Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 15
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 15

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 15
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PAGE 16 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 2. I963_ %A V X MEN'S DRESS WESTERN STYLE STRAW HATS REG. $3.00 . ARMY STYLE REGULAR $2.00 SPECIAL ,55 DRESS BELTS Composition Sole, Goodyear Welt. A tremendous value at 55.77 ORE 51 N. 6th Ave. Next to Sears THEY SAY NO Big Day Today For Romn ey Supporters? WASHINGTON--UP)-- Mrs. J. Willard Marriott termed "ridiculous" today reports that a reception in her home late today for Gov. George tation to SEATTLE 1962 Model Cars All Gas - Oil and Proper Insurance included. No Gimmicks. 920 E. 22nd Si MA 4-0421 Romney of Michigan is a quiet effort to push him as a possible Republican presidential candidate. Mrs. Marriott, the Republican national committeewoman for the District of Columbia, said most of the names of the 300 guests invited to the reception were "taken from my Christmas list." ROMNEY IS A guest with Mrs. Romney at the home of the Marriotts. He addressed the annual meeting of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce here yesterday. The Michigan governor has said repeatedly he is not and will not be a candidate for the 1964 GOP presidential nomination. j ^f* ,. , * ' { s "~~~ J ~Tttr»-i11i-I|i ^ '*· ^ftv .V ·:..-·· i -y * ff, ^ i , -- ^-x ·* - ^-i ~., ^ · r - f ~J.~ Z* j r , - * giMiMi.atefctgg / - ,, ^ **s*£«jisnasaai» w ,- ^- Af v "-y-i: \ M- ·A - , '* Cupboard not bare. pecfed about your "financial cupboard"? A sound, safe and practical Pima Savings program can help you meet the most unexpected emergency. Remember, too, if you invest by the tenth, your money earns at a rate of per cent from the first, at FIIVIA Member Federal Savings And Loan Insurance Corporation And Loan Association/ 151 N. Stone Ave,/ 3777 E. Broadway The New York Times in a Washington dispatch said Romney would be "quietly put forward" as a potential candidate at the reception today. The Times story said the reception was organized by Mrs. Marriott, Leonard W. Hall, former Republican na- ·ionai chairman, and J. Clifford Folger, twice the chairman of the GOP's National Finance Committee. BUT MRS. MARRIOTT said the reception was strictly her own and added, "it has nothing to do at all with politics. It was not intended to be." The Romneys are old friends and always stay with them when they come to Washington, Mrs. Marriott said. "This is the first vacation Romney has had," Mrs. Marriott said, meaning the first since he took over as governor of Michigan the first of this year, the first GOP governor there in 14 years. At the time Mrs. Marriott was reached, her husband and Romney were out on the golf links. Marriott operates a chain of restaurants. He and his wife are Mormons as is Romney and have long been acquainted through church activities. Rep. Gerald Ford, R-Mich,, who was invited to the Marriott reception, told a reporter he believes any effort at this time to put Romney into contention for the party's presidential nomination would be "premature." AT THE SAME TIME, Ford, chairman of the House Republican Conference, said he does believe that the 48-man Michigan delegation to the 1964 Republican national convention should push Romney as its favorite-son candidate. "It is the Michigan delegation's obligation and responsibility to sponsor Romney as a favorite-son candidate," Ford said, "but it is too early now to go beyond that. "Gov. Romney right now should not be a candidate. He has not the time to be a candidate. If people are interested in his candidacy, however, that is all to the good." Ford said he had no information that the Marriott reception was intended to be an effort to back Romney for the nomination. "I don't read anything into it as a kickoff for a campaign," Ford said. The Times story continued in part: No announcement of a candidacy for Romney will be made today. Probably no announcement of any kind will be made. But the reception at Mrs. Marriott's house was reported to be the first step in gathering support for Romney. Few politicians were invited, to avoid the appearance o o o of open solicitation of political support. REPUBLICAN SOURCES report that Romney is hopeful of winning the nomina-. tion. But he is described as unwilling to appear at this time to be seeking it, and wary of drawing the fire of other candidates and hostile elements in the party. Folger and Hall appear to be emulating Eisenhower, who has privately expressed great interest in Romney's candidacy next year. One Republican source suggested, however, that Hall and Folger are committed-as in 1960--to Nixon. Their motive in presenting Romney to important sources of potential support at the reception today, it was suggested, was to bring Romney at least as much into the open as a potential nominee as Rockefeller and Goldwater are. THE AIM OF THIS strategy would be to let these three men "kill each other o f f " so that the party would turn again to Nixon in 1964. Other sources said Hall, Folger and other important backers of Eisenhower and Nixon had settled on Romney as the best possibility for 1964. Romney sentiment is reported to be particularly strong among the national citizens committee, "an a f f l u - ent and i n f l u e n t i a l Republican group that was organized last year." Romney, as former president of the American Motors Corp., is believed to command important financial resources imong Republican businessmen. He is also believed to be the second choice of many Republicans, parti c u 1 a r 1 y businessmen, who are committed to Rockefeller. Rocky Keeps Republicans Guessing--And Speculating WASHINGTON -- UPI -- lov. Nelson