The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 25, 1957 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 10
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THE F & C T 3 At Camp Camp Camp wss Row Sterling near Styto'wn June 18-20. Those at-, tending the camp from Brabor- i» County were Louise Galaznik • Women Are 'Frantic' Conventiori'Qoers 98, imt Bj CAY PAULEY (conventions, to sell th« cause UP Staff Correspondent 'of CAKF, NEW YORK. — IW — We! Hot Ridiculing Ladl« of Jones Creek. Barabara Crai-, Women, bless us. take our club Be.iter said he would give Eer of Alvin. Alice Sbnisrh of conventions seriously. But from the "as others see us" lowdown, Demon. Myra Newberry of An. ' msn's eye view. we. frequent- only if I would explain he is gleton. Gynell Jordan. County ly are funny, somptimt-s frus- not ridiculing the lady conven- 4 H Council chairman of Swee- trating. and always frantic. tioneer. and Sarah KahU. district ,.;*:f/'^.AT '^l 1 , 1 '^?' 5 '" co1 ' "Otherwise." he said. "I may every never be a-ked to speak again." ny. 4-H Council chairman of Sweeny. The s by' Mrs rlt were accompanied H. T. Jordan, adult lerting souvenir, every other bit of . The w . nnlpn , , invp thpm ," free matmal. c , id Rpl , lf , r .. Thpv .,. p mmf „,. _i r,e_ shopping bag is a worn- t( , n t,Ye. maybe because after an's delegate's identification activities with the same gusto. "Th» pnrlf are invrtprate sightseers," said Renter. "They're determined not to miss a thing. The women sho\" up for every breakfast, every tea—they don't go for cocktail parties—and every reception. But Renter said'the one thin? that ama7es him most about UP women at a convention is the ly we cat. 'The menu always is heavier leader of Sweenv and Mrs v j «-"-•••" T~?oumvHome ****'.."'*?* ™"^"*'On is in prn tif,cate. they're worn down. 'aid. "The women town, said R.chard W. Renter. ; Thpv - re hheralwith their ues- works years of listening to husbands' than for a men's group." """' * want light down to PAT'S SHOr MOTORS Fom DREAM BOATS • FISHING - TACKLB • arts i - DATS A ween SnrfuM* R*M Ph. l-mi executive director of CAP.E.; , itms . They want to kn Inc.. the international aid or-! -They work harder at con Rooey parfait." should be nrettv much authority. He sneaks each year to about lO.nnrt "joiners"-both men and women—at various stat«. regional and national Nurse Scholarship Winners Named gamzation. vpntions than men Ho. And; Renter, an affable ,nd thev're. more apt to follow! charming man in hi. late 3(Vs. through on any stand they | of an -take." Renter said the woman takes her convention meetings seriously. "And she puts a high j Three Braroria County girls priority on the serious speak-1 have been awarded scholar- er." he added. "Any asides the 5pip! , for tnree ,.„„ of „,„.„,,; speaker might think are funny. trilinmR hv the Brazoria Coun- just fall flat, i he average delegate fee's cheated if the talk is light." Digt Into ActiTiHet The women digs into social Your C. .4. Whlrlnaol In T JIM VOORHIES RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES M Cirelf Way, L»k» JarHwn Photw 1-2SM or 1-17U Ton James Has Arrived Th* newly arrived son for Mrs. James Felt Lake Jackson is Mr. and Crews of Jame* Lowry. Upon arrual Jtmp 21 at Dow Hospital, he three-fourth ounces. Oftlft* Pmeiflo ty Medical Auxiliary. Recipients of the scholarships arc Miss Marlene Saent* of Alvin.. Miss Sue Vic.k of West Coluni-! bia. and Miss Judith O'Neil of Lake Jackson, j The Auxiliary, an organisa- tion composed of doctors' wives, chose the recipients of the scholarships from applications made on pritnert forms and on the basis of scholarship, per-j Three other girls who have) won Auxiliary- scholarships arej in training at the present time.! They are Kirsten AVilson of; Freeport. who won a scholar-1 ship in J95S. who is attending! the University of Michigan at j Ann Arbor; Christelba Quin-| tinella of Freeport. also a 1955 scholarship