Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 4
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f,g t A-4--INDEPENDENT UM IMC*. CUL. *·*. H*. M. IM4 Wheat-Ship Boycott End Abrupt WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A week-long union b o y c o t t against V£. wheat shipments to the Soviet Union ended Tuesday. President Johnson simultaneously ordered that --without exception--at least half the cargoes jo in American vessels. Thus came to a hasty ane apparent end the President's first labor crisis and a major threat to the wheat deal wit! Russia, a keystone of the ad ministration's foreign policy With AFkCIO Presiden George Meany acting as his emissary, the President arranged for further meetings between administration and maritime labor officials. They win try to iron out several other union demands, including one that the 50-50 shipping provision be extended to wheat cargoes for Soviet satellites. * · · · .THE AGREEMENT between Washington and rebellious labor leaders in Miami Beach came after a flurry of telegrams and phone calls be tween Johnson and Meany. White House sources said they u n d e r i t o o d dockside workers were moving immediately to resume loading ships with UJS. wheat for Russian ports. "To avoid any misunderstanding or difficulty in the future," they said, the Presi dent has ordered that "no i waiveri whatever" be permit ' ted in granting future licenses | for wheat sales. thus far selected. It was the first time since 1«8*J segregation, the trial began Feb. 17 that| Cvil-righti leaders in Bos- more than a single juror had too. Mass, called supporters been sworn in one day. and!" » rally on the eve cf a pub- een sworn n one ay, an - negro rnmmnnuy «auer» *nu . . . . ,,--·_;-,,;,_ ,,,* *,* marked a definite stepup in lie-school boycott Stay-home- Democratic Mayor Richard J.1 tata ,? discnmmation and seg- - from-school rotests also were rk.w n-h/i u.rf rmrms^l it ,»iregatson. that the approving by waivers, had re- *ged on President Kennedy's I » * Maryland Jails 15; Racial '! Protest Spreads Northward - Ruby Jury Totals 5; Pace Hiked DALLAS Cfl -- Two male arori were chosen in quick, . . . . . . - . . r,~« · v · succession Tuesday to try 8TM cml rights demonstration about 52,000 fewer than in " ' Ruby in the slaving cf', ia strife-torn Cambridge. Mi. the city-* first school boycott tion. . . . ' . . . . - HarJev OswaldTtev [*** scores cf thousands of last Oct 22, and school offi- A eitywide committee for Chicago'cials said about 50,000 pupil, integrated s c h o o l s m New ordinarily are absent daily at York polished up plans for Frtu l«t«n«no«l Maryland National Guardsmen Tuesday broke up a Ne- cation said 172.050 children that leaders who induce » were absent f r o m schools.! j^^t to stay out of school The number of absentee, was ^ ^ fined ^ oa ^^ ^ '- - ^ the pace of the hearings be- from-school protests also were fore Judge Joe B. Brown. · · · · WITH THE overnight recess of the trial. SO prospec being planned in New York and in Milwaukee, Wis. · · · · GUARDSMEN armed with this time of year that city 1 ! second boycott as 2.000 clergymen and laymen' Negro community leaders and Daley, who had opposed it as! fll-advised and unnecessary.' At a climaxing rally in the loop, demonstrators turned (their wrath on the powerful D e m o c r a t i c leader. They snorted signs reading: The PoHs Are Next--Watch Out. Daley" and -If We Don't Get Rid of Daley Well Have Boy- held a fixed opinion in"th'e'photographer also was hustled: 00 "* *' case or opposed capital pun- from the scene. The Chicago boycott and ishment