Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 13, 1962 · Page 14
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 14

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1962
Page 14
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Friday, April 13, 1962, Page 14 MacFARLANE'S CHOCOLATES 1 Ib. Box 1.60 2 Ibs. 3.15 Open Bids On Two Freeways SACRAMENTO (UPI) - T h e state Division of Highways Wednesday opened bids on two freeway projects in and near Santa Rosa and Chlco. The lowest bid on construction work on 5.5 miles of four-lane freeway and expressway on California 12 in and near Santa Rosa was 54,566,526 by Peter Kiewil Sons' Co., San Francisco. The new roadway will run between 0.4 I mile west of Occidental Road and [1.2 miles east of South E Street. A low bid of $1,4117,362 was rc- jceivcd from A. Teicherl Son, Inc., Sacramento, for construction of 1.1 miles of U. S. 99E I freeway between Little Chlco icreek and East First Avenue in Ichico. COOPER'S PHARMACY 2nd 1 F Sti. HI 3-3061 OREEN STAMPS 8TH ANNUAL TYPEWRITER CLINIC BLOW - OUT CLEAN TYPE NEW RIBBON OIL $375 I BEARD j * Office Equipment * * 2104 4th St. HI 3-6368 $ i" * t+^^+-K-X-(H(+-l-K-l-K-|-K-|c-t*-ti-l» EDITORS NOTE: This is second of two dispatches on, the controversy in New Orleans over an order to integrate Catholic schools t h i s fall. The author is UPI's national reporter. By HARRY FERGUSON United Press International NEW ORLEANS (UPI) -There are 86,544 students in the parochial schools of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Of that number, Joan Bott records her entry for the "Music Man" c o n t e s t , sponsored by Webcor, Inc. and Richards Music Corporation, two leading manufacturers of musical instruments. The c o n t e s t is open to any youngster between the ages of 8 and 18, playing on any recognized instrument. First prize will be a week in Hollywood. Local sponsor for the contest is Maxon's Music, 312 F St. Park, Recreation Committee Names Madsen Chairman The Eureka Recreation and Park Commission have elected Robert H. Madsen lo be the new chairman of that group. Madsen, a former mayor and city councilman, has been n member of the Recreation and Park Commission for several years. He has always been vilally inter- ested in the future .park and recreation activities and facilities in Eureka, commissioners said. Al their next regular monthly meeting, which will be held at p. m. Thursday, April 19, in the William Carson Memorial, the commission will welcome three new members recently appointed to by Mayor Henry Terheyden. The new members are: Maury Ayala, Gilbert Trood, and Mrs, Alice Barnes. The commission holds monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month at the Carson eign Memorial and welcomes citizens participate at all meetings. As Advertised in the April Issue of BARDAHL CAN SAVE YOU UP TO 400 MILES OF ENGINE WEAR EVERY 1,000 MILES YOU DRIVE! World-famous York Research Corporation proves in exhaustive six-month test that adding BARDAHL to regular motor oil can reduce engine wear by 10 to 40per cent -- and, give you a smoother, sweeter-running engine. "Frankly, genllemen, we didn't IKV licve Bnrdahl could make thai difference!" Those wore the opening, words of the famous York research engineers when they finished testing the country's best-known molor oil additive. For 180 days engineers put BAHDAUL to the most exacting laboratory test. On a delicate jeweler's latlic, the researchers m o u n t e d two f i n e l y honed engine valves facing each other. By rotating one valve and pressing the two metal surfaces together, they simulated a frid Am condition that occurs thousands of times each m i n u t e in today's automobile engine. Dors This Menu a Snbatatilial Savings in I)oUnr» and Cents? Yes. W h e n you put B A R D A H L in y o u r erankcase, you put dollars back in your pocket. These are dol- lari you would otherwise pay out for more frequent repairs and overhauls. Let's assume yon buy a new car and begin adding BARDAHL to your oil with every oil change. If you travel 10,000 miles each year for the next four years, your speedometer may read '10,000 miles, /mf, tiianks lo nAiiium,, the actual near age of your engine may be only 30,000 miles. Your cur will be peppier, run smoother, be free of many i r r i t a t i n g engine noises. BAHDAHI. helps remove sludge and gum which foul up valves and hydraulic lifters, and make your cii'ine ?liij!»ih. You'll f e d m o r e p o w e r a n d «tl m o r e mi lease. YORK LAB TESTS ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS IN SPACE MISSILES When America lire* giant rockets into space, the electronic gear lhat takes the jarring ride must luM be tested for shock, vibration, heat, cold, altitude. This is just one of t h e m a n y jobs pcrformo/l by York Research Corporation of Stamford. ComuTlicul. The York Testing laboratory is New England's largest and, since HM1, independent York, engineers have letted h u n d r e d s of products for tiie nation's biggrsl i n d u s t r i a l iiiiim^. of an )' product. They have built York has no inliTPst. dim:! or their r e p u t a t i o n solely on meticti- implicd. in llic. n i a n n f a i ' l u n : ir ?