Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 6
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P«;t A-4--INDEPENDENT Lm IMCX t»u, »·*. r««- Ik ' State-City Tidelands Parley Due (Continued from Page A-l) a flat amount. If they were {riven a flat amount they could give the state what it wants on the contract and ve could reallocate more money to the state treasury and get the East Wilmington field (off the eastern shoreline of Long Beach) contract into effect this year." Champion, who got the compromise talk rolling when he conceded that up to $200 million in Long Beach tidelands projects probably can be justified, also softened the state's stand, which previously had called for primary control cf the tidelands. ·IF SUBSIDENCE centre and esthetic control to protect the beauty cf the beach is what Long Beach wants, then it can be provided," Champion declared. However, Sen. Virgil O'Sul livan. D-Williams, who Monday missed the opening ses lion cf the Unruh tidelaru parley, returned Tuesday arx made a last-minute try to up set the compromise move. O'SuHivan said it should be determined once and for an one reported seeing a fire. Knight said. * · · · TWELVE hours after the crash no bodies had been recovered. Debris floated over several square miles of the --AMOCIM* rrta wtT«*»t» GENIAL BOBBY BAKER, right, motions to someone in packed hearing room as he appears before Senate Rules Committee Tuesday in a hearing on his business affairs while he was secretary to the Senate's Democrats. Baker Refuses to Ansiver Senators' Quiz Questions 58 Aboard Cyprus Asks Powers About Treaty Rights in Plane Fatal Dive J iediterranean island Trki\V Cypriots immediately 'called' the taove unconstitutional, -j CNITED NATIONS, N. Y. session brought dishes -Cyprus demanded to'tween Britain and Russia. NICOSIA, Cyprus (UR):--. Vice President Fazil KuoraV- . 5 Tuesday night tha't So-' n !viet srrps we: fro. Page A-,) Mediterranean Island consultation under' the treaty of guarantee. President Johnson- . C:?rus from fceins" Greece promptly answered ,-Students for a New and Free (Cyprus." U.N. guards quickly quelled shouting youths who speech by Turk. , . _ . _ .,[ish Ambassador Turgut Mene- A heated Security Council; menciogl ^ No ^ t ,,.,, · ect . ed. no, Britain and Turkey no immediate answer. DoClOT DdllCS ,,.,,. __. K i l l i n WoUiail lake. The main wreckage of the aircraft had not been located. The area of the pear- shaped lake is about nine times that of the District of ¥ ,7. t l " ~m NICOSIA. Cyprus Columbia. Killing Woiliail Archbishop Makarios. Greek The search was suspended. « . f -.,.. Cypriot president of Cyprus. at dark after a Coast Guard «IS AC I OI 1 lly Tuesday ordered creation of a boat "hooked onto something! LAUSANNE; Switzerland s f*ctal 5,000-rnan police force big." The area was marked(upj) Court P r e s i d e n t ' 0 ' t *" 1 strife-torn eastern with buoys and boats stood Be rtrand de Haller suggested' y ' Tuesday that society doctor -,- -,,.,,. ,, ,- **.Gerhard Savoy killed a rich 6:30 a-m. (CST). Police scuba American woman with an divers were alerted for early overdose of drugs "as an act w ??" . . . . . of humanity." The victims included Mrs. _ . . . . Pierre LeFaucheuk, a veteran, S . avDy - * r.eurologut, is on ^ . . ,trial on a charge of having oele ~ murdered Mrs. Marjorie Wini- NOTICE! IT WIU COST TOO UONIT I* VM few Wrifbovt cteCXto* VIA ** 6To MIU. aunt i*o* »tter« ffiMcint »»or irarvlun* rt ratf aiMto tunbtur*. wt fuar*i«t f* MM* «· to* WT tr'K*. M*, *t art MOT ·olnv ·Uff * tttllMU W «1T ·· ft« «tlMr ·ixncnidL, «t *wel to M Mr* · u wkv . . ·ren ami cam* *nrf M w ***· »· ·MM wfejt *· in. ,'*"». OLD MILL MAPLE SHOP 1(912 ItUUivtr !!»«. · : Califenia ,'· l«nflivtr -- . . Bus »d. «n4 « »·· »*· · M*. (Continued from Page A-l) subpoenaed docu- | set to President Johnson when'Joseph Clark, D-Pa.. suggest- , , he was Senate Democratic ed the refusal -might well «. «K»B the Peter Brisson, a former New, York Times reporter, and' He bnstled w!th a n g e r .Mrs. Brisson and their two :when Bertrlnd MiJ - "You children. In each of two other! " e certainly not a murderer three persons not have leaded Insurance man Don'sult in his being in contempt' ^ [Mr. UCIC1U1U1CU IM^.C AiKJ I 11 »ii . ' . . | I C a U l . A i A14Jt»i»l*V« MMU. *v.l,.»*4« ·*· ·...* Kn.-..