Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 25
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SAMIANO--Moeses L., 63, of '436 Maine Ave., died Friday. S u r v i v i n g are wife, Petra; sons, Leonites, Cende larlo; daughter, Encarnacion Samiano. Rosary tonight, 7:30, Dilday Family Funeral Directors. Requiem Mass Wednesday, 8 a.m., St. Anthony Church. Death Notices minster Memorial Park Mor-[Service Wednesday, 3 p.m., tuary. Iforest Lawn, Cypress. MOODY Richard Frederick, 49, installer at Douglas Aircraft Co., of 3410 E. Seventh St., died Saturday. Surviving are sons, Ronnie, Donnie, Lindwood; daughters, Mrs. Jennette Baulie, Mrs. Joye Raymond, Mrs. Juanita Mayberry. Service Wednesday, 11 a..m, Mottell's Mortu aiy. HIGGINS (Garden Grove) -- Wilford T., 64, self-employed glazer, of 10792 Garden Grove Blvd., died Friday. Surviving are wife, Marie; sons, Wilford Gentry, Thomas Higgins; daughter, Mrs. Wan a Taylor. Service today, 1 m, Peek Family Colonial uneral Home, Westminster. NEGLEY (Garden Grove)-- .delbert M., 81, retired ma- hinist, of 11711 Easy Way, lied Friday. Surviving are ons, Henry, Albert. Service Wednesday, 11 a.m., Ingle- vood Park Cemetery. West minster Memorial Park Mor- uary in'charge. HA1RE--Mrs. Elizabeth K, 67, retired waitress, of 718 Long Beach Blvd., died March 9. Surviving is niece, Mrs Valentina Griaznoss. Service Wednesday, 3 p.m., Holton . Son Mortuary. THOMPSON -- Ganell, 80 retired restaurant cashier, o 719 Medio St., died Sunday Surviving is husband l Charle B. Service Wednesday, 12:3 p.m., Mottell's Mortuary. H1NDMAN--Jean, of 1148 E. Second St., died Sunday. Surviving are husband, John; daughter, Mrs. K a t h l e e n Smith. Private s e r v i c e Wednesday, Dilday Family Funeral Ditectors. viving are wife, Irene L; son, Frank P. Jr.; daughter, Mrs. B a r b a r a Hoffman. Service Wednesday, 11 a.m., Bellflower Mortuary. MAYSON--Nellie K., 80, of 4200 V i r g i n i a Road, died Monday. Surviving are hus- jand, Herbert; daughters, Mrs. Nellie Yankie, Mrs. Grace Bankhead, Mrs. Lesley Holbert; brother, Ebar Keswick. Service Wednesday, 3:30 p.m., Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary. Dilday Family Fn- neral Directors in charge. MARQUES (BclUlowcr) -Beatriz Y., 74, of 10527 Elgers died Sunday. · Surviving are husband, Carlos E.; sons, obert, Jose, A r m a n d o ; uphters, Mrs. Beatriz Aze- i, Mrs. Aurea Pereira, Mrs. iclina Rodriques, Mrs. Alda ousano, Mrs. Rita Guterres. BUCKL1N -- Winslow W. 84, retired meatcutter, of 74( I. San Antonio Drive, diet Sunday. Surviving are son, Wade B.; sister, Winnie Buckin. Service Thursday, 1 p.m., Patterson Snively Mortuary. BOYLAN Lawrence Edward, 24, of 354 Loma Ave. died Sunday. Surviving are f a t h e r , Lawrence Boylan m o t h e r , Mrs. Mary Lane half-brother, M a r k Elliott half-sister, Dorothy Lane. Ser vice Wednesday, 1 p.m., Har bor Rest Memorial Paik, Cos HEDGES-Glenn B., 74, of ta Mesa - Mottell's Mortuary 2168 Ave., died Sunday. Sur- ln charge, viving is wife, Bessie L. Service Thursday, 1 p.m., Forest Lawn, Cypress. OSTERMEYER -- A n n a Mae, 82, of 554 Magnolia Ave., died Sunday. Surviving are daughters, Mrs. Mildred Crawford, Mrs. Nadine Hayden. Service Wednesday, 12:30 p.m., Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary. Yeeland St., died Monday. Surviving are wife, May; aughter, Mrs. Laurel Parker. Service Thursday, 3:15 p.m., orest Lawn, Cypress. STILTS (Norwalk)--Sidonie M., 75, of 14645 Harvest Ave., died Saturday. Surviving are daughters, Mrs. Louise Everett, Mrs. Flora O s t r a n d e r Requiem Mass today, 9:30 a.m., St. John of God Church. Chapel of Memories in charge St., died Saturday. Surviving until 9 p.m. today at Hilda