The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 26, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 1
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INn vWI^HR^w. 1 »-Tx>» 8:04 p.irt, Thursday — HtlU, 4:11 »,(*, «nd 1J:S7 p.m.— LSw »:4» *.mi. »nd 8:47 p.m. VOL. 46 NO. 85 COUNTY Memorial fcf »• «nuMr. TM M»H bwriMi shown !• tb* lower pl« we*, belt* by-pM^I by ICM, manr .„« JHyw. w..« th. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1067~ Weather Forecast Partly cloudy with «<•. ?ho-,verp and little change ir temperature*. Low tonight around 77 and high Thursday 86. PRICE 5 CENtlS' I ^_ ^^ ^^^^ , • — . ,,_ " ~ . . •**•«»•• ANT N STORM PATH " ^ ' i i i Storm Safety Precautions COUNTY NO LONGER For those not familiar with hurri- a „ ._ ..,.,__' i jj^j \rV/iTCH SECTOR For those not familiar with hurri - canst the following safety precautions will be helpful at a guide to the action to be takon when warnings ar« issued of an approaching hurricane: 1. Keep your radio or television on and listen for latest Weather Bureau alerts, warning?, and advisories. If power fcih, use your car radio. 2. Pay no attention to rumors. 3. Get. away from low-lying beaches or other locations which may be swept by high tides or storm waves. If passage to high ground i> over a road lik'ely to b« under water, leave early. Don't run th* risk of being marooned; 4. Be nun for hiuh water in ,r»a« where streams or rivers may flood after heavy rains. 5. If your home is out of danger from high tides and is well built then it ii probably the best plac« to weather the storm. «. Board tip windows or p ,,t storm shutters in pte™. When you board up 'ise good lumber secnrek- fastened Makeshift boarding may do more damage than none at all. Have strong bracing for outside doors. 7. Get m extra food. e-Hx-cially things which cr.n be eaten without cooking or with very little preparation. Remember 1h«! electric power may be off and you may be without refrigoration. 8. If emergency cooking facilities necessary, b« jure they ar* in working order. 9. Steri!i7» the bathtub, jugs., bottles, cooking utensils, and fill with drinking' water, as city water service may be interrupted. in. Have flashlights and/or other emergency lights in working condition and keep them handy. 11. "Be sure to have gasoline in your CUT. If electric power is off. filling stations m*y not be able to operate pumps for several days. J2. Check on everything that might blow away or be torn loose. Garbage cans. Harden tools, signs, porch furniture, awning?, and other objects become wespons of destruction in hurricane winds. Store them all inside if possible. n. Be sure that a window or door can b« opened on the le-e side of the house • . . the side opposite the one facing the wind. I*. If the center or "eye" of lh» stonv. pswes directly over, there will be a lull »o half an hour or more. Stay in a s a f« pla'e. Make emergency repairs during the lull if r.ecwarr. but remember the wind If necessary, but remember the wind will return suddenly from the opposite direction, frequently with even greater violence. H. Be cairn Your ability to meet emer. uifpire-and help others. Brazosport'is out of the path of Hurricane Aud- ,, sudc ]en]y changes direction, despite the Count.v " contlnue ^ rise throughout Brazoria Brazospor! was not .the hurricane, gales will start, !,„„.. ' B! !' , ! ' rea