Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 38
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f«9» D«4--INDEPENDENT l "« *«**· tM ' Tt ""« * * * * · ' LEADER PICK FADES Ranger Knight Scores Upset By MAC McGUIRE In one of the biggest up* sets of the current Western Harness Racing Association spring season. Ranger Knight held off Surprise News to score a head victory in taking the $12,500 Spring Sophomore Pace at Santa Anita Wednesday, while the topheavy 2-5 choice, Leader Pick, finished third. A crowd of 7,884 spectators watched Leader Pick grab the lead going around the first turn and the Ciena Abbe colt set a blistering pace, with fractions of 30 seconds for the first quarter Harness Handicap By ROY BETZ and 1:00^ for tha half. He was still In the lead enter- Ing the ttretch and for a moment It appeared that he might hold off Ranger Knight However, the early pace weakened Leader Pick near the wire and Ranger Knight pulled in front, with Surprise News closing fast, almost taking It and missing by only a head. The winning time was a good 2:02 with the last quarter In 29 seconds. Jim Dennis, the leading driver of the meeting with 17 victories In 17 days of racing, was expected to add to his total with Leader Pick, but instead. Jimmy Cruise moved a notch closer to the lead when he registered his 14th winner behind Scotch Signal ($9.80) in the third race. IHU«5D*T, »MIU 5-HTH D»r Of »D»Y MKTINO Cleer. Fell. fw»t rtlM.JI f. M. _ g^l mlie. CUtmint. Tret. Peru Vr Hint' Drim ciTMi»eii!i t J'm f *i Cru'it S S-ittfyda'e So*fl (Hemt 1 M.'fl'enr 10'ttl SDOf tef ection. The ent 19 beat. Should be rtttt. Mint Irwreve --On)/ · tar-sino! cfcanct. . rxnide BOM r* I *tl Re* .Crwik) . 1 Grrtd $:»n (Ctrrtll) f Errt Cry U5««l .. -J Mi Lo't $omb (Boirdmtnl . * f d d e Gay C*ll*'i*nl 4 MiXrtwi Victory IPitfttl LONGSHOT-GRAND 1LAM __ SECOHD'RACE^I miir'tuti c-1 r*tt. rWtt tiMt. "? TtTr*«~AA9mtM iMtMVkk* __ At»t»r»~ff** OPt »0 bt«t. . * facif c Courts** CVeM Zwiten) _._ T ^« Ch«*tei with l*t»t. _ f AUior B»roti (Ftr0uton| L ...,, Should takt W«t Mft. , I S w Ffn«fl« IM«Mm) - " 5 Hal Ba:« tCrcnk) __ 3 Wjir fruco frfwv9*n) 1 Crmar (ff.lllvM Jr.J 7 R i f k y Tick IBsin3m*nl 4 Gf*f*1 Trmtnt (Piftt 15 jtfuv»./ B.«ktr (Vjnh . 11 C*rTMontr (Putt* I) _. ^lONGlHOT--HAL iALtJ- __ *~THIRD RACt^l unit.' CUM C-1 Tr»t. P*r« $1tO. I Nr»rr (L'of t Lord Ptnild iw 4 J*rT*'» Prla**(C." TiifitfY L. J Went Sot P*rtt» . it Scotch Bevrn iMa'ih jr.) -- . _ -H Tt't EfiOfC« (Evtnt) I" . JCMjcf**- LO'NGSHOT-?AYNE HANOVER.' PrtbaWv twit raclnj. tmwt itren'en. en eei'tf I.t'O. _ ZMIM7CC/L/1KS Venturi Mystery in Masters Grind By JERRY WYNN One name strangely missing today from the list of Masters title contenders is Ken Vcnturi. Once considered a sure-fire ^ ^ Nun-win" tr«_l JlOt __ _ . PM. Punt c*»t ; beat. Mid Imrrevt. .. _ . · . i , . · J-? 2 P uf* 0!e*f»i IGfffl'fl A J'lfif Ad 01 (Otftflit) __ J jet ri-aftt tL'etfhiiit 7 D»i t Doll IVaH« PCnrl "·' »i ir-ix?w:» » i«»». · · LO*NCJHo'T-IcONCBcij K I N O . 3 !!! _ _ - ""FIFTH"RAce-rmiit._ci*imii.9_TM.!._rijrit tun. ci«im««_PriM_iJso«. 