Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 17
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Page B-6--INDEPENDENT "·»"» » l « h ' «·"'·· Tl ""»" "*· · "»» FREDDY by RUPE ..AN' THEN TH X.ECTRICITY COWES OUTATH' WALL AN RUNS THRU THIS, VMNC I GUESS IT'S HOLLOW. OK. ...PW'THEN, POW.' TH' LIGHT GOES ON! LCC, ILL ESPUAIN IT ONCE MORE ...THIS TIME I'LL SIMPLIFY IT; Air Force Dogrobber Book of Handy Hints Abolished By EDMOND Le BRETON W A S H I N GTON /P) -Hereafter, if an Air Force enlisted man wants to !· \v just how to wash his , . .1- eral's dog, he is out of luck. He's in trouble, too, if he can't make up his mind just how to set the table for the general's l a d y -- colored it:fakes 2 full Ibs. . ?- of:cfioice, red, ripe [drnatoes to riike. to useful... so economical 1 damask or embroidered tea cloth. For no longer can he take his questions to that well- illustrated, blue-bound Air Force manual which tells in great detail how an enlisted Tnan can be a first-class servant in an officer's household. The Air Force, under congressional fires of publicity, disclosed Wednesday it is withdrawing the manual. And Stephen S. Jackson, deputy assistant secretary of defense, promised to put out a new directive regarding aides and stewards--in the old days Ihey were cnlled orderlies, or even dog robbers. « * * * THE NEW directive will prohibit "(lie assignment of enlisted personnel to duties which contribute only to the personal benefit of officers and which have no reasonable connection with the officers' official 'responsibilities." Jackson and Brig. Gen. Albert B. Clark, director of personnel for the Air Force, appeared before the manpower subcommittee of the House Armed Forces Committee. Clark, who looked em- barrassed, took upon the Air Force the responsibility for the manual--"unfortunate"--he called it. * * * ^ CHAIRMAN Melvin Price (D-I11) contributed to the embarrassment by reading aloud from the manual for airman aides and stewards: "Feeding pets may become a part of your daily chores . . . "Occasionally, pets require baths. The best way to accomplish this is by using soap, water and plenty of elbow grease. The fingers are better than any mechanical device for applying soap. Rinse animal thoroughly b y p o u r i n g .water over him, then keep him warm until he is dry.." Rep. Frank J. Becker (RNY) quoted disapprovingly from the manual: "Your contribution to the over-all mission of the Air Force can be even more important than that of an air crew m e m b e r , a mechanic, or any other individual airman." Gen. Clark .commented that the manual was addressed to aides and was "designed to motivate them and members of the leiim." CLARK SAID Ihe manual erred on the side of completeness and that by giving instructions for all kinds of situations "it certainly gives the implication they will be called on to do all those