Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 36
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Cancel D.2-INDEPENDENT »ua. Cta. ttert, /j»« I HANK HOLLINGWORTH 'HANK IIOIUMORIII- lunlht pcru Mltr !:: Clients Somitl Off V. The readers arise and write: "As you know, four of the original 10 teams have already dropped out of the National Bowling League..If one more goes, the league's backers are almost certain to kiss off the project as a bad investment. This strikes us as a pretty Important issue to bowling fans. The question is whether bowl- Ing, which has made fantastic strides as a participant sport, can also attract crowds as a spectator sport? There is plenty to say on the subject and 'Popular Bowling' plans to explore the NHL's plight in future issues. Which is why we've come to you. You know the people in your community. We would appreciate knowing your views on the subject. Can bowling make it as a box-office sport? Or don't bowlers want to watch other bowlers in action?" (signed) Stan Lewis, Popular Bowling Magazine, 250 W. 57th St., New York 19, N. Y. (You know me and bowlers, Stan, anything I say now might be used in evidence against me. However, I'll face the firing squad and reply that bou-Iers don't want to walc/i other bowlers in action. They'd rather have front and rear-view mirrors of themselves in action.; "Even though 1 abandoned sports writing after college. I still feel a sympathy for you poor cliche-ridden blokes. That's why I'd like to suggest use of some other words than 'futile' in reference to the Philadelphia Phillies. .You sec. we Philadelphians take pride in the ineptitude pf our useless baseball team whose abortive attempts to win a pennant have proven so ineffectual and impotent .that their fruitless efforts appear hopeless. You fellows should find words to match this magnificent nothingness." (signed) Ed Kcnyon, Editorial Dept,' I-P-T. (We have, Eddie, but they're hardly the kind to print in a family newspaper.) "The '62 Dodgers can't miss. They have so many fine players their second team could make the first division In the American League. Fresco Thompson, Buzzic Bavasi and Al Campanis have created a new dynasty in baseball. I know I can look forward to the National League pennant hanging In Dodger Stadium for many years." (signed) Paul Jaffc (age 14), 3S27 Lime Ave. (If the pennant's not dangling there, laddie, you may he certain bodies nf the aforementioned * * * "YOU ARE A VERY WARPED MAN. Your article Justifying boxing sounded like something Hitler or Mr. K would author. It was distasteful." (signed) Myron K. Larson, Garden Gro\c. (Oil, go bach to your bowling alley. Clyde.) "You reached a new low. What possessed you to start dissension between two fine backs like Henry Edney and Dee Andrews? (Ed. Note: I started no dissension. I merely 'quoted another columnist. That's dissension?) Continue your crusade against Roger Maris. There's no good in that man and. besides, he pets paid a lot more than Edncy -?and probably Andrews. Print this and I promise more letters. This is good for your column and means more money for you." (signed) Charles Quasi, Long Beach. £~ (You may be warped. Charley, but if I'm ever looking for an agent, you're my man.) "Your article on the Gulfstream Handicap contains several mis-statements. I am not Yotky's owner and I do not operate Calumet Farm. It is owned by my wife. I did not storm or rant about the unfortunate decision ol the stewards In Yorky's disqualification." (signed) Gene Markey, LaGorcc Wand, Miami Beach, Fla. T" (Mr. Morfccy li correct. Hit wife owns Calumet farm and Yorhy, not he. The statement* quoted tt'EKE made, but not by Air. Marhcy, n retired rear admiral who l:nou'i better.) * * * "CAN YOU