KING--Florence Roma, 78 of 482 Smith St., died Mon day. Surviving are sons, Earl Robert Brown; daughter, Mrs Lucille Gracey; brothers, Wai ter, Charles Underwood; sis ters, Mrs. Helen Hamilton Mrs. Louise Eastberg. Servic Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., West COOK--Andrew S., 82, re- GUYER -- William (Jack) 82. retired poultry picker, o 3520 Golden Ave., died Sun day. Surviving is sister, Mrs ired paint salesman, of 427 Cleo M. Cays Graveside ser vice Wednesday, 10 a.m Westminster Memorial Park Mottell's Mortuary in charge L U C A S (Buena Park) -'rank E., 86, of 8231 Fourth PIERCE--Elizabeth H., 82 of 330 W. Ocean Blvd., die Sunday. Surviving is husbanc Harry. Friends may call noo are sons, Hiram P., George, ? rank; daughter, Mrs. Marguerite Walker; brothers, John 3., Howard M., Hiram B.; sister, Mrs. Alfarelta Knebel. Service Wednesday, 1 p.m., Forest Lawn, Cypress. Family Funeral Directors. CARR--Hilda Davis, 66, of 6014 Olive St., died Saturday. Surviving are sons, Marion A. Clarence M.; brothers, Harry, Artemas, Ansil Davis; sisters, Mrs. Mildred Poore, Mrs. Lou ise Whitaker, Mrs. Vernon Malm, Mrs. Helen Snyder. WOODS (Harbor City) -Harry A., 56, carpenter, o 25624 Marygold Ave., die? Sunday. Surviving are wif L i l l i a n K.; sons, Gary L Steven A.; mother, Mrs. Li Staggs; brother, Arthur Ke Service Wednesday, 3:30 p.m Mottell's M o r t u a r y , Lon Beach. B R A N D T (Bellflower) -Frank Paul Sr., of 9723 Harvard St., died Sunday. Su City Moves to Acquire Land Parcel City officials moved Mon day to acquire by condemnation a 6.7-acro tract bordering the northwest end of the diag onal r u n w a y at the Long Beach airport. The vacant acreage is in Lakewood adjoining the ne\\ industrial park. A preliminary appraisal estimated its value at $333,500. Louis H. Boyar, the principal owner and one I.K*. ciiit, TWI, MK. 15. iw INDEPENDENT--Page D-l Bernard Church. Waite's jneral Home in charge. equiem' Mass today, 9 a.m., °f the original developers of Lakewood, is reported to have asked a price in excess of that figure. City Manager John R. Mansell recommended the condemnation suit in a letter to c i t y councilmcn who are scheduled to act today. Mansell said recent sales in the area have gone at prices substantially above the ap praisal by the Federal Aviation Agency, which will pay most of the purchase cost. T h e property will extend the clear zone at the end of :he runway. Consisting of two large lots, it Is bisected by the Union Pacific railroad tracks south of Carson Street between Cherry Avenue and Paramount Boulevard. SIMON (Norwalk)--Erhard 45, mechanic, of 13302 E. 60th St., died Saturday. Sur- ving are wife, Marianne; other, Mrs. Anna Simon, ervice Wednesday, 10 a.m., orwalk Mortuary. RUIZ (Norwalk) -- Joseph ., 67, of 119B3 Olive St., died unday. Surviving are wife, ena; son, Joseph; daughter, Irs. Angela Huston. Rosary onight, 8, Norwalk Mortuary, lequiem Mass Wednesday, :30 a.m., St. John of God ;hurch. MORTENSON -- John, 85 vas custodian at Immanue .utherau Church, of 439 E 45th St., died Sunday. Surviv ng are wife, Ida S.; sons, ierbert, Charles; daughters, firs. Edla Larson, Mrs. Betty irickson; one brother, three sisters in S w e d e n . Service Wednesday, 2 p.m., Immanuel .utherau Church. Patterson Snively. Mortuary in charge. Family suggests contributions to church' fund. Personnel Talk Set Personnel specialist Morris . Pickus will discuss "What's Wrong With College Graduates" at Long Beach State College March 21 at noon in Lecture Hall 151. Pickus is rcsident of Personnel Insti- :ute, Inc. PRIEST--Grover Cleveland 61, of 6421 Orange Ave., died Sunday. Surviving are wife Ollie; son, James; daughters Mrs. Beverly