Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 37
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 37

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 37
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Belinsky Not Long Major Leagues (Continued From Page 0-1) Houston scored three in the fourth, Jim got his wish. i ^ . ~ « · · · : -JOHNNY JAMES then became the shooting target. He hid allowed three runs in the seventh when he remjured his elbow and Tom Morgan was forced to put on his armor ancj trudge to the hill. L.B. STATE (Continued From Page D-l) Lancaster, who was acain the Victim of questionable support and Jack Foley .joined forces in a seven-hitter. ;- : FoIey pitched to only one batter, but picked up the win after Cooper turned a line shot, into an unassisted clou ble play to quell a Cal Poly rally in the top of the ninth. ·' Cooper also figured in the first three LBSC runs. He scooted for four bases in the first when his apparent single bounced over the center field cr's head, ond he singled home Wilson and Rhoades in the third. N e w l y installed second baseman Frank Adlcsh turned in the game's best play when ho ranged far to his left and with his back almost to the infield threw out a Cal Poly batter in the second inning. a · * · THE WIN was the third in a row for the resurgent 49ers and gives them a 4-9-1 record as they prepare for a twi nighter Saturday with SC's Trojans at Blair Field. A . K M Mi Norm Larker greeted the 'lowboy with a two-run lomer borne out on the wings I the wind and three more ills produced the final Houston run in the eighth.' ·,, Gliiftt, who becomes a Bob 'eller against the Angels, al owed six hits in six Innings with Leon Wagner's three-run lomer In the fifth the Angels' one bit of offense. MANAGER Bill Rigney did a remarkable job of con- rolling his temper after the rout. "I don't mind getting beat, but I don't like being run over," said Rigney. 'We've got some players on his club who don't know low lucky they are. They could.have the world by a tring but instead their minds are on everything except baseball. It's not going to con tinue for long." There were two silver iin ngs for the Angels: (1)-Frank Leja had three more hits to match Tuesday's per 'ormance; (2)--It could have lappened against the Dodg crs. d cater Rfrt.rl.16 Hntie.c HT* Mmn.l.eitf. If Mmriftmat.ll Mtt'f . 38 I ewi»v. M Ricn nj. M Lotee. p l i f t r Je"hin«. p bMe»dam« Miller, p e-Arnone Rotxfoon. p . 4 1 1 0 Aenn.» 1 0 0 0 BrowrOb I 0 0 0 Bnan. c 3 0 0 0 Ovama.s« 7 0 0 0 Wilton, p 0 0 0 0 Lanaier. p 1 0 0 0 Foier. p 0 0 0 0 000 I 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 e a t 4 t l S t I Ill 4 0 t 4 t t To'l't 31 1 1 I Tct«l| 11 4 11 · »yn» batted In. a-- wa'ked far Lett* In Stti; b-- *a»e for Je"*m» In 4th; c-- flreynded oul ic Miller in Itn: *-- fan tor Kagf In tin; 0-- « jtiirrrmmin m ·« tort evl when wmnlr0 run ·corto). t-Lnmir. Ovama, Cooper. Adie ?»-- Hhoadet. HK-Coeper. $8-- Carter ReeA, Turnlt Bhoaaei DP-- On*' AdetnBrowm irewn-Orama Srpwnj fcet H» Buclhoff Kn; PDA -- C»l Poi» l»t TM "-"· " \ff ^il i "H U t***H* I t ___ J P-t.n,cn (LI -I 1 Miner « 1 - Wll«n ___ _ 1 t t J I Irxai'er - !"