Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 2
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P«9t A-I--INDSENDENT !·· luck. tHit, WtA, »«». M. »M --L.A.C. S A Y S:Who Should Do cottihg? PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Herbert Hoover Very 111 . Secretary of State Rusk was taping * program which was released around the world by the Voice of America. He was asked about boycotting those countries which insist on shipping goods to Castro. He said: "I think it is possible there may be some consumer reaction here in this country with respect to firms that specifically engage in that trade. But that is something that is in the hands of private citizens; we have no part in that ourselves." A later State Department statement said: "The U-S. does cot favor consumer boycotts.*' But the world was given the impression that our people might conduct the boycott * i Here we have the head of our State Department intimating to the world that private citizens might boycott the foreign firms that sell goods to Castro. One in particular would be the producers of the British-made Triumph automobile--which is made by the same firm that makes and is selling the busses to Cuba. There are many other firms and products from many countries involved in this trade--and defiance of U.S. policy. It would seem that our government should take action itself--if it is justified--rather than leaving it to the people. H a boycott of British Triumph cars is justified--then the government should invoke an embargo on these cars. The Voice of America statement is an example of weakness of our foreign policy. This win be further emphasized because few of the people who desire a foreign-made car will refrain from buying one. 4 4 * A more realistic approach to boycotting was shown the past week by Secretary of Commerce Hodges when he criticized the longshoremen union action in refusing to load wheat destined for Russia- He said the union was dose to making foreign policy for the government in its actioa Would it be any less so if the people as a whole boycotted foreign-made goods in this country because the maker of these goods did not comply with our foreign policy. It is a weakness of our foreign policy when the head of the State Department intimates that no official action will be taken--but encourages the people to take actioa If the issue is of great importance, the government should take the necessary action. In no other way can the people be expected to support and accept retaliation against those who disregard the programs we have set up to discourage the spread of communism. * ft * One program that will have the support of the great majority of our people is cutting off all foreign aid to Britain, France and other countries that continue trade with Cuba. It will have little effect in Britain and France because our present foreign aid is very small to these countries. We have given them around $20 billion over the last 15 years, which is largely responsible for their present prosperity, but their attitudes are largely: "What have you done for uslatelyr The cutting off of foreign aid to some of the other countries--such as Yugoslavia and Indonesia--will be more telling. They carry on large and continuous trad- Ing with Cuba. The whole foreign aid program needs to be discontinued to all countries--except those that do support our programs against aggressor nations. But any of these actions should be official rather than suggesting that the people take the action. They will not do so in convincing numbers. If their own government is not ready to take action, it is natural for them to ask: "Why should we?" Each day these vatilating policies make us look more ridiculous in the eyes of the worid.--LA.C. trum Tto Wlr« hnhcn Former President Herbert Hoover is seriously iU. The 89-year-old former chief executive has been bed-ridden in his Waldorf- Astoria hotel residence in New York for two days with fever, bleeding of the right kidney and a respiratory ailment, doctors said Tuesday. His doctors announced the kidney bleeding has been stopped Tuesday eight. but that Hoover had spent "a rather restless day due to respiratory difficulty." "Despite his age and illness, he still remains strong and alert." the doctors said. "His temperature is lower. His blood pressure remains normal. His heart beat is somewhat rapid, but the rhythm is normal and there is no evidence of heart failure." There were no immediate plans for him to go to a hospital He lives in the residential part of the hotel --Waldorf Towers. The illness was the latest in a series of health setbacks for the 31st President in the past year and a half. He underwent surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor of the intestinal tract in August 1962. Then, his family said last June that his strength had been ebbing because of anemia traced to intestinal bleed; ing. Hoover nonetheless had kept busy writing, but had not appeared in public ia recent months. One of the last occasions on which he left his apartment was last May when he went to the hotel ballroom