things. This is unfortunate ... There is no question the matter of the dogs should have been left out." The manual tells the prospective aides, "You will work for a general officer. Your duties ... will include cooking, personal services and chauffeuring . . ." Some of its advice: "Answer the door properly and invite the guests in. V * * # "TAKE ANY lints or wraps . . . see to any desire they might have for refreshments, according to the general's previous briefing ..." 'The aides are told that for luncheon "lace is one of the correct cloths . . . while light damask is never used, colored damask is appropriate. For tea tables you may use embroidered or hemstitched tea cloths .. ." "Shoepolishing isn't a large task, but does require some Exacting effort," the manual said and continued for five paragraphs on how to do it. SURPR1SE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPR1SE!!!SURPR!SE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPRISE!!! uJ CX5 at a · s surprisingly = low Ei [| More s car than 2S ever before price £3 P.O.E. .USIJRPR1SE!!!SURPRISE!!!SI]RPR1SE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPRISE!!!SURPRISE .Look! Look! More front-seat leg room than ever before! A bold and beautiful new grille! Custom-crafted interiors so roomy that even 6-footers ride comfortably! Big enough for a family of five! And here's the famous Hillman Turnpike Power engine that lets you cruise easily at today's highway speeds! Safety-matched brakes! American Pattern Shift! Compare these features with any other import! Feature for feature... price for price ... this is the surprise car of 1960! See it! Test-drive the new 1960 Hillman at your dealer's today! Your choice of five models. Prices start as low as $1699 port of entry. the new 1960 a Rootes tter buy because it's better built BOB HURT'S CARS IWTERMATsCH.U, INC, 3580 East Pacific Coast Hwy., Long Beach DALE BROWN MOTORS 2441 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach P. S..Going abroad? Ask us about delivery anywhere overseas* M COY'S, WHERE YOUR DOLLAR HAS NO END! BAR-B-QUE DEPT. BARBECUED CHICKEN 89 f BAR-B-QUED BEANS LB. · PARAMOUNT 7826 Monroe Ave. · LONG BEACH Anaheim at Chair? · LONG BEACH 5286 E. Second EL · LONG BEACH 2824 E. Anaheim · LONG BEACH 4232 E. Anahtlm · LAKEWOOD 3820 Bellflower Bird. SPECIALS FOR THURS., FRL, SAT.. SUN.. FEBRUARY 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 McCoy's -- 5-lb. 39c ff^ F L O U R ......................................... _....: ..... _._ 10-lb. /5C Fisher's -- 40-oz. Boi . OO^ BISCUIT MIX ....... . ....................... _ ...... _ ................... *»» Fisher's -- 2-lb. Box OC^ PANCAKE MIX ........... .. .......... _ .......... _ ........... _ «C Bovril -- 12 01. " rn. HOAST BEEF ........................... _ .......................... _._ D"C 80 Count · MARCAL NAPKINS .................. _ ....... _. Kitchen Chonn -- 100-Ft. Bolls Pack _ 1A.