Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 56
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 56

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 56
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Brezhnev political problems analyzed f i * ^^ i ' * V - J f, I ^ j . . . , - ' - . ,, _ i. Pr»«-T«lcfr«m, neat £8!8»' ; long both... w-zwi IMWRm n., ,mTM,,, ,,*. ,,, T,-, .. - B'ruptcies upswing in Englan * - The rowed at high ' ' ' By WILLIAM L.RYAN " ^ AP Special Correspondent ' '" A world with more than enough to worry about has new reasons to be nervous with the spate oi widely varying reports on the health of Leonid I Brezhnev. The Soviet Communist party's ''general secretary may or may not be senously ill-Soviet officials keep such things closely to themselves. But recent developments have suggested that in any case Brezhnev has been m some sort of political difficulties. One way or the other, changes relatively soon in the hierarchy are inevitable if only because of its age. Undoubtedly the leaders recognize this and have been preparing for a transition, so ; perhaps this.,time it might take place without violent struggle. Thus, the reports fix world attention'on the'workings of the Soviet power structure. ···' . - · - , " . . ' · ; At the same time the uncertainty turn's global, attention to the possible impact on such areas as Soviet-American and Soviet-Chinese relations, the Soviet role in the Middle East and Soviet domestic policy. In some of these areas Brezhnev seemed repently to encounter trouble'with his colleagues. That, coupled with an illness, could place his tenure as top man into question. BREZHNEV has been frustrated in the Middle East by a persistent gyptian distrust of Soviet intentions. He was set back, too, by the American trade bill that tied preferential treatment for the .Soviet Union to eased restrictions on emigration. Since Brezhnev obviously had approved the "understanding" on that score, the vehement denial of it, laid now to "leading Soviet circles," suggests that Brezhnev may have been sharply criticized. . . If Brezhnev goes, for whatever reason, what might succeed him? ; The Communist party rules the nation. The apparatus that runs the party is headed by a 16-member Politburo whose average age is about 65. Its alternate members and the party secretariat also are overage'd by comparison .with leading groups in the West. A formidable government bureaucracy of hundreds of thousands!'long in office, runs day to day business of the vast nation of 250 million. This Soviet Establishment is so entrenched as to give the impression that it consciously protects its ranks against younger potential invaders. . : - ' · · · · ' - . : 1 The government flows from nearly 90 heavily popu- ; lated ministries. The cabinet of almost four score ministers and state committee chiefs is headed by a premier, one first deputy and 10 deputy premiers. The average age of all these leaders is, astonishingly, something like 63. · ; LAST YEARin a sudden burst of genial 'expansive- ·ness, Brezhnev let it be known that when he wasn't in town, Mikhail M. Suslov presided at Politburo meetings. If both he and Suslov were absent, Andrei P. Kirilenko would preside.- Brezhnev has been a member of a sort of "troika" . with Nikolai V. Podgorny, the "president," and Premi- Questions, answers on Social Security · If you have a question, end it to Sumio Oto, dis- - trict manager, Social Sec u r i t y ; Administration, 1235 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, 90813. 1 Every question will receive an answer in this column or by letter from the Social Security Administration. Be. sure to put your name and address on your letter. Your name will not be published. Q. Starting in January, I'm going to rent out the second floor of my home as an apartment. Will the rent money I get be counted as earnings under So-- cial Security? A. 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Both are probably close to retirement. Kosygin will be ·71 and Podgorny 72 next month. Suslov, a. dour ideologist and holdover from the Stalin era Politburo, is now 73. Thus, attention'turns to Kirilenko, himself-at 68 the same age as Brezhnev. If Kirilenko should; succeed to the top party position, though, it seems likely it would be with far less power and 'authority than Brezhnev has been enjoying in his recent years. Kirilenko might, in fact, represent a sort of caretaker, in a collective leadership arrangement to bridge the gap between older and younger generations of , leadership. His background would suggest continuity of Brezhhev.'s policies,''perhaps with even a bit more internal repression than Brezhnev meted out. BY EDUCATION Kirilenko is a technocrat but his backeround-in ideology has suggested dyed-in-the-wool, old-fashioned Stalinism. Also a member of the secretariat that runs the party, Kirilenko is intimately acquainted with its internal affairs, a plus for him. Behind the better known figures of the Politburo are some others who are possibilities for the top party job. One is Fyodor D. Kulakov, a Politburo youngster at 57, who is also an agricultural expert, a point in his favor. ; L i / j U w J H '«' -- i lie -- -· ~-o~ ..*.,,·«( High Court listed a record rates and then could not number of 426 companies .sell their product. ^ ' _ · Property and building development companies and travel firms accourit- ed for si/able sectors ;Df the bankruptcies. ''" w a i t i n g for winding-up petitions to be heard. Many of the companies failed because they bor- COUPON -- DEDUCT SOc WITH THIS COUPON TvM^IM. Tkim. SHAMPOO SET 1.85 2.10 HAIRCUT 1.60 1.80 PERMANENT (coMPtm WITH 6.95 7.95 WAVE HAIRCUT) UuIOtWIHiCMpm ALL WORK BY STUDENTS -- SUPERVISED BY STYLIST INSTRUCTORS LAKEWOOD BEAUTY COLLEGE in Lakewood Center Phone 634-9147 by Appt. ANNIE'S CLOSET JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE LADIES' DRESSES--SPORTSWEAR BLOUSES--PAJAMA SETS SUIT SETS--etc. . .;. 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