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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 26
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P«g« D-2--INDEPENDENT LMt M*Ov WII..-TMI., M»r. «, 1H4 Bosch, Gets Imbert Duel Challenge SANTO DOMINGO, Domi can Republic W)--Gen: Antonio Imberl, one of the men who took part in the machine gun assassination of dictator Rafael Trujillo, Monday night challenged ex-president Juan Bosch to a duel. 'The challenge, in a half- page advertisement to appear in the newspaper El Caribe today, tells Bosch to choose between "dialogue" and "the field of honor." H Bosch should decide on the field o! liohor, Imbert said, he woult let, Bosch' decide the dale hour and place of the duel. * · + * : BOSCH said he would have no comment. He is head ol the Dominican Revolutionary Party and a leading candidate In the June presidential elec tion. Imbert is not openly identi fied with any political faction but was president of a civilian-military junta createc during the revolt last April. Imbert apparently took of fense at a reference lo his name in a report Bosch mad to diplomals Friday concern ing'an alleged plol nn his life Sched. #3955-E-C4f«lerUSuppU«o£ SUS.MO.04. plua Interest thireoft Spsclllcillons and bid forms may «» provided In Hie note, secured by lie obutned In Ui« office- ot lli« "14 D«d »' Trust, plus «dvmnce!. Purchasing Dlvle-lon. LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL* DISTRICT By MARIB WELLS. AsaUUnt Stcreury Pi!b. llarcb 15, 22. 1968 (3D-- UB.I. |43,000 Grant Made for Special Teachers .A federal grant of $43,000 to prepare teachers to edu c a t e handicapped children was announced Monday by officials at California State College, Fullerton. The grant for 1966-67 is made up of $28,OfK) which will be available for.fellow- ships in the area of mental retardation and ?15,000 designated for development of teaching programs for the emotionally disturbed. Legal Nolle* Lepil Notlct- such notice for payment of juch by aiUd Deed of N O T I C E TO BIDDERS Th« Long Beach Unified School District will r«elv« aealeit bids In lift office. ot thft Purchasing. Dlvlr «1on. Room 206 Administration . 701 Ixcust Avwiur, Lo , , .. March 22. 196E. for tho n!!n«-|n(: Sched. #392i-J-- Purchase of Typewriter* Specifications and bid form* may 1 obtained In tha office. of the Purchasing DLvlalon. LOifC- BEACH IIKIKIRD SCHOOL, DISTRICT Py MARIB WELLS, Assistant Secretary Pub. March S, 15, IMS (it)-- UB.I. f any, under terms of aald Deed! of Truat. f«6«, charge*, and «x- jensea of the Trustee and of the. ruala created Trust. Th* Beneficiary under aald Deed of Trunt h»5 heretofore executed and delivered lo aald TruMee a written Declaration of Default and Election lo Sell, n-hlch noil", said Trunten haa cauaed to * recorded November 26, 136.1. In flle/Faxe Ka, 17CK, of official records. Dated March X 1966. SAN DIEGUITO PROPEHTIES. INC. Ry Gloria Baumann Eerrelary Puh. march S. 15. J2, 136* (M) t.BI. patl th» 17796 NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETI TION FOR PRO1A.TE OF WILL NO. SO P 974« In the Superior Court of tli« SUU ot California for the Counly of Los Angelta. Tn the Httler of the EsUte Of PAULINE E, MYERS, Deceased. Notice Is hereby riven tht Ihe '"Jon of Eunice K. Atftxander for ,,._ Probate of the. Will of the above-named deccMed and for the Issuance o/ Letters Testamentary thereon to the petitioner to which referenda Is hereby made/or further particular*, will be heard *t 5:3fl o'clock A.ZJ., on April 4, J966. at tha courtrnnm of Department South "H", nf tlm Superior Court ot the Stain of California for Ih* County of Iv05 Angeles, Cily of Lonjc Beach. 'Dated March 8, 1366. WILLIAM: G. SHARP, County Clerk.and Clerk of thft Superior Court nf Inn Stale 'of California for t h n Counly of Los Anj?ele.i By B. (3ig«i, Deputy J O H N S O N A. J O H N S O N 60 Elm Avenue Long Beach, Calif. Attorney! for Petitioner Pub. March L*. 16, 22. 1966 (SO LBI. (9533 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. U7-F On April 5, 1856. at 10 o'clock A.M., at front entrance of Municipal Court Bulldtnc at -IIS West Ocean * INYESTMENT"C'O'., fomia, corporation, as Trustee under th« deed of trust made by VALERIAN MEICHE and ALICE T. MEICHK, husband and wife, and recorded June 16. 1964. in Book T3762. Page 736, of Official Records of Ixs Angeles County, California, loulevard. City of Lont; California, ALLEGIIANY rlTen to secure County, an Inde! ^btedness In Legal Notice havlnc expired, notlc* la _hara;e« havlnc ___ ._, ...... , ,hereby riven that these ttooda will be sold al Public Auction at the Beklna Van Storax;* Company Warehouse, 3101 E. CArson Street. Long Beach 7. California, on the I6lh day of April, 1966, at 9:00 A.M. Sale of goods to rontlmie lie coollnued until all sold. lota The following l a brl-.f defcrlp- tion 'of the property to ba sold: furniture, beds, chalra, rockers, cabinets,- electrical equipment and stoves, rugs', oriental and domestic, carpels, barrels, china, bric-a- brac, musical Inslruincnls, pianos-upright and rrands, oil paintings, itrtures, books, boxes, trunka. scw- .njr machines, washing machines, bicycies. ekllng equipment, dre*s form, garage eqtilpnient, atore fixtures, bar booth, suitcases, fllinf cabinets, elccvrical equipment ant. box-s. toys, radios, ledgers, office equipment and other Items that are he effects ot a general _ 1 and/or offices, "stored by or lor the following parties: monr i ousenold Name Lot N u m b e r Atnt. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, sealed blda will b« received in the office of the City Manager. in Room TO:. of Die City Hall ot the City of Long Beach, California, u n t i l 10:00 o'clock A.M. on Ihe Mil. day of March, IMS. at which t!m» nd place said blda will he [uili- '''" opened and declared for l u r - · ' :llvering Paints and . - . . _ City of Lont Beach . accordance, n-lth Specifications NO.-PA-0459 for Furnishing and Pe- llverine Paints ami Enamels to the City of Long Beach, California, oit flln In the office of the City Purchasing Agent ot said City to which said Specifications reference - Is hereby made for f u r t h e r particulars. Copies of said specifications may llcly opened and declar nlshlng and delivering Enamels lo the City of 1 In accordance, n-lth Sr office of the Room 403, fUTor of Esther Ththe now owned and held by Bather Theise by reason ot the breach of certain obligations .secured thereby, notice of which -was recorded December K, 1965,'In Book-M2062, PIJJS S36. of aatd Official Record*, Af,LEGHANY INVESTMENT CO.. INC.. nn Trun- tee, will a ell at fuihlir. auction tn tha highest bidder lor ca*h, payable in lawful money of ih« United State* at th« time ttt Aal«, without warranty IK to title, possession, or Anderson. Donna 25-06715-6 t 71.IS Arnold, .Fred 25-07693-6 -19.45 Ballantyne. Andrew 25-07922-9 Bird. Roger 25-08160-5 Booker, sirs. E. 25-OSW2-S Brest. H. K. J5-CI7S1S-5 _ Brown. Alrs.'Ernest 2i-07987-2 287.34 Brown, Ruth " "~ Burke, Lulu Calloway, Mlldrrd 25-08124-1. 3S9.78 35-08218-1. 36-OS1U-9 17774 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 504534 Superior Court of tha Slate of California, for tlie County of. Los Angeles. In f l i e Matter ot the Estate of Wayne Anthony Fitzgerald, ska Wayne A. Htzgerald and as Wayne Fitzgerald, Deceased. Notice is hereby given to creditors having claims against Ihe said decedent to file said claims in the office of the clerk of the aforesaid court to present them to the prea ____ - _____ .mderslencd at thft office of Turpl Thompson t Miller, -434 S. Painter Ave., in the Cily nf WliiUipr. in the aforesaid Cnnnly. wliicli l.ittnr office, is Ihe place of business of the undersignr.J In all mailers |ici- taining to said estate. Such claims ift necessary vonrhei-s must aining ith tli jp. fihri presented as aforesaid six months after ths first publication nf Ihis nnljce. Dated Februaiv 21. 1966. ROSEMARY FITZCERALD Executrix nf the will n! said decedent. T U R P I T . THOMPSON M I L L E R Attorneys-at-Law 424 S. Painter Ava. Whittler, California Mar. 15, 23. 33, Apr, fi. '65 (4t) LBI. encumbrances, veyed to and Trustee tinder said Deed the 'interest now held by - - - - I Sr said En and to the follnwing described property, to-'wii: Lot 125 'of Tra er map recorded In Book 248. page. .. of Maps, in the office, of Die county recorder of ?ald county, for the purpose ot paying obligations secured by said Deed including fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee advances,'lf any, under the terms of said Deed, interest thereon and 41,546.30 in unpaid principal of the note- secured by said Deed, with interest thereon from October 1, 1965. as in said note and by law provided. Dated: March 8. 1968. AliEOHANT INVESTMENT CO., INC., Trustee Fy Margaret K. Greenly. Serretary Pub. Mar. IS. 22. 29. 1966 3t) LBI. 90466 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SAUE T.O. No. 65-1548 On Tu«5dnv. April 12. 1S6S. al 11:00 A.!*.. TITLE TNSURANCF AJST) TRUST COMPANY, n duly appointed Trustee under, and pursuant to Dead OL Trust dated January 22. ]964. exftcutftd by: LARRE .1. SCHLARMANN and DARLENE F. SCHL-ARMANN. husband and \vif, and r**rorder] January 27. 1951 Vital Statistics Divorces Filed 'REKCE-Julla L. vi. Paul E. __. IHAN-B«ltv J. vs. Leo J MEDLEY-Eva P. V5. JOMDll W. 17800 NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL No. SO P 9763 In thft Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles. In the. Matter of the state of HOSIER FRANTZ, De- tlcft Is hereby given that etltlon of Hobert E. FranU for e Probate of the \Vill of the Kvp.-natnfid dftccaaftd and for Ihe, suance of Letters Tentanentary erron In tlift petitioner to vhicli rferffiir.e U hrrpby inadft for f u r t h e r articular?, will IIP heard pi 9:30 'clock A.Ar. on April A, TQK6, at * rourtroom nf Department South K", ot the Superior Court nf the latft nf California for th* County t Lot* Angeles. City of Tynft Beach; Dated March 3, 1EI66. WILLIAM O. SHARP. County Clprk. and Clprk nf th* Superior Cniitt nf thi Stal^ of California for th« County of I^os Angrles By J. Shepherd, 1 Deputy RAY. PRICE, W I L L I A M S A ' E A T H E R A Q E X Security Building j Beach, Calif. Attorney* far Petitioner uh. March Ifl, 16. 22. IMfi (31) T.BI. , an inatr. No. 3757, in hook pap;e 6L8. of Official Records in the offlc* of. the County Recorder nf LOB Angeles County. California WILLi SELL AT PUBIC AITCTIOti TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASt (payable at time of sale in lawlu money of th» United States) at the entrance of tho TX)s Ankelea How ay. i _ alg. Jam :ounl?, UUIan *ruz. Domingo Daniel, Dovi* Dingier. Urn. David Jvana, f J u i i l M Farrls, Mr?. Charlrs Fowler. Alfred G a l t s k l l l . Mr*. Valetta Gardner, Madle __ ., G r e e n e , Geraldln* 35-OS106-S 1 .- 25-OS002-9 «2.8 25-07SSS-2 11.8.04 25-OS091-6 3JG.02 2A-MI.TV2 V08321-6 3.1-OS077-1 2VOS2.17-L 25-07915-.1 i 133.0:1 25-06785-0 192.49 ·lackel, Harold -Tnrden. Herman Hays. Ethel Mly. R. R. ITudvini. E. F. rlllton. James Johnson, N. [rfe, Wanda Ludden, Willie Lynch. Laurel J. McColl, Geoi-ge McCdrver, Margaret HcDaniel. W. R. McLain, John htcxNeal, James Maestas. B. Payne, Diann Parileau, MIE. Petffrr, Joseph 25-07842-fl S3.00 35-OS311-fi ; 214.S5 - 25-07S13-R B8.81 2S-OS219.9 201.9? 