Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 27
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I taig · · · V t i 1 ' - «" $!r«H8lj..j^^^, M ^h\'(, \vi I* h# VHWiilFl^S" Mfltl^Ott W1H 5 ^OS Doug Mectvam.' 43/^757. ' ' COMPANION-Cround crvnt. Green GA Hint Cemetery. 4Z2-01W. ft J PLOTS-- Green Hills CemeTery, Inx . San Pedro. USD. 4»I7«. · CRYPTS -- Beaut. Anoe!e» Abbey TM5 « -CEMETERY lols. ROM Hill S, G e WWItler. Good buy. TE *-577A . 4 CEMETERY~'k!s, Forest Lawn. Ba Cvorwi. NE J-SS67 wkdavi liter 5 v -'-: 1 P " lncbm*Tox 9 st i"r'; ' - · · '. - p^ Income /** ,, - ' fed. i State $5 Up " HR BLOCK. INC. M America '5 Largest Tax Service B Come In for vour fret lax saver 1432 E. 7th 51- Long Beach M 1109 E. Artesi*. No. Long Beach 14128 S. We Hem Ave. Gard*rta 1105 Wislmliuler Wtstm'nsie* 1 C 1769 Gflrdrn Grove B1. G. Grove M317 Pioneer Blvd. Nor walk M M01.S. Hawthorne Bl. Hawthorne Nri'ftpocl nlnUnl neccsiary 436-0915 ** VVkdys,, 9 am -9 Dm; " Sat.r Sun. 9-i ^ · ' - - . INCOME TAX s 14 vrs. experience. All forms iyoed s IriDl* checked. Your home if oreferred. 'Individual, small busl- S ness B, rental. Latest Information. · : : r-^ - 9 -,... INCOME TAX . WR .·'/' .' In Your Home 5 Bnltl Federal t 'state, shot! form _a 15. Long torm S12. Phone tor appointment. TIL 11 pjn. and week- u ends US- 7096. H , FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES Exoer. Staff -- Permanent ollice ESTATE PLANNING by ADD'!. S, W. HORNER JR. ·. ASSOC. 5430 PACIFIC AVE. . 437.355J r. C,'EJ. PRUDHOM-- Ex. Govl. Tax Olflclal. W vears exper. 4 Assistants. OPEN EVES. S. SUNDAYS "Self 'employed? Miracle refunds vv 4184 Atlanllc Ave.. L.B. GA 2 SOT IDENTS. Expert lax servke \n El vour .home. C."E. PRUDHOM-- EX. Govl. Tax S ants. OPEN EVES. t. SUNDAYS. 61S Atlanllc Ave., L.B. GA 249)9 EDWARD J. MORTON 5«5 BROADWAY, L.B^ Mrs. 10 am to 9pm daily GE 3-5JS3 OEMING TAX «\ BKKPG. SERV. Otgcndable-Accurale lelurns n privacy convenience ol your Seine. Day TO-O30; eve ME 3JJW INCOME TAX SERVICE-- Btue Ch'o Ilamoj. 30S5 Atlanllc Ave. ': Svl-1044 or 32-9U7 INCOME TAX-ACCOUNTING SERV. Bookkeeplna RAY LARSEN ·16400 Benilower Blvd. TO 6-7711 '·'; Incorno Tax Consultant Your home. «*7I«; eve Cl-tSU- practice before the IRS. 5034 Los Coyotes. Diagonal 5W-1DU EXPERT Inconw T«x Serv. s? up. We come lo vour home. M6-3555 INCOME TAX SERVICE, S10 W. 10th St. 435-427] I|t. 3 P.m. EXPERT. Income Tax Service In vour home. S3 up, GE 1-4621 EXPERT Income Tax Service jn vour home. S3 up. GE 1-46M Personals 11 , ' NEW MENU SUPERB LUNCHES 8. DINNERS " ·BRAD'S^RESTAURANTS 0'990 PACIFIC AVE. L.B. 3800 ATLANTIC AVE. L.B. GJRLS- ATTENTION: Single, widowed, divorced? Nted transoartfl- lion? Flnanclna iurn*d down e s*- whtre? Warranry Molofi answers your problem. We 'carry conlracli, en ttie soot OK, only rNUlremenf rpln.- tfown "«r willingness to pay. Warranty Mo ton; 13730 San An- InnlD Dr., Norwalk! Call XW-H.7 or WS-W77. ,cn the Eob? New In cllv? Credit lurntd down elsewhere?- .On ln« "fipot OK. Wt carry contract!: m n. down payment only rcauirerrvent wlllUifineM. . lo pay. · Warran v Melon. 13730 San Anlonlo Dr., Norwalk. S63-.H17 or BM-9077. . ATTENTION: Church orwps, cubs, sororities t other organ li*ttons-- £ARH. $100. FOR 'NFO. eadlno t~. salt? of pew construction, rt- modHlnp or adriDtDni. No tcb too tars's . or loo srrwtl. Phone GA 2XWLU Mon. thru FHtfav. MAUREEN JONES, APPLEY. MCCU 1ST ION. or acquaintances in Lena Beach or area; wrfle, phcns or wire colJetl lo John, Mt-Culslon 1721 Fern Pace' Vallelo, Ca 1. Phone M2-2M7-- code 707. * . Knitting Insiructions Went 4 Wed. 2 to . 4 a.m., Frl. 7 to 9. 10 lessons, M. YARN WART, 630 Pftve, L.B. BODY BUILD KARATE GVm," M L.OCU it. HE 7-924? B.J.'s PARK HARDWARE B1XBY PARK AREA FILL vour LIFE witn DANCING. iCIaiSM SI.M hr Prlv. tJ.SO-M. iPArHes, Fun. Friends. HE S^lll ·Melody Danes Studio, 19 Pacific Av. ·Home for cJilloVen of all aws. iCall Foitir Homellnders HE 5-OU V/E rove rnlneri but M NORS WANf GHOST WRITER ! - 434-SWt psvchic PALM'a, CARD ReacJInoi . ADVISE YOU In ALL matters NU CASBAH HEALTH SPA .1 txocr. young techns, pfosfalf ba.. Ihiraov, etc, 7 days. WtS-W WILL party who saw an acclde.T At Sou-til AllanUc on Feb. 181H PATIENTS Kneaderf -- Steam, Mas aace. House calli. 