Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 3
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i»rt., C.IH.. TI»... M.rrt », m« INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM-A-3. -. 4 ctionline 3-county drug raids net 30 suspects ii. ^^ Aviated Press The raids look place in Us An- siwnsible for dislributlni! at least 15 mnn said. The others am J ^^^^^H . ~ _ __ ~ i:.. rt ,,..,! ij:.,^^[. i,1,, nniitiH*; nf homiiv fl mnmh 111 im 1 liirep .n rrnHinoil Mnnn.iv iwlorO L YOUR BEAUTY SO HIS P.O. BOX 230 tons Beach,C.»M. KU4 Steel shoes I work for a major beverage company as a delivery driver and recently 1 was told that because of an accident in the warehouse, all of the employes will be required to wear steel-toed shoes as of May 1. We were lold this ruling was handed down by the Occupational Safety and Health Act committee and that the employes will have to pay for the shoes. I think this is unfair, especially since the delivery drivers aren't even allowed in the warehouse area. Can our company demand that we wear a special type of work shoe without any compensation to us? W.E., Lakewood. Although the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) states that il Is the responsibility of the employer to make sure his workers have proper safety gear, the law does not specify that the employer must pay for such equipment, according to a spokesman (or Ihe OSHA Review Commission. "Our legal staff believes that if the safety equipment is required as a condition of employment, the employe should pay the expense. But if the equipment is required after a person is employed, it's normally expected thai an employer will provide at least 50 per cent of the cost." If a company refuses to pay any of the expense, however, the employe's only recourse would be lo file a civil lawsuit against his employer; the OSHA Review Commission will not become involved in any dispute over who should pay tor required safety equipment. Union- negotiated labor contracls frequently will specify (hat the employe must pay for all safely equipment. Assodaled Press Drug-enforcement a g e n t s d e a l t what they said was a major blow to the heroin traffic in Southern California Monday, with sweeps in three counties that netted more than 30 persons. One police officer was wounded in a predawn raid in Collon, but he was released after treatment. Agents in Los Angeles said they had (etjcral complaints for 51 persons and expected further arrests in the case shortly. "The majority of those arrested Monday are major heroin traffickers who are the principal suppliers of heroin to the Southern California area," said Peter Bensingcr, director of the Drug Enforcement Administration. The raids look place in Los Angeles, San Bernardino.and Riverside counties. Arrests also were made in San Diego and Tucson, Ari/.., and authorities said more were expected in Porlcrvillc, Solanoand Barstow. The kingpin of the drug ring that was the target of Monday's attack was a Mexican national imprisoned since February 1975,'Ihe DEA said, identifying him as Raul !xon Aispuro, 30. of Tijuana. Whets Aispuro--who skipped bail in . San Diego on a drug charge four years earlier--was arrested in Mexico, all his records were seized and turned over to U.S. officials by Ihe Mexican federal police. Those arrested Monday w e r e re- sponsible for distributing at least 15 pounds of heroin- a month in the three comities where the raids were made. Ihe DEA said, and at one time supplied 20 to 25 por cent of (he heroin being sold in the Los Angeles area. "This was a classic conspiracy case." said Joe Flanders of (he Los Angeles DEA office. "We put this joint task force together nnd in the last seven months we identified those who lind b o u g h t h e r o i n f r o m Aispuro nationwide." Buys from the