Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 · Page 3
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1929
Page 3
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ALTOONA MIRROR—TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 12, 1929 IN THE BUSINESS WORLD OF TODAY By J. C. ROVTJR, Sta:.' Correspondent. (CopyrljM, 1920, by AHoona Mirror.) NEW YORK, Nov. 12.—Organization of European wheat trusts is under way to combat the orderly marketing programs of the federal farm board . through the wheat corporation and of the Canadian grower^ through thp Canadian wheat pools. This is the report tha f . has just reached private and government agencies in the country. The fear that together the American and Canadian farm organizations, by holding their wheat for orderly marketing with the aid of organizations such as the farm board, may advance wheo.t prices and effect European buyers profits, is alleged to be behind the move. It is reported, but unconfirmed and vigorously denied by the French embassy at Washington, that the active development of the buyers' trust follows a hint to French organized mill buyers from Premier Andre Tardieu. This report is traceable, it is believed, to recent statement by the French premier that Europe, exclusive of Russia, could save the billion dollars a year that it now pays out for wheat by reorganization of home production of wheat, making wheat growing in Europe more remunerative. The harvest of Argentina and Australia will begin In about two months. If the European wheat trusts can stall off buying American and Canadian wheat for the time necessary for the southern hemisphere crop to reach them without an advance in prices, they will have an advantage. But , news of the Argentine crop prospect \ has been unfavorable. The depart- Winent of agriculture estimates that the f wheat supply, together with a big ' carryover from the bumper year of 1928-1929, will be 360,000,000 bushels less in the 1929-1930 period than for the previous year. Assuming that consumption will be about that of/last year, that is 3,760,000,000 bushels. 'The carryover will be reduced to 200,000,000 bushels Or the lowest amount since 1923. Based on these figures the outlook for the American and Canadian farmers to defeat the European buyers trust seems bright, provided they can market wheat in an orderly manner and not dump it in panic. The trust may be able to supply its immediate demands until the Argentine crop is available but the long term outlook is bright for the American and. Canadian i growers. Any drop in production from the present estimates in Argentine or , Australia, or even a likelihood that j spring estimates in Argentine or Australia, or even a likelihood that spring wheat in North America would not de well, might cause an expansion of prices. George Mclvor, general manager of the Canadian wheat pool, indicated plainly his attitude of cooperation with the farm, board when he said, "the welding into one organization of the wheat pool cooperative sales agencies and cooperative farmers' elevators in the United States, to be adequately financed by the United States government under the supervision of the federal farm board, should, if it can be carried out, have a powerful influence in stabilizing prices not only in the United States but in the markets of the world." Senator Brookhart of Iowa states that Canada and the United- States together controlled 60 per cent of the world's wheat and there was no reason why a system of orderly marketing might not be worked out between them. He added that representatives of the Canadian wheat pool had al\ ready conferred with the senate com\ mittee on agriculture and forestry and Ithat the alms of the Canadian organ- ,'rafl.tion as outlined were identical .' with thosj of the federal farm board. Samuel R. McKelvie, grain member of the farm board, while not sponsoring a Canadian alliance, declared that a steadying influence" for marketing was needed and would be furnished. He added that the consumers of Europe need be in no fear that the operations of the farm board would mean increased bread; prices, to European consumers. The policy of the board, he said, was not one of price fixing but of stabilization of prices on a level which would give a fair return by introducing steadying influences to maintain an even flow of'grain to market. Such a plan, carried out to its logical conclusion, he believes will reverse the position of the American farmer in the European markets. The organized purchasers, Mr. McKelvie stated, would be faced by organized farmers. The market, he added, would not be upset by a mad rush by those who had to dispose of their wheat in a hurry to get necessary cash. This will be brought about by means of loans to the cooperatives. The air is not so much for an extraordinary advance in prices as to give the farmer his added return through efficient handling and marketing methods and the cheaper credit. I use Old Witch an mv atone THE QUICK EASY WAY TO CLEAN ENAMEL Buy a bottle of Old Witch and you buy freedom from household drudgery. You're all through with hard rubbing and scouring. Now you Simply wash the dirt away. Get kitchen and bathroom enamel and tile glistening clean in no time at all—with less effort than you'd believe possible. A liquid, Old Witch begins to clean al once. So much more oonvenient than ordinary cleansers. No stirring the cleaning water. No standing.idly by while a powder slowly dissolves. 