Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1976 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 17
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£W*-rfielte¥* A or Nail ' \ \ _ .. f . -. ^,__?_- THESES NO UW ANfWW CAN 6ET MORE THAN ONE SOUVENIR CAP AT TR4.T 5ALL PARK, IF I HAP TRIEP TO 60 OVER THAT WALL E16UT MORE TIMES, I MM.PHAVEKlLLEDAVfcE IT WAS A BAP IPEA REAR ADMIRAL SWSEOfiGECDCKBURN OF WMITISHNAVY, WHO BURNED tWSHINfiTOtW. IH US WAR OF IBR,MTEVPTE! TO HIRE AM AkKKlCAW HISHWftYMAN OOStPH HAR6, JftMES MADIStW THE CAVE CHURCH OBtRSTEH SERMM4V IS STRIPED LIKE A BARBCK poie ·T I USE A^ ARTIFICIAL, SWEETENER WHO IN A QUARREL OVER ftfclRL Mtie'NtS OWN BROTHfK. iiiraiiiiiiiiiBMB^^^^ FRANCES DRAKE NONE OF YOUR WNG YOU HAMMER/ AH, HERE W£ ARE.' HI, SPITFIRE; ion OWNS 1ME TROUBLE WITH FINPING SLOPPY IS THAT HE MOVES tVEKV TIME THE RENT B PUE. Look in Ihe section in which your birthday comes and 'find what,your, outlook is, according lo the stars. FOR SAT., APRIL 24 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Some good news you've been oping for won't come until the end of the day. So' be' palienl -- and not too anxious. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Certain situations "w i l l be beyond your control now, don't try lo solve tbcm on your own initiative.'Ask advice fron a trustworthy source. GEMINI (May 2Z to June 21) Don't plan any ;hectic-activi ties. Day will he more satisfac tory if you can get off by yonr self and do "some constructive thinking. CANCER (June-2? to July, 23) · An average" day which '.can be made much brighter, more : 'careful not * Iq overste iunds or uncle ['estimate yoi iponents. If you pbscrvd-.llK. dmonitibns; you "should hax dandy day AG1TTARIUS (Nov 0 There's; much more to t! a than j ou ma\ realize rsl. Go forth and find -th cw opportunity you want lAPRLCORN (Dec 0) _A gencraNy.dgood day/but you nay run into a tew obstacles -- which could b'c caused by our own procrastination, dis- THOUGH! KK A UHte, I it/A? AT 1HB PINNACLE OF fOH/ff, TVf CHAllMHi'S I HAP IT ubli ''negative approaches .QUAIUUS (Jan; 21 to Feb. 19) Some brand new onporlunitics ndicated. \Your day .should be active; stimulating. In ; all -'deal- however, ' 'Stress- 'diplo- your part. Gel on and "mix" Some exciting nc\ contacts possible. . ,.-. ~ . LEO (July 24 to Ajig.,23) ; - Need for caution - continue? Be hasly in neither' word' no deed. Day has pitfalls whic you can avoid if on guard a all times, VIRGO (Aug. 2-1 to Sept, 2 3 ) , . Not much planetary help bi you can, t nevcrthe!ess, keep th day out of' (tie rnecliocoi column if you emphasize yoi innate enthusiasm : and stick-to itlVCUPSSl LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Step lightly, with measure gait. There may be a few del cale spots, perhaps: you can lake. Don't chafe ; roadblocks: Regard them. challenges. SCORPIO (Oct. 24.(p Nov. 1 22) In both thought-s and action macv.- ; , : '1SCES {Feb. 1 20, to Mar. 20) period; ; for improving . on current projccls as ;\veH auiichirig new ones. Your . into - king will lead 1 to success. persistent and responsible, to TATER-- HOW WOULD iVe.LIKG SOME HOME-MflDE SUGflR WIF SOME HOME-MflDE MILK ? :rust. You have n flair for the dramatic and may lake to Ihe theater .as a career; also. :your great - love for Ihe traditional would make you an excellon! historian. ! l Sympathetic : anr humanitarian in your impulses ' sociology -are also fine outlets for your talents. Music and sculpture arc' the artistic mediums which yo easily com mere iali7.o- :· Cross 'fcdre/ By'Ettgene Sbeffer 21 Exclamation 23 Drops of moisture 25 Grand- ' -· 'parental : 26 The G o t GWTW 27 Tart 28 Fellow 29 Film star Turner 30 Mothers of Iambs 61 Endeavor DOWN 1 Aluminum · sulfate 2 Modify, 3 Discharge . 