Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 15, 1972 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1972
Page 5
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HOM, VM, I**, it 6«MNM* Weather Forecast Very hot weather is foiecast Noilhern Plains and In f h e Lakes and In the mid-Atlantic , f o r the central pint of the na- Northeast. Showers are due in stales Arkansas should re- inn tonight. Coolei (emipeia- ihe Pacific Northwest, most main fair and warm tonieht. tures are expected (o continue of (he Rocky Mountain areas, (AP Wireohoto) on the Pacific Coast, the the Gulf Coast, upper Great "'"pnoioj Oscar Levant, Eccentric, Pianist, Dies BEVERLY HILT.S, Calif MAP) -- Oscar Levant, the slouching figure in the dark .baggy suit, would play a few ·flawless measures' 1 of George 'Gershwin's piano concerto in'F. Then he might insult his = 'audience, another 'performer or the television sponsor "I'll show you how, unbreakable it is!" he shouted once as he smashed the sponsor's "unbreakable"' radio 'against a wall That was Oscar Levant, pianist, w i t , composer, author, ec centric,. actor 'and television . host'who. is .dead at 65. ' ; Levant had been profes sionally inactive for nearly a decade when he died in his _sleep Monday afternoon. Au thoritics jsaid he appaiently died of natural causes'and ordered an aulopsy. In recent years he complained of edema, arthritis, insomnia and a hosl of. other-ailments. SOLOIST Though he became, famous first as the solosit in countless performances of "Rhapsody in Blue," composed by his best friend George Gershwin, Levant left his mark as an ecc'e'nt- ^ ric. Demostrating simultaneously his wit, his egotism, his illness and his talent, he once said, "There is a thin line between genius and insanity. I ·liave erased that line." ? The son of ,a, Pittsburgh.jew- Jeler, Levant began making .a Jliving as a pianist when he was 15. He studied under the atonal- Jiat composer Arnold Schoen jfberg at one time and composet ·Jsoine seldom performed serious Jmusic. Later he had to his ^credit the hit song, "Lady", Play ;Your Mandolin" and the Acade )-my Aware! winning tune "Unti oday" from the late '30s filmj Nothing Sacred." MUSIC EXPERT As an expeit in music and many other .things, Levant was panelist for 10 years'on the Information Please" radio cqgram. He said- he thrived on sleep- ig pills and. other drugs but idn't touch liquor. VI don't like , ' he joked. "It makes me ;el good." His hypochondria made up a arge part of his three books, Memoris of an Amnesiac," "A High Humidity /Across Wide \ Area Expected l'By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS I Hot, tropical air huhg oves ·much of the central portion o ;the nation today, bearing 90-de ·gree weather. Relalively higl Ihumidity extended from thi 'Gulf states through the Plain: ;to the southern edge of thi ' Great Lakes. -. A cold front nosed down ;across the Great Lakes, trig · gering squalls. By late Monday '·the thunderstorm line hac ·i cleared the Midwest but wa ; still active in Ihe Ohio Valley 'where hard rams were driven ·by winds up to 60 miles pe · hour. Trees were knocked dowi '·in Erhart, Ohio, southwest o ^Cleveland. ' Warm temperatures and fai ·-'skies prevailed In the West, an ;cool breezes off the Pacifi .'