Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 2
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People in the news Marilyn Monroe told of addiction to sex [But two escaped death *: : ~A couple of Texas teen-agers narrowly escaped death Sunday j night when their car crashed into a utility pole in Dallas and \~: caught fire. Police said they had chased the youths at speeds of ;-; 100 mph before the crash. «^~ Four children dead from v~ · Sating poisoned cookies Lebanon chief lagrees to quit J - B f i l R U T -- L e b a n e s e p o l i t i c i a n s a.grj:cd on a face-saving resignation fdrrnula 'or the defiant Christian presi- tlenj Monday as Christian and Moslem guftmen fought the heaviest artillery bat- llrof the civil war. President Suleiman Fl-sUllen, whose resignation Is demanded bytleadcrs of a Moslem army coup and mafc than two-thirds of the members of parliament, participated In the compro- nJiBt negotiations'Vbut -gave no public promise to abide by'the formula. Inform- eCLcbancsc. sources said, however, he pledged to President Hafez Assad of Syria to give up his struggle to remain in office after a delay designed to make it appear he was stepping down of his own aejord. Leftist Moslems fought fiercely t't -retain Beirut's shell-pocked Holiday Ijnfhotcl, partially rcoccupled by Chris- twjvmilitiamen behind a murderous hail of rocket, mortar and artillery fire. »: '£,'· Talks on Africa : : LONDON-The British and Soviet for- ejgn. ministers met Monday for crucial talks on Soviet-Cuban Intervention in Africa and tire future of the white-minority Regimes in Rhodesia and South Afri- CJK; Soviet Foreign Minister A n d r e i (frojnykp arrived For a three-day visit and-; said discussions with his British cfcuilerpart, J a m e s Callaghan, also wjujd include trade and European sccuri- l».'; Callaghan told Parliament earlier t»3t Moscow had helped arrange an agreement u n d e r which South Africa wpuld withdraw its troops from inside southern Angola where they were defending; : the Cunene River dam and power pistil. Catlaghan, in a new British im'tia- tii'e, said Britain would lift economic sanctions against Rhodesia and provide art in return lor a quick transfer of piw'er from t h e whites lo the black majority. But he said Smith's "contradictory statements give wry little room for believing one can negotiated with him. I am, not really hopeful." i : Detente 'shelved' l-WASHINGTON-The Senate debated th«; meaning and merits of detente for mre t h a n four hours Monday, then shelved a resolution supporting it as a process of easing tensions with the Soviet Union. After it became clear that a mo(Kih to refer the resolution to the Foreign Relations Committee w o u l d succeed, Sponsors of the measure switched their vples and joined Ihc movement, which carried 54 to 31. The resolution was offered;as a means of expressing the continuity of American foreign policy in Ihe heal- etf atmosphere of the current political campaign. :: Subway fear ;10NDON--In an atmosphere of fear aiiil suspicion, 1.000 police rode the 250- mile London subway system Monday afler a nightmarish week of bombings blamed on Irish nationalists. Many of the (JoJIce -- men and women, uniformed and plajnclothcs -- packed pistols under coats (V in handbags, an unusual thing for British police. The atmosphere was tense ifisldc the trains, which are used by two million riders a day. Police had warned passengers to "be your own security guards." From behind newspapers and paperbacks, passengers scrutinized any- ojx 1 getting on with a parcel, bag, purse or case. Bombers struck three subway trains in 48 hours last week. Security chiefs feared it could be the start of an H?A Witt on the capital's transport network. Combined News Services 'DURANT, Okla.--The children were playing near their apartment complex when they spied the cookies inside the pickup truck. Within hours of eating the cookies, several of the children became ill, and three of them died later. The latest dea'h came Monday. Four-year-old John Whalcy died despite the use of an experimental procedure that doctors had Combined News Services Fourteen y e a r s a f t e r her death, Marilyn Monroe is quoted as saying she was "hooked on sex" and her image as a s«x goddess became a burden to her--"an albatross." "There was a period w h e n 1 responded loo much to flattery and slept around too much, thinking it would help my career, though I always liked the guy at the time," she is quoted as saying in a book b e i n g excerpted in t h e Ladies Home Journal, British jouralist William Weatherbywho says he interviewed Miss Monroe between 1960 and 1956, the year she died, quotes her: "My b o d y turned all these people on like turning on an electric light, and there was rarely anything human in it " M a r i l y n M o n r o e became a burden, a what- you call-it?--an albatross. People expected so much of me 1 sometimes haled Ihcm." Weatherby a l s o says Miss Monroe told him, "I was never kept. I always kept myself...! sometimes felt I was hooked on sex the way an alcoholic is on l i q u o r or a j u n k i e on dope." Weatherby quotes Miss Monroe as saying she was having an affair with a W a s h i n g t o n p o l i t i c i a n w h o m she idcnli- MAR1LYN MONROE "Hooked on Sex" fied. "Only problem is, lie's married right now and he's famous, so we have to meet in secret," she is quoted as saying. "No sex is wrong if [here's love in it. But too often people act like it's g y m n a s i u m w o r k , mechanical. T h e y ' d be as satisfied with a machine from a drugstore as with another h u m a n being," (he author said she told him. Wealherby said M i s s Monroe agreed to talk to him with a provision that nothing would be published until a f t e r her death. Chapman Charles Frederic Chapman, author of the vachting manual that has become the "bible" of