Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1930 · Page 20
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1930
Page 20
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k Celebrants VE WISH, IN THIS MANNER, TO THANK all friends and neighbor* for their kindness and sympathy shown us In our *ad be- eavement In the death of our dear *]fe and mother, Mrs. Mlnnlt Ranek. Also ' for the WE DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER, TO thank relatives, neighbors and friends for heir kindness and sympathy shown In our jcreavement In the death of our wife and mother, Mrs. Martha File*. Also for the leautlful floral tributes and the use of au- omoblles. LOST—PAIR GLASSES, YESTERDAY AF- ternoon, between 12th Ave, 12th St. and 19th Ave., 16th St. Dial 4446. Reward. President of the Iceland Millcnlal Celebration committee, and cousin of Vilnjalmur Stefansson, famed arctic explorer, Johannes Johannesson, pictured upper riKht, has charge of the festivities at Reykjavik this June which will be attended by the King of Denmark and Iceland, shown lower left, as well as many Americans, Canadians and British notables. At the upper left you see a typical Icelandic beauty, and below the parliament building at Reykjavik, with the cathedral at the right. ICELAND IS SET FOR MILLENNIUM *», ^Americans Will Attend Anni• versary Festivities Where Norsemen Set Up Oovern: ment In Ninth Century. By MILTON BRONNER, NEA Service Writer. LONDON, June 5.—Along about the middle of June something like 2,000 ' Americans of Icelandic origin and about 1,000 Canadians from the neighborhood of Winnipeg will land in the old home country of Iceland to celebrate with the natives the thousandth anniversary of the Althing, the Ice- landc parliament, which is claimed to be the very oldest in the world Taking part in the festivities, along •with the native Icelanders and those who have come back from the North American continent, will be King Christian of Denmark, who is also king of Iceland, Crown Prince Olaf of Norway, and Crown Prince Gustaf of Sweden. Great Britain is recognizing the unique event by sending her crack battleship, the Kodney, on which will live the representatives of the British parliament—Lords Newton and Marks, representing the house of lords, and Sir Robert Hamilton and P. J. Noel Baker, representing the house of commons. There ii something historically fitting in this pilgrimage of Icelandic Americans, sailing eastwards to Iceland, because in the year 1000 Leif Erlkson, the Norseman, sailed westwards from Iceland and discovered the North American continent, starting a colony called Vinland, probably -''the present site of New Bedford, ^.Massachusetts. Iceland was settled by Norsemen in th'S ninth century. • Cut off from the rest of the world, they developed their own system of government, including , : ..ji projected parliament to represent "'tie voice of the people. Grim explor- . ed the island in search of a suitable '''meeting place while Ulflijotur went to W Norway to study law. ' " The one chose a site at Thingvellir > and the 1 other drew up a code of law, '• and Just 1,000 years ago this first v parliament met under the open sky. It has been a going concern ever since. ''.'-" The main millennium festivities will take place from June 26 to 28 inclusive. The government has arranged to house many of the visitors intents at Thingvellir, which is about' thirty miles from the capital of Reyjavik. Others will be housed in the capita: and the rest will sleep and live in the steamships which bring them to Iceland. On the opening day of the ceremonies the peasant farmers from all parts of Iceland wll. come to Thing- vellir on their pack horses as did their ancestors 1,000 years ago, for there are no railways on thfe island. 1 A very extensive program has been prepared, opened by a mass assemblage of natives and visitors at wha< is still known as the "Law Rock." Here speeches will be made by the acting premier and the king. Then the Althing will hold a session anc an address will be made by the speaker. In the afternoon speakers representing the Icelandic Americans and Canadians will deliver speeches. On the opening day and those following there will be the singing of Icelandic cantatas by a great choir, historical plays, displays of peasant wrestling, folk dancing, mountain climbing and horse racing. Most people think of Iceland as a tiny speck up in the frozen waters of the north Atlantic. As a matter of fact, it is 20 per cent bigger than Ireland and about the same size as the state of Kentucky. It is of vol; canlc origin and has a number of volcanoes, the most celebrated belnf Hekla, which is over a mile high anc had an eruption as late as 1912. There are over 900 hot springs and geysers in Iceland. The population is about 100,000 of whom 22,000 live ; in Reykjavik, the capital Only, the valleys are given over