Members of the Nonviolent theratened boycotts in Boston Those chosen Tuesday were Ac t i o n Committee set U p and New York were protests Luther E. Dickerson, 27. a picket toes in front cf u.e*E^t»Cegedde facto segre- slightly built purchasing Tice Dorchester County Welfare 8 atlon ffl ot y schools. live jurors had been exam-Bayonets and tear gas took 15 ined, 19 of them Tuesday, pickets into -protective cus- Except for the two new jur- tody" at Cambridge and ar- ors, all the candidates Tues- rested three other dcmonstra- day were excused by the tors when they tried to re- court for cause--they either sume picketing. A television h o t o r a h e r also was hustled president of a chemical firm, and Douglas J. Sowell. 33. a Board and Department of Era-] ployment Security o f f i c e s . ATTEMPTING TO ELUDE photographers as they leave court in Los Angeles Tuesday are Dennis Gray and his wife. Theresa. She testified in Sinatra kidnap case that two defendants brought ransom money to her home. TESTIMONY 1JY HOUSEWIFE ' Wading' in Sinatra Kidnap Fortune Told Boston boycott leaders said Roy WITViny executive secretary of the National Associa- t« »« medium-sized, dark-haired.Theydemanded surplus foods. mechanic for an airline. The demonstrations were, «i»aro The new juror, joined two the first in Cambridge since,Co 1 ored^Pec.^_(NAACP), other men and a woman selected earlier in the murder- with-malice trial of Ruby, a 52-year-old operator of aj Dallas striptease joint. He faces a possible death penalty if convicted. · · · · RUBY SHOT down Oswald, accused' slayer of President Kennedy, during a routine last summer when 15 personsS wouW le f d were shot and martial' law °. a Oty was imposed. The Chicago Board of Edu- of Dallas police headquarters last Nov. 24. Ruby is pleading insanity, LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A held by the trial l " U Oswald Gets Top Defense WASHINGTON (UP1-- jail transfer in the basement The Warren Commission an- Advacenffltof a "silent march' in the Wednesday protest. » · · * MASSACHUSETTS A t t y . Gen. Edward W. Brooke, the highest elected Negro in the nation, has ruled t h a t the boycott is illegal and warned FURNITURE ALL KEW-NO JUNK 3-ROOM GROUP · l-pe. nac* »l club · I Unps -- I iti» tiblei · I utln taili · I ic. t toitt« · t-dr. 4 tl Irf anl frim · bos tprinj i J2«-«H · twi bcdrnn Unipi $299 95 CASK OR BOOO CREDIT STOVE AID REFRIGERATOR... '150" DIXIE DISCOUNT STORE 1830 E. ARTESIA Long Beach. California th al U tt ra V tc tounced Tuesday it has retained the president of the American Bar Association to! *v* TM chief defense attorney!protect the interests of Lee: MelvinBtDi at tr* opening cf|Han-ey O s w a l d , who was _ . . . , ,, ,, , The unions had complained young housewife Tuesday de- tcndants. He said Amsler toldand were walking around in e j^^j-j e!ghth jay demand- 1 killed before he could answer ,. ·*» ,^m;r,;«ratinn »,v ' tvQ deftndantj jjj Uie ( him eariy on the morning oHt They were playing football ^ that brain wave tracingscharges that he was Presi- Frank Sinatra Jr kidnao trial Dec. 13 -- less than 24 hours with it." said Mrs. Gray, who' on Ruby be made available to 2cnt Kennedy's assassin. *'*"*- i= " iau * *'· "-^ ^ " i ! ' . ,.i ____ Tt_ . ___ = ___ I ~r,»» »i«r» ir-ii r»»cmr , ,. , original promae last October playing with money from the^fore rourAp cf the three testified for the prosecution TM « that at least half of the grain $240.000 r a n s o m in thcirsuspects -- he contemplated that Keenan and Amsler spent "f,. would be shipped tn American-Flag ships if available. i §52 Million Added for A