4 Cai.forrila'L»et (Cei) _.._!". -- l«l it" «ood" wwl. '·' 3 Oivd Ttn (Elv'nil _^ . Tht ert *» b**f. - -- - f j 5 CoTuftt* T«M ITanll . Com-M Cff tW« fftsrt. . *·! « Ni'a AKtveffft/ (iv\artrt Jr.) , I War Ltaf llutt-frl , -4 M « LiffUtivt (jaCCMt , ^LONCJHOT-WAH LEAF. ]["SIXTH RACE--1 mil*. Claimin ' 4 Tcwn Brrd (Gerry Jr.) 777... fict. fnot «IMO. CUilnlni Prttt 11M3. " ' t CatwUI CliV (C _. . . t cartan tun ,M. (*vti*»tf) r Fci H«f.ewtf CSherren) -- . tltlt M. "tONGJMOT-iAlMAIl ""lEVENTM RACE--("mil*. ··JM«_Tr_tl._r.«rM "4 Rtnita Ta« ITatil) _~-- pntn 3 IM Of*-* IW-witir) "-1 P»«l Irrit drum) _ ~ _A r NClHoV-A« r .Jq CAN 0. tdg* in *n *«*A l*c*. (·i*r f.fd tJar. ivjv Ukt II a'). .. -Coming) tlf f i* tMart. Will makt thtm hvtt Rrcnr1r*s beil r«c*. _ sun. champion and twice deprived on Masters victories on the 'inal two holes, Venturi has almost- dropped from sight this year. The reason, I discover, is a wrenched back suffered dur ng the Palm Springs Classic. It forced him from the tour for more than a month. He returned to play in the recent Pcnsacola and 51 Petersburg opens, but failed to survive the 36- hole cut in each event. And even prior to Palm Springs, the classy San Franciscan had not played well. Last year, he earned $25,572 n 27 tournaments, but failed . . -Vm M Iro" »!«.»« fllort. ItM cwr-t nmt t«". · - - h9 tvrprilt il w nt. .~ .1 0"l» W »vts,« Uunct. ii! ? Gf*V P^tk |Pf'ktn$»Ml _ . -- F-f* fWf^l f* f n. . jj*,*r VtDletrall. (Cruiul . ^erjjrt iwt·«« M JJ«{ 1 'Jj « V^tr Vi«. (Bearom»fl)~l~"IirZ ^ *oo..r» e.trmatc^rt. IJ --W-1 lONO»MOT-i»0*NIE_t»JH. _^ . ____ ~MlNtH'llCC-'rnlle._Clail i I fate. eyie_l»ot. Vlrnufrm wii't-il ftoeirt e l.keiy wet. f a Jure B*fd ID»n«ill -- Vrw» Itf.'tti parar. j ssiw !S.5M5'*:,:^= tr7"HJsyC. t« r cK? I8B3! riz^irBS.^W!' «* 7 w.rdjno icormitr) t -- jSf»r.»5JrJ"i "«*«" tlECOND i,---- - ·-- lUizatit Hitf. VmiutU 31.49 V»»na»». o.acwrn ti ·" T "iS;-, 1 ife li "i5.kM«i- ""· SMv l aVfifi?'Mm THUD «»CC-I.'. rn.ui: Fantie Aon. Crltlmt 119 ^.t era rude, veltiaufl M rsinhrt Reward. Aconoee .. 1,mv--1 41 Ma keraUAM. fOU«IH ftACE-4 Nrwmi U^eataitEi'e. Val'tvel. 11*3 Lute Smelt, - R9«al iria'th. Cwr«.t . . r r»-e-hlf«». lcraltri»^-ii rifTM HACI-«i (vritjt;; rMiao.t'.r, vtrk _ eu r-i/ i«-i - e! '"* l»;,.l S'«:, Ca^-.oa. 24M l)40l$tn«r Teti*. Tattl -~-.. ii n twnMiy. uttimm · ,"· inditn Mm- Time-i 01 i. laatthjl-Ramll Tail. imti *"*'o»iuV l 'Douitt nio HIM 1 THUD «A«-«iie Irat: in JM IcttOi tl»"al. Crmit_ t.N l» J« t:t JtO flamt, Minfteer ..« . H.tO 4 " I U li»f\ frw*t. Vallel K e y , . . J_ _._ ··"', lm _, M i, JC ,,, cf , e4 _tt«i|Hane«er * Ivtrne Maanatr. ' 4 » IU rou«TH RACE--M«e .ace; IN U;!. Mrn e.Pyrdue eMleil 100 agnl Home. 4K 4«« 4» jr ,rt" J,V Cc-V'irtit'iG'i. MifYii Good Tim*. Own S'ormy Sffir-j, Certty .... . . Y*nkr« Pitt, Dtft't , Tl^t-J WM. ..Scf^tJ^d-f fEVINTH RACC-4 W.; RX, YO'k. . . s - - At.I fcno*r«. AMrtf» .. ..._ Ji3 - - fcfiftyt, Nt*M .. 100 -- . EIGHTH RACI- I *CT-«. C»friD*» .__ 4 W^epo'f, Vt'ttovtl - . ,, . . . - mrCf«|rf, Mcr»r»e . Ti*t-- i:ti N« terirchfi. NINTH KACC-l.'i m»»»: p^f'dri.f II. YPrk 100 ' !