.hugged the cnnslnl area. \ Scallered lliundcrshowcrs hi · mountain areas of Ihe West an Jparls of the Southeast un-Northeast. Smatteimg of Ignorance" am "The Unimportance of Beih Oscar.'' As an actor he appeared I several .movies, once in a'film biography of .Gershwin as witty chap named Oscar Le vant. He 'was married twice, firs to dancer Barbara Smith. Th marriage ended in divorce i 1933 In 1939 he married J u n Gale,, a singer.. They had thre daughters and t h e marnag lasted to Levant's 'death. Forecaster Commutes Cross U.S. HELEN HELP US LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Will, True . Is ngt tho ever) day ommulor you find In suburbia lese days. He end hi" wire Opal live In x5 Angeles. But he works In .YoTlf, , ,' i ( is Job as j « weather tore- abler for Trani World Airlines highly specialised, So. when WA moved Its weather bureau rorn, Lou Angeles, True nad to movp. ' " , But they had paid for ,thelr ome In Baldwin Hills here and ley didn't want to give It up. o True commuted to 'Kansas 31ty, for, eight years, For the ast two years he has commut- d to New York. . , He lives In an apartment In Jew,York for two weeks at a Ime before he gets time oft,to ee his wife, Otherwise he sits" in his New York apartment and reads "We haven't had a decent nine life for, 10 years," said he 60-year-old True. "I have our years before retirement, ] only hope I can stand the frus- ration " ' 'This isn't exactly what 1 iad In mind when we .were married," said his wife. "But ve've accepted." And there are some bright spots. "There's always something to alk about when we're togeth er," said Mrs. True. 'And-'lt's always a special occasion." The Trues : manage because ,hey have no children and they both have lifetime.'light passes Certain .employes and Ihelr wives are entitled to such passes, True doesn't recommend tills type of marriage. But if it's unavoidable, the. only way to make, it work, he says, is ti "show a lot of understanding and travel light," Lake Contract' WASHINGTON (AP) - A $22.9 mil lion, contract has been awarded by the Army to Far rell Construction Co of Mem phis for construction of pumping plant on the SI Francis River, near, Marianna The .office ..of Sen. John L McClellan, D Ark , said Mon day that the project, a part o the St. 'Francis Basin" Floo Control System, will,include;, 1 large pumps capable of movin 1,200 cubic feet of water pe second The project will be locate seven miles southeast of Ma rianna at,the confluence oMh St. Francis and L'Angui|le,ri :ers. ,-77 Knotted Leather Meaning Vague By HELBW AND SUE BOTTEL, 4«rif»we»t Arkansas TTMiS, AVKTTKVILH, AHKAM««« Iclen and Sue: I'm sure you'.vp seen those catlier' thlnglcs some people ave tied; aroimd their wrists with knots In thenvl asked my leter what they/ are for and iesald, "To k e e p ' bears way." Well', I thought It was utfl, so I'm wearing one. A. guy I hang ground with ,ctcd jike there was something lirty about them and said' a flotled leather bracelet is a 'done-lime thing," whatever hat'means; \ Do the Knots mean you're a oxy chick or something, or 777 -- Keeping Bears Away ' {.B.A.: ' Sorry, I pass, I always bought this kind of wrlsjet was usl d leather thing with knots n It. i ' , Help, people, does It really *cep bears aw ay 7 7- Sue Ceeping Bears Away: ,.0r does it attract wolves? Different areiis have different symbois: ' I f * knotted leather .hongs are some kind of score ceeplng chart In your town. ?ou'd belter find out what kind jefore you tie any more knots. -Helen Helen arid;SUe: Afler reading your column on 'Dear' Not Here' With Moderns," {as a salutation for letters), ,1 informed my boss ;hat' "Dear Soandso" was no longer "in" according to Sue and her readers Here is his reply: "Today my world came crashing down as Helen and Sue agreed 'Dear' is out, based on a possible conflict wilh the body of the letterl i.e. telling someone to wrap it in barbed wire, drop dead, etc... would hot. be consistent , with the above mentioned