IMAGINE n g.irne which Is a combination nf Miufflcbo.ird and bowling? It is curling, played by slid ipg a 42-pound stone over a sheet of ice 130-fcct long, Amazingly, finesse not strength it a major asset. If in IcrcMcd-in-gctting in on th««-flr«Hml floor, meet with us Bt.Tonancc South High School cafeteria (Calle Mayor an-. Pacific Coast Highway) at 7:30 p. m. Thursday, or contact me at ME 4-39S5." (signed) Danny Wlnllnk, 2UI7 Candlewood, Lakcwood. (One question: Will Dan Reeves bo there to invoke n 50-mile territorial rule for his franchise?) "The sports section has everything but roller derby That could rate a few lines anyway. Let's get on the bal and show nn partiality." (signed) An Ardent Roller Derby Fan, Lung Beach. (Why dn roller dcrliy and wrestling fans have one thing in common, failure to sign their nnmc.t to cranli fetters?) "Boxing has become *o much of a mess that there should be a ban on the sport. I have been a boxing fan for years, but nm through with it forever." (signed) James Kcllcy Jr., Compton. (Well, there's always cur- Ing or roller derby or bou'l- ing . . . but somehow. Kef. I don't think they'll make it nt box-o//icc SPORTS SHORTS ·The Chicago Dears r»vapp«d eteran QB Ed Brown to the ItUburgh Steelers for,* No pick in the next draft ant player to be chosen later. The Dean also announce cqulsltlon of punter Bobbj oe Green from Pitt for a '62 raft choice. The Steelers con luded a two-part deal by re uming QD Rudy Buklch to e Bears. · * * · TOE WIDOW of boxe Benny (Kid) Faret. will re eive approximately $35,000 rom the bout which took hi fe, the New York State Ath etic' Commission.reported. Meanwhile, several him dred persons filed past Par t's body nt a Bronx funcra parlor Wednesday. » « · · WILLIE Shoemaker ha; jcen named to replace Eddli Arcaro as the jockey for Jai iur and Kclso. * * · · FAMED Wisconsin plac kicker of yesteryear. Pa O'Dea, died Wednesday -- ust one day after it was for nally announced he had bcci lectcd to football's Hall o RING magazine has named Emile Griffith fighter of the month for his wclterwcigh itle win .over Benny Paret 'arct died from wounds in hat bout. , . « · · ALL-AMERICA baskctbal tar Terry Dlschlnger of Pur due has reiterated that hi will not play pro basketball THE ANNUAL golf Tour lament of Champions In Las Vegas will boost Its purse $5,000 each for the next three pears to reach a maximum o" 70.000. DICK Bamett's hook shot with five seconds left pave Cleveland a 11G-114 win ovc Kansas City in the ABL play offs Wednesday. The Steers till hold a 2-1 edge. IMOUT JHOMI: Jtuwy rmi'X »"l CMUI tto.US..' I ttill tl*nm«* **·*.,'! -wl»fl tftm at Sltfttflra *«' errref mi*S'r*ttoM th*r ?'$*jyJl8! t JI$M?'tti! dL ant . cii«rii«*»mim Mi mwl t» « '19 at ie» At*mito« w*tn It ee»fl» r» 3,,^K^V m iE£? n*. LllSC Swimmer. in Easy Win Long Beach State Colleg tuned up for its swim mate with Long Beach City Colleg Friday with a 58-37 win ovc El Camino in the 49cr poo Tuesday. r«u»-le"« ·'«». p. Ou«rH. VonMmtftl Ur«. jNtfrntrH--Scwc* ICCI. Bul UBI lit I. UtrmlrKi - M«H"«'i ILi). ».t» ILB1. Judiofi ICC). 311. Jit-**". l«M!t»-B»t*K« (IB). U» I [ U . RfiifcW ILS) 2 t" ImtHr *»ln-*lrM IfCI. AMtn: IIKI AH»m» IIBI HI It !·»"* Mt-Mtttfllf-Biciur UB. Vkn IEC *rjm II Cl J . 