE enpoolJ and «eptlc tankj vacuum leaned. For reliable serv. Pl«l a- CHAIR. RENTAL CONCRETE BLOCKS PERFECT BLOCK CO. 4 x 6 x 1 2 - $49.75M Since 1947 We Sold rive Million 19 K. Llmbcrlosl Drive Di EBB WEBB DIAL 3-S71I 2847 N 1ST AVI CONTRACTORS -an: 1«I ie G K Electric Appli HOTPOINT IOTCHENS??? 5-7471 ailt tor Harold Low liance C Hall . 23-hr, radio and appUaoce repair. Contracting Dial 5-31 EXCAVAUXG BULLDOZEB with operator 3-7901 FAST, economical trenchlntf field an foundation with machine. HA Y DEN 5-6451 KXTEKM1NAX1.NG SOS PEST control Spraylns ·work iruaranteed PHong FENCES WOOD ornamenta-V. tence comttructe Clothesline poles First clai* wor Phong 5.9743 _·_ FURNITURE REBUILDING BERNHARD MANDL'S ' COMPLETE FUJWrrURE SESVICE 320' E.-6TH ST.--4-0342 fURiVlTI/RE REPAIRED Be«_ln_the \vesl: reilnlshetl Ph. 2-865S. HAULING HAULING, long or short distance mtone Specialty Ph. 2-9083 Taylo HEAllNG' DUG;,? WORK. CENTRAL HEATING COOwING SYS.. l^UHNACES. COOL ERS .TOSTAI.LED. SERVICED AC" COOLgR-jAirJTENANCE PH 5.12fl HOUSE MOVING AfUZONA HOUSE MOVING CO. A H. Smith 1 Free ettlmates, 2-100 HOUSES MOVED FYame brtcH . «ucco Call 2-3331 for tree estimate Tucson Warehouse i Transfer Co 110 E 8th St Establl»lieJ H82 HOUSEHOLD REPAIR TTtSc-N Remodeling contractors, t'stio fencing, roofing cooler leryice. clt\ state license. Guaranteed wort 2-ra' THE FIX ALL SHOP 130 W Indio Dial 2-B133 Decor.lttn* 'urn rep apollances rep caroentrv COOLER SERVICE EWELER, WATCH REPATR lewelrv LANDSCAPING 3HAMHOCK LAWN CO. wns Tree Pruning. Yard (. Phone 3-72S2. Winter Clean "EW lawr.s tree trimming shrubbery ~ --·- - ETM ost. Jord»tom ;.27.tn S'Ci, Shipping, Storage LUG. ana REMODELING LIC CONTRACTOR. H. SCHELL. ii-6903 ftno doors weatherrtrlppea auminum QWDUIRS, icreens remodel* ng Licensed, insured Skilled workmen Payments If desired Fret as- Imate. Dial 3-7MO. lUTCHEN BATHROOM remodtl- ta* FHA Ilnancinj For eatimatei ill 'Peter L Cooper. 5-59K. A.NT to Ida an extra room, remodel or build a ne,w home? Call Elmer i Dobson. gen, contractor. Ph 3*4350 t CLASS new constr Repair r«mod e-amall Lie, gen contr! S-gg29 C 6 N T S A C T ' ensed contractor. block layini LIT Bakar Ph --~--m-»v^. stucco worl Good work. Reasonable prici T CLASS work New remodel, re- 'air Licensed contractor Ph 3-8489 ' BLADE Allia Chalmers bulldozer i-vd. stetl bin. Call 5-4202. IKMODELING. additions, or new con. truction. First-quality work only, -all for ires estimate. Carl Nielsen -4088. COOLING AND H AT1NG DOLING HEATING clectrir repair H rnnhl» +frv'r» Call Mur ^-4 ^- · ZuTItAL CLEANSER, an All-dur- ose Detergent, for .Commercial and lousehold use. S3.25 per *a! For un- leditte delivery, call 3-S232 DRESSMAKING RESSMAKJJJC alteritloni, Ihlrtl nd suits, belta. buttom, et!. Vl-Ani ewing Service. 53 E. Jackjon. 3-8171 Originals, hard to fit xizes.' tgratlonn 1S1X E 6th 3-4477 iCPERIENCED seam«tres«. «l»ra- ons. Adah Heldelberc. Ph. 5-2044, N. Kiocon Blvd. - RESSMAKING alterations Old s«wlng. 1030 E. Lee St, RESSMAKING--TaiiorinK7 spec in alterations.' 