4 Linger 5 Oriental nursemaid 6 Billiard shot' 7 MallheW · Arnold's "The-'" 41 French · . philosopher 43 Native ruler of Tunis : 44 -- Long ACROSS 1 Thoroughfare (abbr.) '4 Resinous substance 7 Land meas- ID FOLLY HIM AROJWD OUT.VVITH OJLY ONE THINS FO' 11 Dalai-13 Medical org. 50 Trilogy ' H Braided 53 Cat's cry .55 Japanese diplomat : 56 Hawaiian seaport 57 Louisa -Alcott ·;: .58 Franco- Belgian river 15 Author o f . . . "Exodus" 16 Needlefish 17 Strong emotion 18 'Fictitious stories 20 Professional ' tramp 22 Dancer Chafisse ' 24 Spanish wine "' 28 House, worker 3J Actress: June -33 Hollywood's Goldie -34 Roll of money (slang) 36 Rajah's wife 37 " -- of robins in her hair" 39 Made a 8 Sine -- non 31 Reign (India) 35 Small flounder .38 Greek letter 40 New: comb. ' form ·12 Auxiliary proposition 45 Ixmp -47 Hurl 48 Roman ' highway 49 Member of · English political party 50 Article 51 Edge 52 River in . . A s i a 54 River in ...Wales 9 Satisfied 10 Chemical suffix rtist Bellows, et al. 19 Together: a prefix ,.OMLV WOMEN AMD CMILDREM WILt REMAIN 0EMIMO.' T.'U LIKE tO SEE SOMfcTWWS IrJ. A size twetve / THIS IS OM TO 9S. A VERY SAVA6E. 8!.OOPY BATTLE ! 59 Masculine name 60 Land ' measure · Avg. solution time: 25 min. harsh sound Answer to' yesterday's puzzle.. 16 · Northwett Arkaiwo* TIMES, FrMay, April V\ ? 1976 iiniitiiiiiiiiiiiiiii«^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M D Voice Change Is Gradual Process Our son is 14 and his voice has ; not yel changed. It has b e c o m e increasingly embarrassing for i him. This T J S particularly 30 because he is ·cry bright and is- i n , an auV ·meed grade which brings, him contact with older boys. We greo vi ill) our doctor lhat patience is needed et oiilri like to ! e x p l o r e the laiices o f , hurrying up the rocoss. Mr. Mrs. RF., Ohio car Mr. 'Mrs; F, The trarfua! change from the ugh pitched voice of puberlj ito the lower pitch .range _ o dolcsccnee 'jsually ' begins b p u t 'i the . .age of 1.3 ccasionally. liic high-pitc bice persists a little longer. The social.circumstances adc ns.ict. to the child and to thi arents, U n f 6 r ; t u n a te I y' oungsters can be jnrliculul; ruel and thus maguity hol.onlj lie. iiitensity of .your, -son' anxiety, but,'the importance tie basic problem. I must assume that" you doctor has ruled ouL hormon deficiency as a cause. In th absence, of tlus possibility would be wise to invcsligat speech" training with a" spccc .henpist Thci often cm wit specially designed \ocal i ccrcises, help lower the pitch .he v o i v c There additional vail i s uch spech th crapy. son. will have "the more positiv eling tliat something is being one to' help him. [ recently, heard that an aspirin ,kcn every, day cnn prevent carl disease. Is'Ui]Y:Lruc? Mr. N.K.,- Main* icar Mr. K. ft '.is-,\veii·"established, t h a i spirin, ,. in many ways a aluablc : drug, "is 'also rcspon- ib!e for decreasing the cloltiiifE imc.of blooil and for increasing s bleeding lime. Consequent!* taking large .uantitios of aspirin oxer a long Tcriod of time should ba avoided' unless specifically irescrilxxl by a physician. 