Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 3
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. By BOA WELLS I I si When Fretting, Just Go to John John Keagle is an affable, gray-haired gentleman of the photographer persuasion, but that does not stop him from worrying constantly about the welfare of copy editors- Copy editors, in case you didn't know, are the people who herd the extra commas into a reporter's story 'after the reporter is through with it They also write the headlines for the stories. . John was saddened by a sports story out of Panama City, Fla. It related how a golfer, name o" Tommy Bolt, beat another golfer, name o* Johnny Pott, in the Little Tournament 2 Banks Held Up,' One Suspect Held Bandits struck at two Southland branches of the 'Security First National Bank within an hour of each other luck. c«u, »·*, fit. X. nu INDEPENDENT-?*.}* A 3 Folk-singers wiH be out. Lawrence Welk will be in. Cowboy hats will be out Shawls win be in. And besides Medicare. President Me Lain can be expected to advocate raising the voting age to M. Utt Sues CBS for $5 Million Tuesday. ' In Buena Park, a tnxa described as "near 26," 5 feet 10, -with dark hair, neatly dressed in a dark 'suit got $2506 when he thrust a white paper bag in front of teller Clara Fouche, 23. with the I words "FiH it up with money" [written on it I Walk ers t h e f r i e n d l y s f o r * o f L o n g B e a c h NEW YORK W» -- Rep- 1 James B. Utt. R-Calif, filed SHORTLY before 2 JO pja, a man described as "near 26." For Medgar Evers WELLS of Champions and took $1,500 in first prize money. The other ·way around would have been better for the copy editors, John f igsers. They could have headlined: "EVERYTHING GOES TO POTT. 1 ' · Ins and Onls of Life ' The best thing to come out of the CDC convention here last weekend, according to a group of which I am a member--Senior Teen-agers of America --was that George McLain, California's Favorite Grandson, was not endorsed for U.S. Senator. Now he's free to run for President again as he did in the 1960 primary. So confident are the senior teenagers that George will sweep the country, they are already predicting . the changes that will come with his - administration. For instance--horseback riding will be out Autoets will be in. Barbecues win be out Sunset of Life card parties will be in. 5 feet 10. ar R 4 a $5,250,000 libel suit in fed- dressed in a three-quarter fj'eral court Tuesday over a coat, held up th« Compton Evelyn Acierman and sorw of her t"i television program on t h e t b r a n c h for S 650 *"' w " friends have revived the chain letter B Columbia Broadcasting Sys-i"P tured tWKe b * fore Blght " idea to help the family of Medgar Evers | « ' . . ,. lt |' 1IL . £ | tern last Nov. 13. Marion B. Jones, 26. of Los \ · I Utt said the program, "case, Angeles, first was arrested by 4 history of a rumor." was a^ patrolling officer of the ·'conspiracy to defame him by ( Comptoo police department '{CBS, two of its officers and when his vehicle, driven by K^five sponsoring companies, his 15-year-old b r o t h e r , r,-|which he named as defend-JM a n u e L struck a water MJants. ' hydrant at HSth Street and jCortett Street while turning and to express to the people of Missis sippt a feeling of horror and concern O'er the shooting of the Negro letter- carrier. Evelyn and her friends propose to flood the desk of Mississippi Gov. Paul B. Johnson with $1 checks made out to "Paul B. Johnson, Trustee of Memorial Fund of Family of Medgar Evers," State Capitol. Jackson, Miss. Each is sending a check and. in addition, writing 10 other persons asking them both to send a dollar check and to write 10 more persons, ete^. etc. Anyway, it gives a feeling of doing SOMETHING. Rig Surprise Most surprised person in Long Beach when Judge Mirtin DeVries filed his intent to seek re-election to the municipal bench was Court Commissioner Fred Ktpka. · Kepa had filed his own intention to run on what he believed was specific WEEK .Only oneu in four years *an \vc have a sale like Hi is . . . and we're having surprises every clay of this week.... Listed below are only a few of the special surprise;s. . . . Some are so terrifie we dou-t dare show the price Thursday Specials 1 THE CBS officers are Gene a comer, de F o r is and Fred W.j Police arrested Jones and -^Friendly, producers of thehis brother but released them 3'program-The sponsors rtamedjafter finding no money. : * by Utt were Union Carbide ;-* Corp.. North American Phil- LADIES IIEC.ISTER .. . FllEE ENSEMHLE Win a complete Easter ensemble. IN'o obligation lo buy. You need not be present for drawing. Drawing Sal., 4:00 P. 31. MOMENTS after they were 'PsCo.. Travelers Insurance r e e a s e . iresone s e r s s «? Co.. Travelers Indemnity Co, deputies called C o m p t o n regularly 29c yd. ip and the Charter Oak Fire In- I'surance Co. A CBS spokesman said the '» police to inform them that the | $650 loot stuffed in had been found clothing under a I network had no comment. house occupied by Raymond [Holman. 14618 Corlett Street ,-Yl ^ K* P £ Sr ?? m Officers, realizing that the phed that Ins W»**^ Hdman tause s ^ newsletter. ·* reporting to ha; ^^ the accident ^ v constituents about a proposed. Jn h H err;r , * i Army maneuver in information that the good judge wasn't |^ had caused curtailment of the! going to be a candidate. *·*'' - ··--- ; -.:-=_-'' ~ ^.·*A.