^ who owns the oil off the Long ,«a«ti--on_grourwlj of consti-. Reyno!dj j^, testified that he of the Senate." Beach shoreline, and notedi tutlonal P" vlle £ e - 'gave Johnson the set at a The most spiri that the state sucreme court Baker specifically claimed tun, u ^ en j, e was writineiings of the day that the state supreme court Baker s; has ruled that it belongs lo,^ e privilege against possible insurance California self-incrimination. noting thaV SO n's life. Of O'SuIlivan's take-all-or- he is under investigation by nothing proposal. Unruh com- the FBI and the Internal Revemented: "That is a hell of a sue Service. He charged, basis for a compromise settle- ,,. _. _. spirited proceed-^ky. were returning he was writingimgs of the day came in the. 1 vacation tnp to Mexico to ; John- opening moments of the hear- celebrate their third wedding when Baker and his at- anniversary. --Did Baker refer anyone, Senate employes. tomey, Williams, won a bat- 1** pilot. William B. ZengJ ment." When the laughter Bennett overbearing _ ! f ' Williams, that the was a "legislative Unruh's remark at O'Sullivaa trial" staged for the people's 'jj,* subsided, the voice vote car- entertainment. ricd the compromise resolution. The compromise proposal came out after Unruh determined that Champion felt that differences over the unde- COMMITTEE counsel L. P. --Did Baker have any part in proceedings under which Rometsch, glamorous wife of a German soldier stationed here, was deported last summer after reports circu- i chance to Savoy, 59, denied the alle, , tie with committee members, 47 . lj ^ ed , with *"* wife an vclbped field off the shoreline for contempt He also McLendon said it was too fated that early to say whether Baker, who spent 2Vj hours in the witness chair, might be cited' an i Mrs. Rometsch take a in the Capital? _Di d Baker, Miss Tyler' tri P "» June - Rusk Voices U.S. View on Cuban Ti WASHINGTON · cf State , = ---- = -- · ---- -- =- ---- . ... » - . « . - ^ vision cameras were removed. Astern 21 years, had flown m Hshnets. The sports more than five million miles. The copilot. Grant R. Newby, You'll never be a wallflower... was so new the pnce tag still was in the left sleeve. On the 40. of Manhattan, had almosti w * it e shirt the left sleeve was two million miles on his tora * n ^ Woody. flight log. | The DCS, flight 301, left · · · · New Orleans I n t e r n a t i o n a l I AFTER THE jet went down[Airport headed for Atlanta at in predawn darkness, hours of 2:01 a.m. (CST) and disap- Isearch and salvage operations'peared from radar contact , - l _ t _ » l I WW^^'^ 38 L1 *k* U * * W*lt, l*fJ*f, ^ «-«uj ^» 4^i.«»«.v. B^bku* a«t*.jn MU.I.U or eastern Long Beach had open the possibility that the to New Orleans, Dallas and.Tuesday that non-Communistj tnggered putting the Long reluctant witness might be re- Miami, stopping in New Or- nations that sell important if you put yourself In the hands of an Arthur Murray Studio teacher today] Even if you've never danced'H be ^Vt to dance with ccc££ence aher col; a few than houn. At an Arthur Murray Fr»a- chuec] Studio joi Ittra to dicce iHthe popuTarsteps cor- eai3y,to6. At oar fij tttiio pirtiet, free to aU aateaa, joa triH tiriH to the wonderful adventure ofdancui^die FoxTrot, Chi-Cha, or anr dance you wbti. You'll pm poise, develop four penonilrf it rou cule new fricrdi. Accept a Free hall-hourTHil Lesson, androu're all «et to jet more fun out cf life. Come ts now -- lee for yourself. Beach tidelands issue on special can of the 1%4 special session cf the legislature. · . * * ' UNRUH IS BETTL\G that Long Beach will give the state a concession on that contract in order to get in return a concession from the state so that Long Beach maintains control over future oil developments for land-sinkage protection. Though the Unruh committee suspended its hearings for called. sports Jacket, jwas a a calm. c ram. Winds were eptt «nfJ I I F.M. Vkiten art rf«oy« velcome. until both resigned last autumn. There was no indication as to how much, if anything, she might tell the committee Despite Baker's silence, the host cf questions tossed at him by McLendon and the senators threw some new ARTHUR MURRAY STUDIO t. f JU W J N N I N G . Lic»i«. disbursed large amounts ofi "There win be no retreat . cash from his Senate office from our policy toward the and was involved in deals on.Castro regime in Cuba as Haitian meat, gambling con- long as it continues to threat- cessions in Hawaii, a Mary- en the security and stability land motel and other matters, of other nations in this hemi- Although specifically di-'sphere.~ Rusk said, adding: reeled by committee chair- "Moreover, we regard this man B. Everett Jordan, D-'regime as temporary. iPontchartrain H e l i c o p t e r s and surface northeast of New Orleans. » HE 2-0974 10 days the Lone Beach tide-1 11 ? 111 O" th « tack which the TM n °- tverm juru^n, ^,... 6 ~... « ^~ i ~...,. With Unds ruckus"uisKhrfuled'committee has taken in its rf. N. C, to reply to these and,the other nations of UushemH unos ruckus stiu i, scneJu!ed fortj det£nnine whether other questions. Baker almost sphere we expect the Cuban' .without f a i l replied: *Mr.