-,dc Ions, unbiased letting. Thouxandi of oil samples tr«rc tested on thit delicate jt.\rcle.r's lathe. The addition of BARDAHL caused a dramatic reduction in tccar. York engineers declare, these lavings tire further magnified in the. oncrtition of an ordinary «u(o- mubilc engine. Day after d.'tv,- hour a f t e r hour, t i n v drops of o i l -- p r e m i u m grade oil, low »r;ide. oil, contaminated ml. anl nil Mimplt's icitfi HAHDAHI, m//iW -- were placed b-hu'cn I In: t w o rubbing valves Tlnnismdi of le#l r u n * »er« recurded. The v.ilvrs w r n - cleaned and re- clrancd. Tin- i n r l r u m e n i r c h r c k r d and rc-cli.-cU-d. Kin.illy, tin: Y n r k CiipMurr^ were :-a!i.-lied llicv bad e l i m i n a t e d every chance of error. The r e - u l i i were iiicoiili'hlitblr: Wln'it ndih'd tn rr«nlar mi/iA'* case »i7, Itanlnhl it-ill rwltwr. wear 10 It) W /irr ci'iil. ( R r - f i e n r e h t e c h n i c i a n s .tny t h e avrnifrc motorist, taking normal run: of his car, wlioulil expert al IniM n 20% Mivhif.'.) Y o r k E n g i n e e r s R e p o r t e d : "York has been able to produce evidence that BARDAHL Additive Motor Oil, when used with various regular and premium grade motor oils, is able to effectively reduce friction and temperature and in this way ultimately reduce wear in an automobilo engine b e t w e e n 1 0 % a n d 4 0 % o n s u c h critical area parts as rocker arm and shatt, v a l v e s and guides, hydraulic lifters, tappets and cams, fuol pump arm and eccentric and oil pump drive gear; as well at reduce wear on other parts, such as main hearings, rod bearings, piston rings, pins, connecting rod hearings and cylinder walls." December 11,1961 Whal is this magic :alkd BARDAHL? stances liave a molecular attract i o n for metal. Tlicsc snbsiiinccs Then- is n o t h i n g so II!;IIMI-;I! clinj; to mctiil surfaces, stub- about llic idea tluit new chcnii- b.irniy refuse to g(.'l squce/rd cul c o m p n i i m l s c.iu i m p r n v i : n u t or b u r n ofl'. H.utriAHL is ordinary l i ) i l n i r a r l n i i i niN l i t k r n t b i type- ol" rxlrt'mr-prrsMirc i'rnin llic (wrib. lUiiimn. l i a n - l i i h r i c . i r i t . pens lo In: an nnuMi;i! hli-nd nf So. if y n u ' r o i n n ; of i l u r mil- -ucll rhr'ini'.'.ii- ,uil line n i l . l! ] H M - o f M i n i n M - l - \ t h u M i l l carrier an S.A.I'!, \ i - m - i l y* tnMHiri* a fnn'ly tinit-il cnjiint' -i n i - ,, T H | \ , , u r o i i M u - r i l \ t l i n - [ i l l wilin 1 at lln: t l i o n ^ l l t " f l n i i f j b i " in \ " i i r i;inkr,i-.-. of nmiM'i^iry «t:ar-- one an- i ' u r i n t M l i ' l y ) " u n.-cil n i i l x .1 »··!· i;-nuui.\m.. Add nm: q i w r t ' ! ( ] ' , i i i t U u i t ' . i n u i i r i j i i . u ! M| n f I H K H A H I , t i t j i n n ' (Tankcact; B M i i i A i n . u i i l i r . n - l i I'imr i j u . n l - . i « i i h c , i c l i oil clungc. A n d d o n ' t of your nonn.ii oil. forfict to add I I U U I A I I I . 'ior oil. l i i i i i l i - ' real M-rivi of i:\iuuni, lo j o u r fM* w i l l i each 10 *\? iti'']!' 1 '.!! 1 a t l r . i i ' l i i i i i " U . i nm- Dillon-, ut "as. H,\iu.uii, ioi' oil, l,i. l.o.idini; scirnlihb, M i i d j i n L ; lul'iiralc;* tin: oil-slarvtril upper t l i ' - n - a c l i o n of m r l a U lo f r i d i n n . cylinders, reduces carbon tied U e d v e r e d i l u t e c r i . i i n M i b - po-ib, and frees sticky VI|V:R. BARDAHL of Northern California Gil King 3200 Sdntd Rosfl Avenue Santa Rosa Liberty 2-5070 Parochial Integration New Orleans Woman's -Efforts Fail To Alter $tand Of Church he letter warning Mrs. Gaillot of h moderate'circumstances, but . 