2« ·ing, si E. sth ELECTRIC SERVICE kind, any tim* any ·nv when. Bi«t (or leu: Mlklta I-M11, ARE YOU MOVING To or From Arizona for all your shipping anil rnovinj; needs, factory or office eouinroent. household sooda. All shipments receive aual care and dispatch. Low rates to and from all state*. For fast economical shipping Call 3-2541 ntll ESTIMATES STORAGE FACILITIES OLD PUEBLO VAN STORAGE CO. 361 Toole Ave.. Tucson. Ariz. ALL SHIPMENTS FULLY INSUKTO AT NO EXTRA COST ACROSS the street or across ..th» Nation Complete movlnn packing, storage shipping service Tucson Warehouse Transfer Co. 110 15. nth St Ph 2-.1T31 Established IBM NURSERIES UF.as, Shrubs. Park Nursery Iroauols, a-3601 Lawns. Renovating, W Wttmora N HANUNCULAS and many other bulljz, Swecl pea scciJ Rye (rrass seed Mum stock and otner bedding plants A Violets. Eastburn's. 3-033; 734 E. I S4 yd--2 yds. SI J DELIVERED PH. 6-QS81 PAINTING DECORATING INTERIOR - EXTERIOR oslnting. minor repairs. Prompt, efficient res- noniible Itervica. 3-3412. 3-0977 AlN'rtwfS at living prices TTme °«vrncnt arranged Free -st 3-nS07 INTZniOH cxt»rlor, Free estimates. Licensed rees. Ben Hall. Ph. 5-4626. Tucson Pump Repair Co. __ SaJes and Service Prompt efficient repairs and Instatla -Agents for Byron Jickion and Red» 3Sfl Las Altos Dial t.piis REFRIGERATOR SERVICE PERSONALS COMMERCIAL Refrleeraticrt Service --»ny hour of th« twsntv-four CaU _QLCig1ER.CLARK TOC. 2-48M KOJi RELIABLE service on all make refrtzerators call Prince Engineer- Ip.g Phone UESTAURANT SUPPLIES HOTEL RESTAURANT SUPPLY 2016 S. 4th Ave; Dial 4-0401 ROOFING Tucson Roofinx 4M E 7th Supply Co, 2-Ual S-HIS SAVK on roofins and Insulation work s/uaranteed Free »sttmBte?i S 6th Ave Ph !-«4M WXSTgHN ATJTO SUPPLY CO HOF/MAN.Roofln* tt Palm Co He- 2R1S " 'Stone bigi 4-0312 CLEANING Rt)G fumituris cleaning Carpet service. Stanley Whiti?. Phone 2-Jifl.r SAND AND GKAVEL - OUR farm for top sdQ ([ravel mortar sand, fill fertilizer Ige rock, .tractor, for "rent Ph S-4M or 4-fl1fl2. X DIAMONDS X OLD GOLD ANTIQUES Cash Paid at Once Grunewald Adams BO E CONGRESS 31 HELP WANTED. Male SALESMAN-DKIVER to MRS. BROOKS" Bora psychic Can help ioiv» ail blems^424 N Stone 'JiADYS Meacnam gltteo psycnlc coufldenilal advice tells Important atei and chances 3P2' Fairmount acup rrtgs. Thur evus 50c 5-77Q3 dat Te SWEDISH MASSAGE, steam bath, Agnes Thompson. 42 S Fremont, Dial HELP WANTED.- Female 10 ,----,- -- build up s HOUSEKEEPER in exchange pi dry eleanirut route. Ooen. territory, room In excellent home. smaC Salary liberal commissions. Su-i 3-3601 before 5- .preme Cleaners. 2332 ft, Stone Avo.! GENfcRAL hou5ework anfr persona ; P rivate pay. HAHOLD RYAN, ! resentlni PRUD: Company of America. Insure your Home Mortgage Loans. Phonr S-QS7Z ' iEET 2 WELDERS, fabricators, finishe acetylene · cutter and arc welder work from blueprints light and heavy duty welding one] welder with mechanical! experience earn $360 per month or over--permanent employment. Apply United States Gypsum Co., Plaster City, Calif. through d cooking. :ept twice weekly, dinner, -- ~ SITUATIONS, Female EXPERT trained care given infan my home. Any basis, Doctor's refer er.ces. Broadway-AJvernon- distric Phone 5-326J. No after s a.m. 3-6227. ^OUNC woman general housework In Kuest home. Live In, J50 per mo. Pb. -g--»a. .PRACTICAL nurse desires night . 