Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 59
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 59

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 59
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P-8M longfcodi E ARCs OF VICTOR I A N ANTIQUES. By Ban D'Impcrio. D o d d , Stfead. $9.:i5. ^·fThc aptly named E.G. Bpoz in the mid-19th con- tun' used a bottle shaped IJke a log cabin for his .whisky. T h a t b o t t l e is Worth $325 today. Dan tj'lmperio tells the real from the fake (and tells tiow you can do id in V i c t o r i a n a n t i q u e s of every sort. - S E X U A L DEVIANCE AND S E X U A L DEVIANTS. Ed. by Erich Goode and Richard Troid- en. Morrow, $10.95. .' Two sociologists explore bisexuality, orgies, unisex and swinging and seek to determine what is normal and what is deviant. It is myth-dispelling, challenging book. - T H E APPIAN W A Y : A JOURNEY. By Dora J a n e Hamblin Mary Jane Grunsfeld. Random House, $12.50. · The Appian Way. began in 312 BC. was Rome's chief highway to Greece and the Asian provinces. C a e s a r ' s soldiers, St. Paul. Garibaldi walked on i t ; it changed history. This lively book is the first complete History of the famous highway, en- h a n c e d b y m a p s a n d photographs. AMERICA'S RUSSIAN POETS. Edited and translated by R. H. Morrison. Ardis, Ann Arbor, Mich., $2.50 paperbound. The well-worth-knowing work of a dozen Russian poets who have emigrated to the United States, the first s u c h translated ant h o l o g y . Traditional or modernist, these are talented writers. IRVING TO IRVING: A u t h o r Publisher R e l a - tions 1SSO-1974. By Charles A . M a d i s o n , B o w k e r , W a s h i n g t o n I r v i n g saved his publisher Put- n a m . from bankruptcy; Clifford Irving schemed to defraud his publishers. McGraw-Hill, of a million dollars. Charles A. Madison gives us a fascinating history of author and pub- l i s h e r relations, o f t e n happy, not infrequently stormy. THE WHEAT ALBUM. By Kirby Brumfield. Superior, $13.95. Friin hand-labor to the ' a d v e n t of McCormick's mechanical thresher, this is a marvelous look at the story of wheat harvesting, with rare old photos, articles and ads. B U E N O S A Y R E S : P l a z a to Suburb, 18701910. By James R. Scobie. Oxford University Press, m. How Buenos Ayrcs, in f o u r decades, c h a n g e d from a village to a world metropolis. This brilliant book places much stress on the social effects. OCEANOGRAPHY AND SEAMANSHIP. By William G. Van Dormn. Dood, Mead, $22.50. A veteran sailor who has been a r e s e a r c h o c e a n o g r a p h e r for 25 years becomes the Boswell of the ocean-telling what it actually is like, why boats behave as they do, how a skipper can make his voyages safe and comfortable. Here we learn the origin, nature, m e t e o r o l o g y , of the o c e a n s and everything known about waves and their ways. Practical seamanship is given much attention. There are some 200 d r a w i n g s and 30 photographs. DECORATING WITH FABRIC. By Alfred Allan Lewis. Grosset Dunlap, $15. Richly illustrated, this book tells how to create tented ceilings, shirred or stretched f a b r i c walls, durable fabric floors, how to c h a n g e Ihrnwaways into sophisticated tables or chairs, among other things. Step-by-step photographs illustrate the descriptions. THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF CHRISTMAS FOLKLORE. By Tristam P o t t e r Coffin. Seabury, S12.95. An eminent American folklorist s u r v e y s t h e Christmas festival from ancient sun rites to purple Y u l e trees. T h e r e a r e some 120 illustrations of real national folk art. ASPECTS OF ANGLOS A X O N ARCHAEOL- O G Y : Sutton Hoo and Other Discoveries. By Rupert Bruce-Mitford. Harper's Magazine Press, $25. A 9 0 - f e e t - l o n g ship buried in sand, a lavish funeral treasure aboard it --that was the Sutton Hoo discovery on the banks of a British river (it was a ship for the burial of an Anglo-Saxon king). T h i s b e a u t i f u l l y illustrated HOURS: 9-6 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY! ClOSED SUNDAY PRICES EFFECTIVE JAN. 23rd to 29th ROUND STEAKS LB. SIRLOIN TIP STEAK or ROAST I 49 LB. FRESH HOURLY GROUND BEEF GENUINE FRESH GROUND VEL iC LB, WEIGHT WATCHERS DELIGHT LEG 0' VEALo. VEAL RUMP ROAST BONE-IN LB. ) USDA ( CHOICE, OF BEEF (with thU ad) SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Price Includes Cuffing, Wrapping and Labeling. UHAlcAU mm FROM BEEF LOIN 1 59 LB. FILET MIGNON Asst. Sliced LUNCHEON MEATS! ouvt IOAI Save COMK310** SO* FEPPEC LO*' | D KX03NA LB- iliCBd ) Bl THE PIECE I It. 89 79 VEAL LOIN RIB CHOPS ., »,«..»