12,772 are Negroes and have been They removed the eldest from De attending separate schools. Under an order issued by Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel the parochial schools will be fully integrated in September. Some Catholics here have rebelled against the archbishop's order and one of them, Mrs. B. J. Gaillot, has received a letter threaten- ag her with excommunication if she continues on her course. Mrs. Gaillot is president of an organization called "Save Our Nation Inc." She declines to reveal the extent of its membership. In addition to its stand against racial integration in the schools, Save Our Nation opposes the United Nations, federal aid to the states and American aid to for- nations. Mrs. Gaillot waited a few days after receiving a letter from the archbishop warning her that she stood in danger of excommunica- :ion. The letter was marked "personal and confidential," but she decided to make it public. Then she held a press conference and said that her study of the Bible bad convinced her that God has revealed in Holy Writ that racial integration was a sin. This is where she collided head-on with .he Roman Catholic Church ·vhich holds that it is a man's soul, not his color, that is vital. Rummel's letter said he anticipated a reply from Mrs. Gaillot either in person or by writing. ,Irs. Gaillot said she was willing o call on the archbishop, but insisted on taking two witnesses vith her. This proposal was not accepted. She then asked for an interview with a priest in the hope she could convince the church that its ·Jews on integration were erroneous. Mrs. Gaillot had a conversation with Father Joseph Costello, instructor in moral theology and church law at Notre Dame Seminary, and cited to him Bib- ical passages which she interprets as being in favor of segregation. The interview left her position and that of the church unchanged. Mrs. Gaillot now says she wi never swerve from her course even if it means excommunication, and she already is thinking in terms of martyrdom. "Look what they did to Joan of Arc," she says. The archbishop is not receiving reporters and is issuing no statements. Two documents have come from the Chancery of the Archdiocese: The order of March 28 announcing the integration of parochial schools in the fell and There ihe cited the first chapter of the ^ (j, e lolomon's Canticle of Canticles in he Catholic Bible: "I am black iut beautiful, o ye daughters, of erusalem, as the tents of Cedar, is the curtains of Solomon." An explanatory note in the Cath- lic Bible stales that the refer- nee is to the. church: "That is, the Church of Christ, founded in ifflicled and, as it were, black ind contemptibie; but inwardly, his is, in its doctrine and moral- y, fair and beautiful." Judging from the size of their lome, the Gaillots appear to be College Protests Freeway Extension OAKLAND (UPI) --Mills Col- ege trustees today called on Gov. Sdmund G. Brown and other eading stale and federal officials o eliminate the threat posed to le college's 92-year-old campus t h e extension of McArthur Freeway. A resolution ward at its quarterly meeting ind endorsed by the college Alum- lae Associaton's Board of Cover- lors was delivered to Brown this week by Mills President C. East- n Rothwell. It urged that the officials "use very conceivable measure, in- luding the relocation of the frce- vay" lo eliminate the threal. Plans for the freeway present- y call for its routing through the lorthern boundary of the campus, vithin 100 yards of four school wildings. Minuieman Marks New Defense Era HILL AFB, Utah (UPI) -The first Minuteraan missile rolled off the assembly line at Air Force Plant 77 today, marking, a major milestone in the nation's ballistic missile program. Maj. Gen. T. P. Gerrity, commander of the Air Force Stystems Command Ballistic Missiles Sys terns Division, was speaker at brief ceremonies marking the event. Eventually, about 900 nuclear tipped "instant ICBM" Minuteman missiles will be buried in silos throughout the United States, ready for instantaneous retaliation in event of nuclear war. The first operational missiles are lo be installed this summer. The three stage intercontinental rocket completed its seventh successful firing from underground silos al Cape Canaveral March 23. On lhat date the solid-fuel missile hit its target 4,000 miles away. Gerrity termed Air Force Plant 77 "a vilal clemenl" in the race to bring the Minuteman into active defense of the country on ihedule. Missile stages and other hardware, manufactured in Utah, Washington and California, will bo ihipped to Plant 77, located adjacent to Hill Air Force Base, for assembly. The completed missiles will be shipped to Vandcnbcrg Air Force Base in California and to operational missile .silcs when