Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on October 27, 2002 · Page 57
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 57

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 2002
Page 57
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14 —Indiana Gazette TV, Sunday, October 27,2002 SATURDAY MORNING NOVEMBER 2. 2002 I Hi b:UU 6:3 ° 7: 0 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 CD CD CD CD CD COD GD QD (16) CMD Uoj GD (A&E) (AMC) (AP) (CNBC) (CNN) (CSPN) (DISC) (DISK) (ESPN) (ESPN2) (EWTN) (FAM) (FSP) (FX) (HIST) (LIF) (NIC) (TLC) (TNN) (TNT) (USA) (WTBS) (HBO) (MAX) (SHO) (TMC) Martha Stewart Workplce-Skills Ron Hazelton Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Impact (Off Air) (Off Air) Paid Program Watchword Bible IS Paid Program Your New House GED Connection 3J Rebecca's Garden Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program News® Business Schl Business Schl PaidProgram Living by the Word Paid Program Broadcast Hey Arnoldl ffi Dragon Tales BJ Wild Thorn berry s Redwall (In Stereo) Saturday Early Show (In Stereo) E Angelina Ballerina Anne of Green This Old House El Hometime 22 Newsffi • . Today (In Stereo) 3E Paid Program As Told by Ginger Animal Adventures Peiswick m Stargate Infinity SB {Fighting Foodons Paid Program Kirby: Right Paid Program Ultimate Muscle Saturday Early Show (In Stereo) 3] News Yankee Shop Recess E Prehistoric Planet Ultimate Muscle Blue's Clues E News IS Right on the Money Right on the Money Paid Program Gerbert Anyplace Wild E OnQ OnQ Paid Program Rip Flop Shop Wild America Si Louis Rukeyser Yu-GI-Oh! (® Bloodhounds (El) Starg ate Infinity E Washington Week Scooby-Doo Gospel Bill (El) Fighting Foodons Mclaughlin Group Jackie Chan Discovery Jones SI Kirby: Right Religion-Ethics Ozzy & Drix El Just the Facts (El) Ultimate Muscle QED Cooks - Pokemon E Zone Ultimate Muscle Router Workshop FillmoreS) Croc Files !S Rghting Foodons Dora the Explorer Croc Files m Grilling Maestros MuchaUichaS Teen Sex-Relatn Rghting Foodons Hometown High Q Victory Garden iB Recess® Oper. Junkyard Kirby: Right Hey Arnold! S Oper. Junkyard Southwestern Yu-Gi-Oh! m Al Denson (Ei) Kirby: Right Cable Channels PaidProgram |PridProgram | Movie: "The Farmer's Daughter" | Biography: Loretta Young: Beauty (5:30) Movie: "A Hat Thoroughbred Paid Program ne for Evil Thoroughbred Paid Program CNN Presents "Wasted" !E Public Affairs Paid Program Book of Pooh m\ PaidProgram Book of Pooh E! Sportscenter NFL 2NIght Si | NFL MatchupS Nuestra Fe En Vivo Paid Program Paid Program Guthy-Renker.corn Traveler Paid Program Animaniacs [if: Paid Program Paid Program Pensacola: Wings o Small Business Good Times Paid Program Sports Tonight Paid Program Paid Program Animaniacs B) Paid Program Paid Program Gold (In Stereo) m Blmbrg. Prsnl. Good Times Twisted Tales SS Paid Program Access E) Twisted Ta tesEl Paid Program Movie: "Valmant" Good Dog U. Paid Program Good Dog U. Paid Program Breed: All About It Paid Program Breed: All About rt Paid Program Saturday Morning Washington Journal (Live) Paid Program Bear in House Paid Program Out of the Box E! Sportscenter Sportsman's Quest Divine Mercy Medabotsffi Last Word American Baby History 10 Paid Program Catdog (In Stereo) Paid Program Paid Program Big Gm Fishing Rosary-Land BeybladeiB Paid Program PB&J OtterS Paid Program Wiggles E Sportscenter Walker's Cay Under Wild Skies Our Lady of the Angels Dally Mass Power Rangers Best Damn Sports Show Period (N) El Healthy Kids Vietnam: The War Paid Program Catdog (In Stereo) Paid Program Paid Program Power Rangers WinningEdge (N) Beverly Hills, 90210 (In Stereo) E 20th Century With Mike Wallace Paid Program Rugrats (In Stereo) Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Rugrats (In Stereo) Paid Program Paid Program Movie: "A Force of One" Paid Program Bosom Buddies Paid Program Bosom Buddies Paid Program Roseanne K Paid Program Hoseanne 3D Swarms RoliePolieOlieEl Rolie Poise OlieE Sportscenter Wildlife Quests Angel Force BeybladelS Paid Program National Parks Story Keepers Medabotsf® Last Word Beverly Hills, 90210 (In