11.0 , . iwfrmnif -- IP'«I« ILBI. Good*, ItCI. KtDa-Kltf III" »'» ... m»«uin»ki -- Ueiun ICC). l i n t . Ltovii UB) 9.21* 44»lmltT»-Vlrel LU, SKXv.r (EC ttte»ft4.";!:u~ir itci. ( L f i l . kft'up I L B ) 2:13.2. ·WITH rtlli-LfJ Butfi (M«l«ndf 0 rtt. McDooikl. UTMVtl 1 41 J rmM «wi: Ler« BMdi It. Jl, C Pipers Triumph O F P T CM' IS II 4UCoi Tormohln 1 4 4 : M ! ill' 7 D-t'rk Wfl Hi! TlU'l 4) 11 Jilt 114 KMIll Cir» H U M II--I B G So. Cal All-Slurs Knil UCLA JSVl Win Skein LOS ANGELES (UPI)--The Southern California Tennis All-Stars handed UCLA's defending national champions n 7-2 defeat Wednesday -- the I first dual defeat in If)| matches fur the Druin.v . In the top singles event,] Jpckie Douglas, fourth ranking single player nationally,! d e f e a t e d Larry Nagler, UCLA's No. 12 nationally! rated star, G-2, C-3. In the second match, Allen Fox. former I UCLA star, defeated Thorvold Moe, champion of Norway,] 8-C, C-l. DERBY TRIAL *6y SprintStarsMeetSaiurday · ·FIRST POST NOON SAjSffVAY ""BjllJjES TO RACESmCH DAY .1- , ·'· BRadshaw 2-4568 vi"'. 9 ·« to 5:1tr PCC SWIMMERS SET FOR NATIONALS The Pacific Coast Club's first representative in a senior national swim meet will travel to Sacramento for the Senior Women's Indoor National Championships April 19-22. Team members are (left to right) Barbara Bechler, 14, Frances Weems, 14, Janice Carter, 14, Kathy Logan, 12, and Pam James, 14. They will compete in two relays and several individual events. 'PCC coach Frank Sullivan will accompany the team north. WRESTLING TOURNEY AT \UD TONIGHT An elimination wrestling tournament will be held at Municipal Auditorium tonight, with eight men competing wlnner-agalnst-wln- ncr for a shot at former champ Edouard Carpentler here next week. In the other part of the show, Enrique Torres goes against newcomer B o I o Green In a three-fall, one- hour match. Entered In the one-night toumimcnt are Ox Anderson vs. Tom Zlnke, Don Duffy vs. Pedro Sanchez, Mike Sharpc vs. Dick Hutton, Hans Herman vs. Mario Mllano. THOMPSONS STILL IN MOBIL RUN LEAD CHICAGO (Special) -Judy and Mickey Thompson still hold leads in their respective classes as the 44 cars remaining in the Mobil Economy Run pull out before dawn today on the home stretch to Detroit, leaving behind another entry auto. Judy, 33-year-old mother of two from Rolling Hills, Is averaging 19.64 miles per gallon In a Pontiac Star Chief leading the medium- priced-car class. Mickey, 33, is squeezing 27.49 mpg out of his Tempest to lead the large-engine compact class. Along with a potential win In the 1%2 run. the first for cither of the Thompsons who now arc in their third consecutive run. Mickey drove a car 406 mph to set a record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Thompsons,' one of five husband-wife driver teams in the nm, are the only couple each driving separate entry cars. The cars arrived here Wednesday afternoon minus an Oldsmobilc B-S5, which stayed in St. Louis with transmission troubles. This was the second car to drop out of the run. Still leading in more miles per gallon is a Rambler American in the fuel contest. The car averaged 31.36 mpg and is being driven by Les Viland, Livonia, Mich. PARKTILFORD RESERVE Straight Bourbon Wtidt? Blended I geotchlUhishg HfflttiHiHmtainmt The fmcit-tashntf whiskey nf iti type lOOTfc Scotch \Vhi$k;es i 199 Dtitj flint lilt Quality in two words... (B$PARKTILFORD DIRECT FROM ITALYTO YOU! 12 MAGNIFICENT FLORENTINE-SILVER COCKTAIL PICKS ...ill different hind cnfttd by nutter Florentine nlvertmitht. For cockUils. hori d'oeuvret, etc. Otver Idea for jilts, too. SeniitKjnilvjIut. (Rt£. SSvtlue) J Ann ' 6 PARK 1 HirOKD. »OK 101. NCW TOUX 41, H. T. I txlott )2. Plt4H und trj 12 F)orinlin(4'vtr _/l»«_St«!t_ FLOPS HEiM Royc« Til Blacl Velvet Calf Perfecto Brown Calf 24.95 In ordinary shoes ornamental "skin slilcliing" is a mailer of seconds--by machine! Flor«heim demand's it be done by hand! Costs more to male--coils tea to wear--because this touch of quality keeps Florsheimi looking heller longer! Royc* Slip-en Black Velvet Calf 24.95 ttn far fLORSHLIM Skott SANTA ANA 20 Ftnhon S^note LAKEWOOD 50J7 Hoiclbrook Art. DEL AMO : 21820 Hewthomt Bird.

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