salutation. "Presupposing that, the logic here is correct, would i^, not be more ,'logical' to, alter the prefix than delete it, so that the salutation would be more consistent x with Examples: the body' Precious/ Beloved, Cherished, Worthless, Unimportant, Skungyi Freakish, 1 Sneaky; etc., etc Soandso.. or Hey You, Hi Guy (Gal), You Big . Dummy, Brother Rat.. "Again, assuming Helen and Sue are correct, we mus\ not slop wilh merely deleting IDear ' We must omit or alter the fifth part (complimentary close), of the letter, using instead, of 'Yours truly,' 'Sincerely cordially .. respectfully yours' etc , such closings as"Sinfully Yours, Bug Off Buddy, ! ' ' ! , Quite Hatefully, D e'v i o u s 1 y ..Doubtfully, Irty pervlously Yours, quit Striving for Mediocrity, You're ,a Greai Human Being, etc. i ' *" "I protest this would add a new dimension lo ^corres pondence, and the world Is nol ready for such, honesty. (There fore, until furlher ( notjce this office will,continue, with 'Dew --' and 'Sincerely yours,' let the moderns fall where'they'mayt -- Respectfully , ( Attacking Helen's and Sue's/Brcak With Tradition. -- Your Boss" -R e a d 1 n g 1 y and Enjoyingly Yours. -- Rulhann ( , , Humorous Ruthann, And Hci Boss: AppreoiaUngly y6ur« -- Helen and Sue Dear Hap: ,, ,' , , During the past few,weeks have been having jdreanjs a,bou people dying in. my 'swimmlhj pool, which incidentally does no exist Last night I dreamed, m former math teacher ^cracke his skull In a fall into my poo Today I hear he had a scriou heart attack The night befor It was my English teacher wh fell Into the pool, but he got shook up. He wasn't summer school yesterday an today -- home sick.'Not seriou though. Am I a (lexer? -- Th Dreamer Hexer Dear "Hexer',': ' I think you're a hoaxer. Nic try! - Helen , . Dear Dreamer: . Mebbe you hate your teacher and you're dying, tor a poo so you le 1 ! therri do' the dyin for you Or something, D Freud, where are you' -- Sue Approved WASHINGTON T (AP)' -- 'TI Farmers'Hoi^e Administrate has approved an JPZ.OQO 'loa, and a $7,500 grant, to BIu Sweet Home and Water Assoc ation, I n c , of Grant CoUn Ark , to finance the constru lion of a new water dislnbutio system. The office of Rep Dav Pryor, D Ark., which,made th announcement, said the syste would serve a rural area 1 of , families , and businesses Granj. County north of Pratt ville, AU ( . is, im * 'i Columnist Decides He Will Jump To Some Conclusions ' By HAL BOYLE *' NEW YORK (AP) - Jump ngHo'conclusions; , , ,, You, can't ( tei|ch an,old dog ew tricks, but you'can an old evil. He neVei*'quits 1 [Yarning. Men think belter 6n their e"et; woman think,better .when ney v take their shoes off. ,;There are 'at Ieast M fdur"'pro oolball teams I'd father watch slay than the Dallas Cowboys- Baltimore, *KahsaS City,' Minnesota, and Oakland--but, Dal» as Is going to be the team to real for at least the next three /ears. ' ' M I · * - Arty girl Is old fashioned who illll wears a lipstick that leaves in aftertaste when you kiss icr. ' r Grandparents 'take more pride jn showing pictures ' o: heir grandchildren than .they ever,dld of their own children 3ut, of course, .being a grand more fun In almoa :very way than being a parent My supermarket is ' now charging 89 ceft^s for a 10 ounce xx of' fresh strawberries, I ex pect that during 1 my lifetime I'l see them on display' in Tiffa ny's window. ''I' ' i One o l d - f e m a l e cat In th iiouse can henpick a man mor ;han a dozen' pagging t wives Since I've been a widower, ' f i n d ' I spend mu'crf more tim trying to find a'canned too that Lady Dottle, our cat eat than I ever spent searchin for a 'restaurant that woul please my wife. '' ' run a Way from home. An old-timer is a'guy Who n members when office wolve used to prey 'on innocent new secretaries. Today it's the of flee wolf who needs a. bodyguard ' { Four out of get as a firewell gift at retirement a gold^atch, a traveling case, 1 a f , ( l | f ^ f tl shlrlg 1 red or V typewrlW. here Is no other occ«s!ort"i'jirt mcrlcan-llfe in which to l|tlj« iaglnatlon,,,o.r ingenuity ·/!