Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 72
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 72

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 72
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P Z O Z S INK tMc*. cm* Ton. un l WU It's a ivieai in GIANT BURGER ]lt Takes an Engineer to Do It ^ ore d 00 ^ Finally Fixed B) BARRY DAVIS -I KNEW it I made the I parti' it I ihaven't been »b!e to jet that: M A S S1LLON. Ohio OP-- much mercury. , *** "Ml | minor Hid George CasweU been a "The mercury provides' 1 "*^'""^ . clock maker he probably! - . . . . . . 1 Being a novice »t dock re- CK« maxer. ne P" 01 ^!TM.*,*^ ufce« op the w| plW ^ Cl$ ^ beglllby ^ t . in B MAPLE SHOPS never wou!d have attempted, . to restore one of the world's * u °7 , . n-Dr*lf most unusual timepieces. But he's an engineer and his credo is. "Nothing is impossible.** So he did it. CaswetU president of the:P rt brlis Ohio I n d u s t r i a l Research? 1111 . '*«* «t the Corp., stumbled on the clock "»« ttslt: temperature. This secting a clock to see what! would allow for an adjust-it w»s all about He also re- ment, say. if the sun were furred to books on the sub-1 shining on the clock." Here's what Caswell. an ex-! bronze crafts- in the basement of the Charlotte. N.C. museum. The 7-foot-tall walnut cabinet--the top half of which ject. Who made the dock is a I mystery, but Caswell caku-1 of lates it was built in the ISOOs. When fully restored, the | clock will be exhibited around I Actually it is not one clockjis a gla'ss squares-had"beenj tn « coun ly b *' ore il ij even -1 but a dozen. There is a largelsmashcd by vandals who tual ' v r ~ clock in the center of a cius-,broke into the museum. The Now CasweU finds he isn't | ter of II small clocks--each brass works were corroded through fixing rare clocks. with a face on either sideJand several of its 104 gears) Tve got seven offers, I Each face will tell the timejWere gone. There were 27jwhich I'm going to accept, to | in a different city around theiparts missing out of a total of:fix clocks--some up to world. (about 2SO. [years old." he declared. WE QUIT SALE! ; FREEWAY COMING THRU!!! EVERYTHING [·living Room Re(i|c^d! | '·Bedroom'Reduced! ' Oinlng'Room Reduced! » Camps Reduced! ,.»;0dds Ends Reduced! Maple Shops BELLFLOWEX BOUttVAKD 150 A FULL V4 POUND OF FRESH 100% GROUND BEEFi! Served on ovct-fresb sesa. mt seed bun witk the finest Krofl Cfctese. pTckfe. eaien. lettuce, tomatoes end cor ow» special tasty dressing. UKGER BOY' CAKSON SHOPflNG CENTU WOOOIUFF IT CAKSON 4146 WOODRUFF THE CLOCK was in ruins when Caswell first saw it in July 1961. Recently, he says, he has beerj offered upwards of $23,000 for it. "I thought it was a pity to see it sitting there and decaying." says Caswell, who never before had tried to restore a clock. "The museum tad tried for 20 years to get it fixed, but no one wanted to do it. They said it was too far gone. -But if someone tells me something can't be done. 111 do it.' Caswell arranged with the clock's owner to repair it in return for half ownership. Now, after 1,000 hours of work, the restoration is nearly finished- Only adjustment of the clock remains. Yet 12 watchmakers along the way told him the clock never would run again. * * * · THE ENTIRE cluster of docks is powered by a 16- pound weight suspended on a nylon cord. The swing of this pendulum is kept even by two glass tubes, each an inch in diameter and eight inches long, into which mercury will be poured. "The difficulty now," explains Caswell. "is that ac- -t ftw t t,p, t.rll «f T..'i- cording to the books I've re- fto.