* IUC n«.» r .57? WAX PAPER Best Foods -- Quart ^OO I L J / C Folger's -- 6-oz. 89c t 50 INSTANT COFFEE 10-oz. I.JT Folger's -- Lib. Can 63c * «r C O F F E E 2-lb, Can I.M FREE FLASHLIGHT With Purchase 3 Bath Size in- DOVE TOILET SOAP Value 1.49 07* Vano -- l/ 2 .Gal. ·Jfl^ LIQUID STARCH _ JV* Vano -- Quart *ttt^ FABRIC FLUFFER j"C Kraft -- 20-oz. ' «jfl^ GRAPE JELLY *V* Foremost -- Golden State Family Style -- i/s-Gal CO^ ICE CREAM _ 37* Foremost -- Golden State -- 'A-Gal. AO.-L BIG DIP ICE MILK '. 4"* Blue Bell -- Lib. «.· COTTAGE CHEESE A3* Foremost -- Golden State -- Vj-lb. «r SOUR CREAM Z3* Oscar Mayer " ^"" /»,. LUNCHEON MEAT _ J for $ I Quaker " A **/\ PUFFED RICE ' 2 for 29* McCoy's -- 3-lb. Can . m n SHORTENING 4?* Enrcro Hi Quality -- Lib. Can an C O F F E E 4 9 * Tcnderleaf -- Reg. 99c, 64 to Box in TEA BAGS O7* Swift's -- Gallon ', .,, JEWEL OIL 1,47 Quip -- Heg. 49c -,, REAL CREAM TOPPING ..._ O7* ... ........ 5-lb. Can " " _ _ PURE HONEY ...................... ___ 89$ Laura Scuddor's -- Quart ~ ............................. mr MAYONNAISE _ 45fi 2-lbs. 49c ...... " ...... ~ ...... - ................... «""- ._ RAISINS ............................... _ 11-oz.Ctns 3 (or 49$ Treat Tim* -- Large Jar 35e PEANUT BUTTER SSF TOILET TISSUE McCoy's -- Qt. 15c, 1/2 GaL 29c ^Q^ B L E A C H G" 1 - ^ 7 * Beg. 49c ?Q^ GIANT BLOCKS HERSHEY J7 * Lance -- Gallon ' ^0^ B L E A C H _ - «* ( STMA R~C H °. - 39* Lance -- Quart 1Q* A M M O N I A _ - ' 7 San Fernando -- 2-lb. 25o A0# S Y R U P . _ _. _ _ No. 4 Jar D»* Beg. 49c ' ID* SUGAR BOWLS ' 7 » Dromedary -- 4-oz. 1 C -C I T R O N ' 3 * Dromedary -- 4-oi. 15c, 8-oz. 25e dOf FRUIT S PEEL «·«. ^ 7 * Dromedary -- 4-oz. Bottles ^l%if RED CHERRIES _ "* Sprecldes -- 5-lb. 49c 07* S U G A R .;_..: _ m-ib. 7/ * Spreckles Powdered or -- Lib. Ctns. *% 9Qf BROWN SUGAR _ L for AT * 16-oz. Cans, 6 for 89c L LQ* ROYAL BEER . _ 12-oz.Cans Perfection -- Lib. Can PURE BLACK PEPPER . McCoy's -- King Size 69c AQtt LIQUID DETERGENT Giant *"» Market Queen -- 22-oz. 23c, J4-oz. 43c 70/f DILL PICKLES .'. ,,..: No.lOJar / » » Market Queen --22-oz. 33c, 34-oz. 79c "I OO SWEET PICKLES ... rar l-*7 Market Queen -- 22-01. R E L I S H Durltee's -- 8-oz. COCOANUT Pixie Minuets -- 10-oz. 25c MARSHMALLOWS 6-oj. Swlftnlng -- 3-lb. Can SHORTENING Willapolnt -- 10-oz. OYSTERS _ _ : *· '« SSF -- 50 Count T O W E L S Pixie -- 10-oz. WHITE MARSHMALLOWS Kxle -- 10-oz. CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOWS Darlgold -- In Quarter! -- Lib. B U T T E R _ I'M WORTH MORE AT McCOY'S! Ml EVERY STORE IN TOWN IS A McCOY'S REDEMPTION CENTER. REDEEM THE MONEY YOU SAVE AT McCOY'S No Stamps Gimmicks or Blue Chips at McCOYS JUST THE LOWEST PRICES 00* O7 » No.lOJar 1 r.» 13? 