an d had: "long the Louisiana cos«t to. ,heen removed from the "bur-, night, tides mine and reach- :iicane watch status. ing five to eieht feet i th I He said that GalveMon was 'Louisiana coast and Mississippi a? far as the storm warn- s °unrt by late Thursday " - j ing sector vent, and that from : Galveslon to Brownsville sig- ; nai stations would display only i ? ™" C ' aft warnin ^. ' " ! The tidal swell, t- nm Hl a- i M! '" ' h<> Frpfl; ""'t Tea ricane Audrev u<p already i and?, Mhf ' P no r ir ' al ' though., eraphine a E3 in« Ihe gulf coast j and might cover low roads in of Texac todav and civil d! the hpfu;h arp »- fense authorises urged 1,300 Br UNITED PRESS Tracker Pilot Says: Absentee Deadline Tuesday ^WAOgW -*yrta,j, July J, Lfvofe tt M«m^«W^V^^^ -elilfbl? »• d««dlin« for ibsonte. vot- »nd cant their b«llot« i , e? for ibsonte. vot- »nd cant their b«llot« in p*r«on. to vol« in th* July « «l«etlon iil^ < M«i. ;«*.«; __ Mr>. Caldwetl 0Knlain«»rf ih*( anrl tu^»« >k. A .^' ___ ._!^i: ___ in th« July ( Nnvigation «l«ttion wh*r» oiw o< ca Ml oommi^ionor Mrs. John Caldwoll Sr., of Mrs. Caldwell explained »Tt of Trvfpott, »dvi»«!t tint and th«V* are no rettrietioru ai to property ownenhip. j The Freepori »nd L»ke Jack- jton leagues ar< working to IfCther in preparing a Voters i Guide for the election. ! Que»t!onn*jre» were M nt to to ty Clerk's of fir* at the Court- houar MI Angleton. hut du« to th« short time left before the ,<fr»dlme, It would be better for G*fs Eog/d Scout Rank ! NEW YORK —on— •cast Muiic Inc.. one of Ihe two replie* will be compiled and .leadng ofEsm-istionj of song-printed in the Julf, 1 issue of present affiliated writers are The'Navigation District takas women. Many of lhf*e women in most of Broxoria County ,«?.?•* fpectaciilar careers.; with the portion East of Choc- I CtuMon Price, autiior of olau Bayou as the chief e». | "Slowpoke" and "You B«tong ceptton. Ito Me." is the mother of'a t*>'• yiai old dsughtor and «nc« w«» , . * concert violtnWt with Ihe?I I l,omsv(lie aymphoB/ orchestra •* Dorcas Cochran, who wit)U Storm Is 'Destructiv M season's first hurricane, a full-grown lady a°oui <M mi ;e« .. . a mg plan* that 4wice new throitsh the said th.s morning that the hw. the .iV ricane will be "expansive «d'e«on (instructive." e "°" L'. J. J DeMayo flew t*rtm,h nZ ..... " ......... k . * ° rm "*""-'' '" *" , became an _ . , Seoul ditrinj n cnurt ,f ItOdCM* h^ld Saturday j»\c'i i tn th* Weft Cotumbm ei<*n.>>n- tary School by Bo> Si-out Troop 3I«. .P«nnU recrived th» Rajiie Awtril from ScoutmasKM- Jack MeC*an, who »'as atwsted dur- luf the court by other i;aj|l« $C«UM in the city. Chairman Kadi* Grij». Denny > Upriam, Ch»rl«« Walker, J, c. {tactk, Sar.d) W*ems. KonAie Belj Itobert iilaughwr. Buddy Meaning and HerlH'ri Kttlott, Thrw members of th* troop received «Mifyfyrn...*rlue nwarda i ' t. lew Cttion »uth*r o/ r « e p o rt First Methodist Church will sponsor an ice uream supper at the church Thursday evening from 630 p.m. le »;SU pin at the church. Ticket* may be purchased at the door and everyone is m- G*ra«n ABU Is Here Carmen Ami is the name fcreitom CM Be Kilter, SaysABvsjfSrafldnwther 111* first time. -A hurricMi ttackw fur years. DeMa.