Thomas, Mrs Carolyn Ricklef; stepson, Bil M c C u 11 o c h; stepdaughters Mrs. Betty Lee Moody, Ruth McCulloch; brothers, Lloyd Bob, W. sisters, Mrs Mrs. Fay Burns. S e r v i c e Wednesday, 10:30 a.m., Patterson Snively Mortuary. PALOMINO CALMED AFTER A1TACK Bob Broker steadies his palomino mare after knife attack in which 11 expensive riding horses were slashed ahotit the neck Monday. Broker, of 6133 California Ave., had three of his horses knifed at the Del Amo stables. Other attacks occurred in South Bay area. Congress Warned to Economize Haytchen Millan, Mrs. Lois Larson, Mrs. Jessie Adams, DEIAVORTH --Commie M., 74, of 1342 Myrtle Ave., died Thursday. Surviving are son, Roscoe; d a u g h t e r s , Mrs. Johnnie Chandler, Mrs. Mary L. Hodge; brothers, Theodore, I.onnie, Sercery, Clay; sisters, Mrs. Maggie McCoy, Mrs. Mary Woolen, Mrs. Minnie L e t t s . Service Wednesday, 11:30 a.m., Angelas Funeral Home, Los Angeles. Before you consider any other "six",.* Try the one from the Rocket family! W A S H I N G T O N (UPI-Treasury Secretary Henry H Fowler suggested M o n d a y that spending approved by Congress, as well as the Viei Nam war and economic de velopments, could determine whether a tax increase wil be needed to avert inflation. Fowler's speech before the Detroit Economic Club wa interpreted by some observ ers in Washington as an ad ministration warning to Con gress not lo tamper to mud with President Johnson's nev budget or else be prepared t share the blame for a pos sible tax increase. Some Republicans -- an Democrats -- have chargec Johnson has proposed cuts i politically popular federal ai programs in an election yea knowing Congress would no go along. * * * * THE IMPLICATION is tha Johnson then could point I balking legislators when an if he is forced to request tax increase to dampen infla tionary threats on the econ omy. Fowler predicted that th administration's fiscal 196 budget would "pass or a; proach balance . . . providin of course that the totals r fleeted in the President budget are not substantial increased as the Congre* works its will through the a ropriation process." The Treasury s e c r e t a r poke on the eve of expect« inal congressional approv of a compromise tax refo )ill designed to raise $6 b ion in emergency revenu through June 30, 1967, to finance the Viet Nam war and to take some steam out of the economy. Fowler said the economy requires restraint but not 'drastic taxation, direct price and wage controls and all the disturbing paraphernalia of c o n v e r s i o n to war that marked World War II and the Korean war." INTEREST TOO lUGll oi C risis* for Loan Firms By STERLING F. GREEN WASHINGTON MV- The climb of bank interest rates ' as confronted savings and loan firms with a "year of risis" in the competition for investors' savings, nn in- uslry spokesman said Monday night. Widening c o n c e r n over ght money --caused partly I last week's increase from 51/2 % in the r a t e larged by major New York anks on prime b u s i n e s s ians--brought Ihese further eactions from savings a n d an quarters: --A proposal that Prcsl- ent Johnson name a special ommission to study and rec- inmend possible changes in ne rules which rstrict the nvestments a n d dividcnc layments of s a v i n g s ant oan firms. --A forecast that the Fed era! R e s e r v e Board may igain be forced --perhaps in April--to raise the discoun rate. That is the i n t e r E s charged by Federal Reserv banks on their loans to com mercial banks. --A warning that mortg age money for home financ ng may he inadequate I meet the anticipated housing demand of 1966. --A prediction that som California savings and loai associations may boost th ntercst which they offer