4M E. P.C.H 'HE 7-5W1- SIWGLE pecple seeking friends hi wfhe Beverly Social CH*. P..O 'flax 177, Benflower, Cal. TO «-7?l SKUT ' INS? Need a permanent fave dryer -- will travel. Cal Andrea after. S (or aenf. «i-Si5 't^REE ESTltSHATES. HE 7-2 SPIRITUAL ADVISOR tt a SO «r INVESTIGATIONS MARITAL, ETC :Evan C. JOMS, i32 PFn*. 436-511 ANY. CAR anv color. «5. Barne ^Pshit, l7«'Al»m1lo5. " H E 7-25 SINGLE Klutls call for record* messas* 24 hrs. day. GE 4-073 AGED comooil-- E*lra rich organ wll.'Mukh. ChamMliv GE 3-u MENI Wilh/wlttioyt hair piece. Nee · .- - -awfepiBiiT) · K %£ s i?,? t ®.'8S i £-B'! ·hav«.J oood lead. -IW-MS evt Social Clubs 11-/ M -Friendship. Mcel New Friinrfi S ; CLARA LANE'S Friendship Center 3I15'E. 101h 4^4.51^ «r 434-OS . SINGLE ADULT SOCIAL CLU 550 E. 4lh Orbit Club HE Ml . Lest and Found 1 LOST -- BACK HOE. Model 5 . Conslructlon Kino. Str a e t ] S I M . .Yellow. Mlislno Irom i V ,FireilWl« i OW Rivtr Stlx road, Downey sfitcc Feb. 7 ·IMS' LIBERAL REWARD for ,fo, lading lo recovery ol. C ^^^44Mi NEV um; n 4 zn-n WHITE SHAGGY lov. needle. Ma Vic. Avalon tan SI., Terraix 1 ISO Rew. No qUMficnt asketf. i LOST-- Past Pres/j^nl's Din Go | .sur AMIher.^8,^^,,1. Rcwa ' LOST iHver toy pooffle. Fima ! | DulchmaiV! cut "Gloi." Rewa GA 6-4511; GA 4J)«^_3»C4i s LOST-- Collie, veltoV t* white. 1 ' ; mo. old. Am. lo no Bo. Rew^ ' \ !4-7iS! or J7OWi. . ! 1 LOST-- CMhuatiua, i,.wj ^ LOST: Silver Grav Perj art TaW 5 . ChHoVen's pet. Please. 431-40ft ! ' LOST - Mlnlalure SBvir oooj -- ,"DomllKll»." GENEROUS B 5. ,Dortsnt parsers. Mary . 8rak S .lick, 213-4JO-M94. S Lost^-V/hire Samoged D * ; Broken hearled child. HA M * FOUND -- "Kevilwunii." RolJm S «r-a P.: 43WSZ9 rondPoMid 12 MPOUNOEO LOHG8EACH ».m. o 4 p.m. UntHQCd dogi Kyjrtd «t trie Animal Snciler. March 11. '64 ·D-nilr. male, bTV 8, 1nv . vr., 00 Ireflixrfs-- K 5 ·O-.TV?. ftm.* R'** wn, 5 mo.4 _ WO Gimdry-- K 21 D ed ( male, · liver * tan, 4 rrw., -- 300 California-- K K K r. Shep, male. whi. 2 yr« (nctwr School-- K ^ a . , ,, Mt-mjx, Iwii.. blk fc vrhl, ^J r., 41 » Lakewood Blvd.-- K 76 p-mj,* V mBle t - Wk ft t*n, 10 ^ reriti, John Mulr Schoo!-P C. 3 -- K«d, fern, brn, 5 -mo., 700 ES- ·eranza-- DEAD odlt, male. blV f !'/ vr.JlOO aV?, wlfS, '1900 CiJIfornta- xed, inaftVWlt fc wht, 4 -ma., 00 NeaootUan Lsr*--K. [ xile-ml*, mare, Mk, 5 mo., 3000 xrd, male, blk. 2 vr.. 1KO Afa- nilos-- K2S od e- male. ct-amMon*, 1 yr., jOO pirve-- K-I7 !«0 DHIa-K59 agle, male. Iri, » vr., »00 Mta-K.ll . - , . . , ved, male. Ian whi, 2 mo., 1MO SDauWlno-- P.C. 1 ckerjnfx, male, wheat. \Vi vr.. 1430 Charlemagne-- K 19 xcd, (cm, brn blk, 3 yr., St«- »rae Blvd. U.S. Naval Stallcn-- ixed, fnale, wtit tan, 9 mo., KS G ?Sr K b!k -w, mo. 7i» Monlaco Rd -- K 45 leo X. fe, blk I whi, J mo., 'wo X, fe, blk .brn. ) ni9., lilt at ihctter-- K3 h.ep X. mate, blk brn. I mo- left at shelter-- K 38 arfleld Ave. Humane s'ocleh ICC Garfield 936-SSM 1ST walch, (Mavado) ladtti, rhite ootd, a ofAmonds, lost Frl. Ic. May Co. or Blxby Kno U re». Liberal reward. 43O-S5V5 ypnpsls . . " ' ' · 13 EM1LE FRANCEL OF TV J r va e consultation. Classes self- n*rovcment. confidence, hypnosis , self^ypnosls. CHURCH o JVING SCIENCE. JSS^MJ EW METHOD 554-7738 'ersonal Problems, tensions, stl morovemenl. Doctor Invlles un- HY LIVE ONLY HALF A LIFE? Hypnosis-- Call 438-0415 HICAL HYPNOSIS CENTER INC. FREE INTERVIEW. LA» 544.J4M rwrcme* M HIM AUTO E :rv*llef, XfTi. Stalt Flllrx, DrU sks. VOulhJlH oper'l. WlllUrv * II olhir lines. Til? Allanllc. ,E 434-070) Ta '" LO* RATlls,'pAY a °MONTHLY. X 8El»o.i^fe. 1l ftlB» d aiVft C J F9 rs.. Dentists, Ch'rros. 1 7 m EW METHOD $64-7738 LAPE personal wntjlum. Doctor lnvll» 5Oft unusual cases- Result. SW-77^ ,. edthAids , 18 COAST HEALTH CLUB^ Ho JFETTE HEALTH STUDIO i' WASSAGE HE A lem. masseuses al vour service. FR Sok. French! German! Jajanese Ne ]6i2 Beach Blvd. Hunllngtm Ben iOC ASSAGE-- EnTov a Ilioro. comol. ' R r massao* Hunllnglon sans vrav. S (^ V 1 A'J 1 "SSf«. IO 'r l SrT' d "lSi 11 ' ufflh TM EDUCE or gain JO-W Ibj. fai . P 7' oosl ive, easv. Send SV .to Body JTM wood 21. i AL Jan's New Diff«r«nt " !173 Pacific Ave. Syl-1574 i|L TEPHANIE'S-- Relaxlro masisoe. M steam cabinet. Mo*lev Ireaimenl. n -KERIES HEALTH STUDIO. Won. ca derful hand massage bv ChErie. Steam. 