for a reception honoring Maj. L Gordon Cooper, the astronaut who or- bitted the earth 22 times. Hoover, born in West Branch. Iowa, on Aug. 10, 1874, was the son of a blacksmith and was orphaned at the age of 9. COMMUTED Delaware GOT. Elbert N. Carrel has commuted a whipping sentence of 10 lashes on Taimadge R, Baiter,' 41, · of Wilmington, Del, convicted for a 1962 robbery of $4. But. tht governor stressed, a 15-year prison term which had been imposed is not affected. RECOVERING The King and Queen of Greece were reported recovering wen Tuesday from their ailments. King Paul left his bed for the first time, since his stomach ulcer operation Friday. The worst of Queen Frederika'i bout with pneumonia appeared over. Palace doctors said her temperature and pulse were normal and caned her state of health "Very satisfactory." ROYAL NOD Add Prince Philip to those Britons who say the Beatles are good for the country. "Those blokes are helping people ' enjoy themselves." the husband of Queen Elizabeth said in London Tuesday. "It's entirely helpful I couldn't care less how much noise people make singing or dancing. What I object to is people fighting and stealing." APPROVAL Cart T. Rowan won approval as the new director of the VS. Information Agency Tuesday after he assured senators he would have no trouble portraying America fairly to the worid because he is a Negro. The Senate confirmed the former newspaperman's nomination as succesor to Edward R. Murrow. Rowan, 33, former prize- winning reporter and author of four books, win be the first member of his race to sit in regularly on ses- - sions of the cabinet and National Security Council. ARRESTED. , Actor' A b e l Fernandez, 34, was arrested in L o t Angeles T u e s d a y on a charge that he failed to pay state income tax on $54.200 earnings m 1959-62./ ' The tax, with penalties, amounts to $4.742. S a i d Fernandez, who appears in the "Untouchables'* series on television: "I don't know much about bookkeeping-" DIES Grace Metalious, 39. the author whose first novel "Peyton Place," became a best-seller eight-years ago, died Tuesday in a Boston hospital. .: Mrs. Metalious gained recognition and fortune in 1956 with the publication of " P e y t o n Place." an earthy book about life in a small New England town. The author, who lived in Cilraanton, N.H, d e n i e d that she' drew upon people in that town for her fictional characters. · Escaping public attention by entering Boston's Beth' Israel Hospital' under the name Grace M e t a l i o u s Reej, Sunday night, she died Tuesday a scant 40 hours later. The hospital said death was caused by a chronic liver disease^ The novelist was married t h r e e t i m e s , twice to G e o r g e JlttaDous from whom she was separated again last fall. DOLE IS FATK\ OF DROPOUT NEW HAVEN. Conn. W» ; ncror have the. equivalent of a high-school ' education." Secretary of Labor W. WUlard Wirtx said Tuesday. -Machines cow make on- r tWTcd lives bso!utely useless," he tMed, and pro- poiri a program to send two million working teen- · ageri baci to school for,further training. He said this would cost about $1,000 per person. _ but carry-ins aa unemployable unskilled person for a . lifetime "will cost us about $40,000 to $50,000." . : "... Ani JH*« joa v3J It cHtctetl kr **· '« erf, I tart teta tlunkiag eiort UDUCING joar tdarj!" SEEKS DIVORCE Songwriter Sammy Cahn was sued for divorce Tuesday by Gloria Cahn in a petition filed in Los Angeles charging e x t r e m e cruelty. The couple was married in Los Angeles Sept 5. 1945. and separated l a s t Aug. 15. They have two children, Steven, 16, and Laurie, 14. Cahn 50, wrote the hit -111 WaCc Alone.- F1LED Vincent Barrett Price, son of actor Vincent Price, has filed a divorce action in Albuquerque, N. M., against Sandia Greenwald Price. The couple was married April 7, 1962. Incompatibility was given as grounds for the action. Yon, Toe, Wil Lilt LINCOLN PARK PARKING GARAGE · COVERED PARKING f r t l t t l Ittt Ctr · PARK IT --LOCK IT M Oi« [Itt T.tcJcs It · HAVE IT SERVICED Wifi Ui?.i Oa Fr.rficfl WiiTi If* An G*» JUTT NORTH *t i»nt »f«rt tferirv ENTXANCCK: PKJIC *vm- *f s» U. nUw*r tttem r«a« wl C GRACE METALIOUS STAMP A new Mexican airmail stamp bearing a likeness of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt has been issued to com- j *; meinorate the 15th anni- I HI vcrsary of the U.N. declaration on human rights.