T eiu Plane WASHINGTON tfl -- The Senate Armed Services Corn- stockinged feet, but her hus-suicide, but had changed his h{ of ^ ,, Jt ' defense. The tracings' "That there was reasonable made during a pre-trial'cause to believe he (Oswald) test cf the de- band said one suspect con-,mind. fid-d he contemplated suicide He denied ever hearingjhome. while the singer was their, Ketnan or Amsler say the hostage. kidnap was a " p u b l i c i t y They were throwing it (the stunt" money) at each other," said . . . . psychiatric fendant. BeUi claimed that the readings are in the hands of the was the assassin is unquestioned." the commission said, 'but he did not have the opportunity to meet the accusa- was go Mrs. Teresa Gray, of Culver) G R A Y S A I D City, a former schoolmate of ["speechless" when co-dtfendants Barry Keenan the money in a --.^.«.^ and Joseph Amsler. both 23.'during the visit to his home, at SHE testified Amsler told s t a t e . i s A « y H e n r y k U c ^ s acrard^ to tj.. e her and her husband TheylWade sari the defense could can way of ra Uce It ai didn't know if they would have j t h e m ^ ^but that they! he sawjnap--up to the moment they today, bricfcase,went to Sinatra's motel room Lake Tahoe on Dec. 8. it'-the kid-« «* be avadabJe unUl BELLI ALSO sought U-UJ i-ilt I J I C » I J i f c t-U H'3 4 * V ^ l l i C » , » « fc«««»*. · «uv*. ~r~ -- -- -- _ f»-i .1. k , and that he recalled both'AmsIer was arrested at Culver^staa^ the possftility that SHE AND her h u s b a n d . -Barry and Joe" offered him City about midnight on De^the state might bring into . . ' ^ _ _ _ . _ _ . . . .«. .· + t f * n . A/\yv rfvwTrt Ttr K arl TLl^rtwinO'*^ mittee approved Tuesday $52 Dennis, 23, were key wit-[about $5,000. He said he re- million more than the John-L esses Tuesday afternoon as son administration had asked for development of bomber plane for the future. At the same time, it denied J40 million extra voted by the House to push develop- prosecution s o u g h t to did new knock da ^ defense conten- ing day on a series of errands, to wind up its case .Tuesday, [ 13. and more than $160,000,c°urt Dr. Karl Menninger. u^t^e P rany7f I!«^ t * random money recovered^ psychiatric clinic in ^^si^ £S did drive Kee'nan Jhe fouow. The prosecution had hopedTopeka. Kan. ,s nationally^'«««?««!!TM±£! The defense asked that Dr. tions the kidnap was a hoax, one involving disposal cf abut A s s i s t a n t U.S. Atty.l me aeiense as«a uai ur. The third defendant, John W. car sought in the kidnap case. Thomas Sheridan said otherjMenninger. il he is to »PPear. Irwin. 42, was not mentioned Mrs. Gray earlier testified witnesses were waiting to be be «".i**i " «^ 'n»i "v :-. » v _ ^_*:_«^..r A _ _ ^ L _ *.*.* V^A..^ Ar -l-*^t ft,A* ^iTT*i^ trvftv JU 1 a federal district judge in to Arizona, accepted the assign- 'ment **as a public service,*" the commission said. Craig's task win be to examine every facet of the Kennedy assassination involving Oswald to help make sure the commission's ultimate findings meet the test of truth. ment of a manned interceptor plane. The House had added $92 million--for both y O J]j' bomber and interceptor work '54 --to the amount asked by the' administration. The Senate committee also restored ruts of some $124 million tit other defense research funds made by the House while holding the an nual defense authorization in the testimony. Amsler and Keenan asked her ( caUed today. invited to the trial by !Judge Brown as an impartial Dennis Gray described how on Dec. 12, when they arrived' Part-time college student examiner of Ruby's sanity. Amsler told him he was "ner- at the house, if there was a Ronald Bray also appeared to - - "T7T, ..j .t,,:*- during the "monopoly game set so they .testify, siyir.g he turned down {{Oliolulll Oil S : _ _ * _ _ »_._'._.,,. 