Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 18
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High immediate "earnings iiith iirolit EharinR. paid vacations | and other company bona?«. C?aH 521-9750. I-WAITHESSKS rwodpd, mu-rt be Zl. Apply Ispp^kcasy Restaurant, after 4 p,n. Gd -For Sale 442-6242--ASK FOR CLASSIFIED. ·e 5 p.m. 521-WMi FORD llnnsor picXup, aulomallc, LT stwrira. A/C. teal sharp. J3 CsLL JZI-2SVJ a£ter~S p.m. . - Sto'rlKwesI Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 23, 1976 AYErTEVlU.K. A R K A N S A S _. . · 21--Automotiv KG MODEL Internal^ speed Uai wd. M PLYMOUTH Fury III, pr,vcr s t w . cr'Jiarfces, A/C, brited tadials. ta.DOO al miles. Ptene 5JI-2317 after 3 ' S" Mustang body and tricot icvllOTl condition. Seeds brake work-. 521-73W ra- alter 5 call S2.1*165. : 13TS MGn. l^aMntr tho coin aell immediately. 5314314 alter " · lop," 1 Eravy iujy ( au(nr siiipensonl New liros, ex ion. J3.105, 5216311. * A U D I ICO IS. 18,000 miles. 1 door nat:c traruinisslwi, air conditioned AM/ FM radfo. AL! 1 opHoM. Excelltm :idHi«m. M.4W .Call ·5126671. 2iS£K fi JS^ GRANDMLLE P6ritlac, ' tMx air rordltlorjed, dearie , er slecrii.g. 4 d"or han Sell! SITsO. Phone Xl-3550 iclnry air,' radio, ma? "-- ~ u "9vG YVIU1E D-l Air Serins/ -^ iyi;" " 2ZM or *mna, cel!«if corviiUn W73 TRIUMPH" ' M-B .230 'P...Ph«ie 1K5 VW ilTJfl. Sleeps 2. See to 41 JI, before 5:00 ve-- For Salo maUwwl -dump truck. «, 2-sitc«d axle. Very ^Phone'uliHl';.., Air',, automatic, , power tVitU, *£5. Call 5M- a( 1 door hard'jnp. ex- full jxr,ver, heater/air- orttier. : (350. 412-Yi7. TIW Convertible^- foi W Ca)T 321OS53 or 521 X Bui. red and while n. PhOT/j 531-3245. vo 164 or 74 or 7a tie JOI-7B3-771 after.. 7 Runs f."'A, New tires appreciate, fall -VB a.m. after 6:00 21_Autornotive -- For Salt* o5 CHEVY Super Sport 283, runs perfert. Phone 142-4520. 61 FURY U. Ertra clean. Cal! S3l-27fa r 13-31W. IAS your auvo Insurance been can- can write your Insurance al a reason ibis rate. Call S2.1-M, 521-3522; evenings 443- M37; S2M233. WANTED r . Phone ;+W-2«l 1071 FORD LTD Oountiy Squire, 3 pa»- strnser station wagrm. F^ceHtnl condition. JUTS. Phone 7H-4W . . . 19G6 CMC power fileering, real clean Irv tide and out. Must sell 5575. 1»9-7URY 1U Z door. 5173. «A-W7fi. . ; "Stand still, Emily! I'm not waiting here for you l o g o ·-to the beaiily parlorl" -, _". ' . ' : : 21--Automotive--For Sale _ pickup. Call -112^ be 21. Apply 1931 FORD 1-icfcup V-3 UaUi«id,- SliOOO " GARAGE Sale -- Moving -- Musi iyl^i^S indurting (emoiding Eupr clothing. Friday and Saturday, cor- of Jmicvvay Tetrace Orercj THUCKJjOAD SUE-POTTED. 