1 p.m. day work. Dependable. Ph. S-2224 Sundays. Call!COURT Owners Vacation. Exception ally , capable Arizona . woman wil manace Tucson court for winter Best references. Star Cit.. Box 30( SCHOOL. PH 214 S. OLSEN 2-0884 MBS ADEN MHS EDWARDS Psychic advice ,, nil subleet* 2129 S. 4th Phone 2-243' «^ a tt--L art 7- on attendant. WOMAN chlldt to do housekeeping exchange for room i hoard. Ph. .SOS] 7. _ UNENCUMBERED white lady, home- keener, motherless home, live-In ..permanent. Ph. V835B. - - _ SHIRT finishers, experienced preferred. Apply 245 S. Park .^ S?i rnaay. zlne Mujt h hnowlcdee ol typoc- n W a V . . w » -- W , . rtV 6 rtrlll f~~ « . T _ _ I _ ^ _ - A « 4 SCHOOLS ART STUDIO - CEHAMIC Lessons In Ceramics 9 N. Campbell Ave. Ph. 8-1881 FCC llcenie Enroll now . Day and ev* ClaFRe* start soon 2-2050 evenincs ARIZONA COLLEGE OF COMWERCS Full.v accredited business ichool 31 p, Brondwav m,i 4-1 SECRET ABIAL SCHOOJ ,396 S Stone. 4-02BZ Indlv Insrructliin tnstnic OLLEG COX COJtMEBCIAL COLLEGE ·DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Southern Arizona's Oldest and Finest 43 S. STONE D1AL-2-23B1 SKW1NG MACHINES MRS. LEWIS Spiritual psychic reader. Will advls and help vov on .nil problems, busl ness or personal Fire 10 a.m.-8 p.m 2813 -N Country Chib. 5-CBM WHISKY STRAIOi-IT KENTUCKV Bourbon Falls, 4 years old. BtH 14.1 BROADWAY VILLACiE DRUG DIFFICULT problems confidenualb EliTabeth Bullock. 2.3174 MISJIUM READER. Crystal Palm- card readings. 200 E. 33rd St laijy ae cara reaamits, ^uu j;^ jjra at ROCK cteam baths. Swedish rnassagf Colonic Irrigation. 2-9630. WILLNOT be responsible lor anj debts made fcy anyone other than- myself. Raymond B. Bryant. 174' E._10th. 3IANETIC AUDITOR, therapy or in. structioc. Write P, O. Box 4033 Tucson. . "MEN, WOMENI OLD? GET PEPI ,AA c .\r,».jn r --n 1-- Ostrex Tonic Tablets invigorate body OS EXPERT sewih; machine repair, j old after 40 Just because lacking iron ing call the Singer Sewing MacMntiAIso contain vitamin Bl. Introductorv r-A sv.. .«--.. =i.__. , Rd ourjsizc only 30c. At all . druggists-ih . ... «nt.r ln |^- u "° n - '* Martin .Drug. Tucson Ut located at Slngpr Sewing Machine Co. ·at E Congress St. ' · Phone 3-7 FAFF sewlna macliine sales -and service 324 N 4th .Dlai 4-1413 SPRINKI^R Sl'STEMS AWN 8prin*linR systems Installed, estimates - Folger's Ph 5-7345 STORE EQCtPMEW USSMAN Com'l relrlu., new, used, Samuels Plat Co. Dial 5-14B2, TABLE .PADS VOICE OF TRUTH -WORLD'S FOREMOST SPIRITUALIST LIFE ADVISER Mrs. Myrtle TRUE ADVICE. Even deepest mystery solved. No heart so sad I cannot nange to happiness. I'm unequalled nfalllng advice. EST TABLE PROTECTION with $1. SPECIAL READING $1 n»d» Se; samples Fre? 8«tl. a-l!B!i .bomer S 6th Ave. and Benson Hiway TU,B RAINBOARDS. bathroom tloors. Free estimate* D L. Philllpa. B-SS43 or r.-2412. UPHOLSl'BRING M -STJIDIO--Livtait room furni- ure--new, repaired--upholstered 509 E. Peiano Phone 2-8322. ESTER BENSON--Upholstfrlnp. and 414 E. 9th Dial 1-1552 HE FINEST " ' 3-Q3IJ ant i'01.1 S 4ln ar the lowest ,d repairing WASHING MACHINES MAYTAG HOtTR SERVICE ON /tLL MAKES ATJTHORIZEp DZALSR BEACH WASHZHS APP. CO. 0 W CONGRESS DIAL MBB1 MITCHELL'S PlOc-up and delivery iervlca en 1 malcei ol wasberi Let experta r«. Ir your washem 1 W CONGRESS Dig] J-74S1_Ert LEARN TO DRIVE Ariz. PrivJnK School, R-1333_or 3-1Q22 Pueblo Motor Co. GOOD bookkeeper, automobile bus ness, full time. Rood opportunity SiaTvCltteon Box 511.