pleasure boating in America, died of cardiac arrest Sunday at his home in Essex, Conn., it was announced by his f a m i l y Monday. Chapman w a s 95. He published his first edition of "Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boal Handling in 1922. It is currently in ils 51 si edilion. Among seamen it is just called "Chapman's." The book has sold more lhan two million copies. The U.S. C o a s t Guard Auxiliary uses it as a text in ils piloting c o u r s e s Jackie J a c q u e l i n e K e n n e d y Onassisis in Jamaica for a two-week vacation w i t h her teen-age s o n , John Kennedy. M r s . O n a s s i s w a s accompanied on her arrival Sunday by John's cousin, Timothy Shrlver, son of ex-presidential candidate Sargent Shriver; Cheray Duchln, w i f e of pianist Peter Duchln, and the three Duchin children. BRITISH Conservatve Party leader Marga : . ret Thatcher sits at controls of an Israeli fighter Monday during visit to Israel. -- Boiling Rep. Richard Boiling, D-Mo. said Monday he wll be an active candidate for House majority leader when Speaker Carl Albert retires this year. One up on Golda Former Prime Minister Golda Meir complained. gently Monday that Margaret Thateher, head of Brit-ain's opposition Conservative Party, had bested her by sitting in the cockpit of an Israeli-built Jet warplane. Mrs. Thatcher took the controls of ,a Kfir (lion cub) supersonic jet on the production line at Israel Aircraft Industries in Tel Aviv Monday morning. Waiting to greet Ihe British politician in the afternoon, Mrs. Heir told reporters, "I haven't sal in one yet -- she beat me 'toil." Mrs. Thatcher went from the aircraft factory to the. Golan Heights battlefield, lunched at Kfar Hanassi, a Jordan Valley farm settlement where her daughter once' worked as a volunteer, and met Mrs. Meir at ber suburban Tel Aviv office 1ST ATI OIST-A-I-. J hoped would work against a rat poison that has no known antidote. Two other children, including John's younger brother, Joseph, 2, had died Sunday. Tracy Lynn Beshirs, 3, was the third victim. Eight other children were treated and released from the local hospital, but two remained hospitalized Monday. Authorities said as many as 15 children, residents of a low-income apartment complex, may have had access to the wafers, which apparently had been left on the scat of a pickup truck by an exterminator. The exterminator, J.D. Jones, 27, described as in a state of shock, was taken inlo custody Monday and was being questioned. Children's rights WASHINGTON--The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether children have a constitutional right to a hearing before their parents can.commit them to state mental institutions. Thirty- eight states and the District of Columbia allow parents to voluntarily commit their children for mental treatment. A three- j u d g e federal c o u r t in Pennsylvania found that some children were being committed for such reasons as to permit the rest of the family to go on vacation. The court ruled that parenls may not waive the constitutional rights of their children. Save 34%-47%! Designer comforters reduced to clear '"- Originally $-!0 Cliooso from a bright and beautiful floral or p r i n t collection by W a m s u t t a . Twin size. Orig. S'lO, 2-1.99 Full size. Orig. S50, 32.99 K i n g size. Originally S75. 39.99 Your choice! Our washable bed pillows, 80% feather, 20% d o w n ; the perfect balance for comfort and a buoyance that revives with just a pat. Exclusive Tan-A- Down process give them a long l i f e , and makes them non-nllcrgcnic. Choose standard, queen, or king. Each priced, 11.99 Bedroom Accessories Power to cities WASHINGTON--The Supreme Court Monday upheld the power of cities to require municipal employes such as firemen to live in the cities that employ them. The court had indicated in a \VT1 case that residency requirements were not inherently unconstitutional as violations of either the right to due process or of equal protection. Monday, acting in the case of a Philadelphia fireman who was dismissed when he moved from his deteriorating neighborhood to a small New Jersey town, Ihe court made that more explicit. SST roadblock FAIRFAX, Va.--The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has proposed an amendment to county noise ordinances that would prohibit (he Concorde supersonic jetliner from landing at Dulles International Airport. The board voted Monday to advertise public hearings on the measure, which would set local noise standards for supersonic airplanes flying into airports wholly or partially within the counly. The British and French airlines have announced plans to inaugurate Concorde service lo the United States with a flight to Dulles on May 24. Ford plugs science WASHTNGTON-Presidenf Ford, urging Congress to approve two pieces of rescarctnrienlcd legislation, said Monday: "Science and technology are daily becoming more and more vital for Ihc peace and security of our country and for the world at large." The President said major investments m research and development haw "paid rich dividends in economic growth, in the quality of our lives and in the strength of our defense, but we must do more." He signed two messages to Congress in a Cabinet room ceremony. The messages asked Congress lo approve his budget request for $24.7 billion for government, science and technological research and development and legislation establishing a W h i t e House office of science and technology. Fieldcrest! Lustre irregular towels at big savings prices If pcrf«t $? Lustre, a soft-to-the-touch vclour in absorbent cotton/polyester, dobby border. Pewter, p i n k , spearmint, bronze, camel, cerulean, cardinal, sable. Not ill colors in all stores. Bath siic. If perfect $7, 3.99 Hand size. If perfect price S4, now, 2.19 Washcloth. 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