winner. St. Joseph's Hospital in Houston:' and Joan Garrett of Clute,: 195fi. John Sealr Hospital.! Galveston. , This year'* scholarship win-1 ners have already selected! their schools. Miss O'Nei! plans! to attend th» Methodist Ho<- i pita! School of Vurses Train- 1 ing in Houston: Mist Vick has* selected the Memorial Hospital school. Houston: and Mljf Saentr. plans ro train at John: Sealy Hospital. Galveston ; \At Summer Fro/ning Slf«: Reserves Have Big Weekend San Diego, Calif., — Galven-, range. IS mil«« north of San ton's llth Special Infantry Dlejfo. Company. US Marine Corps Here, where. th» famed shoot Reserve, \vhich includes sever-iinf ey» and hand of Marines al Braroria County men. passed are developed by some of the the halfway mark in its sum-[finest marksmanship coaches in 'mer training program at thejth* world, three action-packed Marine Corps Recruit Depot (days will he devoted to eom- ! here 1dM weekend. ;petitive firing of the Garand The men of the company |M-t riff*. (Ke basic infantry ihave had their daily stint? on'weapon of the Afarine Corps. 'the half-mile-long parade field The. Browning Automatic Rifle. under the sharp ryes of skilled 'machine gun. .45 caliber pistol [Marine drill instructors. The an< » ns " rl grenades will also re- nth demonstrated, (he precis- ;CCive a Just share of attention. iion of its military'drill move-1 R«cord day results of how, jments in a parad*^Saturday e * rh individual fired will he; i when it was reviewed by meitf- P" s »'d in his service record, bers of the Commanding Gen- RnH w '» shmv on his uniform ieral's staff and officers of th« V7ttfn " p returns to Galvestnn. Dtp-it's Reserve Liaison Train- E " ch Reservist may be wearing ling Group. * rlfl< * Qualification had** in- The Galveston Reservists "'catinf expert, sharpshooter, have absorbed many hour* of "'•qualified marksman, instruction and lecture* on reg- . Ev «ry Marine will be shoot- ular Marine Corps tactics and : m * h " bo " 1 'Inc* <he number ™«ti,«H, Th^u v,.,.» nr .^ti»«rf who qualify with the rifle will IIWIUIK. IMMIV 1IIU llil«llvl., vwwi - fp..-^,,^ -. , . ,dination. Individual protection ' ™P»y. of««r«d in . Inas been stressed, including , fo !l.| n * /lr »* 1im<> thl » 3"«»r. 1 pfottoUvJi" m«as»ires for atomic, '• Th / »f«Phy i« named in hon- hiological and chemical war- 1 ° r _?' m ' r * d M S*<. T. J. Jones, 'fare. .'ITSMC, foi his distinguished Last weekend, they t.mpor- IT* rl V'', rn * nf!ni K r ' COT <* while in arily turned from their work th « "•1"* Cm P*- I'- wil! bt to acquit « first-hand glimpse " w *. rcl * tt »nmi»lly to the Or at some of the recreation spots f* m " <1 . R««ve Unit under ~ ' 1Z5 attendance which attains tn '. h .'1 he " percentage of rifle servist* will again chang« theaters of operation when th«y shift to the Camp Klliott trkJn- ing area where they will biv- lOuac in the field and conduct I-in overnight exercise under isimilated combat conditions ! 'Phis will climax their active diu.v training, the mortem .wn«n they demonstrate by practical application what they have learned Here and at their home training confer during the .var. They are scheduled »B Und ijt the Galveston Airport at ;»:18 p.m., CST. "STOP THAT ITCH! IK JtTST 15 MINUTES If not |>le*M>4, Tmir |*« h,^ it »».r 4rnr stwe. Try ln«*«nt- *t-Thir 1TOR-MK-.VOT f«- Hell « ee»em», rlnrvorm. tnseot MfM, fn«i fteh nr other rarfaoe H«h. T, »sr to KM it»» or night. N«w it ;Rran« Drug *t»r«, Frfejmrt. in Southern California. When liberty call went at qualification while undergoing annual field training at eithe Tlw ,( QUITE A HAUL, con«iiiin« o( IB wirilw up to 170 pound! and two 20 pound king* caught on inappor tig at nlghj. wa« brought in 1ml wo»k br Ihil purlj- Including Que«n of Texai Captain "Doe" Jon«, Sonny Somtri. Wfl- in« Smith, Jul'an Jaogert, and Paul DnYii, . ' noon Raturdav. the» scattered Mo an unlimited array of spots r'"" 1 ?' '""" '"mmj at either j stretching from the Mexican" 1 ' »*">"•«« Recruit Repot i border on the south to Holly- ?, r ... p" dl "f Forc « Training wood on the north, the desert ''^J; Pari ''c. al nearby Coroi and mountain resorts on the —. j |eaft to the Pacific ocean on the _^ rsda >' lh » Galveston R.