10 Hi-Most Frozen -- 6-oz. Cans ORANGE DRINK Col Fame Frozen -- 6-oz. Cans Pineapple-Grapefruit DRINK . Treesweet Frozen -- 12-oz. Cans PINK LEMONADE Bugs Bunny Frozen -- 6-oz. Cans VEGETABLE JUICE COCKTAIL Bugs Bunny Frozen -- 6-oz. Cans 1 (\ TROPICAL PUNCH l u Pictsweet Frozen -- 30 to Box, Beg. 2.00 ? POTATO PATTIES J Caso Swayne -- 14-oz. O CANDIED YAMS _ ° Mama Maria Frozen A PIZZA WITH CHEESE _. ^ Costa Breaded SHRIMP _;. Ocoma Frozen -- Lib. Pkgs. CHICKEN WINGS Frozen -- 2l/ 2 -lb. Box CHICKEN LEGS ,,. XLNT Frozen CHEESE ENCHILADAS _ Frozen Parkerhouse or -- Reg. 49c CLOVERLEAF ROLLS Rose Royal Frozen -- Reg. 69c CHOCOLATE CAKE Frigid Dough Frozen Beef, Chicken t TURKEY PIES Mama Maria Frozen PIZZA WITH CHEESE FHIGID DOUGH FROZEN APPLE, CHERRY, BOYSENBERRY, PEACH, PUMPKIN OR 3, ..49i MINCE PIES EA. SMOKEY JOE'S FROZEN BARBECUED *» AQ nnmvrmrn Halves 4-lb. Over, Reg. 5.00 £,.'$7 1 W lU\El I U Q Uartor , j.uj. a Over , Reg . 2.50 1. 29 2 (,, 39« 69* EXTRA FANCY CENTRAL AMERICAN GOLDEN RIPE NO. 1 4 EXTRA FANCY LARGE U.S. NO. 1 WHITE ROSE NEW EXTRA FANCY SWEET BEST EATING NAVEL EXTRA FANCP LARGE FUERTE BEST ON THE MARKET WATSONVILLE FRESH LARGE GREEN PIPPIN EXCELLENT FOR COOKING OR EATING EXTRA FANCY IMPERIAL VALLEY FRESH SWEET TENDER LARGE BUNCHES Q U A RODUCTS No. 303 Cons APPLE SAUCE No. 21/2 Cans WHOLE UNPEELED APRICOTS No. 303 Cans FRUIT COCKTAIL No. 2i/j Cans HALVES ELBERTA PEACHES .... No. 21/2 Cans Halves Yellow Cling PEACHES No. 2'/i Cans Sliced Yellow Cling PEACHES No. 303 Cans HALVES BARTLETT PEARS No. 2'/j Cans HALVES BARTLETT PEARS Flat Cans SLICED PINEAPPLE--Halves No. l'/2 Cans SLICED PINEAPPLE No. 2 1 '- Cans SLICED PINEAPPLE _. No. 303 Cans GOLDEN WAX CUT BEANS No. 303 Cans SLICED BEETS No. 303 Cans Cream Style GOLDEN CORN No. 303 Cans Whole Kernel GOLDEN CORN No. 300 Cans WHITE HOMINY No. 2'/2 Cans WHITE HOMINY _ No. 303 Cans · SWEET PEAS Small Whole -- No. 300 Cani IRISH POTATOES No. 303 Cans WHOLE YAMS IN SYRUP No. 2',': Cans WHOLE YAMS IN SYRUP No. 2'/ 2 Cans SAUERKRAUT No. 303 Can* PEELED TOMATOES No. 2" 2 Cans PEELED TOMATOES 46-oz. Cans TOMATO JUICE 12-oz. Bottles TOMATO CATSUP 18-or. Bottles TOMATO CATSUP . 6-0:. Cans TOMATO PASTE TOMATO SAUCE .. Table King ALASKA SALMON .. Light Meat -- No. V, Cam GRATED TUNA No. 303 Cans CUT STRING BEANS French Sliced -- No. 303 Cam STRING BEANS No. l/a Cans PINK SALMON _ 46-oz. Cans GRAPEFRUIT JUICE _. 48-oz. Cans PINEAPPLE JUICE 24-01. Bottles PRUNE JUICE _ All Green -- No. 300 Cans CENTER CUT ASPARAGUS Dark Red -- No, 300 Cam KTDNEY BEANS _ No. 300 Cans BUTTER BEANS No! 300 Cans PORK BEANS No. 21/2 Cans PORK BEANS _ i DELICATESSEN OSCAR MAYER WIENERS -Mb SMOKIES-12-oz HY GRADE SLICED LUNCHEON MEAT Spiced Luncheon Bologna Cotto Salami . Pickle S Pimlento I Olive Loot PKGS. IMPORTED DANOLA -- S-oi. Pkgs. COOKED HAM First Quality Manhattan All Beef MISS WISCONSIN -- 6-01. Pkg. *LIQUOR DEPT. R I P P L E THE WINE WITH THAT R!NG-A-DING FLAVOR