* _. ADVERTISING salesman - of ablltt and.experience-for stute-wide Dubl cation. Exceptional opportunity one who can auallfy. References ouircd. Write P.O. Box 27D1 for an polntmjgnt. " CAftPENTERS 4{ H U li-D 1M C; MECHANICS Bullfl Your Own HOUM * furoijb eaxtslde lot and con struction monsv ml) for J7S dn monthly fno 2027 E *-h It Ph 1,-Mga ' . - SHOE SALESMAN wanted, expert , enced Steady work, jrood pay Congress 121 SOAP SALESMAN: Opportunity .lo man with richt backaround to veloo · Into General sales manaiZe with new concern. Write in deta efvlne experience, education aff personal riata Star*Citizen Box AMBITIOUS younff men see ad unde Schools. Central School Airlin vision TWO" FIRST CLASS auto salcmen Bowyer Motor Co^. 1227 N. Stone. WANTED--Plaster Contractors. Ap 4 to 6 P.TH, «01 E. gpeedway. EXPERIENCED stock tool room man. individual capable of assumins complete responsibility for account ability oJT tools material. Good OP uortunity (or man who desires ocr manent position bftsed upon ac curacv. Initiative co-operation P. o. Box YOUNG MAN full time, for llph work. Crystal Krfndinff. Apply 25 S ConVertt. PIANO PLAYER. Apply in Jimmy's Chicken Shack. _M.eycr..St._ after 8 ^m. LAYOUT ARTIST for quality zlne. Must have knowledge of typo graphy. Phone 6-C271 for iippolr.t- ment. DISHWASHER night work. , Must lave transportation. Permanent Prefer colored man. Apply 10 ajn. Pjnky's._3J2J_E._Speedwa.v. tXPERTENCED CAR SALESMEN - - -- - - 2002 5. 6th Ave, NEED QUICK CASH Turr* vour Diamond* Into Dollun at CRESCENT JEWELERS 51*0 East'Confess ' Alcoholics Anonymous Dial ».1S52 Bo.x 443 REV KISSEL iBirltualist reader will help you. 113 W. LiBUna. ELLEN Stewart, chiropodijt Fool cor. rection ipecialUt 270 N Church Pb A-4981 ATTENTION! Deer hanteru . Cabins available in Cave Creek Canyon, Phone or wrltu Rancho Risco. Portal, Ariz; SMALL FRV Dlay ftlhool. axes 2 to 6 kindergarten. Phon'g 5-0021. AGENCY 8 ROTH REALTY NEEDS ONE MORE EXtEH7- ENCED LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESMAN., CALL MR. ROTH. 3-M66. . ·' ' EXPERIENCED salesman, hisri quality men's wear. Excellent salary and .opportunity. Star-Citizen. ' Box 302. r ~ YOUNG MEN AND VETERANS A«M -13 to 24 free to travel 48 stales. Liberal wages while tralnins. No experience necessary. See Mr. Hodges at TtJC50nia Hotel. 6-0271 .. -- . _, AL position. Reply B own handwriting statins; «ie, experience, permanency, salary expected , , Local references preferred. Cltlzen, Box 138». ' Star- EASTERN -Woman with health can wants work in diet kit. at hosp.. housekeeper. Phone 3-8111. TRAVEL Opportunities IS WANTED pastaxe to New York City Share expense, driving. Ph. 2-!00:i MONEY'LOANS I amounts. BESTKE- mother's helper ior young ifTM*?..;! couple with S .small children. Room. | j, v u -r-$IOOin : Ydup Hand Tomorrow From PeKonaJ where 4 out of 5 who apply n:r a loin net one. Get as little as you need, $25.00 or AS much 8f$2QQQ on furniture, auio or salary. Your cholcs of repayment dates and Convenient payments «r- board and 5-5110. salary. Please call EXPERIENCED waitress car ho over 5! /or nights. Ph, J-900B afte 5 p.m. Sep. CASHIER or cafetsria. New York Cafglerla. 