to cultivation, the main industries being sheep raising and fishing. Iceland was an independent republic ' from 930 to 1263 when it joined Norway. The two came under Danish rule in 1381. When Norway separated from Denmark in-1814, Iceland remained under Denmark. But the Icelanders always were a stiff and independent folk and, finally, in 1918 Denmark acknowledged Iceland as a sovereign state, united with Denmark only in that the Danish king is also king of Iceland. In all else it is absolutely free, except that until 1940 Denmark has charge of its foreign relations. Though the little Island state has no railways, it has an extensive system of good roads and an excellen telegraph and telephone service schools and a university. Crime is almost unknown. Education is universal and books are widely read. In proportion to its small population, it has also contributed much to Danish art and literature. Side Glances— by George Clark "Hello bo>»: Jukt » Uiie to let you know we made 460 miles the first da)—having « great time." ULKVATOH KfiUH i-AUOfi. TOKYO, Juo« 0.—For centuries \>i\- gnau U> the fuiaouo temple town of NUikc, have toiled up a long slope to rcftcb the txme ot Kegon Falia, one of tti» beauty vpoU) of Japan. Now they (u»y rid* *JI the way, (or an uuto- elevator has been installed ut a fl 176,000, MISTAKEN*. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 5.— When James G. Williams sought a divorce from hi3 wife, he charged that she left him the day after they were married. .She told him .she made a mistake, lie .^aui. and that the "real- Back in Your Backyard"- Baby Chicks false Oii Cardotfhankt \ Rent—Untarnished Room* DOROTHY AND GLADYS. DESIRE, IN THIS WAY, TO EXPRESS to my friends numbered among the Al- oona Yard employes, my sincere gratitude and appreciation for their sympathy and imely assistance BO kindly given me In the •ecent loss of my wife and BROWN found. Lost — Found V*sX^* AND WHITE FOX Phone 2-6974. HOUND PEARL BROOCH, LOST TUESDAY IN Brett's or Gable's more, or on llth Aye. Finder notify 2904 Union Ave. Dial 8819. Reward. LOST—3 KEYS IN A LEATHER KEY case. Reward if returned to Adv. Dept., Mlrr.or office. Personals 'URNISHED SECOND FLOOR FRONT room In private family of adults. Room quipped with lavatory, hot water heat, use f bath and private telephone. Residential Istrlct. Suitable for one or two gentlemen. leference must be A No. 1. For location, erms and Inspection, apply Ed. Seldel, Realtor. PERMANENT WAVING, STEAM OR ALL methods. Requires no finger waving. Mrs. G. Evans, 1440 13th Ave. Phone 2-0197. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, $5. Genuine supplies used. Marcel !>0c; flnger and water waves, manicure BOc. Dial 42ia. FACIAL TREATMENTS, SCALP TREAT- ments and violet ray for all body ailments, See Verna Kuny. Phone 2-0741. SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MASSAGE, Dr. Kruse system. Dial 2-7635 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S. Casner. PAINS IN YOUR STOMACH, GROIN OR legs may be a rupture. Ask your physician. He will advise you properly. Altoona Artificial Limb and Appliance Co., 907 Green Ave. LADIES' BEAUTIFUL FRENCH HAIR transformations. Defies detection. Hair goods, expert permanent hair waving. Perfect marcel. Personal attention. Mrs. Jean Vaughan. 341-342 Central Trust Bldg. Elevator service. Beauty Shoppes _ XX>^XN^^^^-VN/%^N^^"x''S^^'^'N/^*sXVN^ MRS HAMATY ANNOUNCES THE RE- moval of Rose Marie Beauty Shoppe from 2008 Broad Ave. to new location, 1820 Union Ave., 2nd floor. Dial 3-9286. Help Wanted—Male ^^^^^V/^^V^XS^ -XX>XS^V WANTED—COMPETENT AND RELIABLE man to assist In operating cleaner truck. References required. Apply Holland Furnace Co., 1624 12th Ave. MEN, AVERAGE EARNINGS $42 WEEK- ly, selling nationally known Wlllard Custom Tailoring. Lines now available for fall 1930. A quality line. Sample equipment free. Reservation i for restricted territories now being made. Generous commissions and bonuses. We train you. The Wlllard Tailor- Ing Corp., Fayettd and Hanover Sts., Baltimore, Maryland. WANTED — REGISTERED PHARMACIST for Sunday relief work. Apply David J. Davis, 2411 8th Ave. Dial 6612. PORTER WANTED FOR BARBER SHOP at once. 1106 12th St. x MEN WANTED—30 TO 50 YEARS OF AGE, owning a car, who can live within the bounds of $50 per week. Proof of reliability and steadiness more essential than glorious business career of the past. Want to hear from men who support homes and live outside of Altoona or who are willing to move outside of Altoona. Inquiries treated confldentiallly and all' will receive a reply. Write today. Box 1920-L, Mirror. MEN—5 TO COVER EASTEN PENNA. CIT- les on special circulation work. Travel expenses paid. See Mr. Wallace, Hotel Wayne, after 6 p. m. SODA FOUNTAIN MANAGER. MUST BE capable of taking full charge. State age, experience, salary expected. Write 2148-L,, Mirror. CARPENTER AND WEATHER STRIPPER. Must be experienced. Good wages paid to good mechanic. Apply 1110 13th Ave. Ask for Mr. De Richelieu. 