The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 7, 1952 · Page 11
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 11

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 7, 1952
Page 11
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Both Parties Agree Eisenhoivei Impact on South Is Terrific ATLANTA, Sept 6 tfft—Dwight D. Eisenhower may or may not which have a combined electoral have gained a hand-hold on some Southern electoral votes with his foray of this week but there's no Hoover carried seven Southern doubt he stirred things up both parties down in Dixie. for The size and enthusiasm of the crowds—running to about 135,000 maintaining for six speeches — which turned out for the presidential nominee in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Arkansas sent Republican hopes bubbling to a 24-year-high. GOP spokesmen were pointing more boldly at specific states they hope to win, with most attention focused on Texas, roll up respectable minorities instead of the usual 10-1 or 20-1 even lacings given GOP nominees in Kansas Farm Family Ranks 12th in Nation LAWRENCE ffi — Kansas ranks 12th in the nation in the standard of living of the average farm family. With 1945 used as a base of 100, the average county in the U. S. had an index of 122 in 1950. The average Kansas County had an index of 152. Surrounding states had these indexes : Nebraska 157, Colorado 149, Misssouri 114 and Oklahoma 105. The current monthly Kansas Business Review, published by the University of Kansas Bureau of Business Research, reports the ranking. The source is a study by the Department of Agriculture. Four key items were used for the index: percentages of farms with electricity, with telephones, with automobiles; and average value of products sold pr traded. In 1950, the highest Kansas index, 185, was for the combined Clark, Comanche and Meade Counties. Counties with fewer than 800 farms were combined with one or more, adjacent counties in making the calculations. Riley County was second with 178, followed by Clay with 176 and Barber and Brown with 175 each. Florida, Virginia and Louisiana vote total of 56. Not since 1928 when Herbert states have the Republicans looked so hopefully toward Dixie. Some Democratic leaders are an official calm, Eisenhower turnouts viewing the as normal public tribute to a famous war leader. They argue that the best Ike can hope for is to the 13 "solid South" states which have a total of 146 electoral votes. But others see the general's swift, triumphal tour as a challenge that can be met only by having 'Gov. Adlai Stevenson make a similarly vigorous drive in Dixie — \vhere Democrats traditonally never have conducted more than token campaigns. Still another result of the Eisenhower showing was to encourage Southern Democratic leaders like Gov. Herman Talmadge of Georgia to warn Stevenson that he must check what they regard as a swift swing to the left if he is to hold the solid South. Talmadge has criticized recent Stevenson statements on offshore tidelands ownership, civil rights legislation and Senate filibusters which have blocked passage of such legislation. He said Georgia, which has never voted Republican, may be a doubtful state by November if Stevenson continues to the left. But "maybe we woke him up," Talmadge said referring to Ike's Atlanta speech at which Talmadge welcomed the nominee. Talmadge also was impressed by the size of Eisenhower's southern crowds. "That's more people than a candidate for governor talks to in three months," he said. Gov. Alan Shivers of Texas and Gov. Robert Kennon of Louisiana also have been displeased by Stevenson's statements, particularly his appproval of federal ownership of the tidelands. » The issue apparently was a major factor leading Gov. Kennon The lowest index was 110 in Chau-j to predict today that Eisenhower tauqua. Others at this end of the jl ' scale were Graham-Trego 119 and Logan-Wallace 122. The remaining 100 counties exceeded the national average of 122. Thirty - seven Kansas counties were in the highest fifth nationally; 43 in the next to high fifth carry Louisiana. Earlier he said of Eisenhower's tour that a man of his statute would attract crowds anywhere, and his nomination naturally increased his drawing power. Florida, Texas and Virginia i-ere the states the Republicans and 24 in Ihe middle fifth. Only themselves said most often they Chautauqua County ranked in the lower 40 per cent of all counties in the nation. To Seek Study of River Basiii Plan TOPEKA, Sept 6 Iff) — The director of the Karisas Industrial Development Commission will leave Sunday for New York to contact engineers concerning the proposed study of the Kansas River basin. The study has been ordered by Gov. Edward F. Am to provide "objective and unbiased" answers to the basin's flood control problems. Maurice E. Fager, KJDC director, said he will confer with "several of the country's top - notch engineers in order to make cer 1 tain the survey is made by the best tajent available in the country." Arn asked the KTDC to obtain the "highest qualified specialists in the nation'' to make the study which he said should provide a homes and oner property through-; out Kansas. Arn said such an authoritative report would provide, an answer "not influenced by rival federal agencies or by any other pressure groups" and that it would provide a basis for moving on toward ''the intelligent solution