Stereo) El This Week in History "Sex in History" IB Paid Program Spongebob Sq. Home Savvy American Adv Paid Program Spongebob Sq. Home Savvy Car and Driver Hometown High Q You're the Chef Si Lizzie MeGuire IE- Endurance S Lion's Roar WikiThombenys Endurance El Lidia's Kalian Table Udia's Italian Table X-Men: Evolution Pornography Ultraman Tiga E! House Beautiful "Brave New Color" W (America's Castles "Return to Newport" Movie: "Cross try Heart" K-9toSCB Paid Program K-9to5S Paid Program Saturday Editions; Funniest Animals Paid Program Funniest Animals Paid Program People in the News El Washington Journal Tarantulas-Relations Stanley® Sportscenter Great Outdoors IB Jherub Wings Spider-Man-Friends End less Golf (N) M'A'S'H m Movie Surfers Predators: How They Hunt: Bom Killers Jersey S College Gameday(N) El Rshing: Bilffishing League Image of God Spider-Man SI Winkelman M'A'S'H IB) Black Sheep Squadron BS Paid Program Fairly Oddparents How-2 Crew Secrets of the Hunt Paid Program Adven.-Jimmy How-2 Crew 3E Healtree Outdoors Movie: "The Outlaw Josey Wales" Paid Program |Paid Program Riptey's Believe U or Not! Martin (In Stereo) Faith Factory Tokyo Pig El You-SeeThis! M'A'S'H E! Sabrina Series Sporting Dog Scriptural Rosary Galidor: Defenders Football Kick. M'A'S'H m Long Gray Line: The Spirit of West Point Lifetime Now W • Rocket Power' Hometime: Log Buckmasters Women's Health Rocket Power Hometime: Log Trucks! (In Stereo) Movie: "Wilder" Worst-Case Scenario Premium Channels Movie: ** "Gleaming me tube" (1968, Drama) Christian Slater, Steven Bauer. A skateboarder investigates his adopted brother's death. (In Stereo) 'PG-13' (Adult language, violence) [B ^Primal Fear" (1996) 'R'tE "Harry anil Son" (1984, Drama) 'PG 1 Movie: * two or aK no (1983, Fantasy) John Travolta. Two fallible people must prove the worth of the human race. (In Stereo) PG' 3E Lifestones: Families in Crisis: Dead Drunk Movie:***'/! "Forrest Gump" (1994, Comedy-Drama) Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise. A slow-witted Southerner experiences 30 years of history. (In Stereo) 'PG-13' (Adult situations, violence! m Movie: + Vi "Best Defense" (1984, Comedy) Dudley Moore, Eddie Murphy. A hapless engineer's 2-year-old tank gyro plans go awry. 'R' BS Movie: "Bring Him Home" (2000, Drama) Edward Asner, Sharon Gless, Jeffrey Licon. iTV. A boy is heartbroken when doqnappers steal his pooch. (In Stereo) 'NR' 3D 5:30) Movie: ** "Deception' 1993) A woman jumps continents in search of her missing mate. 'PG-13 1 S3 Movie: **vi The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension " (1984) A comic-book crimefighter battles alien invaders. 'PG 1 Movie: "Heartbreak Ridge" Inside the NFL (In Stereo) E! Movie: * "Glitter" . (2001, Drama) Mariah Carey, Max Beesley, Da Brat. Premiere. A dulcet-toned diva hits the big time. (In Stereo] 'PG-13' (Adult lanauaoe. adult situations, violence! [H Movie: "Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story" (2001, Drama) Caroline Dhavernas, Ron White. iTV. A gutsy 15-year-old trains for a swim across Lake Ontario. (In Stereo) Movie: ** "The Prince and the Surfer" (1999, Comedy) Jennifer O'Neill. Premiere. A California boy Movie: *'A "Red Planet" (20001 Val Kilmer. Movie: *** "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (1975, Drama) Ellen Burstyn, Kris Kristofferson, Alfred Lutter. iTV. A widow and her son take steps toward self-sufficiency. 'PG' (Adult language! Movie: *** "Billy Elliot" ' (2000, Comedy-Drama) Julie Walters, Jamie Bell, Jamie Draven. A British miner's SATURDAY AFTERNOON NOVEMBER 2. 