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Sizes 27-20 length. $1.25 Flannelette Gowns Extra heavy weight flannelette, In solid white, or stripe, pink and white, blue a.nd white. In extra and regular sizes 16 to 20. $1.25 Chemise Sheer nainsook, built-up /H« shoulder or straps, In white Tk I only. Sizes 36 to 44 V* Kllnn l!ro«.—Second Floor. $2.00 Silk Hosiery, $1.00 Women's full fashioned picot top all silk sheer hosiery with the pointed heel. Slight mill irregulars. All good shades. Women's $1.00 Silk Hosiery, 2 Pairs For Service weight silk and rayon hosiery, in a large assortment of shados. All flrst finality. Women's SOc Lisle Hosiery, 5 Pairs For "Burson" mercerized lisle seamless fashioned hosiery, in black and colors. Slight mill irregulars. Boys' 25c Golf Socks, 5 Pairs For Funcy cotton Rolf socks, |t»l In u splendid assortment of Tk I colors. All first quality. V * Sizes 7 to 9y a . Misses' SOc Fancy Stockings, 5 Pairs For Fancy rayon and lisle /t» 4 stockings, in the junior shap- Tk I ed style. Sizes 7 to 8'/&.... V* Kllnn HroH. —Mulu Floor. Printed Wash Silks, 2 yds. $1 Many desirable patterns in this practical silk. Wash able and will wear, 32 inches wide. *ttf* r*s\ r*+ c?*ii w • • A "\s I r* $3.50 Fine Silks Many different wuavns and A * colors, Including flat crnpea, ?k I satin crepiis, georgettes, V* check taffeta, chucked broadcloth, printed Jersey, and other weaves. Wash- Linings, 4 Yards For All worth twice and more rf»^ than the price asked. Bat- H| I innttefl, porcaline, silk and V* cotton fabrics, KUnu Bro«.—Main Floor. 4Sc Soiesette, 3 yds. $1.00 These are fast colored prints, in fifty patterns and cols 32 inches wide. ors, 32 inches wide. SOc Printed Charmeuse, 3 Yards For Fast colored printed char- jt>1| mouse with high lustrous lln- Tk I inn, 30 inches wide V* 29c Underwear Crepe, B Yards For Wash-an-ri'udy crepe, in charming designs and plain colors Kline Itrou.—l^iwer i'loor. Infants' Dresses, 3 for $1.00 Nice soft finish muslin, embroidered yoke, deep hem or edged with embroidered bottom. 79c Rompers and Creepers, 2 For Cotton ponxeltu, daintily embroidered, in contrasting colors, in many cule styles and trimmings. $1.50 Sweaters Wool and rayon stripe, button front or slip-on .stylea. In pretty pastel colors. $1 Klllie Broi.—Second Fluor. Table Damask 2 l /2 yds., $1 Heavy mercerized quality, 58 inches wide, assorted patterns, soft finish. $1.39 Bath Mats Good heavy mats with pretty colorings that arc- very useful Kline Bros.—Loner Moor. $1 Bedspreads $1.00 Colored stripe <! bedspreads, size 76 by 90 indies in blue, rose, or gold. 22c Shaker Flannel, € Yards For Full bleached Shakrr H.m- uel, heavy with deep nap, 27 inches wide KJitlu Bros.—Lower fr'luor. h m »^^ 1 Men's Ebony Toilet Kits $1.00 Men's two, three and five piece toilet sets in leather cases. High grade fittings in black ebony. Usually $2.00. —Main Floor. Felts and \ Velvets l $1.00 The greatest value of the season. All shades. A Very Special Group Of Hats, Wednesday Only $1.94 Kelts, velvets, soliels. Kllnn Broil.—Main Fluor. Women's Silk Dresses $2.00 Regularly $5 to $10 An odd lot of silk dresses in flat crepe and combinations, some have long sleeves others with short sleeves, in mostly light shades, , small sizes only. We advise early shopping, as there is just a limited amount. Kline Broil.—Second Floor. Women's $1.49 and $2.00 Sweaters An odd lot of slip-over .sweaters, made of wool yam anil rayon, in a fancy weave with V-neck or crew necks, in light and dark shades. Sizes 36 to 42. Kllno Brot.—Second Floor. Men's $1.SO Overalls and Blouses Extra heavy, two seams, large apron, full cut •. Kline Hroa—Third Floor. $1 $1.98 Smoking Stands Metal stand with imitation hnmmered brass ash contwlner, glass lined, comes in three colors, red, green and black. Kline Bros,—Main floor. 35c Linen Napkins, 4 For Irish linen table napkins, size 20 by 20 inches, assort ed puttcrnu -, Kline ItroH.—Lower Floor. $1 Alarm Clocks Gilbert Tornado Alarm Clocks, guaranteed good time keepers, with u long alarm. Largo plain dial. Kline llrcw.-^Mnin Floor. Leather Handbags Utterly smart, genuine leather bags, In all new grains and new styles Kline Brim.—.Muln Moor. Flowers, 4 For In all colorn. Formerly 50c to 75o Kline lima.—Main Moor. $1 $1 $1.50 Circular Neckwear, 2 Yards For $1 III red, blue, tan and a prirol Kline llron.— .Main Hoor. $1.25 Cotton Batts Cotton bait.-, for comforts, .size 72 by 90 inches, ull in one pieee and stitched. KllDc Bros.—Luiyer Hoof. Fancy Ticking, 3 Yards For Jb'aney leather ticking, in many patlern.s ami colors for making pillows :>2 inches wide. liliilr Uros.— l.uvi $1

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