25-07471-7 95 25-OS1S9-4 124 - 35-08141-.* 38.1 25-08256-1 38S 25-078S1-9 6! 25-08178-7 595 25-07864-3 49{ 25-OS1B5-4 32: 25-08255-3 ](M 36-08103*5 2S-OS05G-7 25-08105-0 be obtained at tlie City Piirchashir Agi.,_. _._ _. Municipal (U1ml«jt Bids.. 2lfi W, Broadway, J^otiR Reach, CallfornU 90802. , Thr approximate quantities of pain Is. and euamela. as listed In the bid form to be. furnished and delivery . hcreunder. are Atirnatea only and subject to increaxe or decrease In accordince with the actual requirements of the City of Lonfc Beach and/or funds available. Thft estimated quantity, totaling 5800 gallons, however, shall he used ax a basis for computing the amount of the bidder's hond. the performance bond and In the analysts for award. The Cily 'reserve the rijcht to award a separate contract on each Individual Item as Hat«d In the bid form, any combination of'ltem.i or A aingle inclusive, contrar.t for all Item P. whichever I* most arlriin~ taseous (o the City. Alt hi (I a and bid bond.- shall hft UN briti It *d upon formic to h* secured at tlm ofticft of the City Purrhasinp AKfitH. floom 40,1. Municipal UHH- itfis Bldg-.. 315 W. Broadway, I.onjr Bpach. Calif. MS02. K4c)i bid fliall hn arcompanlH h* certified p.lieck or bank- d r a f t ayable lo the. City Auditor o( the Illy nf Long Beach, and -di-an-n n a polvsnl bank In T^os Anpele!" County, or a a a tl? factory bond nf an. amount of not lens than t*n percent (10%) of the value of the estimated Quantities AX listed In thft bid form, ix a. guarantee that the bidder, if awarded" a contract. will execute and deliver to the City Purchasing Agent, within ten 101 days after such contract is tendered to him, together with a. food and sufficient Corporate Surety Bond in favor of the City of l*oii|f Beach for an amount of not leas than f i f t y percent (50%) of such valu* of the estimated ciuantittes as provided herein for the. faithful per- JTormancft nt such contract. Th« City Manager reserves th* Peters, Hoston . 25-08148-0 -301.2.1 Porter, Dorothy Rundle. Rose ' · Sheriff, Mrs. Roy Smith, David St. Pierre, Roger Stevens, Steve Stokes, S. M. awensnn. Jren" Taylor, Anthony Tucker. Luther Turner. Bill Turner. Naomi Van Note. Arlena Va.wser. K. R. 2B-C8147-S 35-08101-9 25-08137-4 2.1-08320-7 2S-08155-5 25-05015-1 25-07615-9 35-07601-5 35-OS208-2 2S-068SO-0 25-07S28-8 M-OS22S-0 25-076S9-4 25-08195-1 right, at any stage of these ceedlnps. to reject any or all and return.all deposits acrompany- Watts, Henry Clay 25-08250-* 25-08193-6 , 26-07904-7 White. Dorothy J. 25-O73S8-0 Wells, Cornelouis WhiUker, Lorean MONROE-JImmle j7 vY Ba'rbara A. .VAHOOD-Cflrol A. vs. Thomas O E2ELL--VlroinJ* F. vs. Henry A. flfcNNETT--Daryt J. vs. Rosmiary WATERS--Annette vs. Patrick H. 0. vs. Margaret S. S. LEHRER-Edward vs. . ALEXANDER--Gloria R. vs. Charle KOONTZ--Mary C. vs. Oscar E. McCALL-Arm W. vs. Raymond E. ROGERS--Jonn W. vs. Marilyn L. BEHAVIOEZ--Maria A. vs. Juan SWANS SON--Joyce CJ. vs. Eric H. MOMROY--FrantiscA R, vi. C a r l o s R HAGGERTY--Barbara F. v*. Bernard J HOrl-DAKL-- Gordon K. vs. Mary D. LOTZ-- Richard L. vs. Dolores L. BOOTH--Darlene vs. Rai D i B. STEIG--Stevrn C. vs. Marilyn J. Inlerloculory Decrees SASMAN-Jean M Irom Melvln j. MOSS--Beverly I. trom Rcaer W. BJELLAHD-Jovct E. Irom Paul VI VERGES-- Peneloca 1rom Frank G. HERBERT--Chariyne T. trora frank 1_ BELAKGER--Ravmorjl f. Irom Rita t KELLY--Rosemary A. Irom Thomas t LAMB-- Saniri L. Irom Gary t. CLICK--David H. from Maroaret K. SHEWMAKE--Chervl J. irom Arlhw W SADl--Mary G. from Gamal G. FRALEY--Merrllyno Irom Elmer f. BAUER--Noba 0. from Henry J. METCALF--Iva J. from Robert V. WINNER--Doris A. from Clyde E. CARDEN-Annelle C. from William L. NUA--Mildred R. trom George K. GRAND--Marilyn E. from Davis M. HAMILTON -- Btllv A. Irom Rrchard PcrmilR TWj rrwlh, H.*07,Ml. This year. SIM77,745, Sfept-cn ff. Hari-ts. «ioii- 3i?5 Beacfi Blvd . t)JZO; Lumnnrl Wrnr William ' M. McOMiil. WJdilKW. ,.,, A'iine Ave., SArOOO; Joh^scn Ccnj'ruc'k Cn,. ronlrado* 1 . Jack Chacssr, alteration, AM w. _. ST., S7SO; C M A^asonry, conlraclor. G. Evasftwfck. aMitkn, XH Roi* Ayr., $12X00; caraoe. 2W Roswell Av J1XOO; M. L. Davis Consiruclkjn Co contractor; Richard Prior, arcNtect. F.'oyd Parrv^ additron, ^52 x^Ui Clrc 53,WO; M. L. Davii Ccnslrirclloo C conlractor; Rrchard Prfor, ArcMfect. J. K, McCall Co., 12-famliy apartmen 10M E. Sccorvd St., 1120,000; Francis Merchant, architect. Erntst Futllames, swinvnlno pool, 32X Karen Ave., 52,100; Royal Pooh, to tractor. Grit K« Jr r ivimnilng poof, 3160 V VerCe Ave., 12,400; Pools by Automatic contractor. John Dawson. park), 5IU K\\!dct S JTJ»0; T. H. Liktn Sens, contricfo F. 5 li*, palio, 23 SO Pine Ave., S7C T. H. Likfn Sons, confracfor. Pal Barr«, addltfon, OM Californ Ave., 15,600; Wllfi Conslructfon Co., con Iractor, Louht Ssnc/ier, adtfillon, ?5S4 SCHA Ave., S5,5W. Leilie M. Cox, jtllerat^n, ^21 E. SI, vV. R. Rush, addition. 530? BrMt^in $ P/M; E^rfe 7. Hufl, con1r«cftf. P. G. DtFornl, jdtfillon, 960 Silvn S S7JOO l Notice ____ N O N - R E S P O N S f B I U T V NOTICE Notice i? hereby given by Tl iJn'l'.rFt^nerT. Darence ¥. Brown, r Eiding at N'a^'al Air Station. 1. Alamitos. California, t h a t after in date of October 1. IS55. he w i l l n b*" respon^ihTp for any debt?, li bilifies or obligations incurred b any persons other tiian himself. Dated March 10. 1366. . Signed/DAP.EXCK F. BROWN Puh. March 15, IS. )7. 