Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 11, 1966 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 12
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PYRACANTHA GALLON UN-2 TO 3 FOOT STAKED Munificent RED BERRIED Vamty. G.I. Evergreen Upright Shrub-White Flowers in Spring--Fssry Rod Bwriti in the F*K--Tucson's Favoritt for Training on Homos. Walk and Fences--PAYLESS DISCOUNT PRICE WHILE 400 LAST. 10 for $5.60 57 i RALPH'S IRONITE WiZOJtt'J HWMffi iffi! PKWUU LawM, Trow, Ftoweri awl Shnfo "FAST," Safe, Witt Tata High QwUtty Irw Frwtoct. MuMlactand !· AriiM* for AriaMa Ml . . . W% Irwt - 1S% Stil- tar, Plus AD Other 1m- pwtait Elements. PAYLESS PRICE ....... i L 3 FOR $10.20 TOMATO PLANTS ARIZONA MOWN--Hardy, Healthy Plant these Hardy "Arizona Grown" Plants NOWI! Enjoy Flavorful Fresh Vegetables From Your Own G a r d e n This Spring Choice of Tomato, 6 Varie- B^" 1 · ft ties: Cabbage, Parsley, Cau- | | l ^ | | ^ (f liflower, Chives, Peppers 5 Varieties, Broccoli and Egg Plant. PAYLESS DOZEN Jblei rrom Tour U 55 BROADWAY CRAYCROFT OPEN SUNDAY · PRICES S MULB 10 to 12 FT.-1 to 11/2 INCH TRUNK--7-Gallon (AN These Trees Have Been Established in These Large Containers for One Year. "Every One Guaranteed to Live." Dark Green Maple Leaf--Hardy .Fast Growing Shade Tree. Plant NOW for -'DENSE COOL SHADE." Thrives in Any Soil. Hardy to Drought, Heat, Alkali, and Neglect--Reg. $10.00. PAYLESS PRICE -- 3 tor 3.66 50-LB. BAG STEER MANURE COMPOSTED - WEED FREE - PULVERIZED - Ideal Fertilizer - Good Soil Conditioner - Helps Hold Moisture. PAYLESS PRICE · DECOR BARK Giant 3 CUBIC FOOT Beautiful Decorative Cover for Flower Beds, Planter Boxes, Tree Wells; Retards Weed Growth -- Holds Moisture. PAYLESS PRICE STRAWBERRY PLANTS "EVERBEARING" Some in Bloom and Fruit Now! Beautiful Scarlet Red Delicious Strawberries-Grow Your Own- K PAY LESS PRICE ** for PEAT MOSS 6IMIT POHY BAIE PURE WEEDFREE CANADIAN SPHAGNUM The Finest Soil Conditioner, M u l c h or Planting Mix that Money Can Buyl Giant Pony Bale--8 cu. ft. compressed to 4 for Easy Handling and Storage-3 BALES FOR $9.25 RED BOUGAINVILLEA M" TO SS" GALLON CAN - Choice of "San Diego Red," an INDESCRIBABLE SIGHT of Cascading Masses of Flowers Almost Continually on This Delightful Evergreen Vine. PAYLESS PRICE j AMMONIUM SULPHATE 80 POUND BAG -- 24% Sulfur Added to Correct Our Alkaline Soil. Greens Up Lawns DAVIFSS PRICE JAPANESE BOXWOOD Evergreen Shrub or Hedge -- So Rarely Seen Except in a Formal Trimmed and Controlled Form That Few People Know the Boxwood as a Shrub of Soft Willowy Habit With Dense Foliage. PAYLESS PRICE ............... GERANIUMS BLOOM Sunshine rUK CANADIAN SMAHMI PEAT MOSS TAN SPREADING JUNIPER GALLON CAN - - BEAUTIFUL, LOW-GROWING "EXCEPTIONALLY" Beautiful and Hardy Evergreen -- Handsome Feathery Gray-Green Foliage Cover* Arching Branches as It Develops a Broad Picturesque Form--Give "YOUR HOME" a Charming and Formal Ap- 10 ,,, $6.75 Cold Hardly Arizona "GROWN" Trees-delicious Eating Fruits. Choice of "Navel Orange," Valencia Orange, Tangeto, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Pink and White, and Lemon. PAYLESS PRICE. 5 for *17.90 AZALEAS CITRUS TREES Choose From All the Finest Eating Fruits IN BUD AND BLOOM pearance. PAYLESS PRICE... Tammie Spreading Juniper 5 Gal. Can -- 24 To 36 Inch -- Rich Silvery Blue Spreading Juniper Gives Elegance and Beauty to Your Home--LOW GROWING-PAYLESS PRICE ... 