2002 1 ^B 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 CD CD CD CD CD (To") QD QD QD ~GD~ CM) News Baking With Julia Cttortalla Hot Ticket (N) Grilling Maestros Paid Program George Hirsch Paid Program Breaking Bread El College Football: Big E*st Game of the Week. (Live) Scout's Safari W Under- Helmet College Football: 8k. Scout's Safari E Ciao Italia Ciao Italia Pet Shop-Marc Pornography Under- Helmet Strange Days Paid Program ] 10 Game of the Wet Strange Days Jacques Pepin Jacques Pepin Teen Talk (N) Focus on Issues Prid Program Paid Program Paid Program *k (Live) Prehistoric Planet Chinatowns Chinatowns Road Rules Paid Program Paid Program Cops (In Stereo) ffiT Home Cooking Home Cooking Road Rules TVurilv Thnifo- With Paid Program Paid Program Cops (In Stereo) H Master Class EI Master Class El 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 Broadcast Paid Program Graham Kerr Football Today Academy-Wld College Football: Tennessee at South Carolina. (Live) m Test Kitchen | Jacques Pepin Van Can Cook I Yankee Shop College Footbal : Teams to Be Announced. (Live) This Old House El College Football: Boston College at Notre Dame. (Live) Paid Program Paid Program College Football: Boston College at Notr Victory Garden Ei Victory Garden El Adventure Inc. "Village of the Lost" S! Movie: "Angels in the Outfield" (ASE) (AMC) (AP) (CNBC) (CNN) (CSPN) (DISC) (DISN) (ESPN) (EWTN) (FAM) (FSP) (FX) HIST) (LIF) (NIC) (TLC) TNN) (TNT) (USA) WTBS) Behind Closed Doors ffl Woodwright's Shop Woodwright's Shop Movie: "The Five He -q . I Movie: "free Willy 2 Cable Channels The View (In Stereo) E! | Investigative Reports "New Skinheads" Movie: "Dragnet" Most Extreme: Strength Paid Program ' Paid Program Showdown: Iraq W (10:00) Washington Journal DEFCON 2: Cuban A Boy Meets World Si (issue Crisis Even Stevens [R] Weird, Bad & Ugly Paid Program Paid Program Next at CNN m Access E Weird, Bad & Ugly Golf American Stories PaidProgram {Paid Program |Paid Program | Paid Program [Paid Program [College Football: Tennessee al South Carolina. (Live) W s Dame. (Live) Yankee Shop Yankee Shop This Old House El This Old House El artbeats" : The Adventure Home" Behind Closed Doors m Tracks Ahead Tracks Ahead [Northwest Hunter Antiques Roadshow Antiques Roadshow "Miami" B) "Miami" E! Movie: "The Commitments" Nickols' Worth | Bishop T.D.Jakes Profiler "Pianissimo" (In Stereo) ffi Behind Closed Doors El I Behind Closed Doors IB Movie: "The Crucible" Jeff Corwin Experience You r Hea I th | People in th e News E! Crocodile Hunter El Paid Program MoneylineWkd Public Affairs Forensics in the White House Ghost Detectives El College Football: Teams to Be Announced. (Live) IE College Football: Teams to Be Announced. (Live) TT Our Lady of the Angels Daily Mass Two of a Kind S3 Bill Cowher Braceface El Last Word Meditations SClub7(ln Stereo) Miracles Cross So Little Ti me 3E Onward, Pilgrims Religious Catal. America's Haunted Houses \8\ College Gmday Divine Mercy Movie: "Family Plan" Women's College Volleyball: Oregon at Oregon State. Movie: "TTie Last of the Mohicans" Long Gray Line: The Spirit of West Point Golden Girls Ei Chalk Zone E Trading Spaces Hunting Count. NASCAR Winston C Movie: "Wilder" Golden Girls JS Chalk Zone 3C Outdoor Magazine up Happy Hour 8£ Movie: "TTie Ginaeri Mai! Call X. Basic Training 3E Ally McBeal (In Stereo) E) Automobiles Four-wheel drive vehicle. Movie: "Deadly Relations" While You Were Out Horsepower TV S] JHotRodding Speed: Without Urn Auto Racing: NASCAR Grand National - Sam's Club 2CO. E bread Man" (11 :00) Movie: "Heartbreak Ridge" Movie: "The Hunt for Red October" ts Movie: "Renaissanc You-SeeThis! College Football: Te Rosary for Life Paid Program PinnacfeE Crossing Paid Program CNN Saturday El Haunting of Myrtle's Plantation El [Even Stevens El | Boy Meets World Si ims to Be Announced. (Live) Ei Web of Faith Joined for Life Boy Meets World El ssic Tour. Peoria, III. G.K. Cheserton Movie: "Folks!" Murder-Orient Paid Program Novak, Hunt Sister, Sister Ei College Football Meditations College Football: Marshall at Akron. (Live) Ally McBeal (In Stereo) E Great Ships "The Destroyers" 3£ Movie: "Blood on H Speed: Without Lim M'A'S'HEI M'A'S'H E! Battle Stations "The Aircraft Carrier" El w Hands" ts: "Ultimate Rush" Sex Pills & Love Po! eUan" ons The Wrath of Khan" M'A'S'H SI Modem Marvels: Th M'A'S'H EI ;nandNowE "Legacy of Sin: TheWilliam Coit Story" Nicktoons Maternity Ward "Del [Nickloons vering Hope" Movie: "The Shawshank Redemption" (Incredible Doa Challenge Premium Channels Friends (In Stereo) Continued on Page 15

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