Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 14
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 14

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 14
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THURSDAY EVENING. MAY 2, 1965 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 15 SPECTACULAR SAVINGS .The Terrific TEMPEST America'i Finest Family Six* '6' ECONOMY STYLING A$ Low As $2199 Pontiac 1430 N. Oracle Road Fill 'Weighed' Unseen Continued From Page I nto the scale sheet for the next day. Haney said he went to work for the Arizona Highway Department in July 1961 pounding stakes in a survey crew, but because he was "one of the older guys" at 23 he was made a grade inspector within two weeks. Haney said there was a constant shifting of slate personnel on the job, and frequent dismissals. He said the other men called roulette wheel." it "Sid's JOHN P. CONSTANDY, committee counsel, said personnel records showed that of 115 employed by the state on the four projects, 73 were on duty less than six months and Fisher himself was the only man who was on the payroll for the entire 23 months. Haney testified that he was assigned to the Dateland project when it was started as grade inspector, compaction tester and water supervisor. Asked how he learned to do compaction tests, he said: "Jim Shipp taught me." Shipp testified yesterday that he became an inspector at age 18 and as much as 40 per cent of his compaction tests reported were fictitious. In t u r n , Haney said he instructed two other men to do compaction tests, working an hour or two with each. Haney said William M. Butler, veteran state highway department inspector, told him to do what he was told or he "wouldn't last." 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Haney also said that once when the contractor had no man on the job to spread material, he was told by Fish'-- er to start spreading. He did not know how, he added, and asked a man on a truck. GARY L. SWEET, Yuma, an employe of the state highway department, said he started work on the projects at the age of 18 in 1961 four months after graduating from high school. He was assigned to learn a spreadman's duty, he said, but was on that job only a few hours. The man who took him out to the job, he added, didn't believe in using a tape but "paced it off." After short periods of time on other assignments, he was placed on scale reading, he said. During the short time he was on that job, he said, the scale was never inspected by an inspector. Like Haney, Sweet told about trucks not stopping to be weighed. He said he would estimate the weight. Once, he said, a truck driver stopped to get water and the. truck ~ was weighed. His estimate, he said, was off about 1,000 pounds. SWEET SAID he spoke to the foreman after Haney told him it was hard to stop the rucks and was told that time would make up for "whatever we'd lose on weight." He said if there was doubt n his mind about the weight he would try to give the state :he benefit. It depended on how he felt and if we were irked on a particular day he might give the benefit of the doubt to the contractor. During the past two days, the investigating subcommittee has heard testimony that in some instances t r u c k s h a u l i n g dirt and aggregate on two Interstate Highway projects were not weighed. Don Burton of Phoenix, a former State Highway Department inspector, testified yesterday that the weight of material in identical scrapers could vary as much as 10 tons. Burton, a veteran road construction foreman, also told of checking one water meter measuring quantities used to wet material in a borrow pit before it was hauled to the road. THE M E T E R , he said, measured a million gallons was actually Loyalty Oath Appeal Likely Continued From Page 1 hearing under the teacher tenure statute in such cases. In regard to this, Morgan said Mrs. Elfbrandt was not under tenure at the time the case was taken to court. The attorney also asked: "How would we know about a hearing when the loyalty oath law doesn't provide any mechanics for a hearing?" The fifth member of the court, Justice Renz L. Jen- pumped over one weekend because sand in the end of the pipe interfered with its accurate operation. Earlier testimony priced water on the p r o j e c t at $1.75 a thousand gallons. Burton said he came to Arizona from Montana in September 1961 because he heard the State Highway Department needed men. He said he left after 3i/ 2 months as an inspector on the Sentinel and Aztec projects because he "didn't see eye to eye" with Fisher. Burton said he complained to Fisher about the steady turnover of state personnel on the job and the numerous "good boys, but inexperienced." FISHER TOLD him, Burton said, that he could not get experienced men in Arizona, and also that if they stayed more than six months they would become permanent and it would take a hearing to get rid of them. Before he quit, Burton said he went to Homer Richards, the district engineer and asked for a transfer, reporting he could not get along with Fisher. The transfer was refused. When he told Fisher about going to Richards, Burton said, Fisher "got pretty angry" and told him it was wrong to go over his head. After that, Burton Fisher "took my pickup away from me and gave me a Ford." nings, said the court did not possess all the facts necessary to the case and he therefore refused to issue an opinion. In writing the major opin ion, Struckmeyer said the court was ruling only on the legal basis of the 1961 law not on its wisdom. He said that under the law the loyalty oath may be either an oath or affirmation. Noting that the United States has enemies who have vowed publicly to "bury us," Struckmeyer said: S E L F - PRESERVATION makes it the concern of all and the particular duty of public employes to be alert against internal weakening of the state government. The state's interest demands that public employes refiain from declined and an employe still receive state pay. He noted that one of Mrs. Elfbrandt's complaints was t h a t she was not given a hearing at which she could explain her refusal to take the oath and to show that her refusal was based on religious reasons. Persons who refuse to sign the oath for reasons other than disloyalty should have a chance to explain, Bernstein said. Jennings said he also felt a hearing must be available if the law is to be constitutional. THE LOYALTY OATH case was appealed to the high court in 196! after visiting and salaries he and his wife received while working last summer at a Quaker summer camp. Dulgov said he expects to make a decision within the next few days. On the high court ruling, Dulgov said: "I rather expected it would be like this." N.Y. Pedestrians Get A Break NEW YORK--UPI-- Pedestrians, forced off sidewalks by construction equipment, are getting a helping hand. The city yesterday began a crackdown on contractors obstructing streets and revoked the permit of a company whose parked crane Impeded traffic and forced pedestrians into roadways. associations out of which even unconscious corruption may comfort those who seek world domination." Bernstein's concurring special opinion indicated that in some cases, the oath could be Superior Court Judge Timothy Mahoney of Pinal County ruled the Arizona law unconstitutional. Oral arguments were presented before the State Supreme Court last May. The two other teachers involved in the loyalty oath issue said they will decide on what steps to take after reading the text of the court decision. However, Elfbrandt indicated his position would remain as is until a ruling is handed down by the U. S. Supreme Court. The couple's main support the past two years, Elfbrandt said, has come from funds solicited by the Emergency Committee To Defend the Liberty of Arizona Employes AMAZING NEW 3-WAY PORTABLE REFRIGERANT OPERATES ON BUTANE--12 VOLT DC- ,0 VOLT AC MADE IN SWITZERLAND -- WORKS LIKE A JEWEL DISCOUNTS TO QUANTITY BUYERS Ideal for Home--Office--Car--Camping--Boat--Trailer Weighs only 84 pounds Trouble free Automatic thermostat 2 ice cube trays Coppertone finished 3 cu. ft. capacity 3 fully adjustable shelves Silent operation No conversion kit necessary UL approved BANK TERMS -- NO PAYMENT TIL JUNE! BROADLOOM CITY 183 E. PENNINGTON--Across from Sears -- ROD1GS TUCSON OPTICAL SERVICE MA. S-1071 784 VALLEY NATIONAL BLDO. 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