10 FOR $27.00 MOCK ORANGE IMS INCH - Gallon Can - Beautiful Hardy Shiny Leafed Evergreen Shrub -- Delightful Blossoms. PAYLESS PRICE TRAILING ROSEMARY GALLON CAN -- Low Spreading Evergreen. Aromatic. Dark Green Foliage. Clusters of Lavender -- Blue %-tach Flowers -- Everbloom- ing -- Picturesque, Ideal Ground Cover. PAYLESS PRICE.. MAGNIFICENT REDWING VARIETY-- GALLON CAN "HUGE MASSES" of Early Spring Color that Brightens Up Any Planting--"A Refinement in Flower and Leaf." These Delightful Showy Funnel Shaped "MAGNIFICENT BRIGHT RED" Flowers in Compact Clusters Add Grace and Charm to Your Garden-PAYLESS PRICE . ... 77 CAMELLIAS IN FULL BUD GALLON CAN "EXQUISITE BLOOMS" - Tall Growing Handsome Shrub with Glossy Evergreen Foliage for the Shady Area--Red, Pinks and White - PAY LESS PRICE 87 ITALIAN CYPRESS 12 TO 18 INCH - 1 GALLON -- Tall, Fast Growing. Makes a Narrow Dense Column Having Attractive Bluish-Green Foliage. PAYLESS PRICE 10 FOR $6.30 LANTANA IN BLOOM Gallon Can -- Bush or Trailing -- These Evergreen Hawaiian Shrubs Produce a Mass of Color the Year Around. PAYLESS PRICE 64 ·BBBBBBBaaaaBBBal 68 HIBISCUS IN BUD AND BLOOM 18 to 24 INCH-GALLON CAN "KONA"--Very full double bright pink ruffled petals. WHITE WINGS -- Attractive single white petals with ruby red eye. SAN DIEGO RED Vivid Red Single. " A G N E S GAULT" Single Bright rose, pink petals. 77 SOME IN FULL BLOOM OLEANDERS GALLON CAN 7 TO 2 FOOT TALL Erect Showy Shrubs, Densely Stemmed, Covered With Narrow Leathery Leaves -- Lovely Double Flowers Cover This Outstanding Shrub Most of the Year -- Pink, Red or White. PAYLESS PRICE 10 FOR $3.70 1 RED BERRY PYRACANTHA 15-FOOT STAKED, ^GALLON - Magnificent Red-Berried Variety, White Flowers in Spring -- Evergreen -- Tucson's Favorite for Training on Homes, Walls and Fences. PAYLESS PRICE (4 for $10.00) CALIF. FAN PALMS 2 TO 3 FOOT CHOICE OF 5 COLORS- -Plan) Now (or Best Results "BLOOMS YEAR AROUND" -- Popular and Beloved the World Over -- Single or Double Flowers in White and in MANY, MANY Shades of Pink, Salmon, Orange, Lavender and Red! Flowers in Roundish Clusters on Long Stems . . . Round Shaped VELVETY Leaves With Seal- _,^_ ^_^_ loped Margins . . . "Geranium Growing" Is an Adven- ·T^l V^H I* ture Into the Upper Realms of Gardening. It's a Search __B _~^r V for "FLAWLESS BEAUTY." It's a Hobby You Always Master! PAYLESS PRICE IW for 10,., $3.19 Pink, Salmon, Oran; 33 GALLON CAN -- Washington Filifera -- Beautiful, Hardy, Fast- Growing. Tropical-Appearing Fan Palm. PAYLESS PRICE ROSE FOOD ARIZONA-MADE FOR ARIZONA SOIL 20 POUND BAG Contains all essential plant food elements including iron. To insure you Larger More Beautiful Roses and Deep Green Luxurious Foliage -Feed Now for Best Results -PAYLESS PRICE, 3 BAGS FOR *4.65 PASSION VINE BEAUTIFUL, FAST GWWING -- ONE-GALLON (AN Exotic Vivid Flowers in Great Abundance Against Rich Green Leaves--Fast Growing Evergreen--Flowers White with Pinkish Tints with a Purple Blue Cross in Center-Portrays the Story of the Crucifixion in its Floral Parts. PAYLESS PRICE 10 FOR $7.60 ·· 78 COLORADO PEAT MOSS 100-POUND BAG -- Pure Colorado Black Acidified -- Ideal for This Area -- The Best You Can Buy for Every Planting Need. Acid Content Ideal for Use in Alkaline Soil. PAYLESS PRICE , ; 1. PINEAPPLE GUAVA 18 TO 24 INCH FRUIT BEARING Gallon Can -- One of the Hardiest Tropical Evergreen Shrubs -Oval Leaves Are Gray-Green