t depositors to 5%, to attrac new deposits and prevent ol depositors from withdrawin their money for reinvcstmen in the East. The "year of crisis" warn ing came from Harry P Creep, president of the Na tional League of Insured Sa\ ings Associations, in an ai ress before the Southwes rn Savings and Loan Confe :nce in Dallas, Tex. * * * * CREEP SAID the increase ates now paid by banks o :ertificates of deposit--issue o depositors who agree n o withdraw their money f F-85 Action-Line 6 · Big Performance! When the Rocket Action people pack a "six" under the hood, you know it'll be a lively performer! 155 horsepower. 250 cubic inches. 8.50-tol compression. Regular fuel. · Big Features! A big-car look that's Toronado-inspired * * = big-car ride that smooths every bump . . . big-car road handling that hugs every curve. .. Air-Scoop Brakes for steady stops. · Plus Big Savings! Oldsmobile's in-line "six" is priced right down in the low-price field! Swing down to your Olds Dealer's now! OLDS IK MOlX «*·· r~ M* OM ··· A"* «*«" I""- kiff ta perrartttd, ttoty* cfcKk your oulitd« r*«-*«* fr.-rSr llrtL tft iraanfl tfii nvany tltndwd Mltty fe»- turli oTM ·»·!? 'H OWf-*ton« with front a-id rM Mtl p«U«J «l»«n and [nitnj n*nl p4.i*(, and bMMip k«hU. IS SWEEPING THE COUNTRY! atcd periods of time -- "poso real competitive problem to e savings and l o a n busl- ss." Efforts have been made to rsuadc the Federal Reserve oard lo curb the issuance of ch certificates, Creep re- orteri. But he said: "1 am irsonally not optimistic that w . action will he taken." Some banks are offering Y 0 interest on such certifi- ·Ues; a few pay up to 5'/j% n funds deposited for sev- ral years. Those rates are above the iturn normally offered to : avings and loan depositors; n fact, 5i^% is all that a sav- ngs and loan firm Itself can ollect in interest on a gov- rnment-insurcd mortgage. : * + * + THE FREEDOM enjoyed by · : ommercial hanks to operate , " n the certificates-of-deposit . nd other investment markets ives the banks a decided ad- antagc over savings and loan i.rms in a time of tightening noney, Creep said.. The sav- ngs and loan industry is lim- led basically to mortgage ending. "Perhaps the time has :ome for the President of the United States to appoint a' special commission oh the savings and l o a n business," suggested Greep, who is president of the Atlantic Federal Savings and Loan, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "(The commission would) determine and make recommendations how this industry can best fit into the economy of the coming decade so that it may render Ihe maximum . service to the people of the nation." Lena! Notice CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FIC1ITIOUS NAME The undersigned does certify · Legal Notice 05730 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, F I C T I T I O U S N A M E The unilerjili,-neil do certify they OUT FRONT ,.ina Rocket Action Car! 10*«tUl»0'IU«Tr.tlCHT-D[l.T» M-OY»"iiC;;-;CI17A« tl · CUTUSI · US'VIST" Cnu,,-· S1AHFIKE · 4-4-2 Q LD S M O BI «KAT THU TO Co wnori THE «CTXM it,.. MI YOU* LOC*£sinnomue oiwmu^l GM Labor Faces New Dirksen Filibusters WASHINGTON (UPI) -Jenate GOr Leader Everet A. Dirksen, who led a fil Busier that killed a bill to mllify laws banning the union ;hop, kept alive Monday the possibility he would use simi- ar tactics against administra- ion-backed minimum wage, obless benefits and picketing measures. Dirksen said a decision on whether to filibuster against the three House bills depends on w h e t h e r some of the "rough corners" are taken off the legislation. The Republican Policy Committee will meet Tuesday and might produce a decision on filibuster tactics against the bills, he told newsmen. Dirksen noted the adminis traiion a l r e a d y had toned '!