· J I 5 I Folrr IW) _ . '» t 0 t t Wild ptov-wilson. Bal*-- Hcb'nw MI in »»- 1 i ;n jot lu-Ji 11 . ffi3STSS"B». c = owm LP-- ettim»r. York Boots Home 4 SAN BRUNO (UP1) -- Raj York, far and away the hot test rider at the current Tan foran meeting, booted horn four more winners Wedncs day which raised his total I 24 in 17 racing days. Mount for Lnngilcn SAN BRUNO (AP)--Veter an Johnny Lenten has been signed to r i d e the Her Stable's Prince Of Plenty ii the $15.000-added Californi Derby Trial Saturday at Tan foran. Longdcn returns her from Florida today. 1'al O'Dca Dead SAN FRANCISCO (DPI)-Patrick J. (Pat) O'Dca w h o s e tremendous kick: made football history at th University of Wisconsin jus before the turn of the cen tury, died Wednesday at the age of 90. ay. Pete Richert and Willard u n t e r, also lefthanders, iiled to protect tie scores iree times. Richert, however, his been mpresslve on many occasions nd already has clinched a b. Hunter is still a question Tiark. . · · « PERHAPS even more en- ouraging than Drysdale's Irotftt. Toin (I), Anderson (I) and .AartkT Sctialler I Hi UtrufftV. For. ·rnt IS). Blldicnun (I) «nd Ddnrin- ». WBrogtlo. l-Mjnllcv. Run-- Philadelphia, Gorutlel. PKOUD PANTHER Ron Johnston will be behind the plate when Jordan tests Poly at Silverado Park Friday. The Panther backstop boasts a .312 Moore League Average. tk/St.tpnarYIll i^d BaWryrVTwerman ). W--Stiom*n. L--Lefttw. £WFl^l' f »fz-*«. w Y a r t (HI ..__OI0 Hi 101-4 II 4 :|-hrr, lann) III and Loltar; Oa»ajlt. Molard 171 and Landrim. Coleman (!) ONCE OVER LIGHTLY (Continued From Page D-l) but last year, overlooked In pre-tourney estimates, Snead overwhelmed the field. Reason was that the srecns were slowed down by th growth of poa annui. Sncad found the slow greens to hi liking The preens have been re-seeded with rye and wi again be slow, so Capps warns "watch out for the Slammer. Incidentally, this week's Masters may tip off observer as to. which golfers will best be able to master the Desert Inn greens. The Augusta greens also have been planted wit the same type fyc grass! * * '.* THE $125,000 TOURNAMENT proposed by Vega Tropicana Hotel on its new 18-hole championship cours next year may not get off the ground due to oppositio of several sponsors throughout the country who have bee attempting to obtain dates on the PGA schedule. A group from Uirmingham, Alabama, is leading th fight against a third major Vegas event. Format of the Tropicana event would be different tha any other tourney now being held in that it would brin together the top professionals from all over the world In unique International test. However, only four U. S. pros would be invited and t PGA reportedly is reluctant to approve a $125,000 tourn mcnt in which only four of Its members would perfoi Dodgers' Big Four Has Alston Smiling (Continued From Page D-l) itching was the Dodgers' dis lay of "five extra-base hits, tonur.y Davis (No. 4), Lee Vails (No. 2) and Andy Carey No. 1) hit solo homers. Walls Iso tripled and singled and Sherry doubled. DIS AND DATA-Ory,(J*l» (till U win. n M tour »t«rt» «nd t*« rilitl u«**r Kti, bvt tut M ERA ct Ui . . . Hi nt t« ttt« ViKikett en !·**· trrort «nd x un«*rnc4 rxm . . . Meditr rttir«i EXHIBITION BASEBALL AT TAMPA. FLA.... OMinOOO-I 4 _ Rakoo and Sutlwan; Jtr. Htnrv If) M EOvarei. WRUOO. Ll'r. Homo Run--Kanut CIK. Sullivan. AT CLEAR WAI tR. f LA.