'Help Wanted — Female MANICURIST WANTED AT ONCE. Dial 4369. WOMEN—WHOLE OR PART TIME, TAKE orders for dresses. Two hours daily pays $18 weekly. Coldren Knitting Mills, Schuyl- klll Haven, Pa. In business 37 years. CLERK, FEMALE, FOR SODA FOUNTAIN Must have experience. Write 2149L, Mirror. WANTED—YOUNG, NEAT, EXPERIENCED girl to sell hats. Apply 403 14th St. RELIABLE GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work. Steady place. Small family. In quire 1908 Pine Ave. No phone calls. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. ONE who can go home nights. Inquire 1109 17th St. Salesmen — Agents ^X^^v^v^^N^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^.^ 1 ^*^*^ I CAN USE 2 OR 3 HONEST, ENERGETIC hard working house to house salesmen. Salary while learning. Chance for advancement Big permanent earnings for those who make good A salary against commission for those who qualify. A strictly high class proposition. See R. F. Baur, Room 1, Lincoln Trust Bldg. WANTED — AMBITIOUS, INDUSTRIOUS person to Introduce and supply the demand for Rawlelgh Household Products In Tyrone Johnstown and Indiana cities and various other towns and rural districts in this part of Pennsylvania. $150 to $400 a month or more profit. Rawlelgh sales and service methods get business everywhere. No selling experience required. We supply .products outfit—everything you need. Proflts gnome Increase every month. Lowest prices; best values; most complete service. W. T. Raw- lelgh Co., Dept. PN-122, Freeport, 111. Situation Wanted — Male , vxs ^XX*^^s^^-V^-^^^S'^' s ^N'^s^^\XN^s^S^' MEAT CUTTER WISHES POSITION IN OR gut of city. Ten years' experience in best of markets. Reference upon request. Write 2612-E, care Mirror. COLORED MAN DESIRES POSITION AS chauffeur for private family, business or traveling man. 18 years' experience. In or out of town. First class references. Inquire 412 22nd St. Dial 4830. Situation Wanted — Female ^^ V *^^^^A^XX>^^ - ^^^N^V^^N^V>^-V^V^^^^NX^'^^^ MIDDLE AGED LADY WISHES HOUSE keeping for widower. Can give reference Phone 2-4827 or 507 8th Ave.. Juniata. EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS HOUSL cleaning by day or hour. Dial 2-2887. REFINED LADY WISHES POSITION AS housekeeper or general housework. Bee of reference. Dial 2-9769. WIDOW LADY DESIRES CLEANING, OF nces, restaurant, buildings, etc. Inqulr 2817 Maple Ave. UNFURNtSHED ROOMS WIT'fr ALL cbvenlences. Private home. Inquire 310 th Ave., Junlata. Kent — Furnished Room* ^«^»>SXS^S^ir*<^v^>>^^<^~^^^»^*>X\A^>SXs>S^ 022 LEXINGTON AVE.—3 SMALL ROOM apartment, suitable for small family. •orches,' yard. Dial 2-7723. CHEERFUL, CONNECTING FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping. Wont, back ntrance. Inquire 843 17th St. Dial 2-8741. OAK AV»., tott »«BO to h\iic$ Ave, Dial S-9184. Unfurnished Apartments 618 12th Sf.—APARTMENT, 6 ROOMS AN-D bath, front porch, laundry, inquire next door, Dr. Yeater. 8 LIGHT?, CHEERFUL ROOMS, BATH, ALL conveniences. Fine location. Papered hfoughout. .Reference required. Inquire 2217- Broad Ave. 504 LLOYD St.—4 'ROOMS AND BATH, hot water heati Suitable for light housekeeping. Reasonable rent. Inquire 200 E. 5th Ave. NICE ROOM, FURNISHED FOR LIGHT housekeeping. $3.50 per week. Another or sleeping, S2.50. Apply 1401 18th, Ave. FURNISHED ROOM IN ALL MODERN home, conveniences, for 1 or 2 reliable mslness men. Reference. Dial 4772. In- lUlre 2627 Broad Ave. WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS FOR light housekeeping. Private family and ntrancc, all conveniences. Dial 2-9015. ROOMS FOR LODGING, ?3 AND UP. Rooms for light housekeeping. Free park- ng space. Inquire 1411 8th Ave. ,17 WILLOW AVE.—NICELY FURNISHED room, all conveniences. 1ICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. Twin beds. Ladles preferred. Inquire 2510 tV. Chestnut Ave. Dial 6908. 5-ROOM APARTMENT, OVER OFFICE. Hot water heat, bath, elec., gas, linoleum in bath and kitchen. Gas range, shades, screens, private front and rear entrance, yard and garage. Rent reasonable. Ed. Seldcl, Realtor. 2209 BEALE AVE.—1st FLOOR OF DU- plex, 5 rooms, bath, porches and small yard, $25. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. i-8160. OS HOWARD AVE.—3 FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping, all conven- ences. Not suitable for children. Dial 7849. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN. 1 square from new Keith High school. Fam- ly of 2 adults. All conveniences. Dial 8304. llth AVE., 1915—3 FRONT ROOMS, 1st, 2nd floor. Sun parlors, porche.'. Newly papered, painted. Laundry. Private en- rance. NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM WITH all conveniences. $3 per week. Inquire 800 4th Ave. NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH' ALL modern conveniences. Rent S3 up. 150214 13th St. JUNIATA. 