235 E. Congress. WOMAN for chambermaid genera work. Live in. Catallna Guest Ranch 3833 N. Campbell Ave. SITUATIONS, Mala 11 . Jew, remodeling modernizing,' finishing, . banging doors, shelving, hour ratt. 2-4487 MAN -- With reference* and chauf four's license, desires oortorina o: job of any kind. Phone 3-6834. GARDENING - Waterlne - Lawns mowed * Housework - Bsbysittlnc ·_Ironijjg - ..Mv home. 5-1977. PLASTERING, block layins. rouan carnentor .By hour Hh. S-B030. 1ST CLASS tool-die ruaXer. production, working foreman plant mcr. dcsi^rt, estimate, sell, supervise, Looking for position or proposition Star-CUteen Box 303. CABINETMAKER. Finish Carpenter, Hanc doors, remodcltns. Smith. Ph. 3 HARMACIST - Reslstered Arizona Desires full or part time work. Local 'ixoerlence. Ph, after 1 P.m.. 2-0643. BLOCK_ V/OKK. palndng, carpentry , , . Coll after 2. 6-1311. Gill. HIGH CLASS SALESMAN, grocery, mechanical, service Have own car. Would consider position, di«trlbutor- shin or^ccncv. .Star-Citizen Box 50r. LAWNS, shrubs planted. Tree pruning, yard eleanlnn.j 3-*72fi2. CAPABLE handyman, 2. or 3 days week. KgQ5onfib]e. Phone 2-Q3B9. SITUATIONS. Female 12 ULL OR PART time c«rc chUdren-- My horr.g. Phone j-307P^ -OOK, hoLisekecoer, practical nurse. Children maternity, ajtcd. Interim. 2-66Q3. _ - XPERIENCED OFFICE worker waptsj lull or part-time work. Good typist,! college degree, married woman, references. Call 2-2224 mornlnss or eve- VJTS LIKI TO SAY "YES" PERSONAL Finance Company '12 W. CONGRESS--PH. J-iWl fAcroan frora. Fox- Theater) MONEY When You Need It $20, to $1,000. . HFC makes salary, car or furniture Joans without endorsers · for any worthwhile purpose. Our service Is prompt and friendly. Consult table below for payment. Loan t I! It Amt. Mos. Mos. Mos. (100 $18.41! $ 8.38 $10.05 200 35.BO 16.65 19.99 , 300 54.83 . J4.60 25.81 500 .... 36.68 45.00 1000 ., .. 73.3.1 90.00 Phone or vliit our office today. Household Finance Corporation 142 E. Fenninjfton. 2nd Floor Phong 3-3604 LOANS foal Ettaf* 20A FOR FZKST MORTCACX LOANS ON OWNER OCCUPIED SINGLE FAMILY HOME SES TUCSON FEDERAL SAVINGS * LOAN ASSOC.' CONGRESS AT STONE DIAL S $ $ $ $ $ S $ Liberal Mortgage Loans : Refinancing See TALBOT of Tucson · Realtors 36 S. Stone Dial 3-0521 $ $ $ $ $ $ ,$ $ HAV* CABH^o buy atveral ind mottcarcc or contract*. Call m* at MM J«yi or «-07M avti. Mortgage Loans Quick Action- Lowest Rates Construction Loana -- Refinancing Solot Realty, Realtors 23 N. tth Ave. Phone 3-M01 1ST MORTGAGE LOANS 'Phone 3-0585. 'Jack Dyer or call at 1201 East 6th St COPPEK STATE REALTY CO.' CONVENTIONAL AND' FHA MORTGAGE ' LOANS Construction money available PAULE. GREER , MORTGAGE CO. · E. 5th St., Ph. 3-8021 or -l«al . MOrJEY^VArLABLE For sensible loini In all good loca- ons. Low payment terms, Kelly ealty. 