440 E. 3rd. HE 7-IS52 y WEST'S Physical Ttieraov Massaoe, 1 g Hrs. lO-o, no sun., won. nt trvisi VA SOCIODRAMA or Individu il session. n Bv aonolnlment only. GE S-60W r-rO rEHRY's Sleam Bath *Y Massaoe Mon.-Sal. 4» E. 1st. HE J-«SM (c" STLtDIO O MASSAGE" · 0 1710 CHERRY AVE. 4M-1D95 . 9^ D.m. 342 E. Broadway. 436-3017 T. MASSAGE. 10U W. Comoton Blvd. Hours ^7. NE S-4579. f MAY'S-- Ooen 10 »Jn. - 1; 5 - ! Dm. J SWEDISH Ma:sae« for the Wearv n RUTH'S 73? E 7Bl. 434-7554 t CINDY HOLLAND MASSUESE ! " SltS Pacific Ave. GA 4-»S«6. MASSAGE, Steams. Bromell Health MASSAGE Cabinet BaUi. 1321 7 BROADWAY. HE S-W riHiAMi : K E. asTside Ht.ilth Group , 3 TECHNICIANS. JL ra-nwdern massab( tatff* ^··SS'f'IBJS.pSS". " =o N Avfe:n. Fr1 ' 1} -afffli ilanKc Healih Offices OIN The Great Sod:* wim Wesl 2 Expert Ooerators ·n 12 ncoc- !3 .rrt. hta-.. Thur:. TITE-- Massaft J. Zonlal balh, n i davj. 1711 E. 4lh. UM6U rrorlurm, HoiprroJi, tomes 20 CONVALESCENT NURSING HOME glla lie., 74 hr. RN, clMcrfvt /. Z. seml-orlv. rms., pallo. GA 2-3208 CRESTWOOD -onvalescant Hospital P 17» CHESTKUT AVE. f D1CAL care oatle.ils acceotrd K :E PLACEMENT REGISTRY C ed Guest/Nursing Home 42S-I7.16 ( ird, Guest Homes 20-A ( NT rm.. lovely refined home · · l«h'. The bcsl of cire food. 1 1, yard. GE 1-0751 . MTE or senii-prlvale, rumpus . wflh TV, excellent meals, od care. PHONE «M3I7 CE'S Guest Home, loval devoted re, vou will Icel at home. Cill OS-9W ' LSIDE GUEST HOME -- Horn* e home. Nurse In charge U s. »!7 E. Jlsl. SI. GE W331 r* t food. Ambulatory ladv. 43605M CANCY lor amliu'alory lady. IANCY tor man. Kntt atmoi- Kere. Good rrveah. al34-CTJ care. TV rm. 27-tOW, Al-PRIVATB rm. for larjy, oood Kxt A care. GE 3-^50. r woman. 9453 Ma pie. TO 7-l?iI ons(Sal.Collattral) 21, FAX TIME LOAN PLAN el 3100 caiti lodayl Costs wity 5,00 In 3 monlKlv pavmtnti ol 3i *ach. Or vou may oel *ny wnths. Phone Ahead (or vour nan -- Ihien, yrTien arranoea, pki 10 the moneif' on vour llril vtsll. LOCAL LOAN CO. Aik for Ed ShMran, MJinaaer «. E °Sirsr rMly ""'"HE 7^ui =REE earning M or 3J5 Lorusl shook Instruction 22 Schools Instruction 22 Schools Instruction ti r*r* r~^ r^v rii r\ '^nnation ^ill fflllCl El I r§ ·Instruction V IBM Keypunch V IBM Tab Wiring* V IBM Computer Prog.* MTI 1» THE Kwounch School n LONG BEACH authorized to train bv the same method used bv IBM C °'-TtMN°tiO'N -- PAY LATER »' Dav «· Eve. classes ,' No H.S. Diploma required. ,' Free Placement Aid. NEW CLASS MAR. 21 MTI Business Schools LonoBiach, 19 Pine Ave. HE 5-8914 50 Schools Coast 10 Coasl * * -* * * WOMEN MEN GROC. -CHECKERS EARN BIG $tt TRAIN NOW-- PAY LATER ' Day Eve. classes, i' No H.S. Dlptoma rraulred. · / Free Placement Aid. NEW CLASS MAR. 21 ALL CLASSES HELD IN L.B. MTI Business Schools Long Beach, 1» Pine Av. HE5-M1 SO Schools Coast to Coast # P B X * SWITCHBOARD · TYPING GIRLS. West Coait Is a tratoln soec allst In 1h« fitld. Assure vou Asffor ft oet-Qu«lilv Imtm, tion. Enter California'* builnei 325-1570 POWER-SEWING MACHINE .. CLASSES 7 to 2:30 Mon. thru Thurs. "Mo Fee-- Immediate Placement CALIFORNIA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE ·Aoplv S to 4 -- 135(1 Locust Av REAL ESTATE SCHOO Get in on the Ground Floor. censes are eelting riaro' to cbta Looking for a MONEY MAKIN CHALLENGE? Real Estate N ienls this. Knowledge is oa mount. Instructions bv act! Jl'-HobSllfEAijO r,A 3.7914; GA 3-133!; NE SU Washer i Dry«r Rcpai Actual exDerlenc* while train Clyde Royal Trade Scho 2«3 Atlanllc 474-72H; 4J3^- HEAVY eaulp. boerators or fn drivers. Associated Scnocl, 711 Vermont Ave., L.A., 5. OU 2-8 PRIVATE tuloruig. Ne« math, so Ino, reading, * EnollsNr-.