1,1 _ i _ _ _^4l. **--.-.! «.»..«* »* · C I A fVYl r\tf+r frtvm t\n+ *(". Sale Opposed bill to just over $17 billion. Its figure is about $146 mil lion less than was asked by President Johnson and Secretary cf Defense Robert McNamara. afraid" young wascouid play with "real money. Sinatra Sr. Now in Japan, Trial Presence Uncertain ,a $10.000 offer from one ac cused kidnaper--Keenan--but [did play "courier" twice in a dry-run for the ransom pickup. Bray, who answered questions in a monotone voice, said he knew two of the de- TOKYO, Wednesday (UPI) (Thursday Japan time) to'fendants--Keenan and Ams- h cre a defense witness «· But he said he was acquainted with the third. --Frank Sinatra Sr. arrived t es t;fy j j Tuesday night a n d . . . . . . . . . . , to the singer," 1 the tmL Sinatri Jr - " u -|Irwin. I they knew of no plans '=» Europe, was also ordered Bray him to return to Los An-,'" "turn to court. Judge Will Retire LOS ANGELES (CNS) -Superior Court Judge Clyde C. Triplett, £t, will retire June 30, it was announced Tuesday by presiding judge] Kenneth N. Chantry. He was SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)--appointed to the bench in An independent o i l refiner! 1953 and is now on a leave testified Tuesday that the sale f absence. ' of assets of Honolulu Oil Corporation is against the long- term interest of the industry. He is John B. Caughlin. president of Westland Oil Jll $TA-CU£L f IS VONDUCDRl $20 MASK CU«L · tacWU* t". V l»«R«. ****** Archill Sl-00 . Silver lio*td*t · SfMcSarty. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT! 8 AM. TILL MIDNIGHT mmi * tm» «ua ron ---mi IEICI ill iirf r» it. ~il[i»tfy icnn II 1 Mil imweci (!·· !«r«iI sum 1111 I. tinn inuiifti III! Alntrt 11,1, tit a t. ·f Ull*^ II I I I S I TCIIIIC: i::« w. tvut Movie Sets on Way to \.V.WorM Fair geles to testify in his son's' The senior Sinatra would ( to make $10,000. I said "yes. 1 kidnap trial. jhave to leave Tokyo today forHe said it's illegal and in- Sinatra arrived aboard a^s Angeles in order to corn-jvolves p i c k i n g up sc Jjpan Airlines Tight from ply with the court order, but money. I said, 'No.'" Honolulu. One local press re-!sources close to the singer! On three d i f f e r e n t Company of Minot, N. D., and early October, he appeared as a witness on Keenan "asked me if Fd like! the second day of trial of the government's antitrust suit. Caughlin a s s e r t e d that w h e n e v e r an independent producer goes out of business, it strengthens the posi- tion pictures left Tuesday forToho Motion Picture Co. New York, where the sets win I A spokesman said Sinatra be shown at the World's Fair^has not made any reserva- · The sets are from moviesjtions for a return flight to Including -West Side Story/Mlonolulu or Loj Angeles. "Cleopatra," "South Pacific," Reports frora Los Angeles' "The King and I" and "The said Sinatra had been ordered Decline and Fall of the Roman'to return to Los Angeles : Empire." jWednesday, Los Angeles time COLITIS-INTESTINAL GAS W r« ft V--kM »ift pi b T-- ht~t»d V^l, 7~ tkwL4 h^ff D». Cl«l'l B«Wf rWrilT- liiv'r*'* rf »dKmrfn 4 l,~t.,, »^tl b'l b»4 V"\ T.M .A A* lUtwJ ».4^ * TTM.t.-t l~r1Wi. l:-l..f. CM. t*mf f !··. i."~. i» r«'r.'-~. »-·««.»»·« «-i «w McwM »ir% d« I*^.«M, ** frvct to f« K. caiSDiTiTi:i IIM. I M. 11 tn. CtLIUTIH~tlS DR. CHAN, D.C. 121 Lei? l«oek U« b«ck. 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