1366 t3t) LB NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Xotfce Is hereby given by t] undersigned JOHN C. TUL.LOS. r siding at HOI Harding Street. Lon Beach, California, that after th date of March H. 1966, he will nc bt responsible for any debt*, liabil ties, or obligations Incurred by an persons other than himself. .HATED: March 12, 1366. i SlKnert/JOHN C. TUI.LO M a ri-li 14, 15. 16, 1866 (3D--T..B. I T N O T I C E TO B I D D E R S The l»ng Beach Unified Scho District will receive sealed bids trie office of the lajrchaslnp Dlv f\.^n. Room 20P A d m l n l s t r a t f o Building. 701 I.OTIISI Avenur. I.on Beach, California, u p l o I I a m March 39, llet. Inr the following County Courthouse, at 501 west First Street, Los Angeles. Callior- nia. right, tltla and interest Williams. Rebi Wood, Betty Wood, Robert Yeipr, Henrv Adanis, Robert Anderson, Gloria conveyed to and now held by it 25-08258-7 25-07752-0 25-082J7-3 25-B7858-S 37-07606-B 27-10067-7 237.38 236.82 .153.S4 204.SS son.ns 132.6.1 846.20 7J.S3 159. M 466.9? 402,07 100.SS S7.7B 14D.6S 176.30 107.0 6 423.35 95.20 250.49 69.19 10.1.31 33.69 Aneat, Alta M. 27-3SMB-1 97.80 Ashcraft, Mrs. 27-08979-5 19S.9S 27-09227-9 205.66 pa pro- II bids ini said bid?. ated at IXIIIET Eeicli. . , , note provided, advances, if any, un- OW79 CERTIFICATE OF. BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS N A M E The. undersigned do certify they re conducting a business at 4018 Long Beach, Cali- tLe fictitious f i r m Broadway, ornla, under Rme of MAISON DE SUZETTE nrt that saiti firm is romposed of lie following per.ionp, whose- names :i lull Riirt places of rrsidsncfl arp !« follows: Kenneth if. Idl*, WOl T--o. Coy- IPS Diagonal. I^ong Beach, Calif. Slieron K. lillp. SOOl boa Cny- IP.S DiaRonaJ, Uonr Beach, Calif. William T. "Roger?. 1431 JI«M*II r.. r^oni* Beach, Calif. Patrir.ia U noRer.s. nftl Rn?seH )r. Lnrp Reach, Calif. Dated February 28. 1355. KENNETH M. IDLE) SHERON KAY IDLE WILLIAM T. ROGERS PATRICIA L. .ROGERS SUtt of California, os Angeles County: On February 28, 10S6, before me, a Notary Public in and for said State., personally appeared Kenneth M. Tdle, Sheron Kay Idlr, William T. Rogers and Patricia L. Rogers known to me to b« the persona whoa ft name.s are subscribed to ths within instrument and acknowledged they executed: the .lam*. GLENN G. WRIGHT, (SEAr.) Notary Public My commission expires July 4. 1069 March 1. S. 16. 22. 1966 «t)--UB.I. principal sum of the noU »er,nrrrt bv said Dftftd of Tru.ii. lo-wit: nager. all of . . fees, charges and expenses of the by s*id Deed nt Tnist. The bune/iciary under Raid Deed of Truat. by reason of A breach or default in thft oblifitlons secured thereby, heretofor« executed and delivered tn ULA irndfirsigned A written Declaration of Default and Dp-inand fnr Sale, And written notice .of breach and of election to ciuse the undeni(fned tn sell said property to satisfy said obligations. thereafter, on February 3, 1965. the undersigned caused said nolica of breach And of election to he recorded in book W17BO. pag« 6X0, of *aid Official Recordfl. Date: March I I , 1966. TITLE INSURAMCR AND TRUST COMPANY as 5aid Trustee. "By Richard A. Walter. Assistant. Secretary Puh. Mirli 15, 22, 29. 196B (-1O LBI. Proffer, Samuel Ready, R. M. Releford, Billy Ryan, Helen Sales, Dorothy H. _ . Sargent, Natioy.P. 27-09268-3 Sheetmn, Gcnrge A. 27-07H95-4 Shields, Verna Mae 17826 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 504208 n the. Superior Court of the Stale nf California, in and fnr the Count nf Ixis AngflCF. In tlip. Matter of he Estate nf GEORGE ALEXANDER. Deceased. Notice is hereby given bv tli nndorsigneri. HALDO M. KRISTOVICH, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR ss Administrator with will an n r i e d nf the Estate nl GBORGF ALEXANDER, Deceased, to th Creditors nf. and all pr.raons hav ine* claims the said rie cedenl. to present them, with necessary vouchers, within six months after Ihe first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator at his office at 220 N. Broadway, 200 Old Hall of Records. Los Angeles. California 90012, which saia office the undersigned selects as a place of business in all matters connected with said estate, or to file them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after tlie first publication of this notice, in tiift office nf the Clerk of the Superior Court of the Stale of California in And fnr the County of T.OS Angeles. Dated: March 1. 1966. BALDO M. KRISTOVJCH, Public. Administrator, as administrator with will A n n e x e d of the estate of said deccdenl. MAdlson 5-3611 Bxl. «2S7 Mar. IS. 22. 2-J, Apr. S. 'SS (411 UN. 05705 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SAt-E No. 662 On March 3fl. 1966. «l .VOO p.m.. Pan Dieguitrt Properties Inr... A t r u s t e e under and pursuant to Ihe Deed nf Trust dated September 25. .. , and recorded October 16. Kile/Page No. 21S9, of Official rxtruled hy John Carrillo ind Mary P.. CarHllo, Tiuahand and wife, . . ..... .. , 9M = _ _ ^ jiff.. firdi o/° Los Angeles County. Los Angeles, California, will sell at public auction to the Tifghest btddfr for ca5h (payable nt thft Urns cf sale In lawful money of tbe United States), at the front entrance to the Municipal Court Buildta? at 415 W. Ocean Boulevard, In the City of Long Beach, County of Losi Anpelw, State of California, all the right, title and interest conveyed to and now h f l u by It u n d e r said Deed of Trust in that property siluatrd in said Counly and Stale, described an follows: Lot 22, Block ]. Tract 7:1E;2. In tFi;» City t,f Uiiip Ri*arh. County of Tx5 Angelf^, a.