^i iaid ilia; A rey. althotia). . ••t,.i\'* r . T "" T,a.» hour u,,' II '" J| '-^ nrppfi 1,0'JQ , Fir this reason, local Civil I" 1 ' 50 "' to clear out of Bolivar | Defense officais in Arjglctnn Pe n'nsula. j this morning warnrri against I'nless conditions change ab- I visiting isolated sections of the, rl 'P tl - v - 'i^" sn ^ rain will be I "« acr i. a" Texas stands to get. from "Due to the northward ad- Audrey, the season's first hur- j vance of Hurricane Audrey " ca ne. ! all fishermen, sightseers, arid' B " ( hurricanes are notably ! others are warned 10 slay from' errat 'e. They can change di- isolated sections of the'beach. re>c " n n on a moments notice, High tides are expected to get anc| fnr '"'•< reason, the whol» higher." their warning read. T(1 *as coast was on the aj»ri" The warning came from At !asl rp P"rt. the hurricane,' Cotinly Judge Alton C. Ai- Vlth 'vinds a< a top velocity jnold. who is also countv Cfv:l "' lort miles an hour, was +«0 Defense director: and J. Paul'" 1 ' 1 " southwest of New Or- Rotrers, county Civil Def»nsp' '""•'• traveling north at seven coordinator. miles an hour. On the beaches In Bra/oria' '' was expected to turn | County the danger lies in mo- no '' l h-northeaft tonight. M. C | torists being stranded alone tbe Harris on. meteorologist ' iri (far stretches of the beach he- ''''arse of (he Dallas weather |cause ol cuts through from the '"'reaii. explained the reason mtra-coastal canal to the beach '"' " le probable change iri Au| washed out hv high tides drey's course as follows| Oyster Cic.-k cut is frequent-! , Th «r Follow- Troughs i'y opened by extreme high' ' Al thp surface, there if ( ; tides, and uhcu this occurrs, • lov ' P'' fl - e *"re trough extpnding iSsn Luis Island hei/orm-s an from "" hurricane northwest. I island with no cioss-ini: A ward 'hrough Texas into New i possible shift in the direction M <""''<'o and Arizona. However i nfl 0 ' 'he hurricane would then at - n - n <™ feet, a trough of low' vrth-: lCnda "K f ' r the stranded PW'ro extends from Audrey 5 an', '" ''* '° a "i advisory, the '""'"'eastward t« the Great i to- i Weather Bureau (it NY-v Or. '-«krs. ^.]i«ns ainborwed ittw-h<rWng """rricanes y.sually travel i of liuirunne warmiK fl.itis''' 1 E 'roughs of low pressure said hiahpsi' 2 ' 0 "* ""' fn ^Tf Louisiana ? nd * he indications are th*t "' -'"' ' ' " »iH follow the one at 20.- isana coast, which is expscied to re- i<'<'ive ihs full blow. The upper a ir Hut northwi-st storm warn-,"'"" P^'lr we'll determina are onU'rrd on the upper: lh f |p m ovemenl of storms, ar south , "Tb»r« ;. -- .... .'Texas coast :Gnives!on a "There is no question' abnut > wisdom of a hiirricana itch along the Texas coas« Orsndms Moses. Sh»' 8 Grjindm» Ed« Bor-o , , , ci *' )( «' >-'nds ns> ^ : - '*•"<* >l : W: :h* uppw Text, «>»,. , ' ' '!<« rnfln- > thai the storm hun earmnrki of a doMn.t , 'n,« Nv » an . sinjtr «nrf S«l\»('on Armv yxnVfi. And Mae Boren Axlon, the Tennanwe Stand*v jchcwi teacher whV ro-iuthored "Hesi-t- .break Hotel," hi* directed « congressional c«mp*ign (or on* of hsr *tjht brothers. BM! credits modern inven for tht ri«e of women in mimc-writmit field. in ibe horn* live, iim« to'wwit as) Airman Sacond Ci*s* T^e Fred Oinnhau*. th* Mm ol Mr. »od Mm H. A. Dannhsu* of I*ke Jtr<ksi>n who is itataoned in ),»on. Franc*, has received Ws rank M Airman First Class. Entering 'he At* Force in J anility t,( Hi}, D»cut>aiM w*j a student at BrtTosport Htfrt |Seh«ol in 1MJ however, he finished the required credits through the armed forces general educanion development and has now received his for tb««- new babv d»u»hier. W<M<hW,g »i K pounJ, 10 and °"<' """ <•«"««. «!'