[peop!e to regain their free- DISCOVER GOLD! to come up for discussion before the State Lands Commission Wednesday and the Senate Natural Resources Committee Thursday and Friday. Long Beach, represented by there was a conflict of interest in Baker's business deals. Here are some of the questions that drew no response: Chairman, I stand by my pre- dora vious answer. Rusk spoke before a world- affairs conference. --Did Baker provide "en- HE DID respond to several * delegation of a score of jtertainrnent facilities . . . in- questions. Speaking with a municipal and civic leaders eluding party girls" for busi- slight Southern accent, he »t the hearing. M o n d a y'nessmen and other dealing!testified that he resigned hisj submitted a massive pile ofiWith government officials? $19,600-a-ycar post as Senate documents to the committee (S*"- Carl Curtis. R-Ntb..jDemocratic secretary l a s t . , . answers to Long Beach 'charged during a prevkn^Oct. 7. He also said the rcsig- WASHINCIW UPI-The critics point by point. hearing that "party girls and,nation was voluntary. Mansell ripped into asser- l « nt «' rtj!nm « n t were part of lions of Long Beach foes, who th « business promotion zp- had charged that some shore-jP 3 " 1 " 5 "). line trust projects involved --Did Baker get The committee counsel pursued t h i s point by asking Bay Naval Base with all the water it needs in about a year. The plant also win generate electricity. Vat 69 proudly announces a companion- the first classic light Scotch · ';/"· New'; . ·,;' ! ' - - VAT6J91GOLD disuse of tidelands funds. from Fred Black, North Amcr-l fin tidelands projects: LO\G BEACH MARINA-Noted that specifically construction .Baker to define his duties. S!0,COO,Baker r e f u s e d , and Sen. Minsell gave this rundown '=»» Aviation Washington ' - - . * representative, for "one the candidates" in the 1960[ COLOMBO, Ceylon CT» -the legislature presidential election? Did^e prime m i n i s t e r Mrs. authorized the! BIat:k lel1 Baker that "JSO.OOO^Sirimavo Bandararuike an- of the Marina.' more would be coming" for ; nounced Tuesday night that and reported that 73 per cent of the I.SOO small-craft berths are used by persons living outside Long Beach. NAVY LANDING -- Declared that though some tidelands foes have asserted that the $53 million is unused. 35,000 Navy boat landings have been recorded ARMED SERVICES VMCA --Chided tideiands foes for referring to this $I-miI!ion installation as only a YMCA and not clarifying that it is an armed services facility for military personnel who use the harbor. LONG BEACH ARENA--In referring to lidclands rppo- nents who had called the arena strictly an ice rink, the assembled politicians were reminded that the arena was the site of the recent California Democratic Council convection and during January and February has 43 con ventions and trade shows booked, but only four dayt cf sport events. TIDLLA.VDSPAID LIFEGUARDS -- -Of course tideland funds finance their salary, these beaches are part of the trust property and are used ty million* cf people f.Txn a!] over the state. It mizht also be interesting to ted the critics that the funds for these lifeguard services are specifically approved by the State Lands Commission each ye^r." the same candidate? ,Cey!rn had recognized the --Who gave a J500 Krreo rebel government of Zanzibar. Ballot Date Uncertain on Ruiiiford Petitions (Continued from Page A-l) with an owner's right to refuse to sen, lease or rent property- It still was not clear whether the initiative will appear on the June or November ballot. Gov. Brown can place it on the June primary ballot by setting it as a special matter. The measure would also he on the primary ballot if a bond issue is placed before the voters at that time, thus making the election a general cr.e. Browa told his rxwi conference Tuesday he still is undecided and wanted to confer with both sides ia the issue before acting. The only thing I want to be sure of is that it's on the ballot when the greatest number of voters will be able to pass judgment on this initiative measure," Brown said. The governor reiterated that he believed it would have a bad effect on the *tate if the Romford Act were cuiufied. "It win not only have a bad effect in California it will certainty have a profound effect upon the peoples an over the world." he said. He repeated that he thought the measure violated the Uth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and would be ruted unconstitutionz] by either the state or U.S. Supreme Court. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, unsuccessful In an earlier suit, also planned legal action aimed at barring the initiative from th« billot The measure is rponsored by the Committee for Home Protection, backed primarily by the California Real Estate Association and the California Apartment Owners Association. 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