1011 2nd ST.—2 NICELY FUR- nlshed housekeeping rooms. Use phone, porch, laundry. Close mill or shops. Low rent. 2321 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—NICELY FUR- nlshed room, private home, all conveniences. Reference. Dial 2-S522. NICELY FURNISHED FRONT BEDROOM, all conveniences. Private home. To office or business man. Dial 2-8953. COZY FRONT ROOM IN PRIVATE HOME. Oarage on premises, all conveniences. Inquire 3003 Oak Ave. READ THEM AND HEED THEM AND DO not delay In answering classified offers today. Furnished Apartments ,^^ v ^^S^v^^N^^SX^^^N^S^NX>rf^XN^^'^'NXV^^S^Srf^. FURNISHED APT., IN QUIET HOME, large living room, kitchenette equipped with white porcelain units. Large bedroom and bath. After 3 p. m. Inquire E. Blanche Bender, 1418 Washington Ave. ALL MODERN AND ELECTRIC CONVEN- lences. Will accommodate 2 or 3 adults. No children. Very central. Call between ) to 10 a. ra. and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. Dial 2-1862. 4-ROOM FURNISHED APT., BATH, ALL conveniences. Private entrance. Inquire 862 17th St. Dial 2-2982. THIRD FLOOR FURNISHED APARTMENT. 3 rooms and bath, enclosed rear porch. Ev- erytnlng complete. Inquire 2428 Maple Ave. 3 ROOMS AND BATH, FIRST FLOOR, nicely furnished. Private entrance. Dial 2-9780 or Inquire 2507 Broad Ave. FOR RENT—FURNISHED APARTMENT, $37.50 monthly. Inquire Mrs. H. A. Lynch. Phone 2-5146. 861 17th ST.—SECOND FLOOR APT., FOR light housekeeping, 3 first class furnlsh- i- rooms, private bath, all conveniences, front porch; also first floor front bedroom, suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Inquire 2401 8th Ave. Dial 2-0610. 1st FLOOR, NEWLY FURNISHED, MOD- ern Apt., 4 rooms, bath. Inquire U02 21st St., Apt. 5. 1600 2nd AYE.— 4 ROOMS, BATH, FRONT porch, heat and running hot water. Rent S45. McVey-Faris Co. Phone 7128. Unfurnished Apartments r^S* v *^S\^*S^/*^*S******S*S^*<^**^°*S**S*s*~****'*** E. 2nd AVE. AND LLOYD ST.—4 ROOMS, all conveniences. $35. 849 24th St., beside Presbyterian church, 4 rooms, all conveniences. $40. 1211 8th Ave.—4 rooms, all conveniences. $25. 2221 8th Ave.—4 rooms, all conveniences $25. Cor. 8th Ave., 14th St.—First floor, 4 rooms, bath, porch. $40. MCVEY.-FAHIS CO., Clement Jaggard Bldg. Phone 7128. 1121 17th AVE.—2nd FLOOR, 5 ROOMS and bath, electric stove, shades. Call after 5 p. m. Dial 2-5707. 2320 8th AVE.—3 ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR all conveniences, $28; 4 rooms, second floor, all conveniences, $28. Dial 2-0307 7443 or 2-6056. CALVERT APTS., 2507 W. CHEST. AVE., modern, 6 rooms, 2nd floor, hardwood floors, fireplace, porches, fine condition, $45. 2205 7th AVE.—FIRST FLOOR. 4 ROOMS, bath. 1937 W. Chestnut, 2nd floor, 4 rooms, all Improvements. Phone 5076. 3 ROOMS, BATH, FINISHED ATTIC, GAS and electric light. Hot water and telephone service. $20 month. Inquire 706 4th St. Dial 2-1003. 510 16th ST.—SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, 5 rooms, all conveniences, $35. Inquire John Martin. 518 16th St.. or Dial 2-509" or 9029. 1514 7th AVE.—MODERN SECOND FLOOR apartment, enclosed porches. Excellent condition. Hot water heat, gaa range, linoleum, blinds. E. R. Halton, 1510 7th Ave. MAJESTIC APT., APARTMENT CONSIST- Ing of living room, breakfast room, kitchenette, bedroom, bath, enclosed front porch and all conveniences, $35; also apartment at $30. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. 2-8160. 507 19th ST.—5 ROOMS, BATH, PRIVATE basement, heat, shades, range furnished Inquire 505 IBth St. B-ROOM, UP-TO-DATE DAYLIGHT APT. 1507 12th St. Inquire O. L. McCartney 1200 15th Ave. APT., 1719 6th AVK., ALTOONA—4 BRIGHT rooms, private bath and entrance, heat yard. $23. 4-ROOM APT., RANGE, BLINDS FUR nlshed, all modern conveniences. Rent $25 Inquire D. E. Furry, 2901 Maple Ave. 5-ROOM FLAT. ALL CONVENIENCES, $20 month; also storeroom at 507 15th St Reasonable rent. Inquire 507 15th St. 4 ROOMS AND BATH. RENT REASON able. Inquire No. 1, Apt., Flatlron Bldg GARAGE FOR RENT—1268 18th' AVS. AND 16th St. Brick. Rea«6nrt!« tent. Ftam» -9498. 8-ROOM APT., „ WITH BATH. INQUIRE Hahn * Co., 813 Green Ave. 5 ROOMS AND BATH. GAS RANGE AND shades furnished. All rooms to the street. Residential section. Inquire at store, 2nd Ave. and 24th St. 1303 12th AVE.—6-ROOM APT., NEWLY papered, bath, electric. $35. Inquire 809 Qreen Ave. Phone 8171. FIRST FLOOR, 5 ROOMS AND BATH, front and back porches, $45. Private garage. Located in Llyswen. 2-6601 or 8286. 2302 W. CHESTNUT 'AVE.—2nd FLOOR duplex, 5 rooms with finished attic, bath, all conveniences, porch. Dial 2-7249. 3 ROOMS, PRIVATE BATH, PORCHES AND entrance. Rent $13. Inquire 2201 Beale Ave., between 6.30 and 8 p. m. FIRST FLOOR Four rooms, bath, front and rear porches, garage, located 2515 8th Ave. See this before you rent. Reasonable rent. Clyde Saylor. Phone 2-6851. 