- «3.40?l Norlh Lono B! CONTRACTOR SCHOOL 1439 Pine Ave. HE 6-3 MEN-WOMEN AGE 11 TO 50 BE JOB READY MAKE MORE $. MONEYS CalY Ts geared to meet " EASY PH O L NE R NOW SONS ' Ask About CALY You MUST Quality or ynv pay nothing. IBM Keypunch*:^' PBX Receiillonlil' Sroc. Checker-Cashier* ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY- Garment Power Sewing* DRAPERY S. UPH SEWING- Garment Power Cuimg* UPHOLSTERY FURNITURE- IBM Tab Wiring*'* DAY Kf EVE CLASSES Caly Trade Schools S LONG BEACH m tm * 1241 Lona Bwch Blvd. Mt= J«31 Downey .... --- Tfe ?" US? f^^^OI-vTsTrrA^ Rl 7^ " TM M PBX RECEPT."* SV/ITCHBOARD-TYPIHG 1 / Free placement AIcJ »' No H.S. rfhXoma requ red * NEW CLASS MAR. 21 ALL CLASSES HELD IN L.B. , MTI Business Schools ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY ·£· Le»rn fait »t V/est Ccust, Califor. na! needs skilled *Vi* r A TEp; imi S. Atlantic, Lvnwd. Msln otc. i- NE 9-31 II «° HOWARD BUTLER £ REAL ESTATE SCHOOL w One ol the oldest school! n this 0 area-- Ihousands of .oraduates. 1* » a.m. or 7 p.m. MON 1 THURS Jl Prepares vpu fully for the WM a \ Call'for details A brochure. !g. Barbara Moss College '"- caS«r.°VI»"'lhii ' wks.'class an v Won. or Thurs. 7 p m . Instryc or ch 33 vrs. exntr. Vthf. trabua t kfl Sn F° 4lh. Brochure? HE 7JB41 an- PRIVATE tutorlr.g lor gcn«ra C °ii L fn G vour a Sorne V 43 l J-SM3 r af"«. acaifemli; courses. M-OIVJ. SchooK t Instruction 22 Schools InstnKtien 22 /^jfL Career Training Institute ^R^3 ' An Organization to help you with ^ S-W Guidance . . . Training . . . Placement. - frcr TRAINING for I N w.m« Dent 1 writ* today · * i - / ' hr details d Long Beach i 404 LONG BEACH Bl.\ "i .^ ^^-- ^i ^ --- ,: · h 175 C " Institute of M u v. New Clas* al Assistants . . . '{edical Secretaries A Division of · · Business College D. SINCE 1905 HEmlock -42S3 ' rraduate at Lifetime Learning arch 78 Begins March 21 2 M Are You Over 55? B! Keep Your Mind Alert -- Be a Jj Better Person to Live Wlf h e. e- JOIN Crecriiv* Writq, Span |f $p*«c)i lmpreT«rii«i e- All Cl«»i CoMlw 15 Enral!m*nt How Soil* ' d Only iMIitite »f Its Ml ami tetircd E4 | Enron now!) m- oddit en- »g INSTITUTE C! ! 501 EAST 0 7lh . - . CLASSES IN: sh, French, Enjoymenf of M«ie,- It, Invettiltoj, Appreiatio of c, PiyclMleajr, ·*·- t*4 ky frofessionol Ttocken 0, -- luilllit* of llf«fi«« Learning Kin4 West «f Washington, D. C. · AtiaclatlM «f Retired ftr«»»» Teachcn Association vely for people over 55, dony free activities in ion to classes. f LIFETIME LURKING EAMlLVO.437.fWJ xGrocery Checkers Hloh school not rtaulred. Tram In · field for » carter vihera sharp vouno peopla vt In demand. West Coast Trade Schools JM6 E. ALOHDRA -- CONWTON NE 9-0213 FREE PLACEMENT AID For GRADUATES. B» a Professional BARTENDER DAY OR EVE. COURSE LEARN EASY-EARN BIG NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL 334 E. Broadway, L.B. HE 2-SW5 PHONE FOR FREE BROCHURE NO DOWN-- E-Z MO. PAYMENTS Cal. .Tecll. Trade Scill. GA 2-Stil School* IrrStmeHoB 22 AIRLINE CAREERS FOR MEN WOMEN --CrftunS Haitttt -- Tklcit Agtflt -- Airllni S*crilirv -- MwiV orh«fi CALL NOW! AIRLINE SCHOOU PACIFIC Day and Night Claiui it . LONG BEACH 433-SU9 CIHMI »tM at: L.A.., S*nti Ana, Pin City, Covina, SkOtft Marine ». AdminiitrjHv« Offices: 531 Wist Jth St., LJL *17-3M« i * * * * I MEN! WOMEN! DO YOU NEED MORE CASH? A NEW CAR? | A HEW HOME? ' WORRIED ABOUT i PAYING DLLS? Many CalifernTani ar« loving thttr problemi by Irain- inrj for beHer jobt. ' They wanf 1o enjoy 4h« high pay and security California n- duifry offcri thoia who qua - ify. Call this weeU Don't Jelay your future! 27 SKILIS FOX MEN I WOMEN · Auto Mechanic* · ElecfronTc AticrnbTy · IBM Kay · IBM Tab and Wiring · Color TV I Ridio Rtpiir · Auto P/liniFno,* · Upholilery · Part! Counterman · Induitrifll Drallinq · Powtr Sewing · PBX Receplioniil · Body and Fender* · Typing.ShoHhlnd · Grocery Checking · Offset Printing · Welding* · · High School Kot RcqalilH ' - · Train Ntw! Ply litir! till )sr tppdrtlffltiit or Visit )hl Scfcool Ntir Tto | West Coast Tnde and Business Sthw CovMicEtn? Rtflrifralwn 437-0497 591-566 1633 Long Beich llvd LONO IEACH 1 LOMITA HH5 LYNWOOO ... -- _NE W GARDEN GROVE _ JE -J;' 1 \ n»teym«iitA.i«w;^ Z3Cmp)oytnnt AfCKJ*! 23 Help WaM.d 24 [ Help Warittd 24 H«Ki r ^* =-· ' lu.lUTCMUJfi B x CONIULT THIH PLACEMENT IKPtKTI r rOHTlONS FOR MEN AND WOMEN * * . 