1 PLANTS -- /Tomato, 1 hot, and sweet' jwppers^lOc 'tact, PACKAGED APPT.E TREES r M.W f ,'' esbh. I*rge Aock of fruit, riiade, oma -V' merilal trees airf shrubs. Above prices ^*~£o«I Frday *nrt Saturdaj-, April, .»7l 3 TS- Farm Service Cooperative, Law £~ Carrfvp Ceiter, 6211 TIB, FayeUev L'tired person who nwds lo supplement (5 ONE TON wrpeker v.ith 10 l their income. Call 521-5636. After 6 p.m. | spy winch. H200. Call alter 5:00. GW339Z. J!42 ' 9i66 - im.LLScOLN Conllnonlal. PART Time h«lp neede-1 *ay shlH only, W K^ rinjl lop, fully cquppcd. apply either Minute Man location,, Fay- seals Will negotiate, alter 5'and "week- CtlGviUe. . " _ ends. . 531-84^ ANTIQUE SHOW and Safe--Bottle*. [i_ ors, Avons, jewrtrj'i "*d small od- blfs, Washinetoo County Fairgrounds. April Mlh It ZHK," 643-2425.'. JIEIED man or man end vrfte .team] 1570 BUICK EZcctra 233 _ . .. operate SW tarrowing house, 'John rihig cordilton, lull,power aiid air!, cash Abooud. Fredonia, Kansas. Cal! 316-37G- or terms. I'hone 267J142 or after '" 2063 /or detallsr. BERNICB t Karen's Resale-Good i 1 ' drfJil ng-S:30-5:30. Closed ThurBday aturdays 2^ miles on West 63..751- COUPLE or woman wanted for Childcare 1975 PINTO MPK-," 4 speed bousclieeplnK. Must live on pre-1,14.500 -miles. ,iir^onditfoniriS, s . Private homuig, 2 hwlroom-tin- ny o., ST ^r. PhtKie" 267-MIO. ishcd. Rend Inquiry to P. O. Box W3 1 Fayettevill e. PETE'S BARGAIN ; STORK -- S4fi W. *FLB.V;RtARKET Saturdaj', April 24. 7:30 A.M.-2:« P.NL 118 W. Center.' (Mini J Mali), E'aLjetles'lHe . . ._ HOUSE FLAXr HOMK PARTIES \\ ABLE. Have a Grecmip party in , -, home with an unUnated variety oJ plants and accessories delivered at your con- · venlenee, Ei»s, raJCet, . jwmes. Call SU67I7. after- 5 call- 44£-4131, writ*!: Greanup Partien P.O.' Box 13, rajiilte- i ville, ' AR 1 72701. : -' AKTIKR'S Trading · Port u nvw opin Unroltif'"wwt »d« o[ *)Q«re, Open.S.-, 5:30. Used fnmilur* and AMlques, S2A-317S. W6-3554. . ' . riveiiible. 377 autcwnalii COUNTER HELP needed. Apply Rt Eren d^'s Drive Inn. Gtt W. 6th alter 2:00| 1WU CHEVV. smokes^ p.m. No phcme calls. LPN'-Good hourly faas« Incenth-e, jsro. -H3-W6. Situations Wanted 3--Personals ·^·EVANGELISTIC CENTER, INC. · r'l^'Charle* Thompson/ Speaker * ^ yHU conduct" a Cliajismatlc Mft-iing Frl , r».i" day.-ami'Saturday at 7:30 p.m.,' AprS - 23 i 31- And Sunday At 2:» p.m., April 2S, (Turn *juth from' Hwy. ^ W«* a ^ ^ .- «awkjrw Body Shop. Phone «3-M66. . 2-^Coming Events W Your Wood presairft Day or N wterel Accti-Bx ·. checte ''war sign" instantly rigtil m~ the spot, $23.95. Osob Dnv'No. 882.- NortrMesl ArVa -Scfioolf Instructions COMMUNITY (wniiUis' (or · fA, open all school has immediate ikvn 2^-5. Close to nmer. Call SJl-Sfi83. GH SCtlOUlj AT" HOME. Writ* today r conrvletB fact* about oar borne ttoty etliod.- American Softool at Oti' x 7ttS,-UtlJ« R«fc. T»W. ~ YARD SALE inAY, AP1UL - Wh AT-,' . - HIGH ' ' SdlOOry-i'\VEf7T CAMPUS. IXJCATFiD OFT HW\'. "WEST, NKAR RAMEY JR. HIGH ,,-SCHOOli. LOTS OF SUPE2t ITEMS. .VETTFVTliE ' Btulnesc Collegt. Th« wol nhere you learn to tara. 321 Soutfe Locust Flxme UJ-23M. T«yrtl«Tlll«. Ark. GARAGE Sale Saturday fill day ««t: nice rtoubre knit dresses,' p»nts, tops nfce baby clothes pnd 'equipment, men* " and boj-s rloihcs" games, TV ; Turn Greenland and follow , itifcer light in LOST s*al of * (he , ·ord "HiKtler* 1 on bach. Reward. · jl-7917. Lost In War, Eagle Docv area, · YARD Sale: Satunlaj-, 4-3*, 11« Snm * West Avenue. SooCh o( Wa*!ngton Ow ty Sale Bam. 7;W*:». authin«, Avc 1 hattlts. 