1717 12th AVE.—FIVE ROOM APART- ment, all conveniences. Rent reasonable. Inquire at Evin Shoe Shop, 1206 llth St. or 1719 12th Ave. JUNIATA, 205 5th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 4 rooms, bath, hot water heat. Dial 2-7519. BRETH APT., 825 7th AVE.—3 AND 4 rooms, heat, oath, gas range. $24 and $30. Dial 9029 or 2-5092. 1228 18th AVE. — SECOND STORY DU- plcx, five rooms and bath. Splendid location. Dial 2-5356. 2nd FLOOR DUPLEX. IN GOOD CONDI- tion, 5 rooms and bath, garage and hot water heat furnished. Very reasonable rent. Located at 930 31st St. Geo.W. Lleblg. Dial 9-5231. 818 7th AVE.—2nd FLOOR, 5 ROOMS AND bath, sun porch and enclosed back porch. For particulars Dial 2-9797, or call at Dougherty hardware store, 7th Ave.. 7th St. 210 10th ST.—SECOND FLOOR APT., LIV- ing room, 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen and breakfast nook. Hot water heat furnished. Dial 2-6325 or 2-0363. DUPLEX, 314-312 3rd ST.—5 ROOMS, bath, hot water heat, all conveniences. Inquire 219 Lloyd St. 3-ROOM APT., STEAM HEAT, HOT WA- ter. good laundry, locker. Low rent. Dial 2-7497. WAYNE APTS., 1106 18th ST., 3 ROOMS and bath, all conveniences. Rent $20. W. B. Cassidy. Dial 2-7993. Rent — Houses 1601% 5th AVE.—t ROOMS AND BATH. Rent $18. Inquire at 2210 8th Ave. Dial 2-7519. 3034 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—6 ROOMS AND all conveniences. For further particulars, inquire T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5192. 6-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, FURNACE, ALL conveniences. 2-car garage. Rent $28. 1821 13th Ave. Inquire 508 26th St. Phono 2-5971. 1810 15th AVE.—6-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, garage, all conveniences. Call Struney, 7391. 2101 19th ST.—FIVE ROOMS, 50 FOOT corner lot with garage. Apply at 1701 6th Ave. Dial 7558. Ill 16th ST.—6-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CON• veniences. Inquire 1912 4th Ave. Phone 2-8398. TWO FIVE ROOM HOUSES, REAR BEALE Ave. and 22nd St. Inquire A. O'Toole, 1321 llth Ave. Dial 2-8118. 324 4th AVE.—8 ROOMS,' ALL CONVEN- lences. $40. 601 2nd Ave., Junlata—5 rooms, light and gas, $16. 710 Crawford Ave.—7 rooms, all conveniences. 2-car garage. $38. Park Ave., Lakemont, Rev. Williams property, back of playground, 5 rooms, all conveniences. $27. 909B 24th St., between Broad and W. Chestnut Aves.—7 rooms and bath, all conveniences. $50. 206 Bell Ave.—Modern 6-room house, all conveniences. Excellent condition. $35. McVEY-FARIS CO., Clement Jaggard Bldg. Phone 7128. 1914 MARGARET AVE.—8-ROOM HOUSE, hath, furnace, all conveniences. $30 month Inquire 809 Green Ave. Phone 8171. 320 CHERRY AVE.—0-ROOM FRAME house, all conveniences. Shades furnished. Inquire 320 Cherry Ave. 2827 8th AVE.—5-ROOM BUNGALOW, newly papered, all conveniences except bath. $18 month. Large yard. Apply Mrs. Vlrla, 2004 6th Ave. Phone 3-1552. 1916 18'X, ST.—8-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CON- veniences. light, gas. Inquire 1219 19th St. Dial 2-6951. 6-UOOM BRICK HOUSE, ALL MODERN conveniences. Rent reasonable. Good location. Phone 2-9702. 404 3rd AVE.—2 HOUSES. FRONT HAS 1) rooms, 2 baths, storeroom In front, hot water heat. $28 month. Rear has 6 rooms, all conveniences except bath. $22 month. 6-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, GAS, ELECTRIC and furnace. New paint and paper. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1302 19th St. 801>,i 5th Ave.—LARGE HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, all conveniences. Garage. Must be seen to be appreciated. Inq. 1024 16th Ave. 1417 1st ST.,—7 ROOMS, BATH, ALL MOD- ern conveniences, porches. Rent reasonable. Call 101 Howard Ave. or Dial 2-2153. FURNISHED—FOR JULY AND AUGUST- Attractively furnished new house in Llyswen, 7 rooms, shower bath, electric refrigeration. Front, rear porches. Oarage. Reference. Write 2-148-E, Mirror. 413 WILLOW AVE., REAR — 7-ROOM house, all conveniences, cement crjlar. Rent reasonable;. Inquire 413 Willow. Dial 2-5387. TO THE M. Ds. OF ALTOONA—7-ROOM house and sun parlor. Suitable for clinic maternity. Good location. Noiseless. SVrlto 2679-E, care Mirror. 6-ROOM HOUSE, 2820 SPRUCE AVE. THIS house will be sold at a scariflce as people are leaving city. Also other houses for sale. Inquire 717 29th St., C. A. Wissinger, Bulld- ng Contractor. CALVERT HILLS—NEW HOME. ALL modern luxuries. Rent $70. Koller. Dial 4578. 1516 18th AVE.—RENT $20 PER MONTH. Inquire 1U'2B 20th Ave. or Dial 2-1081. 1607 15th ST.--FIVE ROOMS, 2 LARGE room.< down. :i rooms upstairs and bath, gas, lights, larte cement cellar, new paper and puint. Garage. Rent $25. Inquire 1500 16th Ave. 1'KESENX COFFEE KING. SAO PAULO, Brazil, June 5.