· per mftp rrrordPfl 03720 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF C A L I F O R N I A FOP THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES No. SO P 9062 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY In the Matter n£ tbe "EsUt* o ROBERT A. POWERS. Deceased. IN TUB SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF I/)S ANGELES. NOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned as Administrator of the EslaU Of ROBERT A. POWERS. Deceased, will ?cll at privat* aale to tlift highest and bent bidder subject, to assessments. If any, for street improvements, subject to confirmation by said Su- jftrior Court, on the 6th day ol April, 3966, at the hour of 10:00 A-in. or thereafter, within the time allowed hy law. at thft office of the Law Firm of TIDAY AND CASEY, at 1286$ Euclid Avenue, Garden Srove. California, all tb« right, title, interest and estate of said deceased in and to all that certain r,»al property located the first lot North of 16719 Eric. ArteslA. Call- Tnrnta, And morn p a r t i c u l a r l y de- Ecriliprl as follows: Thai p n r t i n n nf the w««l f i f 1 firn (15) acre *. rvf t h ft nor t h n n r - h a l f (Nl^ nf HIR northraal nne-Qiiartfr (NE'i) °f the south- one-quarter (SW'.i) of Section 25. Township -1 Smith, Rangft 12 West. S.B.M.. in Ihft Rancho I rf? Coynt rfl, 1 n lh« Cnunty of IjO* A n^f 1 ff, ,St-il n of California ( t h e sam* being *. portion of thft property rtp.- flcribftd In the deed from Stearns Ranches Company t. o J, F. Brown, recorded in Rook 1012. page IS I of. Deeds, Records of. Los An^elefl County, California), de?cribfttl a? follows: PARCKL A: That porlion of 1he N J 4, WE'i. S W U o f Section 25, T.3 S., R. 12 W.. in the Rancho Los Coyotes, County of I-XJs Angeles, State of California. described as follows: Th« South 25 feel of the North 470 feet of the East 82.50 fr.f.L of the Weal 165 feet of HIP. Nfc. MB!i. RW|i of r«»ld Section 25. RESERVING therefrom * light of n-Jiy for road purpose.* over thft Kast 20 feet thereof to he u.«Rd i n rommon with nlher owners In the N'A, NK',i, · a w i j of said Sfclinn 2fi. PARCET* B: An e*,V!niftnt for road purposes rvfr that porlfnn of thft Ea?t HO f p p l of t h e WMI. IS5 fe.f.t of Ihft .V',4. NE«. SW'i of S^rtinn 2o, m! included in Ib·» ahnv-» rlt*5rrih* i '1 Parrel A. Bid5 and offer* ^re !nvll««d fnr .'aid propci y j*nd mu.'l ht In ** ri ll ng" and *·· I I I h* rec r lyf d * t the office n! the law firm nf TIDA7 AND CASEY. Attorney.* for raid Admlniatralor. nr miy bft fi?ed Shsrrlck. Kftnnlh O. Smllh. Howard Sposito. TRrrancft atelln-acp!:. Hte;.lien A. Sullivan, MM. Charles Vargas. Donna Vaughn, Ruth M. 37-04594-7 622.34 Ugh illia Williams, W. D. Bailey, Mah|p Bauer. Sandra Beach Air, Inc. John Bisbbl Charif!.* Brown. Robert Bullard, Gerald Burgas. Mario Csnuel. Jules ChavouB. CharlP, Clark, Mre. B. J. Zt-fMZ'H ' 27-fXWS2-L 27-09815-1 27-3S955-2 236.22 27-08.13,1-6 37-0991.1-» 27-03461-0 27-03797-L 2S-O.T212-R 2S-a^10-S 3S-0310S-7 28-M183-fl 2S-023^-4 2S-02S05-8 28-03M5-8 38-03142-5 28-03237-^ 28-03538-9 28-03923-3 28-03237-7 ..._ -... CumminRs. Marion 28-03395-9 ft t h e Warehouse Rrrelpt l nftp rrcnr 1 it Rook SO, nfl p" -W nf M*pi. i n th! offirp nf th*. Coiini)' R^ror of 5^id County. .Said sal* will h* made withnuP rnvrnanr nr u-arranly, r/£*rdlnK _ tir», po.iefsaion or ^ncumhrince, In parllr^ known to rUim pay tha nnpMd prlndpil bslanceMherefn, xnd the Hm* . 96.40 39.38 350.75 122.6( 124. IS S0.4; 119.04 129.34 373.S4 2H.23 285.92 217.6) 140.76 52.89 360.36 this 15th dav of March. 1966. JOHN R. MANSELL Gify Manap^r- CKARLES L. VICKERR General Manager . Long Reach Harbor Department BRENNAN S. TFIOJIAS General Manager fe Chief Enginmr Lonff Beacli Water Dppartmftnl Pub. March IS. 1368 (10-- L.B.I. NOTICE INVITING BIDS X)R FURNISHING AND DELIVERING LAWN MOWING AND RENOVATING EQUIPMENT TO THE CITT OF LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA NOTICE TS HEREBY GIVEN THAT. lealed bids will be received in the office of, th* City Mana; in Room 303. of the City Hall the City ot Long: Beach. CaUforni-, until 30:00 o'clock A.M. on the 30th day ot March, 19K5, -at which time and place said bids will be publicly np en ed and declared for furnishing and delivering Lawn Mowing and Renovating Equipment to ha City of Lonp Eeacli, California, n accordance with Specification* No. PA-OfiSO nn file In l]i« nfftrft if thft PunJiAslnir Agent of sat"1 City, tn which reference 1« hereby madn fnr further particular."*. Thu Moms which th*i City proposes to purchase, consists of commercial typ* power lawn tnnwer$ and otlier lawn, fairway and Rreen^ ceeplngc p.quipin^nt with necessary Attachment.^ mid acnessoi'ips. This r.quipineni will be usert /or maintaining City golf courses, parks and thR grounds of public building.'. Copies of said specifications may rs obtained at ths office of tt\m City. Purchasing Ajent. Rgom 403,' Municipal Utilities Rldp., 315 W. Brnadway. Long Beacli, Calif. 9f502. All bids and hid bonds shall be iiibmittr.d upon forms in hi* secured at tlir- office oT the City PurchaslnR" Appnt. Each bid shall he accompanied by certified check or bank draft payable to the City Auditor ot thR City of. ·Lnjig' Reach, and drawn s n l v R i i L hank In IMX Anprelfs County, nr R satisfactory bond of. an amount of not leas than ten percent (10^0 of the bid, as a guarantee that the bidder, if awarded a contract, will execute and deliver lo the City Purchasing Agent, within ten (10J days after anrli contract is tendered to him, together with « Bppd and sufficient Corporate Surety Bnnd in favor nf the City of Lonp Beach for an amount nf nnt lens than f i f t y pcrrent r. [ j09 f f.1 of siirli hid for ihft faithful pprformanr'* of such cnntracl. TFm City Manager reservr* I h e right, at ,iny ptage of thcfift pro- i;fipdfngp. *.n rpjer.t any or All bid:* snd return all rlcpnsits acrnmpany- Ing aaid bid.i- Dated at Long: Beach. CaliCornU. t h i s IS'.h day at March, 19S6. -1OHN R. 4MANSELr, City Manager Pub. March 15. 