« GOLDEN CROWN MEAT CO. | You Can Pay More ... But You Can't Buy Better ~ volume on English archaeological discoveries is by the Keeper of Medieval and Later Antiquities at the British Museum. P H O T O G R A P H Y IN AMERICA. Ed. by Robert D o t y . Introduction by M i n o r W h i t e . Random House, $25. These 250 Kuperbnhot*- graphs from the Whitney Museum of American Art contains 250 remarkable p i c t u r e s by 86 photographer-artists from 1841 to this day, a record of American life covering a century. T H E A M E R I C A N SHAKERS AND THEIR FURNITURE. By John G. Shea. Van Nostrans Reinhold, $12.95. . The Shakers, now vanishing, were more than an odd communal sect; they were brilliant craftsmen- artists, and this enthralling book describes and r i c h l y illustrates t h e i r 'work, especially in the 19th century. · FERRYBOATS ON THE COLUMBIA RIVER. By Robert H. Drury and John A. Brown. Superior, $13.95. The 260 photographs and the vivid text make this big volume a treasure of Western Americana. The Columbia's bridges and dams are also dealt with. . CLASH OF TITANS: Africa and U.S. Foreign Policy. By E d w a r d W. Chester Orbis, Maryknoll, N.Y., $12.95. American, policy toward A f r i c a has s h i f t e d so greatly that a full-scale assessment of our relations to that continent has long been needed. Edward Chester has provided such a comprehensive study, and a valuable one. A LA MODE: On the Social P s y c h o l o g y of Fashion. By Rene Konig. Seabury, $8.95. The head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Cologne writes a lively study of the many aspects of fashion throughout history, its relation to sexual behavior and its economic significance, a m o n g other matters. NEW HEAVEN, NEW EARTH. By Joyce Carol Dates. Vanguard, $10. Joyce Carol Dates' gifts extends beyond the writing of brilliant novels as this, her second volume of criticism, proves. She discusses the most signifcant" "visionary" w r i t e r s Henry James, D.H^ Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Beckett, Mailer, Kafka,, Sylvia Plath among them, and the contradictions they have faced. HIGH WINDOWS. By P h i l i p Larkin. Farrar Straus and Giroux, $6.95. It's been 10 years, much too long, since the last v o l u m e of v e r s e s by Philip Larkin, one of England's, and the world's, most brilliant poets. In London the New States- m a n called " H i g h W i n d o w s " a " p r o f o u n d l y beautiful and remarkable book." It's praise well-deserved. "To the Sea," among the best poems in t h i s book, should h a v e Special appeal to L o n g Beach area readers. THE ART OF MEMORY. By Frances A. Y a t e s . U n i v e r s i t y of C h i c a g o P r e s s , $3.95 paperbound. The Greeks, we learn, invented a system of "art i f i c i a l memory" to enable them to store vast treasures of knowledge in their minds. The 16th cent u r y Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno also devised memory systems. Prof. Yates' unique work relates the art of memory to cultural history as a whole. . · ., URBAN GUERRILLA WARFARE IN LATIN AMERICA. By Jarnes Kohl and John Litt. MIT Press, $12.50. Latin American experts show how the fight for social reform turned from the Cuban-inspired form of rural guerrilla warfare to the strategy of urban guerrilla warfare. These brilliant studies center on Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. THE "RED YEARS:" European Socialism vs. Bolshevism, 1919-1921. By A l b e r t S. Lindemann. University of California Press, $15.75. A balanced look (rare on this subject) at the two years after World War I when the Socialist parties of Europe (and America too) were rent by the Russian revolution, w h e n Communist parties were born out of those splits, w h e n Europe was rife with uprisings and bloody reactionary repressions, v a s t strikes, military mutinies, seizures of land and factories, and when Lenin sought, unsuccessfully, to export his brand of Marxist rule to the West. 4117CANDLEWOO LAKE WOOD .634-9214 BEST BUY OF THE WEEK BONELESS TOP 3 days only; Thurs. f 23; Fri, 24; Sat · 2 Speed Washer · 2 water level 3 cycle (with Perma Press) · 3 Temp $ · 2 Speed Washer · 4 Water Level · 4 Temp Selection · Giant 18 Lbs. Load Capacity · Available in All Colors EAT17SK · Gas Dryer · Automatic Ignitions · Giant 18 Lbs. Load Capacity · (3) Fully Automatic Drying Cycles · Available in All Colors All Dolors AVAILABLE NO-FROST REFRIGERATOR FREEZER · 17.1 Cu. 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