-.--n ^r^anized labor's demand tor a $2 hourly minimum wage. The bill approved a House committee called for an i n c r e a s e from the present $1.25 lo $1.60 an hour by February 1968. 9 conducting a buslneas at 2003|are conducting a business at 632 B. ' ~ · - -· · willow St., Lone lieacli, California, u n d e r the flctlliou.i f i r m n*me ol FULLER'S WORLD OF H A I R FASHIONS" and that aald f i r m Is compoied o£ tlie following persons, whose namM In full nnd places or residence ara Palo Verde, Lonp Beach. California, under the fictitious llrm name of CAPRI REALTY and that 5ald f i r m is composed of the following person, whc-i-e name .. I'ers In full and pUc« a* follows: of residence is Madalyne Carolyne Urjano. 2009 Palo Verdfl Ave.. Long Beach. Calif. Dated March T. 19o6. MADAI.YKK CAROLY.NF, U R S A N O State of California. Los Angeles Counly: On March 7. IMS. before me. n Notary Public tn and for said St.ite. personally appeared Madllyne Carolyne L'rjano k n o w n to me to be a* follows: Ronald 3. Fuller, 2300 Baltic Ave., Long Beach. C.illf. 90310. W i n n i e B. Fuller. 2300 Baltic Av«., Ixir.R Reach. Calif. 30510. Dated February 25, 1368. ROXALD ]. FULLER W I N N I E IS. F U L L E R State of California. SSh.^r\S 1 ^iMH n .ln,Xij^-^^£a^'^{»«5i and acknowledged she executed the g.^^^'j ^aW Ronlid nUTH O. PARKS. (SEAL) Notary Public March t. 15. 22. 59. IS^ ( I t ) I*II NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL 1 No. SO P S7I3 In the Superior Court of of K M 7. A n F-T III aka EI.IZAEKTI! S.| e c e s e is herehv given tliat t l i e l K . Anaheim. I,ong Beach. California. f .-Marietta. ElliMl Davis u n d . r Ih- ILCIIIIO..S firm . nam. of. . sWFKNEY Deceased etilion 0- -- - or the Probate of Ihe Will of the ibove-named deceased and for t h e nuance of Letters Testamentary heron to the petitioner to which reference ii hereby made for further particulars, will be heard at Si30 o'clock A.M.. on March 23. 1956. at the court room of Department South "H". of the Superior Court of the SlaU of California for the Counly of Los Angeles. City of I/onjf Beach. Dated March 2. 196S. WILLIAM G. SHARP. County Clerk and Cleric of tlie Superior Court of llie .State of California for the County of Los Anxeles By B. Gtger, Deputy PRAY, P R I C E , W I L L I A M S D E A T r l E R A G E 720 Security B u i l d i n g Long Beach, Calif. 90CC: HE 6-1231 Attorneys for Petitioner Pub. Mar. 8, 5, 15, IMS (3D L..B.I. J. filler and Winnie B. Fuller Xnow-n to ni'- to be the persons u-ho.'e names are subscribed to tho w i l h i n i n s t r u m e n t and ackr owl edged l]i«y executed t l i f t same. RUTH I,. PAP. PCS. , 'Seal) N'olary Public J Mjir._ 1. f. 15. ::. 13M «tl--US.!. 06724 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME Th* 1 un'l*i?ipn"fl do certify they '*re c u E m u r d n g a business at CABINET SPECIALTIES and t h a t ."ai'l linn is compo/ed of. he following persons, whose namej n full and places of residence ajr«. as follows: ' C. \V. (Jack) Gaines, 3150 Oregon Ave.. Long Beach, Calif. Jarlc H. Gaines. H* College Park Drive. Seal F.each. C»llf. D.lted March 12. 1966. JACK GAINES JACK H. GAIXES State of California, Los AnKeles County: On March 12. 1066, bcfcre me. * Notary Public In and for said State.- personally appeared C. W. (Jack)- lOlines and Jack II. Gaines known to me to be the persons whose 1 fames are nub.'crlbed to the wllhln i n s t r u m e n t and acknowledged they' executed the »ame. THOMAS A. ASHBROOK. (SEAL) Notary Public t My commlsMon expire* Miy 13. 136S_ Mar. 15, 21 29, Apr. 5. '6fi («) LBI V

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