- ... . in mm--J n I tat»iit--i t i 1 1 afia MO MO--o i I mbnik" Zrrr~lllMOIli-l 1 1 Oanle'i. Kutvna (II and Brlgnt: Vea'e amaM (7) and Burotu, MiFarlant (7) --Veale. L--Oanieli. Home Run-- Pmiburgn. MazerotM. Jitroll _ Sot tot m-l II Coatei. Sheldon II) and Hooard; Bocan Kline HI and Brown. w-Co an ~ Bun*-- New Yort. Tresh. Howard. Burdette. Oonmger 17), . ...-- . and Crandall; Sdiwall, KoUlad (I), Wut etl (II, Nlcfioli (t) and Tinman. W-- urdette. L-Sctiwalt. Home turn--MJ! rautee. Mave, Mattiews. AT PHOCNIX, Arn: leveland IAI ._ Ill III IM 11-17 II an Franclua(N) M 0)0 M 11-11II Perry. D« IK ID. Hamilton IS). All! 1. Funk 171. Rudolf*! (II), and Roman Jltl (J); Santord. LeMar III. Bolln (7 and Bailey. W-- Bolin. L--Rudolph. Horn run-CIteland. Klrtland in. Held and Phlinn. San Frandtco. Mavt. Ceeeda. B. Perry, Mota and Davenport. Kxliihitinn Standings AMERICAN LEAGUE NAT. LEAGUE Nrw York U I V . Louis U Chic 190 U 19 Htxnton IS - -· 13 IBCh-tMO 1$ 11 19 Lt« Anffflri IS 11 II San Franctuo 17 t ii 13'jfw Ycfi n ; 10 i»not» to 1J Pitti on 13 DCiiH t4 Cubv '·*· - «tur*j dtUvcrv'toTwirl HwViin «ttMf Hinii iWrrr *»»»fctfd It Im Wr *td «(Kisfd B«a»r t* tut ow Metittr . . . H* win net mis tut ntx tvrn, prob«bff ·! San Orgo Sunday . . vntNtt Mso commmM · b*!k tnt siii D9tf9tr pltiAtft CMS scrtog . , . Otv ' Mv« been cMretd wim »tkcn _ . . , _ _ . Alstoiv wha ht cvritd «n · tr*-m»n cnn*d* In otttm? imfMrei t ·il bAlU. U Mttlnfl tu« wirt. Hvtt« «nd Breclt Wfrt aw«rdH writ *tct*_ twfore fftt t*rt H Cub co- wkln Of tfw spring . . . HutOs ti* rUtn In 27 rum tn 24 B«m*i . . . Cutn avt won IS, tott nin« . . . Oodoffi »ft HI . . . 0«nrl S»*«c«r nud* his ' tart at second etst tor Ttw Oodovrs .ildlavM Banks* tUng'* l^)«l produti S !· M trit mntti . . . Jim citlUun and MrTf BviTltntf !ti« rroviar stcond ~ ten. Diaved in a icWwuad eam« ·._... WJlllni * 3*1) l. V s^edut«d' 1 to*pitth fg Oodotrs this ·tternoen aga-nst Cleveland t Tucvm . . . Alston win t*kt a ' * to Temet this afternoon for .tion ct reliefers Jack Smitn · fl Al R H * CutS AI H H Wtllj.t, 4099 Brock.ct 3 I I irkne».ib « · 0 r ' " .C«v«.lt 4 I I D**Ker.Z! 3 1 1 W*m,,rl 4 2 3 '.iherrv,c 4 0 1 .Da/ 4 0 ) 0»Tavter,c rv«Ule.n 3 0 0 OjMcKnlgM - - - - ihKker^ i · 2 Santo Ja ' i "« INDEPENDENT-P^» D-3 j PCL Scores AL Hockey Playoff*" (lev«la4 4. Bjftal. 1. HMHtltor t- (torn Cie.«a» 4 tuMal. Wad keit »l IMoa aarWt, l-l). _ ir. j ? ? .:. \H ;;: . ... uiton.o e o o e e Barrasan 0 0 0 1 TetaK 14 5 I J Telalt JI » 7 ·Runi batted In. a-Fouied out lor WMIe In Ith: b--(lied out lor Tnacter M lift: c--Ihed out lor (oonce In Itti; d--doweled lor Taflor In - - e--walked tor tltton In tin. ten ________ Itt HI HI--I i _||0 loo IH-4 _ -- W. Davit. POA -- CXxtoeri la-II, Cubi J7-IS; DP--White, Hubbl and Bantt; 3rv»daie. Will! and Harkneu: LOB-- Bo*jer» 1. CuM 4; JB-N. Sherry, Ue- iht; IB-willi: HR-Hut*». T. 0«¥il. BUTLERS PRE-EASTER Open Sunday Noon to 5P.M. f Eltton I'vir) _ _ Bait--Willhtte. _ Conlan; I-M4. AM.-J.474. 0 I I I -,, . 4 J J J Of" _ » 4 4 I I .'.. ? f ? ? S Th ·Bmrmi. Vary) and j vi WL Hockey Playoffs CM*rv 4. Ednxmton 2. (Beit of men tenet tirf 11). MIL Playoffs Cleveland lit. Kaniai City 114. 5TACE X TANK SHOW ftoluiing IV'i ·OUTLAWS" stars plus 100 Ft. 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