Above, Silvery White Beneath -- Very Unusual Exotic One-Inch Flower -- Fruit Is Pear Shaped. PAYLESS PRICE ALGERIAN IVY Plain or Variegated 24 to 36 Inch Most Popular Evergreen Vine for Shady Areas -- A "Challenge" to a Plant Sculptor! With Guidance Can Be Manipulated Into Almost Any Form! 5 to 8 Inch Polished Dark Green Leaves. PAYLESS PRICE 68 64 GARDENIAS m jf BLOOM GALLON (AN-LUSH DEP GREEN COLOR 59 Beautiful Double Waxy White Flowers with that "UNFORGETTABLE FRAGRANCE"--Bright Green Compact Bushy Shrub with Glossy, Evergreen Foliage -Widely Acclaimed for its Well Groomed and Aristocratic Appearance--A Favorite in Tucson and noted for its Hardiness--PAYLESS PRICE 53 Weeder FEEDER DICHONDRA FOOB Covers 2,500 Square Feet, Removes ALL Grass and Weeds From Your Dichondra Lawn While You Feed in ONE Easy Application. WILL NOT BURN. REG. $7.95. PAYLESS PRICE SCOPE MN-1 ROSE FOOD Now You Can Feed Your Roses and Other Shrubs With This Highly Effective Fertilizer and Rid Them of All Chewing and Sucking Insects in ONE APPLICATION. 5-POUND CONTAINER Treats Up to 60 Shrubs. PAYLESS PRICE ORTHO WEED-B-GON "SPECIAL OFFER" - During This Sale for the Price of One Quart You Receive a Jumbo 43-Ounce Can of America's Finest, Most Effective Weed Killer -- Special Limited Time Offer. PAYLESS PRICE , ORTHO LAWN FOOD 22-4-4 With IRON SULPHUR - - Covers 5,000 Sq. Ft. ORTHO CHLORDANE DUST ONE-POUND CAN - 10% Chlordane Dust - Easy to Use - No Mixing -- Effective for Ants, Spiders, Scorpions and Many Other Insects. Reg. 89c. PAYLESS PRICE TUNING MIX* IOMI Guaranteed to Make Lawns Greener, Faster Than Any Other Product! Contains Fast Action and Slow Releasing Nitrogen -- Opens Up Problem Soils to Allow Better Water Penetration -- Easy to Apply -- «.V" PAYltSS PRICE 95 PRUNING PAINT 5-Ounce Aerosol Can -- Ideal for Use in All Pruning Needs -- The Easiest -- Fastest, Least Expensive Way to Seal Your Pruning Cuts. PAYLESS PRICE ORTHO TRIOX Quart Can -- Prevents Plant Growth From One to Two Years. Easy to Apply With Sprinkler Can -- Kills All Vegetation in Areas Where No Plant Growth Is Desired. JPAYLESS PRICE ORTHO GRO FERTILIZER 40-Lb. BAG 16-16-8 Pelleted for Long-Lasting Action MHO-HOI» CHLORDANE DUST ALEPPO PINE 18-24 INCH -Gallon Can Hot Country Conifer-Very Hardy Fast Growing Pine -- Ideal for Hot Dry Climate -- Beautiful Shade Tree. PAYLESS PRICE 68 DICHONDRA SEED PURE SEED POUND CAN Shaker Top Can -- Finest Quality PURE Seed -- Beautiful Evergreen Lawn -- Needs Little or No Mowing -- Plant NOW For Best Results. PAYLESS PRICE 5 LBS. FOR $6.50 AHHON. PHOSPHATE 80 POUND BAG -- 16-20-0 Plus 15% Sulfur -- High Quality General Purpose Food -- Pelleted for Long Lasting Benefit--Don't Confuse with Sulphate. PAYLESS PRICE BEDDING PLANTS FINEST QUALITY ARIZONA GROWN - Hardy "Healthy" Plants COVERS 5,000 SQ. FT. - 16% Nitrogen -- 16% Phosphoric Acid -- 8% Potash Combined in a Pelleted Capsule Which Gives You "FAST GREEN GROWTH" and "LONG-LASTING ACTION. , . . The Best You Can Buy for Any Fertilizer Need. Q PAYLESS PRICE « for RES. 4.98 Fill Your Yard With Glorious Spring Beauty! Many of These Healthy Hardy Arizona-Grown Plants Are Ready to "BURST" Into Full Blossom Shortly After Planting. Choose From Stock Verbena, Calendula, African^ Daisies, Alyssum, Carnations, Snapdragons and Many More. ' r j ""^ f PAYLESS PRICE, DOZEN ican Daisies, A! 37

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