activation reaches high Rear. Jie danger of excommunication, ix Catholic laymen, headed by she says she plans to send her wo younger sons to private tarold Dittman, discussed the schools if the parochial schools in. ormation of an organization to upporl the church against Mrs. Jaillot. They were. advised gainst il at the chancery and iey disbanded. If Mrs. Gaillot is excommuni- ated, her husband, Bernard, lans lo ask the church to ex- ommunicate him, too. They have iree sons, aged 21, 16, and 14. .egrate in the ; ,fall: "We h a v e friends who will help us with the -,a Salle Calholic School because, ccording to Mrs. Gaillot, "he The forthcoming integration ol Catholic schools has attracted more attention than a recent court decision on public schools Federal Judge J. Skelly Wrighl las just granted a petition by 102 Negro parents, that all 'public schools in the city shall be inte grated through the sixth grade in September. At present six pub- 'as being taught that Jesus and ]j c schools have been integrated he Virgin Mary were black.' adopted by the No Obstacle On Ransom Payment WASHINGTON (UPI) ·.-4 T'h'e tale Department-said today it aw "no legal obstacles", to the ayment of cash ransom,to .Cuba or the release of M sick-,and · ·ounded invasion prisoners. Department spokesman. Lincoln Vhite said officials so far have ad no direct word on the terms egotiated by a committee'; ot Cuan families for their release. "But if, as reports indicate," Vhite said, "money is to be re-* milled to .Cuba in this connection* ire know of no legal obstacles';" A U. S. trade embargo bans hipment to Cuba of goods except or medical supplies and certain oods. Postal money orders also are banned. But officials said the embargo does not affect'other methods of cash payments. with a tola! of 12 Negro pupils an( j Sec0 nd grades are 47 white g r a d schools in New Orleans and 21, 110 white pupils. There are 40 Negro grade schools with an en rollment of 40,348. September will be a fatefu month in the history of New Or leans and Louisiana. Marine Sergeant Leaves For New Trial On Okinawa SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- , / Marine sergeant who claimed hi was imprisoned in a five-by-seven foot "box" for 43 days while awaiting trial in Okinawa was on his way back to the Pacific out post today for a new Irial. Sgt. Stobo C. West, 32, left San Francisco Wednesday by plane He was flown to Treasure Islam Naval Base here Tuesday from the Navy and Marine disciplinary command in Portsmouth, N.H. He was convicted of a series o crimes including black marketing absence without leave, escape larceny, and aggravated assault The U.S. Court of Military Ap peals ruled that the pre-trial soli tary confinement and other treat ment West -received nullified his conviction. His attorney, Robert Hannon said the second trial might slarl within two weeks and added thai he planned lu defend him in per son if possible. 27th Atomic Test in Nevada Series WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Uomic Energy Commission Thurs;ay announced a low-yield underground lest at the Nevada prov- ng grounds. It was the announced in the series. 27th Beavers never touch fish, al- hough they are aquatic in habits ind spend much time in the vater. Glass Doors for Fireplace New way lo eliminate smoke from fireplace. Keep your mantle elea and sparkling and at the lam time tut out told-drafts. Ideal fo corner and we-thru types. Cua anleed to eliminate smoke or you money back. Actually gives moi comfort with greater safety. Lowe fuel billi . . . 35 tiiei. Send fo free folder with prices liiled. "Th best investment you ever mad in your home." Exclusively at "Anything for the Fireplace" Including accessories W. A. SIPES Distributor 2123 Pine Si. Eureka HI 3-5465 FREE ENTERPRISE This young man is a newspaper carrier bo for the Eureka Newspapers, Inc. He is an inde- pendent, free enterprise "Little Merchant." His income is derived entirely on the profit system of any sound practical business venture. His saleable merchandise (newspap- ers) is purchased at wholesale and sold to the subscribers at retail, the differential being his income. His is an excellent opportunity to gain experi- ence in salesmanship, bookkeeping, dependability, prompt- ness, acquiring friends and the basic fundamentals of sound business operation. Encourage YOUR son fo apply for a profitable Humboldt Times or Standard newspaper route. The Humboldt Times and The Humboldt Standard

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