Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 56
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 56

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 56
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, 1976 YoUfZ FIRST TIME A GERMAN BEER T Hagar The Horrible Charmers " TUCSON D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Crossword a © 1»71 LOS ANGELES TIMES Making new friends makes for new jo WHY t?0 We HAVE · UBAP YEARS 1" LEAP Y0AE IS THE YEAK I SI EV0RY fOVK THAT HAS 366 PAYS » IMST6AP OP 365. tug eVTRA PAY IS APPEt? TO FEBKUARY to A\AKI THE CALENDAR YEAR NEARLY lue SAME AS THE SOLAR YEAR. JEPP 5NIPER P6PP6R.PIK6, OH S 366 days. This fourth year is called "leap year," and the extra day is February 29. But the year is not exactly equal to 365%, days either. It is actually about 11 minutes shorter. Adding an extra day in leap year makes the average calendar a few minutes too long. So, the day is not added in the century years, except those that can be divided by 400. Thus A.D. 2000 will be a 'leap year, but 2100 will not, nor was 1900. A person born on February 29 can choose his own birthday -- either February 28 or March 1. ACROSS 1 Rate of speed 5 A system 8 Lily for Hepburn 13 Plot of land 14 Whenever 15 Noun suffix 16_Whole: Phrase 19~Knowing: Slang 20 A hill in Jerusalem 21 wits'end · 22 Decree 24 Beginning at 25 Seek to attain 27 Economize 31 Express gratitude 32 Apiarist's concern 33 Fivescore 34 Record 35 Advanced 36 Son of 37 Presidential nickname 38 Cavalry arm 39 Earthy clay 40 Passageway 42 Talkative 43 Seven-year 44 Networks 45 Coxswain's cry Leap year has 366 days, one more day than an ordinary year. The calendar we use is based on the amount of time it takes the earth to make one revolution around the sun. This takes about 365i/ 4 days. For convenience, we ignore the extra one-fourth-day for three years in every four. After four years, the leftover time adds up to one full day. We add this extra day to the calendar, and say that it has PRIZE: A pocket radio, camera, World Almanac globe or other fine prize will be awarded to the lirsl youngster sending In a Question used here. Send vour question and your age to Johnny Wonder, Tucson Daily Clli- icn, P.O. Box M7A7, Tucson, Aril. 85774. 48 Afghanistan's neighbor 49 Item tossed in a ring 52 Fowler's subject: Phrase 55 Motherless calf 56 Nautical term 57 Cheese-lover's treat 58 More confident 59 Hitherto 60 Dwell DOWN 1 Footway 2 Common symptom 3 Decorative material 4 Electric 5 Metal bar 6 Look over 7 Tom, Dick and Harry 8 Cruets 9 In 10 Four-footed ruler 11 Scholar's concern 12 Leaf cutters 14 In reserve: Colloq. 17 Missouri- Arkansas mountains 18 Moved suddenly 23 Baseball team 24 Great excitement 25 Top story 26 Relative of a busby 27 Hudson, for one 28 Garment 29 Game area 30 Sweet 32 Certain travelers 35 Anger 36 Police : Abbr. 38 Softer 39 Exclaiming in pleasure 41 Novice 42 Long-legged bird 44 Welcome 45 Norms: Abbr. 46 Poetic pronoun 47 Univ. official 48 Wight, for example 50 Traveler's target 51 People 53.Author Talese 54 Scale markings: Abbr. T youi? LIBRARY OVERWHELMS ME/ IT OVERWHELMS ME TOO.ANNABELLA/ PO YOU KNOW WHAT, ARISTOTLE ? yOU'RE AN ENIGMA/ WHY DO YOU SAY THAT? I LOOK AT YOU AND I THINK OF THE GOD ZEUS/ ' BUT AS I GET TO KNOW .YOU, I SENSE THE 6ENTLE- NESS OF APHRODITE/ YOU RE 5UCH A LOVELY MAN/ THESE ARE NOTMING BUT BLANK SHEETS k OF PAPER SHE HATES TO WRITE, ^ BUT SHE LOVES TO ) BE REMEMBERED.' r-' ^1- Dennis The Menace J i Ml AHSWER TO PREVIOUS * ISHOIIW WWEOVOU... HORSE RADICES IS THE ONE THIN3 M3UCW 6Ef TOOAWNY OF.