4 STAR LOCATIONS! --FLO BAILEY / JOBS OF INTEREST /R CLERK-- for ISM Ub proc.isl *· ' * C ·O SERVE YOU ? r in v /"· r K i /"* i r c (n \GENCJhb -- |, 0r ro WOMEN A a _ $450 SS'T BKKPR-- A/R, A/P, tain r.ceipU to $400 A.YROLL-- A/P, hand anlry, Gt« typ« JXM UD1T -- vendori invoicil, accurata typ« - J3HS JCR 3100 aii't bLVpr Monro* calc $^00 1 3ROER DESK-- pric«. pJion. Ic ma JEN/OFC -- acrurati typ r 't. .Tshont SEN/OFC -- ord*r delk, typ« X 1 pho IMEKEEPER-- allill panonnal £ pa RAINEE -VERITYPE OPR-- H/S O.M BM KEY PUNCH, alphabttical J ·4CR 3210-- A/R, A/P, adding ma I'M TAB OPR jroM-407 SECRETARY to mqr. dita proems JOBS OF INTERES PRODUCTION CONT. MGR-- )«tup GEN'L ACCOUNTANT-- financial i COST ANALYST-- daiir. coll«g« b MOI TAB OPR -- minimum 2 yu eip BUDGET ANALYST-- a.panding co SALESENGR TRAINEE-- 2 yr. toll EXPEDITOR-- 2 yn inar.nin* ihop a ORDER. DESK-- variefy, learn credi SHOP FOREMAN-- fool dia, mi TIMEKEEPER-- will train high grid. ORDER DESK-- diipatch. phone am 1)23 E. Campion Blvd.. C 8731 E. Fireitone. Dow M09 Cravens, Torran Unfon EanV Square, Orange---FREE PARKING SIERR EMPLOYMENT ME 3-8147 Trie "All Registered C 5230 Clark Ave., No. 5 N BILLIE COMMERC A/P P/R gd up . . to $500 1 Typ it PurcS«iing IB .... $37S S Gal Friday lit. l/h LB... J37S G/O tnowladge of BL KW Siano iharp yng gal ....$400 All it Blpr MachTna ata 375 + KAY WADE Suprv Ini bind $400 Lab raq 6-12 AM $300 Coll credit for Hosp ' $400 G/O PBX ih.rp sppr lo $300 FREE PARKING REA ord.n 5325 cuitomen .. SJo"- d ^ : »» 02 D % china, typinj MOO * S5J7 nq to $410 T TO MEN F anH run lyitftm . . to (1000 j rnnti Ihru P/L il S400 tlgd ...- In $800 ' r!encn -... apprt SSI5 mpany $800 ,0,, $600 eoll«g« to $425 p $2.60 hr -- t it $500 if c .rlcal tip it $350 omoton-- NE S-8038 n.y_TO 1-9281 ce FA u07i: -(Cod. 7H) M/.^I4I IN REAR-- », AGENCY WA 5-5595 E- ounselor" Agency sxt to First Western Bant IAL DARLENE .cct CI«rV tvpn l/o .... $0( I|BI co car Or Co .... JSO( hpo. Supv TrnHic «p .. $628 S«n labor rotat. . . $J.76 hr ruct Dr. Vnov araa to $39C hip Clart gd atp lo $7,50 hr MEDICAL EKG Tech p gd ndvan $317 3ent chair/K-ray eip .... $300 .VN 2 Dr i.ray to $400 Drdarly Hoip aip $29S R OF BUILDING C E R T I F ED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 19 Pine Ave.. Room 412 HE 6-6271 SHIRLEY DOWLEN COMMERCIAL NELLIE HANEY Rtcpl. oreel type _-...SM4 G»l Frl phortfl'tvpe in O» .A/R Clk 5 vn e»D lo MOO ED WA TrK driver, local en - . «W Fclrv Irnee Mech ani, car ..Si!fl Draftsman ME 7 vrl Col ....... 1693 WAXINE MEER RN office «] .»5«+ Recrollonlit 151 -JJM X-rav reg . - -- .1MO+- /arlely + I type Al Co - S330 Mslsl Bkpo NCR 3»0 .. ._ S3M LKER Lumper sales rei'l «p Wt Tob sales, Oranae Cn res. . . J5(X Gen Accl 0/1B Coro «rp ... S550 Serv Rels re1. mil ore! l'^ S-- MEDICAL Librarian reo or cert ....S5004 Lab Tech hrs A.M -- :-«» Lao. Tedi ...- ...MOOt Orderiu .. -- Mill Industrial Chsmisrs, Lab Techs, Call Dan Miller YO.UR FUTURE Call Jane Allen or VlrglnlaiParker. JOBS OF INTEREST TO WOMEN SECRETARY _ ._ -EPFWSO F/C BKKPR .Co. rlln^.V, JSOO COMP. OPR. .... -EPF to UM cfriL C riii it ~ s ^^co~o«*»''Anso AC|?|. K|l, s I.r.z E A p pV,p H SECRETARY -.-EPFK11 JOBS OF INTEREST TO MEN OFC. MGR. ACCT. .... E P F t o l W O GEN'L. ACCTS. ..Co. rtlmb. to MW COST ACCT. APFtoSMO ACCOUNTANT" APF to «oo MGMT. TRAINEES . ...APFUOO OUAL. CONT. CLK. ; Co. D avs 'f, . ' .. _..lo S «n PROD. SCHEO/EXPEO. f 1 * *icf RI c i AN" '.'.".. . APF io 1 a hrl ALES TRAINEE PROD TRNE EPFS?.31hr. · MAIL BOY . A P F I o B h r . TRUCK DRIVER APF Si*0 APF-- ADDllcant Pays F«. N W A«ncv Member ol Avalliblllly l» Atlantic Ave. GA ilJJl CDAW^IP PAP.KJMII 1 '^ ALCO AGENCY PAT DOMINO. Mgr. 2J19 Lnno Beadi Blvd. m-lt\S URGENT-NEED NOWI SECY.-- capable, no S/H .....U« ASST BKKPFSKSxi future _iHS G6N/OFC-1I tyne .... -*»0 VAULt*f ELLlR 1 f5S."«5~lw GEM'L ACCT.' Gardena . " .ttOO ACCTG. CLK. TRNEE -« ACCT.-- (teg., no ex p. UK ACCTG CLfc.-- 2 vrs. coll. _._.£550 DRA T FT^?-^ied"no¥r«oS/l1s INVENTORY CLK TRNEE .. WOO PAINTER'S HELPER ... ....