• w.s torn j, mt jj ,., rjo w Ho.oital !l _ _' Ho ' plt "- ( On June 3i, Airman Dann (JMIW will leav* for six week of service i n Have «... .HU Mrs. Kmmle Karl !1.«onard Jr. at Lake Jackson are the proud parent* of a new jet o* twins. The baby girl. Jean, uiMgl\*d five pounds and 14 ounces and her t*'in broth er. Jerrv T, weighed six pounds. 10 and one-half otin- ceti. Both were bnrn June 21 at Ouw Hospital. D«!)p»ey revived hw t*njj*r- foot .h.d,e. , nd Mick.»- Board Rescinds Action At a apeeifl cl»«^J atttdnf aruon they umk j|«y u irv.parimeni I^JW 1 ni^tu, %«aotport removing Baadinaner Andrew Hardin's rrmoval fiom his I a paying proposition. Shf began the hobby after •her husband, Oi,<. dipci leaving her a large chicken ranch to run. Even with help from her llv " " n<> son.', it was too much. - In order to gs-t her to s| m v down. Giandma Bortolotti's dai.-ghters-iii-ljw got her t,, join an •rtcraft class, and that's where the new busineas v.a$ bam. • ( She's now planning to enclose • ier front porch for a show room. Sh« rl.x* , nus t o ( n »r W'nrk in (h* basement. Says Grandma Bortololti Work ne^cr killed anyon. Its .boredom that get, peop | e ^ «^. roue. Bepartment 4 OZ p .„ T-^.r ^tern^m ,; <| — hours •< they worked e thre« mi- '" '"* 2>W biork * * v ' en "« A. 'itllKt Npcakt^l- "or accidents, one fire, caught " ow *ver, efftc«ri got ihe bia?« R>-v. Walker Knight, assistant * pair of dogs w "ich were ap-,»ut <j.-iiiu>ut ihe j.eip af me ednor of Hie Baptist Standard P aie " llv mad. and then inve/rti- rire D*p»rtns«>' M?..-n !o 10 m.p.h.. ill, i: lai* T ID tin- Rabies Suspected Dogs Keep FP Police Busy ... .,vi<< t'iuicn. sa.d thai "Ifur-, ' " p *twc<'d to move toward conimiies to '-"""Kina rather than Tests. :irtliward and ai * B| " " Is best to be on the crnlerrd about.'? rtl ^''au'e hurricanes-are •ti«) m.l.'s -.oiith-vest of New '''•'•'uentl.- erratic. They ^n Ot;,- :i i U ,,,. al . | a ,,, lld ,, 25i , and move in every direction of ths icriKiiu,!,. sj.j. Higher winds.!' ornpa ' is ""mi-times and hsv» arc est.ini,,tiM. a t lot) m p h n know 'n to make a com- r-ear trie center, and gali-s ex- ip1etp ''i^le." "'i.' out i;» to 200 miles. , Peninmlt Eracufted 'Indira-inns are for imrth or, * A^dre,- boomed north, ut . litH^Msi of north move- f walle of rnountainoii« wsv»* beache* at Gatvwton «•«• i of fi-aMi c , av ; w *i'e cloeed and dew mj, of .fishing eYpodidoni; caDed nif., -i viv.l Otfrnn Cooi-dinator i.". (.nttii at Celves'on urged ,'li« evacuation of Bolivar JVn r jmsiila. which divides !he Gulf of Mevicu from Ralvenon Bay :She said there i» dansw '-• the liridKc at. Roliorer 'wsshing out. There are M tine 5<re»ts this morning.'homes oti the low-l le i.T.,-»f.gatioii of the i.ila. but 1.500 persons" from •- soi«<-a rooms C ot Die-Port Arihur and other points at i\»o jwm m their »d- Merit badges w«"« r9 t ;*iv*(i Vf l-»nr» Daugii, Jay Wetma, I^rry McC'nm »nd Alien W*(- tei. I Around Brazos port TWO BHA70SPOHT High School '57 gr»Ju«U'». DK1.W1N LEE PAHKEH and JOB MAI' EK, UOlil <lf Klri'lJOJI. Itcrilllv enlisted in the M*nne I ..ip. Slid will b« sliiticiritd m Sari Ptcno. (. auf. DK1.W1N is the Dick Easing wood Joint focff Advertising Staff '• The addition ol Du-k Easing- . , *opd to the Advertising »t»ff £. ' of The Bfa»ospoi t Facts w«* f **f,* announced ioday by Kenneth f \-j Dahlatrom, advotuing dirac- ... b«s for tli« v pa«t •A,i yearn bean »n adveriiiii.j ruiirvtenUUve for the Jackwui, Mu»., Stale Tim<u. a»d will i\i\u \)it >uu.