—Don Francibco San Roman, Uruguay's cof fee king and a great friend of Brazil has received a present from a coffe growing friend of his in the state of I Sao Paulo, of an 18-carat gold ring. ' This ring bears the evolution of the coffee bean, in precious stones, from the flower, designed in gold, then the green berry, represented by an emerald, then the red ripened one in ruby, to the final toasted bean, rleverly imitated by onyx. It is the work of 1321 8th AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 4 ROOMS and alcove room. 1316 8th Ave.—First floor, 4 rooms, both have private bath, gas ranges, shade. 1 *, heat furnished. Dial 8573 9-12 a. ra. or 6.30-9 p. m. 1210 llth AVE.—SECOND FLOOR, 5 rooms, bath, porches. Moderate rent for this location. FOR RENT—JUNIATA, 626 4th AVE., 3- room Apt. Rent $16. K. McGrath, 2806 Broad. Dial 2-2471. FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, porches, all conveniences. Inquire 2420 7th Ave. 6-ROOM APARTMENT, 2515 BROAD AVK., 2nd floor duplex. Gua range, kitchen cabinet, linoleum In bath and kltch. 1 1. Dial 2-3032. Available on or before June 20. 5 ROOMS, BATH, ALL CONVENIENCES, private entrance, kitchen, bedroom, hull. newly papered. Jmjuirc 321 till) Ave., Junl- ' " Rent — Farms FARM CONTAINING 00 ACHES. GOOD house. Lank barn. i'ruit. Situated Billies from AHoona. Inquire 1701 6th Ave. FARM FOR RENT, 15 MINUTES' DRIVE from Alloona. Phone 7853. 8-ROOM HOUSE, CONVENIENCES, acres good soil, fruit tree*, grapes, i: city. Phone 4770. Rent — Cottages FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR RENT A'i Ardenhelm. River I'runt. Inquire 405 Huwurd Ave. Dial 764'J. ARUENHEIM — COMPLETELY FURNISH cottages. $15-2U wk. Special tieasfjn rates For inspection. Ijookmys see or write J. R Valentine. K. F. D. J. Huntingdon, Pa. COTTAGE KOR RENT On lake. Rent—Miscellaneous ^j 1L11 O A .——u i v*w*i«»"^*^'"*p for barber shop, beauty paHpr inquire Altooua Plate Glass $*f*"£***** TIMBER LAND OWNERS—WE JU-JTXVIUOW and collect forest Are damage*, estimate and sell timber and do gtnSttUI ioM»tr» work. 03 GRANT AVE.—7 ROOMS, WBW fAFBR. all conveniences, 1-car.garag*. 714 4th St.— 3-room apartment, bath, big nclosed porch 712-14 4th St.—2 larg* storerooms, sult- ible for any kind of business. 122 1st Ave.—5 rooms with conveniences. Also 9th Ave. and 38th' St.—5 rooms, M re °' W MATBIEU A SONS, . 824 Union Ave. Dial 9994. 55 19lh ST.—BUSINESS LOCATION. AP- prox. 1,200 sq, ft. floor space. Inquire 09 Green Ave. Phone 8171. LARGE STOREROOM; 26x40, AT 301 6th Ave. Reasonable rent. Inquire 515 3rd Sa/e—Furiif'hire OAK DINING ROOM SUITE, 8 F*. TABLE, buffet, serving table, 6 chairs. Inquire 2206 Oth Ave. Sale Or Rent -ROOM HOUSE. LIGHT AND WELL ter In kitchen. New roof. 1 acre ground. /ery suitable for raising chickens or gar- en. Fruit trees, grape arbor. Sale terms easonable. Located 29th Ave. and IBth St. nqulre of Charles A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. HOUSEHOLD GOODS--HAHOGANY . UV- ing room suite, covered with black leather; dining room suite, piano, leather couch, sln- ?le bed, dresser, miscellaneous. Inquire 904 58th St. -ROOM HOUSE, tf ACRE LOT, 11 MILES from Petersburg, at the foot of Tussey »tt. Make fine place for vacation or outing. Inquire at 1813 Walton Ave., Altoona, Sale — Houses BRICK HOME. ,£ STORY, MODERN BRICK HOME. Practically new, all conveniences, lawn and shrubbery. Lot 40x120. Owner leaving Ity. 1804 2nd Ave. SPRUCE AVE., 3217— BUNGALOW, rooms, hot air heat, lot 40x120. $2,400.00— $100.00 down, balance monthly payments. HOWARD 3. DARR, 1118 14th St. Dial 2-3188. FIVE Price small 2007 15th AVE.— bath, hot water porches, garage. —SEVEN ROOMS AND heat, cemented cellar, 4-ROOM BUNGALOW 24x24, LARGE CEL- lar, electric, well water, Improved state road, 8 minutes' drive to llth Ave. Acre ground, more If desired. Price J2.SOO; part :ash. A. Trcmmel, Buckhorn road, 154 miles Torn Altoona. r-ROOM MODERN HOUSE, CORNER LOT 50x120, all kinds fruit, garden. Sell rea- lonable. Inquire 3402 Walnut Ave. 97 LOGAN AVE.. LLYSWEN—FRAME house, slate roof. Lot 75x120. All con- •eniences. Adjstns Mansion Blvd. Dial 4883. 2827 8th AVE.—FOR SALE—BARGAIN, 5' room bungalow, newly built, all conven- ences except bath; lot 25x120. Good business location, across new A4P warehouse. Price $2,800, original price $3,500. Write or call on Geo. P. Hltc, 008 Cambria Ave., Johnstown, Pa. HILLSIDE AVE., ELDORADO, SCHUM property, 6 and 7 rooms, 1 to 4 acres of truck land. Real bargain. See owner, 860 58th St. Phone 3-1842. NINTH STREET RESIDENCE 1401 Ninth Street. Lot 40x75 feet. Large brick home and garage. New hot water heating plant, slate roof, fireplace, extra toilet. Let us show it to you. MORGAN-MARTIN CO. Central Trust Bldg. FOR SALE : 807 Howard Avenue. 6 Rooms? all improvements. Vacant. Immediate possession. 2-Car garage. Avenue and alley paved. Price $5800; terms. 112 Pearl Street, 6-Room frame dwelling with all improvements. Price $3200; terms. 601 South 7th Street. 