ring reportedly were made in -16 stales. Five of those named in the federal complaints were Mexican citizens who will be prosecuted there with information developed by the DKA, a spokes- man said. The cithers arrested woje .iiraigncd Monday before U.S. magis- [rates. . ·-: All wcie charged with consiiirnJy to (import ;i controlled s'ubslnhccY-c.n- spirai'.v to possess a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intenl lo riislribulc, en'di count carrying a maximum 15-year sentence. .;Some complaints also chnrgrtl i m p o r t a t i o n and distribution of aii]- phelamincs and barbiturates.,. ·'· In addition, John Coelho was od for investigation of attempted nttit- der of a police officer. He'WjS arrested in n -l:3fl a.m. raid on a CoUbn homelln which Coltoii Police Detective J i f k StrallQii was injured. ' ~^', DOOLEY'S APPLIANCES FOR THE BUDGET-MINDED Vegas special \ Three friends and I bought Greyhound bus tickets lo Las Vegas on a special deal called the Hacienda Express to Las Vegas. The round trip fare of $22.80 was supposed to include 10 hours at the Hacienda Hotel and Casino plus a $14 bonus. The bus we took let us off al Ihe Stardust Hotel and the driver said he didn'l know about any Hacienda trip. And we never did receive our $M bonus. We would like some help in this mailer. B.H., San Pedro. Take your ticket stubs to Ted Malin, manager of Ihe Long Beach Greyhound Bus Terminal, and he will refund your money or arrange for you am! your friends to lake another trip. E.C. Montrose, the Greyhound Bus Lines district manager in Los Angeles, explained lhal if there aren't enough persons holding the special tickets to fill a charter bus, they are instructed to take one of Ihe buses in regular service, which normally slop at the Stardust. You then should have been able to call the Hacienda Hotel, which would have sent a car to drive yon the rest of the way. Montrose apologized for Ihe mix-up and said these provisions should have been carefully explained to you when you bought your tickets. No W-2 In January 1975, I worked for the Fuller Brush Co. in Los Angeles arid the Purolator Security Co. in Monterey Park, and I haven't received W-2 forms for my income lax from cither firm. I've written them several letters, but they've never answered me. Can Action Line help? A.V., Travis Air Force Rase. We checked with the Purolalor Security Co., now in Commerce, and learned that a duplicate W-2 form is being prepared for you and should be senl oul within a week. The original was mailed to your old address, but evidently wasn't forwarded. According lo a spokesman for the Fuller Brush Co., you apparently were an independent salesman for the firm and nol eligible for a W-2 form since no tax was withheld from your pay. Other readers with similar W-2 form problems should contact Iheir local Internal Revenue Service office. If a taxpayer has been unable (o obtain the form on his own, the IRS will contact the employer. If a company still refuses to send the form or if a firm has gone out of business, (M IRS will supply a taxpayer with a special form on which he estimates his income and the tax '.withheld and Ihe return is filed on thai basis. If the W-2 form arrives later, Ihe taxpayer is supposed lo file an amended return. The lack of a W-2 form does not excuse a laxpayer'from meeting the April 15 deadline. Employers are required by law to supply W-2 forms by the end -of January and can be fined for not doing so. Dance and twirl [ would like to know two things. Where can my 8- year-old daughter lake baton lessons in Long Reach 1 Where can my husband, daughter and I take folk dancing as a family? J.J., Long Beach The Long Beach Recreation Department will offer baton lessons for youngsters ages 8 through 17 this summer. The fee will be $15 for 10 weeks of