A. Rockefeller's possible remarriage is setting off a greater spate of speculation among Republicans than anything since Wendell L. Willkie came from nowhere to win the 1940 presidential nomination. The speculation grows with each "no comment" the New York governor gives to questions as to whether he may marry Margaretta Murphy, who was divorced in Idaho last month. Rockefeller was divorced last year after 31 years of marriage. There is a widespread belief within the GOP that remarriage would damage his chances of winning the presidential nomination and the White House--but no one is sure how much. Those who regard themselves as Republican king- makers are sure to be taking a searching look at other possible choices. The alternatives include Gov. George Romney of Michigan, Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, Gov. William W. Scranton of Pennsylvania and possibly former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the d e f e a t e d 1960 nominee. Politicians always become nervous when they are subjected to untested f o r c e s touching on American religious and moral beliefs. Divorce was counted a fatal handicap until the Democrats nominated Adlai E. Stevenson in 1952. Stevenson was badly beaten by Dwight D. Eisenhower but his divorce was never considered a significant factor. Membership in the Roman Catholic church once w a s viewed as an insurmountable barrier for presidential aspirants until President Kennedy was elected in 1960. Rockefeller was far in front of other possibilities for the 1964 Republican nomination at least u n t i l the rumors of remarriage began to circulate. No one doubted that he was r u n n i n g although he vetoed moves by state or local partisans to begin organizing for the preconvention campaign. The first apparent result of the remarriage talk has been an upsurge in optimism among supporters of Goldwater, the conservative hero. This has )een dismissed by other Republicans as a natural development to fill a vacuum. I n f l u e n t i a l Republicans close .0 Eisenhower and Nixon have been reported recently to be showing fresh interest in Romney, the former automaker who ended 14 years of democratic d o m i n a n c e i n Michigan last year. But another highly placed Repub- ican suggested that Romney was looking toward re-election and the 1968 Republican nomination, and that Nixon was waiting to be called from the wings in 1964. Republicans eyeing Rockefeller, Romney and Nixon belong to the Gpldwater-can't- win school, which believes the Arizona senator is too weak in the battleground states with big blocs of electoral votes. Fred A. Young, newly elected New York State GOP chairman, said Tuesday he did not believe remarriage would damage Rockefeller's political future. "If it's a solid marriage, what's wrong with it?" he asked. But Carl L. Shipley, District of Columbia GOP chairman, said he agreed with voters who had told him it would be "political suicide" for Rockefeller to remarry. 11 To Attend Postal Parley Eleven members of the Tuc son Postal Union will attend the a n n u a l convention of the Arizona Postal Union in Yuma Saturday and Sunday. The convention is at the Stardust Hotel. Tucson delegates are D. K Benway, Atlin Boe, Herman Berlowe, Alfred Irwin, Randall Legler, Jack Lipson, Edwarc Helm, August Lehet, Bernard Jarosh, Keith Van Voorhee and Floyd Brown. Principal sneakers at the two-day meeting will be Arnold Elias, a former Tucsonan now with the Post Office Department, Washington, anc Walter J. Olesky, representing Denver postal regional head quarters. "Nobody thinks it's good, everybody thinks it's bad," said Shipley, "and I have to agree with them." Other Republicans also are queasy. One GOP leader, respected here for his political judgment, feels that a Rockefeller remarriage would mean losing the votes of many women of middle age and older and would revive the religious issue which marred the 1960 campaign. The GOP has expected Republican Catholics who voted for Kennedy would return to the fold in 1964 and most of the Democrats who opposed the President because of his religion to drift back to their party. McDaniel To Make Bid For Council E. J. McDaniel informed Young Democrats of Greater Tucson at their luncheon meeting yesterday that he would make his second bid for city office this fall as a council candidate from Ward 2. In 1961, McDaniel, a car salesman, entered the mayoralty primary race, finishing fourui in a field of five Democratic candidates. Last year he had considered running for governor. The council post he seeks this year is held by Marvin Linner, a Republican. McDaniel said his petitions were filled already and he would file them next month. In his eight-point platform, McDaniel opposes tax increases of any kind and is against a "scatter fun policy" of approving locations for liquor and beer licenses. He said he would oppose ramrod tactics of any member or members ; the City Council. McDaniel resides at 3747 E. Hampton St. -«:, SERVICE COUPON --* $ o o | per service call on evaporative cooler or auto air conditioner ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone MA 4-2321 DUANE and EDDIE 7253 Manana Grande SOFT SMOOTH FEEL BLANKETS come out BO soft and smooth when you launder with Parsons' Sudsy Dotorgont A m m o n i a . So do socks ami swo!\tcrs...and al! with a fresh, clean smell. PARSONS FJnt name m household cleaners lince 1876 ONE PRICE! DuPONT CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON INSTALLED OVER HEAVY PADDING! For 3 days only our regular $7.99 sq. yd. carpeting for $5.99-INCLUDING INSTALLATION OVER HEAVY PADDING!! A hi[o pattern thai conceals footprints and furniture marks--in assorted decorator colors! 5 Year Wear Guarantee. Hurry . . . 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