of flood control in Kansas." expect to win. At least one prominent Florida Democrat shares the opinion that Eisenhower may carry Florida. Sen. George A. Smathers said his impact on the South "is a matter of concern for Democrats." The Senator noted that President Truman got less than 50 per cent of the Florida vote in 1948 and said he believes there is a possibility for the Republicans to carry his state this year. He Ncedlccraft I T HE good condiftSh of the floors in your hoore is the first indication of careful housekeeping. People invariably look to the floor when entering a house, and when the house .is yours, you'll want to be pleased with what they see. The formula for floor-appeal is. just t soap, water, wax, elbow grease and a fejv pretty rugs. SHINE 'EM W To keep wood floors looking their level best between washings, simply use a dry mop to remove dust particles. Be sure that the mop is oil-free if your floors are waxed, for oil softens wax. When the woodwork is ready for a washing, use cold water and dry immediately. An occasional light waxing adds to the floor's appearance. If you're doing: a large scale beautifying job, however, you may want to apply an oil finish instead. An equal mixture of raw linseed oil and turpentinffi, when rubbed into the woofl, brings out the beauty of open grained woods such as oak or chestnut. If you have light, close grained wood floors, use lemon or cedar oil to prevent darkening. As for painted floors, keep them in good condition by washing with a mild soap and water. Add a few drops of ammonia to the water if the woodwork is greasy. A light waxing, or a light application of linseed or furniture oil will give a nice shine. PRETTY 'EM UP After all your washing and waxing, you'll want your floors to be enhanced by attractive rugs. Cotton throw rugs are pretty and most practical and you can make them yourself. They can be laundered easily with a mild soap and lukewarm water. If hot water and strong soap are used, the rug is apt to become fuzzy. Be sure to dry your rugs flat. MAKE YOUR OWN RUG The floors of your home will be your pride and joy especially when you crochet your own rugs. Here's a simple and lovely crocheted rug design which you will enjoy makiijg. The daisy motifs are made separately and sewn together, on the wrong side, when you've finished crocheting. This rug is attractive in white daisies on a bright red background, or in yellow daisies on a brown field. Directions for DAISIES, the crocheted rug, can be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Needlework Department of this paper requesting LeafletiNo. 9459. strongly urged Stevenson to cam-| paign in Florida. » Fairmount Mabel VI. Taulknei Mrs. James Seeman will be the hostess of the Fail-mount Stevenson in Defense 01 Own Program DENVER UPI—Gov. Adlai Stevenson stormed through the (West Saturday, heaping coals of ridicule on the Republicans for "illfitting self- righteousness," and pledging himself to an all-out war against corruption in government. The Democratic presidential candidate hurled cutting words at the GOP on three major campaign issues. In Denver Friday night, he talked about "crooks in government," and kidded the Republicans for their slogan, "it's time for a change." In Denver, the governor let fly with some sharp-pointed shafts at his opposition. And, although he spoke quietly and with restraint, he showed genuine feeling when he replied to some of the attacks on himself. On the corruption issue, Stevenson said: "They (the Republicans) go on to say that I am indebted to some, that I would have no freedom, and that I could do nothing if I found dishonesty. "Corruption in public office is treason to Democrats as well as Republicans. "Any crooks I can find ',in the government will be exposed and punished as ruthlessly as I've done in Illinois, to Republicans and Democrats alike. And I think 1 know more about catching them than my opponent. Stevenson then hit directly at Eisenhower. He said he "resents 1 ' assertions against him, in connection with the corruption issue. "I had not expected that from the general, and I will not repay him in kind," he told the audience, but I would thank him to read more carefully what I don't believe he would write, himself." Tonganoxie Iln. William Simlson Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coulter, and sons enjoyed a week visit with THE LEAVENWOBTH TIMES, Sunday Morning, September 7,1952. LOOK OUT BELOW—It's'deny Lewis and Dean Martin dropping in for a laugh landing at the Hollywood starting-, today in a scene from their picture Jumping Jacks. (Arthur La Mar and family. Jftui is in the Marines. He win ieav» soon for a 30-day stay in Calif. after which he will be sent to Korea. Mr: and Mrs. Neal Buffington entertained with a picnic supper Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Garland Lease and children of Denmark, la. and also honoring Neal Buffington, Jr., who will report for duty with the U.S. Army on Sept 15. All of their children and their families were present. Carol Curtis and Mildred Carbaugh of the Prairie Schooners 4-H Club were given top honor for the girls demonstration at the County fair this year. Their demonstration was on "How to cover a Sewing Box." They are now eligible to compete at the Topeka fair. Faulkner and Mrs. Herman Lindel at Bashor. Mrs. Richard Smith and children Kay and Michael were the guests Sunday of Mrs. Smith's