1966 (It)--L.B.I. I rummy. John Palmer 28-03025-2 Dunford, FC. E. 28-025«-2 ^letcher. Busty 23-03527-7 Fuller, Mary 28-03023-0 Card, A 28-02732-4 Greenway. R n b R i t 2S-02S98-3 S07.M Harris. Eddie M-03064-1 37^.31 Hart, JnhnL. Sr. 3S-Onil5-t ^(M.27 Howard, Joyre 28-OMW-3 201.46 Ilazlett. Ralph 2S-CmS2-7 J4R.77 Henderton. Carrnl 2R-03I.--7 77.19 . ITcnninir, William Howard. W i l l i a m Kaudelka. Joseph Mr.Cep. Claudia. Mcfinni£Ai. Catherine Marttnrx. Ezerii'iel Miller, Kd Mora. Madeline Mulhern. Ed Mulligan, Ed Olds, Lawrence Roberson, W. A. Shannon, An Sllverman. Gail Stokes. Judy Sturgeon. Mrs. Herbert Traufhbcr, Ruth ' 28-033S3-4 2S-03052-6 28-02984-1 2S -02604 -5 2S-03JS6-0 M-0372S-P 2S-033S8-4 38-03053- 1 28-03153-3 25-03236-5 3S -03259 -S 2S-03375-1 2S-02926-2 28-03065-6 28-03271-2 28-02462-X NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS TOR FUHNISinNG LABOR. VLATEKIAIj AND EQUIPMENT TO REMOVE TRAFFIC PAINT LINES AND MARKINGS FROM STREETS OF THE CITT OP LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA NOTICE 73 IIBREBT GIVFrN THAT, sealed bids vill be received in the office of the City Manager. In Room .703, of the City Hall of the City ot Loiif Beach, California, until 10:00 o'clock A.M. on t h e SOtli day of March. 1SS6. mt which time and placn said bid* will be puh- Itcly opened anfl declared for Fur- nishinK' Labor, Material and Equipment to Remove by Sandhlastin^. Traffic Paint Line* on ntreetx of " i C i t y of Long Beacli in accordance with Specification* Nn. PA-llfi* CLASSIFIED INDEX n f i l e in th* n f f l r p nf City 34.R5 .llfi.55 Purchasing Agpnt and r^f»rencr« hereby mad* in yaidi xp'rlflmtlonii for further particular*. CopiM nf specifications msy he obtained at the offir,* of th*/Cily Purrh«in,t Ap^nt, Ronm 403 Municipal I M I I i t E P K Rldy . 215 W. Broadway, Long Bcarh, Calif nrnU with Ih-i Clerk of Court at any time ?aid Supf rlor the first Vogler, Dorothy 2S-03275-3 5.^6.62 Wheeler. Xalhryn 28-03556-G 50.13 Wood. Shirley 38-02931-2 .155.62 Woolrfdge. Mary 28-029S5-8 12I.»S 'Bennett. I^vrcnce 9004S5 364.50 Carlwrizht, Winifred ^i-10»12-4 124.67 Dunton. L. I*. .'tf-10674-9 43.86 'audrcp. Mr?. Medelrinc ^'i-[WW*-S 51.24 Kerrando. P. J, 35-10138-3 72.37 Gllman. Mr*. Laura K. 35-10653-9 211.11 Hunt, Nanry A. S5-1M5S-7 ftZ.SI Korn. I-ena 3,=.-1072.i-S M.Xt Meyer. Arlrjppn n.VI02St1-] S7..12 Perry. Carl .t!.-l07KO-7 ^S.HO R^ett. Ramn-T A. .l ! i-lf)Sn-2 H1.« O l l v l f r y . Mar.«elinn 3*-\M3$~7 2S.2n Robert.*. Monrne rvn-10567-S Thompson,Kenneth 3S-lM4-2 SSB.W Vlolanl^, Michael 3ft-r5723-!* SS-.i 1 ' Warehnu.qe lor.ated 1 al SOO ^a«t n" Street. Wilmintlnn, California Th^ numb«r« "25" pr«cedln* t h » it number Indicate good* *tore J211 Nnrth Long Reach Blvd. Thft City Invite* hld5 on « price ier linear foot basis for removal rom certain streets, a.* deaignated rom time to time, of tr«ffic paint ines and markings. The contractor will be required to furnish all equipment consisting nf sandblast- ng rig of compressor, truck, trailer, etc.. and/nr eradicating machine, qualified operator and all gasoline, oil, wet sand, appurtenance*, main- ienance. etc.. neceasar' to ,iatiifar.- torily perform tbe work. tt f « estimated that t h e Citv will publication of this notice *nrl before making the aale. Dated this 9th day of March, 1966. JOHN A. POWERS, Administrator r.,' the Estate. nf Robert A, Powers, Deceased TIDAY A. CASEY Attorney* at Law 12365 Euclfd Avenue, Suite T Garden Qrove, California Phon* JEfferson 4-2062 A t t o r n e y j for Petitioner Pub. Mar. 15, 16, 27, 196S r.1M T-BT, NOTICE OF AUCTION SALE UNPAID STORAGE In arrordancft with the *nH unpaid .^ior fnr which th* BeVins Van f. iTompany 1^ entltl^rl require approximately 75.000 linen! of t r a f f i r paint lintt and) mark- ff.. ing r«? n.-fll from d u r i n g Common. California. The numbftn "27 preceding the lot n u m b e r in dicate goo da stored at 1430 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, C»li fornla. The numbers "2S" preced inir the lot number Indicate goods xtored at 2101 East Canon Street, Long Beach, California. Th« numbers "35" preceding the lot num- * ' " ' goods atored at 235 Avenue, Wilmington, _ _ .storage can be Inspected «t our warehouse. 2101 East Carbon Street, Long Reach, California, rommeneinr,' at 9:00 A.M. rn (he IS'.h of April, Tflfi6, Puh. March IS. 22. 19$* 2L)--L.B.L ber indicate North Fries California. The above tvrrlvf. (12) month period, bayed on ejpprience. A^cordinely. tFift 75.000 I f n ^ l foAt figure Vill he nt*. hxxit for comparing hid.-; and rom [X i tine; thi amount of 1h^ 10^ hidtler bond tnd th* 50'^ f a i l h f u F perfor:nnnrft hond if and whrn a rontrart i.i nwarrted. TroTv-»tr. th* City rryrrvrs Ihe right to n r d ^ r =» gr^alrr ^r l^.«srr n m n u n i of lineal footage traffic paint and m a r k i n g ? removal In arcordanrf* w i t h its artuil need? and/or fund." available. E^fh hid shall he accompanied by * r e r t i f i f r l check nr hank draft payable to the City Auditor nf th* City a( Long Beard, and drawn nn * solvent bank in Los An pelf.