« CHAMPIONSHIP ~ BIG CAR RACES " SATURDAY NIGHT ,'· ASCOT PARK Tati. ..V Confer ·'t. saattf*i Wnr1ti» SIVtNIH lAU-MIU Int: lllra*"icll|* "n*" ~ _ _ 100 kvattn Bomber. Oenrrii . , EIOHTH a)Ct-Milt .act: lannr ICKignt. Mlrx.ear »M 449 urBrlie Nrwt,Crvtte . 113 'Time--1.C7.' ScTa'rrted^Lumtur i l NINTH Nice--Mile pace: *;tiarer privtfm. Carmel 143 4 43 Mjywtt. Cren'er _-. 15 aO Caott'il Cour^tl. Mann Jr . Time-- t.OJU. N» icrattr*i. HI-HT BEST Mtit Treea5!t winner--Caliltrnla La4 i Irk ·nt Btl-H. p. Ckfnai in Itn. · ell Mtntf Frateecf^ietrUrmM In rm. w«i Panar-jm far in lit it Nib)* Kntv M Vtf. I.MKIMI stecul-CwiaM EIM M. M VE.NTURI HOWLING ALONG Pin Polling Spectator ^ Yd! By DAVE TAYLOR At the risk of beating a dead horse, let's so around again In the big arena of pin pelting as a spectator sport. ·While back, midst all the moaning and groaning over tho resounding flop of the National Cowling League, all hands had just about arrived at the conclusion that chances of making boivling a big au dicncc attraction were just a shade darker than bleak. Sponges full of blood, s w e a t and I-toId-you-so's were flopping into the ring like quitting time at a car wash, and the general atti lude from all quarters was "We Give Up! ! !" * · · · SEEMED like a pretty sen' sible Idea then when every' one was on the verge of losing his shirt, but the dust having settled, we need another look to decide whether bowling just hasn't got it for the crowds, or whether the NBL folded for other reasons. On that score, the Apri issue of Popular Dowling Magazine features an article by Jerry Levin which states about 10 reasons for the steady collapse of the NBL, all adding up to mismanage mcnt and not enough cash for promotion. » · e. IN D«l Malncl. »ta- . ,. .. _.. -- . IIP. fa lake Itie diwtft- i.oni et e'etlifln return m . presl * Loo'i'l ke r~t Clinic Duuwviatdini Don Ca'tff O'evet crew II teirewhal mi fre crcer et tawbelft Yenleei M l^e crowd cteartmnet. TevmeTient at to score a single victory and has yet to qualify for the Las Vegas Tournament of Cham pions. So the Venturi mystery deepens. How can a golfer with as much promise and ability as Ken not attain his pronounced ambition of be coming a true champion and winning the Big Ones--the Masters and U.S. Open? The pros have one answer. They voted him one of the three worst players under pressure In a recent poll. That may contain a germ of truth, but It Is hard to buy for anyone who watched him win at Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Pebble Beach In 1958, 59 and 60, Some Insist his trouble stems back to his Infamous :lowup as an amateur in the I95G Masters when he kissed away the title with an SO on the final round. Yet, hasn't he won 10 pro tournaments since then? I have always been a Vcn turi booster, and refuse to desert him now. Logic die atcs the choice of Arnold Palmer to win the Masters this week, but sentiment swings this PARticular vote to Ken Vcnturi. icvtn vttrs *i t» tixrtuivt cm«dt of J.fU AM 4.231 far