« [r V/ELDER arc w/rod . , 13.25 hr FACTORY L.B. Trainee! ..»!.( ?FFC CLK TRNEE-- yna ,.VJ5 ERV CE STA. MGR.. exn. ..SSOO INDUST. REL/TRNEE, t«0. .MO PAINT STORE MGR., eo. ..« AUTO COUNTER TRNEE .. S3I1 JOBS!_ pEficfr-Warehouse-Slock · . '"AU^HORIZEb^ EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Torrance .and LawrxJale 1W7 Cabrllle l«a Hawthor Service We're Proud Of We're Opening an Offic in Long Beach April Is FRAN MAC EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 12U) PINE HE 7-0907 SPECIALIZED SERVICE Trainee SKlTed Ofllet Joht (MANY LOCAL JOBS. F-I-S-C-H-E-R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ACCTG. CLERK CALC S3« LT. STENO.. CAR .. SJ« TS"ffir- "sSff^t-Hf^ PAT WILCOX AGENC1 135 E 111, L.B. 436OW JOBS WITH A FUTURE ,' Olfto ' ttedlcal ,' raclon TRAINEES rO EXECUTIVES NURSES NEEDED RM'S-- LVN'S-- PN'S-- AIDES P N parttim«. R £· B + SIU Gavtord EmDlovrrKn) Awnc II3 Allanlk Ave. ;v!-tt4 CLERK TYPIST $43 Good stead/ Iot for · oirl wan In0 "IVoN AGENCY 5721 Allanlic Ave. S3J-H ! Business World Agency t tn/Ofc. Sec'yl, Clk Friday kkor, Comm'l-Tecm male Jo Hevr lob openlnct every oav »70 ATLANTIC GA «·» $ Suile 220. California Ftdtral Bkt S505 Carton St., Lakewood O I 121.8811 or 121-tSlS j An Eoual ODOorlunlTv Aoeftcv «ii. Ccrf* Ic'Res't. 23AA M«, vnmai) JOBS-- MEN WOMEN OUR 2IST YEAR We represent . th» best cafes FRY COOKS $lo to »20 Many lobs, local B ntarbv o^ns DISHWASHERS scale FRY COOKS [Torrancel 518 BROILER-FRY S20 uo FRY COOKS (Oownevt 520 FRY COOKS (Deserll ._Rm. + HCO WAITRESSES ....SCALE AM areas-all stilus-- TCP Pay WAITRESSES (Oeierh -- Room. Beard, tjood tips + S7M No deposit, tees 15% of 1st mo. GWIKN'S Eemolovment Agency 314 Elm. Lono Beach HE 7-2M5 --OPEN NIGHTS-Personnel to $350 General Office J350 + 1 otrl oflke, SanU Fe Sorlnoi. Boolckeeper $600 Ma ure -- Neoollate Fft. We have Fee and Free Jobs WES EMPLOYMENT AGENCY DOWNEY-- 1237 E. 2ND ST. OPEN NITES, WA 3-7291 «:» A.M. TO « PJt --OPEN NIGHTS-Medical Detailer to $600 Oea. Co. will train, furnish car S* reimburse fee. Bookkeeper $600 + Mature. NecoliBte fee. WAREHOUSEMAN 5150 T WE D"iMp 1 LOYMENT AGENCY OPEN NITES. WA 3-7291 8:30 A.M. TO ? P.M. Help Wanted 24 ' NOTICE Desfonallons as To sex n oui Ke1o V/antrd And EmDVovm*n Aaencv columrs are made on v (11 to lrxJ1ca1e bona I1de OCCUD» tiorwl aua I Hical ions for cnrtDlov ment wtilth an emorover recrartf AS reasonaWv newiwrv o the normal oosraHon of nJt or enlerprhe, or (2) « a con venlence 10 ow readers fo it ihem knov; vrtilch oosltlont l tM flrfvc filler bcHtves wou'a be o more interest 10 enp «x ihan ih otiwr because o( ih( work 1r ADVERTISING SALES. Irniredla expanilon, 2 excer, c^oolc. 8« ftowfr Dwnv. Guar, + nia comm. 8£a1741. R.E.? 25-43 vn. of age? WlMin io work la** IraWcw? Wan S120Q mo. Income? Cifl Mr. Kind schl, TO eV07«. 8EAUTY Opiralors. male, ar, t ma!«, malure, all-around ixper a so manTcurlit. Dal-Jt Coiffure (Leisure V/irld Shooplnff cenler 139*14 Bay Blvd. Seal Beac MANICURIST Excel. Oowwy Joe. 9iW« BEAUTICIAN Salary t- comm., stwv^n.7 c BOYS NEEDED Need several young me ages 13 to li, for *ff school hours, ihrea «(te noons waeltly, full time t summer. Ideal trainin period now. AMractiv 1 Donuf incentive pr / gram puts cash in yo pocket weekly. Drop I 3838-A Atlantic, Roo =8 (upstairs) Mond through Friday, from 3: 3 to 4:15 P.M. - CANVASSERS Salary lo ilOO week. 1)114 DOLAH. DOV/HEY *· CIVIL SERVICE JOBS 1 CITY OF LONG BEACH M Assistant Traffic Engineer ° Civil Ervgr^cers Atsiitjnts Laiyfsceoe Architect Stenographers Residence Rea. When tmo o ?15 W. BroaoVav HE 6- STEVENS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ~rl 1 miDKJ OPFIt" UFA S. LB Blvd., Coin. NE I-SI91 V^ULLt*-) IU[N IjrTH. AH'RE'LL PERSONMEL AGEHCY SUPERVISOR 71 Top lots. 215 LB B vd. HE 5-SJS7 ...H,.I vrM ^i h^VnrMmH !! CHAPMAN PERSONNEL AGENCY vvrlte alvWg rutl resume lo iJ 120 E. Ocean, LB. n7-2201 gjaic llSt , Pr«»s-Tl., L B. lj GOLDEN WEST AGENCY Jl 1» PUM Rm. 3U HE 7* LAKEWOOD EMPLOYME KT AGC MI COOK Y" ApoTV hi Mrjon, Evp^r'd. P ns dcMnd. l^y? S. Clark, Bel! COST CLERK eforably with Junior i ^ dllaga businoss frdlning L to 2 yaars account- ' 3 experience. Aptiiuds ^ r math percentages, K o-rsting, «H. d PTITUDE TESTS GIVEN ' APPLY 1 TO 4 ·; Monday thru Friday Johns-Manville 223rd ft ALAMEDA LONG BEACH ° F{ Vn eoull ODOArlunltv tmnkver CLAs AIRCRArr IS HIRING) 31 Harthvltk. LaVewood Cwltr. -- ^N RS WOMEN DRIVERS ood e*rnintis ·Id ob YELLOW CAB CO. NOI.CC n JOE. APPLICANTS rhe LONG BEACH IHDEPEMC- -NT PSCiS TELEGRAM *wi ~ot kftow'nc'v «cc«P« helowanied aver rs-o'erlj Irom Itrmj c«verefl iv lh« Fedtrai W*tje-How Law. · 1hey olfe. 1e« !