* County, or A utisfaclnry bond rf an amount of not 16ss than ten percent (10#) of th«* bid, as a guarantee that the bidder. If awarded a contract, will execute and deliver to the City Purchasing Agent, within t«n (10) days ifter such contract 1i tendered to him, together with A rood and sufficient Corporate Surety Bond in favor of th* City of Long Beach for an amount of not less than f i f t y percent (MKfc) of such _ C I T Y P R I N T I N Q N O t f C E I N V I T I N G 8I*DS VOR F'JRNISlITNa AND DF^ UVEHIKa P A I N T S A N D ENAMELS TO THE CITY OK LONG BEACH, CAt-IFORNIA bid foi of such trie faithful contract. performance The City Manager reserves the right, at any atBRe nf theft prn- rflcdingj. to reject a n y or all hid* and return nil ripnjlt* »rromp«ny- Ine .Mfd bids. Dated 4l Lonr Beach, California, thin l-Slh 4ay ft Marrh. I9SV JOHN H, MAN3F,r,f, Pity Manager P i i h - M i r r h IS. I!lfi5 (It)--L B.I. Notren Dr». - Dntfm - Chlrei. H*»l1fl AWi 3af.irarli.mi, HiiHIl., Lc«ns (·!., i ln»trvcri«)l . School* . 17 II KA ___ Jl Work: W»n!«J ( Work Wntxl (Mini 31 Work Wjolrt (M«1. W«r«n) 33 Cxi ol CtiileVm 33» C«M ·« Iip*rt S» Guide ,, « Swtci -... Msctilntry t TMli . ...... ..... Eaulomwr Renr _ _ ,, ______ rhaloprafl/iv ..... . Camera*. SunolIM KulWnji to tt M«vwJ »Ull*FW ... ........ Foam Rubb«r ______ ' _____ . _______ TIB AMi««ll*n«ui for Salt . .......... -- 77 NelohborhMti Garaal Sal«_.7U Jtwtfrv ____________ 72AA Furniture far Sa]» ^_ An![M Furaltur* Wtnled Hounlwhl AoeHuict* ______ Muilcil Inslrumwls ---------Pianos I. Orpani ....... ,, ................ . Racnoi I T«lf vision ..... Ml Fl I Sltrto ................... »«dio, TV. Hi-Fi Wantxl ..... TV RKto *«oalr _______ Sr*1no W*chln« ....... . ....... ___ OfHc* SuDD^ln L Eaulim«nl... £l«clrlc»l Eoulommt . 74 71 _7t 79 TtA, H «OA IM K I] Kaibllj Rotoll fnr nt*l ___ Helilt It Molris Htnl) Retirtmtnl HolHi .. Roomi for Rent Room» Wjnlni Room Intf Board . Mouitl(Mi)ln0 Roo Rmlall-- To Sh»r« FurnlilMd Duol«« i Flali Unfurr. Duolexn I R»ll Furnlihtd ADarlmtnfj Unhjrnllhed ArMrtmenti Furnlihed Houm Unfurniihid Houi«i Suburban-- For R«nt Mountain. B«ach, Dtstrt Rtnfjl Exehangai ............ . ..... Rtnfal AgcncUt .................... 1 1 3 frotnsianri\ k Buiiniii OfficMi for Lans. ............................ I M BLjiirmu t [nduilrial Propirly lor RiM ............. T I 5 J to Rani .................... 122 l««l Ilflft 110 ...[!! 111A rf. El crew i ..... . , Hol*li« XjJl, Incomt.. lAvntmwf OpcartunHy H~».~ Hui'nw* OfloortunltlM ._ - --, Ruiinn, OOD'S Wftflitd Buslncn Ex£fiin.»« Rril Eslit* Wtnltd . ..... R*al E»t«l» ExchtnH - -. ·mlnest li lfi*JilrI#J rYoMrlv tor il« .,,_ __ IM - (SltS-LoW inc. l"roBtrtv fer 3il» incHiM Prooenv (Molii. · fra'ur r«rkil --:_ --... Own-Your-Own Apti Cooj*r*lv» Aofi, , Condominium* --TM DudtxK for Stf* COH far 5al« , toll W.nltd Hom« for ill *ovrhl»flol City Preporlv Orvne* c«vnty Prvpcfly SouM» Bay FrafttrtV Out ol Town Prootrlv . rj| ef StMt Protwrty . Gavernmfnt t-and -. Hanhei »nd Acrcao* Mountain and DK»rt--S«l». Movinfl A Sloraw (Ml EltMl Auction .... Flftmltl Money io Lsan en HE. -- Money Wanted Invufnwnfi ._-- rl ft Mlnln* .. ,,,, ..1J7A ...171 _._!» 3J4A . ....IM .IMA . \H ,...!» ...150 lOAti, Molfirj, 5M $ub Trttterft TnMler* ,, -- -- ~ Trji'ltr ScvtCf - · Trtilff* for U*flf . Tr*iltfl Wanfftf ,, TrtlFer Pwalr ._ . Tr«j'«r Towino . . Tr»fl»f Jtw»».i .,, U5A 1«J» .IOC i«o 1«C At*«--Trut Mtrorcvcrei v/anicj I45O Motorcvclii * Seootirt IM Sosrt C«motr» .... T/uckt !· Tr*cfori ,,.. Truck ft Tr»ct«f EoulpfMOf TM^ Tfvck* Tr»ciors V/»ntwf--.1«C AutO ?*rfs t, Rcoilrs . ^.-, 1*¥ Aot« T/vck Tlr« ;--l«A Aulo Tru«V P«lntln» , 1*M CTcdrle £·«-.._. 170 Au*» Lo*n» .,-.,,. .171 A«1» LMM 171A AuFa t Truck F.«ilM . in Aw1» L Truck 5f»r*o* -. 1?5A AuTM W»nl«d in liroort A Self. Curt W*flf»d ,..inA lmp*d Soflrh C-*i 174 An How CKI IMA firitoq Wsywi f 17f in INCOME TAX TIME A G A I N QUALIFIED SPECIALISTS WILL PREPARE YOUR RETURNS AND SAVE YOU MONEY DON'T DELAY CLASSIFICATION 9 INCOME TAX INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED ADS HE 2-5959 Notict* Announcements 00 LONG REACH BAR ASSN. will heln you air « lawvur if you need one. 115 Pine, Ream SI? Travel AO 'ft .FLY ft EL CAPITAN CASINO WALKER LAKE HAWTHORNE, NEVADA EVERY DAY PACKAGE INCLUDES ROUND TRIP AIR TRANS P., DINNER, COCKTAILS (2), CHAMPAGNE EN ROUTE, SOUVENIR CHAMPAGNE GLASS. L I M O SERVICE. LOUNGE ENTERTAINMENT. KEHO -- BINGO -- ?1 CRAPS -- 5LOTS ASK ABOUT OUR V Ladies Nit., Stag Nites DAILY FLIGHTS Mon. Ihrj Frl. A:15 D.m. · Special Flllfi Saf. depart 8:30. ajn., 6 p.m. Additional Weekend Filler I p.m. Sun. depart 10:30 a.m. Additional Weekend Flltes FOR RES. BROCHURE Lena B*ach HA 1-9351 Burbank VI 9-5568 Funeral Notices DILDAY FAMILY Funeral Directors Pacific Aw. at Anolxlm St. BLAIR-EOWVd, 2M . low. S-rvlc« will - ELUER-Slsne W., o( KlnoJ- byro, Calif. Servico and Intir- mtnl Klnaslxjra. Calif. ELLIOTT -- Pxt J.. 15fl Locu^l Avr, Service will be announced. HINOMAH-- Jean, lli« E. 7nd. Private *ervke Wednesday RlWsy Ctiacel. LIBY-Erfn» E., 3110 Mao«o|l*. Service Tuesd^v 11 :M A rn. DikJsy ChacKl. MAYSOM -- Nellrr K., 4200 VirgViU Bit. Service V/Mnsi- dav 3:30 n.m. Westminunr Memorlfll Park Chanel. NELSON -- Wllllarn H., U.S.N., of Natloial City. Servlca and Vifermeni National Ciiy- Calif. PADDOCK -- Frances, 118 N. Mountain, Monrovia. Servfce and FnPermenl Kanjai City, Mliiourl, PIERCE-- EMMbeth H., 330 W. Ocean Blvd. FrkflA may call Tuesdty 1J:00 noon unHl »:M pm. DUiijy ChaptT. SAMIANO -- MoetCS L., .