Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 5
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A THE ALTOONA MIRROR—WfeSDAV, NOVEMBER 12, 1929 CONSOLIDATION OF WAY Controversy Has Settled Into Battle Between Van Swef- ingen Brothers and JPennsy and Wabash. (Special to Altooha Mirroi 1 .) WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 12.— Washington reactions to the rapidly changing railroad consolidation picture shaped into two concrete beliefs this *eek. These are: The apparent abandonment of plans for a trunk-line system from the Great Lakes to Baltimore built about the Pittsburgh & West Virginia railroad. • Growing probability 'that a fifth trunk-lino to the West controlled by Van Sweringen and Baltimore & ^Ohlo interests will be authorized. , Sale by Frank E. and Charles F. Taplin of the Pittsburgh & West Virginia to the Pennsylvania railroad, by means of the Pennroad corporation, accounted for the first of these opinions. The second Is grounded'on Interstate commerce commission action in setting an early date, Dec. 19, for oral argument on the B. & O. application to acquire the Buffalo, Rochester St Pittsburgh railroad. These deals and the results they jforeshadow are of prime' importance to Pennsylvania, a 'State which holds th'e key to almost every railroad con- goHdatlon scheme now before the commission. This consolidation battle has settled . Into a battle between the Van Swer- \ Ingen brothers, with the Chesapeake V&ii.Ohlo as their best bet, and the TOf & O., on one side, an'd the. Penn/ rtylvania, Wabaah and Delaware & Hudson, on the other. The New York Central, the other great system involved, has been more or less neutral. The Taplin plan for a Lake Brie- Baltimore trunk-line, Involved gaining control of the Wheeling and Lake Erie and Western Maryland, and construction of a forty-seven-mile link between the Pittsburgh & West Virginia and' Western Maryland extending from Cockran's Mill to. Connells- vjllle. The logical sequel, it is felti Is for this proposed trunk-line to become part of a new trunk-line by the , Wabash, controlled by the Pennsylvania. Another view is that the Pennsylvania Is merely getting coptrol, as it is reported to be doing with regard to the Reading and already has done with the Lehigh Valley, in order to hold it for trading purposes. This great advantage becomes obvious when it is considered that the commission expects to make public its general consolidation proposal about Jan. 1. Present status of eastern railroads indicates the Pennsylvania will be fin an exceptionally strong position to insist upon five trunk- lines instead of four, as proposed by the commission. The Wabash could then be fitted into the picture, it is believed. With regard to the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh, this is another important lakes-interior link, necessary to several projects. An examiner has' already recommended permitting purchase of > the road by'the B. & O. in advance of the general merger settlement. -Opposition to the fifth. .trunk-Jlne. projected by the Van Sweringens and the B. & O. Interests is already fading, and acquisition of the B. B. & P., it is believed, would render such "opposition futile. CROSS DRIVE OPENED BY MAYOR A proclamation by the mayor calling upon the people to join, marked the opening today of the annual roll call of the American Red/Cross. The Blair county chapter haa been assigned a goal of 7,500 members by the national headquarters of the Red Choss, and the proclamation of Mayor John J. McMurray la a call to civic pride and duty. The proclamation says: "The American National Red Cross la asking you today to support Its humanitarian work in the coming year by taking out memberships. It is by memberships that the Red Cross exists. "Without such support, the Red 'Cross could not maintain its services, including its trained disaster relief personnel. It asks the public to remember that giving to a disaster fund is giving only to a particular group of sufferers, and contributes nothing to the support of the Red Cross services and to the fund expended from the Red Cross treasury In minor disasters, • "To join the Red Cross is to be a member of the society that works for .the gopd' of humanity without regard to artificial social barriers. It means the support of service at home and over the nation, and American overseas possessions, and to foreign countries prostrated by calamity. "The_people of Blair county should give the services of their Red Cross their personal attention and spread the Red Cross message to the end of •uccessful enrollment." NO DANGER IN THEM. BEAVER, Pa., Nov. 12.—Thirty red lanterns, used as danger signals, have stolen here within the past onth, NABBED AOA1N Apparently no official Inquiry !• to be made Into the activities of George I* CnsNldy, above, who was arrested the other day at the senate office building; In Washington with liquor in.his possession. Police pounced on him before he had a chance to lead them to the person for whom the package was Intended. Several years ago the same man dropped a brief case containing liquor on the marble floor of the same building. Cassldy also ran, but was arrested. NEW MACHINE INSTALLED. The instrument that forms the chief feature of the-new telephone-typewriter police communication system, whereby all departments will .be connected with each other and the state police department offices, was Installed today in the desk sergeant's .room Ut the police station. • While the system is presumed to be in operation by Jan. 1, it may be ; that several of^the districts in the state will be connected up and the service can be started prior to that date., CONVENTION DATE FIXED. The executive committee of Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police association has fixed July 22 to 24 as the time for holding the state convention in 1930. Bradford! was selected as the convention city at a A-ecent meeting held in Pittsburgh but the time was; not fixed until word was received i from the secretary of the international association as to the date of that convention. It will be held in August. BUDDHISTS PROTEST PARADES. PE1PING, Nov. 12.—Buddhist priests whose temple has been confiscated and used as a school for children of streetcar workers in Peiping, are holding almost daily protest • parades. The street-car workers, acting upon the suggestion of Kuomintang reformers that religion is superstition and temples should be used for schools, seized the. temple by force, broke up the .idols and dispossessed the priests who lived there. . . . THEN SHE DISCOVERED THE COFFEE THAT'S FREE OF CAFFEINE Did you know that you can now get wonderful coffee that has 97% of the drug caffeine removed? Coffee as delicious as ever you tasted! That you can drink to your heart's content — without a sleepless mo- irtent! 'Read Miss Anderson's letter. "For many years, I could not\ enjoy a meal without being desperately 111 after- wardfl. I was told to discontinue the use of coffee, and then one day noticed your advertisement and decided to try Kaffee HBB. I can eat anything now—and am well. I shall be glad to have you refer anyone to mo as to the absolute wonders that have been performed • where my health is-concerned, by the use of Kaffee Hag. It la the finest grade of coffee." Yours gratefully, AUEI.E LEB ANDERSON Greensburg, Fcnna. Coffee-lovers, who have, given up coffee because it keeps you awake —now you can again drink coffee! All you want. Kaffee Hag Coffee will not affect nerves nor disturb sleep. No more cheerless substitutes. Instead, this wonderful, real coffee . . . without caffeine. -, TryVit. At all dealers. Full-pound cans. Steel cut or in the bean. Order a pound today. A Kellogg product. MFFEE MG COFFEE Not a substitute — lut REAL COFFEE—///-< left you ilttf A Dollar Day Special That Is Worth Investigation! Children's Reed Chairs and Rockers Finished in rainbow colors. Different styles. Make an early selection. A small deposit will hold it for Christmas delivery. 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Included ar» Obl»- chilla Coats, Tweed Coats, Two-Tone effect f!o»U uv* many Novelty designs. Group 2— 100 Luxuriously Trimmed Sport and Dress Coats Selling Regularly at $69.95 Tomorrow $CC«OQ Only at *-**? All roll Colon*—Fabrics tnfl Pur irjis—One D«» Only »t til \ \

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