'toy*.' boote,' 1 iwords,. *rn!«war 'mineral 'specimena, :*oc6. plate sla: · - · shelving and many mote itfctns 1 .' . . . . . HouscSioId things, nm ' . furniture, odds - Saturday, April M. 8-t2 noon. CM01 Cart son TerracB-. 442-gtaS, - CAnTORT Sale Saturdaj' Mlh only,45 East,:U.nit*.'«ail ol.Soo'a *»P* Call 521-2M6 for nyjre hifonnaUo MOVING, Must Sell! Furniture, l *pob:i, kiichen a tennis', clothes, bwtdit Dodge , , van and house. Much Mo TRd. Stop by woner for belt = GARAGE Salet To · % . er, lawn cart .Ures M-'- cWhes, dish«, n" v " . . , 3316 Mtesic rwnow'. Ijwn s and rims, golf clubs merous oU»r ^ \ ' - ' ^ VIOLETS for sale; Creen Thumb Afrlc 1 ' Violti Club Spring Sale. NorthskwA Arx insas PlaTA. All ctay Satunlay. ' GARAB Sa(«: arthtnff, bats, iaon boUIes, silverware, books, o( tur lots mlseilaneous, smna ili 1WS Deane Ihrough Saturfay. lost Found Female \Va)h«i- honied (Whit th Wa«li and brown spo-Ji), 6 month d, Mwy. 16 West. CaU Jfaney, «2*31 M, or. BM-2187. OST: Wednesday, Bo!d braoeJet. :rtptlon /'I LOYB You". KB\' fered. 531-2503. Boat, brown, th Mixed Ctflie. fenval*; reddWi «I has FD with the ramcMoria. L es ouuri of b-pa« on Cato Bpri oad/ Revrart £W. Call SM-S223 or na. ^ ^ ^ 7--Business OpportuntHe* INCOME ' PROPERTY ' it. Weil loc lleiit ' bi uni sir conobil nice landscaping, ated. me T^rk. dty tit cloee to Fayet nd located in country, srttinfi. .Must see «ppr«r3a1e. Call us today for an appocn ment .Greene ReaJU 1 Co. IBOO H\vy. Vert, Stringdale, AH. 7M-1ZK.', E age wWow wishes' pos;lCi companirm to elderly pcrs ;m p erness. Free to travel. . Driver. Reply lo box l*-9j rthwest 'Arkansas TIMES. ss ILL DO babj-sitlinff In ? T miles trom rough Fiiday W-W pe: · r |*m. c /! home on n\\y. day. Cfell' 1E68 CllEVY wagon, R75. 63 .Chevy v motor fc painU ?2*5. 1968 Volks S273. 1965 Olds. $300. Phonr " Wj TON C1TR\'Y. 6' cyJindcr speed.-New paint job, good shape. ', Phono 521-5031 alter 5 p.m., all Saturday and Sunday. 1 Offered 68 INT ERWATIONAL heavy dul- I t Flatbed durnp, viith sleel grain rsc): a slock rac-k in " «xcel!enl cotidlllnn w Duly 36JXK) miles. SHM.'Phora 513-238 -- [;OOD 19K DOIX1E Pkkup.,3300. Phon miSTIAN lady would ilfc? to keen 2 53^570 after G:M 3 children in her homa, at'cs 1 to 5. 2 hot Jwichcs snd snacks. Phone AHY51TIING' weekdays fn my 1 home ABD WORK -- leaves removed, n trimming, cltwn op. Dc-pendable ' Termites? Pests? ABCON ·A Biltir Conbnl" 1975 DATSU« Vi ton short, bed. 11,00 , (XQuV '413-35U'after fliOO. 1071 CR.