- Msin* Avr. Rosvv Tuesdvy 7:39 p.m. DllcfftV Ch»od. Re- flulem Mns Wednesday t:00 a.m. St. Anlhony's C«lho)k Churcli. SIZGMORE -- Davmon A., JrQJ. HowA'd. Lot AlnmlFoi. Ser- vlc* Tuesday, 1 p.m., DHrfnv TIPMBLIN -- Luv L., 3715 5thf«n Ave. S*rvke Wediei- dAy, 1 n.m. Dlfd#v OiiiJ*!. 01LOAY FLOWER SHOP HE S-A3SS or -i3-90M BISELOW--Jsn.f-EiVv T^Y .s??fl nd j J »^t B «'j8ar United Church. Al |««-. Lilwwood Mortuary ; 3936 1 " - BUCKLtN -- Wlnilow W.. or 7«^ .' Sin Anlonlo Or. Survivedl-bv *£·' ssaii-'--.^^^^.- PATTERSON* SNIVELY'·· . 555 Locml Avt. - ,..._ CARR-Hltda D. - "O FOREST LAWM--C'fpOftt CROWE -- William Ernesl. Sf^ilJ Thursdsv, 2:00 p.m., | lh» M? woo Ctmfterv Mortuary, c-- · Of Tha Chimes, [scaled vtllhj., prourxU oClnalnDM Perk On ferv. IHGLr ; WOOD CEMET MORTUARY, dlraddrj: El . EVANS-Mrs. y see. Locil arranoemtnti 'by rret ' SHEELAR'S MORTIJARY 1IM LONG BEACH RtVD. FOSTER-CI*rerx«, 1363 W. Burn.!! St. Roiary Monday, 3*to »?» SHEELAR'S MORTUARY CHAP EL. Mais ot · requiem. Tueid4v t «.m. Si. L^cvVchufcf.. . ··?· ·Tax No Baooaoe on Tours *CARS DELIVEREO T» er from anywner* In U.S. AUTO DRIVEAWAY nil»7 A CARS FURNISHED'FREE. All ooinii, U.DRIVE. ou 3-1x17 GOING BACK EAST? CALL JIM. GA 3- HALL-Lillle Arm, a«d 7S."iw«d AWIV Mvcri li in Arcadia Sw. vlvetf by dauohrer. Birdie Hwjo-" ini of Looo Beacrt. AAri ,'H»'L opcraled Ihe HflU Pel Shop'for-o y*ar» »t 4517 Lono Bcadfi mvd. Long Beach. .Service 11*00 an Tueidav- March 15, MORELANO" mgnl Angeles Abbcy_ Mailcam WIGGINS--Wllfofd T., Of IDTfTGa?. cfen Grov».Btvd,, Garden Grove Passed awav March n. Survived by wife, Marie; ions, WilFfti Gentry,' Trvflmas HIOBlni;- ifi?. deuohUr, Mrs. Wand A Tavktr- hrcllwr. Malcolm Hloofns; A'tri Mrs. EsUier Perrlno aod Mrs.' Ctrel tfeBlob; 5 oradchlldren. Sfr- vice Tuesday, 1:00 pm, P/PV FAMILY COLONIAL FUKERAL HOME, Westminster, Burial it Fort Roiecrans Nallonal Cemt- lerv. Sin Dfeoo. lCHIKAWA-Rji». Bcloverf molfer of H*riK, stioll, Saburo, TcmlVo" and Hldeko. S«rvfc«.7:3o 001 Thursday, March 17, at Gardens BwWhljt Church, 1517 vX i«K SI*,, Gar (Jena, under IK« dJrecU«t) : ol FUKUJ MORTUARY. · ^ . . JANEZ--Deanna Jan* Of AM LCma Vlita Dr. Gravdid* «rvk* W«do«icfav, 10:38 a m AM Soul'i Cimtlerv. SHEELAR'S MORTUARY 193? Lcng Bench Blvcf.v_ klMG--Mrs. Florence Roma. Servk* 9:Jft *.m. Wednesday at w«imln: 5lcr Memorial Park Chappl ' Of. reeled bv WESTMINSTER MEMO*' RIAL PARK, MORTUARY' A«D CEMETERY. Frank C.. REST LAWN--CYPRESS- ' MORTEN SON--John; ot O? E. *5'h Sf. Survived bv wif«. Cda S.; ion;. Herbert and Charles; daughter;.' Mn. Efcfa Larson And Mrs. Bfttfv Encxsoo; 1 brother and 3 sister^ fr Sweden. Service WednesdaV' 2:00 D.m. Immftnuel l.urherui Church. 34.5..Carson.. Family re- Church Memori n-jel . Directed by PATTERSON SNIVELY 5*5 Locuit Ave. vlve5"bv"dauahTers," Mri." M^drH" Crawford arxd Mrs. Nadlnt Hay- dtn; 4 cranochlldrw; 7 or««i- grandchlldren. ServJct 12:30 Wednesday at W«tm*ns1er Mmi-- rial Park Chapel. Directed bv WESTMINSTER M E M O R I A L PARK MORTUARY, PRIEST-- Grover Cleve'rand of Ml Grunge. Survived by wife," 01I1: ion. Janies; daughlers, Mrs., Beyerly ThomAi and fA/i. Carolyn Rkklef; brothers, L'oyd, Boh.ind. W.R.; tlsters, Mrs. Haytchtn MM-' Ian, Mrs. Lois Larson, Mo. -J^ss'f.-' Adams. Mrs. Fay Burnt. Srrviri Wetlnesdav 10:W a.m. - - ' ·' PATTERSON i SNIVELY 555 LOCUST AVE. ' '· SHOOK--QHve MantoonterY, ao« l? of 5533 Lonff Beach Blvd., Long leach. Passed Away March .13. Beloved mother of \Vvitt B.I-WM- llam, Mavnard E. flnn Thcrrui t=. Shook. Mtmorlal lervTce Wfdni!-' davr 10:00 a.m.. North Long Reach Mernotfit Church, 5600 Un.derf. Lcng Beach. Graveslda servk'e Wedn*idav, 11:30 a.m., ROSE HtLLS MEMORIAL PARK, WHITTIER. ROSE HILL. MORTJAHY WELCH-- Louis A., of «01 Ave., EUkersfreld 1 . SurvlvH sons, uanlel L. Welch arxj . Gene Welch; daughters/ Mrs. Jbv Tcrell and Miss Ruby J. Welch; ihters, Mrs. Lorene SchmWt/M?*. Florenc* McCoy; 1 arandcMftf.. Service Wetlr.eidav, 1:30 = p.m.; · ond Ward. SPONGBERG MOP- L.O..S Church, Bakcr«lle!d,- See- TUARY In charoc of kcal armnqt- Ptinefai Directors -' 4 FOREST LAWN : -' MORTUARY On* Arrangement forTM Undertaking and Cernflf«i;y W] Ll/voln Av«^ GEMtv* T-U.'/ Funeral Notices ' 1 'ONE -- Mta Emrna L., Rt- qulem Mass Tuesday 8:W a.m. St. Anthcnv Cai^Hc Church directed by MolltU'a Mortuary- , · .. HOMPSON -- Leiir.1 WllllMni Graveside service Tueidav 8:30 *.m, Forl RoiccrAns Ha-' llonal Cemetery cfrreclcd bv · MatlelCs Mftrtuiry. ·- '· GOLDING -- ~Ethel May, 13M Joiie. Survived by dauDhter ( Miss Carolyn Goldino; slater, Mrs. Llnnle Van Orsrtl. Service Tuesday 9:.TO a.m. fAo\- Jell's Cha«l. · ' -. CLOWINGER -- Fr«rIf. GrflV* side scrvfce Tueiday »:3". a.m. Veifri-ans Adm'niitrAl.on. Cemelerv rilrfrfcd fev MnM«ll'» ' . TAYLOR-LuemmTMuficv. »*' Colar^do. Survived by daugti . ler, Mri, Betty Godwin ard Mrs. Louiw Johnson; brelh- rrj. Dr. J. W., Ciharlei, This- rfor« and Ira Wuncy; i^teri, Wrs. Lottie Short and Mr$. ViroWa Gilbert: 1 orandcWl- tfren. Service Tuesday 1.1:30 p.m. Moffdl'i Chapel. . PARKER -- ~~EII», GravftsW* Tuesday 1:W o- m - Fort R M ( ' tram Nalleoal Cwpetery m- r«fed by MoHelrt Worfoiry. GILMOITR -- Emeit Trancii* to rvfce Tu Kday t : » O-m . MotielKs Ctiaoel. - ...- .; MrvQRE" -- Eliiabelh H»^ev. itrfctlv priVAfe strvke Tuii- rfny 3:» p.m. MolteT't GdYER-- William (Jack), 3Stt Go*rfer. Gr«vr^lcf» Servk* Wetfnudiirv .0;W «.m. W«si minif^r Memorial Pwk cfi rtct«d bv M6H ell'S . -- Venn ElfHk, 6-rvlcf wT11 be announced', BOYLAM -- Lwrtnc* Edwird Dtberih- Lmt; grandmother WOODS-- Hiwrv A., 254?^ Mir ood Ave., Harbor Cltv. Su vlvtd by v-ife, Lillian K son), Girv L. and Sieve Allen; molhrr, Llltv " . B m. Mo

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