« H* s-KM Iferred to. clocks of this type take 24 pounds of mercury. I FREE WITH COUPON CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP Oi* t*9- HTI ez cat GOOD THUIS. ATK. 4 THIU WED. A/L II STANDING RIB ROAST * * * tin* - - _ - _ -- -- - _ _. Tnit 0BT O meat deportaieit. Tei'V «i«rt ten* ftllowi »l nalTy liow rkeir mean mi featire ·etlitj but ili« rtrf fcnt. Ow fcutcWrt prtdt themsefvcs oa fnrsag per* --xt'i rotlcr «rv« irei »"rt flat neeti cot · TOBT iffiiUnal wtjin. O»r prices or* lower tk» tios* e. pre-package* neon. Fresh Shoulder PORK ROAST COFFEE * -K * -K -K [ASTEIN COIN-FED TOP-9UAUTT FOK Fresh Leon. Meaty m f*6 PORK STEAKS 49ib PORK BUTTS Cit Fr»k Di]]j WIN? * -. come in and find C«iihf Riektrr S«»k»l Slab Bacon V *.' Irnk dukr Itjll I SAUSAGE lit* l:ickti»l CQLOGNA V 29'. s S W ^-? Crip Reciter Grip 1 2-lb, Can Passover Season Specials! HIATT - LAIGI SOUP CHICKENS ROASTING CHICKENS » U. S. CHOICE and « J JENKIN'5 PRIDE BEEF * * R I B J STEAKS .79t iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii BREAD i , , oil! jisf of -wrfning humbers In tHe "- , ' : . ' · " " ' " % ' ' ' ' · · ' ifSpririg Corning-Out hritl : I 1 '' 1 i'-T . ' * * - '· . ' -'Hi'. , .| 'SWEEPSTAKES'' !· Yen already hare a ticktl if you subsc/ibe to _McCairs magazine or Farm Journal. A ticket Is inserted into the binding of every subscription copy of the April McCairs and the May Farm Journal. (Because of postal regulations, however, this ticket will not be found in newsstand copies of these issues.) Your ticket has a number on it that may be a winner! Come in and check your'number against the official list, posted in our store, to see if you have won one of 3,300 Amana appliance prizes. 2. I I The same ticket is a cath refund certificate- worth up to $50.00 when you buy any 1963 Amana or Deepfreeze appliance (except dehumidifiers or the Scot model Room Air Conditioner). If you're planning on buying a freezer, a refrigerator, a freezer-plus-refrigeralor or a room air conditioner, this offer is for you ! Cash refunds are paid by check, mailed directfy from Amana to YOU. C B % A M I M | | bpecml! Model FFS-1 25-47 ;C!UB ; STEAKS » ludtu JUMBO Large 3lc Loaf ROUND J STEAK . ******************** * * * * * . * GOLD MEDAL ENRICHED SPAM Luncheon Meat IlIIIIIllllllHlllllIllIililllllllllillllllllllillllHIlff. WESSON OIL SOUP Golden Shoriening Campbell's All Varieties F 0 R ^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiijl CACtZ--fUU 9UAST GREEN OLIVES S'CUPS » I w KIDNEY BEAHS T r EABAGS TSOriCll PRESERVES Coitajc Gfeteit · Strawberry · Apricot · Fiienpl* 59° iiiit r«« · _ r -- . APPLE JUICE *£· 4 ? * I Int Prur.9 Juice WIENERS lib. 21 it far «* « A A. A A A A A A Whei'l Sfiut LUNCHEON MEATS BRIDGFORD BREAD EXTRA FANCY WASHINGTON WINESAP Axdnt ICE CREAM TwiB* · CHMdrti Vegetables^ On tr mock 8-1 ** r« · large Wlutc Heodi Cauliflower Fresh Topped CARROTS 1 Ib. C«5o bag T9 THt MITT! Amiial tfri*t C Cit Fifty rt » iicitin( tfebut t irjr'tl, colon, CMTHitUCCl JOlTI rui.-tix. Wattles"^ 1 6741 E, Carson St. (Wiere S'littilcr t Bii(«»i Kcrl n likt*ic) WE GIVE HUE CHIP STAMPS srtciAis iFFtcmt 7 OATS THDtS. llr WID, Aflll 4 · AFia II OPEN 7 DATS A WEEK FROM* AJul. TIL 10PJ4. 9826 ARTISIA »VD., BEUFLOWEI 707-1150 TOti-am iFermtrfy Cartai fork . So»foV Mtl.l

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