-\KD\TLLE Ptmliac. \^V passenGer Bus. Bulls like dream. New RadialK. S1730 cash. : 101 CIIEVKOLET pickup, long 11- h?rt, 6 cylinder, recent overhaul, sla runs good, good 'tiros. fffv~5. Phi 4TB alter 4 and anytime Satunlaj lay Johnson 521-37M PON'TIAO l^Maris. power or bralic^, A/C. Ic^v mil, y aftor 3:30 r.NT. B?5t offci lS5j OLU3 Cutlass. 2 rioor hard tnp, .' 77,000 actual miles. C 73I-C973 --Automotive--For Sola TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA SED GAR-SPECIALS; THIS WEEK 975 OLDSMOBllE CUTLASS UPREME- '·' - "spo);e r (inbcapsi. ' Lnr^Iail rool, .1 b.r t air,;only 19,000. males. .. f¥i 971 "MUSTANCS.FASTBAC-K ; all pover, rnag wheels, 971 SKYLARK COUPE all power, new rediala, book pnco '. Our price / 515^0 969 otOSWOBILE -442 . | mle; huckd ieatfi, s air cordif:oried nd all po-iver, under, book value as suai here ~ S1075 969OKTIAC LEMANS sixfed, standard tratvsmissron, Iraiur^r- WE''DON'T BRAG ABOUT -SAVING YOU MONEY WE JUST DO IT1 BARTHOLOMEW Motor Company .' , 5 2 1 - 7 8 7 1 SWE $700. Must - pell. 1375 4 d km.'Iike new. 7500 miles, auiom; smJKicn, 3? m.p.g. Cost S-UH, ' J3!35. 151-Si). 1KT7 LTD. puv-er steering, a i r - eonrii- d. A^oor, llur^undy will vinjl top. E57J Phono.4132H5 alter 5. " · VW La Cranda Suier Bcxrtlo. speed,- am/fm, sunroof, radial ll S2M, and assume najTnmts or f.^650 c. Call S21-2137 aKcr 5^00, or o!d- 1 1ires. 17--Boats Marine -Supplies 14,' LODESTAR fiH rifi, 40 h.p. -iTinirIe vith trailer. {.1000 .6 ft. tiding Glass toor unll. jfia. PhoiM 521-4960. LS~ foot FABTJGLAS3 Ski boat \ith con- reitible lop, full cover, 60 horse Johnson engmc, Hurnham lilt trailer, ready lo KO. Must. s«e to aprrecfate, ?500 ftrm. 521-34CQ. TOYOTA SELL-A-THONI IS HERE! 40 CONTINUOUS HOURS OF/SAVINGS ON AMERICA'S BEST/SELLING IMPORT CARS. l You can shop for special savings now . . . around the clock . . . til Midnight Saturday. LYNDALL BROWN MOTORS, INC. 16 FOOT Sport Orflft Mat, « h.p. motor " irailer, 5fcl or fishing " rig, reesort- . Phrm« 521*32W. 521« . Call .Tan Hcnfion, Trumbo Co. BO-VT Docks -- built to last Irwtalled H r sile. Pall MS 5364 day or «veniM«. IiS Ce£. Rogers. ; . , FOR SALE or lease cofn operated teurid- V,' ar.rl. 800 " square feet ot adjuring ijvicc for anoirier business, for further !nformAti«i call 443-03ai.' ' 9--Salespersons Wanted GARAGE Sale Saturfoy 8 lo 5, 1700 «i»ion Srd hiiiw so'-rtb o! FalrrlaW Cjme'.eiy Book cajo. fCJf«'^ lahTes, lidyi;an-1 *'r s c1oit-inj, cu' aft Jeam ^ - nrd mLSCcHaiiEouff, _..V- FLK.\ .MARKET, Airil M. 8* and 'April ' " - . akers, ' spwwor. ^ 10 FAMILY CARAGB Sale. April 23 A 34 'at Hk:M. Aquarium, MC(US. flowem, macrarrte · hangers, whal-nots, tnsnes. slide projeclor, bieydev bassinrt, -cloui- . inif (fcids. and adultst, Watch fattens. irport ssla Friday ^nd Sat, 8 [o 5| r.rfh'«ig and odds ends. -1631 Arrowhead, FOOD SALES FREE -- 2 monlhs si all rent, on first year's rental. Bridge Marirn. Pfaon* 3393222. P.O. HOT 35, GajJield. Ark, 18--Camping Sporring Goods - ; REAL nico MVi' Mmiiftr Travel Trailer, cort^o'.cly ,«l Icofiiaintd. Ph tf-i -JKK"- HWY. 68 SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS 1V74 JEEP Pickup. Small dnim cr- car (or tmdo-m. 4 used 14 Ultrjf dryer- hair celtcr. 