7-Room frame dwelling in excellent condition. All improvements. Lot 55x 120 feet. Price $4750; terms. G. D. BLOOM Realtor—Insurance 1311 12th St. Phone 2-2383 6-Room House Lot 47x120 AH conveniences. Prico $2400. Must be sold within 10 days. Owner leaving city. Small amount of cash required. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith Walsh Bldg., Hollidaysburg fMU CASH Balance $35 monthly, buys 7-room home with hot water heat and bath, at 227 E. 5th Ave. Newly papered and painted. Price $,'1.700. Possession at once. Harris l)<>mlu>rt Realtor—Insurance, Commerce Bldg. Phone 2-0313. 5118 Broad Ave. Extension 6-room dwelling, conveniences, cemented cellar, lot 32x120 ft. Only $3,300. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5192. ONLY $4200.00 Very cozy home of 6 rooms, finished attic; elec., b'as, bath, hot water heat, porches, cem. cellar. Ave. and alley paved. At 414 Cherry Ave. Easy terms. For insp. and further Information, see ED SEIDEL, Realtor A St'.MMUK (OilAGE A tl'KKMANUMT IIO.MF; A la'ye house or a small Ijunyalow. a liny baok yard ur a apueluiu yunicn. What cio you waul t» buy or rent'/ We ell her liave It or will try to and it for yuu. WOODS BECK MAN COMPANY, Htalturs, Ptim Ceninil Blilg., Fifth Flour. CBMEfEft* Very desirable flulw'tt. W. Be St., Hollldaysburg. SMALL FARM ,OF 0 ACJRSS, LOCATED Otf Buckhbrn road, 1 mil* troM AltobnS. 8- room house, batn, electric light, «pMng water in house. 2-car garage. chfefceB .houses, all necewafy outbuilding*. Soih* baurlftg rrult trees. Price very reasonable If tola soon inquire W. C. walker, Buclthorn road; or Dial 9-B193. 1— GOLDEN OAK LIBRARY TABLB 1— Hall Seat iytth mirror. "^ 1 — Bed Davenport. 1— Mah. Davenport Table. 1 — 3 pe. Living Room Suite. 1— Piano. 1— Combination Range. i-Gas 1312 12th Ave. WOLF FUBN1TUBE CO., 1501 llth AVE. .OFFERS Breakfast Set, 6 Chalw and Table *J5.00 3 PC. Leather Suite $18.00 Buffet $16.00 3 PC. Reed Suite $25.00 FOR SALE—BIRDSEYE MAPLE BEDROOM suite, gas stove, rugs, lamps, baby carriage, child's crib, davenport table, piano and other household articles. 2522 Broad Ave. Business and Office Needs •^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^H^^^'*^^^^^^^^ 10 FT. SODA FOUNTAIN Will sacrifice for $50. Several plate glass show cases In practically new condition. Come and see them —will sell cheap. ALTOONA PLATE GLASS CO. 725 Green Ave. Dial 8886 or 2-7300 GWIN COAL CO.^-GWlN l«r And Mftdliott coal lit 1*11 Mafgafet Av». MIL* Musical Instruments */V*N^SySXS/WVX%XS/X/N/N^^V*SXVN^S*"^N^ PALMER PLAYER PIANO, $100.00 Mahogany case and bench. 25 rolls. Good condition. WEAVER FACTORY SHOWROOM, 1620-22 Eleventh Ave. HA VIC ¥OU EVBR SAT DOWN TO FIG- ure -whether you could afford to own a house or not? For a moderate amount of cash you can take possession of a pood horn*. Read the real estate ads. Sale — Miscellaneous <WV/>/VN/V/N>S/*<'V/S<'V»/S/V 1 «>'>' > '^> SCREEN DOOR, MEASUREMENTS 7 FT. 7 IN. HIGH, 28 IN!> WIDH, BEE "CUSTODIAN," ALTOONA MIRROR OFFICE. TYPEWRITERS—ALL STANDARD MAKES repaired and overhauled. Parts, ribbons and supplies for every machine. Call 2-1827. B. F. BARR, 1627 lltb Ave. UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER AND DESK, sewing machine, flre extinguisher, etc. Inquire 2816 W. Chestnut. Phone 2-3695. FOR SALE—SOLID OAK ROLL TOP DESK, good as new, at 2618 6th Ave. Phone 2-2079. KALAMAZOO COAL RANGE AND HOT plate. Inquire 1000 2nd Ave., apartment No. 9. FOR SALE—ACORN COAL HANGE, PRAC- tlcally new. Inquire 2409 10th St, PORCH CHAIRS RESEATED — RUSH style chair seating,' chair caning of all kinds. Also rag rug and carpet weaving. Work called for and delivered. Weaving Works, 2119 6th Ave. Dial 2-8513. REED BABY COACH, IN GOOD CONDI- tlon. Will sell reasonable. * Inquire at 2428 7th Ave. Dial 2-3518. HOT AIR FURNACE FOR SALE. GOOD condition. Reasonable price. Inquire 3017 W. Chestnut Ave. Dial 3-1237. > FOR SALE—FRICK SAWMILL, SIZE O, IN- serted tooth saw. Price $200. Write for appointment. F. A, Rumbarger, Bellwood, Penna. BARN OR BRIDGE TIMBER, 4x8 TO 12x12 up to 34 feet long; two 3-ton steel bed dump trucks, one 3Vi ton lumber truck, 16- foot body; sawmill and tractor, 2 bay mares, harness and wagon; lot of Iron pipe and used brick. Inquire of M. F. Merrills, Broad Ave., 61st St.. or phono 2-7606. LARGE HOT AIR HEATER, IN GOOD condition. Wilt sell reasonably. Inquire at 1322 17th Ave. FOR SALE—COMBINATION COAL . AND gaa range (Famous Summit) $15 cash. Inquire 3015 Pine Ave. All the Lumber Stock of FLUKE CO. Inc.. FOR SALE AT - 33%% OFF COST Inquire At Yard 2605 Beale Ave. Dial 3-9183 Sa/e— Horses and Cattle GOOD WORK HORSE, SOUND AND QEN- tle, $50; 4-yr.-old gentle Shetland pony, $65; riding caddies, all kinds of harness and lot of farm Implements cheap. Tremmel, Buckhorn road, l'/j miles from Altoona. PEOPLE'S COAi XJO,., , , **n 4th ST. PHONB 2>7777. S?RD COAL, KOQ, 8TOVB. m*,« ON TELEPHONE 2-3801 Oft. 2-0818. i OR MORE TONS. MADISON ,u.uw .»