Red or ^C* Per Whit 9 £B^ Bottle A NEW TASTE SENSATION M c C O Y ' S LONDON DRY G I N 2 99 Full Sth 100% GRAIN SPIRITS VALENTINE BOX CANDY · BELLFLOWER 17602 Bellflower BlTd. · N. LONG BEACH 5800 Atlantic Are. · HOLLYDALE 12222 Garfleld Art. · LONG BEACH 2290 Santa Fe Blvd. · DOWNEY 13235 So. Woodruff McCOY'S JEWELRY DEPT. FEBRUARY SPECIALI Your Watch Dial (Face) Reftnlshed (Like New) Heg. 4.50 Up With Watch J50 Repair £* Watches M 95 Cleaned *l 1 MYRT. BERT'S SNACK BAR · CHICKEN FRIED STEAK DINNER ·^--Bellflow« Store Only- FRADELIS FROZEN DINNERS FRIED CHICKEN...._ 49$ GROUND BEEF _ 49$ MEAT LOAF ,, _... 49$ ROAST BEEF _ 49$ SWISS STEAK _ ,,.._ 49$ VEAL CUTLET J 49$ HAM STEA K..._ 49$ FRIED SHRIMP 49$ HALIBUT STEAK _ 49$ GOLDEN STATE ICE CREAM SNOWBALLS i$ Reg. 98c ' XLNT HACIENDA DINNERS BEEF ENCHILADAS __. 3 for 1.00 ^ 1 ftft _ 3 l " '·*"' C 1 ftrt y "' ««W O CO.* * for °'» 3 , 1 ftfl _ * °' »«vU 2 for 1.00 Reg. 49c BEEF TACOS Beg. 3 for 1.00 BEEF TACOETTES _. Beg. 59c MEXICAN DINNERS Beg. 49c BEEF ENCHILALA DINNERS Beg. 59c -- Dozen TAMALE DINNERS Donald Duck -- No. 300 Cam GRAPEFRUIT _ Cherry Star -- 8-oz. " OYSTERS _ McCoy'i TOILET TISSUE .... Derby -- 15-oz. Cani TAMALE S Derby -- 15-oz. Jan TAMALES Derby With Beans -- 15-oz. Cani CHILI CON CARNE Iris -- No, 1/j Can» CHUNK TUNA Full Assortment ROYAL PUDDING Quail or Pismo -- No. V, Cam MINCED CLAMS _ Iris -- No. 303 Cans ASPARAGUS Sweet May -- No. 2'/j Cans FREESTONE PEACHES _ Sweet May -- No. 2'A Cani BARTLETT PEARS Curfew -- No. 303 Cam P E A S _ _ Full Assortment -- 24-oz. Cam CASE SWAYNE DRINKS Nestle's -- Tall Cam M I L K Sta-Krlsp --Liu. Eoxw SODA CRACKERS Sta-Krisp -- Lib. Boxes GRAHAM CRACKERS 1-lb. Boxes TREATS BUTTER WAFERS Borden's -- 10 to Can 1 BISCUITS _ ' Appletbna -- No. 2 Cans APPLES Contadina -- Ho, 2 Cans MINESTRONE SOUP Durkee's -- Lib. Ctns. 0 L E O .*. Nugget -- No, 303 Can PUMPKIN _ Iris -- 15-oz, Cans CRANBERRY SAUCE No. 303 Cans MASHED YAMS _ McCoy's -- Jumbo 3-Ib. Loz, DETERGENT Willapolnt -- 10-oz. OYSTER STEW _ Stoltely's -- 23-oz. SWEET POTATOES 8 Varieties -- Pick 'Em and Mix 'Em C A N D Y _ Queen's Taste WHIPPED MARGARINE Cinch Full Assortment -- 17-oz. Boxes CAKE MIX Broken Fitted -- Pint OLIVES _ Jiffy Pie, Corn Muffin, -- 9-oz. Boxei BROWNIE MIX Royal -- Full Assortment GELATIN FEATURING, BY POPULAR DEMAND, McCOY'S AGED ANP PROPERLY TRIMMED STEAKS. T^BONES TOP SIRLOIN PORTERHOUSE RIB STEAKS . MORRELL PRIDE -- From ihe Tall Corn Country CANNED HAMS 5 ETXRA GOOD -- FOR ROASTING OR THAT OLD FASHIONED BOILED DINNER Ib FARMER JOHN TABLE BRAND SLICED BACON 3,b. $1.00 FRESH AND LEAN 3 n, $1.00 SEASONED TO PERFECTION -- OUR OWN MAKE PORK SAUSAGE HUNGRY FOR CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS? Fresh Plump Stewers ROCK BASS OR RED SNAPPER FILLETS I FRESH CAUGHT CRABS.

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