16 roll 412-783J. used car dec/ in town! SERVICE DIRECTORY FT. AVAI-ON camp Uailer. fully nipped, 521-HW3 after 5:00.. Days 442- MOVES'G Sale --- Evc-plhing must CO, 1SJ2 N. Oaklrtnd. Fnday' .Sat onlay, 7 a.m. "li).' C'onaolo .stereo, rccher, hMhrcm riiolf, 1 dfsties, 'clothing ** tfOAE, ridinjt tmwer. ^3rftff« \'aeuuin cleaner, odds ' erids, IOS'3- · - - *· - - '· _' ' 4 FAMTIY Canrort Sale, .baby doififs, i beds, KuiUr. to *peed bfcjTfc, carprta, larnr*,* woarts, di^w-ashcr, tnlmlUn «ws. Cheap prieea ar-d (n?e items. Fn 1 day "and Saturday, AP/il ?3 wia **· «» " ' Fort Smith and surro«n*nff area. Pr* · experienced in route work, but rvot vnlkil.'Excdltnl opportunity lor oap- asuranc* and relirMTtanf program. .tu«.t fomlsli O»TI Irurk *nd be oN o purrhaw sUrUng fnv*a1ory. Pleas rirte, Mating qualiricatpru lo Box P-97 c/b Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Fayeffeville See the New '76 Solid Slate APACHE Camper Trailers at Sines Body Shop 2425 Old Farminglon Road Phone 442-2691 )t Av l ' R-VTMGE Sale Friday'and Saturday, Apra 23 and W- 9 a.m. Ul ? 2S3S Eliza belh," BUTik'bcd*, Kcyrtcft, rart'o, do? ho-is««, loj-l.,. dra««.. fiddlng · iriarfun* "dirna .babyand Aiidrens dothio?, m!s reH aneous. ' FOR. Sa!e by cmner. SunHowr travel (ratter, self-oontained, a foncr, lale S375 mode], nsed one monvi. $5»5. Call 4-I2-8S92, 20-^Motoreycles VAMATIA x0 Mrret Wkn. 3 months rtrt. Call · 135029 after 6 p.m. 10--Help Wanted 1NSIDE, oo(*d« wje: Acrorrf[nff (r Mer. HIS W«t fch, ] Fayeltr-"- ill» UHGB Garase Sate: Saturday, A «th. 7:00 a.m. in 1:». Tjres. i ·Cuiwrtnri. C3«hejr. AU *twj, rrfKvl *rtfw Hems Anwric^r.' T^gton Building. URGE 6 Familr Yurt-'W* -- *af«. S i a r t a ' S i M - a.m. H«T, 16 Wpst p.iM Bailey's Grocrty. Tom l e f t ' In (ronf nf U-W1« Bock CSmrch, *rd house or AVON _A'« hotiTd mean even j-oa CAR i (0.- excellent. «rrj:ng». Ovw 187 ( wrf" , ; , . -442-9836 - 3'X) KOrsTM ScramWer di'Jon "ith orly 7,«0 ' SI.IOO ITcort.i in ex , . . e'!eri( condition 1235. ri-P. in good con- ,, , . XL330 with row Urra and elrneJs. Call +12-tlOT after 6;CO p.m EXPnnitSNCED TV. * Sterto ,Te*fi1 o work In FayeUevlllP. I^P *agw. ,-acaiion nnd [nsuranoe. Stnd QanTif:ca- llftM, P-98 c/o'TIMES - .' 6 TAHT Ume ; AIDS 5 Positions dveilabls now'for trained'aid*, on our 3-11 one J 11-7 shifts. At. lepst,6,nnpnlh» previous ·xperienc* In a i hospjfol required. . . . · - : : . ' - . _ . , · J Also Have opening for an RN 10 work our'dialysis unit, 11 5 o m - 7 pm withSundayioff/ "V ; V Apply In Personnel, Washington Regional Medical Cente Equal Opportunity Employer D75 DUCATI E60, bronre « widitlon, less lh,in 400 Her 5 p.m. 6463797. HONDA CL175. J-3OJ. 1973 O» i biVe. Excellent rondittofi, "hone +W Sail or S21-60M ader 5:00 HONDA 750, 11650. 