relatives in Salina, Kas. and Flag- parents Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wil-'er and Colorado Springs, Colo. liams. Greetings are Mexico. being received Mrs. Grace Goodson, Phoenix, Ariz., visited last week with Mr. have 'and Mrs. Gus Emerson. Mrs. Good- Demonstration Unit at 2 p.m. at cn j O y e( i a month's vacation motor-json is Mrs. Jack Emerson's grand- her home Tuesday Sept. 9. The ing and have seen many interest- Home Furnishings lesson -will being places on their trip. They week. given by Mrs. Stanley Wiles and^Pf t to return to ** home Mrs. P. Hein. All members are| urged to attend. i Emil Vielke, Pasadena, Calif., i GAME GETS UNFRIENDLY is the guest of his daughter and! DENVER (ffl—Two oldsters were family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chance, j playing a "friendly" game of and sons Jimmie and Frank. Miss Doris Buchanan left Wednesday to enroll at the Nebraska Weslyan University, Lincoln, Neb. Miss Buchanan is the daughter of; Mr. and Mrs. Perry Buchanan. Mrs. Reece Faulkner of Leavenworth was the guest of h e r brother and wife, during the week snooker in a local billiard parlor. The 80-year-old player objected when his opponent wanted to lift both feet off the floor to make a difficult side pocket shot. The "younger" man, aged 77, assaulted him with a pool cue. The older man was taken to the hospital with cuts, bruises, shock Mr. and Mrs. John B.. Sanders of'and possible skull injuries. Tonganoxie. Wednesday they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES mother. Mr. and Mrs. George Cooke received a wire Tuesday notifying them of the death of Mrs. Cook's mother, Mrs. C.J. Stumbaugh at Canby, Calif. Mrs. Stumbaugh had visited her daughter and family here about five weeks ago. A one o'clock luncheon was given in honor of Miss Dolores Rawlings by Mrs. E.R. Rogers at the Hearth in Lawrence, Tuesday. Dolores will leave soon to attend Cottey College at Nevada, Mo. The guests were Dolores Rawlings, Mrs. Dale Rawlings, Wanda Dav"is, Barbara Chilcote, Marilyn Roberts, Mrs. W.T. Bleakley, Virginia Gilliland, Mrs. R. Bullimore, Jane Ellen Korb, Rettalou Torneden and Maridel Davis of Tonganoxie and Sarah Lawrence, Paula Pierson and Rhoda Torneden of Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. Art Hughes visited Mr. and Mrs. Don Majors and other friends in Wichita over the weekend. Tonganoxie Home Demonstara- tion Unit will meet Monday, Sept. 8 at 2 P.M. at the home of Mrs. Chauncey Angell. Mr. and Mrs. Merle F. Guinn announce the engagement and for-) thcoming marriage of their daughter Joan, to Donald Carbaugh, soni of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Carbaugh. The wedding will take place Sept. 28 at the Methodist Church. Mike Seymour's New Standard Station- at the highway junction isj completed, and will have an of- fical opening Friday and Saturday, Sept. 5 and 6. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McNulty! of Wichita announce the birth ofi a baby girl on August 19. Douglas ' is a former Tonganoxie resi-! dent. Arthur Brown of San Antonio, Tex. has been visiting his brother, John Brown. The August meeting of the 49' ers 4-H Club was held at the home of Mr. and 'Mrs. Dean Free-! man. The meeting opened wit hi 13 members saying the flag salute and club pledge followed by the song "America". Roll call was| answered by naming "a kind of! fish." All officers, leaders and committeee reports were given. Th program consisted of the follow-1 ing. "Be a Shadow Artist" by Charles Mitts; Music Appreciation "Let's Make Music" by Billie Mc- Gee; "Tractor Safety" by Lee Johnson; Report on his Junior- leader Trip by Lee Johnson. Mrs. Dean Freeman served refreshments after the meeting. Games were enjoyed by all. The next meeting will be Sept 17, with parents' night. Mr. and j\irs. Paul Smith visited at the home of his sister Mrs, FLYING SOLDIERS SINGAPORE (B— Twenty giant, aircraft are to fly 1,164 British soldiers, sailors and airmen who have completed their tour of duty in Malaya to Britain by Christmas. The chartered planes—Airwork Hermes, Eagle Yorks and Aquilla Solent flying boats—will bring back replacements with each outward trip. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES - NOTICE : American Cab Company Back In Operation Wed., Sept. 10 For quicker, safer, faster, radio controlled taxi service, make ft a habit to — Phone 4784 No Lower Rates In Town Than Ours! Miss Everhardy School .of Dancing All Branches of Dancing Taught -ENROLL NOW FOR FALL TERM- Special Junior Ballroom Classes Telephone 3052 Chevrolet CHARMING PLACE MATS— Bring the gaiety of a summer carnival to your table with 1 these lacy place mats. Their 1 whirling beauty is a combination of hairpin lace and crochet in blue and white. The oval CARNIVAL WHSEL is. 15 x 19 Vi inches; the round one measures 1414 inches in diameter. Crocheting directions can be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Needlework Department of this paper with a request for Leaflet No. S-212. ...the lowest-priced line in its field! Measure value by what you get for what you pay .. . and it's easy to see why more people buy Chevrolets than any other car. For you get more with Chevrolet ... fine quality features found in no other low-priced car. And yet you pay less ... for Chevrolet is the lowest- priced line in the low-price field. 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