-5-^J-g-. "A- ; Health Dept. Pact Offered . ... ,~.. 6 .~--, arrested the Jones maneuver, thus jeopardizing Brothers sought them out at ^the lives of young officers^ · ^^ Ae - a ^ ^ who were deprived of neces- |been t " lken for rep3irs and sary training. 'arrived just as the men were As a result, his suit satd, av ; rg . Marion Jones was he had been held up to pub-^booked on suspicion of bank ( lic contempt and ridicule, had robbery. Charges were not . ,_ ,, ., . , . tost friends and supporters,! iod ged against the teenager. .department A n y s u p p l e - C i t y Council received copies'^ wa$ deprived of engage-! 'county supervisors Tues-! m£nta! service which the ci- O f th e proposed contract late'ments and income. Utt. an rrt » \r , day authorized contracts «Xt« _wanMa £7^1?" £"?,, ** in the day. They called a spe-|attorney, is an organizer of 1 W) Al'CaS V OlC JSIJX 7^-1.00 one day only . . . third floor regularly -t.OO IMJSTEHS 1.99 one day only . . . tecond floor regularly In .'59r yd. the cities of Long Beach and financed out of city funds. Pasadena for the cities to pro- cide their own health services BECAUSE the county coun- . cial meeting for 9 a.m. Frida y j^«. fUtt Juice Co - of Tustin to decide whether to accept . Their alternative is to re- for the agreement ° ind be reimbursed by the sefs office previously had The one-year contracts, ef-,^ have the power under fective July 1, call for pay-,their charters to make such tnents of $476.939 to the eity ««nct*. the supervisors also I nT e«ti«atcs f Lon» Beach and IZSS.S^' 01516 * 1 for ia early determi- l*reece Inlesllgaies to the city of Pasadena. ' j nation" in the courts on the Disaster at Sea The monjy will finance only^^S^ty of the pacts. County those health services which Counsel Harold W. Kennedy on Annexation Calif. ._, T7~ The Lakewood City Council Lomplltcr A OIF .Tuesday night scheduled spe- n . T || cial annexation elections for IJiamiOSCS lllS I April 21 in two big areas east jof the San Gabriel River and (AP--An elec- south c f Del Amo Boulevard. 33 _!,,. I.. C MOSCOW jtronic computer is diagnosing the "most concealed forms of nnr day nnly . . . third floor regularly 39r Jv PANTIES The action followed closing of protest hearings at congeratal heart disease" in' w hich owners of less than r *~. n u ~ J t - - ureece vn -- A tj._j Soviet Union, the official j 15 percent of the assessed the county is required to pro-,had said he would advise the three-man Greek committee Tasl news , gcncy sa :,j Tues-Valuation of the property in- »-ide under state law if a city|couaty auditor to make n 0| Opened an official mqu.ry in W l ^ does not have its own health payment under the contracts Piraeus. Greece, Tuesday into] The » C count said at t h e ! The two areas encompass 'pending the court pronounce-jthe disaster that overtook thei Ale!U , nder \r irhcnevsky insti- 700 acres and have an esti- ITnttriri I n Visit II S i " I* 5 TM? lmer ^? nia !lst P^.tute patients' data a r e f e d mated population o f 9,000. Hussein to MMt U.S. j Supervisor B u r t o n W .|cember on a Christmas cruise |imo the computer based on| . AM\L\N, Jordan W!--King Chace made the motion to^ 0 Madeira. .knawn factors for various CLASSIFIED ADS are the Hussein has accepted an tn-'approve the contracts and ( The 2I,3U-ton ship with'types of heart disease. [easy, inexpensive answer to vitation from President John-wax supported by Supervisorjl , 0 4 1 passengers a b o a r d Out comes the diagnosis so many problems. Put them son to visit WashingtorvKeoneth Hahn and Board caught fire on a voyage fron^which only a few doctors are to work for you today. Just April 14. the royal palace said Chairman Warren M. DornJBritain and 110 persons tost'able to make, the institute'dial HE 2-5959 for a friendly. 19 Tuesday. . I Members of the Long Beach their lives. Isaid. experienced Ad Writer. "Most people can't make a Martini as good as this -andI wish they wouldn't try!" one day only . . . loner floor regularly 7.911 WOMEN'S .JUMP-SUITS 2.97 one day only . . . ttrccl floor regularly -1.00 WOMEiVS 'A SLIPS 1.99 one day only . . . rrcond floor rcftilarly ta 2.00 I:OSTUME regularly 1.50 STIIETCII IIOSIEKV 3 one day only . . . ttrrtl floor 2 B.OO one day only . . . ttrrct floor regularly lo 2JyO I.OVAHIJ: HHAS 2 --2.50 one day only . . . ilreel floor regularly IJiO ME.VS SOfKS c one day only . . . ttrert floor 'iai I'urclinse KXIT TOPPEIIS 8 res'. 22.VZ 13 If you don't mbc perfect cocktails, ufy mix at all? Pour them right from the Heublein bottle! You'll serve 11 MW-WTIWTI ·» tit a ;; better tasting cocktails than most people make. Heublein commands the choicest liquors from distillers' ^"£I»v"s» «**' y private stocks, measures and mixes with professional accuracy. Choose your ^J'JgCTT'T' ""'"""""" *° '* M * ;· favorites from 11 popular varieties. Each full strength, perfect, and .S«««[s5J:iS fUn '=! il "· completely ready to serve. Alllle/iquir'j ia tbe hltle.Jastfcurta-tfx-rKli. /* -" ·M:^ iiliF/ : t; *" Made of 100% orlon arrjlir. Dnulilc hrra'Ird vilh nnlelied collar. Hip lengtli. Iliitlnnholc jiorkel*. Select from latest fa-liion color*. tcfornl Jloor wKtc«rr touts, ti.s f Cm C* MCC'A ICUtS. W » ' icercM loan.« P»M» HEUBLEIN En CO CKTAILS :TMrH^'r^ I Fourl " an1 IMnr · · · I I K 2 ' 7 '"'' · ··· ''^ Frrp ln v vlrorla EITTIR THAN ' MOST nom

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