*i-v ITi« I*IM] T. ninium V/IQ*. 11 YOU art offtred cis bv co-cr«d lkm». or tf vow aucst'oni concerning :tm lAfc w o rer WMthoyr «tlvlli « or Ihe U. S. Decwirlmtnl o» LabOf. can or wire Ihe deoarlmtnl't «:« ofl*ct M 134 Allanllc Av«- fiirt. Lo"0. Be ,* ch ; le'ephw*-- 4GIHEER INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER Graduate enginaer to work in all phasoi o( induitrial anginearing Apply 9 i 4 Monday ihru Friday Johns-Manville Products Corp. 223rd i Alameda St. Long Boach An fmJ^I rvnoorlunllv tmnlovir. ENGINEER Mechanical Engineer With c o l l e g e degree. Minimum of 2 years process plant experience with good working knowledg* of process control 8c .hy draulic equipmehl. Good electrical back ground and mechanics design ability also re qu red. Salary commensurate with abilities and previous experience. Send resume to Employment Manager, P.O. BOK 9067 LB. 908K An Eo-jal Oooorlunllv Ernolov* HAIR STYLIST With Advance Training Reno Srad. Preferred. HAIR STYLIST. EXWr. Nlohll. W iollowtr.0. Mew shoo. 427-W33. HELP WANTED Cooki, buj bovi, oHhwastitr waitressn, hoslesst cahler. lervlewl between 3 8. 5p.m. orJ FIDLERS THREE SMACK SHO 2200 E. Anaheim, L.B. LAB. TECH. WITH MEDICAL GROUP^ HEN OR WOMEM WANTED Men or women with th ability to meet and ta with the public. Exceller program with side ben fits and a promotion pr gram 'hat will ama those who are interests talk to us. Come 1 . 3848-A Suite 2, Atlanti ^ from 5:30 to 7:00 p. Monday thru Thursday. ' MAN OR LAD 1 !5 HOURS WEEKLY Help MiMce Loi Alto*, Lakew i XXM^39, t to 9 a.m. or aft. 7 p h Fuller Brvn Mo*"- j CouoffS fof 20 *S unll t 3 s^da TlKT 1 Maintenance -^| Mechanics ** Al ^Al^fcJ' fU/--- % 9A 1 ^TlT^B* l^TWlTlf *^M f ^RMAID DAYSHlPf | t wk. Musi b deotndtfilt 8 1 S5.1S hr. 4 erf. tlM. No em- neessary. Aoolv 9:30 PEANUT MOUSE ,, E o.^:^.ans BeriflOYiir .= u_vos IM COSTUME CESS TOPLESS-- TOP OOL« Dm ui-'ua Wald. Exper. pot ntctssfry. wly 4J« Cotvo Beatlt §l»d */ith minimum of 3 years tume bar in L.B. OT-JJSJ ndustrial maintenance ex)M) Mf J,*^ OUAMNTEEO .-TAM^A mmadlal* worlt/r» «*p«rle,nc» entnce. j],^ 4 ttractive/coi(vmt PLAYOIRU =5 -fust pass oral written 7i« JM-JTM ITUI Harbor, o. cy. nd all positions welding a ·»». "Ion" A004V BE C^ MfrxlaY Ihru Frw%v 7^1 .Johns-Manville nct ft Al^meda, Loos Be^ch BU k:n kn rouftl oooartuntly en-Ataver PL "PORTUMITY -Vl1h POYENTfAL BEA JNLIMITEO. SUrl ¥rt:.i« workira Joi ORGANIST iu ^ i.X.-. 1 '."^ -:_". - ' | MB P A R l T I M E ^ DRIVERS 1 r~. i B'OO Diamond s Cab Co -" 1444 SAN FRANCISCO B ^ JOIN THE REAL ESTATE -£· PROFESSION WITHOUT GIVING UP E YOUR PRESENT JOBI WE will nreoart you lor 1hi -- SUti Exam We h«v* p*rl 1| me rftiruenU- An'RotHii ODOOflunJtv EmpTover SALtb MUTUAL FUNDS | -- full or Part Time 2 -- High Earning Potantial [ 3-- Management Oppty YOU WILL BE EDUCA- 'TED IN MODERN Fl- ^ NANCIAL PLANNING (INCLUDING LIIFE IN- c SURANCE) AND REPRE- - c SENT MANY MUTUAL FUNDS. TUES. * THURS. 8 P.M. (Your Spouse Is Welcome AMERICAN CORPORATION SHARES 5855 NAPLES PLAZA LONG BEACH GE 4-4467 SALES 3 Hours nlatillv, otioillrfl nor rilabllitiKl cuitomin Irom our Sil.V-?WV.'nS.v l 'lr.TFf'Sw ' Lir» tKiionlTMTM. i5«r- GA 3-541 7 SALES -- CUlt«U t-uiuci DhlrrtxjtonhlD ivall., car rue. p.rt tlinB oKUldernt. U3-7011. SALESMAN-- Expertenctd li ladUi' * r pAUL*'ALLEM SHOES ^F,?£*-£!W Mc »tSii: Slockman/Eliclronlcntclmlc «n RAYTHEON COMPANY Renulr» lharp «molov«« to con- tro? tSO.OOO Inventory and a» il In marine tleclronta repalri. Muit have oood command pi eUdron c theory and b* obit lo ixBedlale paper work. Ctianc. ol idvancrmtnl lor right «rson. , This Is ft permanent position. WILMINGTOM "Erwal Qoporlunltv Eir.clgyc^'^ TEXCHER-GUITAR - EnMrleiXKi. Mr. LuixH HE M!W W tf.l,-T.1? S SSiFvftA*'. 