lessons. Classes will be offered Tuesday al 10 a.m. at Wardlow Park, 3157 StanbrMge Ave., Wednesdays al I p.m. at Whaley Park, 5620 E. Alherlon St., and Thursdays a( 10 a.m. at Veterans Park, 101 E. 28lh Si. You can preregis- ter al each park during Ihe month of June for Ihe classes which will begin June 28. Action Line could locate only one folk dance group which allows children to danct along with adults. The Silverado Dancers, sponsored by Ihe Long Beach Recreation Department, dances (ach Tuesday evening from 7:M to 10:30 p.m. at the Hutch Youth Club, 2611 Ixcusl Ave. There is a charge of 50 cents per person. A spokesman for the group said more children participate during the summer when Ihey don'l have to worry about school the next day. All Long Beach parks also will b starting folk darx* classes for youngsters in April. You can eonlacl Ihe park nearest you for additional information. REACTION A recant Action Line item erroniously staled the price for a thyroid scan at Hawthorne Memorial Hospital is (ISO. The charge actually is (79. M.G.. Hawthorne (Editor's note: The scans are available in l^ong ·Beach for tX at Memorial Hospital and Hi al Community Hospital.) . 8225,000 fire al Paramount firm Fire believed to have Ibecn started by faulty wiring caused an estimated '..5225.000 d a m a g e lo a · P a r a m o u n t electronics c o m p a n y huilding Monday, county firemen said '. The 12:25 p.m blaze at ·Webber Cable Electronics 1.VS2S Illinois Ave.. was controlled in a b o u t 2fi minutes- INDEPENDENT W^-th )! mi t H . N o II! Stem! Cl*« FHU* ? " L '"s"u«6£SUO BETML P R I C E PIT fi Afeaffi Vl HOME OELtVtfrr DULY H K D S U H D t r « M W SUND1TOHIT 11 JO Ul SINGLE CWY S U N D A Y 1 o»ar 1 DULY i k O S J h O i T IS » W ( U K O I Y O X I Y UH *"! -INCH BLACK WHITE REVOLUTIONARY TV SPIRIT OF 76" MODEL Dooley' Low Price 128 88 AC/DC 100% Solid State Chassis Includes Car Cord 9-lnch Diagonal Measure 19-INCH SOLID-STATE BLACK WHITE PORTABLE TELEVISION Dooley's Low/ Price 139 100% Solid-State Chassis 70 Position 'Click-In' UHF Tuner i Pre-Set VHP Fine Tuning i 19-Inch Diagonal Measure HITACHI 13-INCH SOLID-STATE PORTABLE COLOR TV 297 Dooloy's Low Price · Compact Cabinet With Retractable Carrying Handle · APS Locks In Color, Tint, Brightness and Contrast · 13-Inch Diagonal Measure · 10 Years on Transistors XL-100 25-INCH COLOR CONSOLE TV 568 Dooley' Low Price 100% Solid-State Super AccuFilter Black Matrix Picture Tube Automatic Fine Tuning Plug-In Accucircuit Modules 25-Inch Diagonal Measure -Hotpjcrirdr LAUNDRY CENTER CAN SAVE YOU TIME AN5WORK AUTOMATIC WASHER 2 SPEEDS-CYCLE 248 18-Lb. Capacity 4 Water Level Selections Bleacfi Dispenser 3 Regular Cycles: Heavy, Normal, light Delicate Cyde 15-Minute Wash Cycle Available In White, Avocado Gold At No Charge And GAS DRYER Dooloy's Low Price 1 Large Capacity 3 Temperature Selections Normal, Low Fluff Dry '" Up-Front Lint Filter Available in White, Avocado and Gold at No Charge FREE DELIVERY SPEED QUEEN AUTOMATIC WATER SOFTENER · Enjoy Economical Soft Water Luxury. And, With Soft Water, You'll Use Less Cleaning Agents Prevent the Formation of Insoluble Hard Water Scale in Pipes ond Appliances · Clothes Come CM Cleaner and Brighter 248 MSTUlATiM OFT10H*L--EXTRA · FULL TWO YEARS WARRANTY ON COMPUTE WATER SOFTENER · ADDITIONAL (1) YEAR CONTROLLER GUARANTEE · ADDITIONAL 8-YEAR TANK GUARANTEE ffl LITTON MINUTEMflSTER MICROWAVE OVEN · Vari-Cook'"' Oven Control Changes Cooking Speed · Automatic Defroster · Easy-Clean Acrylic Interior Model DK5010 IN MAJOR APPLIANCE BLDG. D oo ley's Low Price '368" pnm FY'S Hardware Mart 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD., NORTH LONG BEACH STORE HOURS OPEN DAILY 9 TO 6, FRIDAY 9 TO 9, S U N D A Y 1 0 T O 5

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