trxir two MC**rtnct Utt wttk * * * * EVEN MORE TO tti* Doinf. IT* lam n hevii far ttvnt rfrfurnitrvei pe ' ^e Clattic Divition tirsf cotiTior tv«teri el XSI ami llti far 4NI tltflirre t:ta'. We oon t recall ttiAt NIL evcf erferi ~ f c e rr4l~tiut It triould have, ·ranf .1*4 lf«wl Vt curre tl 43 d4v* el irxMt.rn *ai 7IJ300. Thli indicatts reee'e den': re^l I* watch bewl'r'.r t e t e ON THE LOCAL front, evr o*n t * trt Keuf k(keM tt la Hftrt tfH ··*) «*t rut ef TV bcw'trj t 'i »n t^t.rt'f tf f1tr»vit story. TM tad rt f»;t ef NBL prt IttVtt tfltV't'Ot t*t*tj(K* tt tM trtA "cru*" rQ H *a*t l» tack be ·t * tptti»8r iifitfion, Bui t^fl »iei ni tn^t. far from btmo · ri*. in vrry mitn *"vt *nd IM A'l «t r»*tj U .vomtant wtfi LARRY GRIGGS Jr. of Lakcwood opens defense ol his Southern California Pub tic Links crown at Skylinks Saturday, and has drawn a toujh foe In Dick Campbell of Montcbello. Bob Clark of Lakcwood meets Steve Hallbcrf; of Western, and If he and Grlggs arc victors Saturday they will face each other In the second round at Griffith Park Sunday. Clark and Jerry Prcuss became tourney co-medalists When Jack Harris of Los Scr- ranos. who shot the mcda' round, was disqualified be cause of an ineligibility nil inc. Larry Davidson of Rccrca lion Park won the Class A medal by shnotinR a 73 at Montebcllo. Handicap flight medalists: Clan A'Larry Davldian ef Rtcree tlon. 71 t McnttMi onere cutolt icon »» tl B-E. A. flerrll ef WMlMrtna Letts enil Paul Lenmann el cnMjtn Park. 7f et Bre«kti0e. rulotf U. Tern Lvons el Wnttrn. 74 el Vrntt _ tutelf U. D-A. J. Ferr. el Wejttm n «t Lett»K)J. tvtetl ej. E-Bsb Carl, iso el Rencna eid Bob McG*e of Wl DwKk. 13 at Wnttrn. ni»« fj. rut revnd enim.Miiuiw fl«M »«» "" '" "ifrTA'SSSav Jcrrv Prtust. iepwivti*. vt. r. Konr- Ilk, Rmcfto; Al Owhon, Gfitlifh, v 1! O'Connor, B«vahid«; Hmry B»H»n. iroektid*. vt. Al nuit. W'Hawicn; E. ,'te»t. Wlllo^'tk. vi. Lt'ot Ousmort, Rtcrc«fon. S'r.t 1M-, MonttE«'l9 r Vt. Krnp Rich*rawn, Skvtrki; Earl Svtnfl'ngttn $kyt.*iki. vt. Ttrrv mrtihora, Likrwood Tern Ceintl!, Grill,m, vs. tco StvfOo, Lot $»rrKiai; V*c Mmk Brookliat, vs. Bob Mltltr, Iftt i*rrin«. LOWER tRACKCT D'clc C*mpC*n, MonTrtxllo. vt. Lirrv Cncrjj Jr.. L«krwood; Bab CUrk. L*kt~ ·rood, vt. S'rvt H«l xffl, wetttrni P*!i*t Rytem'f.n. Rmctie, vt. Al Otet.% Writ rrn; Cforst SnHewi Wille«1ck« vt. Ot^Ol V«rmlr». M«.V* '"" Bob Otfptll. ^ t jsrv»*rulto.x S»VCieflHntt~; 'B.~K0rir; Mon*fMt0* V«. P«'t KfeVntr, AtowJri; Ed Den*rnj«, SkyllRkt* vt. Tony Tink . .kvtnki. vt. Mike l; E«t w«lor, cnnim. . . lAlnrert HH rt trre eriitr ·! Crll urn Pan SUMH). McGiiire's Specials Bnt Bi-RM»e Tut M ;n. inl cmnet Bi»-P«r«t Ht«e«tr I" M im. TM Bl»rt»-Jeiiler MMltoen Vr.t'trrt* pMlir-Um« M-tM tt R*A*t» Tilt. ftankrtH Jutcl.**--··«.«·/ Hiticvtr tfti OKtifi T*-Trw« KVT.J h *m. Fishing Karls S*»l BiMh-^l r*mfetri in 7 tX 1 *' cautftt n twreKwd*. U tcnra. l *e l. 1 w*iit» ·*« MM. 54 Mi'bii. 1 . letTMint LAH4Jts-ii wwefxn en DOAti cive*it hop 11». ui rxk cod. 41 cow rtv», 54 hul.tXit, IU mlut'lJtrv«out. PKItfC LeMtfiftt-OO PenieWtfft CO be*n ctuttt * b»rr.Kud*, u ctnto l % Jt_(.tyitft._yitt_nHffH.y«ul lj _ PRUDENT MANAGEMENT: proven for 37 y«ars CAUFORNIA at the NATION'S FEDERAL LARGEST FEDERAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION amxorncu WRESTLING S-P-E-C-I-A-L IMC*. «. IHJ INDEPENDENT-- P*g.