3701 E. Speedway. AUTO REPAIRING 21 Car Nerd Motor Repair? Expert mechanics to serve vou. Easv payments may be arranwd. uto Bovt, 1501.S. 6th. Phone a-ial RUCKS FOR'SALE Diamond and other loans. Safe quick Easy, terms. Peoples'Loans E,_Brondway feroey from VFXV , FOR RANCH."Cook, assistant, mala, etc. Fully experienced. Phone 2-0006^ TJRSERY AGE younester would bo accepted for motherly day care by responsible and competent personnel, ""or an appointment,, please call ·8523. WANTED -- Man or youn? fellow to do genera] cleaninc in restaurant, 2^ _ hrs. _eaeh morning. Ph. 3-202B. CboK-Experlcnced -- JH -- restaurant, EXP. BAKERY helper j Apply in pcr-i cafeteria and home cookinc. Moiel. son. Broadway VillaKC · Bakery. I 2-4373 _ . _ SERVICE UNLIMITED ft E. PINN1NGTQN ut Country Club. Route Man, S45 Week. !ilar-Clt.. Box 499. WELL DRILLING CARL PISTOB DRILLING .CONTRACTOR 25th and s 4th Ave Dial 2-1 . A. McDANISL. drillm* contractor. 208 E. Roter Rd. Phon« 2-0582 2 MAN 25 TO 35 lor well paylnu cotton r field. Ice cream route. Must have , FORSYTB DWLLINC5 8 Mabtl B OST AND.FOUNtV INTERIOR exterior Bnaitlna Blaster patching, tpraylng. honde^ng. a-3871 '.--' ~ -a j -- ' :NTERJOB i exterior patntins «l .50 _hr, or by conlr, Llsc. Free ett. 5-1884. NSSD A rcllahle DalmerJ Call I-I37S 1-4080 . INTERIOR exterior paindnn £ paper ruuurlnK Color specialist C«JJ CALL 3-fnl)2 pniptern for clean, reliable jOST. small Dijz, Rocer Road vicinity. 4-H project Phong 5-7035 or 5-7625. IB 5-7035 or 5-7625. _ iish-brown Chihua- LOST. Small reddL ... TM hua. .Answer! name "Pepper." Wearing plain harness. Reward. Ph. 5-0563, LOST. Multi-colored , spayed female eat also brown white female Sprinjrer., near 2818 E. Florence Dr: Children's pfeta. Reward. 6-0611 LOST. Heading Rl«sse-s. pink rims. needed badly, 5-9B58. Reward. LOST. Monday night. Collie female doe. Ph-; 2-2608. tTLTrMATELY"' VOU ' W I L L , " " RAINBOW WATEH ,, . ... -- __ - CLlMiKATZ . 'oeallnv on brick and ·tuoco. Guarantied Hoittrter'i l-»4«l LOST: Blond cocker spaniel. Vicinity 'CataUna Viata, «ntwen to Reward, Ph. 5-DS17. HELP WANTED. Mala chauffeurs., license. Apply in person 28 W. Plata. 8 to 11 ajn. . DfOVER. exp. for private nchool. Must live in premises. Room, board. 50 per month. Ph. 5-2694. ROUTE'MAN for established laundry and dry cleaning route. Cash bond required. City Laundry t Dry Cleaners 79 E. Toole Ave. ARE YOU A MAN between the ages of 33 and 40? Have you had at least t yuars in selling? Arc. you seeking a career? For further information write P. O. Box 4275. Tucson. iNSURANCE SALESMAN--Old rstab. llhed fire and casualty company has opening-- for younT man with r come Insurance, sales artperlence. Must be married and have car. Liberal salary and commission. This is a stood job with wonderful future to right man Phnnt 5J5B4 f or interview. · · -· EXfEHIENCED route driver , Jlter 4 . 30 p copl5 , Fucl Co.. 663 St. Marys Htl. rlbLr 1 WAN I ED. M. A K 9A COUPLE wanted for clenninc fi: een- eral tavern work. -Call .7970 Elov. ' EXP, COUPLE, rndn dishwasher, woman n-.tid. Guest ranch. Ph, WANTED--Couple or 2 single womcri or' single woman and man to coolc and roannse kitchen and pantry In - private boarding school. Good wages and accommodation!!. Star-CJtiien. Box 505. ; WANTED, Female JO YOUNG woman -for doctor's office, office nurslnR. Routine laboratory work secretarial experience re- oulred..CaU 3-6471 days. .5-0402 after POSTER wanted In Model Bakery. Apply -la person. 4} I, 6tb Aviv HOUSEKEEPER, zooil with children. No laundry, 2T2S La Clenega. LIGHT housework, more for cor*- psnionship. 