- west. ~~~~ j They vUited Disneyland, B»l; boa Park, religious ihrines, historic missions, locations that ,mark the very beginning of j California, or went fishing. surfhoarding. swimming, dinting or just plain sight-seeing. : Back on duty Monday morn- 'ing. they had many tales of 'what w» did and what we jaw" that went th» round* in the barracks. Monday evening i and will he retold in Galreston for months to come. But »* 7 a.m..Monday.morpipj. they ar rived at Matthew* 'rifl« Strvict Station and Trading Post IM "Wt BUS5KLL L. DKMUIOMT- v Our OBligation You Your Obligation Us ai ~P*etTKS RAILROAD, -alfhoagk prwttdy owned and pMdy nymiatsd common carrier. It recognize! that it nuut itt again as to discharge fax? four Be ready I* mtch (he Prlte Winner'" you'll fln4 th» T«ckl» Plamrr's HWT Palmer's Sporting Goods ClnU H-M15 . - j +1 Every time you cook you'll love your *<J 1. TO OU» PATHOWfc Our firrt reBpoosibtfity M to prorid* th« X fttmt pOMibie transportation servioe at a cost k»w enmigh to make fit metal and attractiv« to our patrons b«t high enough to hwure ad«quate earning* to enabW IM (o discharge our other obbgatin OO1- .TO OCR ntPUJYES! Th« Missouri Pacific k manned by a iotfioatad array of nwn a«vi wonnen. All of them »hara a rietar- to uphold our reputation aa "A Service Institution", befieve thai in order to attract nrvd retain peopla who will ophoid the finest atanrlarfle in railroading, worker* mv*t noi only tbe adequately paid and provided with good working conditions, ' ..bat tb*ir m*riU must be rocogntaed and an opportunity for ad- f Taneement prorktsd. [••TO OUR STOCKHOLDERS! We firmly belier* that the trans* , portation needs of th« nation can best be met by private enter- i prm. Thia entaiW, however, th« obligation to gire to those whoM . money haa made th« entarpriM poseibW a fair return on their ', iaToetment—a profit, if you please. HL TO THE COMMUNITIES WT! SERVE: Otir pro«p»inty is dosely .-*• gcarsd to that of the communities in which we live and work. ;To aid in the economic growth of Missouri Pacific territory ws | maintain an Industrial Development Department which during •the postwar period waa instrumental in locating on our line* ,»almost 4,000 new industries, with an estimated capital inveat- • J ment of more than $1 * i billion. I* •4Sacb are our obligation*, and we intewl to discharge them to the very I beet ol oor ability. LWe hope, howrver, that you share our belief that the public ha* aome i obfigation to us as an esaeotiai, publicly regukatrd industry . . . the lebligatioa to kiaiat that "horse-and-buggy-day" government reguiatiowi Mmpoaed on the raiiroad« seventy years ago ba moderni2»d. Ir« brie/, Jyour American railroads, in order to most effectively discharge al of their ob%atk»n«, mtist b« allowed to compete on equal terms with othar farm* of fcwnsportation. You, the public, can help u» in thin, and by to doing wiM beet serve your own and your community'* interests. Tina i» rmr fortune linktid fitk youn. Together lei u» budd a bigger aud Empire. ELECTRIC RANGE ELECTRIC COOKING M t»r f»r tin eooUdt w«y u Your electric rang* traniaYftrt h«*t directly t» UM wtenstk — tk« ^*; -^ air stay* cool... t« HOM tk« kit«h«« ... and tk« cook! The ?impl« controls mearnir* tlM h««l wkh pinpoint ax:caracy — you f^i tit* t«mp«rat«r« yo« want, aw( that^i what you get... no more, no I*M. oven cooking; with an ekHric rang* i* cool! Th« i*al«d oven nMani not oo\y a cool kiteXtn, bwt atao ev«nJy distributed ** h«*t... p«rf«H cooking r«««Hj. Roaitinf. baking — ev*ry cooking operation is d<HM exactly right, evtry tim«. «Uctric t*>kinc ic M HOUSTON LIOHTIN& COMPANY LIV« BCTTKK . . COOK » I T T «

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