'In recent years, som« ihysicians l\ho have been :16selv foliowing patients with cpronarj nter disease haia been prescribing the one-a-riay aspirin treatment in carefully chosen cases. Us purpose is to Ihm th« jlood" and ' thus .possibly prcvcnl further hcail attacks Again it must be emphasized that uon the one a dav aspirin treatment embarked on onlj after discussing the advantages of the .regime with one s pliisician S P ' E A'RTNG OK . Y O U R HEALTH ..Some people who refuse lo admit . lhat their hearfpg is impaired constantly accuse those who surround (hem ol-mumbling. tiiiiiiiiciiiuiiiiiiinniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiinmiiiiim^ B JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play* You have the following .hand, both sides Vulnerable: . : · 4AKJ6 VKJ9Q2* 48 *AQ5 1. You are the dealer. What would you bid? 2 Your right-hand opponent op^ns One Diamond, which you ' " ' ' " _ double, and left-hand iiri^iiiriirHrin./iii/iK ouble before and partner assed. . You · hav£ values well eyonri those previously shown, nd should keep on .punching, t is belter to double again then ake a blind stab in--hearls or pndcs. Furthermore, it *may urn out that clubs is the best rump suit'-for your side. ; 3. Four spades. This is not . closeout. hid. The. jump lo ;am'fi' tclis- partner t h a L ten ricks are · probable even if he las only 6 points. By inference. herefor/2, four spades an., nounces at least 20 points, distributional'or otherwise, and a mild-slam-try. f. 4. Pass. You must accept p a r t n e r ' s judgment that lotriimp is the right spol. He npws yon were angling fur a suit w h e n ' y o u - d o u b l e d , and it would be wrong to start-looking now for a better place to play the hand. 5. Five clubs. Having already shown five hearts and four spades you can now indicate boll) Ihe excellent club support and a ' singleton djamond bv jumping to five clubs. It would be wrong lo bit! three nolrumn. This would IK right if Ihe queen of clubs were, Ihe q u e e n of diamonds, but this one-card change may make all the difference between, an ice-cold slam and just a ga-me. opponent bids Three Diamonds. Alier two passes, what w o u l d you do now? 3. You deal.'and open One Heart. Partner responds One Spade. What would you bid now? Your rifihi*liahri opponenl op^ns Three Diamonds, which you doubled Your partner 'bids Three Notrump. What wouk you do now"'? 5. You d e a l and bid One Heart: partner responds Tw Clubs. When yon bid Tw S i) .1 d e ?. ', partner responds Three Diamonds. What wouk vou bid now? 1. One heart. This is basicnlls a - s u i t type-of, hand and yo should slait in an effort So lini best I r u n i p .suit, th' inlcntim is' L lo bid spades nexl thus announcins; greater lengl in hearts, s i n c e you wuul have bid spades first and th SU'ts been ; cqual 'in' length: t choosing which suit : to bi length of suit takes precedenc ovr s'rcnsth of suit. 2. Double. This is still takeout double, even though yo PQNYTAIL "This is the worst assignment I've seen since the one you handed in YESTERDAY!". . WANT ACTION? Phone \.. 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give, full description aw stari your Classified Ad for 7 days! You may cancel it when result* Ve obtained r You'll .only, he charged for the actual number of days the art ran · · ~ : , : . , ; ' ..

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