4.500 miles, llent oooditkin. Phono 267-S69, C1TOPPRH -- nomevilfe 650 -- MV r'clden. I^rts of chrome. Nwd* *wk. (if OH 521-6337 Bft« 6:00 p.m. 7,-i3M Strwt-' In 1971 YAI1AMA MOTORCTCLB 350. (or Kile, I32S. Good shape. Frton* S21 1571 KAWASAKI K» Vrry fast, recent to overhaul never wrecked, JCTa. sj.ira ix'rta,_ Fhon* ^U-ljlS^. .. .. 1--Automotive--For FORH, W ton, n*w pilnti overtuu] (for as long as you own the car) Also,Insure Against Mechanical Defects Buy now and save for years. Good .on any used car you purchase retail at Whit Chevrolet during April. Service given every 2,000 miles, including oil. Also, check Whit's mechanically certified cars that qualify : for insurance against mechanical defects for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Asphalt Work-- 'AnKKt: lots and MTM»'J' ws "· E rpatrcd, crave! hsQl«t -Mrtor *"*** c «o* T«ml!iu«i Asvlull ». XUJI19- · _ -- Automotive -- . UADIATOR REPAIH ENGINE BEPAW ^ B "jj^; S tJ^«' mi Karfaia tu-tw, M2-93SO. Bob t -- Bulldoiino^r DOZIXO--Tw Soil-Gravel -Bcaralloo - BacUiM an« Trader Wort - UJdsw rfl ^ L«v(HlJig - DamptlMk Wfli* -- piiliMi Das iirf tOTt»i J. d Jon«.MS. E6EO. -- Carpenter-^ , QUAUTV rak on ad4SlM«. reiivxfellni!. (nuilor and interior) rooTiM. JCf- miK. and fireplaces. .Call Joe . Hem? B11-Z13J or Tim Duke 833 *H. CAIirESTRV. t!OOnNt;,jPAISTKa. Paneliny stiKt rock, atnmlnam :dinB ,,"«*« .IdiM. JVIndf.TM. a«»l. »*J; tlon3 KclerenecJ. Ray Rafisdale. «2..1to or 521-M71. IF yoa arc INTERESTED In the Best Cabliet Worn. Home Bulldins, Rcjnoje In r. or TEXTURED CEJUKGS call m- S3;L · · · · · : REMODEtDiO. caipon .JJIIon. - patios hoase leveling -- roofing - paint- 51 Ptone 1»«?5 or-Sil-171!. -- Carpai Cleaning -- sraixn cijusiwn *°,' '«*"S2 riroct Steam clean n 8 HI tha ]owe« £S ta -rw. HKC« W6«l. --Concrete Work-- HOUSE doors, piilos. drtvc "nyF, *d w-allLS and to«incs r call Jira Saveru BM3250 Alter 5;W. Patios Driveways- KMamln! \SalIs r H Ouilily Woik CaU Bohby !"?, 521-3M2. WAPK MINKn Co^cn ta Constnirtio Pilto. Drive»a)-i. Rfilalnlnff Walls. Bn nienti, DralMW. No Job t« small. Cal an.Uma *I3-1315, 5210619. UHEED - WW DO CONffTROCTIO Drtvewayi Masonry, '- Pato, HRtwo cariMnlry. Rdalnlng walti; dmlMJt*. Uoa Ztmm«nnu - Scott VIMT 4-B-71* «3J1«- Dependsbt* S*rrk* ||._Dlrt, Soil -- l l 4V) CASE Crawler with fr«il-«THl (oa l i t 5 JT], Jump imck, S^me « the 1 ("t »Ml I n ' N W .Vrfc-TiSis. 412-1321. 1 lime. 1 1 TOP .WI!, I.TMTSTONE lf«v«l and I|d^i\\-Ted, for Wrc, oonlMCtortU IXi 1 DuncM*. WMOTfi afwr «:00. ~" t*Ii!rrmilA i yi1 ng .xperienrcil Senlrt.for qu^lty conlro!, all 7a6-£5U. . - . -- Fence -- ^ : .:·»..: l«. .- Fr« ertimates. " (ill Jadt W«*- k ·! -751-75*0 or :751-T522 . --Garden Plowing..^ RDEN ryrtwine.- harrov%-inE. brusfi rH?- . discing, yaid tevcling. satWActinn rarleod. quick service. Phone 4432. . · TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACK WOULD COST ONLY J17.70 PER MONTH ---Garden Tilling-- -- BDFA' TILLING wilh heavy iiBer, iTijrwrAliig -- VSK» and smaller, Tow- scr\1r«. ITaaiir.?.