3 to i:X p.m. Says. tM ijk. WINDOW VMSHER-EXPER. oooa pay. Must havi own transo. imaterials Pn. 47I^M 1 am! nm dally lor aool. Llo^t tvplno. W'-A1S2 lor apot. . HetoWntd. (Worn.) 24A ',; ACCOUNTING CLERK 11301 S. Santa Fe f ??'°}? n pniial Oooxlunlly Emx over bllllrw. Mslure S^ererred. Trani. e necessary. Inlar.d Irufuilrlal Tin , Co.. Gardens. ttl-WW-ioo . *· AUTO cashier, ««o«rlenced. Boo .* Spreer f~*taii»r. Do-wnev. 5- D * B Tffle«^Mg{^^f r »ja 3- Aiamftoi Ev*. Ret. [rftlrr«J. » B ^ YL ffir rtNVVvaTM d PAh !rne! 1 3^7 1 rJ. r ;, 1 ro%^sT 7 8AS a B ,v. iT r.o" 1 -L.. cn v?«" "· BA o B . Yk ?nJ TE Lor L A 1 r».,' n ' ! »o t " k " 8VBYSITTER-2 thll*«, "1 m ^ BABYSITTIKG, .."""'^.JgjS"' ** SVR^ilriTETp^riTrzrGood pay x* BARMAID jn. APPLY BETWEEN 6 E. 3 A W -- nil E. Ar| l «U E B Btlinowe ', BAR MAIDS DANCER HrlpWn^ed 24 Help Wanted _* Engineering Groduot i, and College Seniors: '· INVESTIGATE 9 CAREER OPPO t IN SEAPOWEfl ur ;v ...TODAY! y · Ship and system d 5 · Starting salaries · Excellent adva · Federal Serv M - · Deferme Send a complete re form SF-57 (available Gate No. 5 on Terr other Federal acfiviti td- es YOUR RTUNITIES , ENGINEERING ·sign and testing Up to $609 per month ncement opportunities ice fringe benefits nts sume or Federal application at our Employment Office at ninsl Island, Poit Offices and es). to Seapower, Code 172-P : V, LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD £ Long kach, Calif. 90802 ,,*(. TErmlnal 1-UI1, fit. 3»/Equ.l Ouwtunlty Em«l«y«r M4F «.M« 0 lil. f I l o"l.*llS8 l «!S' ! TY oowa'or rtohli. M['. TV OMMlor, fxcxf. Ewl'a'5 fi^ei, N.L.B. GA 24200; GA W. " -, Allov Ar«* 4M-1714 BEAUTY OPERATOR y exclusive Blxbv Knoll} S*No fo Wwino rtaylr-Tx!, S*'flrv J ,K OPER ATSJ5,Vafl.A BEAUTY OPERATOR ^RINELLO-- COMER. GRAO. KI^IT-B^XBY KNOl.LS 44W Uy V N?nw ' voUr M h f rj' lm 4i^Wl 1 i LINE FASHIONS WorW'4 \**t- lo home iy1« srxrws. will Irtfn - j for «fremelv profltacK «rr J*s A faihtcr, »tvllih^ Ka · kl^EVpTR" = ~A"u"romo1lV« a»1i 1 · »nri rtcelvablt^ccouol, fHV»We. V-rtr Ift ftw:i h*ryfwrll!ro alvlAfl DcrK^Ct Box WOH7, Jndetv rsvtekQMm. _, . okUoper-Accl-'s Payable ·|.rrwjr« ? vwi f««r. Vho- BOOKKEEPER TRAINEE *nerrfrted li' 10 :ev *d*no ni»- Nnt. Muil IM Msl and Ateurjf^.. APPLY 11H1 Lena Be»£h Slvrt. Bullock's' LAKEWOOD · .\ s ntorviswing for « KNITTING INSTRUCTRESS Experienced Necessary ApClV Prjo«nll Otlict S005 CLARK AVE, LAKEWOOD An ·mj*! cwxxtunltv Erpn'oyer UNVA'WER r, ohoni jp«eiicr k. worV Lon0 Beach. RemodeKno con r*ctor. Sal. - cofnm, pM\e HILD e«r* Ille !»Vorvo. K.L.B ; Mull drive. Llvt ouf. «3-ilM LERICAL 5ROWNS Temporary Agency NEEDS' All Office Personnel IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT Noar Your Hom« at HIGH PAY NO FEE Browfl'i TimoorJifY A'oervcv 86 15 FLORENCE M Liktvood In OowntV LU J47«; WA i07.7; OX a-3».*- "MAD MONEY- «waits you at . : Western Girl FILL YOUR POCKETBQOK by doing temporary office wort;! IP vou aft an experienced TYPIST BOOKKEEPER SECRETARY W« tiav« JOBS for youl ^ good hourly rat«( : = WESTERN SfRL, INC;/ 130 PIKE, ME2Z., L.R. OFFICES Olf 3 CONTINENTS , An Etrjal Oooartwilly Emofovtr COCKTAIL Wallres^ Harbor Lltfili. rj6 N. Avalon, Wllm. TE S-SM* CLERK S^ T GS*LOAN NEEDS CLERK-TYPIST ESCROW TRAINEE RECEPTIONIST S A L A R Y RANGE 1375 TO UU Their twrmi^enl ooillkHii nr* with a crowlnB eon«rn provkl* a mo a adVdr-c«minl oowlurtltY., fr no benefdif tvoup iniurActf. retwlnr /tv(«wi, 5 tfav week, w'd vaca Ion. Apotkanl muit hav« H.S. dolonii be bondaMf. Act 1? lo V, allr.sttlvt, Inl.IH- otn , neat jnd oood poise. Ao cecalt tvpfsl, some S/H J*.lr»Wi or clerk-rvpfit ixniHon. ApDlY .11W L.B. Blvd., UvnwOd Mr. Wit*!,- HE 1-0511. «*"- 31» M.*ln Wantorf 24 NOW HIRING FOR Depf. ! of i Navy I (Fidiral Civil Sirvlci) · Welder) · Machinists · Shlptitteu · Chipper Caulkers Apply in Person Gate *5 Terminal Island i LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD Equal Opportunity Employer MF

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