· 11^? " C-rv -W d ^^ ^ ^. ^ 1 B.C. G IT ? ^^ »--' ^- ^ » ' ^--' VX v 6 ^* FEATURES In-depth stories of general interest to southern Arizona readers. EVERY SATURDA Y with the Qmcsou Daily Citisen Ask Beth Mature advice for teen-ager: "People etc." Chit Chat about celebrities Micheline Keating "At the Movies" Mary Shay "Television forecast" Robert Shelton "Out takes from OldTucson" "Books and Authors" Literary comment and profile Travel news and views --PLUS -- Television, movie, and radio Programming QTucsou Daily GitUseu To subscribe, CALL 889-4611 Wher 1 you qoin; Mister- Walt? J he ain't hurt! 1 didn't hearth'juq break.' To find a phone' ^ Gasoline Alley' -jS3? I was afraid.' I couldn't dive! I ran I'm a disgrace.' I can never- show face anywhere everaqain.' Unscramble these four Jumblea, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. POTEETTMY V OMCT1ERJOB S WA5FORA 60VEW/MEHT A66NTWHO LOOKED EXACTLY LIKfi STEVE CANYON/ Steve Canyon UKE \WEWERE60IW6 STEVE Bfl3T5rtve/ JTD PICK UP A HOT CHARACTER I H THE CAKISBEWJ-WNEN THE BUfi'S TAIL A MAKOTCS SMUfiflLER AIRCRAFT... £0 MUCH fOR THE 6RIM ... NOW TEL M WHV YOU KEEP LOOKIM6 ATMEASIFVOUHAJUST BEATEN ME AT SOME SORT OF SAME/ W£ LANKD ON THEY tvEN THE RUrJVEK'OWIN CHA5EP U5 IN FIELO-ANO OWLY AW OLD B-25 ear AWAY BY -AN i TRIED T05HOOTU5 DOWN-SO VIEWULWT !tSl^*«P^ LAIGY PLOIT D DIBEHN STAUNE ' · S s ) 1 1 1 ri hi ffc. ci- xfi T^»«. c3 ' \ \ j ^ ^ j HEY, CHUCK...HOU RE YOU O5MW6 WITH YOOR Hl/NPKEP SENTENCES? I'VE GOT 51X. OF 'EM DONE ~^~ I FINISHED MINE RI6HT AFTER DINNER Brenda Starr '-2^1 § U $rea#£ or PUKE JIUS! vup SOKBP PAJ GERS LIKE 4 (SOOD MY57ZKY. i'i IT SONMA BBfl CKTFISH?5O DA^S OR SO DOUARS Catfish · ^AH -SHOKe USE TH 1 Z.-I WHEN WHV NOT ON$IPER: MOVJNS SACK: HERE WITH ME, THOVM4? IT'LL. BE Momma «, THEEE'S PLENTY OF (T00M, THANKS, MOMMA. I'LL A£K T/NA IP *HS'P LIKE THyJT. THAT* Ti ONLY tfN'T Z0NEP TWO WO/ME ( VOO-HOO.'} ""·« · AUNT FLORRIE, Andy Capp HELLO THERE, PET.M - WHERE'S YOUR r OH, WE'AD r A T O F A TIFF -1 ·* 'E WANT'S US T l GET K WEB STRAIGHT AWAY- BUTICON'T WANTT 1 BE RUSHE. WHAT DO WELL, I'VE BEEN L 'MARRIEP FOR TWENTY- FIVE YEARS, AN 1 1 CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT I'VE NEVER "?EGRETTEC A DAY OF THE FIRST THREE WEEKS Wizard Of Id tsil Rex Morgan WHEN VOU HAD VDUR INITIAL INTERVIEW WITH NORM PRESCOTT, DID HE TELL WU HE H13 CHART IS RIGHT HERE / L E T Ml LOOK/ WHAT'S THAT £ULE ABOUT H!6 SHADOW ANP Beetle Bailey TriAT'5 FOR THE KEST Of THE COUNTRY Ufceiz- Lrk'liM^ 711 ^ 11 'TM' 1 *'"''''^ 1 * 1 '"" rVHAT SOME SEPESTTArT/ WORKERS PEC/PEC? TO TA6E. PflW'S GOT A TERRIBLE BflD COLD,ELVJINEV. fiN'-UH- MflW.'f FETCH ME MV CORN ' AROUND HERE THEY COME OUT TO SEE IF SAKSE HAS TAKEN OFF AS LON WEAK YET Snuffy Smith Now arranfe the circled letter. Hi Anl Lois to form the iiupriM uuwer, M tufttJtted ttj the above cartoon. WOMEN ARE TAKIN6 OVER!TODAY, I SAW A WOMAN SEWB? INSPECTOR.. A "Y V Y 1 V Y N" ULLJ'LLJ J.-HM, FUSSY HONEY ORCHID FOURTH A»«crt WWii|fMi»MiMii7i«u-perfd (·i»(»-OORtNQ "OFF-ICE" HOURS IS YOUR TEACHER STILL. HOME WITH A SPRAINED ANKLE ? r-- YES---I WROTE HER A NICE LETTER YESTERDAY Nancy IN THE MIDDLE OF GROVE STREET; sows INTO A PERSC HOLE. - - - A N D TODAY SHE SENT IT BACK WITH ALL MY SPELLING AN D PUNCTUATION CORRECTED y M

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