· lown, It fur more;fit- ng if'they were presented wt^t omelhlng' more appropriilt]- ucli as ia lifetime' pass to · urlesgue house / ' » 10-speAi hee'.chalr, or enough money°lo ' t \ OLD-TIMER ~ n ^ I 'wrote with isome' horror ecentiy of a Mor-.Sjltan stfre mt charge? j$3,39 a pound for eal collets, A leader now tells me that he knows of a place where,they charge $3.79, I,to|d lim -to keep it a secret--and maybe they'll go out of bust, ness. ' ' , * i The other day'I heard i of- 'a iew 'and supposedly, sUre'fire way of stopping a girl whp Is neezlng or hiCcuping. , Haye jer sit' down,''looV'overhead ixedly at a light bulb and T *ay aloud nine times; "Every 'day my sex life, 1; getting more i'qd more 1 Jnteresting/and I wonder wh'o I'll have to thank torrtpr- rowl" ') ' ' Whatever ,happenec1 to films :hat have ( happy endings? Most of therh now seem to try to be so true to life ,they wind lip worse than life. Your trip to Ihe movies is Incomplete unless you bring along a crying towel. ADVERTISEMENT-^ FALSE TEETH · That LOOM n Nwd Not Embarrass Don't keep wprvyjuf about your falM t«th droppmi tt tb« wronj time. A denture ndhelTe can htlis FASTEETH» zivw denture, a long, er,. firmer, steadier hold. Makea eit- inx more enjoyable. For more security and comfort, UH FASTEETH Denture Adhesive Powder. Denturo that fit are eswntiil to health. SW your deotUt «iul»tly. ·', FOR'THE FINEST IN MEPICAL .COVERAGE ..,. CALL,TODAY UFECASUAUY L. Jim Wetherbae, Sn Representative for Northwest Arkansas 35 N. Block Ave.--Fayettevllle-Ml-8211 Sale! Just you, your L and a Wos $484. Sofa .......Sale $363.00 Our instant formula for creative decorating ill specially priced for a limited time! Confused about choosing ihe perfeci sofa....ihe right go-with-it . chair?, It's time you became acquainted with Shelby by Drexel. A simply elegant. .. .simply easy way to decorate your living room. Every line, every style blend. Every fabric, ever/ color has a. happy companion. Be a never-fail decorator with nearly 250 different fabric choices, in many shades and patterns. Choice of 86- or 96-inch sofas ... .swivel rocker ! baso available, on some chairs. And, Shelby has a great inside story, too; wilh individually pocketed coil springs, wrapped in polyurolhane and downy-»oft polyester fiber. 'Practical Scotchgard® treated fabrics to resist the most slubborn stains. Timely yet timeloss. That's Sholby by Drexel. . . .now from the floor or by special order, at a savings of 25%. UHOSTEKY COLLECTION NOW THROUGH AUGUST 28 S Open Monday! and Thursday* 711 :30 Northwetl Corner Square-Fayetteville "YOUR OWN THINGS 77 Introducing a hew group of Co-Ordinatcs (or Back-To-School, ."Your Own Things". 'A, \Vardrobe of Pants, Vesls, Sweaters, Jackets and Blouses for the Classroom and afler . . . all easy-care knits in healher blue peak lapels $-29.98 PLAID FIJTED JACKET Accented with TURTLENECK RIB SWEATER long sleeved PLAID PASrT ,WITH FULl LEG and flare {. ONE PIECE LAYERED LOOK Blouse IECE LAYERED LOOK . t 1 Q QQ and vest . . ..... '....;·..; ,. ... »J I O.VO RIB PANT WITH FLARE IEGS Pull-on elastic-band waist .. JR. SPORTSWEAR-Second Floor

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