- 4«-3M7. -- Grinding -- \RK Grinding Service, 65D Huntnvllle 5313000! Carbide If hljtb aperf loolj, rden tools, chain saws, hao« «ws, ssor», paper emilne kn..-e... -- Handyman -- n PEN-TRY -- PalnUng - Rootlnjl, cicz - Uta - hauline - Ire* trim- ag -- 'Yacilt -- Free Esilmale.* -- Ood hs. Excdlea. references. K*n Roger*, ·5407. ' ' . -- ^-Hauling -- e. Have (rue* and stock rack. You me il. Rca.vnab!e. Phone W2I73. LIGHT haulinff and lawn mowinji, Small reeo, shrubbery romoYed. lleds« trim- min?. ReJiab and reasonable, rhonc S21-rU^. - - - - -- -,, TRASH IIAUI-IXO -- TREK THIWHSG- GacASe and AUic Cleaning . CM h*{OTft 8 A.m. or after 7 p.m., 4-13- 5!3S. · · ' -- House Design -- CONTEMPORARY House De*toi -- CVm n-.v ron^l ruction. Pool Office Box 15J *ac»eullc.. ATkawas 72TOI, -- HorHti*hifB -- '. ECOLOGY ENTEHPR1SE3 IN ft *nnou cin! Ihe op^i.lns'- M- e"» «1vM«*,i!e dlv «.on. Wa At* spKlaHrlniT In groenSiaas o jour sr*cincal!orj. Open 6 "to Ntwdsy tbru FrldAjr. Phon» 521-K70t cubic t«t vcrmlCTttl*, ».50..i cnblc fo iv'Jl m»*, J7^0. 100 Ibt. hnmui p« W. 23 Its. lop**!. 'Se. Th« »n»r Mt CoiRiV»t Rcud *od »Wf«* UMu xlerior. Free esthnaw*, call Joe Ijrxk- rd_ «i«3]! 1UAI.1TV Houscpaintlnff Inrids and wt, «(jsfa Llloa guaranieed. For fre« estl- TAIC. call collect. IJw»ln 834«73. EXTERIOR -palnlinsi reaBOTab ra(*5, ·eferenMs ' If needed. FOT : free e§Jima(» -all *4Z-7463 "cvr 521-1324. ' (iNY Hnd of pafnllng Inside or out. Fre» silmales. Wort ^uaranieed. J«£f Barker. 3313039. - . , - , . , ' . . Fabr:call5n and Distribtrtfo:.,. Al! type.1 f plasilcs. Prototypes made to year jpa- -if cations. Special orders. Fre? cflnsult*- Joa. Mannfaln PtaSIes, Inc. 521-3979. -- Plumbing Service -- ijcnr SCBVICE Call 443-4936 - ' TAOTTT'S PLUMBrNC CO. --Poultry Service-- CHICKEN* House Qeanin^ arxl spreadirf scrs^ce. 75\y,m or 7S9-2M2. -- Roofing -MCCOYS ROOF ixc -- AU UT*S of «wf. Inz vrilh-1 lear vrittea (tuarantee. For free estlrnaler, call 1-273-7202 Jame« Rroofcv, Owner. ' - MtlDutet Phone 731-0663. Boh EubwikJ, --Security Guards--^ HKANSAS Armrf Goard, Stale and Io» IT tlceated anlforrncd gnanls. Avail. e immediately J4 hoar wrvlc*. --Tractor-BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE ' ' Call after S p.m. Wt-54tt. PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE PHONE ai-2#a TRACTOR SERVICE PLOWING, dJsdns. omshhoSBlnjI. Urg« or ima.l Jobs. Call Kl-6147 after 5:30 p.m. -- Tree Service -- . AA TREF. SPECLMJSTS AB phases tr*« 1- shrabheo' e*re. Ov«* MVTJW THEE SERVICE IJeer^ed, Fr« «Umates. »\jur*d. Spray. n.; -- , irfmnini -- ifWnx -- reroovi!*. -'ort:l!zinR. fully equiped, 22 s«ar* experience. 4U-415R, : -- Venetian Blind*-- C-Mij Oab« Cooper for coniplet* veaelun KIr4 »ni«. Phww 44M1H MO Xul Prc*P«*. TJT*i«M41* Ark.

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