3:30 to 8:30. Wo Sundays. MO month. i-s;40. . ISxP. founuin- Kirl. full time. Cat»- 1 Una Brtai Store, 23MMT. CampbelL- LAPY desires general housework Prefer llvlnc out. Phone 3.3319. TUTORING BY EXPEB1ENCBD TEACHER CALL 3-8243- AFTER 4:30 MAIDS at your SERVICE For reliable domestic help by the nour. day or permanent. Rei. checked IHI E. Bdwy. Hrs. 8:30 to 5 2-6437. HOUSEKEEPER or comoanion. Lloht work, adults, live in. Phone 5.30E4 IRONING in my home. Verv reason- Ph. 5-SQZl toons $15 to $275 or more Signature - Auto Furniture-. lepttj In small payments tli»t will vour - podcetbook OI«C TRIP ,ILY Pnone, tell u* whu you need, nen come In for th« monty Pay al) our debts with H loan from u* astett ervlc«. Commerce Loan · - C o ' , - ' 100 So Stone Ave. _ Ph. 3-7579 lance loans. 51 22 ?i-TON panel. Ph. 2-0512. Good worklnr cond. AUTOS FOR SALE 23 TUCSON'S FINEST Used Cars '47ChevroIet $995 Tucson Equipment Co. 49 W. Drachman _ Dla) E Broai $ CASH IN A HURRY ? Oca) will) n local oompuny and enjoy juick trlendlT confidential loan tervicu Liberal icndlnc pollrtei on your auto furniture truck or trailer , Paid for or not P«j-meot reduced and hllli ooniolldnted Can A trailers financed for buyer or teller ARIZONA CREDIT CO 10 N. 6th Ave. , Dial 3-068! (Next to Owl Drug) Curtains any style, wash, strstch. «xp. Mra Gordon 1000 Z Sprint; 2-8B35 LOANS Raal Estata 20* TYPING dictation In mv hnma B Prlnct -. Ph 5-OB5] 22.W 1st MORTGAGE; LOANS BAST? SITTERS, a Brendle'" Parent 8-087; DRESSMAKER, better kind Heier. cnccs. Remodeline Formals. Rea- ·nnhhl .aim M Cherry .1-01H3 'AMILY LAUNDSY-Tne wa.v YOU ijxe it--My home JKK N Balboa. 3-3089. SWEDISH COOK -- Experienced, de- 8V MORTOAGS SPR.'MMSTS Oif«rin« the b«st form of mortHie ,,- -,_, 'oan« on rasiatnces. bunnew or -In- ntalU) cards come properly for ··itr«l«hi term o) s to 10 years or on easy monthly re- it £i*ns to suit vour needs Sitters exchange slres cooking in hom« Phone 5-7079. with children. LAUNDHY DOKE--My nome, guide service, will pick up. Phont 2-1918 WANT housework. No laundry. 809 E. Adtmt St, payment LOWEST MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. aoo_N. 8tm« Bst«b. ma Dim i-»««s WE specialize In buying, (telllnj? ana tradlnx mort«a«es. Oracle Realty.. 2223 Oracle Hd. Phone 3-g381 WE MAKE 2ND'MTSiis:-l ; .rjAY SERVICE. Ph. 3-Mgl OR 6-0764 rvTS. foR SALK. Wffl" P«yto» ^ 2-3000^ TUCSON'S FINEST Used Cars '46 Packard $995 Clipper Tucson Equipment Co. 49 W. Drachman SAVE $200 134! LINCOLN SEDAN, new tlref. ,-odio, hca'.er. push button wlndowi. excellent motor. Reduced, lrom»15.00 to .... .. Term* - Trade PELDMAN 434N. 6th Ave. MOTOR CO. Ph. 3-357» 1«36 DE SOTO 4-Dft. »M dn. "Country SQ.VH-" · 1301 S. 6th 1940, CHEVROLET TUDOK »2S5 00 FELDMAJy , 434 N.. BTH AVI. SUV A NEW CROSLEX used on« tool Gardner Cook Co.. authorlud dnlir Ha t Otb Phon* -1323. ;. . 43 CHBV. Stylemister 4-door sedan, neater. t109. 2136 N Mid-lvn ph. fi-TBM. JEEP--me. excellent cond. new tirei. TucWrLunVber. ,i;02 E. 18thV-8-M"3. 193* FORErcoWlf. "fBti th« CourSr Boyt." ZSS s. Stane. ' 1MB · JeeDfcter excellent cond. ; Lew miliait. Call

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