« position on The j"«i-u He has been «i lh* hpld ' uf advei tilling: fee the past five ' EVANS the roi-k ' n roll king is really «a Ui« smii* . . . l.OVINA TUK- NIR is piling Uf, th* j,i ii.v* m law sales work. Arnc»ng the iat «*t *r« a trip to Mineral We!U, a yod 4pd racl, AS ^VMUD^ &QWJI '---- |J °" •«» ^ hi. ««•• *rth. an ^ i*" ch "^«"', i, iM Rob « ru ' •• • Sim Dati Sew today at 7:M p.m BUM Thursday at * tt a.m. iiv.. fiom his , _ ... voted "iby Iriuive* at a closed ling lit 14 diuing iho ijn:» f,m liioa as the regular !**«.»• 13. * T<\« aciir*^ lnuMiiUi a proteM j (rout uAHsrts dT'SiiAnv tit iii* oand students wh» had studied ^ under Hh«Jiu, an a petition -t vigned by 175 pertons was . prcit-nied to lh,e school board Ust wet-k At their rrguldr nieeiiiij; Monday, bow«.'v«. the boaid told Jiuunt Vanda\ rvr, tpukes- t avail (t>t - \h* petivi | ttlt-y planned to l.ik«. uo a,-iioii 5 on lite jH'liliun at that iiu-ci. J ini^ HuwrviM. ill* board ajjl ta meet wiiii Haulm Tut-sdav l night, in jnotlwr i loiod s«- uon, to he^r the uandmaster^ side at ihe-.ianues that brougln about his r«movai, As a result of the meeting • ta*< night, the board assisaedj Hjritin to rhe "new elementao band position brou^rn sbotit by the opening of the new tlt- mentarv schools." Sine* the board's action last mtmth, 'he position that Har- diB heid a* Fr*«tM\<.t /'gjff ic cars rushed . b . ul .',°. 1 i n . < !,'*!'!"o-w. . •. i Southwett, log, »fsa f,,,g lu i.rn. a d<,g shot in in. iiu-,u. i '** »«P«*l*d the tentptn n was reporuid-tr. irtuined to t-ie i;m 0 ri Haii 1 '" '' Prnain below nortna! iteis iiear Ptflh '-Ahetc ne »-a« apprei.rudfU ''" next ''V davs, m •" Xt -' r thf easlem hpi/ »t T< . th. three nunor ac ""- > ; " • *"' C » UJ * m ueh the ten(|i«raPtt» »f T«»'!j xx-r For«.>asu-rs , tl'iirie ii no«t3talj »«r,ou» hre»i j.iur.i the T«»»* eea,. :'"•? -'Ml -..-c.ixljN Vl« ,-,« X ;,,j£ • >• o». rou^n soday and tides fn a > "Son«f minor flooding wilj <«-cui- today along tx-aches and ' low expowd places," n u w .^f U CEM Of Tlfl GALVMTO * »»TII1CT M..,t As- .Mk ai Dow Hol,l w Fr!.r«*. nZS'lfZ?££j!Z ol budget matters and organlaational probl.n,, „„,. UJ| to tight, A. T. Du»... board ekairmaa; M<u*e* Owiam ao4 O. ». Hinhr. •a.a.n.^.l.-^ n,. 4^^, a,^,,,, ^.^ leal 4»««: D.. A. O. M«C.r f . iM «i. U *.*„! ad»Uor; and Ed««j Bi«wa. exrculiv. cUe.ctor of ih» T«x»s Hurl Atsonislien. Offkers not p fsse ni includ. Dr. Raymond F'tke. prssid^nl; I. Juieeka, «creUry-tr« a ,iu.r; and Dr. Jaaaat StulHM, p<M>*'iiu-el*c4. IHE i.rm.E WANT AD H s tn, might) mtt* of ad- rtiiing. With so nianv services «nd dl your fingertips, nder ihai ;he Braz . rt ta^is. I'liMified sec . p Jt 'ks leaders interest. famu i^id i' i-.t-rv dav m i,Mdir g . find tilings itifr.v want or need. That is wnv ihs CUisified Want Ad section produces RESULTS lor nosh th* private firmly atid the commercial advertiser. Don't clutter up your ,t. He or garsge with unused «iid uiuvained articles , . , 'urn ti:em inio ''gold' :i's so easj- t 0 placa a Classj. ned ad JUST DIAL 3-M11

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