«.— "i;r,— i iv " >«Ba4Mel DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASES. SERVICE FtlEL CO. Burn PAGE COAL For Economy, Warmth and Health Demand Our Welghbill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. •Dial 9-5210 McGuire Coal Co. McGiiire Special and AH Grades Of Coal 015 19th Street Fhone 637* Wanted To Buy ^S/N^VS/V^VN^WVS/*^^^^ SUCTION FAN, OVER 16 INGH, 110 VOLT, 60 cycle A. C. F. ft F. Dye Works. Bell, Altoona 2-1283 or Tyrone B34. Money To Loan MONEY TO i(,OAN $5,700—on Improved property In amount! to suit borrower—$5,700. . WALTER J. HENRY, Commerce Bldg. Phone 6200. BAY MARE, SOUND AND SAFE, GOOD single line leader, weighs 1,150 Ibs. Must, sell, no use for same. M. F. Weldemer, Duncansvllle, Maple Hollow. For Sale — Dogs-Pets BEAGLE HOUND PUPS FROM REAL hunting parents. Sire registered. Fine for fall training. Cheap to quick buyers. I. E. Fink, Sinclair service station, Duncansvllle, Pa, Poultry — Feed HYNICK'S QUALITY BABY CHICKS Wyandottes, Rocks, Reds, Anconuj and Barron Leghorns. One large incubator, cheap to quick buyer. 322 E. Grant Avo. Dial 4343. EHRINGER'S QUALITY CHICKS, BARRED and Whltu Rocks. White Wyandottes, Red and English Leghorns. Hatch off every Monday and Thursday. 120 E. 8th Ave. Dial 2-2917 or 3-SMOU. HATCHING EGGS FOR SALE. MAMMOTH Pekin ducks, $1 for Betting; Black Giant, $1 for netting; English Leghorn, 75c per setting: White Giants, J5.00 for setting; ducklings, J5c each. DIBERT'S POULTRY FARM, Sinking Valley Kuad. Plione Rural 2A-RO. 100 WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS, 2 WEEKS old. 120 Bell Ave. Dial 603:1. FOR SALE-ABOUT 175 4-WKEKS-OLD Barred Plymouth Rock cockerels aud p teU, 20c titttJi. .Park* Poultry farm. MONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- erty in amounts to suit borrowers. O. Nevln Dlvely, 1321 llth Ave. Jl,060-$10,000 TO LOAN ON FIRST MORT- gage. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith, Walsh Bldg., Hollldaysburg. LOANS TO S300. HOUSEHOLD GOODS A3 security. Legal rates. Altoona Loan Assn., 204 Central Trust Bldg. Fhone 6683. MONEY TO LOAN I have $3,000 or 43,500 to loan on Altoona Improved real estate. Can place lame at once. JOHN S. SEEDS 1115 llth St. Mortgage Loans D'lat or Monthly L. Wm. Borland . Realtor—Insurance Union Bank Bldg. Dial 2-1925. Wanted To Borrow $8,000 ON FIRST MORTGAGE ON A TY. rone property. Write to P. O. Box 97, Tyrone, Penna. •Business Opportunities N/VWN/V/\/V"»XWWV»*W'V«./>/W~'«. COMPLETELY EQUIPPED RESTAURANT, ' located 827 8th Ave. Bargain to quick buyer. Inquire on premises'. MEAT AND GROCERY MARKET FOR sale. Best location In the city. Cheap to right party. Reason for selling, other business. Write 16S3-L, Mirror. FOR SALE—GROCERY, CONFECTIONERY store, doing a nice business. Owner leaving town. Call 15D-J, Fhlllpsburg, Fa. $35,000 WORTH OF JEWELRY STORE equipment, including 1,500 sq. ft. of French plate glass; Ideally located pool room, ready to open for business, 3,000 ft. floor space, 12 tables, electric cash register. Complete grocery and butcher shop, located In Junlata, every thing "ready to open for business. Will cither sell or exchange above businesses for anything. When you want to buy anything, see Canolo and Hell, 2018 6th Ave. A SPECIALTY BUSINESS OP CARDED products, Aspirin tablets, cold tablets, peanuts, extracts and tinctures, including print. Ing plant, desks, safe and office fixtures. Reason for selling have other business. Will sell cheap. Inquire at 803 19th St., Altoona, Pa. EMERALD BEAUTY BHOPPE, 727 CHEST, nut Ave. Good location. Very well equipped, Reasonable price. Inquire 514 12th, St. Phone 2-9941. Mortician N. A. STEUENS No Charge for Uae ot Memorial Chapel Funeral Director L421 Eighth Ave. Fhone 7652 Dressmaking DRESSMAKING . By expert French lady, at home or by day. *4 Call 57, Bellwood. ' ••• Cleaning — Renovating MATTRBSSEB AND BOX SPRINGS REN- ovated. Altoona Mattress Mfg. Co.. 831 IDth St. Dial 4642, I OAHfETB AND RUGS CLEANED TO LOOK like new Monarch Carpet Cleaning Work*. Telephone 4684 for quick service. We Recommend The Altoona Sanitary Laundry For Prompt Service and Good Work Telephone U468. Contracting — Repairing IT'LL PAY YOU TO REPAIR AND IMPROVE YOUR UOMKI Carpenter and Building. Free Kstlmatci. J. P. LEIDEN, General Contractor-Builder, 100!) 22nd Ave. (Lots for Sale) Phono 8614. CUMKN'l VVOUU AU. HINDS 10 months' payment plan. R. L. GWIN. Phone 2-7470. 516 Pint St. SEE US Befiiru you builil ur ruuuulcl. Plans and e«- tlmnlr.s free. All kinds lumber aud mill- WUI'K Ut lOWUhl IM'kX'H. SAY1.0K LUMBKK CO., 531 K. Oth Ave. Phoiif a-1027, NOW IS THfc TIME TO HAVE UB ESTl- niatf on that concrete work or excavating. All work guaranteed. Price* reasonable. Dial •)-*153«. 3008 Qak Av«,

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