- RETIRES Mary \\ill K e t e h o m , school attendance officer in North Vemon. Ini. for a number of years, has retired. (L.C'i c=!umn. rp'nioi ef ty L A. Coffi opinion «ni doe S.F. Vice Cops Slum Niglil Work, See No Evil, Busied SAN FRANCISCO U^--Thelassigned to check on gam eit/s police chief dumped fire policemen from the Bureau o f . Special Sen-ices Tuesday for failure to spot a house of prostitution, A nut- ter of darkness and daylight Plane Kills 4Dcsccnding Paratroops FT. BRAGG, NC. VPI -Four paratroopers were killed Tuesday when they were hit by a plane's wing during a 'mock parachute assault at Ft Bragg. Two others were injured. At FU Bragg spokesman said the cause of the accident still is undetermined but "so far as we know now the four v i c t i m s were hit by the plane.' Military officials identified the dead as Pvt Edward Matthews Jr, 23, Asbury Park, N J; Spec 4 John E. Dantler 24, Jersey City, NJ.; Staf Sgt. Odell Samuel, 27, Colum bia, S.C.. and Capt Robert T Vance, 28. Tampa, Fla. · » · * THE TWO injured para troopers had their parachutes clipped off by the plane bu were able to release their reserve 'chutes and b r e a k their fait A military spokesman said blirg and vice, made most of the C130, a four-engine turbo- Sr, II. etlirr Column, a ·* not ftce::srj/ riFVct tf» cc«- iV DISAPPOINTING Bride Stabs, Slays Newly Wed Husband SUNNYVALE «V-Potice said a bride of four days tiptoed up behind her husband Tuesday as he unpacked in their honeymoon apartment and stabbed him to death with a carving knife, one of the wedding presents. The bridegroom was Terry HaHenbeck, 23, *I just had to do it," police quoted Mary Ann Hallenbeck. 21, who wed the Air Force enlisted man Saturday in her home town, Blackwell. Okla. -I didn't believe what he was telling me. He had told me that when we approached Sunnyvale this would be heaven and I was believing him." · · · · THE BRIDEGROOM'S best man. Air Force Sgt. Joseph Burkett. 32, who brought the couple from Blackwell to Sunnyvale in his car, told police of a strange incident as they neared Barstow, Calif, Monday. Burkett said the bride jumped from the back seat, tried to take over the steering wheel and shouted, 'Help me, they're going to kill me." He said Mrs. Hallenbeck was given a sedative and the trip continued. The stabbing occurred within 30 minutes after Burkett left the couple at their apartment Tuesday. Police arrested Mrs. Hallenbeck in a stolen car two blocks from the apartment. They booked her on a murder charge. prop craft used to carry 64 paratroopers and Envoy Rcporls INDEPENDENT Killer Hears Dual Murder! Accusation [ LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- -eamin Russell Smith was arraigned Tuesday in Supe-| rior Court on a county grand ury indictment charging him'lsj with the s l a y i n g of twopj policemen. He was ordered to enter a plea March 2. Earlier, Smith appeared in Municipal Court for arraignment on a murder and forgery complaint issued by the district attorney's office. onfy to find that it had been dismissed when the grand jury, indictment was issued. PUBLIC NOTICEi AMERICAN I JEWELERS AND LOAN CO. licensed by tht City c{ Long Beech Sine* 1922 LIQUIDATING Diamonds--Watches--Jewelry EXCITING VALUES PURCHASED FROM INDIVIDUALS. ESTATES and UNREDEEMED LOANS TOD MUST st counrruT SATISFIED ot root MONET Will IE CHEIIFUUT IlfUNDED Smith, 33, was indicted for; the fatal shooting Feb. I of, two Wilshire Division officers. Sgt. Charles P. Monaghan. 37, and Robert M. Endler, 37, when they attempted to question him at a department store where he was try-j ing to cash a check. WE BUY OR LOAN ON 1 DIAMONDS · JEWELRY ' WATCHES · CAMERAS » GUNS · INSTRUMENTS BROKERAGE SERVICE · INSURANCE APPRAISALS INSURANCE REPLACEMENT Uurtnr k imn AMERICAN JEWELERS AND LOAN CO. 35 PINE AVE. Phone HEmlock 7-3545 Opta 9-J30 lo C pjn. -- FBIDAY 9-JO TO 9 Licensed br th. Olj of Long Beach s.*-. i-:. i.~.'.»-\ -f TOKYO WV-France's first .££*· £ ci? *.tt*»«~ charge _; r * /-v;.,* rust Cluna. tn. to was involved. other officers. He said that.' Chief Thomas Cahill said instead of sticking to their reports on the house were beats, they loitered Feb. 9 in the back of Walt'i Tavern on Valencia Street While they were there, three gunmen up cial services men, who are,front robbed the place. their checkups in the daytime. It was a red faced day on another front Chief Cahill announced 10-day suspension for two jumped from another plane, [reported. paratroopers and a crew, ap- ... . . . \ ... parently lost altitude and a Presented his credentuls to ( [wing on the plane struck the|the Pelting regime Tuesday, ew^ a'chutists who already h a d the New China News Agency tinpn c 1 except Pin* Avc*. Lotig[ ,,'cl'K natter Mir. XT. 1HX It t. . W. C .» Coirt. "l tl Anjtltl County, Oct. I, 1KV. Cnrn No. C-UZ93. fcr Per I MantS Vlir - ' Ctlivery 12M 130.00 I __^^_^^ S.OO M 9 c»»r -- received last March 16, Srpt 25 and Oct 29. But Cahill added, the *pe- ' _ · __· _ _ i _ _ . * 1-Day Showing See the NEW '64 DODGE MOTOR HOME THURS., FEB. 27 AT Verne HOLMES Dodge 3449 Atlantic GA 4-8603 DO YOU PRAY DAILY? ATTEND THIS FREE LECTURE AND LEARN ABOUT "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: IT'S DIVINE REVELATION AND HUMAN APPLICATION" by JULES CERN, C. S., NEW YORK, N. Y. A member of th« Board of LecfuresnTp of tn« Mother CWcJi, Th« Rnt Church of Christ, ' Scientilt, ' in Boston, Massachusetts. SUNDAY, MARCH 1ST-- 3 P.M. MILLIKAN HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 2600 Snow den Avenue fitter corner f»?« YvrJ* ft Spri'f) Doors Open 2 P.M. Al «re welcome. No eclectic a. Child Care Sponsored by Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist, Long Beach New pep for tired husbands! 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