~D.I Bolo Green ·I. IN HI OU | Torres FLUS SPECIAL ATTRACTION Teurnomtnr fit 4«u«. I** (Ml. put Mint*. rure ittcML Ot* Mfff. MA* IfukrM. MeM M«n*»M **4 Marl* M44M. ·HUNK orraiii Thursday -- 8 p. m. Municipal Auditorium YOU ALWAYS FIND THE FINEST BEEF AT BOYS. ...MM BLUE CHIP STAMPS! TRIMMED RITE Rib Steak "The King the Roasts! \ U.S.D.A. GRADE CHOICE HEAVY STEER BEEF! STANDIKG THICK CUT Swiss Steak Tender Tasty Bont-in U.S.D.A. P9lb. U.S.D.A. CHOICE Spencer Steaks CAKE MIX Pillsbury Assorted 18-oz. Pkg. APPLE SAUCE William Tell 15V2-OZ. Can BONELESS, TENDER WASTE-FREE MEAT PIES Ib. CHOICE ENGLISH CUT S T E A K S Boneless Tender 89 I CHIP STAMPS U.S.D.A. Choice Tender, Juicy U.S.D.A. CHOICE-TENDER, TASTY Club Steaks Morton's Frown ChtcJcen, Turkey, Bief 8-oz. Pkg. Detergent BOYS OWN GIANT PKG. 39 HAMLET--IMPORTED Lunch Meat c 12-OZ. CAN 39 FRESH FROZEN - BONELESS INDIVIDUAL C 'Ib. VEAL Cutlets OL* SMOKEY--TOP GRADE Sliced Bacon FRESH FROZEN Filet of Sole , AN ENTIRE CHICKEN, CUT-UP! FRYING CHICKENS FRESH - FROZEN RIGHT AFTER DRESSING TO INSURE FLAVOR FRESHNESS! The best chicken you've ever eaten or your money refunded. MIn. wgt. 2 Ibs. 3 on. HUNTS NEW Potatoes 15-01. Can Jack Bean Stalk Green BEANS Tomatoes CONTADINA NO. 2'/2 CAN 19 Boys Bleach FULL C.H.B. SYRUP 29 C ICUT i OR SLICED 5 e $ 1 Jack Bean Stalk : GOLDEN CORN ! Farmer's Gems 1ARGE FRESH AA EGGS m DOZ. IN CTN. Arrowhead Beverages monia iffiHicMSKU Crtom !tvtt or Wholo Kernel SS* PINEAPPIE N c» 2 25 Folger's £ A E E E E INSTANT W r r E · lO-oi. Jar SUPERIO MACARONI DINNERS VITH CHILI OR CHEESE Fresh Bakery Goods CINNAMON RABSBN LOAF REG. 35c MURIETTA Salad Olives Fresh-Frozen Foods EGGO Waffles 3 IN A PKG. 2i25 c CERTI-FRESH FISH STICKS Gold Hill--Breaded SHRIMP GLOBE A-l Noodles l-LB. PKG. 29 Fabulous Delicatessen ROD'S ASSORTED Dressings 8-OZ. JAR Roquefort--8-oz. Jar SURDY'S CHEESE PIZZAS LENTEN SPECIAL Large 12 inch (Modt with Sofflowtr Oil) Fresh Fruits Vegetables FANCY, RUSSET POTATOES GRAPE JUICE Peanut Butter MANNING'S COFFEE 1C Can 59 BELL BRAND 16-OZ. JAR Boys Bottle Snap FANCY NEW CROP BROWN DANUBE VODKA GIN 99 or BrooksMrt FULL $ FIFTH 2 Kentucky "Bourbon Rare" BOURBON FULL FIFTH 3 We oka carry a fine selection of Premium and Imported Wines POST Cereals ALPHA-BITS or CRISPY CRITTERS I i-01. 29 FANCY WINESAP APPLES Ibs. FRESH, CRISP DESERT SWEET 19 IN LOS ANGELES SHOP AT: OTHER IOYS MARKETS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: DOWNIT, 12171 Nruettf ^ HOIWAIK, flewet enet AttiJra + *W I ·fa ejiel lUn« * HIGHLAND tMt, A«. U .W Me.t. Vlift A LAUWOOD. Uiiw*»4 Certtt ir IIOOHDO. Mn»«t» Mick «4 liflf ·k IA MIIAOA. I«H'I«I «e] * SAN OAlllll, TeDey net C.I Met A lOMft IUCH. 1711 L AMkttK A WIIMINCTOK. A«l» .W A.tkel.

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